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Welcome back.

Open file (41.29 KB 630x630 4729984_0.jpg)
Free Cities - Pregmod : NoNut November edition Anonymous 11/04/2019 (Mon) 00:33:53 No.2401
OP template: https://gitgud.io/Blank/FCP-FAQ/raw/master/OP-Pasta.txt READ THE FAQ AND README BEFORE POSTING https://gitgud.io/Blank/FCP-FAQ/raw/master/FAQ.txt https://gitgud.io/pregmodfan/fc-pregmod/blob/pregmod-master/README.md READ THE FAQ AND README BEFORE POSTING Copypasta for turboquestianons: https://pastebin.com/GRB6cabX Pregmod: https://gitgud.io/pregmodfan/fc-pregmod , is a mod for Free Cities: https://freecitiesblog.blogspot.com Furrymod/monster girl conversations are to be held in a separate thread. Previous thread: >>8 Changelogs https://gitgud.io/pregmodfan/fc-pregmod/raw/pregmod-master/Changelog.txt Versions: Git: https://gitgud.io/Blank/FCP-FAQ/raw/master/Stupid_Nigger_Guide_for_Stupid_Niggers_3.0.png Background source: https://gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=3501272 / https://gitgud.io/Blank/FCP-FAQ/raw/master/source.png / https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=58724288 Pre-compiled: https://mega.nz/#F!02oXHADI!XYwKOnN6EjxnamxfiTaTGA Always run Backwards Compatibility when using old saves on a new version. To upload a file, change the filetype to either .swf or .pdf. https://gitgud.io/Blank/FCP-FAQ/raw/master/storageQuotaIssues https://gitgud.io/pregmodfan/fc-pregmod/raw/pregmod-master/devNotes/AnatomyOfAFreeCitiesEvent.txt https://gitgud.io/Blank/FCP-FAQ/raw/master/OptSlaveStats.png https://gitgud.io/Blank/FCP-FAQ/raw/master/Tactics.png https://gitgud.io/Blank/FCP-FAQ/raw/master/BreastsCC.png https://gitgud.io/Blank/FCP-FAQ/raw/master/TextOnlyQuickArchive Deepmurk (embeded vector art developer and maintainer)'s request/issue tracker: https://gitgud.io/deepmurk/fc-pregmod/issues/1 Male pronouns issue tracker: https://gitgud.io/pregmodfan/fc-pregmod/issues/389 Animal request thread: https://gitgud.io/DCoded/fc-pregmod/issues/6
Edited last time by Oilrig on 12/19/2019 (Thu) 23:02:48.
I really want to see more orgasm denial content like frustration and begging to cum
Reposting over here I guess.

Looked into it. Says she still has the sympathy ovary implant. It also says she is on contraceptives, which will preempt them from really doing anything.

I have a list of things to account for in saRules that relate to that scheduled as a mini update after I finish standardizing the player object. Things like if a slave is even capable of masturbating or just gets to be frustrated because she can't reach.
Did I miswrite the rule that's supposed to keep "asexual" implant girls from getting contraceptives?
(slave) => slave.ovaImplant === "asexual" && slave.preg < 1
Looks right. Keep in mind that she had a "sympathy" implant, not "asexual".
Yeah, her asexual implant vanished
I can't find any with it. Nothing is unsetting it that I can find. Going to run more tests.
I'm a tard. Obviously adding the sympathy implant overrode the asexual one.
That actually shouldn't happen since she technically only has one ovary at that point. Going to make sure that remote surgery respects that.
Wouldn't that require having two strings for ovaImplant at once?
It checks against != 0, so any existing .ovaImplant will either require the existing one to first be removed or for the whole set of ovaries to be replaced.
Brothel and club advertisements are set to 'stacked'. All brothel and club slaves have stupidly huge tits. Patrons still complaining that not all slaves are stacked.
What gives?
Question,how woukd I increase attraction to femboys/traps without taking gender radicalism?
You don't.
Do heavy female hormones cancel out growth stimulants?
Not entirely, but it does impede them heavily.
whats the situation on the loli vector art? haven't checked for a couple months
Currently unknown. I'll poke again when I set the new FS clothings to an existing vector as a placeholder.
So after supporting the old world general the game said i could sell him slaves but i havent figured out how? Is that just lore?
His agent can show up as a buyer when selling slaves.

Also can you guys add a option for the Madam on the Brothel not to sell herself too?
Have at least 5 slaves in it and she will be too busy to do it herself. With too few slaves, having a madam in the first place isn't that great either.
Bit of a general question for the multi-proposal thing; if I proposed to two slaves who were in love with eachother -and- me, would it break them up?
Decided to try a eugenics run, I can not figure out how to submit slaves for inspection, can someone please help me out here?
They have to be fertile. Refresh the page and the option should sow up somewhere on their info sheet
Is there a population cap? With the old system apartments had a cap to the amount of citizens and slaves. I can’t find anything in the code mentioning a pop cap.
Currently yes as .relationship can not handle multiple pointers.

There has got to be something somwhere, but is was reworked and may just ebb and flow.
I know. I’ve been looking at the new population code and it’s way to complex for me to make sense of, not even sure if there is a pop cap.

Is there going to be an update for ruined orgasm and edging?
A minor in terms of expanding saRules to better accommodate what a slave is capable of and may find pleasurable. Another example, a breast fetishist masturbating by playing with their breasts/fuckable nipples.
OP links have the finishing and totally unnecessary parenthesis fucking up the addresses
They had been that way for a little while on 8ch, the "error" is a result of LynxChan's rendering engine. Any rate I also used the opporunity to make further modfications to the OP-Pasta.
That hurts my soul and I don't know why.
Anyone managed to make save/load from disk work on android?
When choosing which countries/continents will populate your slave pool, will it be possible to combine two or more pre-made populations in the future? (i.e. getting realistic pop from North and South America + Europe)
Just a QOL request, its something that has been bugging me for a while. Could the royal blood recruitment event get the option to buy the royal family only? Having to buy the whole court just to get the queen, prince and princess is annoying.
setting up a "number of virginities taken" leaderboard and then implementing primae noctis for all virgin slaves and free women when?
In the precompiled version, if you buy all the clothing options some won't appear in the rules assistant. Help?
Don't think it would be that easy due to weighting. Lot of chinese, in other words.

Possible. It is really overloaded in terms of choices right now. May need to reconsider just how the event is handled.

When they are actually tracked, perhaps.

List of the ones missing?
Open file (73.63 KB 1496x400 RulesAssistant.png)
Open file (73.63 KB 1496x400 RulesAssistant.png)
So after compiling my list, I've realized they were there the whole time, just out of order.
I'll include screenshots of the menus for analysis and the text list I've compiled. When reading it, ones mean an item is present, and zeroes mean it is not. The left side is the menu for clothing individual slaves, and the right is the rules assistant. Hopefully this helps you sort out the janky arrangement, cheers.
what future society uses body oil?
Dunno man, Egyptian Revivalism maybe?
Physical Idealism
Ah, I see.
Is there a way to forbid sexual encounters for certain slaves? Apparently the daughters I raised in the growing tubes have decided to suck my dick at some point and I didn't realize it.
Seriously, I'm relying Surnames to avoid fucking my daughters and the events at week starts don't show them. How do I avoid accidentally porking my daughters?
If you're not porking your daughters you're not playing the game right, my dude
Another anon made a similar question a few months ago. Contrary to what I thought, nobody suggested a safe way to forbid oral sex.
Don't think there is a way to prevent it.
I just raise them and sell them, making sure to sell them into comfy leadership roles.
Alright, how do I make my corporation profitable in pregmod?
A virginities taken tracker would be amazing.
Would it be easy to include the prestige type of a "prestigious auction" slave in slave.origin? You can't see the difference between trophy wives, princesses, and former arcology owners currently.
It'd be helpful if it just said "You bought the former $whatever at auction"

Escort division, then training division, don't even get into capture and breaking unless slave prices are very high.
Will consider things. Still have a whole lot of shoes to write.
I've been gone a few months, what's the status of the nursery? I saw that it got an update, but not what that update included.
Bad. Needs a thorough review to make things work. I plan to do it after standardizing the player object.
>Would it be easy to include the prestige type of a "prestigious auction" slave in slave.origin? You can't see the difference between trophy wives, princesses, and former arcology owners currently.
>It'd be helpful if it just said "You bought the former $whatever at auction"
I just put that info in custom tags.
>forces to create an account to view the gitgud repository
what the fuck is gitgud's problem?
Is there any chance for the cellblock to have orgasm denial as part of it's punishements?
Chastity belts and aphrodisiacs are already in the game
Was the bug fixed that was causing bad weather to prevent immigration, even when Secexp wasn't enabled to let you build better infrastructure?
It was established that it had a non-secExp equivalent that you are seeing.
I'm looking on the repo all the time, never created an account. Just checked it again now, still seems to be fine.
Think I got it sorted out.
Is there a way to automate the process of getting girls to 20 obedience and fixing their flaws?
I see one of the pull requests pitching permanent, unfixable health damage.
I wanna say, nothing in this game should be unfixable, just require more money thrown at it.
So really, really expensive to fix health damage seems to fit the style of this game more than unfixable.
8kun is up. Don't know if we want to consider moving there or not, but I just confirmed it's taking posts.
Lol it will be down within an hour
>honeypot is up
No one cares.
Yes, just make a series of rules based on their devotion. Then once it reaches a certain point if they still have flaws then throw them into the spa (if you want them softened) or have a madam/dj completely fix them or just keep waiting for your headgirl to get around to it.

Its literally just making the rules to automate it for you. If you're too lazy for that then, no there isn't.
Don't click the link. There's an extra parenthesis at the end that fucks it up. Just copy and paste it instead.
I'm having a weird issue where my future societies keep resetting, a problem for my character who is an ex-maid. I need that gender radicalism to keep my reputation up. Where can I send the save for a bug report?
Nevermind, I think I figured it out. The neighboring gender fundamentalism archologies were influencing my arcology and removing the society direction.
I take it that resolves the issue then? Please close it if that is the case.
I still think it's a bug how when these two incompatible societal directions butt heads, one can completely wipe out the other even if one is completely maxed. But that's just my opinion, I guess.
That's the way it is. It needs a bit of an overhaul to give it more resistance the more established it is.
49.88mb to 16.07mb, what's up?
>49.88mb to 16.07mb, what's up?
Issue is fixed. As my main desktop (GNU/Linux) is offline (power related), I switched to a backup laptop (Windows 10, please kill me). Turns out aborting native .zip extraction because it takes too long is a bad idea (e.g an ETA ~17 minutes with periods of fluctuation) while 7zip can extract it in around 1:25 minutes.
Right, but what's the most efficient way to use RA to get them to 20 obedience? I usually use a gag and straps to get make them afraid, but I don't know how to automate resistance breaking/devotion building.
Where the fugg are the download links to the new versions
Made an account but no DL link
Open file (53.56 KB 1003x745 DownloadHere.png)
I have submitted several reports requesting it be changed to an updated version, however I would not be surprised at all if the mod UI is such gatabage that they aren't visable.
Also see >>2519. Probably time I made alternative arrangements.
I made this for a reason, long ago. Still can't believe it's still being used.
You have to leave.
Please stop spoonfeeding retards.
In regards to muscle. If it's maxed, the slave should have at least a minimum of B-sized breasts. Even male bodybuilders have huge jugs.
Open file (242.68 KB 976x3156 triggered.png)
>Reddit being mad is new
What is even the point of gender radicalism/traditionalism is pointless ? I don't get it
It should be remodeled into 2 paths for maledom/femdom
>When trap had nothing to do with fucking trannies and they just stole it to feel self-important
Why do you do this to us
Radicalism is not maledom because the male slaves are still considered 'women' and the free people are considered as 'men'. The whole game is maledom and Radicalism just extends the meaning of 'women'.
I have a problem with the RA. I have anal virgin slaves with anal chastity and no buttplugs in them, but the RA still gives them tails. Also, the RA doesn't automatically assign the slaves to their jobs, but they're still tagged by the rule.
The RA doesn't like doing surgeries, assignments, or facilities.
Actually trap originally meant a passing tranny on most image boards, till a few years ago when faggots started using it to mean crossdressing twinks.
>Bridget was a tranny
There are massive differences between a transvestite, transsexual, and transgender.
The traps of yesteryear were far closer to transvestites than the alternatives, with the exception of ladyboys.
Fuck it did, it referred to 2d shit primarily like Bridget. It was /b/ humour and never involved this plague of literal "I'm a woman now" shit.
In my personal canon, Bridgett would've definitely become a non-op tranny when he gets older.

I'd imagine one of the older girls (Millia ?) would seduce him even further into femininity, as he start entering his early teens, she'll secretly start giving him estrogens to railroad his puberty from a boring male puberty into a female one.

His pubescent body would respond quickly to the invading hormones, and as they months go by, his breasts will start growing, his bone structure will start feminizing, and of course his useless, superfluous genitals will shrink and atrophy.

As for his prostate gland, he'd require constant and continuous anal stimulation in order to prevent it from atrophying like the rest of his male sexual organs. So, he must have daily anal sex with or without partners at least twice a day.
Kindly 41% yourself
How is a cross dressing twink with a masculine figure that doesn't pass for female, a trap? This is such a retarded oxymoron. You do realise for a trap to work it has to bait you into thinking it's safe then the trap is sprung. "traps" these days, dont pass, have masculine figures, no female secondary sexual traits like breasts, wider hips narrow waist. Where are traps as in passing trannies, look like women but they still have a dick, the actual trap part. If you get "trapped" by some faggot in a dress that doesn't look remotely female, i hate to break it to you but you're probably a faggot, that cant tell the difference between male and female.
Open file (180.88 KB 929x1262 1571266631620.jpg)
Because that's what it's always been. Traps are all natural males that look so much like ladies that until they take the pants off you can't tell. That's literally how it's always been. Shemales are shemales, traps are traps.

95% of the game behave like this with male slaves you insufferable ape

also I'm a chaser, not a tranny, get your ebin memes right
Open file (52.39 KB 358x429 1567284841888.jpg)
You need to leave.
live and let live, you nigger

What I mean to say is that you shouldn't behave like that, it's unbecoming. You don't have to be bitter coomer trooper all the time.
Please fix the tails and the assignments. The RA assignments worked before.
Run BC and check your rules. It should not just be applying tails.
It still happens, even with a new game. Make a new game, quick setup, buy the tail attachments in the wardrobe, then create a simple rule (always):
>buttplugs for anal virgins: None
>buttplugs for others: Huge
>buttplug attachments: cat tails
And the anal virgins still get tails.
Sounds like there is a logic flaw in it. Will track it down.
Is the RA still taking rulesets as more of suggestions than actual rules, or is it working now?
Who the fuck was spoonfeeding these vermin censored "reddit-safe" versions? This is what you get: more demands.
Based. The tranny shit needs to go.
I think it's less likely that one of us was spoonfeeding them and more likely that some of these beautiful ladies are willing to suspend their morals to go visit an icky neonazi site in order to jack off.
So how do I automate appearance surgery through RA?
While at it, is it possible to do cybernetics through it?
...wait, wait, wait.

Fucker feels uncomfortable about using terms to refer to a subject in a game that can involve funding a kidnapping ring to jack a well-off barely legal young man then break their mind and castrate them while giving them a vagina and working ovaries so you can rape and impregnate them only to change you mind six months down the line and force them to get an abortion, lobotomise them, and stick 'em in the Arcade to be a faceless slave in a wall to be repeatedly fucked while high on addictive feminizing aphrodisiacs?

Are these fags serious?!
Trannies have the biggest and most obnoxious persecution/victim complex to delude themselves that porn terms cause literal murder and chopping off their dicks is normal.
It's funny how they ignore EVERYTHING ELSE in the game and zero in on the word "trap" to get uncomfortable about.
The biggest and most amusing joke about the whole thing is how trap never was and still isn't an insult in pretty much any context desu
> not the Good Guy
...of course, because I want to play an apocalyptic game about slavery and body modification to become a benevolent ruler who outlaws slavery and break apart slavery rings.

