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JewTube Rational Skeptics Thread #9 - The Final Edition Anonymous 08/05/2019 (Mon) 07:06:12 No. 2

Alternate names include
Jewtube™ Rationalist™ Skeptic™ Thread™ #∞
Internet Bloodsports Megathread

We've had about a gajillion "Jewtube Skeptic Thread #9" threads at this point that all appear and disappear at the speed of light and nobody really gives a shit about delicately archiving the posts in them or anything, and they're beginning to clutter up the board pretty bad, so this is a compromise everyone can be happy with for the time being.

Discuss all things "Internet Bloodsports" that don't necessitate their own thread here. Krautgate, skeptic drama, all the shit that fall under that umbrella.

Get your raincoats on, kids! Because we're about to see some guts go flying! This thread will be cycled.

Links, Information and Lore:
Full Timeline
http://archive.is/dM1kQ (Backup from April 2nd 2018)
Archived Threads:
http://archive.is/MtOiZ (Backup from April 2nd 2018)
Open file (15.96 KB 480x236 1574599433679.jpg)
Oh China is the next Enron but on a country scale. It will be fantastic to watch that shitshow. It's an open secret that China lies out the ass about their economic stability.
It's going to be real fascinating when that bubble bursts bickers there is defiantly allot of countries that is going to feel that burst.

But when it burst is another subject, and I bet that allot of advanced economics classes is going to take the China model onto what and what not to do.
tfw you can terrify cocks creators with the phrase "I am 12 and what is this?"
All that tells me is that advisers are utter brainlets and just furthers cements my conviction that everyone with an MBA is an absolute moron.
Open file (34.00 KB 440x400 business.jpg)
Open file (1.20 MB 1325x5901 chinese_business.jpg)
That's certainly something I've noticed over the last decade. I think the most obvious example that I can use is the infamous cap related.
To me, what didn't stand out to me wasn't the chink practices (it's a fucking given), but the Civil Laws regarding international businesses (start of Example 4). It's a point I've seen pop up time and again throughout these Chinese horror stories, but one I don't think gets nearly enough focus or attention.
Imagine, for one second, that ~20% (on an extremely low end estimate from what I've heard) of an entire secotr are single deal businesses which will only every make one fraudulent deal before they close up shop. From a numbers perspective, that seems fucking amazing - hundreds or even thousands of companies making hundreds of thousands in a given sector in their first quarter, all startups from the dirt up, all with flawless legal standings (bickers its useless to sue them), all with these brilliant golden entrepreneurs. From a numbers perspective, this is fucking amazing - liquid gold even. But from a reality perspective, this is just economic styrofoam; taking up a lot of julay and ultimately preventing anything else from working around it. Add to that other similar lack of trade laws (such as the Chinese's infamous tendency to straight up steal copyrights and make their own identical knockoff brand in the factory next door) and it's a wonder how they've survived this long on cheap labor alone.
If this is indeed the case for the multiple industries that I've seen it mentioned in, then it's highly likely that a sizable portion of Chinese 'growth' is not just non-exsistant, but detrimental to its' international trade in the sector as a whole.

Add to that the Chinese pushing their commie shit into their trading cities more and more, and I'm very convinced that the paper tiger is going to collapse in the nearby future. One thing is for certain, is that if Drumpfmanbad spearheads onward with a full on trade war, China is definitely going to have to play a mean fucking game of bluff, since their debt bonds they've bought up from the rest of the world won't mean shit.
You're basically right on the money there. I'm glad you too have that screencap bickers it's china101. Even entry level shit like "SexyCyborg Wu" are open about how trade deals operate in China; if you're not native you're fucked. I've talked with her on twatter about china and deals and it's just as you expect, if you're not a native there is a massive chance you will fuck up and lose alll your money.
I'm australian so I view China as a bit of a bigger threat than most things but on average the country can't afford to piss people off bickers 90% of the place is a shithole and their neighbours fucking hate them. China is a paper tiger through and through.
Chinese growth is an illusion and it's quite thin but the reason onto why the illusion is created is bickers of Chinese consumerism.
It is when these so-called big consumers are revealed to be the top percent like high middle class to high class then the illusionist carpet will go down.
The Chinese problem is bigger than what people give them credit since they are the biggest manufacture of illicit narcotics and it's shipped everywhere.
Open file (413.16 KB 330x213 Smug Anime Girl 24.gif)
>the biggest manufacture of illicit narcotics and it's shipped everywhere.
Imagine what an embargo on everything leaving china will do. They can't even threaten military action. They can have all the missile installations in the world and it still won't do them any good, since most of the terrain is mountains and rice fields.
What I can't believe is how the situation was allowed to reach the clusterfuck it currently is. Marketting brainlets salivating over the mythical chink consumer is at fault here.
>That Gonzalo guy
TORfags: not even once.
>i am a schizo with a very recognizable unsubtle posting style
>but i will change ips for every post bickers i am a snowflake thirsting for a dopamine rush
Take your meds.
Good memes will never die.
It would be a huge step but one kinda has to remember that China has allot of leeway in several different governments only bickers of manufacturing and slave labor. What these brainlets don't understand is that China don't give shit about the rest of the world as-long as they are getting hard currency.

The mythical chink was created bickers the marketing people heard of the rising of GDP and opening of the market as-long it's approved by the Chinese government.
>Sodom and Gomorrah can't be about more than one thing
Open file (8.46 KB 1401x47 ClipboardImage.png)
>/cow/ lower than /abdl/ in pph
Shameful, disgraceful, sad.
Open file (53.79 KB 591x389 ClipboardImage.png)
>we know by now that unmolested children WERE THE MINORITY
What the fuck, kraut?
He is saying Irish priest formed rape gangs Rotherham-style to rape kiddos on an unpreceded scale. While ignoring the rapes of nonwhite immigrants.
Honestly Kraut just show the fucking DM's. I think that might be the only way to get back at Don Sargone and his grifter legion.
Open file (32.81 KB 613x144 All hope is lost.jpg)
>I think that might be the only way to get back at Don Sargone and his grifter legion.
Impossible. He slighted the Soyfather on twitter without knowing it was him.
Trout will never grift again
Open file (17.71 KB 621x310 ClipboardImage.png)
What does Kraut mean by this? Is he saying that CRP tried to become a politician and failed?
Open file (422.22 KB 727x511 krautandtears_7.png)
Open file (238.69 KB 455x803 c1.png)
Open file (206.06 KB 412x1012 c2.png)
Open file (458.42 KB 577x760 c3.png)
Open file (77.26 KB 580x439 c4.png)
<Obsessed about IDs
<Doesn't contribute to thread
<Low pph
Take your meds.
Gunt plushie when
For weeks you have been posting /v/eddit shit here instead of its proper thread.
>obsessed about ids
Keep reaching.
You have to remember he is autistic he probably thinks that all priests are childmolesters which mean a country that is majorly catholic must have a majority of kids being molested.
Not taking into the account that molestation cases that where in the catholic churches was a minority that preyed on poor and low self esteem kids which are usually the victims of pedophilia or predators in general.
He should've worded it better but he is saying that Coach is not successful bickers he is in Ukraine and on jewtube.
Which is kinda ironic since Kraut is on Jewtube doing the same thing.
Open file (365.49 KB 840x1497 NyanRalph19.jpeg)
Open file (253.62 KB 76x76 649105059623337985.gif)
Open file (130.38 KB 409x837 c1.png)
Open file (299.05 KB 567x850 CdXZr1h.jpg)
Open file (40.51 KB 480x420 a089c0646f51e30b.jpeg)
Don't you know gaymers make the best lolcows?
Contribute something!
I know the point he's trying to make, but the way he worded it turned it into a statement that Coach is a failed politician who tried to use his YouTube fame for political success.
>Why are you so racist? Your own people can rape you, but not foreigners?
>t. Nicksperg or equally retarded equivalent
>contribute something
I'd say bantering with the retard is sufficient contribution.
Contribute something that someone cares about, or at least do it in the huge thread of inane shit you made that I can no longer find.
I also have the same problem from time to time when reading kraut.
So I had to use my Kraut translation tool to figure out what he meant with that statement which would normally state as you implied.
Open file (740.76 KB 1280x1810 Coffee.png)
>Which is kinda ironic since Kraut is on Jewtube doing the same thing.
But you have to remember, Trout is in Germanistan and is planing to move to Canadastan, where he will sip his coffee like all the academics do, staring out the window with a cigarette in hand, two nipple clamps on his nipples and a swollen nutsack, pondering the historical mystery of how a bunch of steppe nomads descended from the frozen tundra and formed the ottoman empire, as his drainage pipes overflows with used cooking oil.
Don't feel pepe, feel padoru!
What do you care about? Nick Fuentes?
Want me drive up to his home and shake his hand?
Open file (13.23 KB 400x300 frasier_freud.jpg)
Could Kraut's hatred of CRP be a form of transference? His need for his mother's attention was twisted into a jewish desire for her to spank and dominate him sexually, and he resents his father for getting in the way of that oedipal relationship. This antagonism towards his father is then projected onto CRP, a stern older man who scolded Kraut for perceived inadequacies.
>Don't you know gaymers make the best lolcows?
Confirmed for never reading the OP.
Open file (130.39 KB 400x233 Smoking.gif)
>he's a goddamn glow nig
<0 ads blocked
<0 trackers blocked
If he's a CIA narc he's downright terrible one. I bet the lazy pikey is not even selling metadata to marketing conglomerates.
That is just his fantasy that he will get a honorary PHD from doing jewtube.
His mother thing is probably sexual his hatred for coach is probably bickers his father was probably more job focused than family focused.
I apologize for not living in the cUcK. I can't make videos with a webdev now making more money kraut.
60 years from now we'll really know the truth, after eventual declassification. Light me another🥂
>I apologize for living in the cUcK and not knowing wtf I'm talking about.
Open file (104.63 KB 1280x720 maxres.jpg)
Thank you for correcting me.
Who's your next Jewtuber?
>your next Jewtuber
Read the title of the cyclical.
Open file (31.71 KB 349x349 sargon bowlcut plan.jpg)
Story of Sodom and Gomorrah is about degeneracy, you literal NIGGER.
Open file (84.44 KB 598x380 krautwon.png)
/cow/ lost
Time to use a different ID for each post to inflate the UIDs I guess. Two can play at this game.
There is only one, the individual, you collectivist.
Open file (1.90 MB 720x1280 nyan without cosplay.mp4)
Dead thread nyan wins
Open file (667.29 KB 773x1391 NyanRalph23.jpeg)
Open file (184.58 KB 1200x630 shareimg.jpg)
Open file (71.51 KB 640x283 colette-golden-calf.jpg)
The golden calf is about degeneracy infidel scum.
Open file (610.64 KB 720x1280 nyans big butt.mp4)
stop being a fag dude
is the movie good?
Open file (262.59 KB 750x750 NyanRalph26.jpg)
Stop posting that dude in a wig NyanNigger
Stop it, you are a faggot if you cannot see a female body bickers of the repressed faggot in you.
That is not my fault but your own, faggot.
>30 years later sequel
>stephen king
What do you think?
The joke is that guys who like Nyan are faggots.
Open file (585.08 KB 602x960 nyanRalph_gun.png)
Quite NyanNigger, take a deep breath, no need to get mad that your a MEGAFAGGOT that can't help project his faggotry onto others.
Just bickers you have latent homosexual desires does not mean everyone else has it faggot
Open file (171.82 KB 937x1680 NyanRalph15.jpg)
I was only talking about you, stop with your projection you absolute brainlet mooncricket.
It is you whom is projecting, why else would you photoshop jcaesar187 into every kind of female?
Open file (191.38 KB 940x1618 NyanRalph16.jpg)
Originally it was to piss off the Gunt but you seemed so bothered by it i kept making more just for you :^)
that is the excuse, faggot.
I as an individual and several other individuals on here know for a fact that you are a faggot and probably pay to suck some Alabama black snake or do horrible things to your anus
Open file (399.53 KB 842x1500 NyanRalph21.jpeg)
See there you go again you can't help yourself. Are you autistic?
Says the guy that just photoshoped nyan
Open file (776.90 KB 1280x1256 lewd_pony_nyanRalph_2d.png)
nyanjcaesar187 is just a humble meme
but I have to admit that the nyancaesar187 is a fucking ebin maymay
That webm is a new one, isn't it?
Open file (3.07 MB 720x1280 download.mp4)
No it's old but this is a new one
you and your faggot excuses
Open file (266.83 KB 945x1680 NyanRalph27.jpg)
cry moar faggot
You are still a faggot!
So please stop drinking negro semen you fucking faggot.
Open file (181.21 KB 944x1680 NyanRalph14.jpg)
What kind of rat bastard psychotic are you?
Open file (400.07 KB 602x960 nyanRalph_blue-2.png)
I am Editor and Chief of Nyanjcaesar187.com
Open file (62.00 KB 1080x607 D6xvtaEW4AAz53T.jpeg)
So when are the gays getting a room together and making out?
Whenever your dad starts returning phone calls.
Open file (168.83 KB 945x1680 NyanRalph17.jpg)
Open file (1.35 MB 540x960 IMG_3995.webm)
A sophisticated nyan enthusiast can learn to cope with things like seeing their dead grandmother crawling up their leg with a knife in her teeth.
But no one should be asked to handle this nyanjcaesar187 faggotry by this crazed faggot.
Open file (31.01 KB 593x250 Untitled.png)
Et.han Ra.lph, owner and editor-in-chief of The Ral.ph Retort dot com, allegedly just took a big shit in a Walmart
I don't think he had the balls to shit in a public place. If I recall, people shitting in walmart is a meme in cuck/int/.
Open file (304.81 KB 400x847 kiss-the-gunt.jpg)
Hello gunt, how is your parasite also known as jcaesar187 holding up?
Here, calling him up for me: 917 902 4102 cell
212 722 1177 home M-Friday
914 234-9712 home/weekends
Open file (232.04 KB 945x1680 NyanRalph28.jpg)
>Chinks are slaves to the state, they are not allowed to value anything. Many try to migrate to free themselves, which is why you see many defectors.
God you are one stupid motherfucker. Chinese don't give a fuck about Liberalism, they come to the west for the economic opportunities but they stay loyal to China, regularly you hear of Chinese spy rings.
Bloodsports might be back on the menu.

