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Open file (54.74 KB 640x713 hitler brown house.jpg)
Rules / Moderation / Request / Meta Blackshirt 08/28/2019 (Wed) 22:34:09 ID: b3b0b3 No.1
WELCOME TO /FASCIST/, PLEASE READ RULES BEFORE POSTING Our bunkers: https://fatpeople.lol/fascist/index.html (primary) https://neinchan.com/fascist/catalog.html Welcome to the new location of /fascist/ on JulayWorld! /fascist/ is a board for discussion of fascism in its various manifestations and, in a more general sense, third-position ideology (e.g. Strasserism, etc) and positions that fall outside of the /pol/ - /leftypol/ dichotomy. Though this board is centered around the discussion of fascist movements, leaders and ideology, everybody is permitted to post here regardless of political beliefs, as long as they debate in good faith. Non-fascists and opposing beliefs of all kinds are welcome as long as they respect the rules of this board! This thread will also serve as a thread for requests to moderation, banners and general bitching BOARD RULES 1. Global rules apply 2. No spam, no flooding, serial double- / triple-posting in the same thread within a short period of time will result in a short ban 3. No fedposting* 4. No avatarfagging without reason 5. No pornography (non-sexualized nudity permitted) 6. Gore should be spoiled and relevant to the topic if posted 7. No self-advertising outside of specifically designated threads. No Disc.ord shilling, period. 8. Threads with basic questions not conductive to discussion should go in the QTDDTOT >>9 9. Literature requests should go in the proper thread >>5 10. Meta content should be posted here >>1 *fedposting is encouraging anons to "take action" in a way that reads like a federal agent is posting it, e.g. "Hey kid, you wanna bomb a federal building?" Some archives of the old board: https://web.archive.org/web/*/8ch.net/fascist/ ---------------------------------------------------------------- In-depth overview for newfags / those interested: WHAT TYPE OF CONTENT WE WANT Here on /fascist/ we want high quality on-topic discussion and threads. Current events generally should go in the stickied current events thread. If a major news event occurs (e.g. war breaks out, major terrorist attack, migrant crisis 2.0, another 9/11-tier event), go ahead and make a full thread. WE ARE NOT A NEWS BOARD, generally speaking. We don’t care about what Trump did today or muh Republicans and Democrats. That should go to wherever /pol/ is right now. LOW-EFFORT THREADS ARE DISCOURAGED This means we don’t want here on /fascist/ shit-tier threads which do not foster any interesting discussion or contribute anything of worth. This style of thread will in most cases be anchored or outright deleted. Examples of this type of thread: >what do fascists think of X Y Z >can gays / blacks / trannies / Jews be fascist? LOW-EFFORT POSTS ARE DISCOURAGED Self-explanatory. THINK BEFORE YOU POST, make your post count. Don’t just another poster a kike / shill / christcuck / LARPagan, etc. If they are making an actual argument, attempt to respond. That doesn’t mean no bantz allowed, it just means add some effort in along with it occasionally. IS FUN ALLOWED HERE?? Of course, but the main objective of this board is to foster actual discussion about fascism, third positionism and related ideologies, movements and literature. NO SPAMMING OR SELF-ADVERTISING Do not attempt to shill your YouTube channel or any other similar platforms where you may have a presence – no one cares. These shilling attempts will result in a several week-long ban if posted outside of their proper containment thread. Spamming, depending on its severity, will also result in a ban. Things that I consider spamming are bumping multiple threads within the span of a few minutes (especially old threads) with shitty posts or attempting to flood the board with threads. Di.scord shilling will result in a permaban when posters do not have any substantial posting-history. Otherwise the link will likely just be removed or a short ban handed out.
Edited last time by FashBO on 01/17/2020 (Fri) 11:02:03.
Testing again. Can't figure out how to label myself as BO here so I guess I'll tripfag in the meantime.
Open file (56.44 KB 800x800 1560716588471.jpg)
Damn it feels good to see you again, /fascist/.
Open file (38.48 KB 424x605 Fallen comrade.jpg)
We're not gonna let ZOG keep us down that easily. Welcome back, anon. If you know any places where /fascist/ users congregate lemme know and I can get the word out.
Sorry comrade, I don't know any other places where the rest of users could be. I found my way here after finding a Smugloli link in Meguca then I got here through the webring.
I did what I could.
I hope /fascist/ is able to re-group and restore itself.
Greetings from /monarchy/.
I have Integralist pics, if you want them
Feels good to be back. I’m the anon that always posted in the anti-tech thread btw.
Welcome back, F.R.E.N.s
I lost like 90% of my board resources so as anyone who has looked around for even a few minutes has seen, we're missing lots of flags, banners and other images. These will slowly be recreated over the coming days. I'm gonna recreate a shit-ton tonight here in a bit.
Do you mean the guy that I talked back and forth with for like two months? Because I was genuinely sad to have that cut off so abruptly. I'll have to make a new anti-tech thread here in a bit.
Hello /monarchy/ friend.
Always welcome here.
Edited last time by FashBO on 08/30/2019 (Fri) 20:30:04.
Yeah that was me, 8chan got shutdown when I was trying to respond to you. Too bad that thread didn’t get archived.
I'm glad that you were able to find your way here. I hope 8chan comes back one day, but I'm not going to get my hopes up. A few weeks ago people were posting a link that lead to a read-only version of 8chan but now I can't remember the link. If we found that we'd be able to bring over a lot of the resources and archive good threads. Luckily rebuilding is turning out to be quicker than I thought. I already got a good deal of the flags remade and am making some banners now. Glad to see you around, anon. I gotta make that thread here in a minute.
Nice swastika censorship, BO. I chuckled
Open file (15.03 KB 741x209 634574357.png)
I'm seeing it
Open file (291.05 KB 500x493 brain loading.gif)
Never mind I'm retarded
It happens to the best of us, anon.
Me too, thanks for creating this bunker. Someone posted a link to her in in a dataminer server. I heard 8chan will be back after the owner talks with Congress, but i have a feeling 8chan won’t be the same if it even does come back. I have some banners, but idk which ones you’re missing.
>I heard 8chan will be back after the owner talks with Congress, but i have a feeling 8chan won’t be the same if it even does come back.
If / when it comes back online I’ll be pretty wary to use it honestly. There’s a much bigger chance by then that it will be a total honeypot. Way too many eyes are on that place now both here in the US and everywhere else because of the shootings.
>I have some banners, but idk which ones you’re missing.
Dump them all if you can, I had like three or four saved on my computer and lost all the rest.
You could try informing the owner of the chans txti where users are now:

