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Open file (87.78 KB 694x295 good girl chan.png)
Official jula/v/ Meta Thread Anonymous 12/06/2019 (Fri) 12:56:16 ID: 39ef03 No.1986
I think it only makes sense to move this thread here since the one on /v/ was taking in most of the activity on the board. This is where any discussion about the board itself and how it is run will be. I'll answer any questions if you would like.
Archived the old thread: https://archive.vn/XAoR9
Also, thank you for making a true arbitration friendly /meta/ thread.
Wondering if there's a way to customize something to link this thread there with the basic rules.
Do whatever you want. As long as people dont complain about you its fine. Purge, bumplock, whatever. In the end the problem is not the shitposter, but people talking with him. I think mocking the retard with redtext on his post would be the best solution. Be ready to turn on the captcha tho.
The nu-cuckchan lingo is particularly cancerous. I see no reason not to delete/ban it on sight. I don't care to pressure the admin into doing one thing or the other, I'm just putting forth my argument. Ultimately it's better for a BO to have a vision for what he wants rather than constantly appealing to majority. But the SEETHE, HAVE SEX, DILATE shit is blatant cuckchan cross-poster bullshit.

You could argue that if you ban shit like that then people will want shit like wojacks banned (maybe they should be), and that it's kind of autistic slippery slope. If you don't want to bother with enforcing a ban happy culture for shit like that then that's fine, but every time someone posts cuckchan lingo or wojacks you're inevitably going to have people self-moderating by calling that person a cuckchan faggot and telling them to fuck off. These people aren't always just "baiting", and if they aren't made aware that their kind isn't welcome they'll never lurk and conform to board culture. So ignoring them isn't an option.

At the moment it's not really an issue since the board is shielded by low PPH, but these things are worth thinking about in the event of a massive influx of users occurs for one reason or another. 8kun being unusable and cuckchan going down for a day or something for example. Moments like those can radically shift a boards culture for the worse if moderation is unprepared. I'm probably just being autistic, though.
I deleted the posts that were related to that incident since almost half of the posts on the thread were talking about it. Now, I feel dumb for doing that, so I never going to do that ever again. This is just a one time thing from me, but I will not ban cuckchan lingo since I do not know what they use. Which is ironic since the only people that do know this kind of stuff go to cuckchan.

Also, I guess I should address about why the PoE thread is still up despite the simple OP. I thought since there was some discussion going on I would leave it alone, but the fact that it was about to get derail I had to clean up the thread.

>f you don't want to bother with enforcing a ban happy culture for shit like that then that's fine, but every time someone posts cuckchan lingo or wojacks you're inevitably going to have people self-moderating by calling that person a cuckchan faggot and telling them to fuck off. These people aren't always just "baiting", and if they aren't made aware that their kind isn't welcome they'll never lurk and conform to board culture. So ignoring them isn't an option.

Which is fine, but if the thread is going to turn into that then it is not going to end well. I much prefer to alleviate the problem, and what I did to the PoE thread is honestly immature coming from me. I mean compared to how I handled the Terminator thread is almost night and day.

As I said before, this is my first time actually running an active board so I am just trying to figure out what works and what doesn't. I could care less if you want to bulli me, but I guess should enforce cuckchan lingo via bans and not filter them since you guys wouldn't notice if they are using it or not.
I've been busy myself, and I didn't even notice /v/ was spammed.

I'd say make a poal.me to see if people want autobans or autodeletions. I honestly don't care since I'm not the idiots that use the web server's UI
I have my own kill file for my customized imageboard regex client, and I don't share it because you know how easy it is to circümven7.

And it's fucking easy to find it 1) and program ypur own. 2)
Stop being such a pussy.
Also if someone dislikes any words he can just use built in filter for them.
>User UNIVAC closed a report for thread 7380 on board /v/.
Come on, that's specifically >>>/blog/ post, nothing to with videogames, and they have an entire board to vent >>>/nintendo/
Retarded, someone will just vote multiple times.
Don't use global report if it isn't violation of global rules.
You can just transfer it there, since I don't have the ability to do that.
And? Last two poals seemed genuine an controlled
It was a board report, not global. I don't make mistakes like that.
Just saw that feature in the logs, UNIVAC, move that thread to >>>/nintendo/ or >>>/b/ like you did for >>>/cow/22531 now >>>/b/1027
if trannys are so upset about words then they can filter them
dont overmoderate, shittalking and banter is what keeps threads active only mark asslickers disagree
There's a difference in word triggers and spam.
I assumed Muses acted on the later.
Yeah, I am just going to leave it be, it was honestly better that way than me trying to get involve with everything.
it wasnt spam, it was a back and forth on moderation in poe by poz devs and it included frequent use of the cuckchan trigger words from both sides
What are these forbidden cuckchan words? I haven't paid much attention to imageboards since infinity got shut down. All I know is Mark is a faggot from prior experience.
ah this explains why the 8ch niggers were getting so triggered by words
they came from a literal safespace
>This is just a one time thing from me
That's what Mark always says. :^)

If you actually look at that it's mostly scrolling through link filters that break links to journalist websites and bot spam/ads. Many others are for cuckchan-tier one-liner threads.
>but I will not ban cuckchan lingo since I do not know what they use
Not understanding board culture will create a lot of issues. I haven't been on cuckchan since 2015 and I still understand all of their antics, saying anyone that recognizes literal cancer must be cancer themselves is just silly.
>As I said before, this is my first time actually running an active board so I am just trying to figure out what works and what doesn't
>but I guess should enforce cuckchan lingo via bans and not filter them since you guys wouldn't notice if they are using it or not.
I mean you could filter it I suppose. The point is that newfags get a slap in the face every time they try and inject their shit culture into other boards. The cope, dilate, have sex, seethe shit are low effort bad faith shit-posts that should be deleted. If you don't want to be concerned with micro-managing board culture from massive influxes like apparently is happening right now then the board will inevitably go to shit.
Why was the "been half a year since 8ch went down" thread moved to /nintendo/? It has just as little to do with Nintendo as it does with video games.

>I will not ban cuckchan lingo since I do not know what they use. Which is ironic since the only people that do know this kind of stuff go to cuckchan
This is disastrously naive of you, especially considering that cuckchan lingo is just normalfag Twitter lingo. Language is a tool these days, and allowing any foreigners to inject their language onto the board will only result in making it easier to co-opt. The ideal solution would be something like /a/'s Hoihoi bot, but with a much shorter and less retarded word list. Even something simple would keep out most of the filth:
>tbh (and derivatives)
>banning lmao and tbh
>being cucked out of internet heritage due to cuckchan fears
You fags really do need a safe space.
> The ideal solution would be something like /a/'s Hoihoi bot
Go have an echo chamber somewhere else faggot
>you fags

There is literally nothing wrong with automated moderation of low-quality posts. Read a book, nigger.
Open file (279.07 KB 464x332 fXKaE.png)
If you have to get passionate & triggered even to think softbanning people by what slang they use is legit you are a fucking SJW tier homo.

Remove yourself from this place
>let people use whatever poisonous language they want!
No. You and I both know that anyone who so much as thinks about saying "seethe" or "cope" or "coomer" or whatever is terminally brainfucked and cannot say anything of value. There is no compelling reason to allow posts such as these to exist on any board that isn't /b/.
>poisonous language

What are you so butthurt about exactly? It obviously goes far beyond words that you are upset about you cuck.
You're arguing in favour of making it easier for cuckchan crossposters to shit up the board. The only people who would do this are /b/tards and cuckchan niggers. What do we gain by allowing these people to smear shit over the board like apes? Why are you opposed to filters that would root out phoneposting and niggers?

I'm not opposed to funposting or banter (which is one of the reasons why /a/'s Hoihoi bot is so retarded: it tramples on things that are being used benignly, like the :^) emoticon), but any community that gets its kicks pretending to be idiots will ultimately be overrun by real idiots who believe themselves to be in good company. Having standards of any kind is enough to discourage these people.
>The ideal solution would be something like /a/'s Hoihoi bot, but with a much shorter and less retarded word list
That list looks pretty reasonable aside from echoes and iirc to me.
Considering how he posts I doubt he's a native anon.
>Hoihoi bans :^)
I missed that
Not legit whatsoever. Most cuckchanners or 8kun cattle are too stupid to leave their reddit tier glowcaves in the first place.

It's just slang that you are so pathetically butthurt about and that makes you angry for whatever reason, your stupid posts are like something you'd see on reddit or neogaf after someone has been called a cuck, if words upset you so much, you are a faggot and don't belong online.
Open file (56.64 KB 720x765 ClipboardImage.png)
I figured, but I didn't want to outright say it.
I also think the list is good aside from lol, (((echoes))), and :^) but I didn't want to say "we should do what /a/ does" because many people who don't use /a/ are understandably opposed to its draconican and sometimes arbitrary moderation standards. This is especially a sensitive topic on /v/ boards post-gamergate, because the whole reason many of us are here is because moot and his faggot friends had been ruining 4chan for years with arbitrary bans and cronyistic moderation.

I suppose I'm personally invested because there were many situations on 8/v/ where I'd see some phoneposting faggot make a post with word choices or language that was obviously foreign (the first example that comes to mind is someone using "messages" to refer to posts, which is something you'd only do if you thought of social media messages as the default, and then becoming super defensive when I criticized him). I was able to mentally filter people like that, but there were many anons who were either less literate or less autistic than I, and who did not or could not notice it.

I'd prefer for those phoneposter and social media normlfags to face a test: change their habits or fuck off. It's a tough sell to /v/, though, which is why I would only want the absolute bare minimum done if such moderation is accepted.

>no argument
What do we gain by allowing these people to smear shit over the board like apes? Why are you opposed to filters that would root out phoneposting and niggers?
Open file (552.88 KB 496x346 1555349589087.gif)
Because your argument isn't legitimate and you're clearly just extremely butthurt about something else, possibly because you're a gamer tranny or some other degen/autist, you freaks are easily noticable because you keep behaving the same exact way on every single fucking platform.

tldr; go back to reddit fag, you have too much time on your hands when just text on a screen gets you this rattled.
This notion that imageboards have some sort of mandate to be "free speech" zones is something only peddled by goons and kikes trying to subvert board culture with their inane shit-posts.
>let me subvert your culture by spamming inane phrases that have no real meaning and only serve to clutter threads and derail good faith conversations
>if you don't let me do this you're just like the SJW's!!
>w-we're all epic alt-kikes here right bros? surely you want to dab on the trannies epic style by spamming DILATE every other post, get with the times gramps
Reminder not to fall prey to goon posting BO. Do you notice how suddenly they are all coming out of the woodwork the second cake's/v/ started to lose traction. This is the issue with not being familiar with /v/ board culture. It's incredibly fucking difficult to identify bad faith posters if you haven't spent an inordinate amount of time posting on imageboards. The most you can do is prey that the board is low PPH enough not to catch their attention, but this clearly isn't the case. Tread with caution.
He's also doing a really bad job of same fagging, you can see him bouncing between tor and clearnet in the /cow/ thread about mark as well.
The one good thing about retarded cuckchan goons is that they aren't very bright.
Open file (52.62 KB 700x734 1f73358evg731.jpg)
>This notion that imageboards have some sort of mandate to be "free speech" zones is something only peddled by goons and kikes trying to subvert board culture with their inane shit-posts.

When it's the exact opposite of that almost everywhere online, kys commie.
Open file (359.15 KB 640x480 325653terfggre.png)

>failed iphop

Kill yourself lol
Open file (6.09 MB 1864x8160 julay censors pol03.png)
In case somebody is confused, the person whining about "goons" is called the "geeseposter", a self identified leftypol poster that hates /pol/ and mark above all common sense, spammed /v/, spams /cow/ regularly, and is currently spamming this board as well

Please don't bully him, he has autism, and whatever you do, do not mock anime, that really triggers him(and the rest of /v/)
>reddit spacing
I wasn't trying to "IPhop", I was just expanding on my original posts. Keeping embarrassing yourself goons.
What does that even mean? Boards have rules and posts that break those rules get deleted. /v/ isn't /b/.
>that image
>leftypol yet again
Amazing. I knew he sounded familiar. Thanks for sharing that cap; I tuned out of that thread after his first dozen or so posts.
Interesting. Someone in the fighting game thread used that term as well; I thought it was another long-standing autistocrat, but I guess it was just him. The behaviour of using social media filenames and images is also consistent.

I think "iphop" means "IP hop," and he's accusing you of samefagging.
I'm well aware that he's accusing me of samefagging. Which is why I just said I wasn't samefagging and that I was just expanding on my original posts. It's quite hilarious watching him be so dedicated to a cause for /v/ when he himself claims in the Mark /cow/ thread that he doesn't even use the board. But surely his identical behavior of jumping between ID's across multiple threads is a completely organic discussion being done in good faith for the quality of the board that he is endlessly referring to as "you guys" and says he doesn't use. I must just be [insert boogieman]. So much raiding going on in these meta threads and on /v/, wonder if it's a dedicated discord group or what.
the "geesefag" is regularly spamming /cow/, including right now, this moment, I have a feeling that with time, he will become /v/s equivalent of zachary hansbrouck, only whining about /pol/ and goons rather than people who dare to shittalk his favorite harry potter novel or his dear emma

you forgot your geese picture, to show us how totally not triggered you are right now
>y-you're just [BOOGIEMAN]
Not an argument
Open file (1.21 MB 1210x1690 Cuckime.png)
there is no argument, I just find it ironic how you tried using /cow/ as your personal army, and /cow/ and others are laughing at you instead. you anime posting trannies always stick out like a sore thumb

try to gatekeep on twitter, you don't have enough imageboard experience to do it here
>this mad his samefagging across multiple boards was noticed
>literally ran off to the mark /cow/ thread to post screencaps from here after he got blown the fuck out
>now projecting this onto me
You realize that there are timestamps associated with posts right? Literally anyone can go click the link and see the chain of events in a perfect timeline. We can keep going brother, this is getting quite entertaining.
you seem upset, geeseposter. nobody is "samefagging" but you, and I assume anybody even paying attention to you is entertained at how asshurt your poor attempt at gatekeeping is.

all of you leftypol anime trannies are the same, it gets tiring after a while. thank goodness to that unsung hero that posted the words "cuckime", without him, we wouldn't have julay's 1st genuine shizo cow
>more buzzwords no argument
Winding down then are we? I'm game to keep going but if you're getting tired that's alright too Anon. Perhaps tomorrow same time after you've recharged? I think we should keep it to one thread tomorrow though now that you're aware it's really easy for people to see when you run off to other boards to post screencaps when you've embarrassed yourself. Did you know /cow/ is a public board and not like a private discord channel? You don't even need an invite or password to access it. Imageboards are pretty neat my man, hang around for awhile and you might even prefer them to twitter!
I haven't been online for days. There is no "conspiracy" against you, geeseposter, you just have a genuine mental illness. Please, keep your posts contained here, or on /cow/, where we can laugh at you, you already gave /v/ here a bad enough name
>keep your posts contained here
I'm glad you're catching on bud. No more running off to post caps on /cow/ to try and get a personal army then?
God you made this so easy, I'm sorry anon. It was fun though.
>swapped to tor when btfo after failed iphop
I'm the guy that posted your megacringe iphop fail to cow schizoid, not the dude you are responding to. You deserve to be ridiculed along with your oink oink leftypol homo friends here.

It just blows my mind how faggots like you are here and not on gaf, reddit, tumblr or whatever leftytranny infested shithole who censor everything which is what you like, but no you come here instead.

People like you are so pathetic even the trannies in those hellholes prob don't like you either lol. Even as an anonymous person online you are just unlikable, just think about that.

Wandering bugmen faggots like you just suck and keep pozzin everywhere you go. If something is untainted, you have to taint it with poz. You have to go to a place and pretend to be outraged or get mod and then POZ it more because you are are mentally challanged or disabled, you seek small semblences of power to make up for your shitty life. People like you clearly have mental disability. No amount of scummy behavior is beneath humantrash like you. That's why i will strongly recommend some kind of treatment for cancerous people like you or alternatively a rope because you are just a pest.
I was on tor to begin with. Sometimes tor gives you an ID and sometimes it doesn't. You would know this if you've posted on here long enough. The rest of your post is boogiemanning me as a tranny which I'm not so I guess all I can say is seethe lol.
Open file (61.76 KB 1066x600 1522750924870.jpg)
Lol nice coomer bullshit response as to why anyone normal needs censorship except autistic /v/ tranny vermin escapees from their cesspits who cant handle banter anywhere they go. Kys gaylord.
he's back on the /cow/ thread, btw, whining about how people aren't whining about mark enough on the mark thread, and about how problematic /pol/ is. we got a real live one here
>more buzzwords
You must provide words of substance anon in order for us to engage in enjoyable online discourse.
I'll admit your projection tactic is chaotic and mildly entertaining. But somehow I suspect you won't keep it up for more than a few days. By all means I challenge you to go on longer, but I'd be surprised if you can manage this level of schizo posting since you don't seem to be actually schizophrenic and are rather just a boring run of the mill discord raid. Maybe you can self induce it like a tulpa.
I don't visit discord, and I haven't even been online for a week. You're a delusional leftypol poster, and you're just upset that people can tell who you are even without your avatar fagging(which turned out to backfire, funnily enough)

you continue sperging out and making a fool of yourself while you post screencaps of mark's twitter all day long, tho, I'm sure there are people dying to know if he posted a picture of gondola today or not, I know that's the kind of content I go to /cow/, or /v/, for
Open file (1.51 MB 320x180 159.gif)
You're awfully new here.
I love being slandered by Nanotech alright.
Is there a reason your using TOR now?
Didn't I specifically said I have zero intention to Spam >>>/cow/20764
Are you confusing me with one of your ACF discord trannies?
I'm right here. Anything more you want to accuse me of?
Nobody is sperging but you.
>Is there a reason your using TOR now?
>I was on tor to begin with. Sometimes tor gives you an ID and sometimes it doesn't. You would know this if you've posted on here long enough.
Fucking Brazilian code.
Any chance that captcha.js bug was fixed?
It's the first time I've experienced it myself to be fair.
>Is there a reason your using TOR now?
<not using TOR all day, erry day
you're not some kind of glownigger are you friend?
Then where else have you seen it occur?
Why would I recommend Navy software?
misdirection is a common (((tactic))) of you people.
>glownigger status:
<Be Navy officer
<Scared to browse the clearnet in some off national ISP
<Invent onion routing
<(((Tor Project))) devs are former military
<Sell it as anonymous
<Anyone with an milligram of academic rigor concludes it isn't anonymous whatsoever
<Still using TCP/IP
I'm sorry what?
>Anyone with an milligram of academic rigor concludes it isn't anonymous whatsoever
so once again, you don't answer the direct question but misdirect instead. hmm..
Which question?
I was asked proof of academic research proving not only the histories of (((TOR))), but how not anonymous it is.
Are you, not allowed to read papers?
Honestly it depends how high profile you are to be worth deanonyimising and how dumb you are with using extra shit on top of it.
There's 3 reasons TCP based protocols will never be anonymous. And the ANT catalogue proved them all.
>suggest word filters for twitter/cuckchan lingo
>goons and twitterniggers immediately flip out
Like clockwork.
>try to censor your personal triggerwords
>get called a tranny
>proceed to seethe
They'll get tired. These are lazy goons, they don't put nearly as much effort as the ones on other boards. You can tell they're doing it for free unlike their more glowing brethren.
You have a scroll wheel, arrow keys, a page down button, eye lids, and no one forces you to respond to anything. Given all these tools why do you continue to respond? Ancientfags have been telling you not to feed trolls for years but you respond and then you cry for a moderator to censor everything you don't like. It's ironic that you cry reddit/cuckchan/goons while exhibiting the same behavior that led to those places becoming what they are.