Reddit has magnificently missed the entire point of the game over a simple term to get triggered over.
I always play the Good Guy.
Paternalism, Gender Traditionalism, Body Purism, Physical Idealism, and White Supremacy makes for a far more benevolent system than allowing people to Liberia, Zimbabwe, Haiti, China, USSR or Sweden themselves and/or others.
What are the requirements for someone being capable of birthing clones, do they need to be fucking broodmother or what?
>Body Purism

So my starting slaves that I have keep going really unhealthy for some reason. I havent been able to figure it out. They have no issues that I can find, all healthy weights, all with the best possible living standards and everything, yet when I take them out of the Clinic, they start slowly degrading from like 100 Health to the negatives.
Elaborate. What do you mean specifically by birthing clones.
Because the only thing I can think of atm is making a functional Futa and then making her impregnate herself
Predmod v3.0.0.

Pretty much just the official release of the new FSs. Only really new thing are Statuesque Glorification's shoes.
Other than that, the eye object is currently broken and being reworked, so anything that replaces eyes is probably not going to be working right currently.

Birthing clones requires the cloning lab to produce a modified egg cell to implant in a slave. So you'd be making a slave carry a clone of herself.
Somehow I think that isn't what you were thinking of. There is an ovary modification that can be grown in the organ lab that you can purchase off the black market that produces selfcest offspring.

Could post the save for review or make an issue on the git with it for a deeper review. The latter will definitely net you an answer, the former will rely on my not being lazy after finally getting 3.0.0 out.
I typo'd pregmod once, proceeded to correct it, and went and typo'd it again. I blame shoe descriptions for this.
>petite admiration
This sounds more like a society of headpats and sylvie than loli fetishism.
Age is not really a factor in it and, depending on applied laws, may be detrimental if she is tall for her age. It does approve of headpats though, as who could resist it when she is the perfect height to rest your hand on?
I don't get it.
I've been out for about two months.
Any big updates?
The new FSs are completed, pushing the game to 3.0.0.
Is it for shortstacks or flat, though?
Can be either. It only focuses on height.
Last question, any blending with youth preferentialism with it or? I need my Sylvie Arcology, Headpat prime.
Since youth trends younger, odds are slaves will satisfy the height requirement so long as the cutoff is kept as an absolute. As I said earlier, taking the law may punish you for having a slave below the old height mark but tall for her age.
Thought about it more, and then went and checked instead of wasting time. If the law is not taken, underage slaves receive a reduced bonus based on their age since it is expected that they would be short and as such, is less impressive that they are. Swapping from absolute to relative removes this reduction.
Open file (147.37 KB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (152.76 KB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
These bugs happened during eow report, just updated to the 3.00 release, and had been playing the last update with the first iteration of the new FS's before that. After that eow report there are NAN variables showing up at the top of the screen.
Open file (175.47 KB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
Will report it. Got a save prior by chance?
Sure thing.
Thank you.
One last question, you did run BC, right?
Open file (278.47 KB 1200x1164 1572797059993.jpg)
I did, yes.
Open file (15.91 KB 520x569 surrogate.png)
>Elaborate. What do you mean specifically by birthing clones.
>The catapult has been converted to an electromagnetic launch system, halving the time it takes to scramble1 jets
>The engine1 has been overhauled, allowing much faster maneuvering around the battlefield
>Have to choose between buff amazon oni waifus and adorable short lolis for my arcology
God, why even live
Great picture, got more?
Open file (139.37 KB 850x1148 loli_oni.jpg)
What about short loli onis?
this is why I avoid the preference FSs. It can be great to have variety.
I can appreciate many types of oni.
Could braces be automatically removed once they straighten the teeth and only be permanent if put on slave with straight teeth?
It's just missing print macros. SFanon is omnipresent I'm pretty sure, so odds are he'll see it.

Game can't tell the two apart. It just has .teeth and .braces to work with.
What's the best kind of Oni, FCDev?
And is there a hope we can eventually 'tag' slaves like CK2's important character marker? I couldn't give a shit about certain slaves for example, but others I want to keep an eye on.
I won't take up the mantle of FCDev. I don't know my oni well enough to give a type, so I'll just say dominated.
The multiple relationship system, when applied to the player at least, seems like it may develop into something usable in that manner. Still a long way off though.
there's already a custom tag feature. then use cntrl f to search for your tag.
you could also make custom artwork in kisekae or something and search for them by scrolling to see said artwork.
I'm retarded, I keep mixing you up because 'FCmoddev' is such a clumsy term.
He's pregmodder.
I feel retarded and i'm not sure where I got that from.
Speaking of, any word on Deepmurk or is he lost to time?
He phased back into existence yesterday. Should be an update soonish.
Open file (478.11 KB 850x1145 1569747805507.jpg)
Fuck yes. Some of the best news we've had since we moved I think.
Open file (155.32 KB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (152.95 KB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
So, >>3092
I kept playing and the errors went away for a while, but they are back now. I'll be attaching a save the next time it happens, missed my chance this time.
A fix has been deployed on the git.
I'm at a fucking loss at what the criteria for using the nursery is. Sometimes I can get it and sometimes I can't.
Currently broken. I intend to make an attempt to hammer it into some sort of shape during the minor content addition cycle prior to the next major.
Ah, well thanks for the response so I don’t waste any time trying to get it
This is happening even with a fresh game. Anyone else getting this?
Try BC. I'll report it in the meantime.
I have, run twice every time. Fresh game, old game, doesn't matter, same result.
Thanks for the ongoing work.
Might as well take a save to pass along too, if you don't mind.
That one doesn't have a corp running, but if you start any division, it should happen.
Thank you.
Open file (1.44 MB 1280x1493 1573497913456.png)
Cheers pm.
What is this?
Try redownloading. Lines in question are being reported as not existing.
>Could braces be automatically removed once they straighten the teeth and only be permanent if put on slave with straight teeth?
>Game can't tell the two apart. It just has .teeth and .braces to work with.
Game doesn't need to tell the two apart. To get >>3115's desired behavior, all you'd need to do is change the end-of-week bit that fires when braces straighten a slave's teeth to remove the braces. Slaves with braces on permanent teeth would never have the braces straighten their teeth, and so would never have them automatically removed.
I've seen the current teeth-straightening code and the change would be trivial, plus a few words of writing to let the player know. I think it already tells you you can leave or remove the braces depending on what you were going for, so the new text could even be shorter.
>No pantyhose among stocking options
Open file (315.40 KB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
Grammar error.
Open file (147.94 KB 1000x1500 1572939017807.jpg)
A slave having friend relationships and being emotionally bonded to you at the same time can't happen right now, right?
Open file (215.75 KB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
How hard would it be to add little x's or something next to that highlighted "You" so we could deliberately cancel which slaves we don't want to personally train anymore?
Open file (172.65 KB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
Another grammar error.
Open file (150.76 KB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
I think whatever you did may have messed something else up.
Yeah. I made a quick edit forcing the "Load from Disk" to appear. Works fine on firefox android.


Relevant changes in pic.
That's a knife holster.
Open file (143.61 KB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
Kind of an odd number of digits.
It's being worked on to be released at TBD
>Precision problem
Floating point numbers were mistake.
Do "Permit masturbation and interslave sex" and "Let her get off with other slaves" orgasm settings mean she's also allowed to bang you or am I safe from whores?
For now you will engage in sex with everything you own to some extent.
Well I see "little to no sexual experience" on slaves I set to masturbation only and didn't make them prostitutes. Whores are unhappy with that setting so I want to let them bang, but don't want to touch them.
You have limits and favor fucktoys/MS slaves/wives, but there is always the chance that the slave may end up in a situation were you use them.
Open file (2.19 KB 397x37 T.Hanks.png)
Haven't checked in in a while. How are the nursery and farmyard progressing? They still making slow progress?
Currently poorly. I intend to attempt to get things working before the next major version.
How stable is the game overall right now? are there lots of game breaking bugs present or is it playable?
Can't remember the last time I hit a bug I'd call gamebreaking.
Nursery can and will break things, but apart from obviously WIP stuff, things are quite stable. Eyes are the exception, however, as the object was built wrong and now there has to be an effort to unfuck things. Nothing gamebreaking though, just certain checks not working as intended and the needless duplication of several variables.
Now 3.1.0, on the other hand, may be a different story. That one is not being pushed until it it thoroughly tested as if it goes wrong, it will go wrong hard. Those are the terms when you convert an old object into an expanded newer version of it.
Assigning jobs actually works. I just didn't have enough beds in the penthouse because it was a new game plus. Sorry about that. Please add an alert message that the RA can't move slaves if the penthouse is overcrowded.
8kun seems to have stabilized and some anons have begun posting in /hgg/ there. Check the meta thread for the link.
Is 8kun significantly different from 8ch? didn't something say you needed an account or something? isn't the government watching it more closely? why would we go back?
aimed at >>3290
No, you don't need anything to post on 8kun, and I don't think anyone in the government is interested in a porn board unless some retard posts CP. I was sad to see it go, but this place is pretty comfy. That said I wouldn't mind going to 8kun myself, but I can understand people hesitating to do so.
Open file (107.75 KB 720x694 1574871253690.jpg)
>Is 8kun significantly different from 8ch?
It depends on what you mean by significant differences, it's essentially the old website with a different name UI wise. As for whether it has the same spirit it is yet to be seen.
>didn't something say you needed an account or something?
What are you talking about? It works in the exact same way as imageboards usually do. Fill in a captcha and post.
>isn't the government watching it more closely?
Probably, not sure if it glows more now than it did back then.
>why would we go back?
To get the old board with all the old threads I suppose, I'd honestly prefer just staying here but I'll go where the anons go. I don't mind hopping between sites to post until 8kun is proven to be shit/it dies/some other scenario.
About 8kun, do we need a VPN to post there? I read that a VPN was heavily recommended to post on cakejews /v/ bunker. I also read that Jim has had problems keeping the site up and that he considered zeronet or something like that. In which case you'd need a VPN to not share your IP with everyone on the site.
You have to have third party javascript enabled to even read it on clearnet. It's pretty broken. If you value your OPsec I would stay away.
Look at it this way
If you move you will get people that fucked up old site as migrants but also a (probably pretty fucking minor) increase in other migrants as well
/hgg/ was honestly speaking mostly disconnected from rest of the old site when it comes to userbase from what I have seen
If people are living in a jurisdiction in which certain aspects of pregmod are questionable, why would we move to an obvious government-monitored honeypot like 8kun?
Open file (418.05 KB 600x794 1571535479119.png)
This is a reasonable concern. However as of right now the place is a ghost town, it hasn't broken 10 IPs. It could in the future, but as it stands it's pretty quiet now.

Nothing in pregmod is illegal in America as far as I know. And I'm willing to bet nobody in the government is interested in a board for porn games.
Minor grammatical error when the recruiter finds a short slave in a statuesque society:
"$He is fails to measure up to society's strict taste"
We have some overlap with /v/, /a/, /monster/, and /pol/.

8chan wasn't fucked up by the users it was Cloudflare that cucked. There was nothing illegal on the site but the cunts over on twatter demanded 8chan shutdown because it felt like that would somehow help.

8/pol/ was a hugbox for edgy NatSocs but Cloudflare didn't have to bend the knee.


8/pol/ had feds posting for months at least while the site was still up but nothing happened. There would have been headlines if the cops had arrested 8chan posters for CP. Free Cities doesn't even have any drawings it's just text.
>And I'm willing to bet nobody in the government is interested in a board for porn games.
I'm willing to bet you're wrong about that tbh.
baste reddit spaces
You're being paranoid anon. Nobody gives half a shit about us. Nobody posts manifestos or CP here. Nothing illegal happens here.
That's the point, no one gives a shit about us... for now. And yet some retards want us to move to the same shared hostspace with niggers drawing attention from various authorities. Sounds fucking smart.
Open file (872.80 KB 1844x2560 1570827395506.png)
You make a fair point, I'm letting my nostalgia get in the way of my higher thought processes. I just feel like this thread has been pretty slow is all, I miss all the fun we had in the 8chan threads, in spite of the shitstorms that happened and the morons that occasionally stumbled onto the threads.
What do I do with all these slaves AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA no I don't want to kill them off or sell them. Eventually I want to retire them but not yet and more are already coming AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
put them in your master suite
Just stick em into arcade and forget they exist
Open file (198.87 KB 697x1280 blaze.jpg)
When can we have diapers as clothing option for our slaves?
get a better computer and git gud at waiting on load times. it should be easy to manage 400 slaves, at least, and now that we've fixed the browser memory issues, we can see how many slaves it takes to get difficult.
I'm willing to bet that was a "please help I'm a bad organizer" scream and not a "please help this game runs like shit" scream. I for one run the game on a potato and the performance is absolutely fine. I just can't get the logistics down worth a damn and end up doing everything by hand.

If you're reading every slave's little end-of-day bio, then you have to stop doing that. Pick a few you like and read them in full, and just eyeball everyone else's last few lines for the words and colors that mean they're slipping into disobedience. Handle those guys and go on with life.

(I'd just lobotomize everyone in the arcade who's not coming back out and then ignore that whole tab.)

Sure you're kinda tossing away a chunk of one of the fun parts of the game, but that's a lot of time and energy to be putting into details like understanding exactly how many times clubslut #36 took it in the ass. You're managing several hundred separate units, and there are enough details for any autist to choke himself on. Look for and put out fires, and if a few things end up suboptimal you'll still be alive at the end of the day.

And use customization to keep track of who you'll be doing what with. Unfortunately that means kinda bogging yourself down again since there's no bulk rename or bulk label options (unless it's in the rules dingus somewhere), but if you've got some long term project (turn these ten girls into broodmothers next time they're empty of babies, for instance) that's about the only way you'll keep them straight.
Part of my answer was "doing everything by hand is fine up to 400 slaves"
I can believe the game runs better now even without fixing your browser, but I haven't gotten a save back to 400 slaves for over a year.
Open file (442.39 KB 356x358 dude..gif)
So what's up with 8ch anyway? Last I heard it was coming back as 8kun and had 3 different urls. I'm sick of switching bunkers and sites bros.
I don't even know how people find the urls itselves. Kiked search engines will not show them.
They are on wikipedia for fuck's sake.
I think the current url is here to stay. I get my links from either vch or smug.
There's something fucky about the age in the game. I'm guessing the slaves bought in the start of the game retains their age, even though you changed it at the start. My head girl is supposed to be 35. Her PhysicalAge, actualAge, etc are 35, but her age variable is still 18. My other starting slaves that I bought are also the same. Similar with buying slaves at the Liquidator and the random incestuous slaves encounter. The younger slave has a lower PhysicalAge, ActualAge, etc, but the v. Age is the same age as the older family member.
Why would you even want to go back
.age is deprecated. It's mostly just lingering from vanilla.
I just checked it out, FC general seems deader there than here.
>'as a "man" who has never experienced anything portrayed in this game'
I'm pretty sure the only person who has was Epstein
Latest release so buggy I couldn't even get the game options to appear to apply backwards compatibility.
Just for clarity's sake, is your source the Pre-compiled mega and if so which file are you talking about? Please post screenshots/steps to reproduce and the effected save.
In case, you should add an option in the rule à assistant for has chasity belt. This in the virgins menus..
Open file (36.97 KB 604x604 1499317187814.jpg)
Open file (10.39 KB 1116x234 wew_lads.png)
I hope that's a troll, but I can believe it's a retard.
Open file (19.38 KB 708x562 errors.PNG)
I got it from the git. Was just loading an earlier save. As you can see there is no option in the sidebar. Clicking on anything shows up more errors all of them saying missing values.
how the fuck does the puberty system work? specifically for male slaves.
my current guess is that they need a masculine hormone balance but for some reason this one slave hasn't had his first "ejaculation" even though they're 18 and have already had multiple penetrative sex instances with other slaves.
Open file (17.10 KB 1094x149 2019-11-30_19-56-28.png)
also there seems to be a minor bug with the secexp's EORW whenever the PR office is set to boost recruitment while your recruiter has a office there.
>gitgud is coincidentally down when I want to check it out
I don't think it's a troll considering they waited 14 days since the reddit thread was posted here. I'm half tempted to make an account in gitgud just to shitpost in that thread.
Also, does anyone have the screencap of when FCNN sperged out after the elections?
Is your save is at least 6 months old?
Open file (167.83 KB 1843x954 errors1.PNG)
Starting a new game gave me this. Something is wrong here.
False alarm. It seems there was a problem compiling it earlier. Redoing it fixed the problem.
Notthis anon butI shit posted in the issue thread. I do have my own fork. Entirely so I could remove the redundant clothes selection. And I honestly haven't used the master branches file for that in so long I have no idea if that is even still a thing.
I'll probably be using your branch
Anyone knows how to unlock every slave school options? That thing where they ask you for donation and you get to choose how to improve their slaves?
Should be more options to customize them further.
After we undermined them do we get to choose which school to house in the arcology again?
Just make it possible to fund another school if population reaches certain level
I was refreshing the maintenance page for an embarrassingly long time.

