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Path of Exile Anonymous 12/08/2019 (Sun) 12:15:01 No.7178
The true Diablo 3 ?
A true successor to Diablo 2.
Could use prettier armors and char animations though.
Tencent chink-shit that runs like shit, looks like shit, game revolves around artificial complexity, always online, no way to mod the game.
No. I got hundreds of hours on both. What I'm saying here is relevant to the current state of the games. Not launch d3 and launch poe as they have both changed drastically since then.
Poe is far from perfect. It's better in some aspects than d3 and flat worse in others.

D3 seasons VS PoE leagues

Seasons in d3 are simply much better because they DONT try to overhaul as much as leagues do. Some sets will get reworked, some new sets added, a few minor gameplay changes to freshen things up.
Leagues on the other hand change up the whole game. When they are good, great, but when they are bad they impact every aspect of the game and if it's a shit one, you'll find yourself noping out of it real quick.

Combat does not feel as good in PoE as it does in D3. It feels more like d2. I don't think that's a good thing. This is 2019, games can be improved upon. PoE really stuck with the feel of d2 for combat which I get, many prefer, but it's got practically no weight behind it's skills and abilities. It's been better since the magic fx reworks but it's still not great. It's hard to explain but for example you cast something and it feels like nothing, like theirs no weight behind anything your character does animation wise. This can be tossed up to GGG being a smaller studio of course, but a game like this, it's important to feel cool when your fighting and D3 really nails that with all it's abilities.

Poes maps system is better than d3 rifts system. There's just more to it and it's more interesting. The extent d3 rifts is basically just minmax until you can reach maximum speed.

Poes skill tree is very cool. Very rpg. Better than the paragon system which d3 added later.

Poe skill system though I really don't like. The whole skill gems idea iv just never liked. In D3 it feels like your playing a monk and your a fucking monk dashing around and dropping bells on people after you suck them up.
PoE skills though, cos they are not tied to classes have a real not so great feeling to them. Like nothing really matters.

Launch d3 was overwhelmingly shit. I would not have stuck with it as long as I did if not for a few RL friends who were also playing it.
We eventually ditched it entirely to go play PoE which we stuck with for ages until RoS came out and Diablo 3 was finally good. Like really good. We loved it and played real hard until the first few seasons.
After that we kinda went back and forth, depending on which league/season we though would be more fun. There was a good period where we didn't touch Poe at all because they had a few really shitty leagues in a row and it really soured me on GGG for fucking it up.
I like D3 for the couch co-op and I've been playing it for a bit with my cousin.
Some things are nice about it, but the two that I disapprove of the most are the level scaling (which ironically wasn't present on release) and the terrible loot system. People talk a lot about "gear treadmills" and how dreadful they are, but the D3 takes the concept and dials it up to 11. And the scaling makes levelling feel meaningless and underwhelming. At least you're getting skills out of it.
if its your first playthrough of d3 i can understand not liking the level scaling now
the games in season 19 now lol, for long time players its much more fun to be able to start a new season doing what you prefer right from the start
so it's also shit?
Open file (136.53 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
problem with Diablo 3 is, every season is the same. Every time.

In PoE there is so much more variety.
But the campaign starts really boring and grindy, luckily it gets better.
What do you guys thing of Titan Quest, Torchlight II, Grim Dawn etc?
Titan Quest and Torchlight 2 are very good. Grim Dawn was way too cluttered in design and graphics imho. There was too much going on and the gameplay lacked a fluidity if you ask me.

Problem with Torchlight 2 was the forgettable Story and Comic-look imho. Also it lacks in Skill-costumization.

But thats only the PoEler talking out of me.
Can't go back to the simplistic "skilltrees" of Diablo and Torchlight after playing PoE after a while.

