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Open file (46.37 KB 800x370 swat4.jpg)
Open file (111.19 KB 767x518 wine.jpg)
Open file (81.39 KB 1200x721 TRAILERS.jpg)
GAMENIGHT: SWAT 4 Anonymous 12/28/2019 (Sat) 22:32:55 No.9064
ARE YOU READY OPERATORS? >What is this? SWAT 4 is a cooperative tactical first person shooter where you play as a member of a SWAT team. This time, we're using the Elite Forces mod. >What does this mod add to multiplayer? I'm glad you asked. >adjustments to enemy AI >introduces booby traps >iron sight >players now have weight and bulk >40+ new weapons, expanding both lethal and non-lethal options >game is now 10% more TACTICOOL than before, bringing it up to 120% TACTICOOLNESS >Sounds fucking sick. When can I play? We're playing right now, fucko. IP ADDRESS IS CONNECT DIRECTLY SETUP >Download all that shit. >Install SWAT 4 Gold. You might not have the right version if you already have it. >Extract Elite Force v6 to a new folder in your SWAT 4 directory. It does not need to go in Content or ContentExpansion. >Extract Elite Force v6 -> v6.4 update. Extract its contents to the new folder you've created and replace all the files. >Extract the map pack to your SWAT 4 directory. >Run the game through LaunchSEF.bat, located within your Elite Force folder. MAGNET: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:45d480e5ea4a5cbaeb1841ecd61a68f34d5fb910&dn=SWAT4GE&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.coppersurfer.tk%3a6969&tr=udp%3a%2f%2fpublic.popcorn-tracker.org%3a6969&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.leechers-paradise.org%3a6969&tr=udp%3a%2f%2fzer0day.ch%3a1337 DIRECT DOWNLOAD: http://goggamespc7v6z5e.onion/game/swat_4_gold_edition ELITE FORCE v6: https://www.moddb.com/mods/swat-elite-force/downloads/swat-elite-force-v6 v6 -> 6.4 UPDATE: https://www.moddb.com/mods/swat-elite-force/downloads/swat-elite-force-v6x-v64-upgrade MAP PACK: https://www.moddb.com/downloads/mirror/70535/120/df003076cf629dde60636da400dd9175 TROUBLESHOOTING >Damn. I wish I could play but I'm on Linux. There's a wrapper for that. I couldn't tell you how to set it up, but I'm sure if you have the know-how you could figure things out. https://anonfile.com/t5Qbq8Jena/swat4_wine.tar_xz >I can't connect! Make sure you have both SWAT 4 v1.1 and The Stetchkov Syndicate. >I can't remember eleven numbers! I wanna use the server browser! Ok boomer. I'm sorry. https://github.com/sergeii/swat-patches/tree/master/swat4stats-masterserver
Edited last time by Muses on 12/29/2019 (Sun) 01:04:19.
>Playing right now Niggers need to let anons download all the shit first. I can play sometime tomorrow but new years I'm most likely gonna be occupied.
>>9072 Also all your download links are direct mirror links to temporary mirrors. https://www.moddb.com/mods/swat-elite-force/downloads/swat-elite-force-v6 https://www.moddb.com/mods/swat-elite-force/downloads/swat-elite-force-v6x-v64-upgrade I don't have a clue which map pack to download, but afaik maps and minor downloads are p2p in unreal engine games.
>>9072 it doesnt take THAT long to download >>9073 I have no idea how to do the map pack too, that's why it's vanilla only untill tomorrow
>>9072 It just kind of came up. We should be playing for a few days, though. >>9073 My mistake.
>>9074 >it doesnt take THAT long to download Not all anon's internet connection speeds are equal. It took me maybe 5 minutes total to download and install but I'm also not running on a toaster nor on shit-tier internet. >>9075 >My mistake. It's all good, though I would request a moderator to edit the OP to reduce confusion. And also to edit out the website link and add a direct magnet magnet:?xt=urn:btih:45d480e5ea4a5cbaeb1841ecd61a68f34d5fb910&dn=SWAT4GE&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.coppersurfer.tk%3a6969&tr=udp%3a%2f%2fpublic.popcorn-tracker.org%3a6969&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.leechers-paradise.org%3a6969&tr=udp%3a%2f%2fzer0day.ch%3a1337
>>9076 Unless you live in niggertown you would be able to download it in short time. > I would request a moderator to edit the OP to reduce confusion. Next time i'll make my own OPs so this doesn't happen
We gotta put a password on the server.
>>9079 Then how do we deal with the fags who are already in game?
Open file (100.40 KB 456x366 1577199553763.jpg)
Maybe I'll play when teamkilling faggots have lost interest.
My favorite part of this game is re-enacting mass shootings in movie theaters while heavily breathing over the mic in a livestream. Did you add all the custom maps?
>>9080 Reset it.
>>9082 I don't know how to, last time i tried it fucked my game up, and before that I could play some maps but only singleplayer through the normal SWAT4 game. How do I install the maps because the readme is very vague about it. >>9081 Who killed you?
>literal tranny talking about "her" boobs Post its IP.
>>9085 It doesnt show anyones IP
Open file (5.93 MB 1920x1080 Shot00080.bmp)
This you?
>>9089 yea
Open file (109.68 KB 248x317 RIP.png)
>>9088 You could use wireshark and the filter udp.port == 10480 and use some social manipulation to figure out who's who or to just kick everyone besides the target. Just testing if you can embed code tags in the same line.
>>9088 >I cannot into server hosting How the fuck do servers ban by IP anon?
>>9095 The SWAT4 server console doesnt show anyones IP. It only ever showed an IP when 1 guy joined to test it out yesterday but since then all it has shown is a string of random letters with few numbers
Open file (186.64 KB 1604x1080 pepperspray.jpg)
any good webm converters? I can't get webmforretards to even launch.
>>9102 Use ffmpeg or just upload it uncompressed to anonfile and someone might do it for you. Ask in the webm thread on vch.
>>9102 ffmpeg and don't be a pleb webmforretards is literally just a gui sitting on top of bare ffmpeg anyway
>>9106 >>9102 Or if you want to be really lazy install ffmpeg assuming windows add it to your PATH, easily googled for how to do it then install webm.py again google it and you literally only need to read the tiny amount of webm.py documentation and memorise one command and you're good.
>server connection timed out well done you fags
Open file (5.93 MB 1920x1080 Shot00112.bmp)
>>9123 >server shutdown 5 hours before you made your post >>9107 >>9106 ffmpeg doesn't work either, the cmd pops up for a millisecond and nothing happens. fucking wangblows has been doing the same shit with some of my games too
>>9129 Do you have ffmpeg installed? All you literally need to do is type ffmpeg -i input.extension -output.webm. Just upload the raw footage to anonfile and someone else that is neither you or me will do it.
>>9132 Yes, but I can't do anything as it only shows up for a split second then closes itself with no error message. https://anonfile.com/3084MbJ3n8/Mace_mp4
Open file (8.05 MB 1920x1080 niggers gonna nig.webm)
>>9134 you're one dumb nigger
>>9137 >didn't crop it >didn't change the res to 800x600 >no sound
Open file (8.89 MB 1128x720 niggerniggernigger.webm)
>>9138 so not only are you a nigger, you are an ungrateful nigger though i think there is no other kind
Open file (42.10 KB 500x233 Pepper spray god.jpg)
>>9139 You sound like you got peppersprayed.