I should really add a switch to the settings to hide the redundant clothes, shouldn't I? For clarity, it's having them in slaveInteract, yes?
Open file (12.21 KB 335x275 1574914698047.png)
>I was refreshing the maintenance page for an embarrassingly long time.
Same here, at least it looks more like old /hgg/ now.
old /hgg/ had theme options. who on this planet doesn't use a dark theme, and why do they want to go blind? I can't look at this site right now.
Looks like a dark theme is planned from what I've gathered from the feedback thread so far.
Open file (4.67 KB 618x86 Untitled.png)
>not using an add on that darkens everything
It's like you enjoy burning your retinas
I think so. Only time I actually think about it is when somebody makes a change to the file and I have to select my section for inclusion. I don't even remember what the fucking line numbers are.
Correction: I made a changelog the first time.
It is slaveInteract. Though for some reason I have it listed as slaveInteraction
I'll work in a setting when 3.1.0 leaves testing.
Open file (26.28 KB 367x500 fedoracringe.jpg)
>FS Intellectual Dependency
No matter what I do I can't help but imagine a society filled with people like this fellating themselves on their superior intelligence
So any chance of prosthetics or surgery being available in RA at some point in future?
So is the default capacity for the womb of every slave 100,000cc?
That's kinda high I think. Some slaves I get have a lower capacity (60,000cc-ish) and that feels more realistic. What is the determining factor for this? Stretching out their wombs slowly to prepare them for hyperpregnancy is half the fun. The default 100,000cc capacity is way too large, it makes having octuplets or greater way too easy and I really doubt the womb of an average woman could support that right of the bat.
Should be 50k base. Consider where you are getting those slaves from as if they are pregnancy themed, they likely are being started with a bonus.
Open file (127.73 KB 698x998 Untitled.png)
Guess this confirms that the git request was for real.
I'm just picking up slaves from runaway auctions or prison sales. My game is a few versions out of date if that matters.
The slaves I pick up from repopulation FS areas are even higher.
The latter is intended. The former should be based off age and sex with a cap of 50k.
Open file (11.64 KB 1147x112 mind.png)
>mind snaps
>achieves nirvana
>(especially since someone mentioned seeing shitposting about me, which worries me)
>They've been intimidating me, for hours and hours and hours; they generated thousands of memes attacking me, which scared me.
Open file (94.25 KB 1830x1005 windowlickerfork.png)
It's almost as if he didn't even bother looking at the shit on the git. There are instructions for making your own fork. Holy shit, I'm fucking retarded and I managed to make my own.
Just noticed the OP was cut off due to the character limit. I've updated with a shortened version to be used here in the bunkers.
these aren't the bunkers anymore, it's the webring - the future
Open file (509.50 KB 1009x720 1574088405931.png)
I still have a little bit of hope for 8kun
maybe it's time for a new game on a fresh install
Instant of trying to save edit the $PC stuff I've been wanting to edit the code so backwards compatibility applies my desired changes. Would $PC.face work for facial attractiveness? Or does pFace do that already?
You don't know how close you were to making a mistake. $PC object is getting completely overhauled.
Anyway, yes, .face would be the variable that manages that aspect. .geneticQuirks.pFace just guarantees it is 100.
It'll get traction only if updates, bug reports and general discussion are posted
Is the guy who did the vector art around here?
> $PC object is getting completely overhauled.
I'll hold off on making any changes in that area then, thanks for the help.
You are in the clear now, though 3.1.0 is still held up by a merge conflict in one of its parts.
New to git, how exactly do I pull from the main repo into my fork using just the web interface?
don't think that's possible bruv.
tried figuring out the same thing yesterday but it all ultimately came down to relying on bash to do it. that was FUN.
maybe there's a tutorial or something if you look on google and don't be afraid of using github tuts since both git sites basically work the same.
Open file (71.87 KB 1569x589 Untitled.png)
Bug: girl got taken anally while wearing anal chastity belt.
Scaring for slaves
should be scarring
Open file (108.37 KB 1589x589 Untitled.png)
This popped up the week after. Am I missing something?
So why is there only a single level of combat skill for slaves in the game anyway?
No, looks like I may have missed something when combing that event. Will review it.


Just never got expanded from a simple true/false. There is certainly room for growth there.
Open file (107.55 KB 1547x519 Untitled.png)
Still having problems with this girl. Could there be problems with the belt?
Another? The last one was a logic hole, let's see what this one will be.
Got it. Just never swapped in when editing that line.
boy you're really giving it to this girl slave, almost feel bad for the bundle of attributes
Open file (34.00 KB 1681x715 ClipboardImage.png)
Ran BC from (very) fresh pull
Open file (48.45 KB 1637x517 ClipboardImage.png)
Next click on BC
More grist for BackwardsCompatibility:

in <<run EconomyDatatypeCleanup()>>: Error: <<run>>: bad evaluation: V.sexSubsidies is undefined

in <<set $defaultRules = $defaultRules.map(rule => App.Entity.Utils.RARuleDatatypeCleanup(rule))>>: Error: <<set>>: bad evaluation: set.porn is undefined

and while iterating over everybody:
Error: <<PMODinit>>: error within widget contents (Error: <<if>>: bad conditional expression in <<if>> clause: State.variables.args[0].porn is undefined)
Will look into it.
Open file (67.58 KB 1527x577 ClipboardImage.png)
Not sure if bug or simply not prioritized yet
Open file (84.08 KB 1527x577 Untitled.png)
Forgot my fantastic red marker
Overlooked completely. That won't be the nicest case either since a lot of those won't have a good equivalent to use. I'll bring it up with the person that handles the event art swaps about possible routes.
By the way, thanks a lot for your work on this game. At the moment I'm just pointing out bugs, but I really appreciate what you and your team have managed to create.
Got those fixed, but there are some more that I am waiting on the relevant coder for feedback on.
Finding bugs is always useful, especially with how many unique paths the code could take. It's very easy for things to get overlooked.
Open file (124.92 KB 1536x1011 EndWeek.png)
Ran BC multiple times. I'm on week 184. I really don't want to have to start completely fresh. Providing a save, screenshot and (if it works) text dump.
I'm waiting on a reply for that one still. BC is failing to understand a few sets and it is causing problems.
Fixes were pushed, so try now.
Open file (87.76 KB 1777x643 Not gay at all.png)
Open file (205.23 KB 1240x316 traps are aryan.png)
Looks good. No errors.
Now my question is, why the fuck does the corporate run whore house and arcade not provide satisfaction? Unless it's just gonna take a couple weeks to sort itself out. Not that my profits come from rent anyway.
Will pass those along. They may just not have been part of this update.
Copy. Will continue to report if see anything else.
Rationale is the corp does a lot of business outside of the arcology, so this convolutes just how much satisfaction they could be providing. So a logic and coding nightmare, in other words.
Alright. Just gottaget some whores then.
error at upkeep screen
Open file (11.34 KB 547x127 2019-12-04_21-31-37.png)
and there's also this ugly rent rounding thing.
This should be fixed now.

Will try to track them down.
Added .truncs to them. They should round better now.
+ if (typeof PC.race !== "string") {
+ PC.race = "white";
+ }
+ if (typeof PC.skin !== "string") {
+ PC.skin = "Stateless";
+ }

Think those might have been swapped.
Lot more than just that. Today is not a good day for coding new things.
Open file (11.04 KB 430x149 2019-12-04_22-26-10.png)
well, numbers aren't spilling all over the place anymore, which is nice, but decimals are also gone now.
The two are tied together.
That is technically not the case,
(input).toFixed(2) however not showing decimals is consistent with other financial matters.
Multiply by 100, truncate, then divide by 100? I have no idea how whatever language this uses handles anything.
Everything credit-wise is measured in whole numbers, so rounding strikes me as the right way to go.
yeah but i think a 0 value being printed for their rent might lead to some confusion amongst the playerbase, leading them to think poor citizens are living rent free.
so it's either the change should be undone or we raise the rents for poor people.
Good point.
Until I can get some feedback from the coder behind things, I've untruncated the lower and middle class while keeping the upper two trunced. A better solution will come about later today or tomorrow.
Catch values less than 1 and print "less than 1"? There's a policy or edict for rent free low income folks, I think, and I dunno if that actually prints "no rent" or whatever.

Sorry about compulsively contributing solutions to simple problems, but I've been out of work a long time now, and I'm having problem-solving withdrawl symptoms. I don't have a scan of my card from the doctor. Just don't mind me.
What does "changes to the player object" mean/allow for?
A lot. It pretty much extends the player object to be able to handle everything that can be done to a slave. Tons of things here ranging from not requiring exceptions for the player in functions to allowing for better description ranges and more. Right now it means nothing, but it is the foundation for what will make up 4.0.0 in the future.
>want to pull updates and merge with my fork
>spend hours attempting to do so with no results
>turns out I kept using the wrong incantations and ritual books to guide me through the process
>figure out I have to cd into the directory I cloned into but it doesn't work
>turns out I had to cd folder by folder which was hell since I hide my personal effects like the levels of a hive world
>then I had please the machine spirits by removing every >>>>,<<<<, and ==== from the files I modified
>at last I can push and achieve my updated fork, thank the Omnissiah
>realize I have to do this every time I want to update
>> cd folder by folder
You could set up an alias for future reference.
>>realize I have to do this every time I want to update
That depends entirely per line, per modified file. So some times you are likely to be able to merge in upstream without having to deal with conflicts.
Other suppliers to the arcology will pick up a lot of slack (with time), especially if subsidized. So there's an alternative to getting whores.
If you try it, let us know if it works out for you.
I haven't tried it for a long time, but do slaves with 100 devotion and -100 trust have events on them, or do they still get the +devotion and trust placeholder?
another case of ugly repeating decimal spilling.
Open file (131.11 KB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (129.64 KB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
Got this when I tried to load my save.
I haven't focused on that much at all. I've mostly added to the opposite, -100 dev 100 trust, state instead.

At least it's not surprise anal.

Save file for testing. It looks like it is breaking in the JS load somewhere.
Open file (62.43 KB 1449x789 Capture.PNG)
Haven't actually messed with PregMod in about a year, but I seem to recall being able to automate growth injections via the rules assistant. I've got the following setup and the rules are being applied, but I'm not seeing any injections.
Your growth targets are set very low. If anything, it may try to shrink assets.
When I set the values to unlimited and hit apply rules, it doesn't actually cause any injections or growth, even on slaves who are flat chested
The series of settings after that one are the targets I'm pretty sure. If those are set, they will override, I believe.
Before going any further >>3622, it can't hurt to ask >>3621. Have you clicked on the link and run BC yet?
I can't, the button isn't there. Here is the save file for testing.
Thank you.
It works on the updated branch now. By that, I mean it still throws errors, but you can hit the BC link and it appears to fix everything.
Open file (298.04 KB 750x750 24793548_p0.png)
Excellent, cheers pm.
I think I'm hitting a bug in the RA. It could be my rules though. I'm not sure, as I've just tried importing a big set of rules from a several month old save. When I try to apply it I get the error "Cannot read property 'living' of undefined"

Full error: https://pastebin.com/8keQAAjK

Ruleset I was trying to get to work: https://pastebin.com/KywTbYp5
Import and run BC. That might fix it.

That did it! Thanks. For some reason it didn't occur to me that BC would apply to RA rules.
So what clothing/accessories/boots would you guys like to see added?
Open file (601.09 KB 1383x2048 1574929013957.jpeg)
Open file (77.96 KB 600x848 1571933276978.jpg)
Not any of those but I have a fetish for lewd crests
Personal Symbol Tattoos are already in though...
I was talking more along the lines of vector art for it
How do you make the girls smarter? I got the thing from the black market for stuff to make them smarter but I don't know where to find it now.
Open file (2.19 MB 1140x1305 ClipboardImage.png)
I know you didn't offer, but if you could make the hair choices a bit more attractive, fix the cute mouth, and add some more eyebrow shapes and eye shapes (asian eyes, african mouths/noses, semitic noses, etc.) I'd be happy as a clam at high tide. The last one is what I would like the most though.
Should appear in slaveInteract, right next to psychosuppressants. Can't be mindbroken, at intel cap, or already vastly smarter than they started.
Psychostimulants? Do I need to put a girl on them before I send them to school? I enslaved the FCTV tech girl and have her as my recruiter but she's dumber than bricks.
any news on adding fighting pit options to the RA?
Yes those. And no, it functions separately.

None yet.
> rags (ethnic supremacy/subjugationism; better than naked; made out of potato sacs or something)
> diapers (degradationism; more degrading for slaves with -50 trust or something because of fear and involuntary urination)

>ordinary sandals that doesn't say "FUCK ME"
>flat shoes that's not linked to the clothing so we can mix and match

>(arm) bondage mittens (can't resist and open doors)
>(arm) cuffs
> (dick) cock ring (allows eunuchs and giant cocks to get an erection - would be very useful in dairy)
>(dick/vagina) catheter (slaves involuntarily urinates regardless of trust level)
I haven't played in ages, but are tabards a thing yet?
>Her eyes are dull, unfocused and clearly nonfunctional, but her facial expressions reveal her cleverness
>The legalities completed, Yefrat Shubin stands before your desk, facing you sullenly. She notices that most of the slaves she sees around your penthouse seem to fear you, and starts to fear you, too.
Neither are cloaks or robes not belonging to KKK

Mainly just a pass over the categorisations. e.g. wearing nothing but body oil doesn't count as slutty, and the slutty nurse/maid outfits seem to be listed as modest clothing. Fixing stuff like that would be good while you're in there.
does a slave's visualAge value change over time or will a 30 years old slave that looks 25 still look 25 even after 10 years have passed?
I enslaved a rival I didn't like and ended up selling him off, I then decided to cheat edit a slave into the rival with the proper prestige description and everything but I'm not getting the prestige bonus from having her as concubine. Is there a hidden variable that signals that the slave is THE rival or did I mess up with editing something?
It carries on too with only NCS causing otherwise.