Torchlight 3 on the other hand lacked focus and turned into a total tryhard mess.
>A true successor to Diablo 2.
Which was a shit grinding simulator for multiplayer fags. Diablo 1 was the first and last game in the series.
tl;dr play Grim dawn.
Grim dawn is just better titan quest. TL2 is just bad.
Poe has a lot of problems not present in GD. Poe engine runs like shit, visuals are all over the place, difficulty is pure random with some random mobs being able to kill you because "lol 10 smallest rats crit", its always online, etc etc. Balance is also not the greatest "its funny when players die to oneshots" more on that later. But GD has very boring skills and builds. They are analogue of non linked skills in poe and many skills are exactly the same but with different color. And Poe is gigantic at this point.
Balance in poe is really fucked up. All spells were dealing elemental damage. But everyone had 75% elemental resist, so all these spells were dealing 1/4 of damage despite their big (damage) numbers. Later they added physical spells with same damage numbers but without any reliable way to resist them, so in practice they were dealing 3-4 times more damage. A lot of it meant instant death. Corpse exploding mobs are also fucking fun. No matter how fat you are corpse explosion kills you. And they can cast it from far away, before you can see them. And some mobs were instantly exploding when you kill them. It was smoothed out later but its was that way for years. Also, hard boss in poe is the boss which can oneshot you and easy boss is the one which cant oneshot you.
And at high level poe requires too much work. Lets say you want to do maps, for it you need maps and you dont get enough with casual play. You will waste maps/currency by doing them inefficiently. You will need to make proper atlas, sexstant your maps, manage influence, roll well your maps, sexstanting often requires additional scarabs, you will need master missions, from time to time you will need empty your sulphite, and sell away shit if you play on trade league and buy sexstants/shit for map crafting.
They really could fix that shit by giving players semi-unlimited maps. Whole map rarity existed because "what if players try to do hard maps and fail, we cant let that happen".

Btw Nioh is also good diabloclone, with builds, grinding and monster killing. It starts like dark souls clone, but turns into diablo pretty fast.
Its diabloclone. The biggest one in market right now.
that is incredibly autistic
dont try micromanage like this venti
Torchlight 2 supports mods. You can do multiplayer with these mods.
1 also had a multiplayer mod. Also an all but essential camera mod.
POE is one of the best diablo clones but the devs are hyper-political leftist human trash even before they got owned by chinese tencent overlords, this means you can enjoy the game but imo only give them money for what's barely necessary(stash tabs) because they're scummy people. In the past they weren't like that but now it's become like that precisely because of polarization and lefty censorship soyfaggots from reddit infiltrating and crying as usual.

Users talking about beastiality/gore/torture/pedophile shit etc in global chat is freely allowed, but discussing news or words they "don't like" isn't, for instance saying "fag" to a fag even in PM will get you muted, even though the fag cursed you with a death threat or some shit(lol).

The devs/mods of this game are fully committed to shutting down any discourse that disagrees with their fragile world views, that doesn't work the other way around though if you're a cuck that talks about pedo shit or other garbage like cutting off their dick or taking horse urine pills to become a freak, legit.

Also the homo devs of the game only listen to baby brains @ reddit, which has devolved new content added to the game into the simpleton brainlet level of dumb lootfests and no rewarding mechanics for playing smart, and also removed good content i.e advanced mechanics. Because retard soylent diablo 3 players get extremely angry when they have to use their peanut sized brains. If they keep it up it will eventually kill their own game. It's not the first time devs have allowed retards to kill a game.

Anyway poe is for sure worth picking up if you liked classic diablo, it's p much the only game i play on/off these days.
Open file (676.22 KB 1920x1080 2016-02-24_00001.jpg)
Take you bipolar disorder pills.
Imagine being this autistic about chat policing in a. Diablo style game
Just use your own vc with your friends if it's that big of a deal.

You do have friends right? Or are you the kind of cringy faggot that tries to constantly find excuses to bitch and moan because people report you in global chat for acting like a kike?
Open file (79.59 KB 894x894 I don't fucking know.jpg)
>Which was a shit grinding simulator
What do you expect from a dungeon crawler? Kill shit > get loot > kill more shit > get more loot.
There are plenty of different ways to implement that formula that don't just result in grinding. Diablo 1 prevented you from repeatedly grinding the same floor, for example, and also had more rare loot that stayed relevant throughout an entire game.
Open file (4.47 MB 1918x1080 zahdqyhmidxy.png)
But in poe you can grow to be a fucking colossus.
Open file (144.75 KB 1276x733 soyboymetokur.jpg)
>ignoring wojaks isn't an option
What precious little faggots. kike/v/ turned these anons gay.
What is POE2? On the website it says its a separate campaign that ends with the same end game content. Does that mean players can still trade between the two versions at any time, or only at end game?
Sorry to doublepost, but does that also mean I get to keep/use the stashtabs I spent my precious shekels on in POE2?
Only at endgame iirc the conf. But you still share stash so it will take a minute to make char for trading. And no one is going to play old content anyway for a while.
Its same old game but with additional campaign. But you still will need more stash tabs because new amazing currency 10 in stack.
I dunno about the trading with poe1, I didn't really understand that from their presentation. Either way the games not coming out for another year minimum, I hope they just keep it separate.

