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Open file (59.48 KB 658x960 1542674431319.jpg)
Strelok 08/09/2019 (Fri) 09:54:27 No.3
Hey /k/
Not really a gun's guy but I remember some friendly anon really wanted these so here it goes
#F!O3gmRCpR!4Q_4hsW8bwJvsCzhFMZ9yQ - Osprey Publishing (for all your gun's and gun'sblaster needs)
(the entire collection is gigantic so I'll be adjourning with you guys at a later date)
Open file (788.50 KB 477x268 arigato.gif)
Thanks anon! I lost you in the meta thread, but I really appreciate you taking the time and posting the link here.
Open file (941.43 KB 2480x1374 1453575244736-2.jpg)
If that's what we're doing, I'll start us out with the Do/k/ument.

Open file (1021.67 KB 500x365 saved.gif)
Thanks anon, I have some /k/ related stuff saved but I'll need to dig it out. Does anyone need the books on gun design?
Also I'm going to talk to the admin about enabling pdf uploads
Always there for a friend.
Only regret I have is that I don't know if I'll be able to get all of it online, but if you need it, you can always check out smug or here. I'll be sure to repost with the same exact wording except with a different link.

By the way, to all content uploaders, you may wanna check out some code from the Meta Thread #3 on smug to use base64 as a way to obscure your links so that newfags and journos can't do shit about it.
Open file (391.44 KB 1122x1640 chuuni.jpg)
Oh, also, there's this
Keep an eye on these links, I may add more stuff

#F!dPhz3A7Z!5CLIzD9uvKHDYjWcucmxLQ - Osprey Publishing 2
anyone seeding?
Thanks hitler.
Both seem to have been nuked.
Hey, thats me!
Fuck my life, I should have downloaded it when I had the chance. Always get complacent when it gets to downloading shit. Anybody willing to re-upload?
If you're still around, lad, I can get the links up again
By the way, for any /k/ommando who has the Dokument, why is it missing parts of it and should I even bother waiting for the missing parts?
>get the links up again
If you can get both of them live for tomorrow, I'd owe you.

>missing parts of the document
Think there are mega links for that in the pdf thread, the do/k/ument has been fucked like that for years so don't worry about the parts not loading.
Links are still dead
It always failed to finish at like 90%
I have the whole Dokument on my hard drive, but I lost the magnet link in an OS move awhile back. IF someone could give me the magnet I should be able to seed it for whoever needs it.
Here you are, its been stuck at 96% for a while.
the ark has the dokument in it
Apologies for the delay, I just added it.
Specifically, I added the Ar/k/, not the do/k/ument.

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