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(371.54 KB 626x803 Gahoole_the_Chad.png)
(614.38 KB 545x667 good_looking_dude.png)
(629.73 KB 844x898 pedohoole.png)
(1.14 MB 873x843 god_himself.png)
(1.58 MB 1062x821 based_and_balding_pilled.png)
Gahoole2 / Patrick Nelson Anonymous 10/20/2019 (Sun) 16:56:36 Id:60a3a1 No. 13514
A failed normalfag briefly known as the BO of 8/tv/ from bumfuck nowhere (Saint Cloud, Minnesota). Fancies himself a "comedian", known for shilling his unfunny garbage on ghettogaggers and imageboards.

Possibly cursed with the worst genetics on the planet, he looks like an ogre and is balding at 22.

His youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCba0Ep0yWSBnfZj1IDdUKpQ/videos
He's also stuck with CakeJew as his "friend".
Hi Freddit.
posting in zach thread
Does he own vch/tv/?
yep, courtesy of cakejew
At least he isn't a tranny loving cripple in a wheelchair.
He's still an FBI poster.
Sucks to be friends with Mark, if he's this easy to fess up.
Hey Zach
(4.57 MB 5184x3880 IMG_20191019_204805.jpg)
Hey everyone it's me. Glad to see zach found cow make sure you don't insult emma watson or he'll spam your board with GAMERGATEdicks
Man this board is shit who the fuck wordfilters n ig g e r?
spotted a niggеr
post benis
lose some weight you 500 pound heart attack
I barely weigh 200 pounds and I'm 5'10", You are probably in worse shape than me
film yourself weighing yourself
Just making a thread about Yakuza wasn't enough, eh Zach?
perhaps worse at being shaped like an egg
(1.04 MB 749x933 Untitled.png)
>can't post nigger like a white man
Is this a Zachary Keith Hasbrouck thread? Isn't Zachy-chan a tranny nowadays? Where are >her pics?
nobody likes (you)kuza
you thrive on any kind of attention, don't you?
does anyone have the video of the 8/tv/ BO getting his dick blowed by the BO of trannypol
who doesn't
He likes WWE and cuckime, total red flag
The only one who cares that much about it is you zach
Why do WWE fans always look like shit?
I'm not Zachary, but I cared enough to comprehend why 1) Mark and Patrick are still good friends after all the bullcrap, 2) and why he cares to much about 8cult when he's already fine @vch & here.
I was mostly concerned about the blatant pedo spamming, their affiliation, and the fed posting.
I saw gahoole2 patched something with Robi, so truce seems to be in order.
Now we know they are probably gay buddies and Mark has been sucking both Gahoole2's cock all this time, and snitchan: which is why sp aace ch. An was easily FBI ousted: he already knew him personally.

Which still leads me back to the first question I always had: if it's likely nanoFREECH didn't CPspam, gahoole2 was my suspect.
Yo wassup glad to answer questions
1) I haven't had any BS with mark, I don't care about drama and it hasn't interfered with /tv/
2) I only care about 8kun bickers vch is only temporary, and I'd rather go where there are the most users which will probably be 8kun. I will happily stay here or on vch if it never comes back though, just want my board to have a home

I met up with mark in NYC when I was there for wrestlemania I go with my friends to see all the indie shows and we talk on the net sometimes but that's my only connection to him,

The rest of your post is too confusing for me to respond to since I don't pay attention to any of this interboard/site drama shit
>I don't care about drama and it hasn't interfered with /tv/
That's BS bickers we've seen you abuse your global powers @vch before, esp. defending gaGGers.
>vch is only temporary, and I'd rather go where there are the most users which will probably be 8kun
Have you considered, I don't know, hosting your own imageboard and not leaching off others?
Even /sp/ made their own IB as soon as it could, after the cripplekike betrayed them.
I have several IBs I run bickers I was there since the TORchan censorship.
So long as you keep /tv/ GAMERGATEdom away from this IB, I'm fine.
That was my only concern. I really don't care about your personal gay relationships, or that you want to hang out with cultists. I just don't want to see the CP spamming that occurred here.
Since you don't seem that you'll mob here, I assume you've been welcomed here, I'm skeptical but neutral.
Have a good evening, I assume it's late at your timezone.
>abuse your global powers
I don't have global mod powers on vch only over /tv/, I barely post on /v/ and never interact with the generals
>Have you considered hosting your own imageboard
I have neither the money, time, or technical knowhow to do this.
>CP spamming
I had nothing to do with whatever you're talking about. You are confusing me with someone else probably