Is it that simple though? Its new classes, graphical overhaul, new campaign.
I don't want them to waste time bending over backwards just to keep trading with the original campaign. Can't it just be its own thing?
I understand spent money is a thing but they could carry across extra tabs.
They reworking everything either way.
>I don't want them to waste time bending over backwards just to keep trading with the original campaign
They dont. Old campaign stays as is (except minor buff to bosses), everything new, such as animations, skills, etc will be the same in both.
>Path of Tencent
Hard pass on that faggotry
Open file (15.48 MB 3840x2160 thegatorgaymerwm.png)
PoE's gameplay sucks tbh. There's no point in being tactical about shit when you can just make one button to destroy all life and spam it all day long to kill everything. Some builds take it to the next level and don't even require you to push any buttons (herald builds, cwdt, and shit), just run around. Because of that the game becomes a lazy and super-repetitive grindfiesta. Occasionally you move around to dodge telegraphed boss attack patterns and that's about it. Some builds don't even give a fuck about moving around and just facetank everything. So yeah. PoE's boring to actually play.
Yes, its really shit that pretty much always the best strat is building around a single skill
At least the devs seem to be attempting to tackle that for poe2, but its for sure one if poes weakest points.
The devs have already been trying to tackle that, but mostly in the form of adding buttons that will synergize off of eachother. PoE2's added fix will be enabling people to have multiple 6Ls without spending bonkers amounts of money making a 6L for a secondary skill they don't really need. None of this addresses the fact that it's more convenient to press one button to do your DPS than to rotate between a bunch of them and seeing as there are so many ways to make your DPS reach the stratosphere there is no good incentive to make people have to push extra buttons before they push their DPS buttons. Occasionally a spellcaster with a melee weapon will hit Smite with a Fortify, Increased Duration, and Empower on top and occasionally players will warcry, maybe drop a totem, maybe drop curse. And then they mash their super attacks/spells/whatevers.

Path of Exile is nothing but a grind sim copying D2's worse degeneracy. It has lost the train of roguelike games where you had to at least put some thought into how you would handle different encounters. In D1 there's an issue when you have enemies you cannot kite to death as an archer, enemies that resist the specific element you are using to do spell damage, and so on, so you had to vary up the abilities you were using. Not so in PoE. You get high speed boots, movement skills, quicksilver flasks, and environmental hazards and tactical movement cease to be a major concern. You put resistance penetration on your super skill, get penetration passives from the passive tree, use a Wise Oak flask for ele penetration, equip scepters with elemental penetration, or play Inquisitor to just ignore all resists and plow through your enemies. Not to mention your superskill is liable to do so much more damage than the alternative that even with monsters resisting your primary element it winds up being the better option to just mash your super skill anyway and murder anything in the way. And that's not counting the fact that it's really easy to end up with tri-elemental damage on elemental builds.

PoE isn't about a toolbox approach of using the right tool or the right tactic for the job. You just run like an idiot rounding up mobs and destroy all life with an ability that does at the very least a hundred thousand DPS and at the most well over a hundred million. The fun part of PoE is devising your amazing character and building your broken skill. The lame part is actually playing the game.
Open file (1.88 MB 808x609 4hgsevi9.bmp)
Any based HC gamers getting on the new league here on julay?

[spoilers]Or are you all scrubcore nooblords? :^)[/spoilers]
Go back, nigger.
Open file (942.19 KB 350x233 skkk453543.gif)
Sc trash detected))

>bmp image format
Use png you fucking bandwidth guzzling whore

>Any based HC gamers getting on the new league here on julay?
HC only here. The new boss patterns just motivate you to come up with more bullshit ways of ignoring everything, to be honest.

That's not how you do spoilers, son.

Excuse me but this forum is a tolerant space for nice guys only. Maybe you should leave and check your privilege at the door. :^)
Tolerate my dick in your ass cuckchan niggers
Open file (449.59 KB 772x1960 eMuseumPlus.jpg)
>HC only here. The new boss patterns just motivate you to come up with more bullshit ways of ignoring everything, to be honest.