>If / when it comes back online I’ll be pretty wary to use it honestly. There’s a much bigger chance by then that it will be a total honeypot. Way too many eyes are on that place now both here in the US and everywhere else because of the shootings.
I was honestly thinking the same thing, and I think it’d be best if we completely migrated here. If 8chan does come back post a link somewhere on the old board to here, and get all of the stuff you’re missing and bring it over here.
>Dump them all if you can, I had like three or four saved on my computer and lost all the rest.
I don’t think I can because I’m a phone poster, I tried last night but it wouldn’t let me for some reason. Hopefully I can get my computer working soon, and my laptop is completely fucked so I can’t post from there either.
>If 8chan does come back post a link somewhere on the old board to here, and get all of the stuff you’re missing and bring it over here.
That's a good idea. So far this site is pretty good. I have to learn how to customize it more though and test out all of the features. The only thing I don't like is that this site is nearly impossible to use on mobile, which sucks since I posted like 75% of the time on my phone on the old board.
>I don’t think I can because I’m a phone poster, I tried last night but it wouldn’t let me for some reason
No problem, I'm able to remake all the ones that aren't the artsy ones that one anon made anyway. I just found a bunch of archives of the 8chan board so I might be able to rip some useful stuff from it. For example, here's the anti-tech thread
Edited last time by FashBO on 08/31/2019 (Sat) 20:04:46.
I think this site is a good alternative to 8chan.
>The only thing I don't like is that this site is nearly impossible to use on mobile, which sucks since I posted like 75% of the time on my phone on the old board.
Yeah, that’s the only problem I see with this site. I can’t even post images using a phone which sucks because I’m broke and don’t have a working computer at the moment, but once I have access to a computer I’ll upload the banners I have if you still need them.
So anybody knows where those caps from Nyheter come from? I've searched for them but only get untranslated scandi news.
Open file (1.13 MB 3029x888 1565642175179.jpg)
Open file (99.15 KB 731x371 ClipboardImage.png)
Here's the video they're taken from and some information on the woman, at the very least. If there is a longer version of this that I'm not aware of that might explain why the shot of the beta versus chad hasn't been found.

Off-topic but I just found the other day an article I wanted to talk about where a Jew mentioned 8chan /fascist/ in an article of his following the Gilroy shooting, posting a screencap of a thread that got zero replies and was a (1) post by this ID thread.
I'm convinced that most of the people who recommend the book 'Might Is Right' have never actually read it. The book advocates individualistic hedonism and selfishness, and is completely opposed to nationalsocialism and fascism.
>The book advocates individualistic hedonism and selfishness, and is completely opposed to nationalsocialism and fascism.
That’s basically the impression I got when I tried to read it a few months ago from only reading the first couple parts. The title makes it sound cooler than it really is. There needs to be a similar book that reflects fascist virtues without all of the purple prose, anti-religion and morality stuff. I adhere more to “might MAKES right” rather than IS, which basically makes the Jews and globohomo out to be the true victors who deserve everything they’ve got. I have a similar view of it as I do the Satanism shit that edgelords like to try to reconcile with National Socialism, while in reality they are completely opposed in terms of worldview
Castizo shitposter is back, but he is having issues w/ posting.
Issues with posting? What type of issues? I know that this site can be kind of wonky depending on what he’s posting on. If there’s anything that needs fixed on my end I can try to help.
8chan is becoming 8kun.net in the future according to the twitter.
I can’t wait to see it back up. I’m a bit upset that I’ll probably have to remake our board though – though it will be nicer to tap into the larger community again. I don’t plan to touch that site without Tor but so long as it isn’t a total honeypot JulayWorld would probably best remain as solely a bunker.
I've come to appreciate the new start after this second exodus. I hope it shakes up board culture a bit and renews everything.
I’ve enjoyed it to. It’s been slow, but comfy overall. I think the best thing about being hidden away here is that it filtered out nearly every low quality poster
Good site for discussion and so on but not so much for spreading information to blue-pilled folk.
Hopefully 8kun will have some quality threads and memes.
I doubt I'll go to 8kun. I'm already used to being a nomad and I'm pretty sure even more feds are gonna be posting there than ever before when it comes up.
I'm realizing that image boards are no longer useful to me. The userbase has stagnated and become too paranoid and hyper sensitive for any sort of fun or creativity to be left. Image boards have become the wojak/pepe meme in website form.

I can't think of anything image boards now offer me I can't get better else where or have no need to chase any longer. I don't need to be "red pilled" and I already have my opinions firmly set. I ant quality content that's interesting or insightful to read and that we simply don't create any more.