Yeah I just said that bro. Come up with your own material noob.
>Yeah I just said that bro. Come up with your own material noob.
The irony.
Massive cope. They will destroy the entire board with their bullshit unless kept in check, they don't "get bored".
>Geese got btfo in his own thread he's spergimg out here
Mein gott dude, stop it
>>2266 is this dumb nigger STILL at it?
Jesus fucking christ why does evverything seem so dead? Did everyone fuck off back to 8glow?
>>2317 We're all watching Sokuniggers on stream.
>>2318 I'm not, i don't watch streams
Open file (1.38 MB 2000x2273 77706376_p0.png)
>>2326 Do you at the least participate? I know I had fun both entering and watching.
>>2327 >participate In the stream? no, i don't even watch it let alone participate.
>>2328 What do you do for fun then?
hey, /v/, just a heads up, the "cuckime" spammer could be the BO of /n/. his board is being raided right now, or something, but he has a clear hatred of anime, and he seems pretty unstable as is, so he could definitely spam an entire board for hours on end. just gonna post it here, posted by another anon, btw, not mine
Open file (251.85 KB 1276x845 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (96.13 KB 1140x348 ClipboardImage.png)
Is there a specific policy on what counts as derailing? The Bug Fables thread on julay/v/ has about 100 posts, and perhaps 20 of them are actually discussing the game. It's just two or three people going back and forth calling each other autistic and accusing each other of samefagging. I'd really like for something to be done about this so the thread can be usable, and either succeed or fail on its own merits. Frankly, the thread may fall to the bottom of the catalogue because people aren't interested - that's fine by me, because not everyone is interested in every game. I just don't want there to be this precedent set where one dedicated lunatic can kill a thread because the mods don't do anything about what is clearly a derail/forum sliding attempt. I don't think that someone's right to shitpost and destroy threads is worth more than the threads themselves.
>>2440 Not BO but I think it's pretty simple: when a post so is shit it's impossible to decide if the poster was a retard or someone with an agenda it should be treated the same way: deleted. If it's contentless 'you're an autist' 'nuh uh you're an autist' it falls under that description.
>>2441 That's my definition as well, but the BO had been clear in the meta thread here and on julay/v/ around new year's that he wanted to have a hands-off approach. Even cleaning up a thread of kike/v/ shitposters was something he disliked doing.
>>2442 I'm >>2440, for posterity's sake.
BO here >>2440 I apologize for the late response, but usually when there's obvious spam and "bad actors" in the thread I hate the second part, because of the ambiguity behind that. I will try my best to clean up the thread. In my honest opinion, I don't mind crossposting since people who exclusively go here might not know about a certain legitamate vidya topic from another site. Although, I did deleted that PC Controller thread since it looked like no one was interested in discussing about it. I saw the previous reports on the thread, and I cleaned them up as soon as I seen them. Also, I will probably get rid of obvious off-topic posts but to stay neutral I'll keep on-topic posts on there no matter which side they lean on. I detest when people shit up a geninue thread like this one, because there is some merit to the discussion taking place. If you want call out autists as shills, that's fine with me. But when you try to disrupt the conversation and purposely try to derail the thread, then I have no choice but to clean it up by my discretion whether you like it or not.
Alright, I cleaned up the thread so it at least looked like it had discussion of the game only without the drama. Alright, why should I care that a game has a following on a certain site? That's a given for any game, honestly. I really don't like the screencaps of the logs. If you really want to talk it out with me, do it here because it seems like you have some greviances with what I do. Additionally, I added in the magnet link on the 2nd post of the thread. If the autist wants to spam APNGs, I'm fine as long as he sages his posts. If there's any questions pertaining to the actions I've done, ask away and I'll answer to the best of my abilities.
>>2446 >>2447 I think the thread looks fine. In situations like this, the best procedure is: >archive the old thread >clean it up/ban users/whatever >issue a statement either in the thread or here as to why the changes were made >provide archive of thread so anons can see if anything of value was truly lost (it wasn't) You've done everything except archive the thread beforehand, but I think the images in >>2440 are a decent enough indicator as to the kind of posts which the thread had degenerated into. >crossposting I don't mind that either, provided people don't act like total spergs about it. There was a very nice, long-lived Bug Fables thread on vchan /v/ shortly after the game launched, and there was very little autism aside from Bug Anon chronicling his every move. >screencaps of the logs That was only one post, wasn't it? I don't even remember what it implied because the whole thread was gibberish by that point. at the risk of sounding paranoid, I'm pretty sure that post was made by Jap Autist, since he was half of the duo ruining the thread, but that's a different subject
>>2451 (1) >ban users You see, when Nathaniel Gonzalez was spamming the site rotating IP addresses like you're doing, banning an IP does little to solve the unwanted derailment thread. BO did ok to delete all that spergfest, but I admit he should have archived before deletion so that others can learn. Not that it matters since the anti-Bug Fable's crew will hate it anyways and rotate IPs to derail it again. In the topic of paranoia, what did that Jap ESL do to terrify you so much that you're still actively going about trying to identify anons instead of discussing the topics you want to discuss. Did they dox you, rob you, and kick you out of your own home or something?
>>2452 >>2451 You know what, from now on right before I delete the posts I'll make an archive. Then, post it on the corresponding thread or here(most likely). Additionally, there has been revivals of dead threads and another derail that was about to start on the same thread again. >That was only one post, wasn't it? Two, actually before I deleted it.
>>2453 >revivals of dead threads Is that a problem? Which threads? >another derail If you plan to take a more "direct" approach to moderating the thread, I think you should make a post there describing what the problem is and what counts as being a bad actor/shitposter.
>>2454 I don't have a problem with anons reviving threads, but I don't want that to be abused. So far, the user only revived nine threads but some of them do have validity to be revived like the banner thread but others are more questionable like >>>/v/797 and >>>/v/290 as they are not relevant now compared to when the threads were originally made. I could formerly announce myself in the thread, but it is ultimately up to them to stop shitting up the thread.
Open file (22.58 KB 499x159 Capture.PNG)
>>2455 Is it the same guy who posted pic related?
>>2456 I would like to think so, I just don't know what kind of game he's playing when I am just going to delete it. Speaking of which: http://archive.is/P1GhZ
>>2455 It's just another Mark did something retarded so now he's going to shit up every vidya board, force moderation, then claim he was right episode.
>>2458 Well, what I am going to do now is just delete the bumps for threads that are not necessary for them since the topic is dormant/dead now.
It's now fixed, but expect me to make archives of those threads since they mostly been dead for some months.
Since we're branching meta/ here: >>>/v/11749 >links to discord should be broken I know you don't like malware analytics, but this is slippering. I don't use discord, but when it's relevant to the thread, any links should be allowed, even if you won't visit them. >>2458 Exactly this. After Cakejew made a fool of himself >>>/cow/27173, an autist is trying to "proof" necrobumping shouldn't be allowed by necrobumping for the sake of it. >>2457 Stop for a second, you can see everyone's hashes, and you already know that anon just wants to talk about the game.
>>2460 I meant don't expect me to make archives of those threads. >>2461 Yeah, I as trying to reach a certain middle ground but I think it is inevitable that discord has a reach whether we like it or not. So, I will allow discord links to be posted. Also, I know about CakeJew and his "army"'s antics since I was given control of this board since it was originally offered to him at first. Additionally, I seen some of the tactics that they would use to render /v/ alts unusable or discourage discussion on the said board. >Stop for a second, you can see everyone's hashes, and you already know that anon just wants to talk about the game. I know he only wants to talk about the game, but it seems like dissenters are ultimately discouraging discussion on the game.
It's so blatant, I can't even >>>/v/11748 Remember Nathan uses Chen as his avatar on foxdickfarms.
Open file (178.22 KB 805x765 Capture.PNG)
>>2458 You know, that wouldn't surprise me. I was recently browsing kike/v/ to see if there were any worthwhile threads, and one meta bitching thread caught my eye. Apparently necrobumping is a bannable offence over there now. I didn't think much of it, but Julay/v/ was the target of obvious subversion when Mark closed the bunker (it didn't actually close, it's just that kike/v/ users are too stupid to type in a direct URL). It makes sense for either Mark or one of his diskike tranny circlejerk crew to muddy Julay/v/ with the exact thing he banned someone over - then he'd get to point to Julay and pretend it's a problem. It'd further validate the "well at least Mark is the evil we know!" battered housewife mantra.
>>2464 Just read that thread, wow. You would think they'd have average IQs not to use any sites the jew has access to, and I think Robi won't let him get /v/ now unless he's paying him directly. The Bui confession was the final nail in the coffin he's a sniveling kike.
Lol, let's hope the spammer does cross on through here: >>>/v/11794
>>2470 doesn't*
>>2471 why would he spam honorable board not moderated by literal kike ?
i think mork snap because of the necrobump saga. posting seem to be locked on Vch
I can't post and new one apper at random with different ID, i think mark IPhop and doesn't realise he didn't lifted the post lock
>>2476 I just posted on vch a few minutes ago in the meta thread. My post did go through, although the thread wasn't bumped.
>>2472 Did you know JEWS is a Jew? >>2476 (2) >>2477 Appalling. But it's your IP. You'll probably rotate again and continue to be a spine on a kike's cult. Tfw his address is public information, and nobody has restolen his Bitcoin private key and paypal password
>>2130 This is still bad advice in my opinion. If plague victims are locked out of the city, they'll just start a camp outside, and slowly spread their disease to those going in.
>>2478 >Tfw his address is public information, and nobody has restolen his Bitcoin private key and paypal password are you talking about mork ?
>>2480 I think he's implying that >>2476 and >>2477 are the same person. It's difficult to tell through the illiteracy.
>>2481 Yes but what is this dox talk. Did he really dig up somethibg casually ?
>>2482 If he had something meaningful he'd post it. Otherwise it's just hot air.
>>2480 Yes, the CakeJew >>>/cow/17760 Also, if you copy the susucoin blockchain, you can find his public Bitcoin address. The implication is that the FBI have everything, so he either reset if passwords and/or renewed a new wallet.
Open file (96.44 KB 1468x929 v_is_dead.png)
Despite the constant >webring is dead posts julay/v/ seems to be growing steadily. Right now is the time when Julay is typically quiet yet >>>/v/ is at the top of the board list at the moment and 55 unique IPs have visited it just in the last few hours (stats here reset every 24 hours and that happened a few hours ago). If stats here were calculated like they are on non-Lynxchan boards I wouldn't be surprised if julay/v/ was getting similar IPs/PPH as 8kun. I don't trust 8kun stats or vch stats so it's very hard to compare. 8kun/v/ claims 600+ IPs yet posting seems very slow for that many people and Mark was caught faking vch stats before hiding them when he disabled the front page. Anyway, I've noticed more people posting on >>>/v/ in the last week and most of it has been well thought out and high quality. I'm excited to see how julay/v/ grows over the next couple of months. At this rate it'll be the top board here at all hours before too much longer. I see why the BO has been dealing with so much lately. The last time two or three times the /v/ here gained users like this there was a massive influx of shitposting and spam. It seems to happen every time and it was the same pattern I noticed with all the attempts to break away from 8/v/ over the years. Please don't make the same mistake those BOs did and resort to strict moderation in an attempt to control it. They always get bored after a few hours anyway. It's better just to weather the storm. I'm sure it's just a certain kike and at most 5 of his orbiters. If they had any more people than that the "raids" wouldn't always be so pathetic I don't understand why they can't just fuck off and leave the anons that don't want to post on cake/v/ alone. They have this odd desire to control any /v/ board and go after any board that talks about them. For example, they're still shitting up /cow/ regularly all because some anon on /cow/ started a thread about an e-celeb the GG General liked. If I recall correctly it was Mombot being exposed as a man. They've picked so many fights with /cow/ at this point it's hard to remember what initially set things off. If you go ask them they'll tell you /cow/ or /cow/'s containment thread started the war but I know it was the other way around. It is true some anons on /cow/ would raid their generals because they were so easy to rile up. One anon was doing it just so he could save the lolis they would dump in a pathetic attempt to scare away the anons raiding them. I never understood that either, it's an imageboard, anons have seen far worse than naked lolis if they've spent any amount of time lurking I'm enjoying lurking most of the threads on /v/ here. There have been a few I intended to post in but the board is moving so fast now that I couldn't find the posts I wanted to reply to when I checked back later. I'm also seeing a lot of OC being created in the banner thread and the chart threads. That's always a good sign. Hopefully gamer nights start becoming more active too.
Your board is shit.
Open file (6.33 MB 1280x720 It's July!.mp4)
We're in mid-January, why is the seasons greeting still up?
>>2493 i can't stand this show nor can appreciate it, am i not american enough ? is my talmudvision game too weak ?
>>2494 I lived in America for most of my childhood: Nope, don't get too. Preferred Saturday's Toonami. Yu Yu Hakusho made a better Edd x3 story.
>>2494 Not only in America it is loved that's for sure, i appreciate it but never really liked it or sit through more than a couple of skits because i found it treacherous and overall mean-spirited, there's not one decent guy in the series other than the intelligent Ed who gets dragged into jew activities anyway and the foreigner farmer who just wants to be left in peace but gets a comedic treatment of going insane or having gross habits for the sake of cheap comedy. It has its things, and certainly shows kids the crude reality hidden behind layered comedy, but i just didn't like it because things are too non-sensical, even the moral consequences come from nowhere to end the episodes with a defeated bunch.
>>2494 Many cartoons of that era combine zany animation with subtle jokes. The line >"There's no kissing in my parents' bedroom!" is a subtle joke because it implies his parents don't even kiss when they sleep together. You contrast the joke with the exaggerated imagery and it's funny. Then when he says >"Someone may be watching!" it's another joke, because someone literally is watching: you, the viewer. It's very (North) American humour, so it may be a cultural thing. I personally liked it as a kid, but now that I'm an adult, the exaggerated animation disgusts me more than it interests me.
Open file (77.88 KB 223x190 cia.PNG)
>>2495 >>2498 >>2500 thanks for the inputs, this is now a data collection thread. ara ara :^)
Are news generals allowed BO?
>>2502 Absolutely >>>/v/1118
>>2485 >mark was caught faking vch PPH My contempt for his cattle-like user base grows. >shitposting influx Yeah, I remember /vv/, /v2/, and /svidya/ all dying because they couldn't handle the banter/the /v/ userbase had poisoned their boards with gore and spam. At the time, I thought it was just /v/tards being /b/tards, but after seeing what happened to Julay/v/ repeatedly within less than two months' time, I'm beginning to think it was Mark's and his discuck trannies leading the way. >I don't understand why they can't just fuck off and leave the anons that don't want to post on cake/v/ alone Have you forgotten how the Jew behaves? It will never be enough for him; his mind does not know the meaning enough, and anything that exists is his for the taking because he was literally chosen by G*d to be the ruler of the world and the other filthy animal people that live in it. Whether it's banks or image boards, kikes literally cannot help themselves from ruining things for others. It's in their blood, dude. >>2502 I'm not the BO, but I can't see any reason for them not to be, since Julay/v/ isn't really large enough to have a new thread for every single news/shitposting item.
Open file (4.14 KB 494x146 vchstats.png)
Open file (8.44 KB 1448x52 julaystats.png)
>>2508 What got him caught was not also faking file stats. Pics related are julay/vch stats taken on the same day before he hid his homepage. If you compare the numbers it's pretty obvious. It was suspected that this was going on at 8ch before it was deplatformed as well but I've lost the screenshots that prove it.
Open file (25.90 KB 450x304 1442115015200.jpg)
>>2508 >/svidya/ dying >after seeing what happened to Julay/v/ i'm beginning to think it was Mark's and his discuck trannies We told you dog, you wouldn't listen
I know I've been piling it on myself but I think the best course of action going forward is to stop giving Mark the attention. He thrives on it, that's why he posts his own asshole to every /v/ alt. The best situation a year from now would be him losing relevance all together. Mark is under the impression that he's /v/ instead of how things should be. /v/ is the anons that use it every day and the community they build together. I'm hopeful to finally see them be able to do that again without the BO and his personal circlejerk of vols determining what is and is not allowed. It's nice to be able to post on /v/ again without the majority of the threads being broken reply chains. The current BO seems to be doing a decent job. Just keep in mind not to suck the BO's cock too much and bully him when he fucks up.
>>2512 I agree, although I don't think chronicling Mark's fuck-ups counts as giving him attention, especially in this thread. I think it's important to have evidence of all the things he's done to ruin /v/ so once anons actually walk out of the cave they can realize how awful it was to post under his greasy thumb.
>>2511 Hey, I posted on /svidya/ and I really regret seeing it die, but there's only so much one guy can do.
>>2525 Apologies for the triple post, but I had meant to include one of the best things that originated from /svidya/: an anon single-handedly researching the development of the legendarily bad Wii U game Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric, and connecting its developers to all sorts of rushed development practices and insider descriptions of the work environment. It was a high point for the board, and one which I sadly think it never recaptured. https://archive.md/Dw2g2
>>2527 Interesting thread thanks for posting it. >>2521 I don't see a problem with archiving all his fuck ups and lies I just don't want to see /v/ here or this meta thread become Mark general. There is always a thread on /cow/ about him that he constantly derails and spams that is probably better suited for that type of stuff. One of the main things they do to shit up /v/ alts is to post Mark's asshole on them while claiming everyone is obsessed with Mark. No one really cares about Mark and typically he's only discussed outside of places archiving autism because he starts a thread about himself. The best way to make an attention whore go away is to stop giving him the attention he craves. Even if it's negative attention he's still feeding on it. While we're on the subject of /svidya/, one of the first things that happened here when /v/ was made was it got shit up by the usual suspects then they requested an /svidya/ board in an attempt to blame it on the anons that used it. I see that happen a lot where they'll shit the place up and attempt to blame it on another board. /cow/ is one of their favorites to blame for everything.
>>2529 >/cow/ True. I forget that board exists because it's mostly unusable, but it would be a better repository for Mark. >second part Wait, you're saying that this group of shitposters tried to poison Julay/v/ once they couldn't get it, and as part of that plan they wanted to make a secondary board on Julay to take the fall for them spamming /v/?
>>2531 I'm at a point of asking you how new are you of you don't know of 3 BOs curse Robi had to endure. Every jewish textbook DnC tactic has already been done on julay, and we've endured and laughed at them. Just go to his /cow/ thread and catchup. The FBIchan thread for the mentality of his cult.
>>2541 I try to avoid behind-the-board drama and autism as much as possible; I get enough of the latter in my daily life.
>>2542 Short version/spoonfeed: The first BO dealt with them as soon as the board was made and gave up at some point. Eventually, it was transferred to an admin. The admin spent months trying to find a suitable BO/vols. He added a vol that deleted several threads within minutes and had to revoke their access. He eventually found the current BO. I've never seen a board have so many problems just by existing. It's sad that a dedicated group of faggots would spend so much of their free time trying to ruin something they can't control. This doesn't even cover things like Mark demanding robi give him control of /v/ here when he came to a Soku stream to attention whore and make demands to the anons running it because they dared to make a joke at his expense. There is a lot of information I didn't cover in the thread on /cow/.
>>2543 >fucking with Soku I actually hadn't heard of that. I'll need to read the source material, then.
>>2543 He also told Gahoole, /tv/'s new attention whore BO who actually watches tv & movies, to entrust him with modding the place if he had things to do. On the first go he banned and deleted a couple of anons making fun of him, which was meet with extreme disdain as getting banned in /tv/ is very difficult, it was then when people started to dig and realized Mark was behind it. Then 8ch kicked the bucket soon after and anon outright confirmed it when Cakechan was founded with /v/ and /tv/ side by side. Hence why a bunch of /tv/ psychos migrated to Julay's bunker to avoid Mark's shenanigans. Gahoole is a dummy but he isn't malicious as he always caters to the userbase with respect, in cakechan, the bunker and 8glow, yet his big glaring mistake is associating with the jew. He's a post-high school dude left behind looking for social validation so i can't blame him that much for befriending vampires, but still he should know better.
>>2494 it's canadian
I was curious, and found this nugget.
>>2549 Do imageboard created the contest of the best pretender at being retarded ? I feel like being in a scholarship for retardism advanced.
>>2543 >>2546 The core problem is that ownership of communication medium equals value and (some) power. Jews and psychopaths are attracted to this, especially now when upward social and economic mobility is completely destroyed unless you have something to offer the jews. That's why they love the blackmail, it's another bargaining chip in their minds. Getting a team to subvert/shill (discord trannies) increases that power, and it's all downhill from there. The best BO is a Tom Bombadil type, someone who doesn't care whether or not they have the power, and is too busy fucking his IRL elf wife to bother with dicksucking trannies or social/economic status. The only problem THEN is that you have to deal with their personal idiosyncracies. Over the years, I've come to the conclusion that the only right way to do imageboards is for users to be personally in control of a block/filter list in conjunction with some sort of whitelisting (either by hand or algorithmic). The other option is security through obscurity, but the massive jewish lens on ALL internet communication means that obscurity is no longer an option, the jewish narrative MUST be full spectrum dominant for them. I find it humorous that neckbeard anime-lovers pose an existential threat to a worldwide multi-trillion dollar global control conspiracy. The meek shall inherit the earth indeed lol.
kys mark you are a fucking fraud
>>2565 Just drive to his home, or send an angel, to splash him: >>>/cow/17760 What are you, a goy?
Open file (426.00 KB 880x1526 vchv.png)
Open file (204.30 KB 883x1526 8kunv.png)
ATTN BO: The faggots will claim we're Mark obsessed spergs again but you should be aware that Mark is forcing migration to 8kun while it's barely working. Images are totally broken and people are reporting that post deletion isn't working along with a bunch of other errors. A lot of anons can't even get 8kun to load still. Expect an influx of anons and the usual shitting up of threads like the last time Mark closed vch. He keeps calling it a bunker but I'm done referring to things in the webring as a bunker. The sites in the webring have been more stable and haven't suffered the problems with spam and constant down time. I don't want to call it home but it's certainly easier to post on. Since you're running the only active /v/ in the webring aside from vch I thought you should know. Pics related were taken within seconds of each other. I tried several times to get the catalog on 8kun to load the images. It has been like this every time I've checked in over the last two days. Sometimes I can get the images to work within threads. Sometimes the catalog refuses to load at all. Most of the time I've seen spam threads on there that stay up for hours. A few of them were CP. I'm believe the mod tools aren't working because in the past Mark and his vols were always fast to remove those threads.
>>2912 Mod tools seem to be working after all since they bump locked this meta thread: http://archive.md/P0L3p Spam must be staying up because of lack of vols.
>>2913 If you made >>>/v/12882, delete your thread. We've prepared for all scenarios, and all we care is that you stick to topics already in the catalog.
>>2912 >Expect an influx of anons and the usual shitting up of threads like the last time Mark closed vch That's exactly what's happening in the /any/ thread. It's a sea of fucking wojaks. BO, please clean that thread when you have the chance. I am sad to say that I bit the hook on a few posts before I realized the magnitude of the spam. I've archived the thread as of a few minutes ago: https://archive.md/FbDxS
Open file (6.50 KB 205x246 download (1).png)
>>2965 Wojack attachments while discussing ways to improve a board isn't spam. I'm still open for suggestions.
>>2966 Posting the same thing repeatedly is spam. >I'm still open for suggestions.
I'm indifferent to wojacks, but if you're spamming them then they will be deleted and if you keep on doing it then you'll be banned. I'll spoiler them if the post does hold some merit to the discussion, otherwise they hold no weight to the discussion and better off in /b/.
Open file (162.52 KB 640x638 1496828730350.png)
>>2967 Your only suggestion seems to be to delete posts and spams. That's been proven yo cause Streisand Effect, and that's not happening. Any other suggestions? In >>>/v/13111 I was recommended to make roleplay threads, but I don't think people want to play text games on a board to discuss games. What other suggestions do you have in mind?
>I don't think You will never know, unless you try but if it doesn't work out then request a board for roleplaying.
>>2969 >Your only suggestion I have told you no fewer than three separate times to do two simple things: 1. Stop posting wojaks. 2. Talk about a video game with another anon. You refuse to do either of them. Fucking leave.
Open file (36.07 KB 566x560 624~2.jpg)
>>2971 1) Wojaks shouldn't affect your ability to discuss games 2) I talk about fighting games when people want to talk about them. I can't force people to talk about genres they don't want to talk about. We don't run a cult, and we're not going to stop people from posting memes. If you have a problem with a meme, fix yourself.
I make the Visual Novel threads on 8kun /v/ and Vch.moe. Do you guys mind if I move the Visual Novel Threads here? Vch.moe is going down again and many of us don't want to move back to 8kun /v/ for various reasons. The other places we were planning to go is Prolikewoah /animu/ and maybe /JP/. Also, on a functionality standpoint, how is this place compared to 8kun and Prolikewoah?
Open file (90.79 KB 500x325 asperger king.jpg)
>>2972 >Wojaks shouldn't affect your ability to discuss games Don't pretend like they aren't the flag of cuckchan and faggots like you who post like it's cuckchan. I'd forgive you for having some older-looking ones, but you've obviously been keeping apace of every single low-effort wojak recolour and reskin that website has shat out in the last five years. >fighting games Who said anything about fighting games? I never said anything about any particular genre of video game in any of my posts on /v/ or here, precisely because I don't care what you talk about: I just want you to TALK ABOUT A VIDEO GAME instead of posting wojaks and derailing threads with your faggotry and sophistry. Do you have me mistaken for one of your imaginary friends? To be abundantly clear, the entire reason I keep telling you to TALK ABOUT VIDEO GAMES is because it'd be a fucking breeze for you to do it, and yet you refuse to. I'll make it unmistakable: - Basically everyone on julay/v/ wants to talk about video games. - Basically everyone on julay/v/ hates wojaks. - If you post wojaks, people won't want to talk to you. If you want to talk about video games, stop posting wojaks and actually reply to someone's post. >but i already posted my games! >but i ask you questions! >but you should make better memes! If you stopped acting like a faggot, I'd stop calling you one. All you need to do is keep your spaghetti in your pockets.