Nice, what are you gonna play? My leaguestarter prob gonna be CA trick(again) this league. It's gonna be even stronger. They even buffed the gem and quiver can have chaos multi as well which is badass. A problem is fucking defense issue like no freeze on CA, but trickster makes up for it. Otherwise its vortex/coldnsnap or some arc mine crap)

Molten strike may be making a comeback as well. But I have no idea why the retards nerfed fortify, and they wont bring back old multistrike either. Melee is still dogshit in comparison to everything else(except cyclone) even after their "melee league."
Open file (1.99 MB 500x279 alieums.gif)
>implying hardcore is viable in poe
>sudden server maintanance
>getting one shot from two screens away by a suddenly apearing mini boss dealing billion fucking true damage

honestly, this game is a fucking mess. i especially hate how the entire fucking meta is shaped by how fast you can go from one place to the other skipping all content while dealing area of effect damage, and number of builds that are actually playable can be counted on the fingers of both hands. want to use some cool options like a character with max damage reflect, passive damage from getting hit and damage from auras hurting everyone nearby? lol too bad, you arent going 100000000mp/s, you cannot play with others because you suck too much compared to them.
other retarded shit is how incompetent tencent grinding gear games is. at everything, from balance to implementing new features to utilizing the old ones. especially retarded was their treatment of delve.
which i probably could expand if i gave a fuck
lvl 20, this league already feels like shit.
>minibosses are using skills unpredictably and in quick secession just as fucking expected
>lol lets buff boss hp because players would love waste their time with no reward! In fact, lets nerf all loot!
All these retarded fucking decisions.
>we want to annoy players because lol so funny!
>players use skill too much because its useful? lets make it useless!
>making bows for yourself is viable to everyone? Lets nerf it, because players cant have nice things.
I bet only complete retards believed that bows will be improved. And even if you assume that mapping is improved I am not going through campaign for a hundredth time to get to it with bosses more fat than ever. And you can already tell what skills new bosses will use. Oneshot bullet hell attack, oneshot beam attack, oneshot slam attack, some shitty bow attack and "floor is lava". Remember Atziri and how fun it was to fight her with desinc? Or Vaal oversoul boss slam and a shitload of small walls to increase chances of desync by 10. They made a boss which can kill you because game is laggy and they still went through with it. Now its retarded bullet hell where you cant precisely position your character and sometimes you face invisible walls because GGG have no fucking quality control.
>group play
Yeah, its when you are not allowed to use most of skills because 0 fps. And you cant see anything anyway, because all skills are too fucking flashy even without minions, so its impossible to fucking see anything. In group you get more rewards, its easy to do any content, but its so fucking atrocious that barely anyone does it and its mostly to get sulphite or leech xp in breach runs. Online only game where you cant really play with anyone. And if miracle happens and they fix their shit, they will nerf group play, because nice things are bad.
Good luck with that. Usual HC way to interact with league content is to not interact with any of league content. Bosses can just barrage you with random skill and it would not be fixed for weeks(if ever). Random oneshots is the intended mechanic to make game more fun and interesting, because otherwise everyone will just get lvl 100 and that would be awful. Someone really should fucking slap all of them for this reasoning. And if you are not interacting with league mechanics, than what is the fucking point?
Oy vey new currency = make a new special stash tab for it :^)

Wait a minute they're overhauling how gems and shit work so how can you trade items between the 2 versions?
>between the 2 versions
One version, just 2 campaigns. There will be no "old version", only new with old campaign (mostly) intact.
Omg that is so rude. Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