Open file (14.88 KB 184x184 1237834622.jpg)
>>9140 i would never play with /v/
>>9141 Why n0t?
>>9143 Would you really want to play with a bunch of 12yr old faggots that just grief you all day? As a boomer my time is too important for shit like that
>>9144 >boomer Whats it like being 60+ years old?
>>9144 >le oatmeme
>>9144 How do you think I tell kids about the Holocaust being a lie? Also the best players of them keep me on my toes and the worst amuse me with their anguish via voice chat.
Server is up and with custom maps this time
>swat4 gamenight for fucks sake ive been waiting for this shit and you fags decide to do it as soon as i get busy. this better not be a 1 weekend romp like it usually is or im gonna be very sad
I can't connect for some reason. It seems that I don't have SnakeLoft. Can someone upload it?
>>9176 Im gonna do it untill the 1st january >>9181 did you get the mappack?
>>9182 I did, but I can only find the readme file for it.
Open file (108.58 KB 1097x472 maps.jpg)
>>9183 which way did you install the mappack? if you just drag and drop it also installs a mod thats incompatible with SEF and fucks up your settings
GameFix for Mouse bug "Freelook" My System Spec: -Fedora 29 -Toaster Game Spec: -Swat 4 GOG Gold Edition -Wrapper "native" installer for linux patch (see OP) -Map Pack -Master server fix -SEF How the bug happen: When playing the base game trough the shell script created by the wrapper no problem occur. When playing by launching the game with the exe of SEF the mouse problem "Freelook" occur. Bug Description:== When trying to look around, the limit of the viewable zone is locked just like ARMAIII when you toggle freelook to be able to only move your head. Bug Fix I tried several things with only marginal improvment, their is one fix that completely fixed it (at least from the test i just ran). You need to edit the start.sh script the wrapper created as follow, >open with a text editor >search the path line DEFWD="$LOCALDIR/prefix/drive_c/SWAT 4/content/system" >rename it to point toward the SEF exe like this DEFWD="$LOCALDIR/prefix/drive_c/SWAT 4/SEF/Extras" >two line below you should find STARTCMD="SWAT4.exe" >rename it to match the SEF exe as follow STARTCMD="LaunchSEF.exe" >save and exit At this point you can launch the game as you would have with the base game by executing Start.sh, it will load SEF and you will be able to look normally 360 degree horizontaly instead of 160 and 180 degree vertically instead of 80 degree. thanks for the read and i hope it will help a nigger
>>9184 I extracted them all to the base game folders. It just seems I don't have the map anywhere in my directory, but the rest of the map pack has been fine. It's just MIA.
>>9187 then you did it wrong
Open file (185.38 KB 1600x1035 SWAT 4.jpg)
I guess this is it for tonight, game got progressively laggier overtime and now the server dies soon after I start it up.
>>9190 super gay.
What's stopping us from hijacking an already existing server? Most of them are empty.
>>9192 They have shitty rules and tranny mods, last time I played some random servers you got banned for doing slight teamdamage and not using non-lethal by some automated bot. try to find one with the least kike shit.
>>9194 SAS Proving Grounds. Let's try it.
Open file (6.41 MB 800x450 Swat 4 mic spam.webm)
Open file (2.69 MB 800x450 Swat 4 wut.webm)
Open file (6.83 MB 800x450 Swat 4 keep it up.webm)
Didn't get much but made a few webms
>>9198 Fucked my OBS settings so the cropping is odd on this one.
>>9199 >>9198 Do you have the GAL spam from the convenience store?
>ops only during american hours yuropoors get fucked again
>>9216 Host your own Yourope event and post in said hours. You should have EU tournaments by now.
>>9200 No, sorry.
>>9216 But I host this shit so I can play it, I am only able to stay up way past my bedtime because its new years and christmas, I would host at 1800 but people dont come on untill 2200 even if they are european. >>9230 It would be nice to have eurotournaments.
>>9216 it literally start at 20pm UTC and end around 5am nigger, it's literally yuro hour
>>9282 >5am >euro hour retard
>>9282 That isnt euro hour and I only stay up that long because it's mostly americans playing
>>9289 And the server is up now
>GameNight >literally on during euro night and evening >not euro hour
Open file (407.15 KB 1920x1200 Perfect Dark poster.jpg)
>>9309 >euro hour It isnt euro hour if I have to stay up untill 5am because americans make up 90% of the people on the server, if it were euro hour I would host from 1800 - 2400 and everyone would have much better ping. And since most of europe is further north than most of america night falls much sooner.
Open file (49.89 KB 1280x720 147598523721.jpg)
>the connection to the server has failed
>>9323 You got all the maps installed? It prevents you from joining if you don't have them, i'll try putting on a base map
>>9324 can connect now but i modified my command menu structure because default layout sucks. ill see if i can fix it
anyone got anyidea what this is or how to fix it? >Log: Not enough config file MD5s received from Client! Dropping client!
>keeps complaining about incompatible files after reinstalling the mod w/e, fuck this shit
>>9328 no, see this >>9184 You arent only installing maps but a mod you dont need that doesnt work with SEF, if you install only the files in >>9184 then it will work fine and not conflict
>>9329 Yeah I realized just a minute ago. Thanks though.
Any other people having trouble joining? I can see people attempting to join, yet they never enter the server.
Is the server up?
>>9335 It has been up for 5 hours
Open file (243.57 KB 1176x644 CuckqueenCopypaste.jpg)
are we attempting to playing tonight ?
Open file (140.47 KB 1024x714 GIGN laser.jpg)
>>9395 tonight and tomorrow
Open file (57.80 KB 537x600 MP5SD 1979.jpg)
The server is up RIGHT NOW
Open file (87.43 KB 960x541 1522643045974.jpg)
>new years eve >playing vidya with /v/ who does that?
>>9413 >bitching on /v/ instead of playing game or doing something else >gaia frog
you guys on a custom map or smth? i dont wanna dl the custom map shittery
Open file (32.64 KB 500x335 1304520597075.jpg)
>>9414 fuk u, i cal swat on u
i'll come back to play when op doesn't bully pubbies instead of playing, watching for 10 min someone getting beat up in a video game on new eve when it's already insufferable to be on the interenet is too much.
Open file (112.79 KB 288x319 Mark JUST.png)
>>9422 OP isn't even on the server.
Is the server up? I get timed out.
happy new years faggots. did we ever get a map pack?
Open file (290.59 KB 915x645 1472641924.png)
>op nowhere to be seen >only person in game doesnt play the game but just TKs everyone who joins what a failure of a gamenight
>>9491 it doesnt let me join. just times out. i guess i dont have to feel bad about that now. also, ops lnik to the map pack is dead.
Closed the server because it was empty for most of the time. >>9476 Yeah, but I put it on stock maps incase people couldn't join because they fucked up installing the maps. >>9491 OP did join after an hour after everyone else left
>>9494 You had to click "download URL" for the non-temporary link. https://www.moddb.com/addons/mega-map-pack
>>9422 >spend new years eve cyber bullying nerds in a video game instead of going to the pub with the missus How autistic do you have to be to actually do this?
What happened the server was really good 2 days ago.
>>9521 >>9523 they posted it on 8coon and cake bunker. what did you expect?
