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Open file (3.85 MB 1280x720 Blue_Velvet.webm)
Sonic the Hedgehog 2020 camrip Anonymous 02/14/2020 (Fri) 13:19:28 No.16027
9a429341c57839b2dd45bbc92c5ce3c1a7d6a72c Spoiler: It's shit.
>>16027 make an impromptu bad movie night
it's shit
>>16070 Sonic is shit???? Stop the fucking presses!!!!1
>>16071 fuck u, mario
Open file (121.55 KB 640x360 Well Fuck You, Luigi.mp4)
>>16028 Where did /bmn/ end up after the cakebunker went down?
>>16184 on 8kunt unfortunately
>>16185 He doesn't really follow site politics much, but he said he would be interested in moving to the webring if things get bad.
>>16187 glownigs aside, 8kun has pretty shit stability and that's reason enough to find a different place, in my opinion.
>>16189 I couldn't even post from Tor
Is there a Sonichu reference? >>16189 i think mark and ni/gg/ers are reasons enough
>>16345 He builds up a lot of energy and zaps to the extreme He also flosses.
the thing im really confused about is who exactly is being marketed at here? its obviously not for children, as there hasnt been a new sonic game in ages let alone anything remotely playable, but the movie itself is clearly a childrens movie. its not geared for older fans obviously, as it seems almost intentionally designed to fuck them around and piss on their autistic """""dreams""""" muh blue arms et al... so who did they think was going to go see this? this whole scenario reminds me of the ghostbusters remake. literally no one who could even possibly be interested in something like this will want to go see this.
>>16377 >release purposefully terrible sonic design trailer >get people to spread about how bad it is all over the internet >release the actual trailer close to release >goyim thinks the company actually listened to them and fixed everything so they will watch it All according to keikaku.
>>16380 im betting the reality will not be so kind but you are right in that """gaymers""", as a group, are notoriously shite at boycotts or anything of the sort
>>16380 >spend millions paying some retarded liberal art fucker to design a piece of shit >spend another few millions to make a 3d model and render a trailer out of it >then spend another few million to do it all again <instead of spending all that money on marketing it directly what a smart decision >>16377 >its obviously not for children Its mainly for children as the sonic autist "adults" would watch it anyway.
>>16385 >amerigolem cant into advertising You fall for every every jew trick? You appear to be the type of goy that astroturfs over literally nothing
>>16385 >Its mainly for children as the sonic autist "adults" would watch it anyway. yea but i just dont understand how a kid nowadays would have any sort of connection to sonic when even was the last sonic game to come out?
Shadow is so cool!
>>16390 I think thats why they want to detach it from the franchise as much as they can. Apparently its projected to be commercially successful but who the fuck knows how the kikes at hollywood work.
Open file (263.72 KB 765x765 25423425_60x60.png)
‎Knuckles > Shadow >>> Sanic
>>16396 I get the feeling the only reason it's projected to do well is because the only thing it has to compete against is Harley Quinn.
>>16439 They stil haven't run out of super hero movies yet? Damn
Open file (367.27 KB 771x621 1581832998238[1].png)
>>16027 >>16028 >>16070 >>16071 >>16377 >>16380 >>16439 Fuck off Birds Of Prey shills
Open file (14.27 MB 686x360 sonic.webm)
Open file (6.20 MB 914x480 carrey robotnik.mp4)
Open file (792.49 KB 466x350 Cute!.webm)
Here are a couple webms
>>16523 >imagine shilling for a Sonic moobie
Open file (1.33 MB 720x1280 why.mp4)
haha funny blue hedgehog
Open file (18.81 KB 593x92 REE birds.png)
I'm seeing people rate it positively overall, not amazing, but no one should have expected amazing for a video game movie anyway. The bar has been rock bottom for years. Although after looking up video game movies I forgot there was angry birds and the legions of people shitter shattered by neo-nazis embracing the movie. Maybe video game movies haven't been so bad after all.
>>16544 It's good, anon >>16545 >Dude a kids movie has things kids like in it
>>16565 >kids movie Just look at those blue arms, the flick was made for christina chan
>>16565 >It's good lolno
>>16570 >lolno Have you seen it? It's a comfy movie with a heartwarming message, its no masterpiece but it certainly aint shit
>>16575 >its no masterpiece but it certainly aint shit Get some taste you faggot
>>16565 >giving free advertisement for a movie made by Hollyjew
Open file (127.87 KB 588x432 Chris_Chan_Sonichu.jpg)
Open file (658.82 KB 896x630 soynicthecuckhog.png)
Open file (674.93 KB 926x706 sonic_ahegao_blacked.png)
Open file (187.08 KB 400x294 Sonic_Robotnik.png)
>>16595 how about mark shopped in
>>16616 You need to go back.