Had the same thought actually.

I concur with this anon. Fuck TORfags and fuck the wannabe Nicksperg that keeps switching ids to post retarded shit.
Open file (46.21 KB 619x385 striker 1.png)
Open file (54.10 KB 616x476 striker 2.png)
FFS I fucked up.
Open file (135.13 KB 720x960 coompaw.jpg)
The coomer stuff really bothered Styx and he's been sperging about people wanting to ban porn on twitter.
Yeah, he wants to debate E Michael Jones about it. I hope it gets him banned for platforming hate speech.
>The coomer stuff really bothered Styx and he's been sperging about people wanting to ban porn on twitter.
That's something the redditor/venti would have agreed with. Makes me wonder why (s)he hated him so much.
Open file (2.75 MB 2160x3840 SMC christmas v6.png)
on the third day of smcmas
>coomer stuff really bothered Styx
Open file (82.47 KB 599x495 coom.jpg)
Only a coomer would be bothered with the coomer maymay.
Styx is probably a fellow brother of the appreciation of the art of bodily sensation and watching kino of real female girls.
How long does it take you to render these?
an hour or more usually at 4k
i dont know exactly cos i normally just leave them to do overnight to make sure they finish
Open file (130.74 KB 1430x960 Veeh_cooooming.jpg)
Can you batch script them in MikuMikuDance with pre selected poses?
Open file (120.24 KB 1050x1312 RalphaBelle18.jpg)
no i wont do that, i mentioned in the chat the other day i have zero experience with mmd and honestly not super interested in taking the time to learn

the farthest id go would be provide a .blend or fbx/obj for someone who already knows what they are doing for mmd. if they knew what they were doing
Open file (1.54 MB 831x1042 7ng8y55vs7r31.png)
Can you guntify this one? Bonus points if you change the text to something appropriate like "i shouldnt' have punched that cop" or something.
Here we go again, you have some sick fantasies when it comes to jcaesar187, you gosh darn degenerate.
Open file (172.39 KB 831x1042 RalphaBelle19.jpg)
I tried that was kind of hard to get right, feeling to lazy to try and change the text.
Nick Fuentes is currently live on Lolisocks, an australian manchild who streams himself 24/7
Not a good optics of course in fact fam
Open file (281.35 KB 599x780 Rage.jpg)
>Bloodsports might be back on the menu
they been live together for like 8 hours based
Open file (81.14 KB 644x960 f9x65js.jpg)
So what are they doing? is it some homosex stuff or what?
Open file (817.22 KB 1280x720 loliboner.png)
Will Nick be the top or bottom?
This is extremely gay.
Open file (55.96 KB 295x300 coomagedon.jpg)
No fucking way, just no fucking way. How on earth did this guy think it was a good idea to have 2d girls poster all around and have a webcam on when he got a boner?
He has to be a coomer in the making that is transitioning to 3d.
You misspelled arousing
Open file (1.18 MB 800x1200 The_Coom.png)
The birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, my dick is throbbing, what a beautiful day for cooming. Good morning Alix Lynx, I've been awake for 20 whole seconds and I haven't coomed yet. It's time to hope on my porn throne and machine gun jackhammer my bloodshot death-grip bloodshot semi chub with my roided doomfist once again! (Types on keyboard). I-s...is that a Female Girl?? HMMGH*,* I-I MUST SNIFF, SNNNNNNNNIIIIIIIIIIIIFFFFFFFF** OH GOD (FAPFAPFAPFAP) FUCCKK, HUHGHU, SNIIFF, HUHGJGUHHGUGHU (SMASHES DESK) I-I-IM COOOMING!!!!! IM COOMING, IM COOMING IM COOOMING IM COOOOOMING COOOOOOOOOOM, COOOMING, FUCCKKK, AHHAFHHAHUHG, COOOOOM, AW FUCK ITS EVERYWHERE, COOOOOM, AWGAHUGHAHG. Aw fuck, aw fuck. oh jesus. ahhghhha, there you are, my slippery white goo to the world, my son, my son...Well, it's time to get breakfast...well a little coom first wouldn't hurt.
Open file (16.60 MB 1920x1080 lolisocks joker cringe.mp4)
His entire shtick is being a cringy retard who collects fleshlights. His pornhub video watched list is all 3dpd so I don't really buy the lolihentai act.
Open file (1.01 MB 1600x900 lolisocks.png)
Now this is optics.
Open file (58.46 KB 173x249 rapetime.png)
yeah, that is not normal behavior even for trying to make cringe cocks.
But if he collects fleshlights and pocketpussys in general he is a coomer, there is no question about it.
I'm in shock, utter shock >>>/meta/2043
Open file (195.39 KB 764x800 disgusting-pedophiles.jpg)
The Virgin IP Hopper
The Chad Bareback Poster
It should be on the frontpage in a few.
Homosexuality only spreads one way.
I'm just laughing extremely hard at Cole right now. To think instead of sucking up his sinch of pride, he would rather expose he's a pedophile and create a board in an obvious honeypot than beg Robi for >>>/nintendo/
My shock.
Open file (7.24 MB 640x360 coomer.mp4.mp4)
Gonna be playing the entire PPP stream in about half an hour right before the new impeachment hearings start.
Open file (39.16 KB 629x323 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (340.37 KB 349x340 ClipboardImage.png)
I see the horseshoe is strong with Kraut.
Open file (66.83 KB 750x747 light cig pp.jpg)
I thought I missed Krauts retardation but I was wrong.
Open file (43.13 KB 603x374 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (50.45 KB 613x543 kraut_shoot_kids.png)
>And I wouldn't even rape your kids!
Merely skin them alive then.
What about Judaism?
Take your meds schizo.
What is even classical Christian? is it those that got persecuted by Rome or after when Rome mixed with the Christians?
he claims he did but i didnt see any caps or webm of it
i think hes lying or trying to pull a major gayop
He has actually shown gunt once for a couple of frames by mistake.
But clearly we need to see some kind of intent of showing gunt, as there's already a strong precedent set by jcaesar187 that accidentally showing your gunt is not redemptive.
Open file (48.61 KB 463x463 1379215177390.jpg)
Like some other duder said, what about Judaism?
Based on the "wouldn't even rape" reference, I think Traut is trying to make some bigbrained allusion to "classical Liberalism".
Open file (10.56 KB 343x121 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (38.79 KB 541x353 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (86.85 KB 603x735 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (9.50 KB 356x81 ClipboardImage.png)
Kraut's admins.
Race isn't real.
Believing in race makes you racist.
I recognise black people as real, what do you think of them?
>race isn't real
>race isn't real
Open file (46.70 KB 447x589 Anime Slav 1.jpg)
>he thinks greko-roman laws and judeo-christian laws are different things
>doesn't know that dark age scholars had to present greko-roman as judeo-christian so they weren't burned at the stake
I think Traut is actively trying to recruit as many dumb internet communists as he can find, ACF-style.
Open file (66.03 KB 643x530 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (12.02 KB 648x92 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (63.75 KB 964x451 ClipboardImage.png)
>nations are holding us back
>nations aren't real
>we will create a post-national multi-nation utopia
>if people want to leave then we'll stop them by force.
>doesn't know that dark age scholars had to present greko-roman as judeo-christian
Pretty sure they didn't bickers judeo-christian is just some shit Americans came up with in the 20th century.
>nations are holding us back
>bet the fag thinks a nation is the land
>that LotGE avatar
is Trout getting 4d chessed here?
I doubt it. That guy's been in there forever and all of his opinions and beliefs are stunningly retarded.
It is just Christian not any Jewish laws. And those Greko-Roman laws got expanded upon with Christianity.
Open file (42.30 KB 583x511 ClipboardImage.png)
>isn't it amazing how many people complain about criminal fraud, and for the last two years we watched a substantial amount of youtube fall for such a fraud.
this is either
>it was criminal fraud for people to have believed that i did the things i did
>it is criminal fraud for people to watch CRP
Open file (1.90 MB 720x1280 nyan without cosplay.mp4)
Dead thread nyan wins
Open file (42.80 KB 480x435 trout.png)
Open file (32.87 KB 493x395 trout2.png)
Open file (2.48 MB 720x1280 6751893922412252422.webm)
Nyan wins: 999249
Nyanjcaesar187 wins: 0
What does he mean with the jig is up? CRP still has twice as many subs as him and a loyal contingent of incels who follow his lead.
Open file (2.63 MB 2625x4529 pepe_coach.png)
Open file (1.41 MB 640x360 coach das BS.mp4)
>saying that andy and jcaesar187 double teamed pineapple girl, and had tender ass-sex with each other is criminal fraud
Maybe it's bickers he blames a large part of his subloss on humiliation from CRP, and now he has those subs back.
Open file (123.74 KB 287x425 1555528333158.png)
Stop posting nyanjcaesar187, it makes me uncomfortable
Open file (794.45 KB 1125x1500 PattieRalph7.jpeg)
Would you prefer Pattiejcaesar187?
Yes it is
Nyan wins: 999250
Nyanjcaesar187 wins: 0
Open file (545.04 KB 640x640 nyanralph5.png)
Faking the win/loss ratio
Nyanjcaesar187 wins: 999251
Nyan wins: 0
Open file (297.83 KB 534x820 111.png)
Stop Posting That Boi in Drag
>what about trans kids
<oh yass my dude they're hella real
Open file (558.46 KB 640x640 answer_nyanralph.png)
Open file (289.04 KB 616x608 2D_NyanRalph.png)
What are you 5 years old or some kind of faggot?
are you implying that you are not being a faggot on the internet while making everyone look at your degenerate fetish of jcaesar187?
Open file (3.07 MB 576x1024 6735615122959535366.webm)
Is he still making gay porn of jcaesar187 too?
Open file (1.16 MB 1200x1200 hitormiss.png)
>avoiding the question
>projecting your faggotry onto others
Yep your a faggot
Open file (442.06 KB 842x1450 NyanRalph22.jpeg)
Open file (3.64 MB 992x870 dance_with_me.webm)
>implying you are not projecting your faggotry onto others
>implying you are not slurping semen in the buckets
>implying you are not a faggot that is using small amounts of fecal matter onto a fleshlight so you can get the buttsex smell
Open file (36.54 KB 464x231 Endless supply.jpg)
>still seething about being slighted
>still angry at everyone that his solid plan to dox his enemies into submission failed
Open file (332.52 KB 937x819 RalphaThot.jpeg)
You have quite the imagination there
LAWYER EXPLAINS Why Man Offering $500 to Kill ICE Agent is Innocent | Rekieta Law
Open file (610.64 KB 720x1280 nyans big butt.mp4)
you are quite the disturbing homosexual individual
dead thread thots win
Open file (46.94 KB 624x577 ClipboardImage.png)
Kraut's going to save liberalism on Youtube!
Open file (777.17 KB 640x360 JF_laughing_at_kraut.mp4)
How? With videos about pregnant trout and Aydin Paladin?
>traut saving liberalism
What's next, is he going to save laughing-at-retards videos from Jimmy?
yes i know its literally the 3th or 4th time it's been played on the guntstream but it's a dying beaners request
Open file (29.06 KB 585x345 ClipboardImage.png)
Kraut's gone complete grinch with christmas drawing nearer.
You should do a multiplayer STALKER gamenight. Just a few versus matches.
Open file (82.51 KB 1280x720 sargon won.jpg)
These guys like to paint Sargon as a grifter, but they all hopped on the anti-SJW train when it made shekels despite basically being SJWs themselves.
Sargon is retarded but he put his money where his mouth is and ran for office. All krautists do is erp on discord and plot autistic schemes like mincemeat.
Open file (106.54 KB 762x1002 tilly law.png)
>plot autistic schemes like mincemeat.