>>2973 I can't stand VNs myself, but so long as you don't act like faggots I don't think anyone would have a problem. >prolikewoah Slowed significantly, sadly. Most of the /animu/ userbase was composed of idiots who'd rather post on a broken site or 4chan than suck it up and move to smug/a/.a >/jp/ Don't know anything about them. >functionality It isn't lynxchan like prolikewoah is, so that's an improvement. The site theme used to be hellishly ugly, but it's improved in the last month and I think it will continue to do so provided we prod the developer enough. Honest question, though: why did you use a kike-controlled website for so long? What was worth being a battered housewife?
For transparency sake, I deleted the posts on the /any/ thread that was not relevant to the topic since it was mostly discussion about spamming wojaks and discussion about other boards.
Open file (992.18 KB 1500x1000 70752677_p0.png)
>>2973 Forgot to link the threads. They're pretty civil. https://8kun.top/v/res/16767340.html https://vch.moe/v/res/205330.html >>2975 You can see the threads for yourself. For some reason, they've turned out pretty well over time. No one even shitposts in them anymore because people just ignored it. I always try to update the threads with recent news too. >Most of the /animu/ userbase was composed of idiots who'd rather post on a broken site or 4chan than suck it up and move to smug/a/.a It is a real shame because the host didn't mind keeping up the site because it was pocket change to do so and /animu/ functions much better than 8kun. Faster and more reliable posting, MP3 posting, no retarded captcha, and more. >why did you use a kike-controlled website for so long? What was worth being a battered housewife? Vch wasn't so bad but I barely knew of an alternative to move to. I don't care for 8kun and only use it for the Share Threads at this point. Now that Vch is going away I thought it would be a good time for us to move. Shame prolikewoah /animu/ is a ghost town. Only the Kemono and stream/radio threads are thriving there.
Open file (217.54 KB 2408x1996 f59.png)
https://archive.md/FbDxS >>>/v/13066 >>>/v/13088 were the most important parts of what was deleted, thank you ID:87e727 for proving No.207221 ID:bd304 correct: https://archive.vn/neB9a >>2973 I approve VN even if I don't play them. I do prefer you make your own board although [as well] >>2965 >flags of [using other sites] If you don't know the definition of a “meme”, I'm sorry hun, you have a hard case of ASD. Memes transcend origination, they evolve and adapt, just like Godolas came about from pedopear in mootchan. Not liking wojaks is a (((you))) problem, and not a site one. Learn to control your tism. >fighting games You asked me both in /any/ and here what I discuss. I answered you fighting games, and I don't see you wanting to discuss them. Can't we get along if I don't use vch, 8kult, and detest the kike as well? >>2976 Thanks bud.
>>2978 What fighting games do you play and are looking forward to? I mainly play EXAMU games. I excel at Nitroplus Blasterz and am learning Arcana Heart. I might get into Aquapazza too.
>>2978 >I approve VN even if I don't play them. >I do prefer you make your own board although [as well] You have multiple posts over two boards about what "I" and "we" want anons to do but you aren't the BO so I find this very odd.
>>2983 Sure would be convenient if the BO just let a meta thread exist in the actual board and use their capcode when responding about matters regarding the board. Putting the meta thread here causes nothing but inconvenience in more ways than one.
>>2983 What do you find odd about things I approve or dis? >>2984 Read the OP here
>>2985 >Read the OP here For what? Oh no a meta thread will increase activity in the board, what a nightmare.
Open file (35.60 KB 525x700 roll3_525x700.jpg)
>>2987 Don't you know it's against the ruuurzu to inflate /v/ w/meta/ garbage for accurate PPH counts? Also, missed the archive of why this thread had to be made.
>>2987 >will increase activity in the board <wew, 90% of the board's activity gonna be drama garbage instead of talking about vidya Go back to cuckchan and kill yourself you dumb faggot.
Open file (14.96 KB 506x313 rule.png)
>>2992 Against what ruuuuurzu? Show me where. You didn't tell me there was any answers in some fucking archive somewhere, and if you're talking about the first reply to this thread then that post doesn't suggest anything of the like either and neither does the OP. >this thread had to be made No it didn't. It only "has" to be made if you're too lazy to delete shitters from the meta thread and treat it as a "vent all your impotent teenage cuckchan angst and D&C here" thread instead of an actual meta thread. Not that it matters since said teenage angst thread already exists in the form of /any/, only without the meta part. >>2993 So what? It's not going to eat your videogame threads. Hide it, faggot. Isn't the whole prevaling thought process here that user moderation > moderator moderation? People are just going to keep shitting /v/ with meta questions anyway and being confused because it's arbitrarily split like this.
>>2993 Don't bother. 🎂🇮🇱✡️ Will continue to push the narrative that julay has to become exactly like their hirocuck like 🎂🇮🇱 had to comply. Jews fear quality vidya discussion.
>>2995 I would wager my daily meal that you are the cuckchan spammer that believe reskin is totaly part of the egregore. Fucking dumbass.
>>2996 (1) Keep waging away, you're not getting hirocuck or cakejew moderation here, unless >>>/nintendo/ is open for business. Imagine banning things (((you))) don't like, like a parasitic jew.
>>2971 >Noooooo don't post wojaks at me This an image board, whether it's a smugloli, a Reddit wojak or a cringe Pepe as long as its alongside some text and it's not an actual dump of images senselessly, it find. If you can't handle it made imageboards are not for you.
>>2997 It's really bonkers to me how some anons just want to ban up everything they don't like. I like julay, I want it to grow into its own thing so that Robi has a chance in life. If you don't like the direction of a board it's fine to give your opinion but constantly spamming for this and that to be banned or filtered is retarded, make a new one. Imo only spam and stuff that risks the site actually getting taken down should be banned. But it's up to each BO what they wanna decide for their rules and if you don't like it, make a new board
Open file (139.19 KB 1200x675 Cardboard_Direct.jpg)
>>2974 >Basically everyone on julay/v/ hates wojaks wrong COPE MORE FAGGOT
>pointing out my (1) when he's a (1) too just after my dynamic IP change. Nice try 4umer but kill yourself.
>>3003 Stop IP hopping spammer.
>>3004 My last post in this thread before the on you replied to is 4days ols
Open file (155.08 KB 1195x696 1.JPG)
>>2978 >memes have no connection to anything That's a lie. They were very uncommon on 8chan, and they were extremely common on cuckchan. It's like how Pepe is now something normalfags use: he started as a reaction image, then became a political image, then became something normalfags recognized. The final step meant he lost all meaning, and was forever associated with normalfags. The same thing happened with wojak. >you asked me both in /any/ and here what I discuss. I answered you fighting games What you did was bitch about how you couldn't discuss anything because people were deleting the posts you made where you didn't discuss anything. If you want to discuss fighting games so badly, then go to the fighting game thread and make a post inviting people to talk about them. >but i posted all the links to the EVO japan streams and nobody wanted to talk! Because all you did was copy-paste a link. You need to put effort into a post for people to reply to it. >can't we get along I'd love to get along with you and talk about whatever kind of video game you want. If you ever made posts that were worth replying to, I'd reply to them. Like I said before: if you want to talk about fighting games, you'd talk about them. Do you remember pic related? I saved it because it was clear evidence that you never want to discuss fighting games. I asked you a bunch of open-ended questions, and you just pointed them back at me. It would have been so easy to say "oh, I play xxxx because he deals lots of damage" but you can't bring yourself to do it. If you want to prove me wrong, then let's go back to the fighting game thread and have a conversation about something. I'd much rather talk about video games than get angry over this thread. >>2985 He's not telling you that your tastes are odd, you illiterate retard. He's telling you that you can't speak for the rest of the board.
>>2994 Like you said, meta discussion attracts drama and it's better to keep that drama separate from /v/ itself. /a/ does things this way, and while there are several things I really don't like about /a/, that isn't one of them. The user base is small and cohesive enough (like julay/v/) to keep the main board relatively on topic. If you wanted to make people more aware of it, then I think the best solution is a big WELCOME TO /v/ thread OP at the top of the catalogue which contains some basic rules and a link to this thread. >too lazy to delete shitters The BO has done a decent job keeping up with shitters, honestly. I'd rather have less outright deletion unless it's absolutely warranted. >hide it This just defeats your whole point. If people who don't like it aren't supposed to participate, then why have it on the board in the first place?
Open file (254.46 KB 464x498 violence_required.png)
While I'm at it, BO: could you provide more context as to why I was banned? I replied to a bunch of the wojaks in the /any/ thread (one of my posts had pic related attached, if that helps identify me), but I made plenty of on-topic posts before that. I understand that I contributed to the derailment, but that wasn't my intention, and I'd be comfortable with a temporary ban rather than a permanent one. I've sent a couple ban appeals through the message box that appears when I try to make a post, but Julay's theme and functionality are a bit rickety, so I'm not sure if they actually went through.
>>3009 >Permabanning ever for anything else than CP. The one who banned you is a faggot.
Open file (21.23 KB 480x360 hqdefault (1).jpg)
>>3007 You're are speaking a whole lot for the entirety of us >>2965 And your only tactic is literal /vg/ moderation nobody wants: https://web.archive.org/web/20171205124616/https://8ch.net/vg/res/2202.html https://web.archive.org/web/20190801181915/https://8ch.net/vg/res/64521.html I recall you too completely Pewter, you'd often come and whine about stupid shit nobody cared about and (1) and gone. It took me awhile to realize CakeJew was paying you to instigate /vg/ posters with yiff.party porn. Iirc, I even doxed your stupid plebbit account because you were fucking annoying. Go back to /r/salty & kappa and egregore yourself with your collectivist bullshit. >>3009 Maybe because you clearly shilled for 8cult on https://archive.md/FbDxS#13088 >>3010 Instigating conflict on this site of peace is a crime against the wishes of administrations. Daily reminder Robi gifted >>>/nintendo/ to the kike with open arms, and the Cakejew refused.
>>3009 >could you provide more context as to why I was banned? The answer is simple: it was an error on my end. I lifted the ban as soon as I saw your appeal, but it might have been due to how rickety the report/ban system is on this site.
>>3012 This happened as well on that bug fables thread, could it be a lynxchan problem? Robi or UNIVAC, can ytest out and replicate what Muses did on >>>/test/ , it could be a bug from the update.
Open file (20.83 KB 300x225 1393394769140.jpg)
Now it's evidently blatant 8goon losers are malicious: https://archive.vn/5QKLi#1401 https://archive.vn/FbDxS#13088 I ask anyone not to advertise this little abode there, unless you want feds instigating here.
>>3011 >I recall you too completely Pewter >CakeJew was paying you to instigate /vg/ posters >Iirc, I even doxed your stupid plebbit account And now you're accusing me of being one of Mark's cronies because you can't believe that anyone else could ever hate you. Incredible. Do you have any proof of this or are you just insane? >you clearly shilled for 8cult on https://archive.md/FbDxS#13088 I didn't make that post. Not everyone who tells you you're a faggot is the same guy IP hopping around the entire internet. >>3012 Oh, okay. Thanks.
>>3023 (1) new IP hop? <Asking for proof, in julay >>>/cow/13213 That's you, in a Blazikan'd ;^) discord avatar. >I didn't make that post. Not everyone who tells you you're a faggot is the same guy IP hopping around the entire internet. <IP hops to address me <Addresses BO with >Oh, okay. Thanks Yeah sure, like if we both don't already use VPNs and TOR. The difference here is I have never instigated anything. I don't spam, advertise, and really have never cared about your shit tastes. But going on as if you own the site and how (((you))) believe the site & board should be moderated is what's annoying. Nobody here really cares or hate the kike, we just want peace. I'll never visit Odin or 8cult, but I will laugh at your autism. In fact, I think the kike permabanned me on his /v/ because I criticized him to the core, and that's that. Note that your autism is noted, and your antics are recorded forever on >>>/cow/133888 You're welcome to laugh at everyone too, and have a good time. But stop attention whoring a kike, it's not healthy.
Open file (205.17 KB 816x1356 Pancakes.jpg)
>>3024 >That's you, in a Blazikan'd ;^) discord avatar. Nope. You've just created a boogeyman for yourself. Give a reason you think I'm Pewter other than "he called me a faggot and only one guy could ever do that." >Yeah sure, like if we both don't already use VPNs and TOR. Do you believe that only one person on the entire internet can IP hop? Do you believe that only you and Pewter have VPNs? I was literally explaining to the BO that I was banned on that IP, so I switched it to make a post on /v/. >The difference here is I have never instigated anything. I don't spam That's an absolute fucking lie. You were responsible for half the Bug Fables thread derailment and the recent spate of wojak spam. Jesus fuck, this happened less than a day ago and you really expect me to have forgotten? >going on as if you own the site and how (((you))) believe the site & board should be moderated is what's annoying Right, which is why I stopped when people told me they had different ideas. You keep doing that despite people telling you the same thing many times. If you really care about consensus, stop posting and let other people say what they want. >Nobody here really cares or hate the kike, we just want peace. >I'll never visit Odin or 8cult >kike permabanned me on his /v/ because I criticized him to the core What does this have to do with anything? Do you really think I've paid attention to 8chan/8kun or anything Mark does in the last six months? Not everyone is obsessed the same way you are. >Note that your autism is noted, and your antics are recorded forever on >>>/cow/133888 Nice job fucking up the link, newfag. I'll ask you again: do you have ANY proof at all linking Mark/Pewter's autism to any of the posts I've made in this thread?
>>3024 >Nobody here really cares or hate the kike Wat, i do hate the guy and would care a lot to throw a party if a truck stepped on him. The biggest community and de-facto wheel turners of 8cham was completely divided by his jewish antics, but i don't go around going at him every time i can (nor do i say you or anyone does) You got that right about peace, but we cannot forget how stuff happened because it might come around again.
>>3024 >Nobody here really cares or hate the kike, we just want peace. I hate Mark with a burning passion and his death would bring me glee.
>>3025 <Created boogyman, when there's clear indication of 8coomers instigating julay It's fine if you are ”not“ Pewter or goldenrod. You know you used a VPN and posted in /v/ after you were accidentally permabanned. >absolute fucking lie By Muses account and his hash history reading, he can swear on my behalf I wanted Bug autist to continue talking about the game, but clearly 8coomers can't handle games they don't like, and links to developers references, even if it includes their discord. In fact, in >>3013 I was responsible of rectifying the same mistake that was dealt with you when the bug autist was accidentally permabanned too, so no I didn't derail, I helped stir the conversation back on topic. If the autist doesn't want to continue discussing the game, that's on him. > If you really care about consensus, stop posting You see, this how you keep revealing your intent. I just rectified your permaban, by addressing the root of the problem with BO Now this type of mistake will should never happen again. I accepted your consent, and approved clean up of the /any/ derailment as well. But you have to admit there's a consensus to vilify julay/v/ and dissuade users from joining and contributing. Unless you are admitting the effort doesn't exist. >Do you really think I've paid attention to 8chan/8kun or anything Mark does in the last six months? Not everyone is obsessed the same way you are. If you haven't, you clearly haven't been in julay/v/ not even last night, and you're denying the concerted effort to undermine julay/v/ since inception. I'm not obsessed with a lolcow, I enjoy his autism like everyone that's been here since the start Unless you're are also admitting the kike didn't have regulars on /cow/. >Nice job fucking up the link, newfag <cited >>>/cow/13213 correctly <Left >>>/cow/13888 misstyped as bait <newfag Yah, clearly I'm new to ousting autists as yourself. It's true then, I wasn't responsible for "half derailing the BugFables thread" because I'm a newfag in grammatical bait. > you have ANY proof at all linking Mark/Pewter's autism to any of the posts I've made in this thread? So you're admitting their isn't a concerted effort to undermine this site and board of peace? Or do I have to make an account on your discord to prove you're Pewter too? >>3026 Why are you waiting, his address has been cited many times. I honestly don't hate him, but I don't even post on his bunker to be obsessed. What's wrong with laughing at his retardation?
>>3028 >I just rectified your permaban, by addressing the root of the problem with BO No you fucking didn't, you cretin. I asked him what happened, he told me, and he reversed his actions. The conversation had nothing to do with you. Leaving aside all of your other autism, I really want you to admit that you're wrong about this one. You truly have some kind of mental illness if you think you're responsible for anything except sperging out. >I actually HELPED the Bug Fables thread There is not a single post of yours in that thread where you talked about the game, and even if you can find one, I can find 20 more you made derailing it with unrelated bullshit. All you did was reply to shitposters and try to get it derailed after the BO stepped in and cleaned up your mess. There are many archives of that thread. Prove me wrong if you think I'm lying. Find a SINGLE good post you made about the game. >mark and his cronies are trying to make julay/v/ worse Absolutely, yes. I've posted about it multiple times in this thread. >because I don't sniff Mark's asshole every waking second he's awake, this means I deny their efforts to make julay/v/ worse >this also means I'm Pewter, for some reason I'm speechless that anyone could be this fucking stupid. ><Left >>>/cow/13888 misstyped as bait >bait >n-no, i was only pretending to be retarded! you don't get it!!!!!
Open file (153.41 KB 800x600 Touhou.full.875787.jpg)
>>3033 return of your landline! >No you fucking didn't, you cretin If you're not willing to believe what Muses can testify, I'm sorry, (((you))) have a problem. >admit that you're wrong about this one. You truly have some kind of mental illness if you think you're responsible for anything except sperging out. You want me to be wrong and mentally ill. You're are clearly doing nothing to rectify yourself and your experience here, so from this day on, I'll ignore you. This isn't a kike's or a nip's imageboard, so your will not be enforced. >Type: Ban lift >User:UNIVAC >Time: 01/27/2020 (Mon) 20:19:59 >User UNIVAC lifted a ban on board v with id 5e2435ed8e817a7114c367e2 set to expire at Sat Jan 19 2030 05:56:45 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time). >Type: Ban lift >Time: 01/27/2020 (Mon) 20:20:08 >User UNIVAC lifted a ban on board v with id 5e258fcbea54d66aff20d018 set to expire at Sun Jan 20 2030 06:32:27 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time) >Type: Ban lift >Time: 01/12/2020 (Sun) 02:25:52 >User UNIVAC lifted a ban on board v with id 5e19ea022d58751e25f6590a set to expire at null >Type: Ban lift >Time: 01/27/2020 (Mon) 20:19:59 >User UNIVAC lifted a ban on board v with id 5e2435ed8e817a7114c367e2 set to expire at Sat Jan 19 2030 05:56:45 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time). >Type: Ban lift >Time: 01/27/2020 (Mon) 20:20:08 >User UNIVAC lifted a ban on board v with id 5e258fcbea54d66aff20d018 set to expire at Sun Jan 20 2030 06:32:27 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time >I can find 20 more you made derailing it with unrelated bullshit. Entertain me, show them to me. >Find a SINGLE good post you made about the game. Now I'm confused you're going to find me what I posted, or you're going to look for what you believe are derails? >I'm speechless that anyone could be this fucking stupid. Yes please, who's more stupid? The one imagining himself doing something homosexual with a kike, or the one telling you to stop your autistic tirades? >prenting to mimistyoe You have a clear case of autism
>>3012 Can we make a general cyclical gaming night thread? I feel like there's too many growing requests of different games and that may overslide good threads. That way anyone with any game can request a game they want to play, and join if they want or not.
>>3131 After looking through the catalog, I would say that I need a consenus from the users of /v/ since there are at least four active gamenight threads. You could make a poll and get an idea about how they would react to the notion. Maybe they shouldn't be generalized altogether rather they can all be cyclical based on the activity of that thread, that's my idea. But you should ask /v/ for some ideas, then make a poll on those said ideas and I'll make the final call on that thread. You can make a thread on /v/ about that if you like, or post it here.
Open file (8.38 MB 480x360 OH LORD.mp4)
Are we going to be celebrating Harmony? I don't want to lose that.
>>3490 What's that, if you don't mind me asking?
>>3493 It was done one year on 4chan on the 26nd of February I believe after Robot Unicorn Attack came out. They never did it again and 8chan picked it up. The CSS was updated to tile this gif and play Always in the background.
>>3499 Forgot the example link. https://archive.is/bRwqY
>>3499 I'll see if I can get that done.
Are you aware the max message length has increased from ~4000 to 32768?
>>3503 Not until now, just letting me know or would you like there to be a limit?
>>3508 Seems to be site-wide. I don't really care about not having a limit but it seems like lynxchan probably wasn't designed for it >>3504
BO, did you ever reconsider implementing a filter similar to /a/'s Hoihoi for social media slang/low effort posts? The full list of what Hoihoi actually bans is in >>2081, and while I don't want that list to be directly ported, I don't think there's anything wrong with short, automated bans for shit like "ofc" and "lmao." Does anyone else share this view, or am I a minority?
>>3517 If you want this go post on smug/vg/
>>3517 Apparently we have boomers without killfiles installed in their imageboard client of choice. You're the minority.
So apparently including /index.html prevents the redirect. E.G. vch.moe/v will take you to 8kunt but vch.moe/v/index.html will take you to Mark's bunker still. Not sure if it's possible to implement that into webring linking on an individual basis.
>>3518 Hoihoi doesn't run on smug/vg/. All rule 8 bans there are manual.
>>3518 >>3519 Why are you opposed to automatic moderation for shitposts and low-effort posts?
>>3563 Define shitposts and low-effort posts.
>>3517 >>3563 The /v/ BO doesn't quite understand /v/ board culture very well so I doubt that would go smoothly. He just appears to want to delete obvious spam or shit threads and not much else. After witnessing him fence sit over wojaks and pepe's it's probably best if the idea of him attempting to moderate against cuckchan culture is put to bed. Thankfully we're more or less completely shielded from that shit by 8kun's revival. As for the automation specifically, I think it's pretty pointless on a slow paced board. You're better off just using the native filter functionality to make fools of people or ban people as they pop up manually. I think JSChan has some auto banning functionality based on word filters built into it but I'm not sure julay does.
Open file (43.04 KB 277x402 nepjak.jpg)
>>3563 Are you legitimately asking why we don't want to replicate CakeJew's and Tenicu's style of moderation? >>2064
>>3565 Phoneposting, mainly, like pic related. I don't care if people troll or start flame wars, but at the bare minimum I want them to put some effort into their posts. I'd only want stupid abbreviations (ofc, kys, rn, nibba) to trigger it, perhaps with some kind of exception to allow people to post the words inside a longer word without tripping the filter. I would never want any political words caught, like how /a/ doesn't let people use (((echoes))), and I wouldn't want people to be caught for using the "wrong" type of banter, like how /a/ forbids :^) emoticons and the word "lol." I personally think that 'lmao' has become normalfag slang based on how I've seen normalfags use it, and that 'lol' is a longstanding piece of jargon which the internet should never forget, but I'm probably overthinking it. >>3566 Yeah, I know he's fumbled the ball a couple times, and I think his current style of moderation is generally fine due to the board's user base not being total cockgobblers. But I know, eventually, someone will find this place and either destroy it via spam (which we've seen the cakekike and his cronies attempt many times) or flood it with unwashed hordes and let it rot. I think having a rule or automatic filter like this would help prevent that from happening/being as damaging. >native filter functionality Does that actually work? The "hide post" button is still nonfunctional, so I thought that would be as well. >>3568 >request a style of moderation used on /a/ that automatically bans on post content alone for clearly defined reasons >WHY DO YOU WANT TO REPLICATE MARK'S MODERATION WHERE HE MANUALLY BANS ON IP ADDRESSES FOR ARBITRARY REASONS I won't pretend that /a/'s moderation is a gold standard or not arbitrary in their own ways, but I think their automatic filter is a good idea.
>>3575 >test adding a filter >it works >but I can only remove filters by refreshing my cache I suppose it'll do. Thanks for reminding me about that.
>>3575 If you literally only want to filter abbreviations it could work but in practice you'll just get people posting equally as shit content without abbreviating once it bans them once or twice. It'll still require a human to ban them for content. Basically you treat it like an automated form of lurk moar to train people not to type like faggots but it won't train them not to post low-effort stuff.
>>3579 Yeah, I'm probably better off using whatever filter functionality Julay has.
>>3575 If I am understanding correctly, you do not like abbreviations because it saves time typing and reading, disk and bandwidth, and because you think abbreviations mean they used a mobile device to respond to your 2018 insult of not being able to handle no politics into a hobby of leisure. >I think their automatic filter is a good idea. What is next, you are going to automatically filter "gamergoyim" "wojak" "nodev" "cuckamer" "cuckchanner" "8kun" et cetera? Do you know the fable of salt shaker hacker? Posting this on an iPad
Open file (555.82 KB 1000x897 siegethot fr.jpg)
>>3575 >phoneposting i dont buy that shit as phoneposting at all tbh i only use abbreviations and have poor punctuation on PC, because on my phone everything is auto'd kys nerd the only problem with julay atm is faggots like you who continually try to police posting styles and memes on a fucking image board because all you cakekike cucks hate getting bullied
>>3585 Gatekeeping imageboards by policing vocabulary loosely has been the standard since their inception. If you can keep out virtually all cancer by word filtering a handful of obnoxious terminology then you might as well. Though in your case it's not obnoxious terminology but just lazy normalfag writing habits. In which case your post would be deleted simply for being low effort and lacking in content or substance.
>>3586 >In which case your post would be deleted simply for being low effort and lacking in content or substance. just make your own board, moderate it as you like, become the next Гунтhram if thats what you want
>>3587 Did you forget to include an argument?
>>3588 i already made it, i dont think the poster in that image was phoneposting and i think that trying to police memes is stupid
>>3589 Whether or not they were phone posting was completely irrelevant to that anons entire point. The post was low quality either way. And policing memes isn't difficult and is highly productive. Banning wojak and pepe niggers is really all it would take. Though as I already said, this board is small enough that none of these people bother to post here anyways.
>>3590 Fuck off forever, faggot. No one is going to delete posts you don't like. Stop trying to create a safe space where cuckchan memes can't hurt you.
>>3579 I've found the sorts who shitpost with abbreviations are the sorts who are too stupid or too lazy to shitpost without abbreviations. Just personal experience.
>>3594 This post unfortunately did not contain an argument.
Open file (13.44 KB 540x522 679~2.png)
