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Open file (41.11 KB 600x395 Untitled-12-2.jpg)
Welcome to the /doomer/ bunker Anonymous Board owner 10/02/2019 (Wed) 01:30:26 No.4 [Reply]
Feel free to carry on the 8ch /doomer/ spirit on this board. I'm new to BO/moderating, so bear with the lack of niceties while I get this shit going.

Use this thread for general board questions/complaints/thoughts. I'll be getting another thread out for board banners/CSS shit to make this as close to comfy as possible, but don't hold your breath on it.

Life is pain, faggots.
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No problemo.

I'm shit with CSS/HTML, so if you guys ever have a request, let me know. This goes for banners and shit too, I'll throw whatever up there. Max filesize on banners is 500kb, stick to 300x100px.

It'd be cool to get flags back, as an auto-function. Right now I can throw a shit ton up, but I'd have to individually rename a bunch of flag image files. Flags, from initial testing, have to be manually selected per-post. Small price to pay for now I guess if you dudes want it.
>It'd be cool to get flags back

I guess that setting worked.
i hope somebody remebers me, the burger traveling in ecuador/peru. traveling just made me lose even more hope for humanity but ill travel again some time soon because coke and hookers are cheap.
>traveling just made me lose even more hope for humanity
Come on now, just as bad as coming here. Go to Japan, Bhutan or some Baltic country.
What happened that you are saying that?

Open file (498.16 KB 300x100 unastunna.gif)
Board Banners / Aesthetics Thread doomer Board owner 12/12/2019 (Thu) 21:36:46 No.116 [Reply]
Let's get some OC board banners. Banners need to be less than 500kb.

If you guys have any requests to make the board more comfy, let me know.

Philosophy thread? doomer 12/01/2019 (Sun) 18:36:35 No. 101 [Reply]
I really like a lot of the videos by this guy, he brings up some good points that make me rethink things sometimes

>That first vid

No Schopenhauer? I'd think his ideas would be fairly aligned to the doomer/blackpill...
>second vid about the new Joker movie
I remember we used to have doomer media thread, we should bring it back...
That would be great, i've been meaning to watch taxi driver after hearing the concept between the two was similar
taxi driver was much better. joker was good for capeshit but it ws still capeshit.

Open file (541.35 KB 1334x750 okabe fucked up.png)
Anonymous 10/02/2019 (Wed) 00:28:39 No.1 [Reply]
How have you been holding up lately, /doomer/?
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Well I’m back on /doomer/ after nearly a half year.
what brought you back?
Tried to get better, was doing better. Found out after getting kicked out of uni for low grades I had to wait another year to apply for any uni even though I was sure I would get into a new one for a different degree. So I got scared of working another shitty labour job for another year, so I booked a flight to Europe for 6 months and figured I could live off my money from my summer job, if I lived cheaply. But now that I’m here I’ve run out of steam, I don’t talk to people again, I have poor social skills so I can’t meet people. And I just do the same stuff in every city everyday. I don’t mind being alone so much but at least at home I could stay in my room and distract myself. Here I have none of those comforts and am constantly around people which I usually need a break from. But I don’t have that here and I just want to sit in my room at 2 am playing vidya and drinking.
Every time life seems to get slightly better, shit just keep pooping up...I'm so tired
I finished uni and got worthless degree, trying to get NEETbux and staying at my parents house in the meantime.

You will never fully leave
Living with your parents is tough, on the one hand they probably don’t charge much for rent or any at all, but on the other hand you have to deal with them all the time and feel obligated to help around the house. I’ve only lived on my own for 8 months in my first year in uni and even with shitty roommates it was much better than living at home, even though my dad is pretty cool with most things. I hope you can get NEETbux, my country only gives NEETbux to the disabled or for a few months after you get laid off from work (not if you quit).

Open file (11.18 KB 480x360 gg.jpg)
Doomer Music Thread doomer 10/05/2019 (Sat) 20:15:30 No.19 [Reply]
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After Dark by MR. Kitty
I just cant stop listening to it, its good expressive lyrics and the melody is soothing in a waltzy way i guess
Wearing Beige On A Grey Day -Crywank


Long Roads, No Turns - Daughters


Hospice - Antlers

Iron Chic - Ruinous Calamity

End of the World Music doomer 11/07/2019 (Thu) 16:54:23 No.47 [Reply]
I know there's already a music thread, but I wanted something more specific

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I just wanna end it peacefully..
Nice, I like this one

These are great, notably Napalm Sticks to Kids though not exactly fit end of the world theme...
Meme tier, but still good

EoE-Komm Susser Tod


no cookies?