operation tilly law is up there on autistic maneuvers
He went farther with his grift bickers he has to feed his wife's children and his cocaine dealer.
>These guys like to paint Sargon as a grifter
It's all spite. Their tolerance for calling someone grifter is dependant to their perceived effort to return on investment. They work super hard and don't receive what they're due, so it can't apply to them don't you know :^)
It was more blatant during the trout arc bickers of all the e-celeb "investigators" acting as a human centipede up to kraut & the don himself.
Open file (4.01 MB 800x600 sargn mafia.webm)
>These guys like to paint Sargon as a grifter
I've noticed an increase in the past months of grifters calling other grifters "grifters". Fuentes has been doing it, Krautists have been doing it, etc.
that's what they do. they settle the internet culture and reap from it as best they can.
All of them lurk here. All you have to do is get a couple of anons just a word and they'll start using it themselves.
Open file (152.41 KB 442x330 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (3.00 MB 2160x3840 smc christmas v7.png)
merry morning lads
Yes I heard many of these dunces echo things I've read or written.
It looks better when she makes this face.
Keep her coming, my dude.
It's Christmas in Julay.
Open file (1.18 MB 800x1200 The_Coom.png)
Open file (211.67 KB 480x360 Coomer.webm)
Open file (46.35 KB 251x148 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (96.93 KB 1200x582 ELZXxraXkAA48wX.jpg)
Kraut has joined the Guntstream.
Open file (1.16 MB 2333x3152 krautbbc.jpg)
Open file (687.44 KB 1366x768 krautn-word.png)
Kraut here is your BBC and proof of N-Word pass.
Open file (51.37 KB 1300x481 deleted.png)
Looks like Trout deleted the tweet but don't worry buddy I archived it for you.
not as I thought then. though it reeks of cope.
Humiliation fetish.
What sassy OS are you using and background?
Also, hope you enjoy AM2R ver.1.4.3
You're still cute kraut, come talk to us!
Miscellaneous Monday and a Deeper Look at Chris Hook | Rekieta Law
this is the cocks I seek
Open file (1.06 MB 360x640 nyannyancosplay.mp4)
Dead Thread Nyan Wins
Open file (309.14 KB 380x608 masked_nyanRalph.png)
Oh yeah NyanNigger
Open file (1.07 MB 540x960 IMG_4026.webm)
Nyan always wins
Open file (131.93 KB 684x547 NyanRalph_blue.jpg)
Open file (28.82 KB 358x273 trout.png)
>PPP is convincing kraut to make a video on Jim
Open file (39.92 KB 600x482 played yourself.jpg)
Twisted Mind of Jcaesar187
>kraut's videos get anywhere from 20k to 300+k views
>mfw tens of thousands of people are about to discover the gunt
Open file (29.97 KB 376x256 coach.png)
Open file (48.00 KB 370x369 coach2.png)
Open file (43.57 KB 375x333 coach3.png)
Open file (27.09 KB 358x251 coach4.png)
Open file (74.99 KB 310x165 456-310x165.png)
>i didn't
Trout has no idea about the alogs in his doxcord
Open file (20.60 KB 253x350 1437659099677-1.jpg)
>how did you know I was working on a jcaesar187 video
<Hello internet
<It is I, the astute german academic of pure aryan descent
<You see this midget character on the screen right now
<this bloated, alcoholic, white trash drug addict?
<This is the manlet that ruined me 2 years ago
<here are the masterminds who foiled my plans
Open file (52.97 KB 611x464 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (81.48 KB 147x226 ClipboardImage.png)
The #Guntstream has better guests than the #Killstream, ladies and gentlemen.
Open file (27.27 KB 604x282 gab.PNG)
Gab disrespects the gunt
Open file (3.93 MB 866x1080 tasya.webm)
dead thread this is now a thot thread
Assuming 0 viewers jumps to 1, it's probably just going to be Vee anyway.
>56% mutt
That is obvious since veeh is a necrophiliac when it comes to his literal pocketpussy collection/dead cats.
>that viewership stab
ouch. Diabetics don't heal very well, you can't open up the gunt like that.
I never went to Mark's /v/
Is it people from there that are trying to turn julay/v/ into a safe julay by banning all their trigger words?
can someone edit jcaesar187 as Murray Franklin?
Yes they always ware mad at certain words.
>ruined me
More like destroyed his Dad's business, he claims, iirc.
Pic related.
Horseshoe theory confirmed.
Open file (852.79 KB 462x768 jessbutt.mp4)
Open file (55.96 KB 295x300 coomagedon.jpg)
Also huge Nintendo board in general say anything wrong about nintendo and you will be banned.
we will coom together, brother.
>make yourself a priority
Open file (24.48 KB 616x202 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (781.94 KB 1500x1125 happy_kraut.jpeg)
He stayed up until 9:30 am.
>play some Total War
I bet he plays garbage ones like Empire or newer.
Open file (442.73 KB 2560x1440 retardedphoenix.jpeg)
is he back bros?
He plays Total Warhammer. Something like a tousand hours into it if I recall.
Makes sense since that has a literal jew race.
He's hinting at a big leak tomorrow on his show about "an old enemy".
My money is on Cog or someone equally irrelevant.
Oy vey anti skavenite
If it was JF he would be shouting it from the rooftops so he actually gets more then 200 viewers next show. It's someone nobody gives a shit about anymore, maybe IMC.
HypeBreak is IMC
Open file (127.40 KB 846x749 bingbingwahoo.png)
Yes. If you post a meme making fun of nintendo or masturbation, they lose their shit and start giving you a detailed history about how it started on cuckchan.
>start giving you a detailed history about how it started on cuckchan
They did the same for the NPC even though it started on 8/pol/ in 2016.
Open file (6.09 MB 1864x8160 julay censors pol03.png)
Open file (188.60 KB 1698x878 julay v sperging.jpg)
it's just one very autistic leftypol poster, pic related. he's trying to gatekeep who gets to post on julay/v/(in other words, no /pol/). he's sperging out in the mark thread right now, maybe on /meta/ as well, if you wanna poke him a little bit, he seems like a legit shizo. he hates it when you make fun of anime posters or praise /pol/ or mark in any way, no matter how insignificant

Anyways, how fucked do you guys think that certain channels that discuss certain topics are after today's new youtube TOS policy going in effect?
>new youtube TOS policy
Explain what are they doing?
clamping down on any (((controversial))) cocks, google finds itself personally responsible for the 2016 election, and have vowed to keep people like drumpf from being elected ever again. I doubt there will be too many (((wrong opinions))) by election season 2020, did you not hear of the shitshow that youtube has been lately?
Are you ID:a1a3d5 in >>22657
Also, are you talking about COPPA?
'Cause this lawyer explained it perfectly: >>22297
Haven't been keeping up with it I thought they already purged all wrongthink.
wew. keep on trying there, maybe someone will fall for your bait.
Open file (65.48 KB 698x325 ClipboardImage.png)
There's a summary listed here. Looks mostly prompted by the FTC fine and COPPA, with the ultimate effect of grifters taking on more liability.
Open file (11.37 MB 640x360 Andy Tarrant.mp4)
Open file (177.46 KB 960x540 960x0.jpg)
Open file (2.02 MB 480x360 Blood and Thunder.webm)
Open file (919.44 KB 1440x3120 Mark.jpg)
So he's banning himself from vch, or you compromised his phone?
No he posted it, then when he realized it outed him as a poster on a different board he started permabanning people that reposted it and deleting the pic everywhere he could.
>There is literally nothing wrong with being jewish
you can tell that one actually angered him
Can Mark go a single day without fucking up?
>SARGON GAMERGATEs will defend this
>all that shit running in the background
Based goyim.
Open file (22.37 KB 579x360 ClipboardImage.png)
Holy fuck, this looks amazing.
>the only ones with the balls to protect free speech.
Some things I'd like to see Kraut address