>>3605 Argument this: why are you propositioning censorship?
>>3606 Rules /=/ censorship. If you're going to take the censorship stance then you have to apply that to all content otherwise the entire idea falls part immediately. Which means you can't have any content moderation or rules what so ever and that you want every single board to be /b/.
Open file (13.17 KB 554x523 679~3.png)
>>3607 What rules are being broken by hugboxing your (((trigger words)))?
>>3608 None, the argument was about putting rules in place to filter out obnoxious cuckchan lingo. A proposition, if you will.
Open file (12.01 KB 541x518 679~2.png)
>>3609 >about putting rules in place to filter out obnoxious cuckchan lingo. And who defines what is ”cuckchan lingo“?
hoihoi is garbage. Fuck off with that shit.
>>3613 The board owner, which earlier in the thread I already concluded was not adequately familiar with /v/ and imageboard culture to correctly identify cuckchan lingo and posters.
>>3616 >The board owner, which earlier in the thread I [already] concluded was not adequately familiar with /v/ and (((imageboard culture))) to correctly identify cuckchan lingo and posters. And what can the board owner do to qualify himself to ”your“ correct identification of proper cuckchan lingo?
>>3619 I don't want him to do anything. If he can be influenced by my posts ITT on something he's completely ignorant about, then he can be influenced by bad actors. I'd rather he do nothing than blindly ban things without understand and wholly agreeing to the logic behind it.
>>3609 go and have a hugbox somewhere else faggot, I'm not having this place turn into another /vg/
Open file (306.05 KB 500x344 tenor (5).gif)
>>3620 >then he can be influenced by bad actors. I'd rather he do nothing than blindly ban things without understand and wholly agreeing to the logic behind it. What if he's considered you already a bad actor because you haven't logically argued your proposal with proper definitions to understand your proposition? Could it be you're the illogical arguer not even Tenicu wants to maintain?
Open file (441.60 KB 1546x561 brave_tRJ5wC8jxS.png)
>>3620 >bad actors yeah like the torpedo having a fit over wojacks.
>>3622 >What if he's considered you already a bad actor because you haven't logically argued your proposal with proper definitions to understand your proposition? Yeah, I believe that was the point I just made. >>3623 Once again, that is what I literally just said.
Open file (19.13 KB 500x377 CUntH0TW4AAM5H1.jpg)
>>3624 I think you misunderstand me. I'm calling you a bad actor for being a giant faggot that runs around /meta/ and /v/ crying about memes while acting so smugly thinking a BO needs your input at all. Fuck off back to wherever you came from.
>>3625 I understood you fine. And from the BO's perspective of being ignorant about these sorts of things I could very well be a bad actor. Which is why I said I'd rather him just do nothing. I'll still entertain people's arguments about the topic either way.
Open file (1.38 MB 498x463 tenor (6).gif)
>Time: 02/06/2020 (Thu) 12:55:45 >BO closed a report for post >>>/v/14335 on thread >>>/v/4470
Open file (110.35 KB 592x862 Peekman Red.jpg)
Why was my vidya dreams thread deleted?
>>3680 Because it has a thread specifically designed for this >>>/v/1118 I also assume low quality. Now let's hope >>>/v/14476 can find the original thread and self delete his.
>>3681 Can we get a fucking meta thread on the board itself so this larping retard stops speaking from authority?
>>3692 No one has any authority except for me at this moment, so just disregard them. Besides, I made a thread here so IDs can be seen, also I don't want the PPH to be blown up by shit like this.
>>3680 Your thread was off-topic in my opinion, because it looks like it was a breeding ground for blogposting to ensue. If you made a thread about games you liked, and how you would improve on their mechanics then you can talk about here >>>/v/13455 And no lewd threads, you have boards here for that.
>>3746 It's pretty normal for boards to have threads that ride the edge of off-topic to keep things interesting. Discussions about video game news can easily veer into borderline off-topic political discussions. There's nothing particularly wrong with organic off-topic discussions, and there's nothing inherently off-topic about a video game dreams thread. You're preemptively deciding that it may or may not be more likely to veer into organic off-topic discussions, and that's kind of silly. Especially so on a board that is already very slow to begin with. I find it a little odd that you're so concerned about a thread potentially not sticking to raw mechanical video game topics while being so lenient on things like people spamming cuckchan shit that is 100% guaranteed to annoy the fuck out of people and get them talking about meta issues every single time. And there's no reason to give a fuck if the PPH are artificially inflated. It's a meaningless number. Your ID is different from the OP, and might even change in the future.
>>3747 Yeah, but I don't see any longetivity on a thread about dreams in the short term, also I don't mind off-topic discussion as long as it doesn't completely derail itself. >so lenient on things like people spamming cuckchan shit that is 100% guaranteed to annoy the fuck out of people Just ignore it, I've been looking at threads and while there was some minor derailment some of it doesn't warrant a delete. I rarely give out bans since I know some people could easily bypass them.
>>2485 The differences are in part because 8kunt uses a period of 3 days for its stats, while the webring uses 1 day. However I still agree with the fake stats since even ~200 IPs is way too high when compared to the actually activity that you see.
>try to post about games that are fun when drunk >locked thread There's like a page and a half tops of actual threads but some puritan faggot locks a fun thread probably because some idiot elitist prick thinks it isn't vidya or some stupid shit even though the thread is exclusively about video games. Who's the rulecuck and what's your fucking problem?
>>3770 I just wanted some clarification, because I didn't know what the topic was.
>>3770 this better be resolved, smells like rulecuck faggotry
>>3770 >>3772 Hey, what's a game you can play while in physical enemy territory? Fuck David Rockefeller btw.
>>3770 >lol i'm so drunk dude thread Go to 420chan if you want that shit. Only faggots brag about their drug use. Not sure it should have been locked rather than letting anons bully you out though.
>>3771 Looks to be about games that are fun to play when you've been drinking. >>3773 Hide n seek >>3774 >this post >not sure if it should be rulecucked gb2 facebook if you want rules making you into a cuckold, faggot weakling.
Open file (1.11 MB 498x280 tenor (6).gif)
>>3776 Then let's play You hide, and I seek. Drunk posting while lamenting your loss isn't allowed. You do have >>>/v/1118 to ask, or do you need a kike to tuck you in your laments?
>>3770 >>3774 >>3776 If this >>>/v/14581 was the thread in question then it was shit. Though it could have been bumplocked instead of locked.
>>3779 >Drunk posting while lamenting your loss isn't allowed. Source? Last I checked the thread got unrulecucked.
Open file (850.80 KB 480x264 af0238dda9ea3fe0.mp4)
>>3782 I wonder why that is🤔
>>3779 what is this post >>3780 >I don't like don't care faggot
Open file (23.71 KB 600x560 languages2019.png)
Open file (197.23 KB 1077x490 top10elangs.png)
>BO closed a report for thread >>>/v/14924 Does this mean we can make official language threads? 'Cause I'm ready to post Chink/Mandarin learning threads. It's a triple win scenario.
>>3832 You know I've been wondering about (((you))). >constantly hovers over board logs >pretends to be vol/BO >shows up in every long running /v/ thread that gets posts here and demands BO close it/OP take it to a general thread/OP to make his own board >probably the same (((anon))) that spammed wojaks >probably the same (((anon))) that constantly goes on about board culture What's your problem? Your actions seem like something a certain kike would do. You have the attitude of someone that had vol/admin powers in the past. Your actions are clearly designed to spook new users of the board. You attempt to blend in as someone just bullying newfags but there is obviously something more to it. If you don't like how the /v/ is run go request a board yourself. You keep yelling about everything not being video games but aside from the GG threads and furry dumps most of the generals on kike/v/ were alright. I just find it really odd that you take issue with every thread that gets posted to the point that you'd spend all your time yelling at the anons that post them and bothering the BO with it. Why not leave it alone and let them deal with it on their own time? The BO is pretty active and doesn't over moderate. The BO doesn't attention whore all day or use a capcode every time they post. Things are pretty good at the moment. If I'm wrong about you attempting to drive anons away on purpose then the only other thing you could be is someone with a case of autism far beyond what is normal around here. I only notice you in the situations mentioned above though so I doubt that's what it is. A normal anon would be easy to spot discussing other things and since your posting style is so unique I know you aren't posting on other boards aside from the Cakejew thread on /cow/. Whatever it is you should consider fucking off and lurking for awhile. You're more of a problem than the threads you claim aren't vidya. The nip thread is related to vidya because a lot of vidya is in nip since they produce so much of it and a lot of anons don't want to play translated versions due to how shit they've become with the PC culture we're living in. No one wants to play chinkshit and no one wants to learn the bug language.
Open file (496.46 KB 500x363 [Shitposting loudly].gif)
>>3748 >Just ignore it This is a poor philosophy for a board /v/'s size. Shitposters are proportionally more influential on smaller boards. >didn't warrant bans Sure, but does it warrant deletion? I think obvious derailment should at least get the posts cleaned up if they contain no worthwhile information and aren't related to the thread topic. >>3833 >wojaks Yeah, that was him. You missed the part where he accuses everyone who ever disagrees with him of samefagging. >someone with a case of autism far beyond what is normal around here Yep. You can check the fighting game thread to see more of his autism. I'm past the point of caring about it, because he just IP hops for every handful of posts and he's been doing this for a couple years now. I suspect he's an underageb& faggot who enjoys arguing on the internet.
>>3832 >Chink/Mandarin If you're going to learn bugspeak at least learn Cantonese. It's what they speak in Hong Kong and most of the non-shit chinatowns.
>>2317 People are attracted by activity and mark/v/ has "chatter" threads like LOL, Drawfag, #GG. Even if you don't play a specific game or genre of, there's still some amount of chatter that takes place.
>>3880 That's one of the reasons /sp/ back in the day had such a big success, nothing happened outside the weekends and people made very tangentially related threads to chatter around. Every good boards needs one or two but having 3 or 4 is just shitposting galore, especially when off-topic completely like LOL, Webms, Drawfags being asked porn, #GG being subverted once more again with consent postures, and so on. Anyone using mark/v/ actively is nigger cattle anyway, it is a sad state of affairs but non-nigger cattle anons were always a minority, but nowadays they are also demoralized to post enough to maintain a synergy. But there's not even games to discuss.
>>3881 That's why I'm kind of annoyed with the BO deleting threads because he thinks they might not spark "on-topic" discussion. While I think it's done with the best of intentions the reality is that sometimes people are just going to want to talk about off-topic shit on a centralized board with people that have similar hobbies. This notion goes way back and even Moot explained it quite well himself with his water cooler analogy back in the day. I think the LOL threads are little too obnoxious, but the "gamer gate" threads about loosely vidya/internet culture news aren't too bad for a contained chatter thread. I don't know, maybe it's improper to treat a thread like a pseudo-chat room. That's something I probably would have said in the past, but I do yearn for it sometimes I have to admit. And /cow/ sure seems to enjoy it.
>>3882 >ID These should be tor posts?
>>3883 Hidden service test
>>3882 Although i agree with the BO on his stance, truth is there's no other kind of thread that allows/justifies off-topic routes. My guess would be a kind of "News" thread discussing the past week's events, but there's always one anon in particular that makes a hellbent to shill against it, i don't remember his reasons so i will not say anything against them, but a GG thread is dangerous, for one we are in a board created by one of their internet "enemies", second they became their "enemies" because GG degraded itself so much it's not even close to their original iteration, it's homosexual drama mixed with subvert attempts and twp or three lonely guys these days, installing one of those threads around here would be simply hitting a dead horse infested with its soy drinking maggots. BO is against the idea but as far as i remember he was also not given a viable solution, at least one i remember, the cyclical or iterative news thread never came into fruition for some reason, i think it would be a great place to delve a little into off-topic shenanigans while also always being fed with recurrent events so to return its denizens to on-topic commentary (announcements, studio controversies/shutdowns, critical receptions, etc). It could be made once or twice a month.
>>3886 I don't care for the GG label. I've never really understood any of it or the need for the label instead of just "general news fuckery thread". The go to argument will always be to just go make your own board if you want a cafe style chatter thread, and that argument isn't without merits. But I do think we could have a mostly video game related news cyclical thread that facilitates both the chatter and relatively on topic discussions. Virtually every other big board has these. /a/, cakekikes /v/, /cow/. Not that something being a big board means it's necessarily good. Obviously most people despise cakekikes /v/. But I do think it's not the worst idea in the world to have a version of /a/'s cafe and cakekikes/v/'s various chatter threads, as well as /cow/'s jewtube cyclical.
>>3887 >instead of just "general news fuckery thread" Because the label implied homo drama, what's so hard to understand that? if it was called general news most people would've posted there. >cyclical thread I agree with your points but cyclicals always rub the wrong way, no decent way to achieve them and it can be hard to follow at times. All 3 comparisons are flawed at some extend (a banbot, a jew and total mayhem) but it can be achievable if handled right, which means a weekly/monthly umbrella news thread. Let's see if the BO notices us.
>>3888 Cyclicals certainly have their draw backs but the alternative if the thread is too active would mean having potentially multiple bump locked news thread up at a time considering how slow the rest of the board generally is. There are currently 5 bump locked goymer gayte threads on cakes/v/ at the moment. I don't really see a more apt use for a cyclical thread than a chatter and news posting thread.
>>3880 >>3882 >>>/v/1118 was created for chatter. BO, next thread, please make it cyclical. >>3886 I'm the owner of gghq here, while your autism amuses me, you're actually welcome to use the board. >>3887 Autism. >>3888 > if the BO notices us. I contacted him yesterday to look at the thread here, he frequents when he can. I'm sure he's busy & sleeping at the time of posting.
>>3892 >your autism amuses me Quite the statement coming from the BO of GGHQ. But yes, i will lurk there to get more info because i do get nostalgic remembering that winter of '14. By the way, where is it? i don't see it in the webring, as gghq anyways.
>>3892 >Autism. What does this have to do with my post?
>>3894 It's purposely omitted from the webring's listing, like many others boards. >>3895 Gamergate in a nutshell: autism.
>>3887 >But I do think we could have a mostly video game related news cyclical thread that facilitates both the chatter and relatively on topic discussions No we can't, it's always 100% devolves into meta drama shit and not video games discussion. No exceptions. >Virtually every other big board has these. /a/, cakekikes /v/, /cow/ who gives a fuck
>>3882 See, this is the guy i told you >>3907 Always comes out to shit over news thread even when we haven't done those in years. He's like the niggerpill guy, but more subtle.
>>3886 >>3887 I don't mind a News thread, I just don't like what GG has become. I've said that I don't mind the style of one that is akin to smug/vg/'s, where you post the news with the archive link and some valid discussion. I really hate when people keep on saying the same shit when the industry has been like this for quite some time. If you want the GG flavor, then I would suggest that you post on >>>/gamergatehq/ and make it more active. Example: https://smuglo.li/vg/res/502.html >>3892 I'll make the next /any/ thread cyclical. I mean I have let certain off-topic threads stay on the board to be used as a "chatter" thread just to see how much they changed the board overall. From seeing how it didn't change too much, I would allow only one but it will be cyclical since the discussion would not be anything signifigcant.
>>3907 >it's always 100% devolves into meta drama shit and not video games discussion No it hasn't. >No exceptions. Luciano? >who gives a fuck I do, fag. >>3910 So can one of us make a news thread and have the posting guidelines in the OP, then? >cyclical /any/ thread I'm against this. Cyclical threads are always trash magnets, and I don't see what benefits a cyclical thread would have over just remaking the thread every couple months.
>>3913 I would say that is the best way to do a News Thread, and I guess making that a cyclical could lead to it being a cesspool. However, that mostly depends on the posters since the coop cyclical is doing just fine but the two have different goals in mind.
>>3914 >that mostly depends on the posters Fair point, and I suppose I don't have a problem with it then. If you wanted to make it that way, then I won't oppose it; I'm still used to kike/v/ and cuckchan crossposters shitting up anything like that.
>>3918 gghq owner here: Yeah, they are multi site crossposters with autism. All they care is to inflame and and settle into power they don't have in real life. So they take their dissatisfactions across imageboards regardless your leanings and biases. If 8chan people were smart, they'd even know the real names of the gooners by now. But they keep looking for enemies that aren't there. It's pure unadulterated autism.
>>3919 Not sure why you felt the need to mention your identity along with that post.
>>3923 Because I'm demonstrating: -I mean no harm -I've been here for a long time -I'm none from either camps. You're welcome to use gghq so long as you follow the rules. It's another of saying: "Ok, not them, but welcome aboard."
Reposting this at the behest of another anon. Codemonkey finally decided to come out and explain a couple things of important things regarding why he's been so silent/twatter-heavy, what the fuck Project Odin is, and re-iterate about migration. The discussion is still ongoing if you wanna throw your own questions at him. https://8kun.top/v/res/16840914.html http://archive.is/155VK
>>3941 Oh wow, great minds think alike >>>/cow/31902 Imhop, please keep discussion of Ron's website in his cow thread. This is julay/v/'s meta, and we have zero affiliation. The notice is welcomed although. Seems Robi was never going to be able to compete anyways: https://gitgud.io/rb/MultiScraper Archived you the JSON of that thread.
>>3941 >Iron palm skills >Without applying dit da jow Another gweilo hits the wall, literally
>>3941 I know this is a BS excuse because I actually suffer from the same thing and using a phone is more painful than a keyboard. He'll ride this excuse for awhile before coming up with another one. They're just spooked because they aren't seeing as many people return as they thought they would by now and the idea of anons taking control of their own boards by making their own websites terrifies them. Imagine if the idea of the webring caught on with nip anons and they all abandoned Jim. Several /tech/ anons offered to help them for free months ago but that bridge has been burned by now. If he was really suffering from medical problems that prevented him from programming they would have taken that help when offered or hired another developer. He's just lazy, and a shit tier programmer, and like all of those I've met he's coming up with an excuse for why it has taken him so long to deliver. Why are anons cutting him so much slack when they roasted Josh for the same thing?
>>3941 Are hapa genes really this pathetic? How old is this guy and he has cripple arthritis? Between him and Marks disgusting subhuman kike genes half of 8glow's staff is going to keel over within the year.
>>3944 I forgot to mention: If he were really in pain there are several ways to mitigate it. You can buy or build a keyboard to help with it. The proper mechanical switches do wonders because you aren't constantly bottoming out the keyboard. If the layout is the problem that can be dealt with too by simply re-mapping keys or building a custom layout. Switching from a mouse to a trackball really helps as well. He hasn't explored these options because he's >shit tier programmer/dev >probably doesn't suffer from the problems in the first place. Ron is the retard that knows how to install Windows and has his Dad convinced he's a genius. Anyone with boomer parents knows how easily impressed they are when it comes to /tech/.
>>3944 >Why are anons cutting him so much slack when they roasted Josh for the same thing? Probably because those anons aren't around anymore
>>3943 >>3944 >>3946 >>3941 >>>/cow/13388 or >>>/b/1759 This isn't 8kun/v/'s meta.
>>3944 >Why are anons cutting him so much slack when they roasted Josh for the same thing? 8kun is comprised entirely of cuckchan cross-posters and normalfags. The people "cutting them slack" literally started going on 8chan within the last 2 years when a bunch of jewtubers namedropping the site sky rocketed the PPH. This is all cuckchan cross-posters care for, PPH. They will accept any cost as long as PPH increases. People in the 8kun gamer gate thread were unironically trying to come up with ways to advertise the site to cuckchan users so they could get high PPH. They're fucking addicted to the dopamine of non-stop (You)'s and legitimately believe that 30-50 PPH is a slow board. Honestly at first it was entertaining seeing how fucking horrible 8kun ended up being, but now I'm getting kind of worried it's going to remain so utterly garbage that they cuckchan niggers will migrate here and spread their cancer. Reminder to never fucking namedrop julay or the webring on 8kun if any of you are retarded enough to actively post there.
>>3950 Stop shilling your shitty thread, fag. >>3951 Couldn't have said it better myself. Hopefully the webring's slow speed will prove an effective deterrent.
>>3950 Your thread is off-topic considering it's on /cow/ so I wouldn't make a habit or telling other what to do, faggot. >>3951 That makes sense. The GG thread seemed filled to the brim with reddit the few times I've lurked it. It's at most 10 people replying to each other all day and using it as a chat room. Ironic that they shit on that /cow/ thread since they're both the same thing.
>>3953 >Hopefully the webring's slow speed will prove an effective deterrent. It always does. Just the other day some cuckchanner made a thread here on /v/ crying how it was super ded.
>>3955 >cuckchanner made a thread Is that the same cuckchanner that's on 8kun saying julay/v/ is filled to the brim with wojack/cuckchan posting? Anyone notice how that poster fucked off after he got bullied like the last 5-6 times someone suddenly appeared and the posts they made were cited in the GG thread as a reason not to use the board here?
>>3951 Can i namedrop it in a board with less than 5 guys?
>>3953 Go to the /b/ thread then. >>3954 Don't cry when this thread gets cleaned. >>3955 Thread >>>/v/15429 IIRC. It was 4am unwelcomed tier garbage. Good riddance.
>>3956 Who knows, but most likely just some stray cuckchanner who got here after someone namedropped julay. He saw that PPH was lower than 200, which meant the board was ded to him. That's why you never namedrop.
>>3957 Criticism against 8kun posters is obviously mostly aimed at the core top boards. Of course namedropping the webring in an incredibly small and niche board isn't likely to invite cancer here, since people accustomed to small boards clearly aren't addicted to PPH. Use your best judgement, but no one here is interested in an active advertisement campaign for the webring. It's plenty active already.
>>3941 >obvious bs excuses >using smileys in an imageboard >le sad le wrist hurt give me your pity >took half a year to finally start giving replies to (some of the) simple questions that they should've answered without anyone asking >people are actually siding with this guy and patting him in the ass like he's the goodest little goy
>le sad le wrist hurt give me your pity >took half a year to finally start giving replies to (some of the) simple questions that they should've answered without anyone asking yes i puked too.
Open file (115.94 KB 384x288 ap in vf.png)
What are your thoughts about making the QTDDTOT / /any/ thread a sticky? I noticed that /v/ is slowly being filled up with threads that really don't serve much of a purpose and can fit more easily in the /any/ thread. With the slowly growing population of julay, I feel that making the /any/ thread a sticky would reduce the amount of pointless threads.
>>3970 I would see there's some practical use by doing that, but iirc the last time that happened it was getting derailed. So, I will experiment that again during the weekend and see how that goes.
So why was the Pleasant Games thread deleted? Because it was getting derailed by that one fag or because you think it should have been in /any/?
>>3972 Because it wasn't curated high IQ quality discussion thread with an official admin stamp of approval, this is basic /v/ common sense. Everything else must go into either /any/ or /b/.
>>3972 Just looking through the thread, and it was kind of redundant at its core. Recommending games based on what feelings were invoked from you playing can be applied to the Recommendation thread itself or, more accurately, the /any/ thread.
>>3974 Threads made in good faith but seem redundant should be locked and have a post explaining the reason as to why it's been locked and an opportunity to dispute it on /meta/, like the Miranda rights. If there are no disputed within a certain time frame or if it's clear that discussion has moved, undiluted, to another thread, then the thread in question can be deleted.
>>3974 Oh fuck, here we go, this is how rulecuckery starts. Now BO starts to decide which threads are "redundant", approved, not up to standards, not up to rule 45.4 etc... Fuck off with this no fun allowed hugbox shit. You job is to delete spam and blatant off topic. Everything else stays. If the thread is shit, it will be mocked and not posted in perfectly fine without rulecuckery enforced.
>>3979 What the fuck was fun about talking about how games make you (((feelz)))? And you didn't consider that a shit thread to begin with that needed to be mocked? What's wrong with order? Fun for me would be a thread talking about which games have Valentine themes. But then again I (((feel))) like that's a question, so I would use >>>/v/1118 for that. The griefing thread isn't fun too?
>>3978 I'll actually take that into consideration from now on since that would be a better protocol than just outright deleteing threads based on my judgement.
>>3982 At the very least archive them or move to >>>/b/
>>3980 >What's wrong with order? Nothing wrong with it, but deletion of content should only be based on if said content is rulebreaking, spam, or illegal rather than because it's perceived to be redundant as it could go in the recommendation thread, which I believe it it couldn't because it wasn't a recommendation thread, or the /any/ thread, which I didn't think was appropriate as it's for "inane shit" as written in the OP. It might've been inane shit after all based on some of the reactions, but if that's so, it'd have been better to lock it so I could have had the opportunity to dispute it. >>3982 Thanks.
>>3984 Well, if you (((feel))) strongly about that opinion and want to dispute it, I urge you to make the question on >>>/v/1118 or a >>>/b/ thread of it's own, or both. I'll remove myself from it because for (((feelings))) I have my cat.
>>3980 >>3991 >(((feel)z)) >(((feel))) >(((feel))) >(((feelings))) That's not what triple parentheses are used for.
>>4174 Please teach me how to use (((parenthesis))).
>>4175 >spoonfeed me
>>4176 Back to (((TOR))) now? Please edumacate me, I'm a special needs (((identificator))).
>>4177 No ones taking the bait anon. This is getting boring.
>>4178 Good, clean up your thread >>>/v/16199 I'm letting you 11 hours and 28 minutes to correct yourself, and future duplicate threads.
>>4174 damn, jonah hill shreddin
>>4179 Don't you get tired of the same routine? Larp as a mod/BO on /meta/, constantly link people to your shitty /b/ threads and demand people stop talking about things you don't like, it's all so tiresome by this point. At least mix things up a bit or try to be interesting enough that your antics are entertaining. Even the dolphin pedophile went the extra mile and put effort into his autism. You're just really lame dude.
>>4181 I'm am indeed tired of your same antics of making the problem, requesting for solutions, only to profit later of your attempts to disrupt peace. Don't you have games to play tonight other than imageboard flamewars? I'm at hope playing KOFXIV. Whatchu playing?
>>3979 This Very disappointing You don't need to curate every fucking thread If it's spam or seriously off topic, delete Anything else can live or die by how many people feel the need to take part Don't go down this retarded road