Make sure their origin is exactly the same as the check wants. Odds are high that it contains something like $He that got you. Also if the newGamePlus flag is present on the slave, the check will ignore them.
>Also if the newGamePlus flag is present on the slave, the check will ignore them.
Yeah, that's it. It was a newgame plus slave, tried it with one I got from the current game and it worked fine.
Open file (41.48 KB 1135x593 fixed.png)
The OP is seriously bloated. Here are some advised changes. I'm half tempted to fork the OP template and shill that just so the OP won't have so much stuff that isn't needed. Does anyone even use those webm files?
>Why does Blank feel the need to include so much of his stuff into it?
In my defense though most if not all parts are other anon's content I've hosted for prosperity or are made in response to situations.
Deepmurk's and DCoded's threads seems to have been updated in a little while.
>saw my post before I thought better and reworded it
The other versions of the FAQ are inferior to the raw text simply because you can't Ctrl+ f terms. Why are there two different changelogs that only change formatting around? There are a lot of minor things that are better off placed in other places like the quick text archive into the archives list in the FAQ or outright removed. This will decrease the OP bloat by quite a bit, if all of this was in response to newfags then I advise not catering to them as they'll always be retarded and leave it to the vols to ban.
Open file (25.02 KB 597x509 1572987544208.jpg)
>Blank is actually a vol
>He changed it within an hour of seeing my post
Idol dresses or magical girl dresses that you can color yourself, or just anything that can be of chosen color.
Vector art for pony outfits, I'd love you to bits. Also dilation belt and sounding gear (for female), though I know that's pretty niche
>magical girl dresses
So I remember playing a while ago and you basically needed to enable a bunch of policies or your arcology will just end up failing eventually. Is that still a thing/
Pregmod v3.1.1.

-added slave search feature
-closed major RA exploit
-slave listing performance improvements
-fixes and cleaning

-standardized player and slave objects
-whoring added to citizen satisfaction
-high class whores can target lower than max classes
-better defined difficulty (make sure to check that it was converted to desired settings)
-rule and porn slave variables objectified
-FS naming is now player selectable instead of a priority
-minor fixes and JSification

Small delays and or procrastination in announcing 3.1.0. Got in the groove of working and refused to get out of it.

Yes and no. The policy was hosting public parties and they'll still bitch about you not doing it, but it won't just steadily sap large amounts of money and more.
Open file (29.95 KB 1493x234 Untitled.png)
spotted bugged text
so why do some slaves call me a faggot or scumbag when I sent them to the brothel?
They don't like you nor do they fear you. Sometimes abuse is needed for them to learn their place.
Seems kind of weird.
Isn't it that they'll only go to the brothel if they like you enough or if they fear you enough, but then they call you a name because they dont fear you enough?
I'll look into that as I'm pretty sure the range for those shouldn't intersect. May just be a case of a narrow window.
Tweaked it so they only use their rude title in <<Master>> calls if they trust you won't hurt them for it.
that makes more sense.
I like the RA Summary. One of those things I didn't know I needed until I saw it.
Locate slave or something else? Speaking of which, it is now limited to being run the main slave overview.
My savegames keep breaking down. Suddenly the number of customers per whore appear as "NaN", income can't be calculated etc.

Reloading doesnt fix it and the number of errors only increase if i keep playing. Wat do?

Bug report here: http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=46913317119163066040
Error slave listing encyclopedia entry rest do not exist

When the game launch, was already there the same with 3.0. Il I dont know what it is related trough.

Also, the "party" event is red, it is getting updated ?or is that related to the futunary sisters event and as that requirement ?
>Wat do?
>tiny upload
You start by not reddit spacing like a faggot and lurking more
And did you use BC?
Is the club the only way to raise entertainment skill to 100?

If you mean bestiality content, then yes, although to my knowledge no events have appeared ingame yet.

Also all 3 submods (security, cybernetics and mercenary)
>everyone looks hot af
>eastern european
I suppose a pic like that spawned the whole master race / subhuman nazi ideology.
Read the fucking OP you newfag.
If you guys would spend half the time spent being condescending with actually solving the problem you'd get rid of me in 5mins
Anyway, so if BC means backwards compatibility then no, it's a clean install, nothing copied over the old version, new savegames
Lurk more.
>added slave search feature
Any chance for checkboxes so we can transfer or sell slaves in bulk?
>If you guys would spend half the time spent being condescending with actually solving the problem you'd get rid of me in 5mins
You were just asking to be bullied with how you first appeared and showed that you didn't even know what backwards compatibility was. How could any self respecting anon let you go unmolested?
Open file (265.40 KB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
Bug in the auto salon, I clicked on trimmed short as a style, and it went from her original bald look to a long messy look, also it changed the length of her hair from 6 cm to 10 cm.
Issue with that is no systems exist to handle it. Mass assign might not be that hard to set up though, so may spend some time poking at it.

Trimmed short is a length change, which is why it went from 6 to 10.
so how on earth do you make good amounts of money?
Pregmod v3.1.2.

-fixed critical error in BC player object conversion
-temporarily added option to remove accidental dicks from the player to options

Due to some developer oversight, I managed to accidentally equip all femPCs with a full set of male equipment. So if you've been afflicted by this bug, use the fixer before it gets removed in a patch or two.
I think I've pinned down a bug for Intellectual Dependency FS.

My slaves were spending 20+ weeks in the schoolroom, and so I started watching more closely. I noticed that they were getting almost to their -15 intelligence 'education' level, then later they'd be further away from getting to -15, instead of closer.

I looked in saTakeClasses.js and I think it's a case of > vs >= in some of the comparisons, specifically this part:

function generalLessons(slave) {
if (slave.intelligenceImplant > -15 && V.schoolroomRemodelBimbo = 1 && slave.assignment = "learn in the schoolroom") {
if (slave.intelligenceImplant <= -15) {
>Set to a max of -15

The first check has '> -15' instead of '>= -15'. I think this means that after the the slave reaches -15, then the next week they get treated as a non-Bimbo student and it increases their intelligenceImplant again. ie this section:

} else if (slave.intelligenceImplant < 15 && slave.assignment === "take classes") {
Correction to that last line, I mean this bit:

} else if (slave.intelligenceImplant < 30 && slave.assignment === "learn in the schoolroom") {
I see, thank you. Give me a minute on it.
Made it so that the check dead ends in that case instead of continuing down the conditions. You were definitely right that it was alternating between the first two conditions.
Pregmoder incase you don't check the other thread, there is the following odity reported
>Why is the game generating slaves with male names even though they're disabled?
>buying/selling slaves
>company + popular FS

security mod
>mandatory military service
>policy that allows citizens to opt out by paying money
does anyone know how mixing races affects pregnancy?
is it pure luck which they take after or is it just weighted towards being mixed regardless
Open file (28.02 KB 797x263 Untitled.png)
I haven't updated to >>3826 so disregard if already dealt with, but this happened after riding slave dick
was born natty girl, become futa
No idea. Will likely end up inadvertently fixing it when I finish the pronoun system soon. Is it all slaves, specific slaves or children, though?

Got it.

3 to 1 in favor of being mixed. Eye and hair colors work as you would expect and skin color tries to average.
Pregmod v3.1.3.

-removed lingering isPlayerFertile()s
In a scale 1~10, how hard is make a FC for a anon who just have the basic programation knowledge?
Depends entirely on how deep you want to go and how efficient you want to be. At the most basic level, the game is just modifying objects in an array
Have a good enough idea and do the initial "hard work", and autists will pop out of the woodwork to do the actual programming for you as long as you show constant interest in the development.
Would removing taxes but enabling mandatory service with paying out of service be good way to generate long-term income?
Open file (96.40 KB 976x649 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (94.82 KB 973x672 ClipboardImage.png)
Something is broken in the Brothel prices.
My slaves make something about 10~30k per week, but in that new version, they barely can cover the upkeep.

First pic: old version.
Second pic: last version.
Bring it up in issue #1194 if you can. That's where balance discussions are going on.
In the meantime, make sure you are setting clientele targets. If all your whores are targeting the poor, you're not going to get too much out of them.
If that isn't possible, give me a brief summary of what you think is going on and a before and after pair of saves and I'll pass it along on your behalf.
I read it again and noticed that is not really the price, but the clients number.
>make sure you are setting clientele targets. If all your whores are targeting the poor, you're not going to get too much out of them.
I play that game for 2~3years and dont know about that.
Where i can set that?

Here the saves.
slaveInteract, but only if they are serving in the brothel. It's a new system from 3.1.0. Keep in mind that flooding a group can hurt profits, so put your best slaves in the top groups and leave the lesser girls to the lower classes.
Let me know if this changes things to a notable degree and if I should still report anything.
Open file (22.54 KB 655x158 ClipboardImage.png)
So maybe is that new mechanic, but its strange that I dont have the 210 clients per week that I have before, because my archology have few slaves and tons os people.

Related pic.
Also, setting the best slaves for millionaires just make them profit less tham before.
>In a scale 1~10, how hard is make
If you want a meaningful number, you need a calibrated scale. In this case that would be descriptions of two games you've made and how you'd rate their development difficulty. Assuming you're only interested in the number for its meaning, we can skip that.

This game is 90% asspull number prose, most of it not even scenes, but descriptions of bodies bellies, really and clothes. The nice thing about that stuff is you only need to write a few thousand words of it yourself to have a style guide by example that plenty of non-coders can follow if you catch their interest.

Another 9% is systemy, but very far from nuclear physics simulations and operating system guts. Where it isn't completely straightforward, it's only because it's accumulated a few too many exceptions and special cases. And as >>3880 pointed out, there are plenty of nodevs who can't write or self-manage their way out of a paper bag, but will happily put together a beautiful little simulator that you can plug into the game without fully understanding it, and a surprising fraction of those will stick around to bugfix.

There is 1% or so that is unfortunately intimate with how browsers work, or making the game such that other anons can compile it (so they can, you know, work on it), and that I have observed being actually kinda difficult. Notably, FCDev did none of it, and if I recall correctly pregmodder mostly or entirely delegated this stuff to specialist anons. Someone else set up the git hosting, I think someone else set up loading/saving your game to disk such that it wouldn't suck terribly, and a few anons have taught FC the less-retarded dialect of the modern web browser's retard language. By my count, 2/3 of these were only necessary because FCDev started with the wrong tool for the job the game became. But it was the right tool for the job of getting the game existing at all, so there's that.
The clients were actually sort of bugged. They were never intended to get that high since they were directly taken from a slave's beauty value and since we have a bit of a larger beauty range than vanilla did, it got a little ridiculous. Thus it got the 210 cap. You had a fair number of slaves slamming into that cap, so you can see why it was in need of some new balance.
Also it is known that millionaires are being cheap right now. That is the big thing being balanced.

I will some day finish those belly descriptions. To call it soul-crushing work is an understatement.
Not far off on your assessment though. It's also good to work with other groups using similar code bases. Swapping tweaks with DoL got us the overwrite save file SC modification for instance.
Having said so much about what you don't have to be able to do, here's what you will need to make something like FC:
- An idea. It doesn't have to be entirely or at all original, it just has to get people to consider looking at the thing. This is the easy part.
- The ability to start working on something intimidating. You probably can't stand up a playable game without learning how to do a few new things. You don't have to do them well, necessarily, just enough to make something that someone else sees value in.
- The ability to keep working on something that overwhelms you. This basically means doing the same stuff you'd do to stave off momentary panic and medium-term depression/anxiety. Take walks, talk through the problem with someone, adjust your posture to be neither slouched nor clenched, take your meds if applicable.
- The ability to keep working on something that bores you. This is the flip side of the above, and much of the same stuff applies. There's a magical happy medium zone where something is just difficult enough to be *fun*, and no meaningfully-sized project will park within this zone. Sometimes no particular tactical change is needed and you just need to accept the boredom and commit to doing the work. Other times no amount of this will work because you're barking down the wrong tree.
- A willingness to do everything yourself if you have to. A swarm of autists will not build your game from nothing for you. They will extend and improve a game they love, but you'll have to get it there, and it will almost certainly take longer than you think. People, especially the kind who would be most useful to you, can smell when you need them and they don't need you at all.
- A willingness to publish your work. If nobody sees it, you will know, and you will almost certainly stop caring. Something every day is ideal. Something every week is pretty much necessary.
- As much as you hope to use the work of others, the ability to manage them. I don't know how much this can be taught or even described, but the basic idea is that you need to make it so that other people both can and want to do things the project needs.

All but the first of these are generic life skills you can acquire with practice, unless you're a complete genetic clusterfuck, which you're probably not. Making anything big enough requires you to have your shit together in rough proportion to the size of the project. Remember to start with a small part of your idea instead of trying to set up the whole thing at once. Take a look at the first playable build of FC if it's not clear how small I'm talking.
Small suggestion/request
Since we have whoring targets, we need a RA for it, and would be nice be able to base it on slave attractiveness.
You, uh, you were making 3.7 million from whores?
Well, the thing is, you are supplying about double the amount of sexual services demanded from your current population (and visitors). The prices happen to be very elastic, so each whore is making about 1/4 of their usual rate as you are right now. Which also happens to be the absolute bottom price they'll charge.
Cutting your number of whores in half will actually double your total whoring income. Still no 3.7 million, but an improvement over break even, to be sure.
You'll want to put all rents on free, since that stimulates both citizen growth and their demand for sex. You'll grow your demand base pretty rapidly like that. Also make sure the competition stays away through pesky regulations and legal requirements.
After that, we'll have to see where things stand to assess if more needs to be done to nudge things into a satisfactory direction for most/everyone.
Open file (48.96 KB 640x848 1560187104773.jpg)
I see. So, getting 3,7 million with 160 high quality slaves was a overprofit, right?
Well, but maybe all of them are paying cheap, not only the millionaires, but idk for sure, I need to really understand how it works now.

Also, since we are talking about new mechanics of profit, maybe a alternative model of business would be cool, like set a fixed price for each slave instead of let the customers decide.
And I think its really necessary now to have a mechanic to improve the poors life, like make more jobs or something.

Just suggestions for when you finish the balancing, anon.
>You, uh, you were making 3.7 million from whores?
Y-yeah. Its wrong?

>Well, the thing is, you are supplying about double the amount of sexual services demanded from your current population (and visitors).
So, how I know the rates now, anon? How can I check if I have more slaves than demand?

>You'll want to put all rents on free, since that stimulates both citizen growth and their demand for sex. You'll grow your demand base pretty rapidly like that. Also make sure the competition stays away through pesky regulations and legal requirements.
Already let the poors have free rent. i'll let everyone have free rent now.
The migration rates has been improved?
think you meant to reply to >>3897
I was replying >>3894.
My bad, anon.

Was thinking along the same lines. Once things settle down I'll set it up.
The end week arcology management bit will tell you how much of the demand is getting fulfilled, or 100% if oversupplying. Getting to 100% is effectively your target, it does not tell you by how much you're overshooting (I used debug), but that might be useful to add.

The only thing about migration that has changed is that supplying a class with 95% or more of their sexual needs makes them eager to come live in your arcology. There's a smaller bonus for 75-95% and if you're doing a poor job they may leave instead.
The effects should add up to many thousands more citizens.
What is the citizens variable? I want test something but I cant find it in documentation.
There are several now. Your best bet is probably to dig around in manageArcology or arcmgmt until you find the block that uses them.
The variable who set the number of citizens.
I want to change it with cheat edit for make some tests.
can you use the locate slaves to find slaves with freckles?
slave.freckles = 1 just returns all of them
.markings. Slave variables documentation is your friend.
This section in slaveCostJS.js could probably be updated in light of the Intellectual Dependency FS. (line 309)

if (arcology.FSGenderFundamentalistLawBimbo === 1) {
if (slave.intelligenceImplant === 0) {
beauty += 30;
} else if (slave.intelligenceImplant > 15) {
beauty -= (slave.intelligenceImplant * 3);
} else {
beauty -= (slave.intelligenceImplant * 1.5);

Maybe something more like

if (arcology.FSGenderFundamentalistLawBimbo === 1) {
if (slave.intelligenceImplant <= 0) {
beauty += 30 + slave.intelligenceImplant * -1;
} else if (slave.intelligenceImplant > 15) {
beauty -= (slave.intelligenceImplant * 3);
} else {
beauty -= (slave.intelligenceImplant * 1.5);
That is intended. The old bimbo law was changed to favor uneducated slaves.
I did math good though, since that else clause is adding when it should be subtracting.