Where have you been nomading?
I totally feel you when it comes to what you said on imageboards. I'm indebted to them to an extent for "waking me up" and making me look into topics I never would have considered otherwise, but once you take what you need from them and are given the push you need they become very repetitive and a time-waster. I'm almost glad 8chan died because I've been using these sites less and less. Luckily /fascist/ has always dodged most of the cancer and I think it spreads a good message with good discussion so I'll probably be operating /fascist/ in some form or another for the immediately foreseeable future
I think Reddit and Facebook sent up camp up stream from image boards. If I'm a warhammer nerd and I can post on 4chan, 8chan, reddit, youtube or Facebook which am I going to pick? The last 3 can earn me a wage through patreon if I'm good enough and image boards can get me black listed from communities.

All the oldfags who made quality work could go else where. All the people who enjoyed green text could get it from Reddit screencaps, which lead to less people creating green text stories.
bloobla sucks nigger dicks and kohlchan mostly. I'll probably settle in kohlchan for a while but still visit Julay and the sites connected to it frequently. I refuse to go to 4chan outside of looking for diamonds in the rough.
>bloobla sucks nigger dicks
>bloobla sucks nigger dicks
What is that a word filter for? The only one I have here is for Dis.cord
What comes up when we say Dis.cord?
It is supposed to filter to “dataminer”

dataminer dis.cord
Discord Dis.cord

Edit: I guess it’s case sensitive. I’ll fix it later
Edited last time by FashBO on 10/29/2019 (Tue) 11:06:53.
Did /pol/ find their way to this board? Some of the recent posts sound like /pol/tards thinking they're in good company.
Besides the anime thread it’s not too much different here than usual honestly. I did notice though that we’ve been a lot more active recently, I don’t know if the anime thread is making this board gain more attention since we almost always have a recent post on the front page because of it or if somehow people are finding their way back here. Of course the boards-list is flexible but suddenly we’re the second most active board on JulayWorld.
I made the anti-anime thread because I wanted to discuss it with people. I've been wandering the webring for a few weeks and not posting much any where. /fascist/ on 8ch was always a high quality board which had good discussions on it not just meme spewing shitflinging and screaming Goon/Shill/glownigger at everything. It made sense to me to post the thread here where we could discuss how foreign influences could be managed in todays fascists as well as any fascist states we end up living in in the future.

A hot topic thread and going up the board rankings will draw more people in.
It’s definitely a relevant topic and the type of thread that I like to see around here. Better to have some actual contention on issues than circle-jerking over the same stuff constantly together. It’s clearly an important issue for our online circles if it got ~110 posts in less than a week.

So by all means if you have any other good issues drop a thread in the catalog
Open file (19.44 KB 16x11 sanatana dharma.png)
A new flag has been added for those who post about Sanatana Dharma occasionally (Hinduism). It's a saffron-colored flag with an Aum symbol on it.
Could we force anon the board? It looks like our recent guests are looking to namefag.
the board owner himself posts with the board owner flag in threads so I figured it was generally acceptable
Tripfags are never welcome. Being BO is different to being a tripfag.

Go back to your trannychan and stop wasting posts on this board.
Lol don’t use my conduct as an excuse, my IP changes when I’m on the move during the day so I use it more than I would normally have to reply to posts like this or when I feel it’s necessary to weigh in as something as owner of this board. Typically I don’t just strut around and post with it on (though sometimes I leave it on by mistake), if I post with my tag on all of the time people will respond differently to my posts than they otherwise would have. 95% of my posts on here are untagged.

Tripfagging for no reason is pretty gay
Looking at /v/ the guy shitting up the board is trying to shit up all of julay. He's copying threads from there and posting them on 4chan's /vp/.

I suspect it's either some cunty woman or an actual tranny. All the attempts to shame people screams feminist retard.
Thanks for the information, anon. On one hand it sucks that all of Julay is being subjected to this shit, but on the other I’m glad we’re not being exclusively targetted. Since it’s a Torfag there’s not much I can do unfortunately, though I’ve posted a bit in /meta/ to see if anything can be done with problems like this in the future. I’m kinda using the Born Again Fascist thread as a containment for that stuff right now and am avoiding poking the hive too much so it doesn’t spill into the QTDDTOT again, where I previously deleted three or four of his posts.

I am considering word-filtering certain terms like incel to “chad” and other common phrases that fag uses but I’m gonna hold back on that for the time being.
Edited last time by FashBO on 11/21/2019 (Thu) 03:36:52.
have you tried saging and calling them a fag
Sup Florina Laufeyson.
His trip was ##niggersarentreal
Self doxed >>>/liberty/806
Dunno why HHHPinochet renamed his trip.
Always good to see tripfags getting BTFO
ffs, can you niggers come and pickup your tripfag? He is literally spamming our board now, and be more careful about advertising this place on cuckchan, you're not the only board on the webring.
>your tripfag?
This fag isn’t ours, believe me I already banned him here before he switched over to Tor. I’ve seen him on /cow/, /liberty/ and here, he’s shitting up everything
Edited last time by FashBO on 11/22/2019 (Fri) 12:07:48.
I suspect he's the same guy posting here to bring attention to himself on that board. His posts have an obvious tell BO.
Hey BO, I've been hearing some stuff about /fascist/ wanting to raid other boards because Tor is enabled. Can you comment on this?
Scroll up a bit in this thread to see complaints about this place being raided by Torfags and off-siters and read the /meta/ thread on someone complaining (I’m active in this thread as well) about the raids: >>>/meta/1460. I think someone is trying to stir up shit since some people from /liberty/ seem to have thought this as well apparently. It wouldn’t surprise me if it was a group of Dis.cord trannies
Edited last time by FashBO on 11/23/2019 (Sat) 14:41:16.
Hey caz here
Nein is literally a honeypot and I can prove it
BO get on your account in the dataminer and go to " totally tos friendly channel and scroll up until you get to the infographs. Also I've just now been able to access Julay on Tor idk if I was previously range banned or something.
Also since there's no Falange flag I'm just going to be rocking the board tan lol.
Just post the info here if you have it, it would be more handy for everyone, especially since other anons have expressed interest in seeing what evidence exists if any. Like I said in the Neinchan Slate article thread though, consider Fatpeople the primary location. Another anon said he is going to make some webms.