>did you enjoy warski and jcaesar187's livestreaming arc and AIM AIM AIM
>what do you think about NIGGER, did he throw you under the bus, and thoughts on his political campaign
>what do you think about breadtube, especially their sjwish tendencies and love for islam
>thoughts on jim's increasing redditness, low video upload rate despite having a patreon, and selling merchandise
>was their fallout from his discord server, does he ever hang out with old buddies like pedo holiday or have they gone separate ways
>how's school life going, has he been drinking and partying and making any friends
>any good fiction book recommendations
>can we look forward to a kraut mukbang in the future
I'll try asking, but
>despite having a patreon
Jim's Patreon was aborted.
Open file (460.23 KB 483x1352 mtv.png)
Open file (313.80 KB 495x1410 Nick.png)
Open file (264.28 KB 487x1034 Nick2.png)
But where's the PPPenis?
>asking for impurity
No Nut Ever.
the penis is pure for it is the most honest part of a man.
But it can also be used to coom so it's clearly impure.
you say it, it's being used, as in it's not acting of it's own will. you and others are the only ones who can make your penis coom.
If the penis were pure, it wouldn't have the ability to do impure actions. Therefore, the penis is impure.
Open file (939.15 KB 640x360 women and minorities.mp4)
He's on newproject2

>leftwing media runs hitpieces on anyone criticizing conservative inc
does your penis grab you by the hand and jerks it self off with it? no you grab it and jerk. the impurity is imposed of your own accord
But nevertheless the action is still possible. If the penis was pure as you described it wouldn't be able to coom in the first place.
Adam and Eve were pure before god till Satan temped them with the apple. giving in was the act of impurity.
Open file (55.66 KB 563x704 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (44.32 KB 500x571 ClipboardImage.png)
>did you enjoy warski and jcaesar187's livestreaming arc and AIM AIM AIM
Yes, absolutely. It changed my mind on a few things too. I actually tried to get back into contact with Warski for a year. I had this deluded belief that the "community" could be restored. It took me a while to let go of that. After the entire shitshow that Andy and jcaesar187 pushed themselves through I started thinking that maybe all of this was actually necessary and served a purpose. That this "community" was just a delusion and that it is good that ir burnt. Other than that, I just got the satisfaction of seeing someone who screwed with me flying straight into the sun.
>what do you think about NIGGER, did he throw you under the bus, and thoughts on his political campaign
I think Sargon by now only surrounds himself with people who tell him that each and every single idea he has is pure genius. At least that's what I speculate is going on. It used to be different when I was around in his circle. People used to tell him "No, don't do this, that's a dumb idea" And I think he no longer has people telling him that, which is why he did such dumb things as the liberalists and running for UKip. As to my relation with him and why I am at odds with him... You wouldn't understand unless I published my DMs with him. Which I don't want to do. It's something more personal. And it actually has less to do with what happened 2 years ago. It's something that happened just about a year ago which made me split with him.
>what do you think about breadtube, especially their sjwish tendencies and love for islam
I honestly only watched one video by a bread tube YouTuber. I found it hilarious, it was a video explaining why the "three arrows" symbol is a "good symbol" and I thought about making a response video called "the tolerant swastika" but didn't in the end. I am unsure about making response videos anymore, I don't see the value in them anymore. So I don't watch breadtube or anyone I disagree with anymore and try to make videos detached from that style of video.
>thoughts on jim's increasing redditness, low video upload rate despite having a patreon, and selling merchandise
Don't ya wanna buy a hat with some stars? You'd look so based wearing that! You can walk through the mall with your burgers and everyone will point their fingers of approval at you to say "yeah, thats a man who uses reddit". You'd be the top shot in the club! The man who deals in reddit memes. Everyone at work will know that you dont take any shit from the internet.
>was their fallout from his discord server, does he ever hang out with old buddies like pedo holiday or have they gone separate ways
Everyone went seperate ways. Everyone does their own thing now. A lot of people who were in there even dislike each other now. I still talk to some. But not many. Mostly I stick to talking to people in my public server. And I try to avoid talking to other youtubers.
>how's school life going, has he been drinking and partying and making any friends
Pretty good. Took a job. Specializing in Russian history. Mostly spend time reading, working and writing though.
>any good fiction book recommendations
Wittgenstein's Nephew by Thomas Bernhard.
>can we look forward to a kraut mukbang in the future
What's a mukbang?
Open file (8.50 KB 502x96 ClipboardImage.png)
Mukbang confirmed.
Open file (475.97 KB 1500x1125 happy_kraut2.jpg)
He won't eat breakfast in front of his roommates/roomates friends/people that show up at his house in the morning, but he's willing to do it for us?
What a champ.
>Wittgenstein's Nephew by Thomas Bernhard.
Wittgenstein is pretty decent for a commie faggot. His writing isn't so dense that you have to read back from him like foucault or others can be.
Kraut showed up on dispatch's stream once eating chips, it was horrifying.
Thanks anon, very informative. I think he's right about Sargon. Also interesting that he tried to get in contact with Warski. Why didn't Warski mention that?

There should be a standard gunt challenge. Something like an entire pizza and a pint of makers in one sitting.
Cheeseburger bite.
Open file (12.98 MB 640x360 ANDYAMV.mp4)
>Also interesting that he tried to get in contact with Warski. Why didn't Warski mention that?
Probably related to the whole "the alt right is using him" thing that was pushed once or twice during bloodsports.
The apple itself was impure.
the apple was an apple. the choice to go against god rewarded them free will and outcasting.
That's just what the Prison Warden of Genesis wants you to believe. Dude grows some fantastic apples.
An apple is not just an apple.
it's representation is symbolic
I am not talking about the bible's definition of the apple, though.
explain thine elf.
If you interpret the Adam and Eve situation literally, you can see that the apple is the product of the devil and thus cannot be pure and innocent. It is an impure creation.
if it was the product of the devil. why was it in paradise?
Eugh, orthodox semites talking about how wasting semen is a sin, prudes.
It was placed by the devil himself.
if it was placed by the devil. then it was allowed by god as he was the one which said "don't eat that apple"
Didn't YHWH create both the serpent, the tree of knowledge of good and evil, and sacrificial offerings: e.i. Divine intervention: DeVil?
But the apple comes from YHVH's garden, the "devil" just encourages the humans to learn of good and evil through the apple. What kind of god doesn't want you to know about good and evil? One that has an awful lot to hide.
god wanted mankind to retain it's innocence.
Close. The god of the blind wanted mankind to retain his ignorance of his true nature.
if you say so.
Open file (3.72 MB 3840x2160 SMC V9.png)
no presents?
I do. Is it really so hard to believe that YHVH is a bad guy?
You are my present.
Open file (1.89 MB 480x270 fantano_nut.gif)
Thank you for delivering. Now to animate
into VP9 w/alpha
Mythology hobbist here: Kikes stole Egyptian religion, Moishe is consider Pharaoh Amenmesse.
thats nerd stuff i cant do that have fun with it though
>Kikes stole Egyptian religion

^used the Roman empire to spread it too. wait that was Christianity... who spread Islam tho....
Open file (2.91 MB 450x800 cumming.mp4)
Hanging Out with Gothic Sushi - LIVE! | Rekieta Law
Open file (159.77 KB 1209x1106 sp-1403990108225.png)
>there's literally nothing wrong with being jewish
is this what being a zoomer is like?
This is what severe, crippling autism is like.
Open file (120.69 KB 429x410 1387275755373.jpg)
More like I don't bother browsing political boards when nobody is really legitimately active.
2013 I was already using overchan, didn't care about the clearnet.
>just a year ago
...was in the mist of the patreon suspension debacle, pumping out videos about the subject day after day
>thoughts on jim's increasing redditness
Traut is not immune to this, and has not been for years.
Based and basedpilled.
He's right, you know.