Been looking for that for a couple of days. Would never have thought to look there.
>but that might be useful to add.

That would be fucking extremely useful to add.
OK, but at the maximum negative education (-15), you're still not get as much of a boost (22.5) as if the education was zero (30). For a bimbo law, that's not what I would have expected. Take that for what you will.
It's not a bimbo law anymore. That's just what the variable was named before it was repurposed.
Anyway, anything not 0 is now decreasing beauty as was intended. That law does not want any education, hindering or not.
I know pregmod has been javascripting things bit by bit, but why is this being done?
Bestiality FS never ever. God I miss farmanon.
It has been added.
Mostly for speed. The stuff being JS'd was in Twine, which goes through a slow parsing step and then runs as JS anyway. Can't have that on pages taking multiple seconds to render. Also for readability; calculation-heavy Twine code drowns in <<these things>> and uses `set` instead of `=` in a kinda clunky way. Couple of other reasons I'm forgetting too.
Open file (24.01 KB 1474x426 YourchangesSuck.PNG)
Open file (170.37 KB 1518x780 YourchangesSuck1.PNG)
milking doesn't work
Ran BC twice. Like always.
Save included.
follow up question, are freckles inheritable in preg?
also does porn fame affect prestige?
Open file (112.42 KB 1866x833 1.png)
Open file (67.14 KB 1529x358 2.png)
Legend. Turns out I was at 296% for lower class...

It also seems to have broken lactation though? (Well this version, not necessarily the supply/demand part). I ran BC a couple of times.
slave. buttplug, vaginal accessory, vagina, anus, prostate, dick, scrotum, balls, ovaries, mpreg, I'm probably missing some, you can check the slave documentation if you'd like. Godspeed anon.
I got overzealous replacing $s and accidentally stuck the proxy on the passed argument. Should work now.

Freckles can be inherited. Porn fame does now affect prestige.
Does not, that is.
I re-downloaded from Gitgud just now, recompiled and loaded my save. Still getting the exact same problem from what I can tell.

I looked up the commit, and it appears to be just for slaves dedicated to being milked? If I'm reading that right, then not that I'm getting it for all lactating slaves, including my bodyguard as posted in the screenshot above
You have a different error from the other. Looking into it.
I'm not getting any errors in testing. Not really with it tonight, so this is just confusing me more.
Make sure you do not have a /src/saGetMiled.tw file.
I have a /src/endWeek/saGetMilked.js file. Nothing in the /src/ folder but more folders.
Don't know what to tell you. It is working for me in testing and it's hard to fix what isn't broken you know?
I don't know enough to be sure but reading through, it looks like the problem comes at this point in /src/uncategorized/fullReport.tw:

<<run saGetMilked($slaves[$i])>>

Then the error message "Cannot read property 'assignment' of undefined" leads me to think that in saGetMilked.js the slave parameter is not getting passed correctly. Is that function call above correct?
OK, I'll do a clean slate and try again at my end.
Well fuck I don't know. It's working now.

I swear I had deleted everything and recompiled from the new download twice before this, but I must have messed it up somehow. Sorry to waste your time.
When deploying platoons, the counter that says how many additional unit I can send doesn't go up or down when I add or remove slave platoons. Possibly a missing .length in /src/SecExp/js/secExp.js ?

function deployableUnits() {
const Militia = V.militiaUnits.length;
const Slaves = V.slaveUnits;
for(let i = 0; i < Slaves; i++) {
Open file (5.21 KB 366x161 Nice space.png)
This is literally one click away from starting the game
Will get them tomorrow.
Is there any way to elevate a fertile slave in to such position to get Eugenics bonus out of her?
Open file (324.94 KB 382x417 1399915938369.png)
Why have the updates slow down lately?
How do I enslave children? It only gives me the vanilla options of sending them to the orphanage or raising them for 100/500 bucks a week.
Please Anons, help me satisfy my incest fetish.

I am using the latest pregmod release
Open file (14.88 KB 645x156 EnslaveChildren.png)
What are you talking about? It's about the same as usual.
You do pic related, nigger.
I did, answer my question faggot
Read it again, dumbass.
Open file (24.44 KB 1746x374 original FC FCanon.png)
Okay fine, Read the FAQ
How do I enslave children? It only gives me the vanilla options of sending them to the orphanage or raising them for 100/500 bucks a week.
Please Anons, help me satisfy my incest fetish.

I am using the latest pregmod release
Read the FAQ
Open file (158.68 KB 640x1101 boondocks read.jpg)
Lmao read the FAQ
So what's best starting career?
Venture capitalism?
You can learn the skills from the other careers later on, I generally go with whatever I feel like roleplaying as. If I had to pick, I suppose I'd go with slaver.
I'd say engineering. Because discount on building shit, as well as starting with basic arco upgrades.
I dunno how early in the game it's feasible to do, but with the doctor start you can take a healthy, accepting (maybe ambivalent, too) slave to devoted by just fixing and violating her anus multiple times. I assume you can do it with max med training too, although I don't know if that gets you the "admires your refusal to be idle" boost after the operation. Might require that one level of surgery upgrades, too? I have no idea.

I dunno if it's necessarily intended that you can get a slave to love you by deflowering her ass over and over again in the span of a week, but at least it's entertaining.
I doubt that.
Hard work and diligence or the remorseless use of force?
Open file (2.35 KB 562x56 Speech.png)
Sine accent removal allows speech shouldn't this default to permissive instead?
Open file (19.20 KB 1545x116 eyes.png)
Pretty much nothing on this image works right now
That's the default.

Will prod it.
I added an option to descriptionOptions that hides the clothing list in slaveInteract for those of you that wanted it. Sorry it took so long, it slipped my mind.

Is fixed now.
Please change the sandals. I imagine the arcology and the penthouse's floor stained with "FUCK ME"s. Just make it a normal one.
>not liking cum infused sandals leaving FUCK ME stains everywhere they go
when they excavate the ruins of the arcologies there will be passages in the history books of the sandals that took the world by a storm as collectors try to gather the ancient esoteric artifacts. imagine the carbon dating and museum display of the oldest found FUCK ME sandal stain as a piece of history or a mummified original sandal that was kept in a sarcophagus of semen.
Huh, there are negative skill values for player skills, neat
Is it something made in preparation for PC death and having kid inherit the city or something?
Also how long does slave need to be doing some job before they get experience bonus?
Also forgot to ask why there isn't option to start at -100 in all stats yet
Hey if I want to write shit for pregmod how do I go about doing that?
I would find a passage or such similar to the one you want to write, and then look at the code for it to get a rough idea on how many variables you need to account for. Any idea on what you want to write?
Some of the PC starts use them.
They get a little each week. Once it goes over a threshold, they get the experience as if they started with a career benefiting the job. Not a very quick process, though.

Hard to think of a good background for that.

There is a guide in /devNotes for a general idea. Also the slave variables documentation.
I will accept pseudocode if it is structured well enough to not be a guessing game as to what I am supposed to be doing with it.
Oh slave torture/mutilation scenes generally. I find the auto doc stuff fairly boring. Theres no "meat" to it them.
So can I open the github stuff on mobile?
>So can I open the github stuff on mobile?
You can always just check if it works yourself.
Yeah sorry I knew as soon as I said it what a stupid question that was. The answer is indeed yes.
Would it be possible to have a no Male/XY mode?
Because whenever I want a random futa slave, I get
Shemales, sissies, and traps.
Is there a way to only get random Female/Futa slaves that I missed?
The only way I see it is to get them through the
Futanari Sisters.
>Because whenever I want a random futa slave, I get
>Shemales, sissies, and traps.
>The only way I see it is to get them through the
>Futanari Sisters.
Why the hell are you splitting your sentences in half? This is worse than shitty reddit formatting.
It is harder to write on a tablet, because it's small.
Say if I wanted to fuck with the game by making it track clits, clit hoods, and labia as separate from the vagina as a whole how mindnumbingly annoying would this be to do? Is this one of those situations where I'd have to go in an rewrite everything to account for it or would I be able to flag the document that pulls from vaginal descriptions and adds an extra layer to the descriptions? For reference I do have coding experience but none with twine or sugar cube specifically.
Well good news and bad news. The bad news is your effort would be entirely wasted, since the good news is that has all already been done.
Oh. Well I've never been so happy to be disappointed before... I should really just look over the code properly before asking more dumb questions.
Open file (120.88 KB 1575x611 ClipboardImage.png)
Will look into it.
Hey would it be possible to allow smart piercings on a slave's nipples for slaves without genitals?
Not without setting up safeguards to prevent issues from stacking things like that. I think something is already in place using vibrators, but I do not know what state it is in.
Could it not simply be the syntax complient equivelent of

If ($hasdick == false and $hasclit == false)
{ show the smart piercing for nipples option }
{Do nothing}
With an added

If ($breastsmartpeircing == true and $hasdick == true or $hasclit == true)
{You assistant says a genital smart piercing is not advisable until you remove $s.his $breastsmartpeircing}

Else {do nothing}

For players who graft genitals back on because they're assholes who want to break the game.

Or is the code too fucky for that to be an adequate patch to it?

Mod edit: add code tags
Edited last time by user2095 on 12/14/2019 (Sat) 23:01:16.
use the code tag to prevent things like redtext from messing with your post.
Ah, thank you.
Less that and more just adding more conditions to the existing checks.
I like these mods.
Read at 8:32:10
Anyone know where the assignJob function is located? struggling to find it.
I want to say it's in the facilities - penthouse file
assign.js I would hope.
>Hard to think of a good background
You were a street rat, who was lucky if he ate once a day, eking out a bare existence for years.
Eventually the master of the arcology is expanding updating some of the plumbing in the lower levels, and finds your hide away.
Fortunately for you, this was the day that the neighbouring arcology was thrown into turmoil.
Not able to be in two places at once, you get thrown into the anarchic arcology by the other guy, because he figures that you are incompetent enough that he'll be able to take it over from you when he's ready to.
That implies some baggage that players'll expect to come back to haunt them. Eventually someone ought to try to actually overthrow you, and ought to have the resources and intelligence to do it since one presumes he's prepared to do exactly that. That kind of thing could be coded in too, I guess.

I mean, it's always a little tough to justify a challenge start when the PC is supposed to be in a position of power. That being the case, what about the equally hackneyed "you were at the absolute peak of your power, then the acedia of too much success set in. You decided to start over, a real-life new game minus. You willed the arcology and some funds to yourself, had potential usurpers exiled or killed, sold off all your other assets, then had yourself chemically lobotomized and rehabbed. This caused presumption of your death, legally, but in some sense it's still you in control. Have fun doing it all over again, only harder." It's pretty stupid on its face and there's plenty of holes in it, but I can almost see a depressed and delusional arcology owner thinking it would work.
Just make it a start where arcology owner gives some random orphan everything he has before getting killed by open rebellion as last fuck you to his enemies
For extra bonus it could also lower starting security(why does it start at 100% anyway?) and how much arcology player owns(does owning more than 50% even do anything?)
I was just throwing an idea out there, and a street rat would be justifiably incompetent, but as for someone trying to overthrow you, wouldn't that just be the post DoL rival?

Personally I don't really care, I just really want to see a start where you are absolutely pathetic and have no advantages whatsoever, having to learn it all on the spot or be enslaved trying.
Attempting to add pit assignment into the rule assistant, anyone know how I can check pitLethal?
It's a variable so it should be getting set somewhere, and since it is a critical pit setting, it should have a setter in pit.tw that can be used to find the it.
I know the nursery is technically in progress, but would anyone want to see a more detailed child-tracker added to Personal Affairs?
Currently it only shows how many slaves you've fathered. I'd like to add tracking for the number of children you're having raised as citizens, how many you sold, sent to slave orphanages, sent to the incubator, etc.
I want to know when I've fathered enough sons to populate a new arcology, and enough daughters to fill the slave pens. But are other people interested enough for it to be worth doing properly enough to push to the master version?

BTW, is it ever worth it to build sweatshops on the lower levels? The money involved seems to be ridiculously tiny.
Most of that already exists, but isn't displayed to the player anywhere.
I found that pitLethal is set in story.tw, but I'm not sure how to interact with it.
Yes, that's what I noticed. I wouldn't be talking about doing it if it meant piles of new variables added to the already confusing birth system.
So I constantly see text about my recruiter using meager funds or something, can I change how much money she uses or is it automatic?
Also option to build more than single prosthetic per click would be nice, or at least grouping of them in build order so I can just click it multiple times without moving my mouse after each click
Speaking of prosthetics, should all the researches there be done at once instead of one after another?
You'd just check aginst V.pitLethal's values. Should be 0 for the non-lethal pit and 1 for the lethal. I suggest you talk with mouseOfLight more though as he is definitely on a good track with utilizing the existing facility functions.

I'd hold off for a bit until the nursery and holding facility are worked out. I don't know exactly what routes those variables will be taking in the future.

Not really, no. But the closest to giving her a boost is letting have luxurious living conditions.
You could try calling out to @arkerthan or @lowercasedonkey on the git for that. I do not know how easy it would be to set up something so multifaceted.
Not sure honestly.
>holding facility
Holy fuck, another new thing?
alternatively, instead of an orphan, a generic channer neet receives an email from a nigerian prince, leading to all sorts of wacky shenanigans
Not yet, but mulling about the idea of converting a sector into a facility to house children on the cheap compared to the other options.
Ha. That's exactly what I was hoping for the nursery to be, before people decided they wanted the children to be individual slave entities.
That sounds like a really fun and easy idea. It could have a detailed upgrade/customization chain like the Dairy, but without any of the complicated slave-handling bullshit that makes facilities hell to code.
Pretty much the gist of it. Nursery was always planned to an extent, but more to the degree of raising your heir more than what it became. Still need to get it working too.
First things first is getting the player variable documentation back to being accurate. I pity anyone that tries to use it in its current state.
Some of the "from other slaveholder" slaves are a little problematic. For one, Danny 'The D' is supposed to be a quad amputee but isn't. I don't know if those are deliberately not touched in pregmod for reasons, or if they just weren't updated to the new appendages system, or what. Lot of fiddling, I imagine, to around to go and fix all those definitions, wherever they are kept. Also, slaves with single quotes in their names like that one mentioned sometimes have their name modified with 's, which causes paragraphs to be boldface when they otherwise shouldn't be. I guess it's due to the two single quotes juxtaposed and being interpreted as a control character. Easy fix for that would be replacing the single quote with the accent grave (`) since I don't think that's a control character in JS or Twine or whatever.
Open file (513.21 KB 1393x2000 025.png)
So how do you guys deal with your cat/dog/whatever girls?
Do you give them both pair of ears?
Do you assign different types of girls to different positions?
Do you vary their outfits by position, stick all of them into one outfit or let them choose?
Do you have them in various ages and sizes or only specific ones?
Butt-plugs or cyber-tails?
Are they all girls or do you train dudes too?
Will automatic growing of organs or cybernetic fitting ever be possible?
I'm a lazy sack of shit that just buys 50 slaves from the kidnappers market to funnel into the arcade and wait until my rep goes high enough to buy from the schools, then I just buy from the cattle ranch and the maid school ad infinitum.
I cheat like crazy, I have my own fork that makes even cheating easier. Every single slave spawns as a face 100 intelligence 100 not nigger bombshell.
I dont cheat but I do wish I could use the arcade to turn all of the slaves inside of it into fuck dolls at once when I'm tired of using it. My laziness knows no bounds.
>maid school
Slavegirl School or what?
Yes that one. I primarily use it to fill up my maid house after putting them in chastity and slutty maid outfits.
>Easy fix for that would be replacing the single quote with the accent grave (`)
No. Backtick / grave accent (U+0060) is not and has never been a valid substitute for an apostrophe or a single quote, opening or closing. Some programming languages use it as a kind of quote mark, but that's not natural-language prose like slave names appear in.
If you need an apostrophe-equivalent other than the one that lives on your keyboard (U+0027), use (U+2019).
If you need a closing single quote, use that same character (U+2019), but pair it with an opening single quote (, U+2018).
Similarly, if you want typographically-correct double quotes, use “` and (U+201C and U+201D).
If you take one thing away from this post, let it be that the backtick is for programming and the like, not regular writing. See https://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/~mgk25/ucs/quotes.html for more info.