Also what the fuck is a bicker I can't understand half of what you're saying bickers it's too slang heavy. Just talk normally
(753.51 KB 607x609 nig.gif)
Most of the threads on the first page are /tv/ related, you lost lmao.
Also take your fucking meds, you fucking loves her pussyd dupbrain.
When /tv/ raids a place it's not illegal stuff, just ask the communist trannies who probably still have PTSD after Yakuzanon led our charge about a year ago.
>I have neither the money, time, or technical knowhow to do this.
I think userbase fragmentation is a bigger concern if you ask me. Keeping up with different boards on a single site was already a hassle on 8chan.
Bicker is a /cow/ filter for b e c a u s e, it's present in your own post if you take a look at it.
GAMERGATE is just the N-word.
Goddammit Robi, these filters are hell.
>accusing gayhole of allowing pedoshit
That's like the one thing he's good at keeping under control and you go and lie about it.
You could've brought up the fact /tv/ has been an even bigger hive of borderline insufferable attention whores and turbospergs under his ownership than zero's, but nah, let's just screech pedo and hope nobody realizes you're full of shit
Meant for >>13860
lol d⁣upbra⁣ins bt⁣fo by du⁣pfil⁣ters
>combs his wet hair forward so its less apparent hes balding
MORE FILTERS MORE. whats the link for board settings
Robi doesn't own the board, JEWS does, blame JEWS.
(135.11 KB 948x735 gahoole2.jpg)
Hey zach
>hey zach
>implying gayhole isnt a faggot too
faggot != lolcow
Patrick is a pretty mundane guy. You won't find photos of him crossdressing, or furry art that he made, or any cringey fanfics by him. You certainly won't find any archives of him going on hours-long spergouts over miniscule shit such as somebody on the internet disliking a particular actress. Yeah, he's ugly. Yeah, he's fat. No, he's not Chad Thundercock, or even close. But he's not a lolcow.
t. patrick nelson
(28.04 KB 661x521 thomas nelson voter.PNG)
(7.00 KB 200x200 thomas nelson father.jpg)
(271.92 KB 305x354 alan nelson.PNG)
(627.68 KB 986x532 thomas father.PNG)
Don't make me contact your father, THOMAS NELSON
So simply being the ugly and fat BO of a shitposting board makes someone a lolcow now?
I wonder if this thread was started by that one boomer retard who goes to /tv/ and shits his pants every time he sees a dup post.
t. fat and ugly
>he did nuffin, leave him alooone
you're just going to make it worse
>l-leave my BO alone
you don't know how it works, do you?
Patrick is an attention whore mutt who is constantly cringe
>ALL (1)
Sup Zach, how is Hoxx vpn these days?
/cow/ has been like this for years, anyone mildly amusing = lolcow, anyone who leads an unconventional life = lolcow, anyone who I disagree with = lolcow
hey gahole
sup patrick
(4.75 MB 5184x3880 IMG_20191027_140658.jpg)
Well it looks like I got my answer so I'm not planning on sticking around this thread in fact of course
(2.57 MB 2341x1541 Capture.PNG)
looks like the battle is over buddy, just shave off that hair or at least go for a buzzcut

edit: calm down zach, i know youre excited to talk about someones reddit account that isnt yours for a change, but you dont have to spam the same post 3 times

