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Open file (155.23 KB 533x800 boozepill.jpg)
Anonymous 02/08/2020 (Sat) 02:18:55 No.14581
Have you taken the bozoe pill lads? What are the best games to play while boozepilled? FUCK YOU MARK RI DATE YOU TO DELETE THIS CAKE KIKE
>>14581 Play music games. Hook up Rock Band if you have it.
>>14581 Call of Juarez: Gunslinger. You're playing the tall tales of an old drunk cowboy at a bar and the levels rearrange themselves as he forgets things, changes his mind, and gets into arguments with the patrons.
>>14584 I do but only the shitty ps2 version ufnrotuneately >>14588 nice
>>14589 I know this is a shit thread but it's still a good game that's even better when you're drunk.
Diablo and Diablo accessories.
>>14581 I never play vidya good while drunk and I dont smoke doodweed anymore.
>>14581 A truck simulator or racing game so you can kill yourself as a drunk driver.
Megaman is a blast while drunk. Beat each of them for the first time trashed. Best part is after you beat them all drunk as piss you can waltz through them at any time. And you'll forget you have anything but lemons so you'll git rly gud but megaman is easy after you've beaten one of them so whatever. Turn up the volume.
I only play sober. Drugs & fun are always a bad destructive combination, it ruins fun eventually making you detest fun. Then you become a hateful bitterful person who's only reap problem was killing neurons to COPE.
Open file (283.20 KB 960x1372 free shrugs.jpg)
I know this thread is a meme, but I unironically become fucking great at sniping in FPS when drunk or tipsy. I dunno why.
Alcohol tastes like garbage.
>>14674 Relaxed precise shots. Some snipers take drugs like diazepam to relax and shoot accurately. Try it with a heavy dose of concentrated chamomile tea next time and play, see if it is anxiety.
Open file (1.53 MB 988x720 stalker spurdo.mp4)
>>14674 dude are you me
>>14686 >gondola Hi cakejew! Is hapamonkey not working hard enough to get your board backup? What kind of booze do you drink if you don't mind me asking?
>>14687 >only cakekike is allowed to like gondola
Open file (30.67 KB 800x450 PedoBear.jpg)
>>14694 Only cakekike likes to talk about himself while posting pedophilic symbols.
>>14696 >gondola is pedo because it’s a derivative of pedobear >but constant wojaks made by a scat artist is perfectly fine Fuck off
>>14684 Doesn't that shit cause hallucinations? How would that help?
Open file (298.46 KB 330x1600 the new rage face.png)
>>14699 Nu-rage comics are okay as long as they vaguely support my political beliefs :^)
>>14699 Pedophilia vs Coprophilia, who harms society the most? Also: >are you me You can stop >>>/blog/ging any time now.
>>14694 If nobody liked it, nobody would care that he tried to use it for his own monetary gain.
Open file (28.37 KB 510x510 goku.png)
>>14721 >implying that was me Getting rid of IDs was a stupid idea >who harms society the most? Without accounting for morality I could argue that coprophilia is more of a detriment than pedophilia simply from the amount of historical world leaders and politicians who reportedly engaged in it while still maintaining a decent society. There aren't any cases of a successful society eating shit and not dying en masse from disease. However none of this matters because gondola was a derivative of spurdo and wasn't made by pedos you dumb nigger. >>14723 So you're saying you don't hate cakekike? The moron currently defending chodemonkey for breaking the fucking flood detection?
>>14744 >Getting rid of IDs was a stupid idea <involucrating yourself with a novideogames godola blogpost >caring two types of degeneracy in a shit thread <Actually defending the status quo of abusing & traumatizing children to keep society docile and controlled <Uses Son Goku surprising ChiChi to talk about abusing children to maintain societal abuse >The moron currently defending chodemonkey for breaking the fucking flood detection? That's his employer your talking about, of course he has to kiss ass. Why would you kiss ass for pedophiles like James Arthur Watkins?
>>14744 >So you're saying you don't hate cakekike? I don't think there's an anon on this site that hates Christ-killers more than me, that particular one especially. What I'm saying is don't throw the baby out with the bath water. I can't help but have affection for the Gondola meme, and just because the cake kike tried his best to ruin it for everyone, doesn't mean it's a bad meme or that we should stop using it. If anything every time an anon does use it it's a slap in the face to that fat retard for ever trying to profit off it.
Open file (116.30 KB 480x360 srsly faggot.jpg)
>>14751 >doesn't mean it's a bad meme or that we should stop using it When did I say that? I was calling the other anon a moron for thinking its on the same level as wojak. >>14749 >muh blogposting Exactly how much vidya were you expecting in this thread to begin with? >Actually defending the status quo of abusing & traumatizing children to keep society docile and controlled Hey you started it with your "muh whats best for society" bullshit when I just wanted gondola to not be lumped in with cuckchan. All I did was go to your logical conclusion. >Why would you kiss ass for pedophiles like James Arthur Watkins? Thanks for putting words in my mouth.
Open file (36.29 KB 480x360 zD2SAED.jpg)
>>14761 And avatarfagging isn't in the same level as cuckchanning as wojaks? >expecting anything when I'm not OP >gondola isn't cuckchan lingo https://arch.b4k.co/v/search/text/gondola Cakejew you reek, begone, nobody likes your shit tastes. Tell Hiroyuki his tranny wants him back.
>>14721 >wojak poster defends scatfaggotry lmao
>>14809 Silly Facebook crawler, I'm not defending anything, in fact, I'm ridiculing even you! https://arch.b4k.co/v/search/text/facebook/
Jesus, just delete this embarrassment of a thread so maybe we could have actual discussion in a new one.
>>14809 ITS NAWT TRU!!! AI DONT EVEN HAF AH FORCHINZ ACCOUNT!!! https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/145261818/
>>14817 >imageboard >account
>>14831 You haven't gotten the memo yet? We have 4chin jannies now! >>>/cow/31304 >>>/bbg/ Your janny account is requested immediately in your cow thread!
>>14833 What are you even talking about?
Open file (22.54 KB 344x512 7bc.jpg)
>>14835 Who do call when you need to clean up a thread?
Alright who had an autism attack all over this thread and why hasn't this shit thread been deleted yet?
>>14845 Why are you asking when OP can self delete his booze thread?
>>14845 The OP bitched about it being locked over in the meta thread.
>>14851 Actually it wasn't me, just some other anonymous hero. I'm glad it got unlocked to watch the spergouts though.
ROLF thread?
>>15095 HOLD THE FUCKING PHONE!!! This improperly archived edited snapshot isn't even complete. I RECOGNIZE THAT CUCKCHAN THREAD! It's from a website sold to a nip! POST THE ENTIRE THREAD! https://archived.moe/v/thread/181873869/#181875672 https://board.fireden.net/v/thread/181873869/#181875672
Open file (354.35 KB 1264x1827 bulg.jpg)
>>15095 I don't get it.

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