Of course, consistency counts, and Free Cities just uses the two quote characters on the keyboard, so mixing in anything else at this stage would look bad. Using U+2019 temporarily to fix a display bug might be OK, though. Ask pregmodder.
Ah, “` should be there.
The git wouldnt happen to have a master file that conveniently lists all the variables in one place would it?
I just realized something
Shouldn't it be possible for us to create clone armies?
Open file (599.92 KB 1198x668 1576290777176.png)
Have you considered actually looking at the git before asking such a stupid question?
I've been looking through it for 2 days anon. I cant handle alphabetical organization I'm too retarded.
I mean yes but the logistics of that is fucked.
Have you considered using the search and typing in "variable"? Or even just looked through the root folder by scrolling down?
Got this error message when applying rules. :

Apologies! An error has occurred. You may be able to continue, but some parts may not work properly.

Error: eval(...) is not a function.

Stack Trace:
ruleAppliesP@file:///D:/SM%203.5/Freecities%20files/fc-pregmod/bin/FC_pregmod.html line 438155 > eval:87032:26
ProcessSlaveRules/rules<@file:///D:/SM%203.5/Freecities%20files/fc-pregmod/bin/FC_pregmod.html line 438155 > eval:55729:58
ProcessSlaveRules@file:///D:/SM%203.5/Freecities%20files/fc-pregmod/bin/FC_pregmod.html line 438155 > eval:55729:32
@file:///D:/SM%203.5/Freecities%20files/fc-pregmod/bin/FC_pregmod.html line 438155 > eval:55662:69
window.runWithReadonlyProxy@file:///D:/SM%203.5/Freecities%20files/fc-pregmod/bin/FC_pregmod.html line 438155 > eval:1000:10
DefaultRules@file:///D:/SM%203.5/Freecities%20files/fc-pregmod/bin/FC_pregmod.html line 438155 > eval:55662:47
render/elem.innerHTML<@file:///D:/SM%203.5/Freecities%20files/fc-pregmod/bin/FC_pregmod.html line 438155 > eval:88525:55
render@file:///D:/SM%203.5/Freecities%20files/fc-pregmod/bin/FC_pregmod.html line 438155 > eval:88525:30
Element@file:///D:/SM%203.5/Freecities%20files/fc-pregmod/bin/FC_pregmod.html line 438155 > eval:87551:24
ApplicationLog@file:///D:/SM%203.5/Freecities%20files/fc-pregmod/bin/FC_pregmod.html line 438155 > eval:88520:49
RuleOptions/<@file:///D:/SM%203.5/Freecities%20files/fc-pregmod/bin/FC_pregmod.html line 438155 > eval:88510:75
render/elem.onclick@file:///D:/SM%203.5/Freecities%20files/fc-pregmod/bin/FC_pregmod.html line 438155 > eval:88352:39

These are my rules:
Removing my rule called tightener stopped the error message from appearing
Will run reviews. Sometimes new systems don't take well to them, especially if they were generated prior to it. Is that the case? If I find the slave is working as intended in testing, I'm liable to stop testing.

I purge all of those when cleaning. Will look into that slave as he is a unique case that does not follow the standards of normal nicknames.
Also ` is used heavily in our code. It's what tells JS to look for template literals.

It means something is wrong with your rule. How slave rules are stored, i.e. .livingRules is now .rules.living, so make sure you are following it. I'll check to make sure the slave variable doc is accurate.
So is it just me or does unset porn marketing in RA automatically sets marketing to 0 instead of doing nothing?
So, will someone answer my questions:
Would it be possible to have a no Male/XY mode?
Because whenever I want a random futa slave, I get shemales, sissies, and traps.
Is there a way to only get random Female/Futa slaves that I missed?
The only way I see this is to get them through Futanari Sisters, surgery, and cheating.
Feeling the motivation to code something, anyone have any smallish additions they would want?
Split nipple color into its own variable. An attempt was made by another anon, but never completed.
Interesting, Is it part of a more general variable right now or does it not exist at all?
Does not exist at all. It currently runs off a function that returns a string based off race and pregnancy.
You could try to code my no male/XY mode if it's not too much to code and if it's not already a thing in the game.
If you set $seeDicks to 0 it already tries to do that. The only exceptions are things it can't force into such a mold.
You mean that it is impossible to get futa slaves without the chance to get male/XY slaves?
Do people just not read the options available to them?
What options?
I remember that there is a futanari law available to get but, iirc, it does nothing to make random slaves futanari.
Some way to modify eyes of slaves so they don't need to wear contacts for them to have unusual colors or shapes
The most you will get in XX only with dicks is surgical. You will not get natural futanari.
This is the kind of thing that should be in the FAQ as well since a decision has already been made on it.
That's a shame.
Oh well, thanks for answering.
>>4131 >>4132
it'd be a pretty simple copy-paste job to add a market that only appears with $seeDicks=0 & whatever the penis surgery variable is called. one that offers only surgically dicked xx slaves.
I sure don't care enough to do it though; I even remove the royal event prince in my copy.

mind if I play with the holding facility a bit in a few weeks? tbh, I think just folding the damn nursery into it wouldn't be a bad idea.
implementing the nursery as planned introduces all the coding problems of slaves under 3yo, without any real payoff.
Leaning towards would rather not.
>the coding problems of slaves under 3yo
What are the main issues with slaves under 3 anyways?
Lack a certain level of independence. Either way, what we've got is overkill for what is needed. I'll trim it down when I get to it prior to 4.0.0.
I'm >>4103, but not >>4096.

>I purge all of those when cleaning.
The left/right quote marks? Makes sense - straight-quotes-only style has less fiddly stuff to get right that way, and it's easier to type.
>Also ` is used heavily in our code. It's what tells JS to look for template literals.
If I didn't make it clear, I'm not objecting to that at all. Code isn't prose, so different rules apply. My only point was that taking a perfectly good ' and replacing it with a ` is bad and wrong.

It seems like SugarCube is interpreting '' as a formatting mark. There should be some escape sequence to prevent that. Does surrounding the slave's name with <nowiki></nowiki> fix anything? What about replacing one or the other pair of ' with \'?
It bolds, I think. Since that is a nickname, it sort of should have the same rule applied to it. Like I said, that slave is a unique case so I need to decide how exactly to handle it for the future.
which file would contain the details for the future society policies?
The policy file in src/uncat only carries their names, how would I find one that has the actual details of what it does
Most of it will be scattered about. Consider what it is and that should give you an idea of where in end week it will be.
Haven't touched this game in a while. Is it it possible to build multiple Pits yet? It's all I've ever wanted.
mainly I want to know how the different radicalism policies affect perceived slave attractiveness, sort of like the optslavestats picture in the op

Other question, if you set retirement to slave body 45, is that affected by how their face looks or only by their body
Try slaveCostJS. As for the age, no, body only.
is there anyway to lower a slaves physical age other than ncs?
slavecost looks like exactly what I was looking for, thanks
No. Well body swapping, but I don't that would count.
why is the auto-impregnation scene based around injecting cum with a syringe? auto-penetration is pretty simple if the dick is big enough.
Vanilla dicks couldn't get that large when the scene was written. Always room for expansion.
What outfits do you guys give your bodyguards?
I personally use nice maid one
I've missed a couple of months, Is the farmyard finished yet?

I just want to know if it's actually worth growing the ovaries yet
it's because of the mixing with the mongols. If you look at the west baltids they're still aesthetic.
Tube top with either leather pants or a thong.
First timer here, what's the best choice for art? vector or rendered?
There is a changelog, read it.
Use them and decide for yourself.
Open file (107.34 KB 1587x929 ClipboardImage.png)
Would be nice if this event refreshed the slave image to be of the new slave after buying her. Currently it continues to show the daughter
Open file (53.39 KB 1587x432 ClipboardImage.png)
Identical options?
Open file (26.76 KB 1021x515 ClipboardImage.png)
These are my settings. My headgirl just fixed some flaw. Should that be possible? Before you ask, no, I can't remember what it was.
Will pass the idea along.

Can't seem to shake that one, but it is largely harmless, so not being given much thought.
Can you affect the slave prices or is it just random? If it's the former then what do you do?
What does "-tweaked femCum output upwards" mean?
Is it just a back end thing?
It means exactly what it says. Femcum output was tweaked to be higher.
Can we get a Gender Traditionalist policy that forbids trannies?
In its planned overhaul, it will not tolerate things like that. It will expect boys to be boys and girls to be girls.
>no way to drink your slaves' futa cum