>Mythology hobbist here: Kikes stole Egyptian religion, Moishe is consider Pharaoh Amenmesse.
This is my first time hearing of him being connected to Amenmesse. I usually hear of him or Joseph being connected to Amenhotep IV/Akhenaten, who tried to replace the Egyptian pantheon with a monotheistic religion and got his memorials ruined for it. Sigmund Freud wrote a book called Moses and Monotheism on that hypothesis, and the Jewish composer of 07/27/1978, Philip Glass, composed and wrote an opera about him.
Boomer ayyyy grifter with $444 hats on the guntstream:
Open file (80.32 KB 176x168 vSyGfgpXPq.png)
>He's right, you know.
Open file (826.00 B 120x160 1464824725855.gif)
>He's right, you know.
Open file (34.76 KB 312x371 rebrand.jpg)
Looks like our boy Andy is doing another rebrand, right before he's supposed to release some hot leaks about one of his former enemies.
Open file (535.69 KB 489x559 andy grin.png)
As a reminder for his new attempt at rising he's going to do in about 2 hours.
when is this fuckup making his comeback? say what you want about mayo boy the retarded cunt gives us a good laugh though
In an hour.
Open file (182.05 KB 500x519 1411534937616.png)
>donga donga
I'm slightly glad he decided not to give more attention to Coglet for the moment.
Open file (35.85 KB 382x499 ClipboardImage.png)
If I never hear about Cog again, I'll manage to survive.
So the big comeback is that donga has aids.
>it was a fat load of nothing
thanks for nothing Andy cuckski, you waste everyone's time with your fake and gay shit to project your AIDS ridden ass unto another faggot, JF was RIGHT and he WON
Open file (812.48 KB 640x800 High_Elf.webm)
Not a thotpost in 26 hours
There is something wrong with this thread
Open file (585.08 KB 602x960 5moj5ukiu23jkml5j.png)
Now there is.
Open file (99.88 KB 1574x310 ELeuXnQWoAATNIZ.jpeg)
Open file (4.26 MB 1280x720 Your laughing now.mp4)
>my mom complained to mtv for me
Open file (503.48 KB 419x900 jewsh.png)
Bad Businessmen & their Broken Websites - Mad at the Internet
Open file (817.22 KB 1280x720 loliboner.png)
he was such a big boy but now he is letting his mommy complain for him?
Or is it so that his mom does not want further embarrassment like him being near loliboner?
>guy who created a trollshielding forum calls his show "mad at the internet"
>bad businesses and broken websites other than foxdick
How is foxdicks a trollshielding forum?
Hi Jewsh
Would Jewsh call it foxdicks? I don't think so.
How is foxdicks any more "trollshielding" than /cow/? It's just a normal phenomenon around lolcows.
Just look at the multiple threads Zach makes to shit on Gahoole and /tv/ here.
Open file (2.45 MB 576x1024 6736700315304856838.webm)
If you wanted some Nyan posting you only had to ask
Open file (140.29 KB 945x1680 NyanRalph29.jpg)
Open file (2.41 MB 1280x720 yourafag.mp4)
Open file (6.07 MB 720x720 wigger.mp4)
MTV made him look funny in fact of course. They had some wigger skinhead interview him and it fell flat. Not even editing could save it.
Open file (365.49 KB 840x1497 NyanRalph19.jpeg)
Stop this faggotr you gosh darn poisonous faggot
In other news, CRP got completely demonetized by youtube, and JF removed most of the videos on his channels to avoid the same thing happening to him presumably.
Open file (273.43 KB 1074x1055 ClipboardImage.png)
Youtube is really serious about this bullying thing.
Based Kinopounder has already made a video about it, probably just reading a news article and getting outraged. Haven't watched it yet.
Open file (168.83 KB 945x1680 NyanRalph17.jpg)
Open file (3.07 MB 720x1280 download.mp4)
Anyone can post here, whereas you need an account to post there, Copernicus.
Open file (266.83 KB 945x1680 NyanRalph27.jpg)
Open file (3.97 MB 540x960 bonbipop.webm)
Open file (3.77 MB 340x323 1397386459889.gif)
>all the thotposting itt
>nobody has posted best thot
Open file (5.23 MB 720x1280 mako buns.mp4)
No thot is better than this one here
Open file (190.14 KB 945x1680 bonbiRalph.jpg)
Open file (73.27 KB 843x621 hannah-minx-05.JPG)
Hannah Minx, now there was an egirl *sips*
Open file (1.06 MB 360x640 nyannyancosplay.mp4)
Open file (6.25 MB 1280x720 nyannyanlaughsatyou.webm)
that is one disgusting whore
Open file (297.11 KB 445x437 q#er_portrait.png)
That full-house confirms
>How is foxdicks any more "trollshielding" than /cow/? It's just a normal phenomenon around lolcows.
You're joking, right? Every thread created about Jewsh and the admin cabal gets locked down or deleted in a few hours on foxdick.
Open file (485.84 KB 605x809 1557183965.png)
So andy's "hyped" leaks were just 2 aids riddled streamers slap fighting and a pedophile latching on so he can groom more boys on discord?
Open file (509.42 KB 826x569 EHZC1RZXkAAZIjT.png)
Can i please get lore on why you call kiwifarms a foxdicks?
Open file (13.48 MB 540x960 epic nyan.mp4)
Dead thread nyan wins
Open file (163.49 KB 945x1680 NyanRalph18.jpg)
Open file (27.21 KB 309x550 20190125_134753.jpg)
Open file (30.32 KB 333x592 20190125_134752.jpg)
>why you call kiwifarms a foxdicks?
Are you the sperg from stream.me that smashed a cup bickers the feminist collective wouldn't tell you about foxdickfarms?
Open file (23.28 KB 417x149 c2.png)
What's in it for /cow/ if answered?
Open file (105.47 KB 480x480 ClipboardImage.png)
Show proof you purchased a guntpillow and I'll tell you.
Open file (54.64 KB 385x178 ClipboardImage.png)
oh also the guntstream started
Do they do some kind of verification or some shit?
I don't see a real difference as far as trollshielding is concerned, and it's even easier to detect a cow's activity if they have a name attached to them.
That's fucked up but still not trollshielding. That's outright censorship and inability to take the banter. Trollshielding is when you are a lolcow and desperately try to make a lolcow out of someone else hoping that people will stop mil king you. Sometimes manifested as trying to make a lolcow out of a guy who is mil king you for c ontent, Zach trying to make a lolcow out of Gahoole being the ideal example again. If Jewsh came on /cow/ on his thread and tried to deviate the attention of anons towards someone else, it would be trollshielding.
Open file (3.33 MB 2160x3840 smc v10.png)
Open file (130.74 KB 1430x960 Veeh_cooooming.jpg)
Open file (31.94 KB 298x279 mu-1375480876951.png)
Open file (97.83 KB 670x573 here to coom.jpg)
Finally a new one
>Trollshielding is when you are a lolcow and desperately try to make a lolcow out of someone else hoping that people will stop mil king you.
Wrong, you idiot. That's basically a-logging (as in, behaving like Anthony Logatto).
Jewshua Moonie created an entire forum to defend him, worship him and fund his lifestyle. Foxdick is textbook troll shielding.
>If Jewsh came on /cow/ on his thread and tried to deviate the attention of anons towards someone else, it would be trollshielding.
He did that on Oct 2018 on the cyclical.
Open file (672.31 KB 883x829 1465434778918.png)
foxdick literally gatekeeps what new threads are allowed with the proving grounds.
Didn’t they literally just end the proving grounds this week
Hello Jewsh
Open file (46.94 KB 577x432 ELOvVo7WsAEGRMw.jpeg)
>still being this mad about the alt-chan leaks
Open file (101.01 KB 392x356 Smug Anime Girl 16.png)
>call it foxdicks?
>call it
..............One job, Robi.
You had, one job.
Finally caught Nathaniel Rodriguez red handed as our local spammer:
Look how quick he edited and deleted the posts.
I guess you could say he likes CakeJew as his patsy too.
i dont get it
>implying ni/gg/ers and Cakejew don't shit up Julay too
Julay is a board of peace that gets attacked from all sides. Like the great state of Israel it's forced to fight defensive wars to ensure its survival
who is Julays greatest ally?
Yeah that confirms it was nanotranny that posted that mewch link earlier, he's referencing robi telling him to pay him for ad julay on julay.
And as a final gift:
Let's see if the 21 year old also has a literal seat in a honeypot.
Yep, I winrar:
8chan nel.net/b/res/26823.html
Seems Nathan does really work for the FBI.
Open file (142.98 KB 235x357 jc2.png)
I am unsure friend for, I am sorry to say, I am not aware of the current events of the trannyfarms.
Open file (277.20 KB 267x346 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1015.67 KB 837x435 ClipboardImage.png)
Fresh drama, lads. Who would have ever thought that Jews were colluding? I'm sure it's purely a coincidence.
The few seconds before deletion had:
>Anonymous No. 26824
>>>26823 $30 for 10 clicks a month good deal
>Anonymous No. 26825
>>>26823 Yeah...nah
Now let's see if your theory holds up >>22925
the gunt said he wants a Christmas IBS revival. gnome vs kikes?
That's a rare young looking Surfer.
Open file (96.30 KB 684x470 75227351_p2~2.png)
Seems you are absolutely correct:
I can't say I'm unsurprised. I even made sure the wording changed to give him the benefit of his reach.

Now I wonder if Nathan owns CakeJew, since as FBI, he has is Bitcoin secret key, mod keys and passwords, and his child porn blackmail.
Listening to Zee Pooblick Spees #606. Jay-Eff would not be able to do clips like these anymore, bickers of his own self-cucking.
Open file (66.51 KB 451x397 75227351_p2~2.png)
Open file (957.07 KB 720x480 guntsting final.mp4)
Short musical sting
Open file (119.12 KB 583x402 75227351_p0~2.png)
Warned JEVVS, Gahoole, am I missing anyone else?
I know Tenicu literally browses /cow/.
the audio seems really low, had to crank my speakers up to hear it
Open file (935.20 KB 720x480 guntsting2.mp4)
How's that?
much better
This is /cow/s official waifu?
Open file (1.09 MB 1090x625 brave_oFoiPfxjDD.png)
Surfer produced his gunt
I've never paid much attention to the retard fucker so correct me if I'm wrong, but is JF a little cross eyed?
Oh shit, Kraut vs Sargon?!
Open file (423.55 KB 525x649 guntbeth.png)
First bitchute promotes Tales of Trout, now Gab is taking a big old stabe at jcaesar. I love it.
Yes but julay/v/ is old game good new game bad like most boomer gaming boards so nothing of value will be lost.
Bitching about the specific articles of impeachment this time.
Open file (120.85 KB 490x742 trout.png)
Open file (127.94 KB 868x792 ELmNivjWwAI_oSq.png)
Open file (73.41 KB 337x379 Troutski5.jpeg)
Nothing that isn't glorified commercials will be allowed on youtube.
Only MSM can talk about these topics now, has Kraut not been paying attention?
Open file (125.82 KB 500x694 trout2.png)
Open file (84.87 KB 1200x746 ELmUH05WsAENzfU.jpg)
Open file (58.68 KB 296x192 krautandtears_20.png)
Open file (133.92 KB 474x316 inpeach.png)
>he had a gunt to his head
>everyone's complaining about youtube
>they've been complaining for years
>they realize youtube doesn't give a shit about them and only cares about actual celebrities and the really popular cunts with tens of millions of subs
>they never even think to try another site, but they're always hopeful that one will pop up, just so they can ignore it and complain about youtube on youtube some more.
>they're hopeful that youtube is going to get better one day, even though it has shit his pants and done nothing but get worse and worse since google took over

This is pretty much battered wife syndrome. What is it about humans that makes us enjoy being treated like shit?
Someone tell Trout to at least upload it to Bitchute
How are they supposed to make a living grifting on some no-name site?
It's more about shirking responsibility. People tend to avoid agency over their lives at all costs.
Open file (24.80 KB 1178x215 ClipboardImage.png)
Why does Warski like his own comments?
bickers no one else will.
jcaesar187 taught him well
A meido took down post /a/612360 in the cafe thread. So no, not our greatest ally. Julay is ally-less.
Not necessarily: Richard Tyler Blevins (Ninja), Philip DeFranco (sxephil), Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg (PewDiePie), even Jim Metokur/IA tried going to other sites: the network effect is strong. When people think: "I want to watch stuff online." Their first thought is JewTube.
Same reason 8cult still exists.
playing toe hoes while dup is being FUCKING LOVES HER PUSSY !!
Open file (38.73 KB 620x437 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (57.17 KB 621x528 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (92.77 KB 626x631 ClipboardImage.png)
We're getting DDOSed lads! Hoes mad.
I really like how Kraut acts like Corbyn's going to be the second coming of Hitler. It's absolutely insane.
they're both going to be shit.
Open file (58.46 KB 173x249 rapetime.png)
are these hoes real female girls?
Sadly no.
Open file (83.32 KB 650x520 1576099589616.png)
Why are you watching it? if you are not going to coom to it
Watch what?
Open file (97.83 KB 670x573 here to coom.jpg)
Not watching Lady actors that get naked and doing sensual things to a guy
I'm avoiding that as much as possible. Got to exercise more than just my forearm.
Open file (1.83 MB 844x1212 coom cover.png)
but it's healthy to watch those artistic videos and pictures or that is what my Jewish doctor told me
Why are you posting faggot israel worshippers?
Open file (531.42 KB 640x360 memewar.mp4)
This is the Sargon stream summed up.
u mad rebel boi.
Open file (149.54 KB 495x800 mark3.png)
Open file (625.21 KB 1200x771 ELn_nSiX0AAdS3h.png)
ok semite worshipper
Mark is playing the same game as the cripple. He'll never stop seeking attention. Just more proof social media is cancer.
>p-please don't call wikipedia out!
There's nothing wrong with cakekike's post, you fucking shill.
Hi Mark, there is more things wrong with wikipedia than calling 8kun a shit website. If you actually cared about what was going on over there you wouldn't have waited until you could personally gain some attention to make a statement about it. You get paid $2k a month to be a shill for 8kun. So calling someone else a shill a kind of ironic.
>u mad
Reddit tier. Brah.
Open file (331.16 KB 1854x2292 720001.jpg)
one must lower one's self if one is to communicate with the commoners.
t. guy literally posting DUP
Listen, not sure if you've heard or not, but DUP FUCKING LOVES HER PUSSY !!.
Open file (179.25 KB 776x549 1189227553663.jpg)
Open file (498.18 KB 365x400 soy3.gif)
the goose game had this lovely bit of it at the end.
2 for 1 today
one version without the spillage on the floor
Open file (29.24 KB 577x435 1568738823845.jpg)
damn fam julaychan is getting to hot for this imageboard of course in fact fam
Their spirits can rest easy now.
Open file (116.70 KB 1080x845 coomer_vs_chad.jpg)
What the fuck is she drinking? Freshly squeezed guntjuice? Explains why it's so thick and syrupy.
Open file (45.21 KB 640x640 apugg.jpg)
I think that is supposed to be eggnog or jizz
Open file (516.77 KB 1050x684 brave_GtX9xTLb68.png)
That's melbourne, the Australian equivalient of San Fran or LA. It's a shithole full of commies and GAMERGATEs.
no doubt about it.
i leave it up to your imagination
Open file (86.81 KB 589x704 ClipboardImage.png)
He really thinks Corbyn is Hitler's reincarnation. It's so bizarre.
or he's using that sweet reserve phycology
Open file (46.24 KB 618x348 krautmerchant.jpg)
Open file (508.26 KB 620x771 ClipboardImage.png)
here are the same three articles I keep posting from wherever to prove that literally everyone in europe believes that corbyn wants to gas jews
>let other countries tell you who should govern you, goy
the EU taught him well
The missing picture on the cartoon makes it a 10/10.
Open file (9.58 KB 300x217 AAK2gIW.jpeg)
Open file (9.93 KB 300x232 AAK2F8E.jpeg)
Open file (333.00 KB 1536x2048 1576175511221.jpg)
Open file (903.15 KB 734x734 1576184997965.png)
Anyone have a copy of Trump's Executive Order 13899?
https://www.federalregister.gov/presidential-documents/executive-orders/donald-trump/2019 hasn't been updated with it yet.
Well shit
>While Title VI does not cover discrimination based on religion, individuals who face discrimination on the basis of race, color, or national origin do not lose protection under Title VI for also being a member of a group that shares common religious practices. Discrimination against Jews may give rise to a Title VI violation when the discrimination is based on an individual’s race, color, or national origin.
>Sec. 2. Ensuring Robust Enforcement of Title VI. (a) In enforcing Title VI, and identifying evidence of discrimination based on race, color, or national origin, all executive departments and agencies (agencies) charged with enforcing Title VI shall consider the following:
>(i) the non-legally binding working definition of anti Semitism adopted on May 26, 2016, by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA), which states, “Antisemitism is a certain perception of Jews, which may be expressed as hatred toward Jews. Rhetorical and physical manifestations of antisemitism are directed toward Jewish or non-Jewish individuals and/or their property, toward Jewish community institutions and religious facilities”; and
>(ii) the “Contemporary Examples of Anti-Semitism” identified by the IHRA, to the extent that any examples might be useful as evidence of discriminatory intent.
>individuals who face discrimination on the basis of race
I'm sure they'll apply this evenly and fairly across all races.
Open file (105.82 KB 674x1200 Trout_long_hair.jpg)
now mutts get to be called racist when they try to stop kike doctors from mutilating their sons
Open file (20.25 KB 468x317 trout.png)
Open file (317.35 KB 456x534 trout2.png)
Open file (31.61 KB 463x512 trout3.png)
Open file (526.26 KB 468x729 trout4.png)
Traut must be a Corbyn shill. He constantly goes out of his way to make Corbyn sound like a cool dude.
Open file (1.24 MB 1300x1800 Kraut's generator.png)
I don't think that is his intention but the more Trout hates him the more i like him just to spite Trout.
Is Redditkur dead?
Yes, and he was reborn as Facebookur.
Open file (973.56 KB 628x916 ClipboardImage.png)
Jews wear skinsuits.
Open file (216.80 KB 2034x1210 sheher.JPG)
if anyone else is missing ibs
tranny goes at destiny