I'm going to give this a legitimate review because I'm a humongous fucking faggot. Race mixing (welcome to pedowood), floss dancing, and memes aside, it's just mediocre. The directors are very clearly doing the capeshit thing where the first movie in a series does absolutely nothing other than set up the overarching plot for the other movies to explore, because they already know that they're doing a trilogy and thus do not have to give a fuck about the movie standing on it's own terms. Even if you have /fast/ism and you NEED to see this series, you will probably be okay if you read the plot summary on kikepedia and wait for the next movie to come out. Also the design for Sonic gives me the biggest feeling of uncanny vally that I've ever felt, worse than even the shit from Defective Pikachu. That being said (and so I don't look like a DC shill), if you are desperate to see a movie this month then this is probably miles ahead of watching Harley Quinn smash the patriarchy or whatever her new movie is about. Fuck capeshit.
>>16863 I've considered just getting trashed and walking into one of the emergency exits at my local theater to see it. One of the doors doesn't latch properly and they've ignored it for years.
>>16875 Might be fun if you shit on the movie while watching. Not like it matters if you get banned from the theater.
Are the Sonic games worth experiencing even aside from all the autism? All I've played are Heroes, a bit of 3D Blast, and All-Stars Racing Transformed.
>>16975 Yes, the main ones for classic games are 1, 2, CD, 3&K. For "Dreamcast" era there's Sonic Adventure, Adventure 2, Heroes, and Shadow. There's also Sonic Riders, Advance 1-3 and Battle. For "Modern" there's "Sonic the Hedgehog" AKA 06(this game was released unfinished), Unleashed, Colors, Generations. For spinoffs see Sonic & the Secret Rings, Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity and Sonic & the Black Knight. There's also Lost World and Forces but I don't recommend them. >Are you recommending 06 What I'm recommending is playing 06 for oneself as opposed to only following consensus. I didn't find 06 to be as bad as I had believed for many years.
>>16975 >>16978 I agree except that the only ones worth experiencing are the classics. After that it really comes down to how much you liked the classics and how much time you have on your hands. There are much better games out there now than anything the Sonic franchise has made in years.
>>16027 I love sonic the hedgehog so much I want to go see sonic the hedgehog 80,000 times on Valentine’s Day and bust a fat fucking cumshot all over sonic the hedgehog’s flat blue face I fucking love him so much I want sonic the hedgehog to penetrate me at 6000 mpm that’s not per hour that’s per minute and I wanna feel his fat blue dick launch a volley of cum at 7000000 miles per hour god I love sonic so much
>>17013 Baste? Check! Redpilled? Check!
Open file (327.95 KB 1500x1167 j.jpg)
>>17086 Why, though?
>>17090 To coom
>>17101 >coom Leave
>>17103 >triggered no cooming for you >>>/reddit/
>>17104 >niggered Who's the real reddit here?
>>17109 okay coomer
>>17198 Okay tranny
>>17215 baste and coomed
Open file (132.09 KB 1885x1060 who.jpg)
Friendly reminder >>>/cow/26320
>>17220 Is this what coomers came up with to troll shield themselves?
Open file (23.37 KB 554x439 1467030102289.png)
So you admit you're doing this just to keep posting your shit meme? If so then coomposting should be treated as spam.
>>17232 >cooming >shit meme pick one and only one
>>17017 >>17103 >>17104 >>17198 >>17217 >>17227 >>17274 Do the world a favour and overdose on lead cuckchan tranny.
>>17275 >seething coomed
I fucking hate discord so god damn much.
>>17289 >I fucking hate discord so god damn much. Reiko did nothing wrong.
>>17291 Down pill me on the cabal on >>>/cow/26320 Used to have his picture, or whatever they wanted us to see.
>>16380 Do you have a single fact to back that up? >>16385 >pour millions of dollars to marketing on a movie people wont see, since Sonic's original design was atrocious which turned most people off so naturally people think its gonna be shit and don't bother. Yeah what a smart move. You should be the head of a budgeting team, I am sure you will do very wellat helping these studios go bankrupt Was told this movie was surprisingly not terrible, cant comment though since I've never seen it. The original sonic model was enough to turn me off.
>>17320 >Sonic's original design was atrocious which turned most people off The terrible design is the only reason why anyone knows this flick exists, fuck off gober shill, these companies can bleed millions into woke niggeshit but somehow a single movie can bankrup them?
>>17324 >fuck off gober shill lmao >The terrible design is the only reason why anyone knows this flick exists You know if they went with the current design people would still talked about it either way, just not as quickly. I still want to see evidence that it was purposely done. Hollywood is retarded as shit, it wouldn't put it past me to greenlight a terrible design. >these companies can bleed millions into woke niggeshit but somehow a single movie can bankrupt them? Funny you say that, considering the canned the animation company that fixed Sonic's design, never said one movie would bankrupt them.