Not that poster, but still awesome
For slave leadership positions in an Intellectual Dependency FS, is it planned to not take account of a slave's intelligence for the position or at least not decrease her value because she's in that leadership position ?
No plans to excuse intelligence in those positions. Given the number of them, it shouldn't be too costly.
The dialogue for your personal assistant running the school and doing head girl work already exists. Wonder how hard it would be to have intellectual dependency upgrades that can replace the leadership roles with automation.
I like the idea of an ID society getting rid of leadership slaves entirely, and having them all managed by machines.
Does relation between stock trading AI and PA does even show up literally anywhere outside of scene where you set it?
Also option to have AI trying to raise/lower slave prices when?
Is there a way to add more clothes that actually show up on the vectors?
>>4263 Not easily. You would need to hijack another set of clothing art. Though you need to do this partially anyway or you'll sometimes get a third arm.
Any progress on the farm?
>>4274 There is a changelog for a reason.
>>4263 you could always make your slave art in an outside program like kisekae.
>>4264 >>4278 are there actual clothing mods then? and for which sets? sorry, I only just started playing and I'm dissatisfied with the variety.
Open file (66.23 KB 1000x1000 Yuki Uniform Lewd.png)
Open file (52.97 KB 1000x1000 Kana Bodyguard uniform.png)
Open file (57.55 KB 937x939 hikari hoodie baggy.png)
Open file (73.11 KB 920x920 Ryuko Netting.png)
Open file (71.19 KB 1000x1000 Nao Date Outfit.png)
>>4280 I just meant uploading custom images for slaves
>>4281 oh, I see. It's kind of surprising there's no big pack of clothes tho, but I guess if you can just upload images it can work.
ncs doesn't actually lower slaves physical age. Only visual. I am disappointed.
>>4281 how'd you make those?
>>4291 Well, it's no longer outside the realm of actual possibility to have drugs that could rewind a slave's genetic clock. I think turning it back one and a half weeks for every week of use is a reasonable amount. https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-019-02638-w
>>4296 Too expand on this hypothetical drug, it could also return a health boost and drastically diminish or even eliminate a slave's chances of dying of natural causes. It couldn't make a slave shorter though. What do you think Pregmodder?
During player character creation, selecting the skin tone does not update the description, it will always display "You have light skin" unless the display is updated forcefully, e.g. by pressing enter while a textbox is selected. The exception is that selecting any tone after updating will revert the description to "light skin" despite selecting a completely unrelated tone.
>>4296 >reproduced 0 times into the trash it goes.
>>4296 >>4297 Will think about it. But leaning towards no due to existing things having similar effects. >>4298 Something desyncd in the widget. Will look into it.
>>4298 Is fixed now.
Huh. Somewhere between >>4243 and >>4264, something in the site changed such that posts are having their newline characters eaten. Note how >>4300 has a quote that ends in the middle of the line. This should be the second line of this post.
>>4303 Yeah, the site updated their software which messed up some of the posts.
So any chances someone adds upgrade to prosthetic lab that makes adjusting them instant?
>>4298 Explain, in detail, exactly what you want and I'll pass it along tomorrow. That area of code is currently being worked on, so this is your chance.
How come I can't surgically restore virginities anymore? Also, how difficult would it be to calculate and display volume of cum ingested for each slave for both that week and lifetime?
>>4312 As >>4302 said, I can confirm that it is fixed.
why can't you suck your dickgirls off if you can ride them? weird choice considering the whole milking option too
>>4315 Because this is A. Not a sub's game, and you are lucky to have the option to ride on a slave's dick, and B. no one has taken the time and energy to try and add the ability to perform another inherently submissive action in an almost entirely dom focused game.
>>4317 they're commodities and are treated as such. You can drink straight from the boob, and literally sell their milk and cum, so it just feels incomplete as it is.
>>4313 Nothing should have changed there. Make sure the surgery is upgraded? Depends. Adding cum to their food would be troublesome, but the cumflation side of things would be trivial. >>4314 My apologies, that was meant for >>4311 Reply likes to remember things a bit too much at times.
>>4318 Don't bother trying to change minds here. They want a VERY specific game and unless you can do it yourself don't stray from the norm. All it will get you is a shit on.
Open file (9.31 KB 417x241 Week 1.png)
Open file (6.13 KB 425x174 Week 2.png)
>>4319 Holy shit, this looks terrible without spacing Also >>4311 there, I meant something to remove or shorten the time before slaves can use prosthetics from few weeks to either being usable within the same week or single one, right now giving more than two slaves prosthetics at once takes multiple weeks which can be pretty irritating if you want to modify multiple slaves at once, especially since they aren't done in order you ordered them Also there's something wonky with these "s s" thank I think denote progress Also trying out double spaces to see if they fix everything being in single line
>>4324 I've posed the question of an upgrade akin to the organ farm's to speed construction. Also what is with those s? They actually displaying like that?
>>4325 >Also what is with those s? They actually displaying like that? Yep, tried current build and they still appear Using slightly outdated Firefox Nightly if it helps Also trying to do eye stuff in personal affairs sends you to auto salon for some slave
>>4327 Got the salon issue fixed. Looking into the other still.
>>4323 Great. I'd expect something this degenerate to have at least a "drink from cumcow" option. How hard is modding it?
>>4295 Kisekae 2, http://pochi.x.fc2.com/kisekae/k_kisekae2.html requires flash, theres some way to download it though
>>4327 The 's' has been located and removed. It had quite the impact for a single character, I will say. Organ farm now has an upgrade to greatly increase the speed. Expensive and late game, but it is a thing now. I need to hit the grammar a little, it looks like though. >>4333 You can look at the other slave interact sex files for reference. They can vary widely. You, at the very least, will need to cover dick size, circumcision, testicles, cum volume and quality, devotion/resistance, trust/fear, and if there would be anything obstructing you from doing so, such as a large pregnancy or overly flabby middle.
>>4339 >>4327 Prosthetics lab, that is.
Does low health help with breaking slaves while they are in cell?
>>4339 I see. I'll definitely check it out later. I'm new to this and it's crazy that the "game" portion of the game is actually fun. Hard to come by in porn games.
>>4342 Not directly. Low health may make them more fearful, but they'll likely also just hate you more too offsetting any gains.
Why does the optimal slave stats image have 2 columns for attendant?
>>4347 A typo not identified during creation. I'll update it when time premitts
>>4349 Is one of them wrong/misnamed? Which one? What is the correct optimal stats?
>>4353 I don't know off the top of my head, however it should hopefully not take too long to perform another pass.
>>4347 The screen where you can make a fulfillment order for slaves makes a distinction between motherly and normal attendants. That might have something to do with it. Probably someone who looks at the code'll have a bit better of an idea exactly what the difference is.
>>4353 As an update to >>4355. After a quick search it seems to have been the Agent.
Anon working on expanding daughter/sister sale reactions here. Still working on it. Only just realized I should do the same for sales of children the slave has fathered, because I've never had a male slave that's impregnated anything. A little worried this trivializes expensive late game projects, because you can sell off infinite vat girls for a million a pop. Then again, you could already do that if you didn't mind your breeding slaves fucking hating you.
What variables will affect only girls assigned to the pit? The documentation doesn't seem to have anything.
>>4393 Mass vat production is a costly hurdle of its own, so I wouldn't worry too much. Slave cost is liable to be reworked soon as well. So many reworks these days. Eyes the other day, organ farm today, health tomorrow and relationship rules on the horizon. >>4398 You have to look into pit variables as they control everything related to who is in it.
>>4399 >Slave cost is liable to be reworked soon as well. So a few weeks ago I started on a slave price simulator for more efficient slave flipping. I got distracted partway through summarizing/simplifying the existing slave cost/value code. Would such a summary be useful for a rework? What are the goals/scope of that rework, anyway?
>>4406 Nothing is certain yet, so you still are the only one doing it.
>>4398 >You have to look into pit variables as they control everything related to who is in it. Hm, "State.variables.fighterIDs.includes(slave.ID) == true/false" seems to work. Who would think this game would actually teach me about coding?
Seems like arcology prosperity always tops at 24M, is there any way I can easily mod this? I don't want something fancy, I just want to increase the limit to something like 99M/999M and the like.
>>4413 There is a clamp somewhere. No idea where. Try arcmgmt.tw. That's where I'd put it.
>>4413 >>4414 There are currently two clamps for arcologies[0].prosperity. Both in datatypeCleanupJS line 1684 as part of EconomyDatatypeCleanup() V.arcologies[0].prosperity = Math.clamp(+V.arcologies[0].prosperity, 1, V.AProsperityCap) || 1; and the other is line 1809 V.arcologies[0].prosperity = Math.clamp(+V.arcologies[0].prosperity, 1, 300) || 1; . I cearly remeber submitting a merge request a while ago to remove 300 as a hardcoded value and instead use AProsperityCap as the upper limmit. AProsperityCap is modified as apart of the "SectorCounts" widget located within buildingWidgets sarting at line 310: <<widget "SectorCounts">> <<if $arcologyUpgrade.drones != 1>> <<set $AProsperityCap = 0>> <<elseif $arcologyUpgrade.hydro != 1>> <<set $AProsperityCap = 10>> <<elseif $arcologyUpgrade.apron != 1>> <<set $AProsperityCap = 30>> <<elseif $arcologyUpgrade.grid != 1>> <<set $AProsperityCap = 60>> <<elseif $arcologyUpgrade.spire != 1>> <<set $AProsperityCap = 100>> <<else>> <<set $AProsperityCap = 150>> <</if>> <<set $Sweatshops = 0>> <<if $arcologyUpgrade.spire == 1>> <<for _i = 1; _i <= 4; _i++>> <<if $sectors[_i].type == "DenseApartments">> <<set $AProsperityCap += 10>> <<elseif $sectors[_i].type == "LuxuryApartments">> <<set $AProsperityCap += 15>> <<else>> <<set $AProsperityCap += 10>> <</if>> <</for>> <</if>> <<for _i = 8; _i <= 19; _i++>> <<if $sectors[_i].type == "LuxuryApartments">> <<set $AProsperityCap += 15>> <<else>> <<set $AProsperityCap += 10>> <</if>> <</for>> <<for _i = 25; _i <= 29; _i++>> <<if $sectors[_i].type == "Sweatshops">> <<set $Sweatshops++>> <</if>> <</for>> <</widget>> I''l sumbit a MR doing some minor cleaning to give myself something to do while dealling with JS/Twine garbage.
Open file (59.90 KB 1285x457 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (163.56 KB 1609x908 ClipboardImage.png)
Bug in saStayConfined? Also whore profits are pretty strange, same save.
>>4424 Wasn't .sfw the format to send saves? Trying with jpg
Open file (69.39 KB 1385x761 ClipboardImage.png)
>>4424 >>4425 Stuff isn't sending for some reason. Anyway, got this when week-end was finished
>>4425 You mean .swf. It did work on 8ch, not sure if it works here too. Try .pdf
Open file (122.38 KB 1628x559 ClipboardImage.png)
>>4427 No dice. Attaching some other stuff I noticed. I know it's not a bug, more of an unpolished summary
I'm noticing the universal rule to take slaves off assignment when unhealthy isn't working anymore. Probably to do with the new illness mechanism
>>4413 It's closer to 40-41m in my experience. You need to change all of your arcology over to luxury suites though.
>>4430 Is it actually good idea to turn it all into luxury suites? Shouldn't lack of lower and middle class tank the local economy?
>>4431 Hasn't ever done so for me. Real world economics != FC economics, apparently.
>>4281 there should be a kisekai slave display mod, just saying
So what's up with that random event that spawns you a pretty much perfect and obedient slave? Is it just a thing to help people barely balancing their budget or something?
>>4433 then make one, if you cannot program at least collect all material and recruit others
>>4433 >kisekai tf is this
>>4436 Read the thread.
>>4424 Noted. Second is being worked on still. >>4426 I suspect this is an RA rule issue. I've got some leads on it now. >>4428 Noted. I saw some oddities with limbs too that I need to clean. Not sure when I'll get the moment today, though. >>4429 That's what I supect as well. Need to resync first to check things.
Open file (176.88 KB 484x377 1.png)
my mental state is altered right now and as I look through my tabs I see that holy shit that's a lotta porn are we porn addicts lads
>>4446 That depends entirely on how ytou define porn adn addict Does hour long audio clip of of girl desperately holding it in before pissing herself and then continuing to talk counts as porn? Does reading a doujin a day count as addiction or does it require reading three doujins at once while two porn videos play with audio stream from your mom's bedroom in background for six hours a day is required?
> Does hour long audio clip of of girl desperately holding it in before pissing herself and then continuing to talk counts as porn? Natsuiro Matsuri or Inuyama Tamaki?
>>4448 Kogumaro
>>4433 Kisekae has a crazy amount of variables that don't exactly line up with FC's variables.
>>4436 It's a dress up doll game based on K-On and Love Live. you can technically simulate sex in it, but it's better for taking pictures than using as porn on it's own. link to it, and images of characters made in it have already been posted ITT
Open file (85.04 KB 500x500 1576614016240.jpg)
>We're still here during Christmas Just how did we end up like this?
>>4456 There's free time everyday. We're here cause we want to be here.
Whose idea was permanent, unavoidable, and unrepairable health damage.
>>4458 Shouldn't be permanent, just more difficult to get rid of. Only the player variant should be permanent when it gets implemented. Big question is if BC did something bad?
>>4446 >>4447 The usual definition of addiction isn't in terms of absolute amount, but of dependency (feeling worse than baseline because of non-use) and continued use in spite of consequences that make the habit not worth it. Like with telling porn from non-porn, there's a little fuzz around the edges but the general pattern is unmistakable. If you lie or break promises to yourself where porn is involved, or surprise yourself but not others, there's a sign.
>>4097 I take male slaves, graft ears and cyber-tails onto them, pump them with hormones and strap corsets on them until they have massive fucking tiddies, hourglass waists and perfect bubblebutts, enhance their faces to be 10/10 qts, then sterilize their testes and implant anal wombs in them to turn them into shemale animal buttsluts that are intensely loyal to me and dream about bearing my children in their boypussy wombs.
I am heavily into Pastolarism and seems like both milking and whoring turn my slaves unhealthy quite quickly How do prevent my slaves from being ill just because their work? It is an absolute pain in the ass to have to check every 2 weeks or 3 weeks one by one the health of 60-80 slaves. I know for sure that it isn't because their diet, I try most of my slaves to have an average weight, except those few who are purpused to be heavily milked (because obesity makes your slaves produce more milk) I am trying to give my slaves preventives, but it doesn't do jackshit and seems quite useless. Should I just give them curatives? I can afford it but it kinda ruins immersion to give my slaves as many curatives as a farmer gives cattle antibiotics. Any alternative?
>>4466 Industrial dairies are unhealthy. They shouldn't be become unhealthy too quickly otherwise. Also may need to dial down health drain with the new changes. Need to think on some things. I may want to collect testing saves too for balancing. Should expect work on it tomorrow since the holidays are over.
>>4296 There is a lot of overblown hype around anti-aging technologies thanks to the narcissistic Randroid CEOs that are investing billions into it and how so many nerds started looking into it thanks to websites like Gwern.net and Lesswrong. Fact of the matter is, while there are certain things that will make you age slower, such as getting enough sleep, exercise and trying to abstain from drugs other shit like metformin and fasting are yet to be proven effective to slow aging, let alone reverse it. I am not going to moralfag, but the motivation behind most anti-aging entusiasts is quite dark and egoistic, and narcissists like them are the kind of people that will ratter die taking snake oil ratter than admit that they are self-deluded, so yeah. You are not going to live forever bucko.
>>4465 mein neger, outside of the animal bits I do exactly the same.
>>4467 I'm going to bring up the idea of making the industrial dairy give short term health increases but long term health losses. Essentially make them dependent on being hooked up the the machines after a while.
>>4469 Honestly, I've always ended up doing it on every single playthrough I do. My love of shemales and mpreg is just too strong. The theme may change (orcs/goblins, Egyptians, Oni, Elves, Cowgirls, ghetto girls, so and so forth), but the base is always a shemale that's happy to have been feminized and loves both their master and their slavehood.
Pregmod v3.2.1. https://mega.nz/#!NQhyxYzA!I5kyzWfYkEBW4xGEljEcqv4-a9pao8w6JU6K7-ZMa2g -slave health overhaul (short and long term health, exhuastion effects and illness) -slave release rules overhaul (better control of who they do in their free time) -eye object overhaul -organ farm cleanup -limb cleaning -added overflow feedback to demand -added pit assign/remove rules to the RA -fixes and cleaning RA may be having issues. They will be fixed when the holidays are over. But for now, Merry Christmas everyone.
>>4472 Merry Christmas Pregmodder. Thanks for all of your hard work.
https://old.reddit.com/r/freecitiesgame/comments/dt52xn/i_have_to_admit/ Wow, just wow lad, this is a fucking thread that actually exist in the subreddit, and not only that, it was actually thriving. Let's ignore all the morally hideous stuff in this fucking game, if you consider mean words to be dehumanizing other words such as 'sissy', 'monger' and 'idiot' also get frecuently used, as a matter of fact, I'd argue that insulting people with intellectual disabilities is a lot more harmful than insulting fucking trannies of all people, as they are extremely likely to face abuse and dehumanization by large society, unlike trannies, who pretty much control everything at this point and have an immense leverage in our current society, and unlike trannies, the abuse of the mentally disabled is not a modern phenomena. Plebbitors really are a bunch of hypocritical normalfags, the reason why the care so much about trannies is because they desperately want to fuck one, little they know that passive-aggresive Nice Guys like them finish last and rightfully so.
>>4448 Honestly speaking whenever I see someone thinking that trap is a slur I assume they are a kid, retarded, utterly uninformed on the topic or all of the above
>>4481 >implying that saying slurs is bad Hi Plebbit
>4472 Would it be possible to let slaves masturbate anally if their primary sexual organs are locked up?
Now I think about it, would it be possible to add event where your bodyaguard loses their/hand/eye/whatever saving you and boosting your reputation? Maybe some event where your brothel gets blown up potentially crippling slaves inside if you have high levels of crime or in war against someone else? Things like that would make prosthetics and regrowing things more valuable outside of customizing slaves
>>4485 Can almost guarantee pregmod will put it in, if you write and code it yourself.
>>4480 Anon, that's old news. It was already posted here.
>>4484 I'm working on something related for the slave on aphrodisiacs text in the description. >>4485 Consider it more for the story events. pBombing in particular.
Collecting balance concerns for the new health and tiredness systems since they seem a little too aggressive and are in need of some tuning. So please let me know where your concerns are.
>>4490 Will that stop the slave from being super pissed about not being able to fap normally? I know FCDev was super into anal and you are still chasing his anal obsession out of the code, but it might be worth considering that non anal chastity combined with a higher sex drive might contribute points to an anal fetish.
>>4493 This is just flavor text right now. I do plan a pass through the rules code to expand what they may target, like a breast fetishist targeting their own breasts. It just got reworked though, so that delayed plans substantially, you know?
Open file (162.75 KB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
This doesn't really make sense, any ideas why childbirth hurt her?
>>4496 Looks like it skipped something, maybe a health change. Will look into it.
>>4496 Got it fixed. It seems like it was treating all slaves as having given birth before when building the text. So you'd get the first time penalty and it would desync because of it.
Open file (370.46 KB 977x1542 EMcl6MnUEAA25SB.png)
>>4499 Cheers PM.
>>4491 Far too aggressive, I just had a slave die after 7 weeks of illness despite rest and personal attention. Also for some reason she had massive breasts, H-cup despite being a starter and starting with c-cups. No breast injections or pregnancy