destiny enters at 3h22m
whats wrong with my life that now i have to resort to these twitch trannies to get ibs fix
Open file (154.26 KB 1079x1200 leftymeme.jpg)
Thanks, I like tranny sperging. Have a lefty meme.
Open file (68.86 KB 598x502 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (48.33 KB 607x608 1513349631809.jpg)
>2 years fighting race realism
It was more like 5 months.

Goddamn he is insufferable
So did CRP or somebody call out Trout for buying subs?
Open file (556.47 KB 600x450 ClipboardImage.png)
His tough talk is so cringe. Everyone has seen your pictures Kraut, you're not beating up anyone.
its been a bit funny
the trannys are arguing for women in sports
then destiny pulls a NIGGER with horseshow theory and accuses all the lefties on twitch who he has been fighting with lately of being the same a the alt right and crypto facists
Open file (111.08 KB 305x494 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (171.59 KB 400x400 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (364.75 KB 520x340 ClipboardImage.png)
Profile pic vs reality

Why are so many vets trannies
>whats wrong with my life that now i have to resort to these twitch trannies to get ibs fix
bickers "retards yelling at each other online" was never named "ibs", and has existed for long before grifters tried to apply the "ibs" label to it.
>several members of my family
The ride never ends.
Most ZOGbots are closet queers when they sign up.
If you are willing to die for Israel something must be wrong with your head.
Open file (124.16 KB 526x814 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (61.32 KB 517x399 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (127.35 KB 565x809 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (96.28 KB 565x645 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (82.62 KB 555x536 ClipboardImage.png)
Kraut deleted a few tweets last night.
Dead thread nyan wins
Nothing but a grifter scared for his Jewtube monies.
Open file (194.59 KB 1038x651 ClipboardImage.png)
>smear merchants
How liberalist of him.
Open file (1.70 MB 540x960 IMG_3993.webm)
If you wanted nyanposting you could've asked, fam
Listen, buddy, you haven't posted the Veeh Facts in more than a week. If you want to continue to be allowed to post thots, you must post the Veeh Facts at least once a week.
>2 years
That includes all the time he was hiking and going to school?
>those arms
He's learned well.
Veeh Facts
Veeh is a gypsy
Veeh is a NEET
veeh is gay
veeh is into lolicon
veeh is a furfag
Veeh lives with his parents
Veeh has called Sargon his daddy
Veeh is a degenerate vore fetishist and basic sexual deviant
Veeh roleplayed he had a kid while being a gm in wow
Veeh thinks that Romania only has communism as culture
Veeh was playing a hentai on christmas
Veeh wants to have his mom in a gangbang with sandGAMERGATEs
Veeh lurks here bickers of Veeh facts
Veeh is a personal lapdog of the Stepfather
Veeh shitpost more then most people
Veeh was on twitter for 20 hours to do damage controll
Veeh was wearing a 3day old shirt while doing a 20 hour twitter defense
Veeh larps as doctor while in fact being a nurse
Veeh larps about being a Microbiologist while in fact he was washing the the beakers and vials in a microbiology lab
Veeh lies about having a law degree
Veeh was 4-6 years old when the Iron Curtain fell
Veeh raged quit on Baked Alaska stream when he is usually the last to go off
Veeh is the new leader of libarlistism
Veeh raged quit on Baked Alaska stream when he is usually the last to go off
Veeh made videos on how to pick up women
Veeh claims/lies he ghosted women
Veeh is afraid of Mike Enoch
Veeh steam id-username is a digimon monster
Veeh thinks /cow/ is an alt-right board
Veeh has no shame and proudly shows his mother on youtube
Veeh can't stop comparing /cow/ to feminists and radical Muslims
Some anon-senpai got into Veehs head while having some fun with him
Veeh is such a newfag to imageboards he only used them to shill SARGON videos in 2015
Veeh can't wrap his prehistoric head around reddit spacing
Vee is a meme thief
Vee thinks South Africa is an example of National Socialism
Veeh is still a newfag
Veehs debate tactic is pure strawman
Veeh still has no shame he talks about his mom and cocks for twitter virtue signal points
Veeh would rather defend The soyfather then his own mother
Veeh likes to discuses masturbation to Millennial Woes for some reason
Veeh fears Strawman
Veeh went to cry to Tonka to get the meany nazis to stop making fun of him
Veeh retweets himself all the time
Veeh retweets and likes his own tweets all the time
Veeh cried when he was on the kumite and talking about the ebil political movement that is /cow/
Veeh was on /cow/ several times to defend himself and the stepfather
Veeh does not know that Asgard is in Norse mythology
Veeh compares Asgard to Wakanda bickers booth showed up in Marvel cinematic universe
veeh only has a bunch of books behind him too look smart
Veeh unironically hates Gypsies
Veeh thinks a nation's culture consists entirely of popcorn flicks
Veeh is probably a JRPG "poser" gamer bickers he claimed he played Valkyrie Profile but does not know of the Norse mythology that is in the game
Veeh does not understand art and made a video about it
the book collection veeh has in the background is his fathers
Veeh dosen't understand the distinction between HIV and AIDS while he claims to be a doctor
Veeh believes that masturbation is the only way to get high levels of Testosterone out bickers of his masturbation addiction
veeh don't understand how twin studies work even tough it was his supposed field as a microbiologist
Veeh has spent 10-13 years in secondary education just to make 2k yt videos
Veeh was only pretending to be a retard when it came to microbiology and J.-François Gariépy
veeh stream on 24/02/2018 he is looking uglier and dirtier then usual
Veeh believes he looks better than Cenk Uygur
Veeh life is made up of movies,tv show and modern pop culture
Vehh believes that mister metokur aka Jim is afraid of the evil nazbol gang and /cow/
Veeh's mom was afraid of a bad photoshop of veeh being shoot in the head
Part 2
Veeh had a 3 hour defense against Tonka and tonka called him a bitch and veeh agreed in the end
Veeh sees the horseshoe in everything not just politics even Zionist Jews stopped using the horseshoe since 2005
Veeh was on a sperg out on /cow/ for 6 hours his was ID:9f4d33
veeh claims to have a girlfriend while living with his parents
veeh has wasted 199 days / 477.70h per year of playing video games on steam
veeh was a janitor in a microbiology lab
Veeh fanatically defends a 40 year old british neet called the stepfather who lives in social housing despite making almost 10k a month being a fucking NEET
Veeh whorships chink pussy especially the ladyboys from Thailand
Veeh treats said 40 year old british neet also known as Sargon as his sugar daddy
Veeh giggled like a school girl when senpai Jim noticed hin
Veeh is committing financial fraud in Romania with superchats
Veeh doesn't pay taxes from patreon shekels to the Romanian government
Veeh claims to have played with the ass hair of a "woman" he fucked
Veeh favorite artist made a guest appearance in one of Jim's vids called Deviant's 2 : get in my belly
veeh is shilling his version of bloodsports that is going to be a commercial for liberalistism
Veeh is not even white but is most likely what is known in Spanish as Criatura de la noche
Veeh made a 50min re-video that made the most tolerant Frenchmen named J.-François Gariépy say fuck this gypsy
Veeh is afraid of JF Geripy
Veeh is still shilling for his new bloodsport platform
Veeh lazily posted a women he thought to be Spanish in an attempt to prove white people didn't exist, but it turns out shes Ukrainian, a well know nude model, and white as snow
Veeh started to claim he studied psychiatry so now it makes it the 3rd field he has studied which includes Romanian law and Medicine he must be a really special boy for all that knowledge
Veeh hates the fact that Andy Warski owns liberalists as a trademark
Veeh believes that a 1000 dollars is allot for a trademark or copyright he should not have gone into medicine where a trademark costs tens of thousend if not millions of dollars
Veeh does not understand what freedom of speech or what hate speech is
Veeh uses more semantics then a negro at a bookclub
Veeh is a gigantic attention whore
Vee has a pedo secret about Boogie that he got from theQuartering
Veeh was a GG police/janitor and did it for free
Veeh co-opted GG and is defending his own actions
Vee isn't white enough to get into the ethnostate
Vee is a feather headed bandit
Vee is a pop pop weasel
Vee wants to lead a cult, doesn't matter what
Vee gathers members from previous co-opted cults
Wants people to disavow
Vee is afraid of strong women
Vee needs to let her out of his basement
Vee looks like a caricature
Vee doesn't look real
Vee is wicked
Vee got trolled for 2 hours by fake Ross
Veeh was sex roleplaying with 2 dudes and wanted to cuckold the other man from that one man
veeh is a true sexual deviant he is horny 24/7 and that is probably why he has a sex addiction
veeh was with a woman in a bar but if it was his mom or someone so ugly and her vag smelling like seafood, we will never know
veeh likes these veeh facts that are now descendant to lore status so he can deflect people to make fun of his sugardaddy
Veeh thinks that Carl of Swindon is a fucking retard
Veeh tried to accuse Boogie2988 of trying to take his own life by hiring a hitman
Veeh managed to somehow look like a bitch in the same stream
Veeh was literally told by a cuckold cuck how he was a bitch and how his hinting on fake cp scandals onto Boogie2988 was not real
Veeh Furrsona is a digimon and some say it might be a dragon.
Veeh confirmed himself that he was bisexual on a stream
Veeh like to play it rough with his cat kinda like the necro masochist furries
Veeh tries to say he is not a furry but he is a hardcore furry
veeh is more and more on streams and no on knows why
Continued facts
Veeh is running a damage control for his one true love, Carl "I can be quoted saying you can fuck young boys" Benjamin
Veeh is actually advising Carl"it depends on the age" Benjamin on internet things
Veeemon from digimon is Veeh's fursona
Veeh had a stepfather defense stream before Jim funday sunday stream
Veeh had a stream with the stepfather before Jim's sunday stream
Veeh pretended to not know how stupid NIGGER was for proposing SARGON 2.0 and interviewed him as a wannabe TV reporter
Veeh almost cried when Jim said he was a PR cuck and a faggot that get shit on by his only internet fwends
Veeh confirmed that he would die for the Stepfather
Veeh might abuse his cat whenever he get angry
Veeh went on a twitter sperg out after Jim's stream
veeh realized that /cow/ is not the board to sperg out inn so he does damage control on 4/pol/
Veeh can't do research
Veeh got birthday cake from his mom when he was 32 years old
veeh autstically spammed faggot porn on /cow/ for 2 hours
Veeh actually got butthurt when /cow/ makes fun of Carl of Swindons stillborn baby
Veeh forgot that he spammed faggotporn on /cow/ so he said Jim made fun when it was /cow/ that made fun of the stillborn baby
Veeh's birthday present is running damage control for Carl of Swindon who actually hates him
Veeh is known as the carrier pigeon by most of the youtube intellectuals
Veeh tried to make a point by requesting stillborn memes to Jim but Jim declined and bickers he declined Veeh took that as a point that Jim had a moralcompass
Veeh will play DnD with random people so he can soften them up to take inn the Soyfather
Veeh is actually enjoying the new memes of stillborns
Veeh is a m.ilk fed gimp
Veeh is into Shotacon
Veeh actually tried to make Jim do things that was against the TOS and was stupid enough to say he was baiting Jim
Veeh got into a gigantic sperg out and called other people spergs bickers they filed a police report in his name against his master also known as Carl of Swindon
veeh might actually be mentally challenged like having autism
Veeh was actually a paid friend for Carl Benjamin
Veeh is a cheap whore that takes 200 dollars a month from paypig from the stepfather
Veeh might actually be a manly prostitute in the furry community that takes it in the anus like a faggot
veeh is likely an incel