Open file (54.55 KB 1008x720 lain 23.jpg)
>>9677 Next time, i'll make my own OPs Dont know why he posted it on 8glow
>>9064 >>Extract the map pack to your SWAT 4 directory. this actually broke my installation. apparently the map pack RAR contents should have been inside of a folder. anyone know that folders name?
>>9690 fuck. so i guess uninstall everything and start from scratch? except these instructions dont apply either since the map pack is pic related and looks nothing like the image in that post. when thrown into the swat4 directory it breaks the entire installation.
Open file (17.22 KB 843x199 WinRAR.png)
>>9693 Yes, uninstall all >map pack is pic related and looks nothing like the image in that post. the top files are in contentexpansion and the bottom are from content.
>>9687 I was against it, but I figured that it’d be better to have as much visibility since there are anons who do post there and SWAT 4 was a highly anticipated gamenight.
>>9677 Sounds like the real problem was the server-host didn't moderate the server for shitters. Did it ever stop lagging and playing the same map 12 times in a row ?
>>9698 when it asks me to overwrite stuff, do i overwrite?
is there directions on how to host? directions from someone that isnt OP. i strive to be a better host
>>9184 IS THERE A REASON I AM NOT COPYING THIS INTO C:\GOG Games\SWAT 4\Content\Movies Seriously; why is this in the MapPack?
Open file (26.88 KB 442x445 Move File.png)
Open file (48.30 KB 511x509 1532441123.jpg)
>make server >one guy presumably from cake /v/ joins and ruins the gamenight for everyone Well done /v/, i expected nothing else
>>9744 Well to be fair judging from some of the spergs I've seen shit up threads here it probably would've happened eventually regardless of cake cult.
>>9739 if i do overwrite, then run launchSEF.bat it just hangs there and says 'loading SEF..." if i run the launchSEF.bat as admin, i get pic related when i dont overwrite the Sounds folder it loads, but i don't know how to tell if it installed properly. was i supposed to unpack into the folders in mappack according to >>9184 into "C:\GOG Games\SWAT 4\SEF\Content" instead of "C:\GOG Games\SWAT 4\Content"? There is no ContentExpansion folder in SEF, would i put one there? or do i drag contentexpansion into "SWAT 4" and drag the content folder into "SWAT 4\SEF"? >>9744 >>9745 it was also on 8coon. wouldnt even be surprised if it was on trannychan or 4cuck. or both.
>>9744 what did he do?
>>9748 This is what the folder looks like when installed. You place the mappack files into the corresponding Content folders following the instructions posted >>9184 I did overwrite all the files when prompted, but I'm not certain this is the way to do it I just assumed and seemingly it worked for me. I'm not entirely familiar with the game so I couldn't even identify custom maps if you asked me to.
Open file (67.69 KB 800x600 Untitled.png)
>>9750 oobs forgot pic I'm really not starting this year off right.
>>9750 That doesn't really answer my question. Tell me what happens when you run the bat file as admin. do you get that same message? I originally did what you did and left the SEF folder alone even though it contains a content folder as well and put everything in the content/expansioncontent folders in the swat 4 folder. im still unsure if it installed correctly. though atleast now the game is loading without hanging. maybe it just hung on the first load? i also loaded the master server browser and see 6-7 (empty) servers with the version and type in green says SEF and 6.4 (the other many servers without that show up as red) i plan on hosting some time down the line, because atleast i know how to block people. hopefully hosting a game is as easy as going to "host game" picking some maps, and starting it. then posting the name of it or just posting the IP.
>>9752 Assuming you use Windows 10, check "Disable fullscreen optimizations" with this tool: https://github.com/Skymirrh/CompatibilityManager There is a new problem this introduces, tabbing out is broken. I never had hanging, but I use that to get a real fullscreen mode like it was on 7, which should work better for old games.
>>9767 Forgot to add, apply that edit to: ContentExpansion\System\Swat4X.exe for The Stetchkov Syndicate and SEF, Content\System\Swat4.exe for the base game.
Open file (52.03 KB 800x680 1441306499957.jpg)
>>9767 >>9768 >using windows 10. i am not and never will. but im sure those instructions will be useful to some retard using windows 10 it didnt hang at the game launch. i would run the bat and the black screen saying loading SEF would pop and never actually load the splash screen or anything. after fiddling a bit, then undoing all my fiddling i loaded it again and it just worked. i just wasnt sure how to confirm if i got all the maps installed correctly, or if im running a proper version. alittle later tonight i would like to open a server and see if anyone can connect using the master server browser and maybe play a few games. i dont have any friends so i dont have anyone to test this with.
>>9752 here is what you do, open the map pack zip, then open content, highlight maps, sounds, staticmeshes and textures, now in your GOG\SWAT4 directory open content and move over the files you have highlighted. go back to the mappack zip, go back, then open content expanison, highlight customskins, maps and textures, go to the GOG/SWAT4 directory then open contentexpansion, move the highlighted files into the content expansion directory the maps are now successfully installed >>9736 OP didnt host the game, I did. all you need to do is open the ports, launch SEF go into host server, change all the settings then go to the top right and close the game, now all you need to do is launch the dedicated server.bat change a few options like the name or playercount, then launch SEF hit join game then join your server. you can also assign logins with special permissions if you want to give people or yourself admin powers.
Open file (2.66 MB 720x480 infinite_smug.webm)
>>9775 Works on my machine. t. Windows 10 retard
>>9744 >one guy presumably from cake /v/ joins and ruins the gamenight for everyone What was his name?
Open file (211.22 KB 380x482 1565228837786.png)
9780 ok, i did that and overwriting broke my installation. until i reversed it which gave me a different error. then un-reversed it and now it works. just wanted to know how to verify it installed properly. >hosting thanks for the info i have a few questions, if i may. which ports? also udp, tcp, or both? what changes are you referring to? you mean set the stuff like friendly fire and the map playlist and the times and stuff like that? if i save and quit without opening the server, it'll save this as a default so dedicated server.bat opens with those settings? did you come across an issue where after you made the mappack and left and returned the maps would all become the same map? (for me they all kept turning into some map called predator) the game suggests not giving admins much power, any idea why? also any idea why i cant just run as a host right from the games menus? >>9782 >infinite smug >13 seconds youre a liar through and through, botnet sama. >>9783 seth rich
>>9785 Not him, but you would forward the ports you set in the server settings. default seems to be 10480 and I think you would set it for tcp.
>>9785 >ports both >changes there is an advanced menu with some extra options that you can fuck with >if i save and quit without opening the server, it'll save this as a default so dedicated server.bat opens with those settings? yes, everything will be saved >did you come across an issue where after you made the mappack and left and returned the maps would all become the same map? yes, all you need to do to fix it is login as the admin, go to server settings whilst on the server, then change the gamemode from blank to coop, place a bunch of maps then apply the settings >the game suggests not giving admins much power, any idea why? not the admins, you can create these accounts for anyone on the server, so I could create an account called nigger and give it immunity to votekick/ban then give the password out to everyone ITT, they then click admin login, input the password and now they're immune > also any idea why i cant just run as a host right from the games menus? Gamespy kikery and CD authentication stopping you as soon as you press launch server
>>9785 >how to verify only way to know is joining a server with a custom map or trying to play a custom map from your own
>>9786 >server settings i dont remember a spot to set custom ports. i must've missed it. if so i'll use the port i keep open for soku. >change the gamemode from blank to coop, place a bunch of maps then apply the settings ok, so setting the map playlist from the server end is useless, but it works when i log into my own "dedicated" server and then change it as admin? weird. > so I could create an account called nigger and give it immunity to votekick/ban then give the password out to everyone ITT, they then click admin login, input the password and now they're immune for what purpose? >>9787 >stopping you as soon as you press launch server huh, nothing actually stopped me. i was able to play alone in my own server. but wasnt sure if my server was visible to others using the master server browser, or if it was local only, or if people just couldnt join. >>9788 i was able to play some terribly designed maps by myself. so i guess that means it installed properly.