>>4504 Dairy? Industrial dairy does that. Will definitely agree that it is too aggressive. You should be able to curtail some of it by setting their rewards to relaxation.
>>4506 No dairy. I was only 18 weeks in, and she had only been assigned to classes in the penthouse.
>>4507 Sounds like she may have a genetic condition. I need to consider starting girls for those, I think. Either need to strip them or make them setable at cost.
>>4491 Once the slaves get exhausted, which seems to happen in a few weeks almost regardless of what the slave is doing, nothing seems to get them well anymore and they rapidly end up dead. Even if this new system worked intuitively, I feel it just adds busywork. At bare minimum there should be a simple toggle for allowing automatic rest period (which wouldn't take the slave off the job, but would give the slave lighter duties perhaps). So you could overwork the slave to death if you really wanted, but that shouldn't be default behaviour.
>>4511 Rest and relaxation reward would do that. General living conditions should also influence things. I'll be doing a deep review tomorrow. Exhaustion should only be an issue if a slave is unhealthy, invalid, or actually being overworked.
>>4512 >Rest and relaxation reward would do that. General living conditions should also influence things Problem with that is that I don't think poorly behaving slaves (which don't get rewarded), or well-behaving slaves rewarded with other means than additional rest, living in sparse (i.e normal for slaves) conditions, should get exhausted and then overworked to death automatically either.
>>4514 As I said, they should only be becoming exhausted under certain circumstances. Only things that should really be working a slave to death are the arcade and industrial dairy. Anyway, it's all still being balanced and there does seem to be a problem with the current exhaustion code.
>>4515 >Only things that should really be working a slave to death are the arcade and industrial dairy Don't those already have a feature for removing overly used slaves from being normal slave entities?
I update the game once every few weeks or months and then just look at the new features without having read anything about them in advance or following the thread. Just when something seems broken I check if people are talking about it or if I got something wrong. This new exhaustion system seemed genuinely buggy as neither did I realize how it really worked, nor could I seemingly do much of anything from having my slaves exhaustion-spiral into death. Since the time scale of the game is a week, I always imagined it handled work hours, leisure time etc. "behind the scenes"/abstracted so to say. I'm not sure it makes sense to have slave rest for weeks to make up for work weeks, also the interface of the game as it works doesn't make it really practical to rotate slaves in and out of things if you don't want to do complex rules assistant programming. (Which I do, just saying) I purpose instead that slaves get a "amount of work"/work hours (something like that) setting that basically sets up if they're worked to the bone or if they get only a light work load, and derive the climb (or fall) of exhaustion from that. Assignment in facilities should force their settings, e.g. a slave in the arcade is being worked to the bone by definition, a slave in the clinic (as patient) isn't really doing anything besides resting. You could use this to further degrade/slowly kill slaves you don't like, while further giving special treatment to slaves you prefer by only having them work very little. You could also tie the slave's work efficiency into this. A slave that's poor at whoring is basically worthless if the slave doesn't whore around the hours while a slave that's very high class also turns a good profit with very few clients occasionally. You could also tie the sexual demand of the arcology into this. It could also be at thing that could easily be applied globally by the RA and would add another layer to the game while not turning it into micromanaging hell it will be if you can only get exhaustion down by rest assignments. Just my two cents.
Open file (137.79 KB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (187.10 KB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
This happens when I try to implant an anal womb and ovaries into a slave in the master suite. I believe it happened once before, and at that point there was a NAN beauty at the top of the penthouse screen.
Open file (186.99 KB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
>>4528 This just showed up on the penthouse screen now that I finally ended that week.
Open file (17.68 KB 714x121 Captaure.PNG)
>>4491 Coming back to the game after half a year. Everything is dying left and right. Please send help. This confusion probably happened cus I abbreviate health in the summary (Also why do I no longer see a numerical value of health? Just a green or yellow H) I had a slave that I have now found out was deadly tired, but yesterday when I was playing her I noticed her health suddenly dropped to red and she had a status I had never seen before a red "TI" but when I checked her profile everything seemed fine because there was nothing noticeable wrong with her. The text probably said she was exhausted but since exhaustion isn't colour coded it's very easy to overlook. See picture. Somewhat related, end of week reports doesn't say that the slave is losing health due to exhaustion, which again should be with red text like every other time a slave loses health in this game. Unless I've overlooked it there's no way for the Rules Assistant to deal with tiredness. In the old days I had RA set up to putting people on and off Curatives when needed, but there is no rest when tired option anywhere. Something that might fix that is adding another Universal Rule next to "Allow automatic rest when unhealthy" have the option to "Allow automatic rest when tired".
>>4520 Yes, which ideally would preempt death. >>4522 >>4531 Fixes have been deployed for the very bugged exhaustion system. Probably not the best idea to merge right before a big holiday. Hard to get fixes that way. >>4528 Newest version? It may have already been fixed.
>>4532 Aight, thanks. My files were two days old, but I guess I should check for updates before commenting.
>>4532 Oof, yeah, I might give this a few days to stabilize, I keep getting slaves randomly accruing 100 tiredness and throwing them in the spa isn't doing shit. How is tiredness supposed to work, anyway? Does every slave need to regularly rest even if they're just whoring or something?
>>4534 Nevermind, I just read the thread.
>>4534 >>4535 It may be worth giving it one more as I do want to apply my own sense of balance to it.
>>4536 Maybe implement behavioral modifiers like allowing slaves a day or two off per week at the expense of efficiency? Would be easier than micromanaging them into a full week's rest.
>>4536 Looking at the new version now. Everything I said in >>4531 still applies. Negative characteristics have always been highlighted in red for a slaves description, and I don't see why "So exhausted they are literally dying from it" shouldn't be. End of week report says "She performed worse this week due to feeling under the weather and exhaustion." I would argue that a performance drop warrants being marked with a red highlighter, and still says nothing about health loss due to to exhaustion, like it does for Penitent Nun, random event of rough customers etc. Still nothing in the RA or Universal Rules to manage exhaustion. Which when combined with the first two parts I can imagine becomes a nightmare when you have more than 5 slaves. Sorry to write it all again, but "Fixes have been deployed" doesn't address anything I wrote.
>>4538 Fixes for the core exhaustion issues. Cleanup for visual things is a little less of a priority, no? Also existing exhaustion from pre-changes won't just go away, though the spa now works for clearing it. Rules will come later, right now the foundation must be fixed.
So I'm a pretty new player, and I'm running into confusion because sometimes on the normal overview in the penthouse, my slaves are showing I'll or unhealthy in red, but when I click on them to apply curatives, their description in their detailed summary says that they are healthy. That along with the fact that I can't get the rule assistant to automatically apply curatives no matter what values I set health too, even -300 to 300. I'm not sure which description to believe.
>>4539 Aight I can understand that, but when you reply to my suggestions about visual and rules changes with "Fixes have been deployed" it insinuates that what I wrote has been looked at.
There's a universal rule that says when slaves are exhausted they can rest, but it doesn't appear to work when enabled.
>>4541 Admittedly, I'm also dealing with CC BS at the moment which is really not helping my overall mood. >>4542 Will report that.
>>4543 Good luck on fixing it. Without people like you Free Cities would be an old dead game by now.
Another thing found in the latest version, thought I'd cheat edit out some of the random tiredness.
>>4545 Well at least that is easy to fix.
Been getting this in the latest, whenever the RA is applied. Save is a couple few old, ran BC on update as usual. You can work around this by disabling eye shape settings (likely color too, but not using that myself) in the RA. Error: slave.eye[side] is null. Stack Trace: setEyeColor@file:///home/user/git/FC/fc-pregmod/bin/FC_pregmod_10bf7fdfd.html line 439764 > eval:107385:2 setEyeColor@file:///home/user/git/FC/fc-pregmod/bin/FC_pregmod_10bf7fdfd.html line 439764 > eval:107378:3 ProcessStyle@file:///home/user/git/FC/fc-pregmod/bin/FC_pregmod_10bf7fdfd.html line 439764 > eval:58553:5 DefaultRules@file:///home/user/git/FC/fc-pregmod/bin/FC_pregmod_10bf7fdfd.html line 439764 > eval:56488:3 render/elem.innerHTML<@file:///home/user/git/FC/fc-pregmod/bin/FC_pregmod_10bf7fdfd.html line 439764 > eval:90096:43 render@file:///home/user/git/FC/fc-pregmod/bin/FC_pregmod_10bf7fdfd.html line 439764 > eval:90096:21 Element@file:///home/user/git/FC/fc-pregmod/bin/FC_pregmod_10bf7fdfd.html line 439764 > eval:89122:31 ApplicationLog@file:///home/user/git/FC/fc-pregmod/bin/FC_pregmod_10bf7fdfd.html line 439764 > eval:830:19 RuleOptions/<@file:///home/user/git/FC/fc-pregmod/bin/FC_pregmod_10bf7fdfd.html line 439764 > eval:90081:75 render/elem.onclick@file:///home/user/git/FC/fc-pregmod/bin/FC_pregmod_10bf7fdfd.html line 439764 > eval:89923:34
>>4547 Double check your rule to make sure it is structured right. It should be slave.eye.right.pupil I think. Will double check though.
>>4547 >>4548 Scratch that, not entirely sure what is going on. Going to run more tests and prep a report.
You guys seems to care a lot about realism, especially when talking about economics and health, let's see... I don't know what type of tranny or bodybuilder modded this shit into the game to start with but hormones in the real world don't sightnifically change your bones once you are over 16 years old. And that's a fucking fact.
>>4547 >>4553 Testing on the current branch comes back with no issues. I suggest remaking the rule or putting the save up for testing.
>>4557 >I don't know what type of tranny That would explain the tale of FCDev then.
Is there a way to make NCS make slaves younger than 8? I would like it to bring slaves all the way down to 3. Also can I put NCS slaves in the nursery?
>>4557 It's better to ignore realism, when it would remove content or otherwise limit gameplay. Otherwise, it will end like C:DDA.
>>4568 That's my stance on it. So long as no non-surgical means exists, that fills the niche.
>>4538 I added color to the end week ones and would like to know if they are working right. Should be, but feedback is always welcome. As for the health description, that needs to be entirely reworked. Not even going to try and salvage that.
Playing with a build compiled this afternoon, still feels like health/exhaustion needs to be turned down a notch... I've had a bunch of slaves suddenly just end up on the verge of death without warning, and some cheap gloryhole fodder I bought off the flesh heap couldn't survive more than a week outside the clinic after months of rest. Fuckdoll suits are also fucked, since they aren't allowed to rest or go into resting facilities. Alternately, this save could just be fucked somehow.
>>4572 Still working on it.
I pushed tweaks to tiredness gain. Should be much more lenient since living conditions are considered after assignment now.
Will pregnant slaves' babies be taken to the nursery if I keep cheatmode on (I dont like how it makes me choose events) or is the content still too beta fucked to work? Otherwise it just errors me and the babies disappear into the void.
RA doesn't seem to auto apply Breast Distributors by only setting breasts to 0 anymore (it's been months). Is there any other way to reduce breasts without putting them on redistributors via RA?
>>4578 Diet and exercise? Also .boobs 0 likes to cause problems, so most things now try to aim for 100. I'm not quite sure what you are asking or if there may be a problem with the RA lurking. The RA brings breasts down to targets other than 0?
>>4576 Too beta fucked to work. Hell, I'd go as far as calling it in alpha still.
>>4580 I would personally go one step further, calling both it and the farmyard still pre-alpha.
$universalRulesRest does not seem to be used anywhere. Is it actually functioning? Also, there should be new rules universal rest rules for illness/condition/health/tired now?
I haven't been able to update my Pregmod version for a long while. I suppose saves from mod version 1.4.x, build 1037 are simply incapable of being run, since even backwards compatibility didn't manage to do anything.
>>4592 >Trying to update from 1.4.x >When current version is 3.2.1 Honestly, I would surprised if BC could actually work that far.
Still getting ludicrous exhaustion and death on my slaves. I really don't get what would be the purpose of this system even if it worked. "I want to overwork my slaves to death and lose plenty of money" doesn't seem like something a successful slave owner would do with any regularity. Getting dicked a lot while living in a sanitary, climate controlled environment with basic health care doesn't seem like something that should really kill anyone. Not only that, but hard labor camps that considered the death of their prisoners a bonus weren't this effective!
>>4594 From reading the thread, I feel like it's intended to punish people who just buy a shitload of random slaves, stick them in an arcade or a dairy and forget about them. Ideally you won't even see it if you aren't going degradtionist. But yeah it's busted as fuck right now.
Open file (688.24 KB 868x1228 77624579_p5.jpg)
Haven't played in like a year, is tattoo fetishism still glued to body mod FS? I don't like making my slaves into plastic bimbos with piercings everywhere but I love tats. Where them Fine Arts societies at?
>>4598 I am pretty sure shitty performance and selling them off individually once you start getting millions from special forces is enough of punishment for that strategy >>4599 Speaking of which, does body mod FS boost appeal of my surgically engineered catgirls for domestic ownership or do they just get malus in body purity FS without equivalent in body mod one?
>>4600 The Special Forces mod is OP as fuck and renders literally everything else you do before it moot as well.
Got hard drives to manage today before setting to work, but will be more in the pipe for tiredness balancing. >>4587 Still being worked on, it seems. >>4592 >>4593 As long as it isn't less than releaseID 1000, it should manage to update you. >>4594 What >>4598 says is pretty close. It also will punish for bad living conditions and overloading slaves. >>4601 I don't consider SF when balancing things for a reason.
>>4603 Given that the generic "health" variable has been effectively replaced by "health.shortDamage" and "health.longDamage", is there any way to restore long term damage, or is it actually 100% permanent?
>>4604 Currently looks permanent, which is something I don't agree with. There will be some way to undo it in the future, but it won't be cheap or easy.
>>4603 >>4604 Another thing I've noticed in the latest build: tired slaves can't be put in the spa and injured slaves can't be put in the clinic. Might be looking for the old variable.
>>4606 That is an oversight. Good catch.
Open file (188.77 KB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
>>4607 Bug after end of week report
>>4609 Get a fresh copy. It should be fixed.
The list setup.highHeels in setupVars doesn't include "pumps", leading to tendon shortened slaves being unable to walk with them when checked by canWalk(), even though they are stated to be able to walk in slave description (which doesn't check for setup.Highheels, but only if the slave isn't wearing flats/no shoes).
>>4616 Will review it in the morning. canWalk() shouldn't be checking that as that container is more for the bimbo scorer to tell if she is wearing high heels.
>>4605 Hooray more reason for my character to become a medical doctor besides the three nuggets I make at the start and the degraded hostage from the rival event!
Could we get an option to do a vasectomy when enslaving someone? I'd think it would go well with gelding and genital removal.
How much content is tied to male slaves? Because them being considered females is pretty retarded and I am not sure it's worth the content they add
Open file (384.01 KB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
>>4610 Cheers. Also, it appears that I can't send this guy who is about half dead and dead tired to either the clinic or the spa.
>>4627 Also also, I think hitting end week after applying BC might be setting my GSP back about 10 or so.
I recognize that you are really busy PM, but could you consider a way to signal when a slave is nearing death by old age, or is that meant to be completely random?
>>4630 Old age seems like it's handled by long term damage; as slaves age they naturally accumulate permanent damage with every birthday, increasing as the years go on, which causes their overall health cap to decrease. Death is inevitable at a certain point. Not something to really worry about unless you have a lot of octogenarian sex slaves, but to each their own.
>>4626 Stuffing dicks in the asses of >girls is pretty much the OG FC experience.
>>4622 That's not a bad idea actually. Increasing effectiveness of some sort of treatment based off your skill. >>4624 Will add it to the list. >>4627 Should be more allowing now. I need to observe the spa requirements to make sure unbroken slaves aren't suddenly let in. Would need to add content to the spa for that. >>4628 I would like a save for that. >>4630 Far too random, or rather was. I think I can use .health.longDamage now. Would need to look into that more because it had like a 60 year range depending on factors.
>>4626 I want to get fucked by my slaves dicks, theres a policy to encourage it but i don't think its possible.
>Would need to add content to the spa for that. I am desperately curious as to how one would force someone to relax in a spa. Actually, it might make more sense to create a sedative or muscle relaxant that just causes a slave at rest to get more of their energy back at the cost of decreased devotion/trust changes, or something. >I would like a save for that. It is attached. >Far too random, or rather was. I think I can use .health.longDamage now. Would need to look into that more because it had like a 60 year range depending on factors. Thanks, I would greatly appreciate that.
>>4638 Bottom of the page in the slave's fucktoy menu, or right below that, you weirdo.
>>4642 Thank you. As for the spa, it would be more of them becoming complacent when being given such a luxury.
>>4643 how did i never notice that after all of my searching? i never used the fucktoy menu, thank you.
I think surgeries need a lot of tweaking with the new health system. I've been messing around with the cheat editor to see the effects on short term damage and I noticed that personal skill now no longer factors into how much damage a slave takes. There's also some ridiculous numbers showing up, like slaves getting a whopping 20 damage from a simple breast lift.
What is the custom rule assistant perimeters to only apply to slaves that have the perverted quirk; if there is one that is.
>>4651 Reported it for balancing.
>>4657 Thanks, also given the importance of short term damage now and the effects it can have on health over the long run, could it be possible to see it on a slave inspection summary or something? Just so people don't absentmindedly go nuts on surgeries when a slave has already been injured or something. Seems like something that would be readily apparent on inspection.
>>4648 I just tried raising my prosperity with the cheatmode and it zeroed, and won't go above zero if I try clicking it again. Not sure if that helps or not.
>>4658 Will be. Health feedback needs to be rewritten. >>4660 Sounds like a different issue. Don't think I can easily rollback either, but will try.
>>4660 Another dev here, noted I'll look into it when possible. Also Pregmoder I have yet another idea for how to render the archeology layout.
>>4660 I reverted the offending merge. It does too little to be worth the problems it brings. >>4663 Look into the two reverted merges for salvaging if you do.
>>2401 I'll lock the thread tomorrow, someone make a new one.
>>4666 Making new threads is hard though
>>4666 In addion to the other responses, I say it is worth testing what the true maxium post limit is seeing as the board option seems to be broken. >>4671 I would say not really when there is a template list as the very first link, however I can clearly renember the "hassele" of attempting to find five images that suited the theme.
>>4674 I guess I'll take care of the new thread.
>>4675 New thread is up, with only a minor error: >>4676
Can you link the new thread please?
>>4679 NEW THREAD: >>4767
Yeah, I was asking for a link because I don't know how to use this site. How do I get to the NEW THREAD
lurk more
>>4680 Fuck, it's >>4676. Just open the link in a new tab anon.
Oh, thank you.

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