I don't have the dataminer anymore either, I deactivated it after using it for like a half an hour that one time.
>Also since there's no Falange flag I'm just going to be rocking the board tan lol.
Whoops, sorry about that. I lost almost all of the flags when I moved over here except
Edited last time by FashBO on 12/01/2019 (Sun) 17:20:29.
I don't think we've had a discussion on where the user base wants to go now. Options have opened up so it's probably worth having.

The board can't survive on a bunker forever and there's now a big dam preventing new traffic from replacing our loses. What's the plan to keep the board healthy and not another irrelevant board full of tripfags and no one else 5 years later (see : Lainchan).
>What's the plan to keep the board healthy and not another irrelevant board full of tripfags and no one else 5 years later (see : Lainchan).
I was kinda hoping that this place would become a full-fledged place and not just seen as a bunker. I wouldn't mind having this be the home of /fascist/ into the foreseeable future if it works out. If 8kun gets huge though I might grab up the board there if anyone will even want to use it. We'll have to see what happens and see if this site doesn't keep shitting itself every day or two. To be completely honest I don't really have any long-term plans for this board except for trying to keep quality good and maintain board culture from newfags. If you have any ideas I'd be happy to hear them.
Edited last time by FashBO on 12/02/2019 (Mon) 02:06:39.
After seeing Robi in the theme update thread I'm inclined to say we move. He's acting like a metokur fag posting shitty memes about e-celebs. Europoors are at risk for posting on boards like this and I have no interest in being party vanned because the site admins an idiot.

This is my last post on Julay.
>Europoors are at risk for posting on boards like this and I have no interest in being party vanned because the site admins an idiot.

europoor here, what do you mean?
>After seeing Robi in the theme update thread I'm inclined to say we move.
I thought he was acting kinda gay as well. I know that this site was tied up in /cow/shit since the beginning though since I’m not too surprised. Honestly though I don’t really care as long as I can run my board in peace. What are your concerns for Europoors though?
Edited last time by FashBO on 12/02/2019 (Mon) 14:27:17.
Let's have the migration discussion.
>can make a deidicated /fascist/ board

Here's our options
Not fully back. Allegedly comped, but will have a large userbase from other boards (for better or worse)

Stay here. Deal with all the problems.

>Another alt-chan
Existing bunkers:
fatpeople.lol - small
neinchan - degenerate site owner

8channel.net - crawling with pedophiles
16chan.xyz (would need to request from site owner)

>Dedicated site
Someone could setup a new lynx site. Most effort but best in some ways.

Here's a poll: https://poal.me/o5q10r
When he's responding to things like this >>>/meta/1754 it's to be expected. Robi had been up for days dealing with multiple attacks on the site at that point which are still on-going. As for the new CSS/templates: The default GUI for Lynxchan had been causing problems for many anons since this place opened. It broke the ability to navigate with a keyboard. It required javascript be enabled just to do basic things like posting in a lot of cases. It chewed through batteries on mobile devices and laptops. The things that aren't working well are getting fixed quickly. You can't expect everything to work as it should with a major overhaul to the theme/templates when it's first pushed to the public. You can only catch so much in private testing. You have to depend on anons using a variety of browsers and devices to report bugs so you can fix them.

Generally, if you approach robi nice he'll give you nice responses. If you call him a faggot and give no good feedback he'll shitpost because those anons aren't being helpful. He's not going to act professional in those cases because it's an imageboard and fun posting should be expected from time to time. He's said multiple times he doesn't care if you call him a faggot because it keeps him in line. I do know he's been dealing with a lot related to Julay these last few days. The place was running fine for months and suddenly started getting attacked as soon as a lot of people popped up all over the webring attempting to get anons to go back to 8kun (which is more broken than any site within the webring at the moment and stinks of being a total honeypot).

Also, with the damage control I'm seeing related to Neinchan getting posted here constantly I'd be weary of moving there. If you do move go to one of the sites in the webring. Making your own imageboard and joining the webring would be the best option though. Just don't be surprised if you end up dealing with the same issues other sites in it are currently dealing with. I would suggest not using Lynxchan at all and opting for other software given how broken it is and with the maintainer refusing to fix the exploit that was used to take down Julay a few days ago.