>>9791 >ok, so setting the map playlist from the server end is useless, but it works when i log into my own "dedicated" server and then change it as admin? weird. no, you can still set up the maps when you are in the host server thing, its just that your server settings may revert into the blankgamemode so you just have to login and change it back to coop >for what purpose? Maybe you want to take a break and let someone else hotpocket or just prevent randomfaggots from votekicking. >huh, nothing actually stopped me. is the server still up? only other people can see it in the master server
>>9795 it is not up, but i'd be happy to test it out later when im on my other computer.
it's up if anyone wants to help me test. use server browser to find "FUNCO LAND" let me know if you can or cannot find it. it's under SEF and 6.4 if you sort by mod/version
Open file (497.39 KB 1589x887 SWATEF.jpg)
>>9791 I can't see it
>>9850 ok, let me see if you can direct connect
>>9851 Can't connect, how did you set up the server?
>>9853 an experimental way that didnt work. im going to try a more legit way right now and see if i have better luck. if you plan on lurking for a while longer i'll post when i'm ready.
>>9855 I'll wait
Open file (103.58 KB 1541x811 LOADZ.jpg)
>>9858 Still nothing, just sticks on the loading screen.
Open file (12.82 KB 475x227 error.jpg)
How did you setup the server?
>>9858 the window vanished. im checking task manager but no trace.
>>9862 It does that, try having the server console open, that stopped it from just exiting sometimes for me
>>9861 i basically did >>9780 >all you need to do is open the ports, launch SEF go into host server, change all the settings then go to the top right and close the game, now all you need to do is launch the dedicated server.bat change a few options like the name or playercount, then launch SEF hit join game then join your server.
>>9867 How did you open the ports? I did 10480-10487 UDP/TCP
>>9869 i set to a port i already had open. but when i load the server.bat it doesnt actually reflect any of the changes i made in SEF. also i have just grabbed a new IP
>>9870 Still nothing
Open file (3.82 KB 374x132 Advanced Options.png)
>>9869 yea, according to the server console its trying to connect on 10480 even though i told it 27014. any idea how to change that? it also says the gamespy quiery port is 10481. i was unsure as to why you forwarded up to 10487 until i saw pic related. are the options under advanced immediately applied?
i am now able to connect to my own server. although i do not pop up in the server browser for whatever reason. i connected using just the IP in >>9870
>>9873 You cant use 27014 as 10480-10483 is required because of gamespy kikery, ignore the quiery port, it repeats itself but thats nothing to worry about, the first 3 ports are used for gamespy so you have to use them in order to fake the connection into thinking its connecting to gamespy servers >are the options under advanced immediately applied? No idea, i just opened the advanced settings to change the server name then opened the game >>9874 Your server appears under LAN and you cannot see it under internet
ok, so is using the range of 10480-10488 fine? or should i do 10480-10483 for some reason when i joined the game i showed up as 50 different players. i want to give myself access to be able to change maps without having to use the dedicated server console. ok, i see it under LAN now. i was hoping others can connect to it via server browser, but i guess that was alittle too optimistic.
Open file (179.63 KB 1589x889 hotpocket.jpg)
>>9876 10480-10488 to be sure >i want to give myself access to be able to change maps without having to use the dedicated server console. go into host game and go to admin, create a role then give yourself all permissions, and chose a password, once in game press esc then hit admin login, input your password and now you can change maps in game
Open file (1.82 KB 477x171 Swat4X 2.png)
>>9877 ok, i think i got it. >>9877 what do i do with pic related?
>>9878 keep it internet
Open file (18.90 KB 429x619 Advanced Options (2).png)
>>9879 is this all kosher?
>>9880 yes
>>9881 even though i set up the "custom" ... i mustve left with the "guest" bubble checked. do i have to make a custom guest?
>>9893 yes, you have to make custom guests with their own names and permissions to be able to login as the admin
>>9895 >yes, you have to make custom guests with their own names and permissions to be able to login as the admin so i shouldl make 3 customs total, right? the admin, the hotpocket, and the guest that can just chat? then make sure that bubble is selected when i drop out?
>>9896 no, you can make as many as you like with anynames you want, guests are default when you join the server so you dont need to create a role for them.
>>9898 well. it keeps removing roles i added. not sure why. and every time i re-enter the game the first bubble is selected instead of the 2nd.
>>9901 it doesnt matter if the bubble is selected, the roles are still there if you create them and only get removed if you delete them
>>9903 im opening it back up. let see if its still gay.
I have closed the server for now. it works. im just updating my documentation so that i dont get senile and forget everything i just learned. i may have brain damage, so this is to prevent my forgetfulness. also, i can use this to help anons that want to host on their own in the future.
If anyone fucks up their game, and require a reinstall, backup these files. In \SEF\System\ DynamicLoadout.ini - Your current loadout, and others. MissionResults.ini - What maps you've completed in SP, along with difficulty and score. Swat4X.ini - Contains some of your settings, mostly located under [WinDrv.WindowsClient]. SwatGuiState.ini - More of your settings, notably your MP name. User.ini - Didn't look at it, included since it gets modified. \ContentExpansion\System Campaign.ini - Defines the SP campaigns present, and any player stats they have.
>>9738 >hating on lezards It plays on the TV in one of the maps.
anyone want to play this tonight around 10pm or midnight (eastern) and going until question marks?
>>9968 >american timezones yikes, no thanks
>>9968 Can you start the server now and let some of the Euros play?
>>9973 i physically cannot because i am nowhere near my computer that has all that set up on it. i plan on being there in about 5-6 hours from now though.
>>9976 Server is up, join me, if not i'll just be in there playing with myself.
>>10079 >>10080 New IP since the other had problems upon checking server console. i was too busy playing solo to notice.
>>10084 server ded, yuros get dabbed on again
>>10117 should i load it up now? help me iron out any issues.
>>10203 Have you hosted it before? What issues are you having? We really should create a lexicon of hostfaggotry
>>10205 Yes, but im usually playing with 1 other person if i am. 1 guy was fine, 1 guy couldnt play. same thing happened last night; guy was stuck in spectator mode.
>>10211 I’ll join in a few hours.
>>10212 ok, just post ITT if you want me to open it up. same of anyone else that wants to play a few games. same IP in >>10084
>>10214 What issues do you have with the server?
>>10216 see >>10211 im not sure why they couldnt join. only 1 person was able to play. on another map only i was able to play. and sometimes when i join the server it looks like a million of me has joined until i restart the server as admin.
>>10218 Can you screenshot it?
>>10221 screenshot what exactly? i wasnt able to see the problem they were having. it just looks like me playing swat4 alone with spectators going "why cant i join?" and then them rapidly switching teams because its the only thing they can do. or do you mean the million of me that joined the server? i'll take a screenshot when it happens. it says i join and looks normal but with a 999 ping. then a 2nd player with the same name keeps joining as the ping levels out. it almost looks like a ping request and comes in at about the same speed. if i switch teams it does the same thing on the right side but the left never clears. if i restart the server its usually fine.
