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Open file (478.57 KB 758x866 1565302598565.gif)
Bunker stream general Anonymous Global volunteer 08/11/2019 (Sun) 17:24:51 ID: bf0d65 No.197
To celebrate /strek/, /k/, /hgg/, /x/ and all the other boards that have came here during the troubles I'm going to start hosting streams in the hopes that anons from all the boards can come together for comfy chat. Since today it's short notice I'm just going to stream a movie I planned on streaming for the anons on /cow/ after our next regular restream.

In an hour (6:30 UTC) I will be streaming Falling Down on the usual cytube channel. You won't need to install any userscripts to join as we have our own streaming server here. For future streams I'd like for each board to suggest content so anons can learn about each other's home board culture. I thought Falling Down was a good choice for today because some anons on /cow/ haven't seen it and it seems appropriate for what's gone on over the last week.

I know it was short notice today but I hope anons from every board will be able to attend. Here is the link to the channel I'll be streaming on today.

Edited last time by BillCooper on 08/12/2019 (Mon) 01:37:37.
Should have a Rocky marathon for /strek/
When I'm better able to prep for it I'd like to maybe do a stream where every board picks say an hours worth of content and we play them all back to back.
Going live in about 10 minutes
Movie just started.
Open file (2.75 MB 264x320 1565504572891.gif)
Server issues so switching to b movie. Gonna try to debug what's going on with it and make sure it's working correctly for next time. Sorry guys. We've been streaming to more anons on this server for months and this is the first time this has happened.
Open file (813.36 KB 494x415 1565520522968.gif)
Robi fixed the streaming server. Turns out some software updating screwed up how it was configured and caused the buffering issues. It seems to be working fine now in testing. Going to do a test with anons here in a little while and if everything checks out I'll go ahead and stream the movie.

Sucks we ran into this bug the first time we tried to do a crossboard stream but it's probably a good thing we found it now instead of running into it when Robi wasn't around.
Looks like the stream will be back in 5.
Server seems stable. We're back movie just started.
Movie is nearly done but I'm going to be streaming some animu afterwards for anyone that wants to stick around. Also friendly reminder that I'm taking requests for the next stream. /strek/, /k/, /hgg/, /x/, and all the other boards please drop any requests for content you'd like to see streamed in this thread so I can download everything and have it ready to go.
>dredd (2012)
Open file (928.91 KB 500x500 1565499944050.gif)
Movie finished. Stream still online and streaming anime. Probably going to play an entire series that's not well known.

Will grab this tonight.
Should post an easily updateable list of movies that have already been watched so people don't make useless requests.
We've mainly just watched some mostly unknown b-movies up until now. Off the top of my head watched movies would be:

>Falling Down
>They Live
>Meet the Hollow Heads
>The Atomic Brain
>The Monster from Green hell
Edited last time by BillCooper on 08/13/2019 (Tue) 01:15:03.
>They Live
>Falling Down
Not really unknown films. Maybe 10-15 years ago but They Live particularly is quite well known nowadays. It's also a bit overrated. Wastes too much time on bullshit like the pointless fight scene and then suddenly ends.
Yeah not really unknown they were streamed recently for anons that hadn't seen them. There were more b-movies we watched but I can't remember them right now.
Forgot to mention will probably stream Judge Dredd and a movie some anons on /k/ uploaded for me. Another anon with access to the server is planning on streaming TNG for /strek/. Anyone that has suggestions for stuff to watch just drop them here and we'll get to them eventually.

I'll update the OP soon. Going to set-up another channel on cytube for crossboard streams so we don't flood the /cow/ channel with unrelated content. Also going to set-up a secondary streaming server. If some anons from other boards want access I'd be willing to get you guys set-up with stream keys.
The new Judge Dredd right, normally not a fan of reboots, but it's a much better movie then the wacky hijinks version from the 90's.
Talking about reboots, while the JJabrams star trek movies might have been shit in general, the last one they made was pretty good probably because that lensflare kike hack wasnt involved that time wouldnt mind watching that again.
>Another anon with access to the server is planning on streaming TNG for /strek/
If anon needs episodes I can upload TOS, TNG and DS9 right now to a Mega or something.
Streaming /strek/ DS9 right now on the Guntstream channel. Starting with episode 1.
That would be helpful. I tried to find a good encode of DS9 and the one I found is terrible. Resorted to using Netflix.
Open file (119.06 KB 768x576 Cardassia exe.webm)
I don't think there's many good encodes of DS9 out there sadly. Never got the remastered TOS or TNG treatment.
I've uploaded though a test file for the version I've got to see if you want it though. If you like it I'll upload the rest elsewhere.
Streaming animu currently for any anons that want to join.

>Error The socket.io library could not be loaded from vapor.cytu.be:10443/socket.io/socket.io.js. Ensure that it is not being blocked by a script blocking extension or firewall and try again.
Why am I getting this on cytube
You have to allow the third party scripts so you can see content from Robi's streaming server.
I wish I was that retarded but no. I allowed everything.
Not sure then must be something on cytube's end.
Had to switch to a different browser so I guess it's something there.
Anime ended watching a masterpiece by Niel Breen now.
It just occurred to me that this thread hasn't been updated in awhile even though multiple anons have been streaming. I'll try to remember to update it in the future when we're live.
In 15 minutes I'll be streaming Neo-Tokyo followed by an episode of UK Top Gear.

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