Also, I personally don't trust Neinchan due to what's in the Alt-chan leaks. Julay was attacked at least twice for exposing that. The thread is "a bunch of shitposting" because that's a common tactic used by one of the sites that was involved with it to bury any discussion about them. Since the Neinchan admin is friendly with such people (who are also on friendly terms with the Cripple now) I don't trust him by default. If you can listen to the leaks you really should. Even without the associations to other imageboards he comes off as at best totally retarded. For example, there is a part where he claims some random guy on the internet approached him about funding Neinchan with drug money. When everyone in the voice chat told him this sounded retarded and was probably a Fed he defended the guy because he'd "seen the pictures and thinks he's totally legit". There are many other things he said in those leaks that I've forgotten now. I'm pretty sure most anons aren't aware of these things mainly because
>it's so many hours of audio
>no one has been able to muddle through it to make a summary
>the ones that were involved in the Alt-chan federation shit the thread they're posted in up pretty well.
I'd always considered Neinchan a honeypot because it was shilled so much on 8/pol/, reddit, and cuckchan. It also used (still uses?) google captcha which is really retarded and means google knows about every person that posts on it. I'd browse is with caution. After hearing the Alt-chan leaks I'm now of the opinion that the admin is just a retarded stoner/drug users that is seeking to become the Moot of /pol/. Either way I will continue to refuse to go there as I have for many years. I'm sure there are good anons posting on it and I wish they were more aware of all the things I've mentioned above.
Edited last time by UNIVAC on 12/02/2019 (Mon) 18:31:55.
I would avoid:
As well due to the association with the Alt-chan leaks. I would also avoid 8kun because it seems like it's broken by design at the moment and because we still haven't gotten transcripts of what was said when Jim met with the Feds.

I've said this multiple times but /cow/ doesn't have any direct influence on how the site is run. robi is a professional developer and anything broken right now will get fixed. The admins only have so much free time between their other obligations in life. I do know Dark themes should be ported over later today and multiple fixes in the global CSS/templates will be finalized over the course of the next two days but things are mostly working again now. Once that's done you can make a custom theme again without worries of everything breaking. Also, since so much was changed you should ctrl+F5 to make sure you're running the latest version of the CSS. I think a lot of complaints are related to anons not knowing to do that.

At least we have an admin that fixes things here unlike a lot of other boards where they either don't know how or don't care to spend the time. Let's not forget many things on 8chan were broken for years despite Codemonkey being around all of the time. Given what I've seen with the 8kun relaunch I don't think Ron is very good at webdev.

Anyway; If you need help setting up your own imageboard and joining the webring let us know. We'll help you like we've said we'd help other anons they never take us up on the offer. Guess it's a good time to mention that I am the co-admin here. When you said you thought you were in good hands I was the one you were quoting. I typically don't use my capcode when posting on this board because I don't like being an attention whore.

If you can BO join #julayworld on Rizon IRC. You can always speak to the admins directly there when you have concerns. If any anons want to do so they're more than welcomed to join as well. I would also suggest joining the cytube from time to time. It plays a variety of content related to multiple boards here. If any anon from this board would like to stream on our server where you can say and do anything without fear of getting banned for it contact the admins for a streamkey. You can find the cytube here although I think one of the /cow/ anons is using it right now: https://cytu.be/r/Guntstream
Edited last time by UNIVAC on 12/02/2019 (Mon) 18:29:36.
>with the damage control I'm seeing related to Neinchan getting posted here
It doesn’t read like damage control to me. People want to see the hard evidence and so far no one has provided any specifics except for some mention to go look at /cow/. Most of this reads like gay drama tbh. Both 16chan and Neinchan’s /pol/ boards are perfectly usable. I’m not too concerned since personally I automatically assume everything is a honeypot.
I can understand this but the bulk of the content is in the MEGA. It's hours of content but you should really go through it if you find the time. I don't want to make a summary myself because I'd need to re-listen to it and I just don't have the time right now. The thread itself is mostly shitposting because the people exposed in the leaks shit the thread up and I think /cow/ has a policy of not deleting posts (I do know anons can't delete their own).

I don't use Neinchan because of the things I mentioned above mostly. It was shilled on 8/pol/ all of the time at one point and it just looked shady even before I heard the leaks. The only reason I said damage control is I know the leaks are censored on Neinchan itself and there has been multiple anons saying they've listened to them and there is nothing in them when I know that is not the case. I prefer not to get involved with board drama but I've made an exception in this case because I used /pol/ for a long time before it became totally over run with low effort posting and was placed in the hands of a horrible BO on 8/pol/ who went on mass banning sprees which caused a lot of VPNs to get banned. You couldn't even use tor on it after awhile because it would just lead to multiple replies calling you a torpedo attempting to bait other anons into filtering all posters using tor.

>I automatically assume everything is a honeypot.
Every anon should. Even though I trust this place since I help run it I don't browse it with my real IP. We don't keep server logs here but you can't trust anything on the internet now. Even if the site owner is trustworthy the entire internet is monitored so the Feds can always tie your posts back to your real identity. Uncle Ted was right
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BO fix your quick reply box so it fits with the rest of the CSS.
Also, clicking on numbers turn them black, and highlighted posts have the "No." before the numbers black as well if I'm going to be complaining
I’ll work on fixing those sometime tomorrow for sure. The black numbers in particular are annoying. I’ve noticed the same happens for (you)s. I have no idea why that happened. And yeah, I’ll fix the quick reply box as well.