Any of you fags up for some SWAT4? i can open a server. just reply and i'll open it up.
Open file (12.90 KB 200x200 1490710328869.jpg)
>>10469 >american time zone yikes
Open file (3.37 KB 480x480 bt.png)
>>10500 why is it that non-burgers never seem to want to host? hosting always seems like its done on burgertime.
>>10519 Wasn't the OP some yurofag? I just assumed he was because of how terrible the ping everyone had.
>>10527 I'm pretty sure that he was based in Northern Ireland, or at least somewhere in the UK.
Open file (1.51 MB 1512x1072 lain60.png)
>>10591 >>10527 i didnt make the OP but i hosted, OP is a mutt and i can host it again. >>10519 no one ever joins during euro hours.
>>10603 nobody wanted to join during burger hours either, anon. i played like 10 solo missions and not a single join on more than one occasion.
>>10612 Work week days am I right?
>>10612 Put the server up. I will join right now.
>>10633 still around? i'll put it up for a (you) i can almost solo an entire map on my own, im sure we would be fine with 2. >>10630 i had put it up on the weekend as well.
>>10636 What's the IP?
If you're still in the thread serverfag, I am unable to connect. I've tried a few times, so I don't know if you've even set it up or have taken it down already. I think we should try for the weekend when things will be more regular.
>>10639 Yeah, it's not working at all.
>>10640 try now. i just had to reboot my PC.
>>10641 server still up. It seems some people still have issues loading into servers that have a custom map open. make sure when following ops horrible instructions, you follow the instructions in >>9184 if you didnt do that from the start, uninstall everything. dont even bother trying to fix it. either way we will stick to playing stock maps. but if we go to next level and it loads a custom map and you get booted, either wait long enough for me to reload a stock map and rejoin, or post ITT.
>>10655 GGs server is closed for the night. hopefully we can play again tomorrow.
I can play again tonight, but it has to be earlier, like 7 or 8 PM EST.
>>10704 i will try my best to host at around those times today. if youre ever up for a game you can just post itt. if you dont want to bump the thread; sage. i regularly check a bunch of gamenight threads and will see it regardless. im not sure if any of the other hostfags do the same, but they might. i also regularly check the aiwar, radmod, tf2v, jka, soku, and the dead doom thread to see if anyone wants to play. i set my pc up to be able to host most of those, even if i never have done it
>>10704 I thought that I could stay awake to play with you fags but It's harder than I thought it would be, and I have the weekend free so I guess if you guys are playing then I'll play then.
Open file (2.81 MB 3431x1702 lgb5p.jpg)
>>10730 im sorry. i didnt realize you were available to play ths whole time, i would have hosted atleast 1-2 games for you. it probably would have just been us though. although i happen to think this game works well with 2 people. hell i play it solo all the time but i just started something and i wont be able to host for another hour (give or take).
>>10704 It's up.
>>10735 Would be helpful if i posted the IP i suppose.
>>10735 Be there in ten.
>>10737 By the way, if youre unable to host and want to play, the servers that appear green under both "version" and "mod" are completely playable. theyre just not managed and usually empty. you could just post the name of one of them ITT and ask others to join you. you can also use those servers if you have trouble joining to see if its a (you) problem or a host problem.
Ah fuck, I don't have this map for whatever reason. It's weird, because most of the maps in the pack are installed. I'll join next round.
>>10740 starting next round now. try joining. maybe choose maps from now on to not get dropped.
Did your computer die or is this map just bugged? Similar incident happened with Irish hostfag.
Well in whatever the case, I should be heading off anyways. I'll see you tomorrow Ob.
>>10746 >>10747 server closed. its open now though. unless youre still unable to join.
i was in the map unable to talk or change weapons but could shoot and walk around. and see you standing still., then alt tabbed to check server and it was gone without a trace. very weird.
>>10748 I need to go to sleep. Got something to do in the morning. >>10749 Yeah, same thing happened to me. The same thing happened with the other hostfag on that map, so we should avoid it for now.
>>10750 ok, ggs though. i'll be on tomrrow. just post ITT and if i see it, i'll answer. i dont close this thread, i'll even see it if you sage.
I'm available to play tonight if you want.
>>10842 copy, do you copy?
>>10852 won't be on tonight because the missus wants to go out sorry
>>10879 What a shame. See you Saturday.
>>10879 >>10901 i plan on hosting tonight (eastern burgertime), if anyone is interested.
>>10914 Yeah I’d be up for it.
If you’re still going to host, I should be one at around 7:30 EST.
Open file (22.02 KB 261x258 2244.jpg)
>>10935 >>10954 i apologize for not hosting earlier; i had unexpected bullshit to take care of, but am willing to host now that everyone is likely asleep except me, who will be up for the next ~5 hours. give me a (you) and i'll reply with the IP.
Open file (935.80 KB 1920x1698 1572032436105-0-allblk.jpg)
>>11006 well. if anyone wants to play, post here and i'll load it up. maybe i'll play some soku, doom, edf5 or quake while i wait. but i'll check here between rounds/levels.
>>11006 >>11016 Are (You) still up for some vidya?
>>11017 most definitely give me a literal minute to put it up.
>>11018 back up. i think the server had a stroke.
where iz server?
Open file (2.38 MB 1280x720 officer down.webm)
anyone else record anything?
>>11031 >video of me geting shot in head pt blank with shotgun im glad someone else saw that. >>11030 new england.
Open file (4.58 MB 1280x720 mesh fence 2 stronk.webm)
rip in piss
Open file (4.41 MB 1280x720 the boys.webm)
>>11031 >>11045 >>11047 pretty good. what recording tool do you use? does it auto convert to these webms? or do you do that after.
>>11054 obs and then convert them afterwards with mpv and the webm script just be warned that obs is hella fickle with old games like swat
Open file (1.98 MB 370x281 mosin home defense.gif)
>>11018 server closed for the night. good games everyone.
>>11058 >obrez triggering a trap.gif
Open file (177.61 KB 884x769 1455290849156-1.png)
>>11059 >what could go wrong if we barricade ourselves in a room full of explosives and put an explosive trap on the only entrance.
>>11061 And just like that I have a new idea for a house alarm.
gonna try and upload the videos to yt for future reference and so i dont have to save them locally
>>11074 >cant upload videos longer than 15 minutes unless you verify your account with a phonenumber why does jewtube have to be so extra jewish
>>11071 Just be sure not to place it at eye level in case they’re being careful. Either put it on top or right at their feet
>want to play >hostfag says he'll put serb up burger time >he considers 1 AM burger time It's not fair.
Here is some raw footage from our earlier session https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLcMIOIC-jgYh2YDpwWQ9KE5k06k52GJGd Why is it so hard to find videos of /v/ gamenights in general?
>>11140 Yea absolute shitty host times. but I cant really complain since he is still at least hosting unlike me
>>11144 Host times were pretty great desu
Are you hosting tonight?
Open file (9.90 MB 1120x700 dropship.webm)
Open file (3.52 MB 960x600 paint it black.webm)
Open file (15.11 MB 1280x720 barotrauma frag.webm)
>>11143 I think anyone who bothers to film them is reluctant to upload to youtube. There were as a thread for videos back on /radcorp/.