>>>/v/16199 This seems like an obvious duplicate thread, but I will hear the OP out on how this thread is different from the previous thread despite the topic in of itself makes sense to be in the original?
>>4188 1. Is the boomer a moderator? >>>/v/16280 2. One thread is supposed to be more about the actual games. For 200 posts, the other thread was about the Linux platform itself.
>>4179 That isn't me. Nice job having a meta on a different board where you can't properly correlate users.
>>4190 He's not one, so you shouldn't listen to him. Well, since you answered and I've seen that the original thread is more /tech/-oriented and wasn't getting that much activity until recently. I guess I could archive it, and let yours be the new one. Who knows how much different it would be in the first place.
>>4192 Don't be too fervent about duplicate discussions. Let the topics branch out. We don't need a stagnant catalog where months old threads persist on the bottom.
>>4193 I just wonder how OPs would feel if their months threads were replaced by newer ones. Will discussion pan out?
>>4194 >I just wonder how OPs would feel if their months threads were replaced by newer ones. >Will discussion pan out? In my opinion it's a terrible idea and a case of overmoderation. To make my point independently of the "duplicate" threads rule, there's the problem of an old thread having some dozens of posters that were originally following it now suddenly dealing with a thread that disappeared. You can even disagree about the threads being duplicates. One is obviously about platforms and fence sitters anons (a debate to decide how to configure a system), and the other is about anons already on a platform and playing games.
>>3692 >>3744 You'd really want a rule against "backseat moderation" or an equivalent "not shitting up threads you don't like" rule. At least mark/v/ has one and the problem is nigh non-existent there.
Oh yeah, I made some peaceful outreach today in case anyone wants to talk about >>>/gamergatehq/12 I told gg their autism isn't welcomed on /v/, but they can sperg in my board. In case it filters over, I apologize in advance.
>>4202 Whoops, forgot to sign
>>4203 Ah, namefield doesn't work here too, np.
And the actual 8kun https://archive.vn/ksRRo
>>4198 fuck off mark
>>4202 >advertising the webring on 8glow Gamer gate autism once again proving to be absolute fucking cancer.
>>4212 I actually did a good job this time of not linking the website URL on both sites, it would take modicum intellect to know it has to be here instead. Though, I cannot stop what google, slate, some german news site, and cuckchanners are already done. This was partly done for autism and peaceful relations. Remember why Julay was created in the first place!
>>4213 There's no reason to even mention the webring on 8glow anymore. >Remember why Julay was created in the first place! Somehow I doubt you know why julay was actually created.
>>4206 It is not that hard to: >have a rule where faggots can't shitpost a thread they don't like nor pretend to be moderation >have a few basic rules outlined like no template threads, spam, threads with incomplete sentences, and so forth >only apply thread deletions, (bump)locking, and so forth only when a thread is violating a rule >not try to curate the board such as but not including implicitly adding a bunch of invisible rules out of preference >not try to establish which thread out of two similar ones is the one to have around This is what cakekike at least does.
>>4214 That's the thing, I haven't mentioned the webring, only that they are welcome to use my board. And I kinda already said why, but let read your thoughts.
>>4213 >I actually did a good job this time At name dropping julay on /v/eech ? Nigger, go back at working on zeronet.
Just letting you anons know that captchas have been temporarily activated since there's botspam on the board.
>>4218 I'm glad you responded so quickly. The /animu/ bunker had at least forty or fifty posts in each thread before the spam stopped.
>>4202 >>4213 Kill yourself. >post last edited by AcidKike Wait a minute, are you actually AcidMan?
>>4219 Are you a regular or mod or owner of prolikewoah? And do you know of any other sites that were spammed?
>>4215 >it's not that hard to be completely and utterly rulecucked kys mark
>>4205 fucking lol the ad at the top
Open file (1.36 MB 1398x2816 79440946_p0.jpg)
Converse with BO about what we assume is obvious shitstirring by CakeJew & his goon, while allowing him the opportunity to clarify himself: https://archive.vn/TrZgf https://archive.vn/xZiTF Hopefully he notices our struggles and finally shows us grace. If not, well, I can say we tried.
>>4254 Such a small board and now trying to scheme some shitty merch for shekels already. Who would have thought lmfao.
>>4332 >https://archive.vn/TrZgf >"Keep in mind Ron has arthritis, meaning he's literally working in pain. Maybe we can set up a live stream on DLive or some shit to resolve issues anons have. This way there's more communication between ron and the userbase." >LITERALLY Imagine being this low energy, should just pop a pain med and go back to work like everyone else, what a little bitch.
Open file (728.78 KB 1536x2048 79580753_p0.jpg)
So far he's denying involvement, I'm giving him the opportunity to rectify this once and for all. https://archive.vn/wUB5u https://archive.vn/MRgkf
So far 8gooners are denying involvement, blaming hirocuck, and celebrating some >>>/k/ users for leaving julay >>>/k/10178 I'm not taking anything to chance.
>>4432 I'm not sure why activeshooter deleted my post on /k/, but here's gamergate celebrating their return https://archive.md/U2GqK
>>4432 >>4435 Sorry, someone had posted some phishing shit 10 minutes before your post and I was on alert. You can post it again if you'd like.
>>4437 No troubles, I figured it was something like that after I read GG gloating. You can repost it if you want and let your users know. I'm dealing with similar issues in >>>/v/ because we are tired of whomever is spamming both our boards. If Mark makes an announcement on his board, I'm satisfied dealing with this ultimatum.
>>4438 >8kunt /k/ posting is lower than julay >half of it is people complaining about spergkraut on julay
>>4432 First /n/ got spammed, mainly for an eternal leaf rule but still, and now /k/ for its defacto political containment threads. No sir, i don't like this, smells bad.
>>4439 Yeah, I was just curious about what GG thought of my ultimatum to find those posts their archived thread. Saw something similar to that when blockchan's main github repo was flagged down. >>4440 Same, why we went over to IRC to talk about it. My theory is a third party that hates political discussions, since even Mark&goons are denying involvement, like the German shooter. I'm fine with baiting and trolling, but not spam.
>>4440 /n/ got spammed to free the lolis, toutatis took over, do you have any complaint about it?
>>4442 no not at all, but it got very heavy handed by some parties
Come on Mark, you can do it, stand up against making conflict against Julay, I know you can do it! https://archive.vn/gzLga https://archive.ph/yd3Aw
>>3502 >>3501 Line 16, view-source:https://archive.is/bRwqY Dunno if .today can externally reference the 8chan harmony.css
Rot in hell.
Open file (811.40 KB 1314x892 Bonegoblin_JUST.png)
>>4763 >>4764 Lmao, >>>/cow/11890 I'm still laughing at 8coomers' hypocrisy: https://archive.fo/KyEIL
Open file (720.34 KB 818x900 laughingdemons.png)
>>4763 >>4764 Oh no, that sucks!
>>4763 >>4764 How is this fucking fat nigger related to /v/? I'd half-understand cakekike drama since he runs a competing /v/, but this guy is completely unrelated.
>>4775 It's bad jim, really bad https://archive.fo/dySd9
>>4775 New here?
>>4780 Nobody is new here, but we both don't want to see cripple autism on a /v/ meta. This isn't Cake's cult. You have a wonderful thread to sperg how a cripple has wronged you >>>/cow/11890 What, does the cripple now play videogames? Is he doing a Let's play were we can talk about how fat a Free Mason has gotten?
>>4781 >Bashing or giving breaking news about the Stalewheels is being a Kike worshipper I really did miss something or you are being hyperbolic. The meta thread serves as a technical ground and also a place for meta discussion Taking into account the old place had its identity crafted directly when the crippled sucker explicitly invited /v/ i think a mention of his demise is worth the space.
>>4781 Dumbass
>>4784 You can break the news even in >>>/n/ you excuse of sperm. Show me a single reason a fucking wizardchan usurper should be given an gram of attention if he did jack shit for /v/ if not for capitalizing profit. >>4787 Edumacate me dropout.
>>4793 >Kiketires did nothing for /v/ But he was instrumental in allowing Mark to ruin it for years, ensuring that one day it'll totally come back better than ever! Or not.
>>4794 I'm done conversing this ridiculous candor: If you weren't retarded as fuck, instead of 8ch, you would have made your own fucking IB in any free software available, including lynxchan which was available well before 2013, and 8chan.co would have never had the influx and notoriety that it got. But no, you were retarded enough to be led by two kikes, and be fiddled along. You, yes you, have yourself to blame for allowing the kikes to win you over, because you let them lead you Blame yourself (((Mark))) and (((Fredrick))) will forever be a piece of your memory, instead of how you actually liberated /v/ on your own, and took down the DHS terrorist warrant. How about you sod off yourself, retard fuck.
Honestly, I would like the blobwheels stuff to be on >>>/n/ rather >>>/v/ since it fits better on that board where the developments could be made on-the-spot. As I said before, /v/ is a video game board not a place to gossip about who did what. There are other boards for that like /cow/, /gamergatehq/, and more. But, anons don't wanna use them for their intended purposes and rather make reaction threads to rank in pitiful (You)'s.
>>4796 Thank you for expressing exactly how I feel. But recall, these fucks are 3rd world migrants with no economic or technical education, they think IBs exist out of thin air out of the goodness of their hearts. And videogames aren't skinnerboxes meant to hole them up forever. I guess I "reacted in bad faith" presuming the fodders have the capacity to even behave themselves, they can't even hold a controller calmly. Guess they won't NEETBUX julay.world either. They'll cry (((but some kike touched me this way))) in next morning.
>>4795 Imagine sperging out this much because I said 8/v/ was shit. Holy fuck. >sod off Eurocuck.
Tons of kike enablers round these parts
Just letting you know that I migrated two threads to /b/, due to their off-topic nature. >>>/b/2077 >>>/b/2022
Edited last time by Muses on 03/01/2020 (Sun) 12:12:43.
Just deleted some posts in >>>/v/18366 since they're off-topic with just greentext and buzzwords. I failed to create an archive of the thread, so you have to take my word on it.
Deleted an off-topic thread archive: http://archive.vn/jQ64d
Deleted an off-topic thread archive: http://archive.vn/FYPZl
>>5038 >I failed to create an archive of the thread Seriously? It takes less than a minute to copy-paste the URL into archive.md, and every time you forget to do it it makes your track record worse.
>>4763 >Blobwheels actually thought that if he pretended to be the soyest soy ever (((they))) will let him off the hook All dwarfs are retards
>>5133 Yeah, I understand. Deleted a thread for spam/off-topic archive: http://archive.vn/aoLSZ
we 19k now notto baddo if I do say so myself cakekike forever btfo
Open file (1.40 MB 1080x1080 1450933534019-1.gif)
>>5161 T-that means nothing
Why the fuck are you spoiling something that isn't porn or even nudity? >>>/v/19086 What is this, +16 forum or something. Autistic as fuck.
>>5244 If you read the logs, I didn't spoil the image in fact it was probably the poster himself. That, however, doesn't have to do with the recent incident with /ara/. Deleted these two threads for blog-posting: http://archive.md/ltMWp http://archive.md/j8oRm
>>5248 >it was probably the poster himself well then he's a faggot in fact of course
>>5248 I didn't spoiler anything is there a vol?
>>5251 Technically, yes. However, I am the one that usually takes action on the board. Do you want me to unspoil the image? I think it would ruin the punchline of the joke, in my opinion.
>>5252 >Do you want me to unspoil the image? yes, just so whoever spoilered it felt like a retard for doing so
>Soros thread got locked on julay viday SHUT IT DOWN!
>>5275 Why is it always (1)s? Enjoy your autistic charade >>>/blog/3
>>5275 >why was my thinly veiled goobergate thread locked, waah
>>5277 >>5280 Actually is not outside the line of the usual vidya threads, and neither from the few political ones that spawned on /vg/ Why move it?
>>5281 >heh, goobergate meta politics is just like discussing mods for elder scrolls, silly goyim ni/gg/ers reaching quadruple iq digits
>>5284 Fuck off yid, videogame news is still videogames. The problem is their presentation format, either inside an umbrella thread or in their own respective thread.
>>5285 >g-goobergate is vidya news, I swear kek, you're not gonna be welcomed anywhere, cancer
>>5286 >>5287 You can shove it, but the thing is that post should've been at >>>/v/1118 in the first place instead of its own thing now that i think of it, that OP fucked it up. News is news, from any front, it's up to the user to discern intention.
>>5288 Stop trying to argue with these faggots. Julay/v/ is a safe space for pompous faggots, there's currently no good /v/ anywhere.
>>5289 There's currently no good most places anywhere to be honest, although the few ones considered good enough are on this site, along with some whipped cucks on the smaller boards in the 8. Really feel demoralized in this last year.
Once as a joke was fine, twice is stretching it >>>/v/20000 Thrice, bannable. Kimeemaru, control your users. Don't mind what >>>/rec/ has become
>>5288 >>5289 >>5290 stop talking to yourself you goddamn ni/gg/er
>>5275 >clickbaitfag's shitty oneangryfaggot shilling thread #587 got deleted and kvetches since his negro master won't get the clicks anymore lmao
>>5327 Not William, but >>>/blog/3 hasn't been deleted, it was migrated over to best board.
we 20k now
>>>/v/20254 Matches an ACF nigger: https://archive.fo/vGViu It's now all pedo goons now. >>5352 >>5366 >>>/jp/ was chastised for their GET autism, do not encourage it.
Deleted two threads for spam: http://archive.vn/KeiX9 http://archive.vn/jyjx6
>>5376 Thanks.
Why did you lock this thread? >>>/v/20305 The guy was just looking for some recs, it would have gotten a few replies and died naturally. Locking such harmless threads looks completely retarded and like rulecuckery >heh, requests only in request thread >heh, not quality enough thread Also I hope you're not this annoying faggot >>>/v/20307 that sages and whines in every thread that is not a general with an essay for an op.
>>5386 I just wanted to make sure since the format of the thread kind of reminded of the spam I was seeing, but I didn't want to delete it without anyone letting me know. Deleted for duplicate: http://archive.md/GbNa9
>>5393 Isn't a duplicate thread? >>>/v/3245
>>5394 That's debatable, but the thread is pretty much dead.
>>5395 K. I'm not complaining either way, just wondering. I do dislike this mess >>>/v/20236 Why can't autists opinionate about erogue genres instead?
BO please consider >raising the bumplock cap on threads (currently 400) >raising the amount of required characters for the OP so low IQ niggers can't post their shitty, worthless one sentence threads
>>5406 I can raise the bumplimit to 500. However, the only way to combat low-quality posters from creating threads is by lowering the hourly cap to create a thread which wouldn't change anything in my opinion, so I have to delete them.
Are they acceptability testing? https://archive.fo/SVCtG https://archive.fo/iHqGF >>5406 Disagree: Hosting night confirmations, a simple address,time,etc., should be small and low word count. Use a better client if words annoy you. -not a retard
>>5412 Yeah, just deleted them for spam. archives: http://archive.ph/WNxr6 http://archive.ph/xppaU
Edited last time by Muses on 03/13/2020 (Fri) 22:01:42.
I'm gonna need an objective definition of "quality thread" otherwise this "deleting shit threads" gimmick is subjective rulecuckery.
>>5414 I don't want redundant threads, LOL, and GG threads. A quality thread should be something that anyone is willing to contribute if they share the same interests. Lines shouldn't matter, what should matter is if it allows other anons to discuss about it. Although, it is tough for me to call something as spam or off-topic, so I try to give a chance to listen out to anyone that can defend the thread that I recently locked. I understand that anons would go off-tangent at points, but I would like to believe that eventually it would get back to the regular topics. Also, I don't try to jump in unless it is getting really bad. I close reports, because I know for the fact that 9/10 I am going to fuel the fire. It is hard for me to determine what is quality, but it is easier to determine what isn't. One-line OP's are the grey area in that, but if I see some discussion on the topic then I won't touch it. I learned from the Path of Exile thread and more, so I try to lock the thread and hear out why the thread should stay rather than just deleting threads.
Edited last time by Muses on 03/14/2020 (Sat) 12:33:44.
>>5414 >>5415 What you're describing kind of reminds me of /tg/'s policy, in that a thread should only be outright deleted/bumplocked if it's beyond salvaging, and it should only be cleaned up if the posts are getting in the way of the actual topic. If the thread has run its course (like the E3 thread which has degenerated into shitposting based on porn fetishes), then that's fine because there isn't much else to say about it and the thread will hit the bump limit soon enough. If you wanted a more consistent definition of low quality threads, then I think you could say something like: >OP contains very few topics for discussion >OP contains very little information on news or other things relevant to the topic >OP is full of spurious, impossible-to-answer questions like "why aren't there more of X game?" and nothing else >OP has nothing to do with video games or video game news >OP generally types like a nigger or social media addict If anyone sees a problem with these criteria, feel free to chime in. I'm not suggesting they be official unless at least a few other people agree.
Deleted two threads for spam: http://archive.ph/RL5Lm http://archive.vn/hePl8
Does the recent spate of shitposting and derailing in the Corona-chan thread warrant intervention? I don't think it should necessarily be deleted (because the thread has pretty much run its course, barring future developments), but it has definitely been derailed. I'm not sure if that derailment is the work of (((you-know-who))) or just natural shitposting. I hate to see the thread derailed, but I'm not sure what is the best thing to do between bumplocking or deleting the shitstirring posts.
Why the fuck was my thread locked? >>20609 Just as I was about to post more corona keks. God how I'm tired of you faggots constantly locking and deleting everything and being unable to live on the internet outside of a ruled hugbox. No matter where /v/ migrates it's always the same outcome. Those few months without BO were the best this board will probably ever experience.
I'm waiting for an answer you megafaggot
>>5524 Thank you for waiting patiently, it is simply because there are an influx of news threads that pertain to the coronavirus in vidya(sales, closing events, etc.). Now, I know there are threads on this and even a board dedicated about this topic. However, there are a lot of off-topic posts and shitflinging over pointless things. In fact, there are debates on topics that don't even try to be vidya in the broadest sense. Honestly, if the posters in that thread want to talk about religion(rather than religion being incorporated into vidya as an allegory as an example), then they could talk about it in the political/news boards or even start a religion board on here. Otherwise, I would have to cull the thread before I unlock it. Don't worry, I'm not going to ban anyone I'm just going to clean it up a little so the discussion is coherent. Additionally, the thread could be good for any updates with how the industry is reacting to a pandemic like this so what I will do from now on since this is a hot topic is make that the home base for anything related to corona affecting the industry. This goes for the users, don't forget archive links only if you are posting news articles and that is including oneangrygamer. Here's the updated archive of the thread: http://archive.md/Co8z4
>>5525 >Otherwise, I would have to cull the thread before I unlock it. Don't worry, I'm not going to ban anyone I'm just going to clean it up a little so the discussion is coherent Why do you need to lock a thread on a slowboard to delete few offtopic posts? You're making it sound like there was some spam meltdown that ramped the PPH to 3000 when in reality there are like 10 offtopic posts I counted made over a course of 12 hours maybe. Just delete those and be done with it. Or better yet don't, you as a BO need to get used to the fact that people post offtopic shit on anonymous imageboards every once in a while and there's no need to stop the presses when two fags made 10 posts about some crap. There are several threads in the catalog that have been derailed by ni/gg/ers multiple times and those posts are still there and those threads are still fine because it never goes beyond few (you)s. When there's gonna be some raid, then you lock threads. >Additionally, the thread could be good for any updates with how the industry is reacting to a pandemic like this That's exactly what it was already. And now I have to wait to post shit.
>>5526 I was actually waiting for you to make the call since I was waiting for your response on how to handle it. And yes, I do know that off-topic stuff will happen, however a factor to the increase of those is there isn't a new /any/ thread on there for a couple of weeks. So, I'll make one and put the archive for the original in the OP. I'll unlock the thread, but if it gets noticeably worse across the board, then I have no choice but to take action.
>>5527 Lol, gaggers coming here to whine instead of focusing on a topic. IMHO, I think it's really the time to archive the /any/ thread, make a new cyclical, and let them whine. There's like >>>/c/, >>>/n/, >>>/b/, even >>>/k/ wants to talk about pandemic events affecting their niches. >>>/v/ doesn't really need their "updates", it affects everyone, especially >>>/sci/ & >>>/med/ Too bad /v/tards are too retarded to conclude their corporations have no interest in supporting their cows. And no William, I specifically requested BO to maintain the thread until you reousted yourself, thrice. Your autism needs discipline.
>>5529 >I specifically requested BO Why are you so obsessed with this lie?
>>5320 I don't think you understand, you see my GETs are part of a sting operation to catch nefarious agents who are trying to co-opt julay. By advocating for rulecuckery you have made the mistake of alerting these bad actors to my operation. Your family will be contacted soon by my sanitization team to prevent further outbursts. Please understand next time that I cannot have any dissent on this board so I am afraid I will have to silence you and replace you with a schizophrenic homeless man that I picked up near your section 8 housing block. Have a safe and secure day citizen.
Open file (39.80 KB 510x413 104803_0~2.jpg)
>>5544 Whatever happened to https://sportschan.org/2hu/? Anyhow, sitewide GETism is considered spam since dawn. It's completely unwelcomed. If you want, request a >>>/GET/ board or make your own imageboard welcoming your spam. >>>/v/22361 No, your GETism has never been fine, and it will never be. You're welcome to shitpost and enjoy your threads, but your spam will be deleted and removed, unanimously. >entire threads filled with basado, cope, incel, have sex, cuckime/tranime and wojak/pepe I consider to be spam, take a look yourself if you really wonder why post quality has took a deep dive in recent times I'll gift you a favor. List me every single post you presume is spam, and BO will determine on his own if he will delete them. Bait and shitposting isn't spam. A "based, cope, incel, have sex, etc." while staying on topic is quite literally banter/shitposting you'll have to deal with it.
>>5548 >sitewide Now, that's just being dishonest right there. Just want to make official that GETs are fine by me, despite my opinion on them.
Open file (16.88 KB 320x180 mqdefault.jpg)
>>5549 How is it dishonest? Since the site began GETism has always been discouraged. Both former BOs and UNIVAC delete and banned it upfront. I'm fine with them if they stay on topic and aren't just spam. Like the 1488, 666, 616, 777 observations, but it's blatant predicting when a number is up next in an incremental IB indexer. Like I've said, I don't mind their spam in their >>>/2hu/ board as it belongs to them, but >>>/v/ isn't database observations.
>>5548 Calm down hothead >GETism (that rarely happens and when it does it's your autistic ass) is bad and wrong and kills threads >:( <but this other offtopic shitflinging that has the oppertunity to happen all the time at anytime in anythread regardless of digits is A-OK Too pusi to reply to me in that thread or are you still b&? >list me posts <BO will determine If you aren't the BO then get bent yid, he already deleted all the shit that was ruining the thread. >b8 and shitposting aren't spam B8 and shitposting are spam and they inherently create spam, If I say >hurr durr wymnz in mai vidyur and everyone replies with <quads then the thread is now filled with off topic spam AND shitposting, many people replying "based" to some candy ass post is literally filling the thread with spam whilst adding nothing to the topic at hand. >banter Americans (who make up a majority of any english speaking imageboard) literally cannot comprehend banter and comes off more as passive aggressive shitflinging, even germonies can understand banter >>5549 You tell em BO! Show that nigger who's the boss of this gym! although you should ban fags AND delete their posts so people dont make a fuss over it.
>>5551 (1) Yep, opinion ignored. Def. A cuckchan shitstirrer.
>>5552 Make that a (2). Is my opinion valid now that I have achieved (2) status?
>>5553 What's your opinion?
>>5554 Does it matter?
>>5550 I understand the concerns, but all it did was made it worse. I think I shouldn't take action when it is too early. Only when it actually gets worse should I take action.
>>5555 It should if you want to be considered an actual >>>/v/ user. >>5556 Well, you witnessed, it got worse, even after I left to do errands. All I did is point out their spam is unwelcomed, and they kept proving the point correct. Btw, can any of these IPs identify themselves? >>5545 >>5546 >>5547 The topic is GET observations are fine IF you remain on topic. We are not implying >>>/v/21363 wasn't spammed?
Open file (40.66 KB 422x317 wall.jpe)
>>5557 Is this guy a hotpocket? The issue has already been resolved and BO has already given his stance on it, no need to drag this shit out any further when you could be monitoring other threads that may be of concern. You sound like a total fag with a chip on your shoulder. >can these people identify themselves on an anonymous imageboard I hope you aren't a hotpocket. It's about time I switched to TOR anyway!
>>5558 Thanks for your nonopinion. Be a cry baby bitch elsewhere else.
Open file (274.42 KB 1597x467 untitled.png)
The caliber of poster we're dealing with is someone who waits for the derail to be deleted, then attempts to bait me into talking about him by pretending to be someone else so he has an excuse to accuse me of being Mark (as he does with absolutely fucking everyone he can't call something else), but immediately outs himself by linking back from here. (as if the posting style wasn't obvious anyway) Face it, you might as well tripfag. You're totally incapable of not glowing and it's only a matter of time before everyone recognizes every post you make anyway. At least your latent autism is funny sometimes.
>>5559 Oh vey, weird IP rotation. I'm 9783e2, I'm not afraid to discuss issues stemming from pattern elation.
Open file (117.58 KB 1024x768 P6PJ8yd.jpg)
>>5560 So pointing out you spammed a thread is now (((glowing))) material to you? I'll accuse you of being Cakejew since you keep posting your name on this thread as if anyone should praise it collectivist scum. All I did is warn BO you GETists will spam the thread you spammed twice. What's wrong with forecasting your autism?
>>5562 I know this is pointless, because as soon as you show signs of not following the conversation you'll never make sense of it, but I'll try: Pay close attention to the (You) in the screencap. Try to remember which post you're linking to there, you left a hint in your reply. That's me. Not the GET spammer or any other shithead; that guy. Now re-read my post here. Are you better informed of the context yet, so you can reply in a way that makes some kind of sense?
>>5561 >I'm not afraid to discuss issues stemming from pattern elation. I'm afraid that you are the issue and that patterns stem from your general faggotry, literally no one was spamming untill you came onto the scene and that goon got beaned for checking them. If you had just reported then moved on without replying to everyone then it would not have gotten out of hand. You fail to mention that all of the spam you cry about was directly replying to you and your asshurt. Fags naturally anticipate the next big GET so the only thing you can do is report them if they spam dubsman without replying thus adding to the shitstorm
>>5563 So, you're the schizoanon here that wants spam in >>>/v/? >>5564 Someone doesn't check the logs. Opinion forever ignored.
>>5565 are you done?
>>5566 Are you?
>>5548 >Anyhow, sitewide GETism is considered spam since dawn. No it's not. Maybe in some echochamber you lived at. Literally kill yourself. >>5548 >Bait and shitposting isn't spam. A "based, cope, incel, have sex, etc." while staying on topic is quite literally banter/shitposting you'll have to deal with it. >this spam is based banter but this other spam is not okay, I decide what is spam and not spam No, you go and overdose on horse semen. Go enforce your rulecuckery somewhere else, this isn't /vg/