I had a black sun floating along on the side of the page too that looked good but it suddenly became massive so I had to remove it. I’m not great with CSS
While Julay was having connection diffulties I opened a new thread but there seems to be two of it.
Please delete the double.
No problem, it happens. Done.
This board seems to have the most scholarly outlook and appears to be mostly frequented by three digit IQ, well-read people (the three of them that is). How do we bring in more fascist/NS/3rd position gentlemen without attracting the dim-witted, shitposters, shills and redditors? There are many quality anons out there who are separated by various bunkers.
>How do we bring in more fascist/NS/3rd position gentlemen without attracting the dim-witted, shitposters, shills and redditors? There are many quality anons out there who are separated by various bunkers.
Sometimes I like to very casually namedrop this place when someone complains about bad quality posts and / or board-culture somewhere or when someone laments that there are not many good boards for serious discussion, I’ll also mention /fascist/. The best thing to do is subtle, under-the-radar advertising and spreading the word when it’s good to do so without simultaneously bringing in some much filth that it’s hard to control. More and more people on Nein/pol/ and 16/pol/ are becoming aware of this place (regardless of one things of the Altchan Federation the /pol/s themselves are of okayish quality). The ones who like the atmosphere of /fascist/ will hang around, the lower IQ will likely tire quickly and leave.
Hello, I've just discovered julay and this board; it is optimistic see committed users making decent posts and emphasizing actual conversation.

I see some are looking to grow this place and find other viable options for quality posting, so I would like to suggest this for mutual benefit:

Over at xchan, our /db8/ (debate) board is nascent, but growing. It has been established and moderated to facilitate thoughtful discussion and eliminate the worst elements of /pol/.

If any would like to stop by and make the /fascist/ presence known by starting a thread or contributing their perspective to a variety of subjects, you are fully welcome to. Feel free to drop a link to this board and introduce /fascist/ to xchan, if you'd like.