Does anyone want to do a gamenight with something like Battlefront 2, invite 4chan, have fun with a decent pop, and then post all their IP addresses?
>>11167 How would you know who's 4chan and who's not?
>>11167 But how would you know if they came from 4chan or here? I'd host it
>>11167 and then what? you gonna haxx0r them?
>>11167 >>11170 Provide piratefag links and any fixes needed if you end up making a thread on it.
>>11156 that second one is great, thanks recordfags
Open file (2.28 MB 1024x768 table.webm)
>>11169 >>11170 Anyone who would post their name in a thread on julay or somewhere wouldn't be banned. Alternatively, we could make it on 4chan first and log all the IPs. >>11172 Sometimes IP addresses can provide info about what a person has pirated. Games, anime, pornography, that sort of thing. Fun fuckery. https://iknowwhatyoudownload.com/
>>11178 Cuckchan blocks non-residental ips from posting. Pretty sure burgers would still use vpns while using bittorrent so they don't get their isp shutting off their internet. You can check their ips with this to easily see if it's a vpn, proxy, or tor node without having to look into the asn of that ip. https://whatismyipaddress.com/ip-lookup
Open file (88.75 KB 1108x931 neighbor ip.png)
>>11181 I'll be honest, I pirated for years and only got caught recently. You'd be surprised with the kind of shit people pirate without using a VPN. Here's a list of shit someone in my neighborhood has pirated, for example.
>>11182 Did you use private trackers instead of public?
Open file (108.01 KB 250x250 1421543712153.png)
>>11184 Fuck no. I'm illiterate when it comes to piracy. I don't even know what a tracker is. ISPs couldn't give a shit unless they get a copyright complaint from the company, which even the largest companies don't care about unless it's extremely recent. EA is a notable exception. I was inadvertently seeding multiple 10+ year old games when my Internet got shut off. When I contacted them about the issue, they informed me it was for the only EA game I had ever torrented.
>>11182 Oh, and another unrelated thing. If you're wondering what all those torrent names are, most of them are JAV codes. Most of the fetishes are NTR and pregnant women. I hope I don't live too close to this person.
>need GOG galaxy to play online The fuck? There has to be some workaround
Open file (35.74 KB 777x704 bigthink.jpg)
Currently working on getting the multiplayer to run more smoothly, here's what I've noticed. * Lowering the ClientRate causes more teleportation, in other words, very janky movement. Try it yourself by setting the connection speed as "Modem", which sets the ClientRate to 2600. This will also lower the multiplayer-only FPS cap if you haven't turned it off (I'll cover that later). * The tickrate is by default at 20 for network games, instead of 35 singleplayer (LAN) has; higher tickrate = lower latency to every player. * I'm not sure where to look to see all console commands, but I've used this site to see what the ClientRate is running at using 'show net' in the console. Note: I got the 2600 figure for "Modem" from SwatGuiState.ini, with NetworkConnectionSpeeds, before finding out about that console command. http://induktio.net/wiki/Console_commands * The custom tickrate works on any client since the server enforces it, but not the ClientRate, which I'm currently trying to find a way to enforce it. My server is called "The Botnet", so if you see it on the server list, let me know.
Anyone know how to turn on the automatic communication whenever you do something like reload or ziptie a suspect? >>11204 I see it, but it has a password.
I’ll be able to play in about an hour or so.
Open file (79.44 KB 320x287 ohbother.png)
Seems I can't get the ClientRate above 15000 or 20000 which is LAN/T1 according to the game, even when modifying the LAN/T1 entry in SwatGUIState.ini, for which I did with all three SwatGUIState.ini files to be certain. Modifying ConfiguredInternetSpeed=15000 under [Engine.Player] in Swat4X.ini doesn't work either, the game will forcefully revert the change, and will refuse to play if the file is set to read-only. In Swat4X.ini, under [IpDrv.TcpNetDriver], is MaxInternetClientRate=7000, maybe this is what the other hosters were running their ClientRate at. I'm using the dedicated server batch file, inorder to use it however, you must "host server" in the game itself, and pick the desired options for the server. The dedicated server reads from this; if you try to modify the SwatGUIState.ini yourself with an editor (not from in-game), it will be overwritten whenever you need to change something on the server while in-game. My settings currently for Swat4XDedicatedServer.ini is: NetServerMaxTickRate=100 LanServerMaxTickRate=100 MaxConnPerIPPerMinute=25 LogMaxConnPerIPPerMin=True LAN tickrate is modified since I connect to the server through LAN. Changed MaxConnPerIPPerMinute from 5 to 25 since tickrate of 100 is 5 times the value of 20, 20 being the default for non-local multiplayer; I have no idea if this matters. LogMaxConnPerIPPerMin is enabled to see if changing MaxConnPerIPPerMinute matters or not. Server is ready to go now. Before joining: Go to Settings, Game Controls, then select LAN/T1 for the connection speed. Then edit this file in the SWAT 4 folder: SEF/System/Swat4X.ini Add bCapFramerate=False under [Engine.LevelInfo], then save the file.
>>11218 Forgot to add, close the game before applying the framerate uncap for multiplayer edit to Swat4X.ini.
>>11218 Why are you doing all this when you can just make a virtual LAN?
>>11220 Doesn't that require software? I'd like for it to be applicable to Linux users as well.
Open file (13.79 KB 414x462 9zeiq.png)
>>11059 if you have the problem of swat4 lowering your volume, go to control panel > sound > communications tab > "DO NOTHING" fuck that was pissing me off.
Open file (4.78 MB 1280x720 quality police work.webm)
How do you move before the mission start? I'm always locked until the intro briefing is over
Open file (3.70 MB 1280x720 thot patrol.webm)
Open file (5.53 MB 1280x720 failed entry.webm)
here is one from one of our failed missions
>>11240 You can't
>>11248 What happened exactly? Did one of you shoot the suspect or was it an enemy?
>>11263 There are explosives in alot of the rooms and he shot a canister so the thing blew up.
Open file (4.69 MB 1280x720 rip.webm)
Open file (4.35 MB 1280x720 cover fire.webm)
i'm sorry i'll stop now
>>11240 >>11262 It's part of the map pack. https://induktio.net/wiki/Mega_Map_Pack >Disable initial dispatches in SP/COOP maps It's also in Elite Force options.
>>11276 what options?
>>11281 Audio options.
>>11313 why is it in the audio options of all places?
>>11314 Because dispatches are audio.
Open file (27.18 KB 232x254 1446183926166.jpg)
will there be more swat or is it ogre?
>>11579 Very few people played last time. I would be up to play again this weekend, though.
>>11584 just make sure you host during yurohours because fatmericans dont like tactical shooters
>>11579 like i said earlier. if youre down to play just request a host. someone may answer. >>11591 untrue, ive hosted a few times and yuropoors never seem to join. and if they do it doesnt last.
Any ideas for a game next week? or any future gamenights?