>>5574 How many fresh new (1) are you going to cycle until you create your ideal imageboard where dubs spamming is king? BO cleaned out your spam, why aren't you being thankful? You can't create your own imageboard, instead, you choose to hop IBs until you find the echo chamber that cozies your autism? You think /v/ is your safespace? >rulecuckery So we're going to have problems. BO considered yesterday's derail as spam, and demonstrated he doesn't want spam in /v/. Do you agree (a) or disagree(b)?
>>5579 >>5580 >>5620 >being this new
>>5577 This, gets are toxic chan culture from back when 4chan was full of manbabies tbh, it's time to grow out of gets.
>>5638 This but unironically. Gets are okay but anything under quints is simply dubposting which is a highly misunderstood form of hivemind user moderation that became a meme or some sort of sick joke by newfags who never understood it was ironic, it's meant to shit the thread beyond repair. Anyone who checks dubs unironically, without the full intention to fuck shit up is a massive newfag who is just parroting users from back in the day messing with some OP making a silly question its own thread.
>all these obvious ni/gg/ers trying to make dubs a fucking bannable offense and discredit julay absolutely ebin >>5638 >toxic >(1) go back to reddit and kill yourself nigger >>5639 >Imagine trying so hard to fit in you used like 5 buzzwords in the same sentense stop replying to yourself
>>5640 >Everyone is the same guy >Muh buzzwords Nice try loonie, you can change the words but not the actions.
>>5577 >How many fresh new (1) are you going to cycle Do you ever think it's possible for more than one anon to call you a faggot?
>>5683 If autism can be cured.
Open file (857.50 KB 324x333 bones.gif)
>/v/ keeps getting worse What happened in the last few weeks to cause such autism? Where did this influx of goons come from? Something in the water or are glowniggers up to no good?
>>5701 /v/ will always be a shit, even before the 8chan exodus happened, and even in the future. It has always been just pointless circlejerking all the time. Currently, there is a very obvious troll in Julay's /v/ that anons keep feeding or the BO just simply refuses to ban him (because he would portrayed as muh rulecuck). If retards will keep replying to him, then nothing is going to get any better. There's also the problem with vidya being mostly dead for a whole decade, thus resulting in a lack of worthwhile discussions about new games. Newfags that are able to only spew buzzwords should be also purged, as they provide nothing of value and are just flooding the board all the time, while thinking that they will fit right in by typing like niggers. Pretty much the only good threads I've found are the ones like Fightan thread, Visual Novel thread or the Vita thread, as not too many anons are interested in these topics.
/v/ will always be shit. It was a shit board even before the 8chan exodus happened, and will continue being so in the future.*
Instead of whining about dubs how about you do your job and lock this meta shit already >>>/v/22549
>>5704 okay Mark
>>5702 >>5704 >/board/ was/will always shit Newfags will always say this lie. Julay/v/ was good until march hit, maybe dolphinigger is branching out.
>>5708 kimeemaru told me the other day rodent/dolphinpedo is Cakejew. I highly disagree, however, it's self evident whomever these shitstirrers are don't want to enjoy their time here and have fun. It's also self evident JewciMarkBoi is Mark, and Gahoole is still a regular here. Take what you will. loleron, I know you lurk, please bring your perspective.
So because of some /jp/ autist stealing milestones we can't check dubs now? How about you fuck off with that nonsense gentlemen.
The dubs thing is a closed case, just let it go. Don't obsess over something minute like numerical digits.
>>5708 >Newfags will always say this lie. Actually quite eerie to think the (few) good old days in late-2014 were more than 5 years ago.
>>5714 >Don't obsess over something minute like numerical digits.
>>5712 >we can't check dubs now? It's retarded, it always was, but it should not be banned or prohibited or anything, just frowned upon because it's always used to fuck and derail conversation. Unless it deserved getting pissed on, of course.
>>5717 I'm pretty sure you can piss on people without dubs spamming, no? e.g. >>5544 kimeemaru, why are you an actual homosexual with a crossdresser fetish fucking boys on their asses?
Open file (5.22 MB 4108x3284 Quilt.png)
sorry I can't unGET these
>>5722 (((You))) Your autism is BEAUTIFUL.
Open file (87.28 KB 5000x5000 1428519341623-1.png)
>>5719 >I'm pretty sure you can piss on people without dubs spamming, no? >waah I don't like thing remove it Bitch about it. >>5722 Blessed digits.
deleted off-topic thread: http://archive.md/gztLg
>>5809 unbased
Open file (173.32 KB 1178x1440 serveimage.jpg)
>>5814 kimeemaruchan.space never ever.
Open file (8.66 KB 468x248 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (62.61 KB 646x514 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (16.72 KB 591x401 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (5.73 KB 524x137 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (31.99 KB 525x787 ClipboardImage.png)
I think we've all noticed the influx of nigger-tier posting in the last couple weeks. I think it's coming from one or two people because the posting style reeks of normalfaggotry and social media, in particular his/their insistent use of "kys" instead of "kill yourself." There's also the overuse of cuckchan jargon like "seethe" and "cope." I don't necessarily think this has been co-ordinated by Mark and his cronies, but I think the kike's recent corona-chan diagnosis may make him look weak, and the pattern of Mark doing something stupid, anons on his board considering alternatives, and julay/v/ weathering an influx of spam and shitposting has happened before. Can the BO say whether these posts are coming from the same IP hash or a small cluster of IP hashes? If they are, then I think that indicates an outside actor is attempting to shit up the board, whether it's for the kike's benefit or just out of spite. Hoihoi would solve this problem easily and nothing of value would be lost. Just saying.
>>6041 >imagine being so new you can't handle internet shitposting <Hoihoi would solve this problem easily and nothing of value would be lost. Just saying. <heh, implement rulefaggotry and ruin this board just like we ruined /vg/ Oh I see now, based gaslighting Mark. I hope chinkflu kills you for good.
>step 1: post some low effort shitposts nobody in their right minds cares about >step 2: come to meta: "oh woe is me, look at these posts, how terrible" >step 3: "gee, you know what we need? Just a little bit of /a/'s cancer, that will solve our terrible shitpost problem" >step 4: "what's that, everyone left? Oh no that's so terrible" God, ni/gg/ers are just a bunch of 5th level IQ geniuses.
>>6041 I honestly don't care, because users have the ability to hide postsand it works. Also, that Half-Life poster might be the one that created this >>>/v/327 ,but I might be wrong. Even if he is under the same IP for each post, he can easily change it and circumvent the ban. Finally, no automated moderation is needed since I read the reports and I close them because I learned that when it comes controversial series like Half-Life, Halo, CoD you have some people who really want to discuss about it. There will always be dissenters, just because I ban them doesn't mean they'll "learn". More than likely, they'll double down and I'll double down. Eventually, it would hinder a lot of the communication and cause a shitstorm. Not to take it the wrong way, but your advice would actually harm the small userbase that this iteration of /v/ has, I will only enforce if it is necessary.
>>6048 >If i close my eyes it will go away u wot >>6041 >Autobot post graveyard Please i implore you to reconsider
Open file (30.02 KB 547x748 golem.png)
>>6041 Shut the fuck up goober, nobody cares how offended you are with words lol. piece of fag shit So, COPE. SEEETHE and KILL yourself autismo.
>>6050 I give you two options: 1) burn your computer 2) create your own echo chamber/v/ I not only speak for myself, but >>6041 can kill himself. With the right client, one liners are gone. I'm sure smuglo.li/vg/ is seeking fresh tranny blood.
>>6057 >With the right client That's your rare ingredient there, it will be a challenge to make a "right" client/list for the autobot to execute. The only thing more house breaking than a filthy newfag jew as BO is a cold-blooded and insensitive ban machine. I don't think you wouldn't know this, and i believe the intention is benevolent, but i've never seen a well-made implementation of it. >I'm sure smuglo.li/vg/ is seeking fresh tranny blood Now you got me confused, what the fuck are you talking about.
Open file (8.66 KB 449x192 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (8.63 KB 917x135 ClipboardImage.png)
>>6048 >easily change it and circumvent the ban It's less about banning and more about post deletion. I think the board would be better if any low-effort garbage that tripped a wire would be gone. I very severely doubt anyone would actually miss the chain posts of: >seething >cope >seething >cope more >when it comes controversial series like Half-Life, Halo, CoD you have some people who really want to discuss about it. >there will always be dissenters I don't consider it dissenting to pollute threads like this. If someone wants to talk about how HL is a bad series then that's fine by me, but I at least want him to say something about it instead of filling the thread with generic, off-topic garbage. I'd even take Full Life Consequences copypasta over this because that, at the bare minimum, would be inspired by the game being discussed. >they won't "learn" Believe me, I know. It's not a learning experience, it's an electric fence. >harm the userbase I suppose that is a concern, and you have a better view of the statistics than I do. I respect your decision even if I don't agree with it, but I would like you to address the points I made above. >>6060 >what the fuck are you talking about I think it's just our local autistic screechbot stuck in another loop. You can tell by the random namefagging, non-sequitur, and the "burn your computer" line, which I imagine he thinks is the sickest insult in the last five years. I'm not even trying to find this stuff or to profile him. He just makes to so obvious.
Open file (395.62 KB 437x494 dubsplant.png)
>>6048 >caring so much about "quality" you ban digit people for checking digits >leave obvious cuckchanners alone
>>6064 I guess I can implement a rule about that it seems like something that could become an issue if left unchecked, and speaking of checks >>6066
>>6067 Current year +30, and smugtrannies don't have a regex filter. Poor whiners.
>>6067 Don't listen to that faggot who wants /v/ to become another hugbox.
Open file (43.92 KB 600x600 1438817562901.jpg)
>>6071 There's being a hugbox and then there's letting obvious and very salty 4um fags shit up threads with cuckchan speak.
>>6079 Rule 7 was added, I hope you're giddy.
>>6067 >I guess I can implement a rule about that About what I was suggesting? I appreciate the idea, but I would prefer that you specify what the intention and wording would be before actually changing the board rules. Where can I find the board rules, anyway? They aren't on the catalogue or index view.
>>6206 I think the wording could be more precise, but that's an improvement. Thanks. You should also probably clarify that there isn't a QTDDTOT, as such, because we use the /any/ thread for that.
>>6206 Soon™ there won't be a difference https://archive.md/nOZZg
All the rules seem reasonable apart from rule 7. What are the criteria for a "necessary" thread?
>>6288 Okay, but you won't ban for unpopular opinions right? Mark did this all the time under the guise of removing "trolling". If you posted a game that was generally disliked on /v/ or posted an unpopular opinion about a game you were liable to be banned and have your thread pruned.
>>6289 >>6048 To add what I stated there, I enjoy some of those controversial games yet I recognize their flaws. It would be kind of petty to ban someone because of differing opinions. Besides, my interest for vidya has been at an all-time low for quite some time.
Open file (87.84 KB 228x188 ClipboardImage.png)
Why was this thread stickied?
>>6834 Why not? Don't fret, it is only going to be there for a couple of more hours. I know it is a terrible joke, and that's why I pinned it.
>>6835 I guess I can live with that.
>>6835 > >>>/v/23838 unpinned and locked It was finally getting funny! I wanted to learn more about that elite hackerman his amazing collection! Are we going to see more in future installments?
>>6840 I unlocked it
>>6841 Thanks. 7 more hours, and the thread is all yours.
>>6835 >I know it is a terrible joke, and that's why I pinned it. >BO is a redditor ffs
>>6842 >thread deleted Anyone got the archive?
Somebody needs to stop loleron and Co. https://archive.md/N4fqk They are a menace to all imageboards.
has anyone else noticed the general quality of the posts has gone down?
>>7024 >muh post kwality, where muh post kwality? >you know what, we need stricter rules to keep post kwality! Hi Mark, how's Corona-chan doing?
>>7024 Can you post some screencaps of what you think to be low quality posts? Posting in general has slowed down overall but if you do see an objectively bad 4cuck/8glow post then you should report and move on whilst making sure you DO NOT reply to them. If you want to increase the quality of posts or threads then you must create those posts and threads yourself.
>>7027 this kinda shit basically >>7026 where it just reeks of cuckchan but I'm noticing it in the RTS/horror generals, and I have reported some in one of those threads but I don't know I'm getting BO' pet monkey vibes with it.
>>7028 What do you mean?
>>7029 here's some snappers from the horror thread but it looks like the RTS thread was cleaned up, had the same guy in it that posted >lol samefag with an edited picture. the pet monkey bit I guess doesn't apply anymore since the rts thread was indeed cleaned up.
>>7030 >>7031 I can see your concerns, especially since this is how unnecessary shitflinging starts. I've noticed it, too. Unless, they have objective points that can counter the arguments, I just them as reactionaries trying to peddle a certain belief about modern games and politics which is a dead horse to beat at this point. Put it this way, if they have to resort to these tactics then they do not know how actually articlate certain points and just resort to politics which if they want to talk about that there's >>>/pol/. I'm starting to notice this only happens during certain intervals and usually target established threads. The main problem comes from anons jumping the gun too many times and just getting into their emotions when it comes to games they geniunely enjoy. There are tools to negate this, but I'll only step in if they are spamming it nonstop(usually I give them 6 or more posts until I step in). To me, it just seems that they want to push buttons and it is not working except for what happened recently in the Horror Thread. Additionally, it is tough for me to make a call because I try to follow who said what and there's a possibility they're just phoneposting. I don't know, but I'll be looking out for those from now on. To add upon to that, I locked the DOA thread and it seems that the OP didn't like and went to other means to grab my attention and now one's seems to be interested in it, so even when I take action they resort to other means to disrupt the board. Luckily, I'm there to catch it.
Open file (272.47 KB 1885x1006 2020-04-05_01-52-43.png)
>>7030 actually looking at it now, the rts thread has been fine so it must have been me just getting mixed up here, since this is what I was thinking of but obviously it's earlier in the horror thread.
>>7032 yeah I did get really annoyed with it, mostly because it's been very long since I was used to it I suppose, 8/vg/ being the outer heaven that died 2soon afteral. I wasn't sure what was up with the doa thread but not my cuppah tea so I don't care to take notice ya'know.
>>7030 >being this asspained that someone disagreed with you Maybe you should not shoehorn your marxist victim complex in a horror thread, bringing up SJWS, reverse racism and other alt-kike/gaymergayte shit into a vidya horror thread is just offtopic shitposting, I hate kikes and how they ruined games but there is no point in bringing up the fact that kikes hate white men or their hypocrisy because everyone already knows this. >>7032 I just make the posts, not my fault if people get butthurt and make low quality nigger replies to them en masse or take them in the wrong context and these goobers keep bringing politics or some other gay irrelevant shit into threads, how does journalism, feminism, culture war and some kike shit everyone already knows about relate to the shitty demake? Everypost after 24328 barely relates to horror games or R3make. I just want to talk about vidya.
>>7035 why do you think it's me and why also are you being like this.
>>7037 >why do you think it's me Because you didnt screencap any of the other blatantly offtopic shit within the thread like the scat, the culture war, the guy who read some femminist book, judaism or gaymergayte. >why also are you being like this. Because I want to improve the board so I can discuss games again instead of having a bunch of goons ironically shitposting at every insignificant thing which derails and shits up the thread, there was a decent discussion with people actually discussing the games up untill the whole gamergate jewkikery conspiracy, whilst it was shit before it wasn't so shit that no one talked about the games.
>>7038 mate half the fucking thread at this point is that. I could only screen shot so much of it without spamming THIS therad with it. it's not like you cannot see the thread for your self nor am I preventing you from doing so. well not you but the you whose reading this and also managing the board putting up with alot more shit then this tbh.
>>7038 also the discussion prior was me trying to present a different thought about what resident evil was intended to be.
>>7039 >tbh You can just make the screenshots bigger to fit more things in the same image so you dont have to spam this thread to show them what you mean with less images but with more content or you could just do >>/v/12345 to show even more posts along with the images. >>7040 >a different thought about what resident evil was intended to be. The grindhouse action guy or the male gaze guy?
>>7041 the limit is me monitor anon
>>7042 press f11 then zoom out then take screenshots to get more things on screen or stich multiple screencaps together in paint
>>7043 f11 doesn't add awhole lot. and nah I'm not going to bother editing shit together otherwise then I'd be shit canned for editing the pictures. tbh.
>>7044 Editing 2 screencaps into one making a bigger image is not the same as editing the pictures themselves, even if you did edit the image no one would care.
>>7046 yeah I may as well be a massive faggot at that point and put in smug animu girls for that epic repost on r/reddit too.
>>7047 What smug animu girl would you use?
Open file (513.06 KB 680x960 smugtrap.png)
Open file (12.76 KB 464x403 DumbassSnowosaurid.png)
>Screeching REEE NEWFAG OLDFAG SAMEFAG in multiple threads is not bannable Come on now. 8kun's /v/ may have its problems but its preferable to this as far as I'm concerned.
>>7067 off to smug with you
>>7067 >a few autists and their shitposts means we need to start micromanaging /v/ Everytime, these kikes will come in, make low effort shitposts about the same thing, then cry to the BO to get more strict moderation. >8glow /v/ is better Can you glowies stop shitting up julay? Julay/v/ is objectively superior because the BO isnt a kike, if this was 8glow this meta thread would have been deleted and remade 5 times with mark giving shitty excuses whilst not addressing actual issues and deleting most of the posts and banning half the people in the thread. If 8glow is so much better then why are you still here?
Open file (156.18 KB 398x400 ezgif.com-gif-to-mp4.mp4)
>>7083 I just filter both. It's sad smugtrannies want to seed themselves inside like they did with meguca & chen2, but meh, BO at the least listens. BO2 was funny though. BO3 is ok.
>>7099 2chen was made by trannies. well "detrannies"
>>7100 I know, I'm personally friends with Miya the owner. I just found their attempts to infiltrate & destroy hilarious. Miya did too.
>>7101 mayaka is also owner though. they didn't do a very good job at it and tbh nor did I when tsun asked me.
>>7102 Obviously. I warned Miya about it, and we both enjoyed how they destroyed/pol/. Miya only wanted to demonstrate how easy it is to influence with a new technique she discovered, it worked, so she handed it off. I'm just here laughing how not buttmad they are trying to control julay.
>>7103 it's not very hard nowerdays because the people who actually made /pol/ into what it was are now all scattered about trying to find a hole in the woods and all that.
>>7104 Yeah, I'm still sad Гунтhrum was scared off. I wanted him to stay, but clearly some persistent pedos didn't.
>>7105 I don't know who that is tbh
>>7106 >he doesn't know who Guthrum is Newfag
Open file (1.02 MB 770x770 5c48af212599f.png)
>>7107 don't mog me
>>7108 Considered yourself mogged, beta
>>7109 literally fite me on twitter and not online.
>>7106 The second >>>/n/ BO that had a tad paranoia. The lore is riddled here in /meta/. I liked him because of his perspectives. He left in fear because of the lolispam spergouts. >>7107 I don't mind newfags, we need fresh blood TORpedo. Which is why I'm ignoring the oldfagvsnewfag shit. It's an attempt to dissuade users from joining and maintain coexistence with oldfags. >>7108 Just ignore it.
>>7111 nice trips
>>7112 Thanks. Also, when is tenguch.an gonna be up?
>>7113 haven't heard about that. all I know is about the veda-warez finally getting more work on. also I was cast out from the discord circle because I'm 2cool4school, so that's prob why I don't know about that.
>>7114 >veda-warez finally getting more work on. Oh shit, that's back? You're welcome aboard on >>>/blog/ while Robi&Co prune boards. Stick to your thread, I'll make it cyclical. >cast out from the discord circle because I'm 2cool4school Less people on discord and more here the better. My only concern is please be older than 18, I don't want you getting banned because you are a minor. Tenguch.an is an ongoing debate with >>>/2hu/ & Co.. They still haven't learn their lesson to self host yet.
>>7116 no it's because I'm wolfspider. also I had a hunch you were talking about that site sunny was thinking of doing because he still wants the chaos he so ever craves but instead opted for another another discord.
>>7117 Theirs and your effective loss. How's ponychan doing?
>>7118 who
>>7119 Nobody important I guess wolfspider, not even you.
>>7120 if it's who I think you're referring to, he prob still hates me because me advice wasn't what he wanted tbh.
>>7106 An utterly incompetent BO that killed any momentum /n/ had by responding to bait in the worst way possible every single time. His spergouts were funny at least.
>>7122 >Go to any IB >Make a rule not to post anime or loli I mean i liked the guy but that's a 100% death sentence.
>>7123 It was his own news board, he could do whatever he wanted. I didn't like he didn't like loliposting, but the spergs shouldn't have been complied with. Next, robi will negotiate with feds.
>>7124 gutrhum gave the board to toutatis which trusted euphoria to take care of it, turns ot euphoria gave /n/ HRT. robi had nothing to do in it you nigger faggot.
>>7034 >it's been very long since I was used to it I suppose I've been feeling the same way for the last year or two, and especially since 8chan died. In the same way that adblock has made me allergic to advertisements, having good people to post with (or at the very least, less exposure to nigger-level posts) has made it tougher to tolerate them. The problem is magnified on slower boards like julay/v/, where dedicated shitposters can be influential enough to derail threads and when we know the board has been attacked by the kike before. I particularly remember 8chan/tech/ and /tv/, which were both fine (usable, at least) boards until some shitposters realized the mods didn't do much/anything, and decided to ruin it for everyone else by shitting up every thread with trash posts and spamming the catalogue with one-line OPs. /tv/ was able to recover and move to /film/, which was a decent substitute from what I saw of it, but I think /tech/'s userbase was too autistic and contaminated with cuckchan crossposters to ever decided to move to a different board. I don't want the same thing to happen to julay/v/, because despite the board's healthy state right now, it could always be ruined if we stand idly by. >>7035 >I just make the posts, not my fault if people get butthurt and make low quality nigger replies to them en masse or take them in the wrong context <look, all I do is shit in a bag, take that bag outside, walk into someone else's backyard, and spread my shit all around the back lawn <it's not MY fault if you complain about it, you just have a thin skin! Are you the guy who made the posts with the anime reaction images in >>7030 or are you merely defending him? >>7067 It's pretty weak bait, so most people aren't biting it. Just hide the posts and reply to better posts. >literal kike moderation is better Then go there, golem.
>>7133 because there's no longer the nature of >lol just make ur own board dude to deal with I'm not concerned that anon' will start caring about handling those sorts of terriblinesses, but I also see twats demanding more ruling into a very no fun allowed board. it's already more no fun allowed then I've wanted.
>>7133 If I or anyone else makes a post and others reply to that post with generic buzzwords or autistic shitflinging or ironic irony or newfag-oldfag then that does nothing but shit up the board even more, most people fail to ignore and report shitposting, it has happened to me sometimes to my high quality posts and keeps happening to others in a few threads. If you made a post and a wild pack of niggers came along replying to it with shitposts it wouldnt be your fault for shitting up the thread would it? 90% of that thread is people bitching back and forth about cuckchan and buzzwords
>>7136 Yikes, seethe and cope some more, incel
I agree with his point but it's not very easy to see because a sea of shit is still a sea of shit unironic or otherwise. tbh.
>>7139 Why hasn't most of that shit been deleted anyway? Some wordfilters would be nice too.
>>7140 I don't want it to be, the thread it's self promotes that kinda shit, which is why I made a new one in haste and was disappointed one hundred more posts was needed for anchor.
>>7140 The main reason why I haven't deleted those is mainly because of the fact those posts were made before I established the rule. Don't worry, I will enforce the rule from now on. >>7141 I think the bumplimit is too high, so I am going to lower it to 450.
>>7143 What is the rule exactly?
>>7143 give it abit longer to tell, seems like 500 is also pretty new.
>>7144 >Any excessive one word posts using buzzwords will get deleted and a six hour ban. Words like seethe, cope, etc.
>>7147 that seems like a retarded rule to me.
>>7148 Have a better idea? I've been saying the same shit since I got this role, and yet it keeps on happening.
>>7148 its more retarded to have many posts filling up threads that are just buzzwords and people replying to those posts with back 2 cuckchan/reddit creating more filler posts
>>7149 the issue is within it's vagueness, a buzzword is a buzzword within it's self and so anything which is common and repeated could be made out to be so. this is a problem of trying to fix the post for their posters when really would should be done is nuking fucks with only trash posts in their histories if possible. >>7150 filling up a relatively slow board isn't so much a problem so long as those exchanges aren't predominate, people care more about what a place will become rather then what it is currently.
>>7151 The vagueness is what left me questioning the validity of the rule itself(although my intentions was what you stated in your post), especially when wojak-posting was predominant back then and there was a push to prohibit that. Also, the post history feature doesn't work yet file history does. I can only go by looking at who posted what in the thread.
>>7153 ultemately how the board is moderated is going to be by your own gut feelings, however you'll save your self some troubles by wording it better. >Also, the post history feature doesn't work yet file history does. I can only go by looking at who posted what in the thread. this needs to be solved quickly then since that makes any judgement you have pretty on the fly, thus terrible.
>>7151 What this board is currently will shape what it will become, to little moderation will turn the board to shit, to much moderation will turn it into cake/v/2.0. If julay/v/ wants to survive it needs to have its own culture not riding off of 8cult holdovers or becoming a cuckchan colony. Banning wojaks or pepes or buzzwords of the nromalfag kind isnt going to affect julay/v/ anyway since no one here uses them. We also need to encourage self moderation and gatekeeping. >filling up a relatively slow board isn't so much a problem so long as those exchanges aren't predominate It doesnt matter if the board has weeks between posts or the threads lasts only a few minutes, having buzzword posts that add nothing to the thread is never ok, you would not say the same thing for shitposts or other off topic posts because we all know they eventually end up predominate when left unchecked. >vagueness Its crystal clear that the rule means dont post any cuckchan buzzwords and does not apply to the hundreds of other buzzwords people regularly use like (((fun))) or "its a good game, its just not a good X game" Its really weird seeing such a backlash over the banning of these buzzwords, do you really need to call people incels or upvote peoples posts with based that badly? wojak/[pepe and gamergate is verboten yet no one cares about bringing those back >punish people based on their post history Just like mark? that kike clawed through peoples post history just to find reasons to ban them and then banned them some more just because they posted that one thing that one time. >>7153 >>7154 >banning people based upon the content of their post and not their post history This is what it should be like, if someone shitposts then the BO doesnt need to read through their entire post history just to come to the conclusion that a shitpost should be deleted or the post kept and the poster banned