Thanks for reading this and I hope we can build a bridge for each other.
Do any of you remember a board called /leuchter/? I remember it being another pdf/book archive. Do you think its possible to recover whatever they had from there?
>>2577 stop trying to advertise your board. Is it on the webring? Then maybe its worth a look >removal of the worst part of /pol/ That sounds dubious, what topics do you snuff out? What kind of culture? Are you trying to sterilize normal imageboard discussion/banter/arguing, or just moderating derailing of therads? At least put more detail in your ad
>>2857 How big of a board was it? I remember the name but can't recall if I ever browsed it. Unfortunately it looks like archive.org never saved anything from it: https://web.archive.org/web/*/http://8ch.net/leuchter/ and from a few searches I can't seem to find anything either.
>>2858 No topics are off limits, everyone is free to discuss anything. Derailing of threads by petty and unproductive spats will not tolerated. If your posts are of low quality and primarily consist of one-liners and insults, you will be banned. If you start a topic, put enough into it to generate sustained discussion at a stimulating level. The general idea is to facilitate and focus on quality discourse in a mature environment.
>>2859 I remember it being an archive board, so there probably wasnt a lot of activity. As for size? I wouldn't know.
can we get the Pol Pot flag back?
>>2990 Sure, I’ll have it up some time tomorrow.
>>2990 As requested, your flag has been added. It's under the name "Khmer Rouge". Enjoy
Took me long enough to find this place
>>3198 I'm glad you've found your way back, anon. I know we lost a big chunk of our userbase in the switch over to Julay, but I was very reluctant to spread the word of its existence in order to keep this board comfy. How were you able to find us again?
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Open file (70.02 KB 515x600 image.jpg)
>>3202 Went to 8kun, found the monarchist board, there it said that most of their userbase moved to a place called « julay » , search for it and found the board again. >tl;dr: I lurked Also, /r/ing the synarchist flag
>>3204 Flag added. There are still a lot missing from the move over. At one point I had deleted the locally stored files since I had just only gotten control again on 8chan in May or April. Anyway, hope to see you around, anon.
>>3206 Thanks, that was fast
|||| ||||<) |||| |||| ||||
>>3204 >most of their userbase >userbase about three guys at most :o(
Open file (228.96 KB 659x371 s3-SAMURAI-TRILOGY.jpg)
Attention /fascist/ owner and members, I am the board mod of /db8/ at xchan and I am inviting you to come discuss and debate your ideals on neutral grounds against /pol/, /leftypol/ and all others. I will start a thread for you, pin it and provide a link to this board. The purpose of this is to bring differing communities together for meaningful dialogue without disrupting the home board's homogeneity, whilst promoting the visibility of the participants. I can make a pinned /fascist/ vs /pol/ thread and/or a pinned /fascist/ vs /leftypol/ thread. Please respond if interested, thanks. https://xchan.wtf/db8/index.html
>>3391 >xchan Won't visit it sorry, it was part of the alt-chan leaks and I don't trust any site associated with those people. >>>/cow/9838 Proof Neinchan admin is a globalvol/admin on xchan. These are logs of them deleting any mention/discussion of the alt-chan leaks on xchan. (pic related) >>>/cow/7550 xchan admin is "aceofdiamonds" in pic related 1 and 2. This is proof she participated in shilling campaigns on cuckchan and attempting to take other imageboards down that weren't inside their federation of boards. If you listen to the audio files in the thread I've linked you'll find hours of voice audio recordings where she discusses this stuff at length with the admins of 16chan (who works for the MSM), Neinchan (talks about too many retarded things to list like paying for his site with weed money), Freech (nanotech underaged tranny that posts/hosts CP and spends his time being a script kiddie), and the owner of Space_chan and Bunkerchan. Those leaks are really worth listening to and I wish someone would do a proper summary. Every anon needs to hear them. Use whatever site you want but you should be aware of this stuff if you're going to use xchan and the others I listed. Since you're the BO I would suggest moving to another imageboard. It's easy/cheap to host your own and have the peace of mind it brings along with it. With the webring it'll be easy for anons to find. I like open debate but I won't post on xchan, sorry anon
>>3392 >xchan admin is "aceofdiamonds" in pic related 1 and 2. Forgot to upload them so here you go.
>>3392 >>3393 Thank you for your forthright reply, I became aware of some of these things after I created the board. I don't associate with those outside of immediate relevance and am not interested in trying to move around looking for ideal conditions. Whilst I don't condone these incidents, I am not going to abandon the anons who have committed their time and effort to the growing stability of the board. I am intent on improving the condition of the site and will work to subvert and discourage any questionable actions for the health of all imageboards.
>>3397 >improving the condition of the site Listen to the leaks, I'm afraid you can't. I am serious when I say you should consider moving. If you don't want to go through the trouble of hosting the board yourself try anon.cafe or any other site in the webring. Be warned, if you attempt to migrate you should expect to quickly be censored/banned by your current host. The admin here has a script for importing boards from other sites. I think he'll do that for you upon request.
>>3398 >>3393 >>3392 Hey, I don't expect much love or support on julay world. I also don't care much for the drma. I'm the admin of xchan and my board owner brought these posts to my attention. Yes, I absolutely have a mod named nein on my site. I would like to mention that the admin of neinchan is not affiliated with xchan and does not mod for my site. My mod, Nein, is someone I've known for 9 years, and we both speak a small amount of german, so it is a play on words between us. The fact that showme/neinchan guy has a similar name is a coincidence. I only met the neinchan owner during the ACF dataminer meeting, and hadn't met him or associated with him previously. I also am not currently associated with him now. Feel free to ask neinchan guy if you'd like to double check this. I hope this clears the username mixup up.
>>3427 >feel free to ask the other liar about this >t. Liar
>>3431 I've got no reason to lie about this.
>>3432 Show tits.
>>3456 Is that a femanon? If so, timestamped tits or banhammer for polluting this thread with autism
Edited last time by FashBO on 01/10/2020 (Fri) 23:54:22.
>>3458 Yes the owner of xchan is a dumb thot. >>3432 The fact that you came here to run damage control tells me all I need to know. Why do you keep coming back and pushing your lurk? You're lucky no one with the autism has gone through the leaks and made clips of you being retarded.
>>3432 off yourself, lying conniving trash
What's this about seeing aryan tits?
>>3549 Someone was shilling Xchan here and after the person who first mentioned it was made aware of some issues with it the site's femanon admin came in here running damage control. Naturally, tits were requested. Dumb whores deserve no respect.
>>3550 >R-running amok like that without showing tits Rude!
ace of diamonds, you'd be better off admitting to your shenanigans; you can't expect to trick experienced anons. also, tits would be welcome.
>>3564 >tits would be welcome. *mandatory I can't imagine anything much more pathetic than having your website namedropped, having underlings report to you and then coming in yourself to shit up some completely unrelated community's meta thread.
ATTENTION KUFFAR, /FASCIST/ IS NOW A SHARIA ZONE. PLEASE LEAVE IF YOU ARE >an unveiled woman >homosexual >a fornicator or adulterer >a drinker of alcohol >a consumer of pornography >an atheist >Jewish هناك مسلمون آريون في هذا الموقع
>>3714 wat do if i'm a drunk unveiled transexual woman who's a porn star, my mom is jewish but i don't believe in religion. can i become muslim ?
This is spillover from a board war elsewhere. I am sorry it got brought here that wasnt my intention. This faggot has spammed cp for days and knows he just tried to dox a good white man from a different board which is why I am even here. Im am leaving though, this isnt your problem to deal with. .