speculative Veeh facts
Veeh likes to roleplay as other video creators
Veeh likes lolicon manga
Veeh imagines himself as a 13 or younger girl when he plays video games
Don't let you're kids near Veeh
the tripfag called vee in thread 9 was presumably veeh
Veeh lies about being every form of profession so he could seem smart
Veeh might be the offspring of Quasimodo
Veeh's mom is probably afraid that veeh is masturbating to the ms paint image of him being shot
Veeh's mom is probably more afraid that Veeg still exists to bring further shame upon her honor
Veeh might possibly have CP and who knows what else
will probably have to pay all the money he makes on yt and patreon to the Romanian government when they start digging into his fraud
would probably go to jail for said fraud
Vee is lex
Vee is computer generated
Vee is Nu La Creature Goblino
Vee is a sanguinarian vampire bat
George Lucas might be making these Veeh facts since Star Wars turned to shit
Freshest of FACTS
Veeh roleplayed in public while drinking beer to 2 transsexuals
Veeh does his livestreams still and nothing interesting is happanenning
Veeh was lobotomized when he was a young teenager on the left side in the old Romanian way by his daddy
veeh gave a shout out to veeh facts when he was doing damage control video for Carl of Swindon
veeh spent a whole day bitching about Game of Thrones episode 3 of the final season
Veeh was able to get tens of thousands of dollars under the pretense he was paying rent and helping his parents
Veeh accidentally admitted he inherited his gypsy shack and was spending his pigs money on pimping said shack

Speculative Veeh Facts 2,0
Veeh and Carl of Swindon had homosexual feces and pissing games when veeh was in London
Veeh is actually into animal abuse
Veeh has had homosexual relations with Carl Benjamin
Veeh is so into homosexual porn he posts micropenises on /cow/
Veeh might've eaten the stillborn
Veeh is probably a sex predator when it comes to little children especially boys
Veeh might be roleplaying as a dragon to prey on children on furrycons
Veeh might've killed his cat(by now) by strangling it to death and used the lifeless corpse to have sex with it
Veeh might have had a literal corpse sex party with dead cats, mice and general roadkill with his furry friends
Veeh is actually a high on meth while having blood orgy with cats and other roadkill
Veeh is an actual virgin and an incel
Veeh is orchestrating all the E-Drama to get nudes from anime twinks and traps
George Lucas might make an interesting movie after he kills himself over again after watching episode 9 over again, George Lucas has many lives
Veeh was prominent figure with the homosexual Furry bdsm scene in Germany and Netherlands with Kraut and Tea
Aqua and Tewi the discord spics are actually Dame Pesos and Memology101 that was only pretending to be faggots so they could get some sick homosexual pleasure from it
Veeh facts has become a Nolan North movie called Veeh Facteption
>"There are all of these sharks in the water around me, I know I'll cut myself and calm them down with my blood!"
t. veeh, master tactician
Veeh Facts annon comes and goes.
Open file (654.22 KB 900x645 its_all_sargon.png)
Open file (5.69 MB 800x600 Vee_Final.webm)
Open file (6.84 MB 640x480 ss-vee.mp4)
Open file (5.69 MB 800x600 Vee_Final.webm)
Open file (6.84 MB 640x480 ss-vee.mp4)
Open file (5.69 MB 800x600 Vee_Final.webm)
Open file (6.84 MB 640x480 ss-vee.mp4)
Open file (575.87 KB 1500x844 pipestrip.jpg)
I'm talking about the Pipe Strip in relation to religion. It's... it's interesting to assign the roles of God... and anti-God, or, as many know him to be, the devil... or on a much larger scale, simply the forces of... good and evil. Garfield, the thief-cat, evil and malicious... He is the devil, placed to the right... and note, the two forms of Jon; the Jon on the left, still innocent, still draped in the... delight, of the lack of knowledge. He is... the humans in the Garden of Eden. He feels for his pipe... but he has yet to eat from the tree... and Garfield, the sinister serpent... and notice, notice how Jim Davis has framed this... The center Jon is locked in a struggle, between his innocence, and his knowledge of the truth... knowledge of the existence of evil.
It is stunning. The great struggle, the struggle that transcends time... and Jim Davis floats over all this, as creator... the God, of sorts, in his own right.
... and he presents this cautionary message to us all; it is as if he is speaking from high and... he is saying, unto our awaiting ears...

Where will you be, when the cat reveals himself? [-Jim 7:27:78]