>>7132 Robi's been relenting anything regarding lolispam spergouts, that's what I'm referring to. >>7140 >wordfilters You're ousting yourself. >>7154 Submit your patch anytime: https://gitgud.io/LynxChan >>7155 Some people forgot what shitposting really means. /v/ is shitposting central, what you don't want is goonposting. Unlike BO and shitstirrers, I was against rule 7.
>>7155 the people who post on the board is what the board is and it's culture is based off of what those people do and how those things carry on, here does not need to "survive" based purely on arbitrary wrist slaps, shitposters will come and go. what's important is keeping the place comfortable for the core users, and they just need to assured whoever's running the place sticks to the rules set out and will listen to any change. if someone has done nothing but shit up the board for the last week or so, everyone will already know who they are and how to spot them out, a post history just helps to confirm it. again I don't think anyone wants a no fun allowed cuckchan or cakehole site here, so letting a sway of what you can get away with and not is clearly not acceptable should be the ticket. this would also let people who make mistakes not continue those mistakes in a needless and endless circle of punishment for saying the fuck word but being a the only reason why X thread is amazing. >>7156 I am but a pleb who doesn't into code. so I wasn't willing to burn the place to the stake over it but will voice that it is a thing which I'd say is very much needed.
>>7157 Good luck Nodev! Btw, people like >>7137 are literally called flamers. You're supposed to insert the words into your IBclient for filtering and never see them again. Optionally, autoreport.
>>7158 p-pls.....
Also, what we've been seeing is called astroturfing. So far, smugtrannies are winning >>6283
>>7156 Rule 7 doesnt do anything but keep low effort threads or template threads from filling up the catalog, you can still make a quality thread as long as it isnt the exact same as an existing thread. All the top threads people keep posting in all have clear indications of what they are about, have enough quality yet vague enough to allow for open discussion about the subject. Try making your own thread about something you want to talk about then come back with results. >>7157 /v/ does need to survive, you can see it happen throughout the years where the core userbase no matter how strong will always be replaced because of some stupid shit that snowballed. >shitposters will come and go A few will stay, there will always be a few autists that try to become a lolcow or the next boogyman, like that dolphinigger or geese. >mistakes You cant make mistakes when posting on an imageboard, you dont mistakenly tell someone to cope or that they're seething. The only mistake that you can make is accidentally hitting post before finishing what you're writtiing or when you forget to take an unrelated webm or image from the upload section. >endless circle of punishment for saying the fuck word But thats exactly what post history does. If someone spams buzzwords at everything chances are they dont make good contributions to threads >so letting a sway of what you can get away with and not is clearly not acceptable should be the ticket There are already many unwritten rules in place that most people adhere to, something getting set in stone just means it was a big problem that needed to be concretely addressed >>7160 If you do believe smugtrannies are astroturfing then why dont you give an argument as to why buzzwords such as cope, seethe, etc should be allowed?
>>7161 the webring is what will allow imageboards to survive and with that so will /v/ and the only thing stopping the replacement of a population is advertising lack there of, it's moderation, and time. shitposters will indeed come and go because they demand an audience to shitpost for, this place isn't big enough to entertain on unless their issues are malicious in which case no posts they will make will be good and just letting the mob rule will base it's ruling upon a handful of posts in some thread will do no good to prevent this and also actively harm the board overall because now you've got an invisible group controlled by whoever shouts the louder doing whatever the fuck they want since lmao self moderation bro and the only prevention to this is shouting even louder, congrats this'll cause more shitposting then ever before. over then some guy shitting up a single thread because he got into an argument with some other fuck shitting up a thread. a witch hunt over tiny things as such as words you don't like does not induce a good environment for decent posts and leaving it up to people to not be shit just means when the next fuckers come along they'll have no reason to continue so. unwritten rules disappear thanks to this.
>>7161 Btw, I found the word you were looking for: https://archive.md/https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heckler >geese I wish that spergbait meme would die. NyanRalph is to blame for that idea, I just executed perfectly. >post history Doesn't work, the flamers switch IPs, there's no post history to go by. >why buzzwords such as cope, seethe, etc should be allowed? Because I don't want an echo chamber. Different opinions, different perspectives, I want to see it all. The fact there's astroturfing shows me often the intent of the poster and their true desire. I don't have to like their spam to learn from their tactics. >>7162 I'm an oldfag, I've seen it all. You're basically repeating eternal September, not knowing how to manage your killfile.
>>7133 >/tv/ was able to recover and move to /film/ u fookin wot m8 Brother that's one of the most retarded things i've read.
>>7163 the issues with eternal september was the act that all the new edgy kiddies that came in thought acting like complete twats was how you fit in since everyone acted like twats in response to them so hence the whole rapugees jumping after rapugees that happened there.
>>7153 Hey BO, I want public banishment of these goons. They are being disruptive and disobeying rules 1,5,6. If possible, could you also expose publicly if they have any history at all, or are they new IP addresses we've never seen before? >>>/v/24719
did you trannies actually convince mucisesses to ban dangerwords like seethe and cope? unbelievable
>>7168 lmao phoneposting rulecuck
>>7168 When you're getting into these slapfights what - multiple times a week - at some point you've got to admit that it's not everyone else who's the problem. Just saying.
Why is there so much spergouts and derailment and why do people keep engaging them? You're just ruining the discussion. I dont see what you're trying to accomplish my doing that.
>>7168 >wanting people banned for not posting the way you want them to post Anything that disagrees with you isnt apart of the echochamber schizo hivemind, you cant say that they're in an echochamber for not wanting to discuss what you want to talk about then tell them to get out because they arent talking about what you want to talk about because it isnt your echochamber either. Whats with the gameFAGs boogyman? >>7169 >seething cope >>7174 Dolphinnigger switching tactics, mark and his goons, tvch goons, altchan trannies, glowniggers, lolcows or autists sperging. Who knows? All I know is that this shit only started getting this bad recently, a month ago was fine and you rarely had derails or spergouts.
>>7164 I recall reading some posts on /film/ from about 2017, and it seemed like a solid alternative to /tv/. I imagine that was because all the people on /tv/ who actually wanted to discuss television and cinema went there, and all the shitposters and pedophiles stayed on /tv/. >>7168 >expose the post histories of people who call me a faggot 2/10. Try harder >>7174 It may be general kike/v/ runoff, since julay/v/ is now a legitimate alternative by any measure.
>>7175 Yeah this past month has been absolutely awful. Doesn't help that Robi seems to have fucked off too.
>>7168 >reddit goon got bullied so hard he came whining on meta ayy fucking lmao, go back already you pure cancer
>>7183 +1 upvote
Open file (517.76 KB 508x685 y6.png)
>>7174 It's called being on the internet ya stupid newfaggot. I thought julay is supposed to be this super obscure place, how are all these newshits >>7168 who haven't been on an imageboard in their entire life finding it? I want to say it's some Mark's g-force backgammon but after seeing his spergouts on tvch it's quite obvious the fat kike can't mastermind anything.
>>7185 Got any caps or archives of Mark losing his shit on tvchan?
Open file (513.02 KB 720x1217 20200406_143606.jpg)
What's with all the censorship here? Why are mods editing and deleting threads they dont like for no other reason? That there is peak autism. Come on over to enrive where only illegal content is deleted. Noone is ever censored. https://enrive.org/home/explore Seriously tho, that place is dead at the moment. Its the perfect time to revive it
>User BO closed a report for post >>>/v/24719 on thread >>>/v/1635 on board /v/. >Time: 04/06/2020 (Mon) 11:41:04 >BO closed a report for post >>>/v/24720 on thread >>>/v/1635 on board /v/. >Time: 04/06/2020 (Mon) 11:41:04 >BO closed a report for post >>>/v/24728 on thread >>>/v/1635 on board /v/. Explain your reasoning.
>>7189 How do you see the reports?
>>7190 Buy a Chalice
>>7189 First, I deleted the rule because, I've realized it was just reiterating one of the original for the boards. I deleted the back and forth, but for the others I usually just leave them be just because some of the content does pertain to the thread. At this point, I don't see a point in banning those posters and "setting an example" would only make things worse. If they repeating the same thing over and over again, I would hope that users would take the hint otherwise I'll just delete those posts.
>>7179 >seemed like a solid alternative to /tv/ I thought you implied it started here, sorry about that, but since it's somewhat of an obscure niche board i'm going to spoonfed because who knows, i might not know a caveat there and better to clear things up. When 8c started after HW gave the invitation to /v/, and subsequently /pol/, some other boards who crossposted, didn't have trust on m00t or wanted a new start went there too. /tv/ had been a shitposting central about Hollywood since at least 2007, any discussion regarding international movies and/or works before 1980 was frowned upon/shitposted to death by plebs, so when the opportunity arised to create boards, someone made a brand new idea without hesitation. It's strictly about cinema works and its intrinsic values, while offshoot conversation happens with resources. Television topics happen in the form of mini-series or anthology works and somewhat rare discussion about gossip happens (rare as in once in a year), so it's a new form instead of an alternative. Non-mainstream is not a rule but most content posted easily abides by that rule, so most films posted are a breath of fresh air. When it started it had more pull than /tv/ but soon it was forgotten by most when a halfchan migration occurred in mid 2015/early 2016, but the core userbase kept posting once in a while like nothing happened, never stopped. Imagine if /svidya/ had been created from the start, with a more focused topic and it never stopped.
>>7192 I don't want you to be arbitrary. It's imperative to set an example, regardless of your bias. They were given plenty of times to rectify themselves, they still haven't. Next time it does occur, I want you to be strict, if not, your are asking for rule 5 to be violated. You need to converse. I'm not asking you to be proactive, but open communicating. IMHO clerical opinion, deletion barely works. Public bans demonstrate to astroturfers, flamers, and hecklers that rules are complicit and should be followed. Delete after it's been demonstrated the case of bad faith. I still need you to answer the more important question: Are they regulars, or one offs? I'm not asking you to identify them, I'm asking you if they are indeed bad actors.
>>7194 I perfectly understand the situation, and while I do agree that I should be more serious with handling these types of situations. However, I think you are taking a bit too serious. I don't think discussion should be railroad, but there's a point where deviations will happen and someone would be shittalked to. Sometimes it gets to me too, but I learned to just ignore it because you can't necessarily change what they post. However, I would be considering doing bans and see how that work out. Also to answer your question, the back and forth I deleted were indeed two posters but the other posts are one and dones just like what I am seeing here.
>>7221 Thanks for the confirmation. Doesn't hesitate to publicly ban and present why they were banned. Delete at your discretion, but be open as to why. I've seen the spams and low quality, you're doing an excellent job, don't let my cricitism disuade you into thinking you're doing a terrible job. You're not actively imposing your bias and deleting on whims. It's ok to be hands off, but be strict. Make clear warnings. I give people homeruns, third strike, banned. Strictness isn't a sign of seriousness, but respecting the code your community wants. You actually know I'm the least serious here.
OI OI OI OI wtf man
why the fuck did you lock my new horror game thread and let this fucker go? fucking wanker that's annoying as fuck. unlock mine and delete that one.
>>7241 I can transfer your posts into that one.
>>7242 nah fuck your self, I'll just delete my thread, god damn.
>>7241 Because yours was made when the last horror Thread was not bumplocked
>>7241 Yeh this is a pretty shit call. The better thread was up first too.
Open file (82.08 KB 1422x437 1.JPG)
Open file (131.51 KB 1668x681 2.JPG)
Open file (202.20 KB 1343x936 3.JPG)
Open file (174.74 KB 1178x940 4.JPG)
Open file (82.12 KB 668x681 5.JPG)
In the past week I've noticed anons becoming far more hostile towards each other. Any typo, any minute step outside the general opinion and there will instantly be at least one anon shitting on you and another yelling about communism. While that's par for the course on imageboards, I don't recall julay.world being this jumpy, especially with relatively low PPH. My question is, are all these shitposters the same people who want to slide every other thread or we're all just a little strung up over the wu-flu?
>>7259 The simple solution is to start handing out bans to the faggots who post one liners with no substance and cuckchan/reddit terminolgy along with blatant bait like this. The addition of /pol/ to julay's boards will cause a problem if this is not dealt with promptly.
>>7260 /pol/ has nothing to do with it. >>7259 Its the same people trying to slide threads.
>>7259 I'm equally as confused, too. Since there's a board for this stuff, yet they avoid it and claimed that the board itself is going to kill the site. Why avoid that, yet come to /v/ is beyond me? It is kind of obvious this only happens during the "off-hours" on this site, however it seems like the /agdg/ thread was a precursor of what was to come since I've noticed that thread was often getting derailed months before. Hostility is probably due to the fact that a lot of anons are at home and have pent-up anger about the current events, or it is just a gorup of people using VPNs to shit threads, I don't know. I'm only letting it go since it wasn't full-blown, however I had to ban two posters for acting like two kids in a schoolyard. If they continue, then I'll continue enforcing the rules. I mean there's a /b/ here if you want to shit up the site. You can have fun, but if shit like this continues then I have no choice but to enforce the rules. Also, when this thread gets bumplocked then I moving this back into /v/.
>>7261 The addition of /pol/ will make it worse though. Not in and of itself but because of the fags it'll attract from 8kun the moment it's taken down after the next shooting. >>7262 >Also, when this thread gets bumplocked then I moving this back into /v/. Good idea. There's been a lot of /v/ meta leaking out into other threads.
>>7259 ni/gg/ercore posts, larpers, fake hackermans and white noise posting is the new baseline for /v/, better get used to it
>>7264 But I don't want to!
if you can be swayed by this goon posting, ether bad-cop form of obvious antagonistic shitposting designed to generate anger, nor the good-cop concern tolling designed to normalize their activity here, then you just need to man up. if this sort of lowgrade shit can mess with you, what will you do when zogbots and trannycoders get their hands on the likes of a perfected Meena in a few years? just use wisdom, and call both types of them out (if you care). or--and here's the point--you can just report & hide.
>>7259 >>7260 Ah, the good old "OMG look at these shitposts, you know what we need? Rulecuckery!" How many times have you tried this here already? >>7262 Are you seriously falling for this shit every time you absolute brainlet? >Also, when this thread gets bumplocked then I moving this back into /v/. No you don't, keep metashit as far away from the board as possible.
>>7260 Do recall, BANS DO NOT WORK. These astroturfers are in it for the grift and not the community. If you ban, it's to make the message load and clear for 24 hours, since these people use all kinds of temporary IP addresses, not just VPNs. >>7262 >when this thread gets bumplocked then I moving this back into /v/. Nope, keep using this thread until there's the threat of bumping off, archive, and make the next one cyclical. I know about your current promotion 😉. Recall primarily why this thread needed to be made away from /v/, and the importantance of not being able to enforce anything on the board's meta. Arbitration is supposed to be sacred. >>7268 > just report & hide. This is the only approach. Ignore the bait, report & hide. Be the better poster and not fuel the flame. >>7270 This.
>>7259 >are all these shitposters the same people who want to slide every other thread Obviously they are all one guy or a small group of goons, this only started to happen after dolphinigger spammed the boards. When corona hit hard in february everyone stopped posting on /v/ and went over to /k/ so it isnt the quarantine and I doubt most on /v/ go outside or have friends so that would not be the case either
>>7259 IDs should just be turned on, that retards ever thought it would be a good idea to not have them in this age of dicksword cabals and other mentally ill posters is beyond me. And yes they work simply because I can know that I reply to the same anons instead of having some fuckwit jump into any given thread.
>>7272 >small group of goons, See the guy in this thread calling himself wolfspider. It's a literal discord cabal that goes to IBs and grifts on them. He was so toxic, even the cabal kicked him out. They seem to operate exactly when they know BOs are away or asleep. It's a literal game to them, stylometering users, picking on them, derailing threads, etc.. It's like a famous rule set on how to infiltrate groups and destroy them. >>7273 We tried this, they are (1)s, never a singular IP, filtering by IDs doesn't work against these grifters. You can easily identify them when they are trying to steer the conversation away from the main topic. When you see a rule violator, report, and move on.
Open file (32.65 KB 385x354 1411182713549.jpg)
>>7274 sounds like the good old days of the internet, but with 90% concentrated faggotry
>>7259 >>7262 I've noticed this recently, too, along with the assertion that "/pol/ is ruining the board!!!! ban /pol/ posters or they'll kill /v/!!!!!!" It's obvious topic sliding and attempted infiltration, and they stick out like sore thumbs. A few months ago, nobody cared when you discussed kikes or marxists in gaming because they're everywhere, so it was only natural to talk about them. I think people will need to be more vigilant about reporting and filtering this stuff. >moving the meta thread back onto /v/ I disagree with this, because it'll likely be a magnet for most posters and drain discussion from actual threads. Slower boards that aren't full of faggots, like /tg/, can tolerate that because people only post in them when they need to. For a board like julay/v/ that is genuinely under attack by outside groups, I think it would simply be better to have the meta thread here (so that people the meta discussion is kept away from the video game discussion). If you wanted to make the meta thread more visible, then you could make a sticky "welcome" thread on /v/, that had links to here and to the rules, and which explained some general things about the board (don't reply to bait, hide and report shitstirring trannies, etc.). I think a sticky thread like that would be very helpful, and frankly I'm kind of surprised you never created one. >>7273 >we should use a form of identity that can easily be faked in order to prevent people from committing identity fraud This has never worked. >>7274 >wolfspider I don't follow e-celebs. Do you have any sources? >genuinely using the word "toxic" to describe bad behaviour You sound like you blew in from Twitter.
>>7278 He used the word properly though, I don't see a problem with that. It's still a real word with a real meaning.
Open file (733.02 KB 1280x720 139.png)
>Every few days there's the exact same post on /meta/ with screenshots of several inconsequential shitposts on /v/ most of which don't even go beyond 2 (you)s >Every single time the commentary is the same "Man, I just don't understand, look at these awful shitposts I mean what is even going on? Like somebody told somebody else to suck a dick... I don't understand even. Terrible shitposts." >Every single time there's a bunch of (1)s in response about how we need to: ban everyone, implement filters, implement /a/'s bots >BO unironically responds and agrees with these "fellow videogamers" like the doofus that he is >The webring is continuously spammed with "let's go back to 8kun" threads This is some strong internet krav maga.
>anons becoming far more hostile towards each other >becoming You're months late for this observation. >Any typo, any minute step outside the general opinion and there will instantly be at least one anon shitting on you and another yelling about communism If you don't like it then go to 8kun, that's what I've heard.
>>7278 >If you wanted to make the meta thread more visible, then you could make a sticky "welcome" thread on /v/, that had links to here and to the rules, and which explained some general things about the board (don't reply to bait, hide and report shitstirring trannies, etc.). This isn't a bad idea. You could also use it to post archives of deleted threads.
>>7274 The threads and >>7259 clearly show that it is not easy to spot some of the posts as soon as the dial it from 12/10 to 8/10. >>7278 >This has never worked. Read the fucking post, of course you can pick out (1)-and-done posters simply by looking at the genuine posters.
>>>/v/25380 >Come to this board trying to make 8/vg/ 2.0 I guess now it makes sense who are all these snowflakes that are triggered to the bottom of their soul when seeing the mildest offtopic.
Holy shit BO >>>/v/25404 10/10 awesome idea. >>7278 Shit, thanks, great idea. >Do you have any sources? Read the thread right here. He thinks playing coy with a regular got him to ease up on his spooking, but instead got him the boot. >toxic Is a word older than the internet, chump. >>7280 He's traumatized from social media, he thinks describing someone toxic is something only Jack Dorsey pawns do, since he's never been outside his own house and dealt with toxic individuals ever in his life. >>7281 Tbph, they should pay Julayworld 2k$/month, just to upkeep their spam. >>7289 Report, hide, move on. Their AstroTurf is so blatant "it glows in the sunshine".
>>7281 >The webring is continuously spammed with "let's go back to 8kun" threads I think that anyone stupid enough to return to 8glow would have gone back there anyway, regardless of whether the idea was given to him by someone else or he thought of it himself. >>7288 >The threads and >>7259 clearly show that it is not easy to spot some of the posts as soon as the dial it from 12/10 to 8/10. Did you mean to say that it was easy to spot them, or that it wasn't? The posts in those caps are plain to see, and they would be plain to see even if they hadn't been separated from the context of the rest of their threads.
>>7281 I am curious about the sheer number of personnel they devote to this shit. It's such a strange industry, from the professional shill to the discords full of shitskins and trannies with nothing better to do. Yet they never really have an impact, most of the time it comes back to bite them in the ass like gamergate or Trump's election, but they keep doubling down, as a collective. It's like this really weird massive cluster of mentally ill individuals powered by boredom and shitloads of money from retarded boomer jew billionaires and central bank owners.
Chobitsu made a oppsie daisy in his OPSEC today: https://archive.fo/OEUXJ Thank a good samaritan for ensuring his astroturfing is archived forever!
Open file (244.51 KB 801x695 poor explanation.jpg)
>>7307 you might want to renew that archive >>7294 I'm a little perplexed by this. I remember reading these exact words and phrases used to describe during any given invasion or, more recently, Boston salt parties. So what's the difference? Is it that we shitposted for a couple of days, got our lulz and left? Are these people really organized and part of the reason behind all imageboards turning to shit? Or are they independent agents faggots doing gayops? I don't follow any drama whatsoever, be it local or global, so I'm completely out of the loop.
>>7315 There is a (((group))) of people that is purposefully ruining the webring so that they can take its users. We are in the begining stage of death, soon there will be some major drama then we start the decline phase untill julay dies. Then the group turns in on themselves and implodes. But something will happen sooner rather since members of the group are going to die of corona.
let me make a suggestion. everyone is indeed angry in quarantine but what about the possibility that these people are actually just kids who don't have to go to school/college/uni during the day. no conspiring going on, just remembering september while locked up in chains. it also explains the hostile nature as they've no doubt high estrogens due to the social situation of dealing with their parents all day.
It could be kids, a group of people, or one person. What is for sure is someone trying to pull a stunt between the boards on this site. I spoke to someone else who was having simliar issues, so there's a chance that there's some malicious intent for what's going on these past couple of hours.
Edited last time by Muses on 04/09/2020 (Thu) 04:08:30.
Open file (1.07 MB 2587x1709 Tursiops_truncatus_01.jpg)
>>7320 Well, for sure Rodent is a menace. The >>>/robowaifu/ Chobitsu thing was surprising >>7307 The ends is that we want to get along. The means, I'm trusting your judgement on this one. I'll support whatever. Robi tried olive branching, but the cakejew refused. In terms of intelligence, I prefer not to have 8kult here, but I won't stop them if the learn how to behave. So far, it's clear they don't want to.
>>7323 >Robi tried olive branching, but the cakejew refused What this about? Is it refering to the time when the kiked begged both on here and smug to host /v/?
>>7320 It is for sure a group of people looking to kill the webring, bored kids dont spam CP or niggerdicks. You can tell its the same people doing it because they use political shitposting with the same reee righties reee libtards to shit up threads along with injecting their gamergate shit. I dont get this hostility thing getting called a faggot or that your opinion is shit is nothing new and if you think someone is being hostile just to get a reply or to start shit then dont reply to them. >>7323 >if the learn how to behave. People that still use 8goon will try their best to destroy julay and take its users. Mark hates julay >the day 8goon came back up julay got attacked >Kike doesnt have control over julay/v/ and just like everything else he does not control he must destroy it >instantly stickied dolphinpedos julay exposed thread and hoped people would give the jewcy info on julay only to claim his site doesnt datamine its users then deletes the thread >thinks julay sends boogymen his way to shill and destroy 8goon You should stop them
>>7320 >>7337 >Kike doesnt have control over julay/v/ and just like everything else he does not control he must destroy it This was visibile on 8/vg/ after it started gaining any actual traction. The endless circular arguments that showed up in every thread were clearly artificial and the /vg/ BO Thrax clearly had no idea how to handle the situation so it fucked the entire board then he overreacted and fucked it more: if it worked then why would they not repeat it here?
Open file (15.44 KB 293x186 ban.JPG)
Am I not understanding this correctly or was I supposed to be unbanned 5 hours ago? All I did was report sliders.
>>7354 I was dumb, just send an appeal and I'll lift it.
>>7355 While your mistake is hilarious, I find >>7354 more hilarious, because he's been fueling the flame instead of reporting, hiding, and moving on.
>>7357 fuck you talking about, that's exactly what I did I didn't reply to a single one of the posts I reported >>7355 and where do I even send the appeal to, I thought the ban id was enough for you to lift it
>>7359 >I just replied to a (1)
Open file (367.48 KB 1772x942 the fuck.jpg)
is this the dolphin shit you were talking about?
>>7362 Yes, have you seen the /meta/ lately?
>>7364 No, I only came here to ask about the sliders.
>>7365 Check out /cow/ for the designated dolphin thread
>>7365 The funny part was you were probably talking to him in this thread.
>>7362 Yeah, that's the daily non-sensical schizo-drivel that I have to go through to see if there are any site related pings. He hops IPs every time he gets banned, so that's not really useful either. I can only hope coronavirus kicks his bogan ass, at this point.
>>7368 not unlikely
>>7368 I told you he was hilarious >>7369 You'll need to either go to Australia or Germany where ever he loves remotely that he steal internet from. Months ago he said he goes to Uni, and his father is rich, which is why Rodent has the time to spam julay. Do note, 5 other people bounce IPs, Chobitsu being one of them since he has dynamic IP. I'm another since I work at an ISP. Kimeemaru is another, >>>/2hu/ BO. Forgot the other two.