The amount of faggotry in this thread is huge. BO, please.
>>3765 I was thinking that last night but just looking at the thread for the first time today I have the same thoughts. I might nuke the whole convo so don’t be surprised if twenty plus posts disappear here in a little bit. There, that should stop it . If it continues I’ll probably just delete the post on sight
Edited last time by FashBO on 01/18/2020 (Sat) 16:22:31.
>>3778 Thank you. I believe that we share common standards as to what should we be allowed and what should not. And this is what kept the board alive.
>>3714 go back to (((/islam/))) goatfucker
>>3924 That post fit better in context when there was a whore plastering her tits all over this thread
>>3925 Nice tits
>>3925 Why did you save it and repost it again here? >>3932 Agreed
looks like /leftypol/ is doing our work for us https://bunkerchan.xyz/leftypol/res/236057.html#236880
Open file (26.58 KB 889x203 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (21.72 KB 896x150 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (12.46 KB 458x112 ClipboardImage.png)
>>4168 I love watching them tear themselves apart over "muh idpol". Even beyond that post you pointed out there's some pretty funny stuff that I've said myself in the past (don't have sex if you don't want a baby"). PEOPLE NEED MORE GIBS I'm gonna go stir the pot tbh
Open file (104.26 KB 950x950 EKcV-akWoAEkQFU.jpg)
>>4170 >Comparing birth control to food and housing >kids as a wine aunt at 35 something is cool >way bigger risk of infertility and something wrong with child >wholesome being 53+ when your kid is 18. >this is okay this is fun yeah right lmfao
Open file (379.67 KB 1410x1438 laughingsealthing.jpg)
>>4168 >/leftypol/ still exists Every time I see that board, I just laugh out loud. Imagine your board originating from being BTFO and generally feeling butthurt at /pol/ posts.
is current Bo the same as the old /fascist/ Bo?
>>4420 Yes
>>4423 Hi. Hope you got my email! Glad to see that /fascist/ is back!
>>4427 I just went and read it. I’m always glad to see old users like you find your way here again one way or another. They’ve been coming in slow, but steady.
Hey BO, did you manage to delete that post from /leftypol/? The image they posted looked "illegal".
>>4455 Yeah that was definitely CP. I took care of it. Sorry if it was left up for a bit I wasn’t looking at the board.
>>4456 Will i get in trouble for simply looking at it? Also I didn't get a good look at the image but the girl in it seem distressed. Was she being held against her will? I would suggest contacting the authorities but it's not like any of them give a damn. when I say "looked at it" I mean I just saw the thumb nail
>>4459 >Will i get in trouble for simply looking at it? No, you’re fine. I just global reported it and banned the poster. Honestly the authorities have probably seen that pic before because I’m pretty sure I’ve seen someone post that once on Cuckchan ‘s /b/ back in the day. Must be “babby’s first CP” or something. Maybe clear your cache on your browser honestly. Hopefully it’s only a one time thing
I also hit global report as soon as I saw it. maybe I should've filed a regular report as well to bring it to BOs attention? I know they did it out of spite, but if they want to convince people that they're the 'right side of history' and fash=bad, posting cp like degenerate scum is not the way to do it.
>>4477 They cannot win the ideological battle as their positions are devoid of Reason so their only chance to have their way is to act like total kikes and try to eliminate anyone opposing them with underhanded tactics, emotional manipulation, subversion and sabotage/subterfuge. Which is not surprising, considering that their movement was almost entirely devised by Jews. Very feminine in nature.
>>4477 Global reporting is probably best. I was asleep when it was posted and wasn’t able to delete until I woke up. If I was awake I would’ve deleted it sooner since I’m always here. >>4478 Well said.
"TOR users are not allowed to post files." Is this because of the CP posted? I can't post on files on other boards either.
>>4478 yes, I've observed this too. their marxist-derived ideology is weak, so they have to resort to censorship, de-platforming, false-flagging, and those other subversive tactics you mentioned. they serve Falsehood, and this permeates their actions.
>>4491 In spite of all the talk about equality, oppression, etc., their only motive is power over other people, fueled solely by their inferiority complexes caused by them being utterly failed and broken people. SJW ideologies are just a front for sophists to attempt to sabotage and destroy superior people (logically, as candalas/inferiors by nature could never overpower them by means of quality). You don't need to be a Jew to have Jewish mentality, it's highly contagious. In contrast, the "oppressive" fascists/nat-soc people just want to build a certain type of society and are ready for self-sacrifice to achieve it. Any decent society needs certain standards and their enforcement, otherwise you end up like Liberia. Our standards are objectively far better than theirs. The opposition between the scoundrel and hero archetypes, feminine and masculine.
>>3204 Beautiful picture.
>>4493 >In spite of all the talk about equality, oppression, etc., their only motive is power over other people, fueled solely by their inferiority complexes caused by them being utterly failed and broken people. SJW ideologies are just a front for sophists to attempt to sabotage and destroy superior people (logically, as candalas/inferiors by nature could never overpower them by means of quality). You don't need to be a Jew to have Jewish mentality, it's highly contagious. of course they want power. their reliance on censorship, subversion, and lies reveals this plainly. reading Kaczynski's manifesto taught me many things. he describes the modern Left as people who have an innate sense of inferiority, who lash out at the successful, strong, and good out of jealousy and spite, and identify with those who they see as inferior i.e. minorities. that was a prescient insight into the workings of the SJW mentality. and yes, they're being used as pawns by vested interests.
>>1901 /cow/ is epic
Happy Valentine's day /fascist/! How are you expressing the love of your people, children, culture, race or anything else that is important to you in your life?
Can someone make an eco fascism thread? I don't know much about it except for this guy Linkola. But I can't post images or vids anyways since I'm on Tor, so the OP would be horrible. I would really like to know more about Eco fascism.
Open file (1.50 MB 1404x1080 pentti linkola.png)
>>4939 Check out this thread for stuff on tech-critical views, ecofascism and general deep ecology: >>31. Pentti Linkola is pretty much the ecofascist, so he's definitely worth looking into. If you want a super quick run-down, check out some of these links: http://www.penttilinkola.com/pentti_linkola/ecofascism/ https://www.bitchute.com/video/l1CqMC6iaaOH/ https://www.bitchute.com/video/pDs7qsNz3L89/ And then there's of course his book Can Life Prevail. It's pretty short. A lot of it is just talking about trees, wildlife in Finland and criticizes technology and how destructive democracy and human rights are. The part where he lays out his plan for society is in the last part. I'd say that Savitri Devi could be called an Ecofascist as well. I've been reading The Lightning and the Sun and The Impeachment of Man. She's more mystical and argues throughout for vegetarianism though so that might not be up your alley, still The Impeachment of Man is a great book. Also, Tor does allow images and video again.
Looks like /n/ is open for business now
Open file (16.82 KB 277x277 159929204821001.jpg)
I just solved a captcha, What in the World is going on!?
>>4980 It’s nothing that I’ve done. The only reason you’d ever have to solve a captcha here on /fascist/ would be if more than three or four threads had been posted in an hour. I’ve noticed I’ve been getting periodic captchas on other boards as well, it must be some sort of new thing site-wide. I’ll double check settings here though.
>>4982 Kek I actually got a captcha myself
>>4983 Some retard was spamming /cow/ and /meta/ from a bunch of proxies, this was the most effective way of stopping it.
>>4983 Robi activated site wide captcha after spam of 1750 post under 5min by dolphin nigger aka luke.
>>4986 >>4985 Ah, that makes sense. I’m sure it won’t last long, just like how the ban of image-posting for Tor only lasted like a week

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