>someone provides way to watch movie for free >specifically for if you don't have to give money to kikes but still want to see this autistic train wreck >call him a shill Has shill gone the way of "autistic" and become another general insult thrown around by stupid people?
>>17350 Actual shills like to call others shills these days just to be fags and obfuscate.
>>17350 It's a single autistic retard, he'd do this back on 8chan as well. In politics on the internet in general though it's being used to demonize the competition no matter the context.
>>17349 >never said one movie would bankrupt them. <pour millions of dollars to marketing on a movie people wont see <I am sure you will do very wellat helping these studios go bankrupt >I still want to see evidence that it was purposely done. If you are too underage to know of the 100s of other times this exact same thing happend then you dont belong here >>17350 >watch movie for free You still pay with your time, and if you bitch about how shit it is you turn into a free marketing goon.
>>16975 Yes. They're good games, of course. That said, there are about a million spinoffs that you can ignore unless you're already into the series. Play the main series first. Within the main series, there are basically three "eras" with different gameplay styles. There are the "Classic" games on Genesis, Sonic 1, Sonic CD, Sonic 2, Sonic 3 & Knuckles, and Sonic Mania, which is of course new, but is the first time they really replicated the old games well (even though they've tried before. Some people try Sonic 1 and don't like it, but it's the worst of these games by far. Still good, but the sequels improved immensely. I'd say Sonic 3 & Knuckles and Sonic Mania are the best. CD is kind of weird but in a good way. 2 is much simpler than everything except 1, but it is an excellent more arcade-like game. A lot of people like it best, but I disagree. There's the "Adventure" era, the Dreamcast/Gamecube era games (plus '06). The ones that aren't original to Dreamcast are way worse, and if you don't like the Dreamcast ones, you probably won't like the others. Sonic Adventure 1 tries to translate the basic movement of Sonic into 3D, and then also tries to be epic, with adventure game elements, like a hub world with missions you must complete between levels, and NPCs that all have their own stories. There are six playable characters with their own gameplay styles, and their stories all cross over, resulting in an interesting non-linear story, which concludes the arc started in Sonic 1. But you haven't played them so you won't give a shit. The level design here is kind of meh. Pretty plain and not much to do aside from get to the end. Sonic Adventure 2 streamlines everything. No hub worlds, only three gameplay styles instead of six (though Sonic is 1/3 of the game in each), and the level design is vastly improved, along with a ranking system and extra missions that really encourage you to explore and master all the levels, showing how deep they are compared to the previous game. Lots of unlockables to earn for mastering the levels, too. Much better action game, but sacrifices adventure game elements that some people like. But that's not really what most people come to Sonic looking for. Starting with Unleashed in 2008, they changed styles again and now it's "Modern Sonic." Instead of trying to replicate the momentum-based gameplay from the 2D games, like Adventure to '06 did, now there's a Go Fast Button, which you hold to automatically shoot forward, automatically killing most enemies, attracting rings to you, and even auto-steering so you don't just go off ledges. Filthy casuals love it though, because they think Sonic is just "GOTTA GO FAST." Most people agree the best "Modern Sonic" game is Generations, which also features "Classic Sonic" levels, which try to play like the old games, in 2D. Modern Sonic also has a lot of 2D sections but they don't play the same. The game is like 3/4 2D. It also has a lot of references to the old games so fanboys like it. Personally, I think it's fairly short on content, and I still don't like the basic Boost gameplay. Unleashed is the first Modern Sonic game and I think it gets a bad rep, but is actually good. After Sonic '06 was a disaster, they made sure this game had tons of polish and tons of content. I don't like the premise of the Boost gameplay but this game makes the best of it. Everyone hates it anyway because of the fact that Sonic turns into a werewolf which plays as a God of War clone. But I don't think it's substantially worse than boost gameplay anyway so I don't give a fuck. Graphics and music and everything else are really nice in this game. But the gameplay is still meh Modern Sonic. A lot of Nintenyearolds like Colors because it's on Nintendo and it's the first Modern Sonic without the Werehog. I think it's shit. Mostly 2D but doesn't play even close to the "Classic" games, the 3D sections are even more automated than the rest of the Modern Sonic games, and again the game is too short. Nobody likes Lost World or Forces. Or at least nobody says they're their favorite Modern Sonic games. If you try some from one era and don't like them, you might like some games from one of the other eras. Give each era a try. Focus on the games I say people like above. Don't bother with things like Shadow or Lost World unless you really like the era they're from already.
Watching movies is gay.

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