>>7371 I jump IP quite often due to dynamic IP too. I hold a board, /p/, but it's on stand-by so no biggie.
BO, get ready for a massive influx: >>>/cow/42838 >>7377 That's fine, so long as you're not fuel the flame, it doesn't matter. People are just paranoid because of people like Rodent posting child porn in julay and spamming. He's not alone, from what we saw in bernd group. ACF also hates us too.
>>7371 >dolphin lol I use VPSes, proxies, and paid VPNs.
>>7387 >using prepaid VISA gift cards to mass-purchase proxies anonymously
>>7384 let's keep it to his >>>/cow/13209 thread please.
>>7389 No this is relevant if kike's going to have a bunker on the webring again.
>>7389 >>7390 Tbh, this subject has been brought up numerous times due to the circumstances on how this board was created and the results of it. I will try to be more active in the near future just in case something arises.
>>7390 He won't. Robi gave Mark an ultimatum of not revealing vch or julay in the clearnet, and that broke hia chances of ever being hosted here. >>7391 Cool, I'm making an offer for the kike, I'll try my best to keep him off julay.
>>7392 Which is exactly why it's relevant since he's trying to sneakily weasel in from prolikewoah.
>>7393 Like I said, just keep it to his cow thread, I'm documenting and offering a peace deal, https://prolikewoah.com/animu/res/5874.html#35950 I may disrupt his GG thread for the offer too.
>>7394 Like I said, just keep it to his cow thread Why? I don't go to /cow/ neither do most anons, /v/ is its own separate board on the webring with no affiliation or obligations with /cow/ and this is a meta for /v/. Anons should be made aware.
>>7396 *forgot to >
>>7396 Because cakejew 1) is a lolcow 2) and he has nothing to do with julay or /v/ here. You've been welcomed enough to mention it, but in the grand scheme of he has no bearing whatsoever with what Muses does and julay administration will do. This thread is for Muses to continue improving the quality of >>>/v/ here, and even he is getting tired of moderating a hobby he barely shares.
>>7394 Fuck off it's relevant to the thread and you aren't the BO tripfag.
>>7399 Enlighten me how a kike's request at PLW has anything to do with julay.world? me rn >>>/cow/42858 last trip
>>7398 >1) is a lolcow And? Are you telling me there was no lolcow discussion on 8ch outside /cow/? Give me a fucking break. >2) and he has nothing to do with julay or /v/ here Yeah right, that's why half of this thread is about discussing him and his ni/gg/er squad. What's so different now? You're acting both suspicious and retarded. Again, this is not to discuss him but to made anons aware of the happening. Cakejew moving/trying to move back on the webring will have a direct effect on julay/v/. >You've been welcomed enough to mention it Oh gee, thanks for welcoming my massah, can I post about niggers in video games or do I need to ask your permission? Fuck off.
>>7401 I'm telling you to stop using/v/'s meta for documenting what a kike does or not. His thread was made to discuss all the things related to him. How you theorize it will affect julayworld and a webring are absolutely welcomed in that thread as well. Hint none at all. You're welcome sperg.
>>7402 >none at all He already made drama twice on the IRC and advertised the place on Twitter to a bunch of Twitch kids. Not to mention he's a literal jew, a dangerous New York variant to boot. It all spells danger. Polite sage because it's somewhat not on-topic for you :^)
>>7403 thanks captain blatant.
>>7401 This faggot pops up every time something is happening with 8kun/Mark. I wonder (((who))) it could be.
>>7405 >Be Mark >hate julayworld for/cow/ >seethe and cry >go to meta to sperg about joining forces with bff lolreron ???? (YOU)
>>7406 So you really are the sperg that shows up all of the time when Mark freaks out. For those unaware this guy has pretended to be the BO multiple times. He demands you only speak about Mark in certain threads. He's just all around odd and typically trip or avatarfags. I've suspected it's Mark himself for a long time.
>>7407 My Id isn't 044fdc. You have reading comprehension problems?
>>7408 Yeah that's him. He's constantly keeping up and quoting other anons by ID.
>>7409 So, I'm Mark now. Ok sunshine. And how does Cole Larmberson fare at the FBI office?
>>7408 I remember where else I've seen you now. You're that autistic anon from the 8kun thread on /cow/ that posts screencaps of his phone. That thread always seemed off and it was easy to see it was posted by an outsider. Always seemed like whoever bumped it was damage controlling anything happening on 8kun/v/ and Mark himself. Whoever you are you should lurk moar.
Open file (676.79 KB 360x640 VlmaTW1586506463.png)
>>7411 >autistic anon from the 8kun thread on /cow/ that posts screencaps of his phone. Now I'm being accused of being Geeseposter & Nyanralph. What else you got?
>>7412 For someone that claims not to be Mark you seem to have all his favorite tripfags memorized. Maybe you shouldn't demand other anons do things and LARP as the BO. Which is something a sperg that thinks he owns every /v/ everywhere would do. Why don't you take your own advice and go lurk the other thread you want other anons to use? Or better yet fuck off all together.
Open file (1.73 MB 2959x2434 1432337201125.jpg)
>>7413 Are you done fishing Nyanralphychan?
>>7414 I'm done helping you hide discussion of what's going on. Small summary from lurking around: >As early as 5 days ago Mark said he was thinking about leaving 8kun and setting up a bunker >This bunker would include "vch pass" where you'd pay the kike $20 a year to shitpost without ads >He had some type of falling out with Jim and Jim said he might delete /v/ >Mark spoke to Josh and JEWS on the phone >JEWS advised not using Josh as a host because he thinks Josh just wants to scrape /cow/ anons IPs >Mark and ni/gg/ers are attempting to use /animu/'s bunker and re-join the webring because it would be free >They think the admin of PLW will just add more disk space and buy a better server for them >Jim seems to be in some type of investigation and money is getting short >8kun apparently under heavy ddos and still a broken piece of shit >The retard I'm replying to is suddenly back just like every time there is drama involving ni/gg/ers or Mark himself I expect to see >>>/v/ dealing with a ton of shitposting soon just like every other time ni/gg/ers were in the webring or setting up shop/leaving. I also think Mark is trying to shekel farm because Jim is cutting him off payroll. Should be a fun month.
>>7415 So why didn't you tell us this information from the get go? What's so hard getting transparency from you or the kike?
>>7416 Why do you want it hidden in a shit thread? >>7389 Why do you LARP as PLW's admin? >>7394 Why do you always show up and do the same thing whenever /v/ talks about 8kun?
>>7417 Hidden? You're providing plenty of material yourself nyanralph. I didn't larp, no tripcode @plw, I even called myself transpary to dissociate myself from julay, plw, and foxdickfarms administration. I showed up because julau administration wants nothing to do with the kike. Are you not reading this thread? My hosting service is a peace offering.
>>7418 >peace offering ...but why?
>>7419 Because who doesn't want peace?
BO, do you think it'd be worth it to start a new thread/have a new one to discuss the impending influx of kike/v/ golems, or can that wait until the thread hits the bump limit? I don't actually know what the bump limit is on this board, so I'm not sure if it will happen soon. I think having a "clean break" to discuss this new topic would be good. >>7415 Thanks for summarizing all this. I try to keep track of these goings-on, but sifting through /cow/ shizophrenia is very tiring. The guy you're replying to is the Jap Autist from the fighting game thread and /cow/, and you can find him in this thread andthe fighting game thread if you scroll up a month or two. I think he's obsessed with Mark out of spite, not out of any desire to assist him; it's just that he does indirectly assist Mark by obfuscating the information surrounding him with mountains of insane garbage.
Open file (767.76 KB 1024x768 molymeme.png)
>>7315 >>7317 >>7319 >>7320 >>7337 >>xxxx The absolute state lol. This is what estrogen does to people. Don't you understand its YOU dramaqueen trannies who keep crying wolf about the same daft schizo shit here like every fucking day filling the meta up with this pathetic blog shit everyday that's the issue you absolute cretins? You /v/ users and a few others truly are the most insufferable autistics on the planet why can't you just get over this retarded mongrel? Lol i mean you're letting some irrelevant nigger live in your head rent free for how long and it's not even funny at this point for people like me who don't give a fuck about your old flame mutie from 8glow. I'm sick of hearing this and that about your literal who goober boogeyman faggot who apparently wronged you into your infinite broken record never ending touchy feely feminine tranny asshurt. You really hate the guy yeah? So take revenge or shut the fuck up forever.
Open file (63.59 KB 1453x862 argumentman.jpg)
>>7442 Not an argument.
>>7442 wtf I hate >>>/cow/ now. I better go over to smug and post there and beg for julay to be blacklisted. When does Mark's bunker open I want to buy jewchan passes.
>>7444 Just buy 3 oochan™ Gondola shirts to get an oochan Early Access pass!
>>7442 >upboated and reblogged* kek.
So just wondering here guys and "gals" what will it take for the scrawny old man-hags to stop their insufferable gossip girl whinging about some shitposters and this retarded monkey who lives in their heads more than on this board? When there even exists seperate threads/boards the trannies can whinge in to all their hearts content for those fucking sell-out losers? Because we're right now stuck with impotent trannies who can't get it out of their system. What you actually want is revenge on the 8glow worms not this sobbing. They should be destroyed for what they did. Putting the final nail in their coffin would only be fun, shit maybe you can get dolphinfucker and some of the more gifted schizos on the J team.
>>7449 Feel free to do something faggot. What I want is to be left alone.
>>7415 Jim won't delete /v/, just that he doesn't care if Mark deletes it now or not, which speaks volumes about his character when a bunch of anons there are sick of the site's posting errors and reluctance to migrate and restore board functionality.
Open file (47.60 KB 474x592 th.jpeg)
>>7451 Aya here with another FAKENEWS report: So big daddy jimbo was fuming mad his big fipland site isn't bring new fipmodels to thotthemselves out, and with the FBI investigation, and a joke he says he doesn't care about, he can just delete it. this made the cake fumming madd, he came to sperg to jevvvs on his personally doxed phone dolphin and jewsh has, and got all misunderstanding. considering he eats cakes everyday, he went to propose to loleron his big secret he has Szechuan sauce for loleron and will give cheese pizza for some of that sweet szechuan sauce if he gets /v/ what was unexpected was DOLPHIN NIGGER coming up with a brighter idea to lend her ice jar open for the cake. cake was surprised, and asked his supervisors what to do, since he doesn't have 2 spanking burgers per month to give. so we are here now, caught up, ready for the next BIG THING™. over an out!
Open file (18.98 KB 474x355 th (2).jpeg)
Oh forgot to say, site issues are intentional, without the site having constant problems, the threat of ever having to need money to qboard has to exist. something about illusions and q only needing 8kun so freedom can be free
Open file (950.00 B 159x27 ClipboardImage.png)
You made a small but amusing typo, BO. Thanks for taking my suggestion.
Just a heads up BO >>>/cow/42912 The influx is destined, you're being ridiculed for an excellent job thus far.
>>7478 Why do people want IDs so badly? >guy who hates on julay for not having IDs and tells people not to trust the BO reveals himself to be mark >im not bitching about our competition but let me bitch about our competition Why do people still follow the cakekike?
Open file (1.46 MB 1002x576 mpv-shot0001.png)
>>7479 >Why do people want IDs so badly? >people Because Mark gaslighted them to desire them. They literally think that IDs are impossible to bypass. I'll admit that they're addition to follow discussions properly, though. >Why do people still follow the cakekike? >people Because Mark gaslighted them to follow him. Pic related will be Ayafag when he finds about Mark sperging out again.
that they're a nice addition*
>>7480 Even with his flaky behavior concerning Mark's own meta threads, he still communicates with them enough to come off as giving a shit, which is really sad considering how much Jim, and by extension Ron could have smoothed things over had they been more dedicated to restoring all legal boards only for them to drop the ball. That and they've made plenty of enemies online with /intl/, goons, rival GG boards that self destructed twice, all the negative attention from that THQ AMA and the leaked Sonic Mania stream, etc. That he hasn't gone full kikewheels yet contributes to his retained userbase.>>7480
>>7483 He panders to /gg/, so they're happy even if he acts like a retard otherwise.
>>7486 I'm genuinely sick looking at those caps. Thanks for presenting them/stitching them together, though.
>>7486 They never forgave endchan after the stunts they pulled; Mark would have to do something on their, Poole's, imkamfy's, or Fred's level to get them to ditch him. Who would be a better board owner but wouldn't stab /v/ or Gamergate's general in the back? Also: http://archive.vn/ChPeJ They're having a giggle at the /qresearch/ board getting raided and watching the boomers getting confused and calling those pics "CP".
Open file (686.17 KB 2016x1512 time for another kike.jpg)
I guess this is the end of jula/v/ if everything is getting banned now for no reason >>>/v/25659 Why can't video game board be run by nonterads at least once.
>>7491 >posts off-topic generic outrage bait >wow how come I get banned? truly a mystery
>>7493 >an on-topic joke is off-topic
>>7494 >on-topic >joke I do not think those words mean what you think they mean. Perhaps you should say "tenuously at best related" and "epic shitposting."
Open file (205.74 KB 1000x750 takeshi.jpg)
>people doing the same back and forth u/no u spam in a few threads >mark is BO of fatpeople/v/ >sudden spam on julay/v/ Whats the next step of the master plan?
Open file (308.58 KB 1880x486 mark_fired.png)
Cakekike just got fired: https://archive.vn/EN9hm
Open file (30.46 KB 761x106 tumor.png)
>>7556 >>7552 PDF originally here https://media.8kun.top/file_store/133d3dd83c82ff423474f7d412480d8f671b217d84c2c4bdd1685e93aadad4b9.pdf but I can't figure out a good way to archive it to directly link it to his post. Trust the cakekike to save a chatlog as a pdf.
BO, seems Mark himself made >Time: 04/12/2020 (Sun) 12:45:45 >BO deleted the following threads: >>>/v/26071 from board /v/. >>>/cow/43307 So it's absolutely definite that Mark is purposely spamming julay with off-topic bullshit.
>clicked on multiple dolphin links by mistake while looking at this shit show I'm so retarded fuck
>>7603 Wait I'm more retarded than I thought. I got a few sites mixed up I'm good.
Open file (112.63 KB 532x331 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (107.22 KB 471x425 ClipboardImage.png)
Make sure to document any obvious examples of newfaggotry and derailing here so that people can see what it looks like. I saw duplicates of the "pathetic" image like in >>7412 a few times, but I figured it wasn't anything more than some guy being retarded. There's also the image with the two checkboxes for [] BASED and [] REDPILLED that has appeared a few times.
Open file (100.41 KB 716x424 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (54.45 KB 468x451 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (55.24 KB 521x422 ClipboardImage.png)
>>7618 I decided to go looking for the checkbox image and found this along the way. I thought there was a third checkbox image, but I can't find it right now and frankly not even I'm going to comb through threads I haven't read in order to find it.
>>7618 >>7619 >anything I don't like is bogeyman/newfaggot >post how I like >stop using memes How about you stop trying to fit in already you cuck
Any chance we can get new CSS? I'm too used to Yotsuba B. I was thinking something with more of a classic look. Something with serif.
I realize the threads anchored now and thus no one will see this. but could news be banned? video game related or otherwise. my reasoning is that it serves nothing but be propaganda to push unassuming anon' into shifting more of a direction politically. thus in doing so propagates it's goal into those anons further pushing by shitting up the board with demoralizing or remoralizing trash that serves no use other then to fulfil the prior notions desire.
>>7622 seems like I've a new id. this was my last post here: >>7243 yes I'm still mad about that.
>>7622 Just post news in the /any/ thread and then delete the news threads >still mad Just repost that thread once the current horror thread dies.
>>7624 I'd prefer a news circling thread if it was allowed in some way. because I don't want that thread to be the only thread with activity ya'know.
>>7625 The gamergate thread is already up if you want to post news there
>>7626 I would prefer the dead movement be deleted never allowed back up.
>>7479 IDs are pretty based in rare, specific cases :^) >>>/cow/43307 >>>/cow/43321 >>>/cow/43322
I think I can reach a compromise, because I made this proposition very early but it seemed like no one was interested. I actually opened arms to GG mainly so I pin them in the corner when SHTF, but they are mainly going to follow where cakeboi goes nonetheless so I wouldn't even give them the attention. I would actually say it is better to put some articles in the /any/ thread. If the news is something substantial, then I think it warrants its own thread.
>>7629 what's substantial is debatable though and if it can be debated then it will be. you're right about GG though but it begs the question is mark activity posting here and if so I'd like to ask him if I'm still "worse then he is". also I'd rather not have a single thread everyone talks in because it makes the board on the whole seem more dead then it really is, that's why I liked 4am, it served this use and doesn't hang around long enough to make a sink.
>>7630 >I'd rather not have a single thread everyone talks in People stil use the other threads, /any/ is no different than qtddtot and the board seems dead because people could be dying from cororna. >is mark actively posting here Yes >>7629 >both webring mark owned /v/s are dead >no longer controls 8kult/v/ Where else are they going to go?
>>7631 I know what people actually do, but I care more about the image of the board and if there's a bunch of thrash threads plus some threads with low posts and one thread with lots, may as well call it ghetto /v/. tbh.
>>7632 >Board image Anyone that already uses julay doesn't care about the image and any faggots that stay away from julay because of it's image are people that shouldn't be here. >if there's a bunch >if So you know that there is nothing wrong with julay/v/ currently, all the shit low quality low post threads get axed as BO or some other hotpocket is doing their job well. If there is anything you could change about /v/ what would it be?
>>7633 I'm following terms under "if it looks like shit people will treat it as so" which of course does indeed mean it's more for new people posting and to that I say I'm not talking about wanting more people in but rather tip the sway in new people who just provide nothing. well as to the state of the board as it is now, I think there's alot of threads that either look alright and are dead or look like shit have few posts but are harmless regardless but the threads themselves haven't been my issue with the board but rather general post quality, and that looks like it's calming down to somewhere between anxious shit flinging and average posting.
>>7622 >but could news be banned? >I'd prefer a news circling thread >I don't want that thread to be the only thread with activity ya'know. >I'd rather not have a single thread everyone talks in This is some exceptionally poor trolling. >>>7632 >I care more about the image of the board >tbh. You overplayed your hand here. Try harder next time.
Please direct the GG thread to fuck off and make their own board. It's been made clear repeatedly in the past that anons don't want their circlejerk on /v/.
>>7636 I can't, I'm turning over a new leaf besides they are going to stay far away from the site. I can't even convince them without them acting like battered wives.
>>7636 They already have their own board /gamergatehq/
>>7637 This is the same retarded logic that mark used to let the 4am thread slide on for years. Get rid of it. Don't make the mistake 8/vg/ did of diluting the board's goals based on whatever new blood shows up and shouts loudest. >>7638 Then why are they on /v/?
>>7639 8/vg/ was absolutely fine and the goals weren't diluted
>>7639 >Then why are they on /v/? No idea, the gg thread on /v/ has more post than the entire gg board and the board has been around since december.
>>7639 You're overreacting, I am going to see how well this is going to go. To be frank, I think it is you guys that are high strung about this. Don't worry, they're not going to be here en masse since Mark is setting up his own bunker. Also, you have tools other than reporting if you are not satisified with what is being posted. There are some features that are lacking, and I know robi hasn't been around for some time so they might take a bit longer to be implemented. Just leave it be, who knows if they are even interested in the first place all I am trying to do is basically covering myself and trying something different since this banning thing is not working as I originally thought. I might revert back to my original protocols, but for now I am going to focus on more serious attacks on the site/board.
Open file (135.46 KB 1920x965 max.jpg)
>>7642 >this banning thing is not working as I originally thought. What went wrong? >who knows if they are even interested in the first place They made it clear that they hate julay and you, just look at any of those thread on 8kun, plw/v/ or fat/v/. for some reason people really hate no IDs, think you're a sperg and that julay is stealing their users. >I might revert back to my original protocols Try it out
>>7642 Containment threads/boards never work. All they do is invite cancer into the userbase.
>>7644 they've worked fine until someone has way too much of a problem with or in it
>>7622 /any/ was made for news. Real news belong on >>>/pol/ >>7626 >>7629 I thought >>>/gamergatehq/ was made to keep that autism at bay. >>7631 >Where else are they going to go? Anywhere but here? You know how many IBs exist in this planet? They can go back to their gamergate discord for all I care. >>7636 There already is one. >>7637 You can, just migrate the boards over. >>7642 I disagree, I don't want any more media attention if we're going to host their cancer, that might get julayworld shutdown. I think you're forgetting why /cowrevolt/ & /ggrevolt/ was made for. >>7644 This. >>7645 Show me one.
>>7646 4am, it was fine till mark had a problem with it. and then later when everyone had a problem with ritzu. the doom general was fine until everyone had a problem with that one furfag spamming it with his shit screenshots. Drawfag threads were fine and died out on their own since no one wants to draw stuff for a hoard of losers tbh. just about every general is a containment thread for autists speeding my point up. I dunno about /any/ being made for news but I wont press.
/v/ is spammed by ni/gg/ers, do your job >>>/v/26511 >>>/v/26559 >>>/v/26565
>>>/v/26468 >Edited last time by Muses on 04/13/2020 (Mon) 19:50:41. You, have, got, to be fucking kidding me. Muses, what in the literal fuck: >>>/v/6899 >>>v/11943 >>>/v/12783 >>>/v/14484 FGG has never had a problem with fucking twitch, fuck, you've had fucking sokuniggers literally hotlink their twitch handles before, and the myriad other gaming streams through out the dawn of the imageboard use youtube&twitch. What did single post made you change your heart?
>>7647 >4am Go, the fuck back to your cult. >>7648 He's probably asleep.
>Edited last time by kimeemaru on 04/14/2020 (Tue) 01:40:06. I see what's happening. I didn't know you two were, gay. >Reports closed >Ban lifts 🤔
>>7651 What the fuck is going on?
>>7652 >>7651 kimeemaru convinced the BO to try out the hehpill.
>>7654 yeah no, that's not happening
I think you guys are not looking at the big picture. Because of the events that transpire yesterday, the site name has been filtered off of 8kun. Additionally, you noticed how the /gg/ thread on here is basically dead? They really do not want to touch this place with a 10-foot pole, they think they'll get stump by /cow/boys. The main reason I said that is part of a joke but actually to say that I really didn't give a fuck if they were here or not. Obviously, they will never take the offer because of their undying loyalty to Mark. Also, if they spread their shit too thin then they would get discouraged and just stay there with cakeboi. Additionally, I just want to see them slowly break them since their usual points are null from my announcement. I know they are not going to come here, but I just to show how no matter what you give them they won't take it. They can post on this /v/ or /gamergatehq/, but they're so scare of being made fun of that they won't touch this site. Sidenote: Do you want me to break links or not? I could stop, it is just an old habit I have from the past.
>>7657 Delete their shit threads already.
>8 hours of no moderation based
>>7657 I admit that I am pretty high strung about this, but I don't think there's any benefit to having the #GG thread on the catalogue (christ, they even use hashtags like it's fucking Twitter). I understand that the thread is normally very high-speed, which means the fact it hasn't already filled up does indicate that the actual ni/gg/ers have no interest in posting here. I generally agree that, left to their own devices, they will choose another place so as to be close to Mark's dick. That said, I do not like them, and I do not enjoy having their thread here. It's one thing to filter words that indicate nigger-tier posting, but it's another thing to have a "containment" thread for a subculture that hasn't done anything except bitch about e-celebs for the past five years. It reminds me of the Steven Universe threads on 8/co/ four or five years ago: technically they never broke the rules, but everyone who watched/discussed the show was such a colossal faggot that ultimately the BO had to tell them to leave because they dragged down the quality of everything else they touched. I think, at best, the same thing will happen here. I am willing to let the #Gamergate thread sink to the bottom of the catalogue and be filled with shitposting, but I do want the record to show that I think you're wrong to extend the hand to them, even if we both know they'll turn away. >breaking links You mean like the [please use archive.is] stuff that were wordfiltered for MSM publications on 8/v/? I haven't noticed anything like that, so I guess you can keep doing whatever you're doing. Final topic: what's your position on the daily dose/thanks doc thread? I'd prefer for it to be removed because it's exactly the type of cuckchan nigger posting that I want never to be welcome here, but I'm sure you've had it reported now and it's been up for about a day so it appears you disagree. Is this another "let it slide to the bottom" thing?
>>7661 >It's one thing to filter words that indicate nigger-tier posting *It's one thing to individually filter words that indicate nigger-tier posting, but threads like this do have a runoff effect on the rest of the board.
Absolutely no niggergate threads /v/. Not debatable. What the fuck is this shit? You literally had one job to delete shit like that and you can't even do that?
>>7657 >Do you want me to break links or not? I could stop, it is just an old habit I have from the past. In what dimension? IDGAF if you want links broken or not, that's site issue, why in god's grace did you even >>7649 Yell at robi to implement site wide link breakage if you want, there's no reason to edit anon's post. You should have been transparent about your stupid hehpirru experiment instead of employing it without our consultation. kimeemaru needs his own imageboard by now. He can invite that filth there.
Looks like we'll be needing a new BO at this rate, what is this, the third one? Why can't anyone run /v/ without shitting the bed.
Open file (275.36 KB 732x832 mark.png)
>>7664 >why in god's grace did you even >>7649 Oh, Christ, I didn't even see that. That's fucking inexcusable. I know you try to do your best, BO, but really?
Open file (36.05 KB 205x371 ClipboardImage.png)
Also, do I need to delete my cache or something for this thread to go away? I saw that its posts were moved into the other, larger thread on the same topic, but I can't see why this thread is allowed to stay.
Has the board been abandoned or what? Where's BO, where's are vols? What the fuck is going on?
>>7671 It's been literally three hours, nigger. >>7657
Open file (7.72 MB 640x480 heh pill.webm)
>>7671 /v/ vol ama
>>7673 ur gay?
>>7674 nah
>>7672 It's been literally 10 hours and the board is still shat up
>>7677 it looks fine to me, what do you mean by "shat up"
Open file (629.59 KB 508x512 jan.png)
>>7679 Like I said I don't see any problem here, you'll have to be more specific.
Open file (211.00 KB 400x500 1447751804180.jpg)
>>7682 Sorry I just lost my glasses in a tragic aquarium accident, so I'm afraid I can't make out the issue you're trying to describe.
>>7673 What use is to judge content if it is shit in a free-for-all environment? how can a leaderless mass clean themselves from this plague if the tools for cleansing are made for a single individual? Answer me that, tukemandamon
Open file (434.89 KB 1280x1175 1471059687506.jpg)
>>7711 Judge not janny, and the collective of individualists has the power to do whatever the fuck they want by hiding or sliding. It's up to the users whether they want to shit up the board or not, not the janny.
do new people just immediately jump on the meta thread ?
BO I think the gamenight thread here is legit >>>/v/19348 we were discussing it in the UT thread earlier >>>/v/26227 please check it out

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