I'll keep a server running, post here to let other Anons know if you are playing on it. Before joining: Go to Settings, Game Controls, select LAN/T1 for the connection speed. Then edit this file in the SWAT 4 folder: SEF/System/Swat4X.ini Add bCapFramerate=False under [Engine.LevelInfo], then save the file. ( If that doesn't work, do the same for: ContentExpansion/System/Swat4X.ini ) Incase a non-stock map is voted for: https://www.moddb.com/addons/mega-map-pack then see >>9184 This is how the server is configured: Only stock maps are run, and in the sequence of the SEF singleplayer campaign, with SEF's 2 extra maps at the end of that campaign. FF is 0.00, which is a partial disable, it's there to lower the amount of accidental killing of teammates. Runs at 80 tick, instead of the default 20, so the server updates 4 times more often. Used to be at 100 tick, apparently would lag at random, but the lag wasn't often. Anyone can issue commands, not just the leader. Kill messages are on, meaning civilian and suspect arrests are also shown. Automatic yes vote for the person who called the current vote. All equipment is enabled for fun. Max rounds are 1, be sure to vote to play the same map again if you desire, or it will go to the next map.
>>11629 I shall join for a bit.
Open file (784.14 KB 481x505 1451958873448-2.gif)
>>11629 joining
'twas fun lads. Good night.
>talk about this on 8/v/ >mods delete my post simply ebin
>>11687 You the guy that got banned for necrobumping? What was your post?
>11687 >8kuck >wonder why it's only what you deserve
>>11689 >necro >on an imageboard that shit is straight out of some 2000s tier online forum on imageboards usually the speed is too fast for "necroing" and its simply a bump and nothing more nothing less
Open file (14.79 KB 665x57 necrobumping.jpg)
>>11693 >a bump and nothing more nothing less Try telling that to mark.
Open file (86.80 KB 193x272 1529381347.png)
Open file (18.17 KB 1791x124 mark got cucked.png)
Open file (144.46 KB 715x878 nintoddler.png)
>>11695 well we all knew mark is giant cocksucking faglord >hurrdurr stop bumping threads If you didn't want people to bump old threads then reduce the max amount of threads to like 3
>>11700 If you insist.
>>11701 Necrobumping is ok when you have something new to add to the thread. Necrobumping for the sake of necrobumping like you're doing right now make you look retarded, and legitimizes the CakeJew.
>>11625 rainbow six 3
>>11720 Sounds good. >playing as zogbots to end the revival of national socialism gayest plot in vidya
Open file (44.72 KB 703x960 1482256919102.jpg)
>>11727 m8 you're not playing rainbow six for the plot but for the operatin
>>11729 Shame nobody made a game about the plot of Rainbow Six books. I fancy a game where you shoot Extinction Rebellion.
>>11729 Dont we need to use goyranger to play online? or did someone fix it
Open file (23.37 KB 554x439 1467030102289.png)
>>11715 >Necrobumping is ok when you have something new to add to the thread If what you have to add isn't worth making a new thread over then it isn't worth bumping a 3 month old one. >legitimizes the CakeJew Why would proving a point about necro'ing legitimize him? A broken clock is right twice a day but that doesn't mean you're going to leave the fucking clock on the wall. And anyway even if >>11693 is right neither the webring nor 8kunt have enough traffic for it to not be a nuisance.
Open file (37.27 KB 444x470 1577060634683.jpg)
>>11748 >then it isn't worth bumping a 3 month old one. >worth what pray tell is the value of an IB post you fucking mook. >necrobumping nigger, just by adding "bump" to the end of it doesnt negate the fact that youre applying message board etiquette and terminology to an IB.
>>11753 this if you dont want a thread to be bumped then delete it?
>>11753 >what pray tell is the value of an IB post you fucking mook Value is relative but a new thread ought to be prioritized over an old one. >doesn't negate the fact that youre applying message board etiquette and terminology to an IB I'll give you that it's forum terminology but etiquette? Anons have been bitching about bumping old threads for over a decade. >>11756 You can't delete a thread you didn't start
>>11753 Also >message board etiquette and terminology >implying we weren't already the moment facebook frogs started getting posted
>>11700 To be fair, that last ban is justified. Low effort console war shitflinging like that is what ruined 4/v/ long before moot's GG faggotry. Mark is a retard, but cleaning up those kinds of weak shitposts is one of the few good things he's done.
Open file (96.71 KB 1003x629 1294183294773.jpg)
>>11781 you fit this image perfectly
based necrobumper on vch proved that there is shadow bumplock on all meta thread to limit discussion by the kike
>>11784 That was blatant since day 0: Now I wonder if you acted as retarded there as you did here.🤔
>>11787 >Now I wonder if you acted as retarded there as you did here.🤔 Mork, did you forget we can't see the logs but only you ? stop using emoji hile phoneposing faggot.
Why exactly is all this meta shit clogging up the gamenight thread?
>>11790 autism, go look at vch catalog.
>>11788 You happen to have your ban message for >>>/cow/27173 to share in that thread? I'm convinced the Cakejew banned you properly because you're raw necrobumping not contributing to the thread. In fact, I think >>>/cow/27196 is the Cake himself seeing as he added a ( ´ ∀ `) to his name field.
Open file (460.43 KB 1889x801 mork.jpg)
>>11792 Wew. Reminds me of the old days when the cuckchan mods would do something dumb and we'd spam the board to spite them.
>>11794 So this time is Aaron Lawson, or Nathanoal Gonzalez. Either way, it's his problem, not ours. One day, I'll figure out his #Trip >>>/meta/1059
shut the fuck up you fat fraud faggot leave this website and never come back with this ridiculous strategy of driving users away from your board only to try to drive them back from where they left to go back to that place where you're desperately scrambling to keep users you wish were your friends from leaving but don't worry your yes men will stick around for a little while until they realize your husk is dried and completely abandoned
>>11793 mark are you seriousely using a trips while talking about yourself as third person ? i'm not the one you banned for necrobumping you fucking retard.
>>11794 why don't we do it anymore ?
>>11799 I don't think the kike can mask himself while criticizing your intelligence. I'll make it simple: Did you necrobump without contributing to the thread like you're doing right now?
>necrobumping is now valid lingo for imageboard where the fuck do those nigger come from ? Are they Mark shills going around normalizing word and creating context in order to manipulate public opinion ? GAZ THE KIKE RACE WAR NOW
>>11801 >necrobump this isnt a dead thread. is anyone interested in playing a few games of SWAT?
>>11842 >vidya >in the middle of the week not gonna happen between juggling work and the wife
>>11804 I’m going to use that term from now on and there’s nothing you can do to stop me.
Boy I sure do love cake cult drama being instigated for no fucking reason, piss off back to mark/v/ if you're just here to stir shit up.
>>11865 On this note, >>>/nintendo/ & >>>/b/ exist for this reason. We even have 2 >>>/cow/ threads dedicated to both the jewish lord and the battered wives.
Open file (418.43 KB 822x546 EIgIOGX.png)
>>11859 >i cant play vidya! im a normalfag now! my family comes first nigger, you need to get your priorities in order. just do what i do. stay up ungodly hours and play video games, then get 2 hours of sleep and wake up, drink a cup of coffee instant using 3x the suggested amount, then go to work, drink coffee so you dont die in a car accident on the way home, then eat dinner, pass out for an hour or 2 and wake up with half of your body completely numb, then sit on the couch staring into space for 10 minutes. have a cup of some strong tea while you do the family thing, then put the kids to bed, stay up until 2 hours before you have to leave for work. and do it all over again. tips and tricks use sick days off of work so you can catch up on sleep. sleep during your lunch breaks. poop on company time buy dry shampoo use an ice cold wet rag on your face for 10 minutes to remove the racoon eyes. if you do shitty in a game and get bullied, you can protect your ego by blaming your sleep deprivation if coffee stops working, try other weird chemicals that havnt been banned yet. like yerba mate, yohimbe, or moringa. put a scoop of matcha in your coffee. if you start seeing what looks like gnats flying everywhere, dont wory its not a malaria invasion; just drink some water. if you randomly feel heart palpitations, drink some cold water. if your feet look swolen or start to hurt, just buy one of those cheap foot massagers and put it under your computer desk and use it as a foot rest. the heat/massage/vibration will make it so you cant feel the pain. elevate your feet while you sleep by either resting them on the car door, or on a pillow if sleeping in a bed. this shit isnt difficult, anon.