Eh, necro is lazymode HC and has been since closed beta, so probably that. When in doubt let a minion do it. If a build seems interesting you just build a spectre or five to do it.
Yup. Game's stupid for hardcore players. So HC solution is of course to turn into some invulnerable death machine and use a retardedly OP gear/gem combo to carry most of your damage. Path of Life Nodes and all that. Iron Reflexes with Grace+Determination also works.
>Path of Life Nodes and all that. Iron Reflexes with Grace+Determination also works.
Not anymore. Juggernauts are quite fat for some of content, but the only real solution is playing mana-guardians. Or better solution is to not play it at all.
In other news it seems that grim dawn become somewhat harder, ripped twice at 70~. But maybe I am just missing shield damage reduction.
Game is ok - nothing special, but addictive and deliberately forces you to buy more inventory space, so the game is NOT F2P. Many people like the easy going gameplay because it allows them to hang in a chat, Global 1 being the most popular - this is where the problem starts.. There is no real PvP content other than a basic arena - so all the inter-player horse-play manifests it's self in shit posting, memes and trolling. Many players see this activity as the main gameplay. Almost 99% of this is done to get a laugh, show how smart you are , or to sometimes trigger a response - all normal human activities, very rarely is it done with hateful intent, BUT you will see some posters getting edgy with it. Since Tencent took over, new chat rules were developed, basically you can be muted for anything - but the system relies on other players reporting you.... So.. the report system is being weaponised by players who get triggered, and then the muted retaliate by reporting players that get triggered. It's quite an evil fuck fest that GGG have created - but if you think you can be a skilled edge-lord and meme-king, I recommend you try it out.
>>8565 >getting banned for hanging out with plebit crowd Shocking. >game is not f2p Yes, I dont see how you can play with 4 stash tabs, even basic currency would not fit in them, nevermind maps or items. To comfortably play you need to spend 40-80$. You cant even comfortably trade without jumping through the hoops when you want to trade. They even admit how much of advantage that is but they never did anything to stop it. >pvp >we really try to make pvp appealing, we hoped it would be more popular >we take it seriously and we hope players will too >we made it into april fools joke
>>7178 nah its not. The skill-tree and resistance-system is way too unintuitive and deliberately hostile. >Marauder can't use two-handed swords because not enough dex >need to skill for int >forced to use blue gems >forced to play a specific way no freedom at all.
>>8818 >no 5.45 onna chart I guess it's mostly equivalent to 5.56 out of a longer barrel as was originally intended but an odd omission.
>>8818 >75% fire resistance reduces fire damage taken by 75% >unintuitive
>>8967 >100% fire resistance redues fire damage by 75% >intuitive
>>8967 He is a complete fucking retard, but its not as simple as that. But its mostly related to maxres. For example if you have 75%(max) res vs 80%(max) res. Despite being only 5% difference in resist its 20% difference in damage taken. And than there is penetration, but its like 2 bosses in whole game.
>>8973 >>8998 No wonder Diablo 3 sold so many copies if basic percentages are beyond the modern ARPG audience's grasp.
>>8373 >Juggernauts are quite fat for some of content, but the only real solution is playing mana-guardians Mana Hierophant is better. Just use double Essence Worm for Grace+Determination. Champion is also fun for Wand IR builds. Permanent Fortify helps. Of course, you can also just weaponswap into Frost Blades + Fortify support or Vigilant Strike (and use The Vigil jewel).
>>9131 >fun Its not about fun, its about having 30k ES, so you dont die to random bullshit. Also mana hierophant was mathematically bad before they nerfed MoM. People seem to think that "50% damage goes to mana instead of life"=50% damage reduction. Its really not, you still need a shitload of free mana, and to get shitload of mana you need to invest in it. In the end if you jumped through a hoops to make it work you will have marginally less effective hp than simply putting points into HP, thus making the whole thing pointless. MoM is okay only for shittier unoptimized builds. Same is probably true for most ascendancy classes. Like how hierophant worked before. You get 6 totems, but each totem makes you deal less damage so 6 totems are exactly the same as 4 totems. But scion had no damage reduction, so scion version was just better. But they really hated some classes for no fucking reason. You deal more damage with fucking fineprint "but you actually will deal less damage". >double Essence Worm for Grace+Determination Lol.
>>9135 >Its really not, you still need a shitload of free mana, and to get shitload of mana you need to invest in it. Shaper's Touch on a strength build is pretty good at that. But aside from that it gets a bit more messy. At least if you have Transfiguration of Mind and Transfiguration of Body you can get decent increased damage from that. I suppose with a high increased damage you can fuck around with Abyssal Cry and shit. >double Essence Worm for Grace+Determination Only for MoM shit, really. It's a massive armor source. Shouldn't be hard to reach 90% phys resist with those two auras and IR.