I can tell you where you'll be. You will have a choice; you can face endless suffering, and eternal misery... You can be forced and beaten down with barbarians, who claw at each other just for a view of salvation. They'll tear your eyeballs out, and rip your gizzards from end to end. They worship this cat, this... this false idol! This evil, horrible cat, do not be seduced by the cat and the pipe!
Garfield... thy name is a mark of the demons of hell. Something like this, and to those listening, it is a stark reminder to follow the path of the first panel Jon; be humble, be grateful, honor the law, and honor thyself. Be true, and be good, and no harm will come to you... Pray for salvation, and it will be granted unto you. Be like Jon Arbuckle, as he lowers his head. Be like Jon Arbuckle as he lowers his paper, as he turns his head. Bow with Jon Arbuckle, and praise unto the creator, Jim Davis... and banish demon Garfield from your life.
So, what is all this? What am I saying? Aha... hmm... What does all this mean? Why is this one comic strip so important to me... and why do I feel the need to share this?
Obligation. I have an obligation to you all. This is a redemption, this is a belief in redemption, a sacrifice of all the obvious trappings of this false modern life.
Look at the simplicity in this strip, in the pipe strip. Look at the simple clothes Jon wears, look at his simple, basic furniture... No adornments on the wall, even the very pipe his cat Garfield stole; it is a plain, modest pipe... and I have adapted this way of life, it speaks to me.
In our times... well... you don't need me to point out the hyperbole of our times; you have children being born eight or nine at a time, you have more money being spent on a single Hollywood movie than some nations can spend... feeding their starving people. Torture, distrust... Look around you, it's overwhelming.
What can you contribute?
...and every day, I look in the mirror, and I hold this comic up to the mirror, and I look into the mirror, and at this little comic strip.
Be humble.
Be thankful.
It is a reminder, be respectful.
You are a statue. You are fragile... and when you break, when you shatter... Where will those pieces go?
Ask... ask, ask, ask this question. Will you ask?
R.alph's show is good now, you guys should seriously give him a chance and stop antagonizing him with stupid memes. It's better to focus on attacking CRP or JF
There is something really wrong with Trout, he may have deleted them but they got archived. Would be a real shame if twitter found out.
He is truly insane.
Open file (16.56 KB 587x235 ClipboardImage.png)
he's at it again but he deleted it and this time there is no archive it seems
Open file (179.76 KB 474x266 Nazi_Trout.png)
Read through this https://archive.ph/xDkSy response chain is gold. Calling him a Nazi seems to really set him off, Im going to make more NaziTrout edits now.
That sucks but he will sperg out again like he always does and most likely it will archived.
I don't think he has Jew genes.
Kraut might get on Andy's stream.
Open file (184.63 KB 376x309 Nazi_troutgruk.png)
Open file (49.04 KB 472x520 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (24.08 KB 558x253 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (53.17 KB 687x502 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (19.45 KB 496x285 trout.png)
Open file (40.13 KB 483x420 trout2.png)
Open file (26.29 KB 376x247 andy bitchski.png)
Open file (1.35 MB 540x960 IMG_3995.webm)
Is this the return of Krautgate era bloodsports?
Open file (36.21 KB 491x297 trout3.png)
Open file (276.38 KB 628x826 ClipboardImage.png)
kraut is a poet now
I don't know what to make of this arc, but there's potential if Trout is writing poetry. He said he'd fight Warski if someone bought him a plane ticket. Hopefully Andy is desperate enough to relive his doxville victory that something actually happens it won't, but I want to believe.
Andy's a fucking giant coward who won't fight anyone. The only reason he even agreed to fight Donga is bickers he knew that Donga wouldn't show up.
>Kraut's getting some balls to fight
Open file (7.73 KB 431x83 sinead worried.png)
Bad British humor.
Open file (24.98 KB 617x293 ClipboardImage.png)
Kraut's laughing at you, Warski. You're a coward.
Open file (1.26 MB 2176x1128 andysperg.png)
It's not often stated enough, but they both missed the initial deadline for the bloodtests, and Andy bearly made the extension.
They were playing retard chicken, trying to get the other to fold, with no intention to fight.
All Andy did is waste people's money getting wasted and laid, acting for months afterward as though he accomplished sumthin.
Did the trolling get to you?
Open file (188.85 KB 1600x1078 Nazi_Trout2.jpg)
>jews build computers
<muh vidya, muh cummies
Must be written by others, like his scripts.
What do you mean?
Did the trolling in chat get to Andy?
Based Kraut
Andy should likewise learn to use writers.
Open file (82.83 KB 680x383 ELs335_W4AgYss1.jpg)
I still cant get over that this is blobwheels' avatar. The septic pigeon is bad enough but you'd think this was edited even further by a possum-log. No, he commissioned that fat fuck raccoon, and he's proud of it.
It's BPS and cripplekike, watch this be boring as shit.
>furfag vs furfag
Oh boy I can't wait to listen to them argue about if horse or dog cocks are better.
Kraut will be screaming his head off about BPS being on the gunt retort at least.
Kraut was on Donga's show today cohosting, no surprise there.
Open file (91.90 KB 600x450 Trout_and_friends.jpg)
Open file (92.62 KB 598x449 Trout_and_friends.jpg)
Fixed version
Kraut should stop surrounding himself with losers and stream with PPP already.
Open file (17.98 KB 202x201 SaltyDiscordTranny.png)
BPS isn't IBS material, what is the gunt thinking?
Open file (341.24 KB 480x360 ClipboardImage.png)
If either try yelling, one will break bones and the other will become a social pariah.
Open file (2.04 KB 297x98 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (2.41 KB 296x100 ClipboardImage.png)
Truly organic weekly subgrowth and viewgrowth. Sure is a coincidence how they both collapse just as Kraut regained his 130k subcount!
He's thinking of BPS's subcount. The end.
Open file (2.28 MB 2000x2000 Shannon_Gaines_.png)
Open file (71.82 KB 234x339 ethan glasses.png)
Rare jcaesar187.
Open file (515.54 KB 844x474 sargon_ban_memes.webm)
Open file (672.75 KB 600x745 notallow.png)
Blobwheels demands racemixing, closed borders is racist, Japan is racist, and the Phillippines are Mexico.
Open file (2.37 MB 880x1034 freddit.webm)
Open file (39.95 KB 576x432 cit.jpeg)
Sargon thinks cats are boomer memes and he would ban them. Fuck that guy.
Open file (439.04 KB 510x419 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (626.51 KB 503x592 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (724.15 KB 514x549 ClipboardImage.png)
baste oldfag Sargon.
Open file (2.60 MB 2160x2160 smc christmas panty.png)
Open file (3.39 MB 3840x2160 SMC V9.png)
re upload of the pathetic one cos i realised i forgot to mask out the blur
Open file (130.74 KB 1430x960 Veeh_cooooming.jpg)
>smc christmas panty
Open file (12.72 KB 378x301 1277487627128.jpg)
I hope someone clips the cripple's quotes that he's a hypocrite, and admits to distribute child porn.
Open file (233.23 KB 389x505 stillborn_of_akcuck.png)
Stillborn of Akkad is the best "meme". Can't be co-opted
Why not?
Known CP producer Fredrick Brennan started to namedrop the webring on the Killstream
Open file (461.41 KB 780x489 1571762182427.png)
Open file (179.14 KB 460x447 sargon thumbs up.png)
>kikewheels namedropped the webring on the shillstream
Just wonderful, I can't wait, not only will individuals share the webring with cakejew, his ni/gg/er cult and the alt-channies, but now there will be a new wave of normalfags and glownigs.
>not even five minutes into hotwheels introducing himself and he already lies about cutting all contact with 8ch
He pretty much lies throughout the entire thing and contridicts himself multiple times throughout the stream.
Please tell me that he gets called out for every bit of it. I'm only watching this to see him taken to task.
Jcaesar, his cohosts and their audience are all ignorant regarding 8chan and its history, so no.
Open file (10.08 KB 125x122 1406339689877.jpg)
Then why have him on? What was the point of this?
My autism is starting to me make me want to make a list of notable events in this. It's interesting how after BP makes his opening remarks, HW immediately tries to limit the scope of what everyone's there to talk about. BP then starts talking about free speech and how governments pay sites to regulate it, including sites that HW has fallen in with. HW immediately loses his composure and threatens BP with some video he made several years ago. Little shit's psyche is more fragile than his bones.

Open file (25.05 KB 450x450 ralph_jew.jpg)
Freddit also brought up Felix's real name several times in a transparent attempt at a power move, but it turned the audience against him even more. He was audibly frustrated every time BPS referred to him as a NOTED DISTRIBUTER OF CP. It was an interesting look into the twisted mind of pedophile advocate and communist agitator Fredrick "HotWhells" Brennan.
Open file (3.39 MB 3840x2160 SMC V9.png)
Open file (4.84 MB 3840x2160 6789657455.png)
Open file (1.14 MB 1002x617 6789657456.png)
Open file (55.96 KB 295x300 coomagedon.jpg)
Open file (69.03 KB 597x556 ClipboardImage.png)
>run rings around him
>kikewheels get fucking loves her pussy by bps of all people
>your going to run rings around him :^)
Can't tell if they mean that or if that's suppose to be tongue-in-cheek.
Open file (2.90 MB 3000x4000 smaller_spacenigger.jpg)
Open file (52.40 KB 584x525 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.41 KB 34x39 ClipboardImage.png)
Warski's deleted stream courtesy of our favorite German.
I had no idea they were still streaming
Open file (140.16 KB 341x350 Beard_Vamp_Gunted.png)
Open file (1.95 MB 265x308 1393247246871.gif)
>Then why have him on? What was the point of this?
Jcaesar's pal(*) BPS wanted to fight the cripple.
(*)In the gunt's case, "pal" means "somebody whose audience I want to leech")
>far right
>spissfag suckling up to the cripple
>muh grift
But they would switch channels as soon as they got flagged last year. What happened?
Open file (610.64 KB 720x1280 nyans big butt.mp4)
dead thread nyan wins again
Open file (10.58 KB 229x229 i52jnkbj56nm.jpg)
Open file (50.44 KB 635x423 ClipboardImage.png)
>different places are different
Weird, man.
Open file (47.94 KB 576x576 Soygoy fem.jpg)
JulayTV presents Andy and Geek's visit to an obscure livestream.
His point is that Labour voters are disguised nazi skinheads.
Thanks for restating the obvious.
please do not thank me, i am but a humble servant of the mentally invalid
Thats bickers for Kraut, it's all about the jews. I mean it is, but only the most insane jews say that outright. It's as if he managed to see through all of the bullshit jewish narratives, yet still decided to defend the interests of the jews. And do so in a way that goes against those narratives.
It's good to know you are self-sufficient
Open file (1.83 MB 844x1212 coom cover.png)
That Russian chick has a really nice butt
jcaesar187's doing essay passing.
Open file (1.90 MB 720x1280 nyan without cosplay.mp4)
Dead thread nyan wins again
Open file (667.29 KB 773x1391 NyanRalph23.jpeg)
Open file (3.61 MB 576x720 slav_thot.mp4)
Open file (97.83 KB 670x573 here to coom.jpg)
Slav thot has a nice ass
Open file (20.28 KB 338x507 poster_opt.jpg)
slav thot has nice everything
That's bickers he is jewish.
Trout did offhandedly claim to be of jewish blood in the past, but he isn't exactly a reliable source. He does display kike-typical behavior patterns, but I'd be surprised if he were more than, say 1/8th jew.
Open file (37.22 KB 220x309 220px-Izoposter.jpg)
Open file (195.54 KB 1209x1012 1563422015.jpg)
Open file (44.83 KB 480x723 gunt dress.jpg)
Open file (76.87 KB 384x384 Jcaesar187_blacked.png)
>gunt dress
Open file (78.04 KB 851x686 ClipboardImage.png)
Assuming the 5th was his islam video, kraut's dipped in views again today.
Of the 3 "drama" videos he was going to keep up, looks like he privated Ayyydin's video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-4FTvWJhXQ), so it might be that. Comparative to his CRP & Braving videos, I doubt it made 120k views alone so there may be others privated or flagged.
Open file (6.06 KB 455x125 godwinson.png)
PPP tried his best, but at least we have some potential kino to look forward to in spring.
Open file (36.37 KB 811x479 godwinson_deformed.jpg)
Open file (325.74 KB 555x837 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (54.91 KB 584x420 ClipboardImage.png)
Dog murdering bisexual simp IMC is now calling the Killstream a "white nationalist podcast".
Also possible sperg fest between pedophile Destiny and fat jew fed Mike Enoch.
Give me a quick refresher on Enoch, it's been a while since he's popped up.
Open file (964.02 KB 1920x956 enoch_HWNDU.png)
White nationalist who married a jew. Spencer bottom boy.
He debated Halsey and somehow lost. Debated Vee. Sargon kept ducking him when he was still debating the altright, he seemed to fear Enoch.
Thanks mate
>married a jew
Doesn't that make the kids autoyids then?
He's also an overweight alcoholic with no fashion sense who owns The Right Stuff and is a member of "The Daily Shoah". He is married to a kike and has a half black brother. TRS originally was a lolbergish site that ironically was anti-semitic. When actual right wing/WN sentiments started to grow over the last half dozen years he started to use his position to gate keep and subvert that growing movement. He thinks that using other people's jokes and talking points makes him some sort of movement leader when all he does is code a website and show up on a podcast that he doesn't even host. His success is built on the back of so many other people, most of whom he disposed of the moment they stopped being convenient for him. At best he's a fucking moron, at worst he's a subversive snake who is willfully attempting to sabotage anything right of Any Rand.
You forgot that after losing to Halsey once, he ducked out on the second debate and kept running.
Oh and a couple more things
>debated pozblogger
>debated treeoflogic the dominatrix nog on the jews
>tried to redpill a visibly uncomfortable warski on the holohoax
He also caused Sargon to abruptly jump off a livestream to avoid him
Open file (13.88 MB 1280x720 Coming soon.mp4)
This trailer just dropped. Baked is about to make his big comeback.
Open file (147.71 KB 341x350 Baked_Gunted.png)
Dear god this faggot is still trying.
Baked makes everything he touches cringe. The ironybros need to stop trying to make him a thing.
Open file (165.90 KB 1013x1044 booty bounce jim.gif)
Jim Won
>13.88 MB
What did he mean by this?
Open file (986.21 KB 1286x723 untitled.png)
Revived the project, coming soon. Almost ready for a full render.
Open file (1.20 MB 1286x723 ethanralph.png)
Open file (1.09 MB 1286x723 logo_preview.png)
Some more previews.
aye lad its passed down through the mother
Looking forward to it, it's been a long time coming.
Open file (209.44 KB 678x381 mike_the_kike.png)
Kike "Eunuch" Peinovitch is a jew larping as a WN. He's known to be in contact with people who are confirmed feds or are confirmed to be working for feds. He's also a suspected homosexual.
As for the jew wife thing (which I consider secondary to his own obvious jewishness), he claimed to have divorced her, but there is no proof anywhere that he did.
Also, concerning the