Open file (8.00 KB 265x265 1462308840929.jpg)
Open file (340.43 KB 750x366 1471428442242-0.png)
Does anyone want to play some swat? i can open the server and password protect it to keep the strangers out.
Open file (12.30 MB 3624x5098 1576460890187.png)
>>11927 Sure.
>>11927 I'll be there in a minute
>>11927 which server
I guess never ever then
>>11929 >>11930 >>11931 >>11934 sorry for delay. had to do normalfag things password is "homeless" without quotes. it will be up in a minute. server name is Funcoland.
>>11938 well passwords dont work i guess. so i guess slight further delay. and no password.
>>11938 >>11939 nevermind. password works now. everything works. and i have no idea what i did to fix it.
wacky epstein funhouse was the best map of the night
>>11945 You fruitcakes better be around tomorrow because I want to beat that shit.
>>11938 thanks for hosting. it was fun.
>>11946 I'm bringing vodka tomorrow
>>11946 i'll host tomorrow after midnight. unless i pass out. what was the name of that map? i forgot already.
>>11949 Nevermind, i double checked. it was called "UnderWorld". remind me to load that tomorrow.
Open file (422.87 KB 641x720 1454377325.png)
>playing retarded meme maps can we just play all the normal maps we never ever played before?
>>11987 anyone in the game is free to start a vote on the next map including ones from the map pack. the stock maps are what we play most of the time. custom maps are a departure. what map did you have in mind?
>>11998 stetchkov weed house of death and failure
>>12002 sure, i dont mind playing that one agian. just get the vote going.
>>12003 is the server up? also how do you install the map pack without installing the virus some anons complained about?
>>12004 server host from yesterday said he'd host tonight. I don't know about any virus from the mega map pack.
Open file (213.80 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
>>12004 >>12013 Server is up fellow zogbots. SERVER NAME: FuncoLand PASSWORD: "letitsnow" let me know if you have trouble connecting by posing ITT
Open file (201.80 KB 451x577 1496184592.png)
>>12038 >the connection to the server has failed Guess i will pose in this thread as directed
>>12048 we're still up so it might have been changing maps?
>>12048 you see the server in the browser but it fails to connect? or are you trying to connect via the IP in >>11938
>>12051 direct ip
>>12054 weird. either should work. try using server browser. see https://github.com/sergeii/swat-patches/tree/master/swat4stats-masterserver
>>12054 SEF mod with update patch and mega map pack and I connected to direct IP. not sure what you did.
>>12056 could be dropping if mappacks arent installed correctly
muh game crashed. it was fun playing with you goys though. gonna jerk it and sleep.
Open file (1.42 MB 1306x1187 Swat4X2020z.png)
>>12067 i think everyone crashed out at once. ggs. let me know f you want me to open it up tomrrow or whenever. **this was in that star wars map by the way.
Open file (2.49 MB 1280x720 robbed.webm)
custom maps are really wonky
>>12069 I shouldve recorded the other night when I had people phasing through the floors.
Open file (4.05 MB 1280x720 sheer incompetence.webm)
>>12071 you can see the mag glitch here
Open file (1.41 MB 1280x720 round winning kill.webm)
>>12072 ive noticed that usually happened when i picked up one of the in game guns that say "change equipment"
>>12115 i think it happens in the prison map as well and i didnt pick up anything there https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7H6mWyLSp0o&list=PLcMIOIC-jgYh2YDpwWQ9KE5k06k52GJGd&index=15&t=0s
>>11876 >t. obrez
>>12137 oh cmon im not that bad yet anyone interested in playing in a few hours?
>>12149 yeah sure
>get multiple bad guys on their knees >turn to one to get my dudes to cuff him >turn back around and two mongs picked up guns again >fuck em up >UNAUTHORIZED DEADLY FORCE fuck this goddamn shit I've tried to do this mission right like 10 times and something always goes wrong. the shit ass diamond mission.
Open file (145.31 KB 750x1060 z68lrk8bu4b21.jpg)
Server is up. Server Name: FuncoLand IP: >>11938 Password: "letitsnow"
>>12164 GGs. server is still up. join if you want to play. may take me a minute to realize someone joined but i'll check between beating levels of a different game.
>>12162 >shit ass diamond mission the diamond mission is pretty hard as is taronne and the lab
Open file (19.60 KB 594x169 Clipboard01.jpg)
I really need someone to prevent me from going mental on missions
>>12190 Perfect size for a banner
Open file (68.98 KB 595x469 ENDFKDTWwAAeM4M.jpg)
>>12190 >prevent me from going mental But that's what we're here for.
Open file (94.05 KB 1920x1080 swat.jpg)
would this be possible in a modern game?
>>12207 She really is though.
When do we play?
>>9064 New and faster server in the cloud. IP Pass: 320mspsp
>>12210 >>12314 i'll be playing in a few hours. i can host if this host isnt still up. anyone else interested?
>>12314 server is down. is anyone up for some games if i open a server?
Open file (27.82 KB 640x360 1324986910.jpg)
>>12314 is this botnet?
>>12340 interested in playing a few rounds?
>>12360 sure, whats the worst that could happen
El server no werko RIP
>>12361 >>12363 jon server in >>12164
anyone ever play swat 3 multiplayer? how does it hold up against swat 4?
maybe we should host during euro hours also maybe we should advertise on other /v/ boards
>>12410 post in the /k/ vidya threads, swat 4 is strelok approved
>>12410 posting in other /v/ boards brought alot of really annoying people the last time. >>12411 /k/ is way more dead than any /v/ boards, unfortunately.
>>12415 anyone lurking thats down for some zog enforcement?
>>12072 >>12115 Unfortunately the dev is too retarded to fix the glitch which is why he hasn't released version 7 for the past year instead of working on Reddit or Not. >check moddb >his last update is begging for Patreon donations >Donations Needed >Nov 25 2019 >Hello all, >Due to personal reasons with myself and other members of the SEF team, progress towards v7 is slow. However, we are setting a tentative target for January of 2020 for v7's full release. We intend to spend the holidays rounding off the remainder of the bugs so that it can be released as stable as possible. >That being said, Patreon funding and donations have dwindled over the year. While we had more than enough funding to cover the costs of running the NA Official Server, the surplus of funds has dried up, and now we need your help to cover the costs of running the server. If you have played on the NA Official Server recently, consider donating through Patreon or Paypal to continue keeping the server online. https://www.moddb.com/mods/swat-elite-force/news/donations-needed1
>>12467 >elite force is that the same retard who says you don't need high capacity magazines for self defense since you should always do headshots anyway?
>>12468 >you should always do headshots is he the same guy that made the stalker games?
>>12464 offer is still on the table.
>>12474 >be yuro >feelin the swat >server up in the middle of the night only welp
>>12480 whos up for some VIDYA GAMES?
So is this it? Swat with /v/ is now nothing but a distant memory?

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