>>9154 >Only for MoM shit, really. It's a massive armor source. Shouldn't be hard to reach 90% phys resist with those two auras and IR. It doesn't work that way. It doesn't work that way. And you wasting 2 ring slots for it. >Shaper's Touch on a strength build Maybe. In general stat stacking builds are good. I haven't done the math for it so I dont know.
>>9158 >It doesn't work that way. It doesn't work that way. And you wasting 2 ring slots for it. It's really easy to break 10k armor with Grace, Determination, Iron Reflexes and minimal investment. Throw in a Jade Flask of Reflexes you can break 25k armor without problems. Add a Granite Flask of Iron Skin to that and you can break 50k armor no problem. Add endurance charges on top and you can resist some massive blows. This is all assuming you have completely garbage increased evasion and armor, no flask effect, are naked and get nothing from gear, and no aura effect. Because it's really easy to break 100k armor with a bit of investment and flasks on top. Iron Reflexes (and combining Grace+Determination with IR) is an old classic for massive armor builds.
Open file (64.42 KB 538x482 1494268465257.jpg)
>>9164 >It's really easy to break 10k armor with Grace, Determination, Iron Reflexes and minimal investment >10k armor Let me guess, its 10k armor on top of insanely huge HP pool of 5k? Mana guardians have 30k ES and 60k armor unbuffed on top of good overres and 10 other auras. They can probably regen more ES per second than most builds have HP total without even trying. Some people reached 40k es in a league. 100k armor is less than 50% reduction from shaper slam, you will need over 8k HP to survive it and you will be left with almost 0 HP. You cant even survive him autoattacking you when flasks run out. >old classic Aka complete garbage. Lioneye's Vision is better than these shenanigans until you can use real items. 2 rings can have 300 armor each, grace+ir is 3000, lioneye is 2300. There are no situations in which you would want to use grace +IR over lioneye. Not to mention the fact that 6l costs nothing, often with rare colors because people using it a lot. Every build which uses projectiles can use it, often without ever upgrading it because why bother, it has HP and pseudo-link. 2 rings with no stats, few flasks and few passives is not nothing, its a lot. And you cant use any other auras on top of that. A single most basic ring is 100hp with some resists, around 100 total res. With passives you lose at least 600 life and 200 total resist(with worst wearable rings) from wasting 2 ring slots on garbage.
>>9179 >Let me guess, its 10k armor on top of insanely huge HP pool of 5k? No you fucking idiot. I only play hardcore. I was just pointing out that you collect a solid pile of armor very easily. >Aka complete garbage. Lioneye's Vision is better than these shenanigans until you can use real items. You can also use Hyrri's Ire (up to 2.9k evasion along with massive added cold damage on attacks), Atziri's Splendour (get +20-24% all resists), Kintsugi (if you intend on stepping out of the way and just want protection vs one-shots), and a lot of hybrid uniques. >100k armor is less than 50% reduction from shaper slam, you will need over 8k HP to survive it 8K of combined hp/es/MoM is pretty much a bare minimum for hardcore. If you can't do that as a MoM build, you should probably kill yourself and reroll something not garbage. Really if you're investing into MoM you should aim for at the least 10k. And using fortify is recommended anyway. You can always do a weaponswap for Vigilant Strike/Frost Blades + Fortify + Faster Attacks if you're using a ranged weapon. Not to mention endurance charges, Pantheon, and Soul of Steel notable. >grace+ir is 3000 Yeah, but you could also get a much bigger Grace if you're not using Essence Worm. >There are no situations in which you would want to use grace +IR over lioneye. You're not making any sense. One's a ring, the other's a body armor. Why not use both? >Every build which uses projectiles can use it, often without ever upgrading it because why bother, it has HP and pseudo-link. I guess. I usually skip Pierce supports because I'd rather use Projectile Weakness shenanigans to pierce through everything and spare myself a support gem. But +19% more projectile damage is a decent perk if you're not paying a support slot for it. By the way, now that I'm looking at MoM some more, you can get up to +159 mana on a 1H weapon, so that helps. And MoM should also be good with Icestorm and Hand of Wisdom and Action builds.
Open file (9.24 KB 200x200 442541.jpg)
>>9193 >my 8khp build is better than 30 ES build with 10 auras because I have tiny bit of armor >10k armor is a solid pile of armor >Kintsugi as protection from oneshots >MoM should also be good with Icestorm and Hand of Wisdom and Action builds
Open file (50.07 KB 450x373 Full retard.jpg)
>>9208 Okay, now you're just going full retard and attempting to misinterpret everything to the fullest extent possible. There's jumping to conclusions and then there's... whatever the fuck this is supposed to be.
Addendum: Admittedly MOM does not work well on int-maximizing builds, seeing as they tend to be full CI builds.

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