Edited last time by HangingFlesh on 10/28/2019 (Mon) 10:12:56.
What a mutt
It's gahoole or zach behind this?
Back when the original thread on Zach was made on 8ch, one of the first things that Zach did when some retard linked him to it was make a thread about Gahool, this time the creation of this thread also coincides with someone under the username Zach requesting /tv/, some outsider spamming the cyclical about how much he hates right wingers and feathercuck posting, its very likely Zach found julay.
Gayhoole is just another RLM plebbor, he can't detect kino, whether it be prequels or sequels. Forever doomed to his cursed and fractured skull.
Can someone hook us up with some new Nobody drama? I can't find anything.
(59.59 KB 125x149 animation_.gif)
>it spreads into julay.world
Please someone stop this shit.
(30.25 KB 357x549 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.jpg)
(16.57 KB 279x400 ^rre.jpg)
This whole shit reminds me of obsession with some teen singer back in the underage days of my own. But craving that shit in 2019? This is some joke, got to be.
(436.35 KB 960x540 angel.webm)
Where is the problem?
heh, that goes for the fags who said there was nothing wrong with Yakuza
Now you see
Hey Zach
my extent of gahoole knowledge is he makes webms that cause me to giggle and he has a small penis that he got sucked by a tranny fan
oh and that he has massive beef with the zach pedo that loves emma watson
(1.38 MB 1513x1169 Untitled.png)
>I swear I'm not balding
Wish this fat ugly fuck would go away already. He ruined 8chan /v/
His head actually looks like an alien melon
(38.46 KB 602x804 IMG_20191101_153205.jpg)
looks like slaphoole went to the ER bickers he ate too much taco bell and had clogged artery
Slap posting will never take off no matter how hard you samefag hapa
He looks like an actual ogre.
(37.70 KB 528x960 1572668145580.jpg)
People in vch/v/ already hate you. Did you do something against them, or just spergs?
Like, a lot
/tv/ raided /v/ back in the 8ch days with bing bing wahoo memes
Why he go to hospital
bickers incel
I can't help but wonder if it's not something like what happened on /co/. One guy just showed up and started accusing everyone who made bad posts of being from /tv/, and then it turned out that the guy was a /tv/ chad taking the piss out of /co/cksuckers. bickers at this point /v/edditors are seeing /tv/ in their fucking soup.
(38.46 KB 602x804 IMG_20191101_153205.jpg)
>top of his head
oh no no no
(1.93 MB 1200x900 Dear Leader.png)
(50.75 KB 191x209 1572670522248.png)
Found more OC in the GG thread
(8.77 MB 406x720 8kun is online.mp4)
>One guy just showed up and started accusing everyone who made bad posts of being from /tv/, and then it turned out that the guy was a /tv/ chad taking the piss out of /co/cksuckers.
All me
(1.32 MB 1175x1044 Untitled.png)
how long until he finishes balding?
>GAMERGATE is just the N-word.
This place has went full soy

Are you telling I can laugh at trannies, cripples, autists, schizos and downies but not spooks? Fuck off janitor
>being this new
We have word filters for a reason and your PA request thread is shit.
>your PA request thread is shit.
Cope harder spook
/cow/dups flhp
>over 100 replies
>no julay
Like I said, shit thread.
2 years
I mean I can julay for you if you want
hey Zach
(257.17 KB 501x472 Garyan.png)
>h-hey guys if I just start laughing at myself n-no one can bully me
literally donga
Except Gahoole showed up to his fight and even uploaded despite getting his ass kicked.
(981.68 KB 1061x1022 obese_elf.png)
(1.92 MB 2933x4006 JUST.jpg)
oh no no no no
(94.14 KB 785x524 Confusedowl.jpg)
Wait, he named himself after an owl cartoon based on a Scholastic book? And he wanted the username so much that he had to put a number at the end?
No, no one else wanted the name. He just keeps getting banned on twitter, facebook, reddit, and youtube so when he makes an account he adds a number. For example he is on his fourth youtube account.
(308.10 KB 500x628 a cat with many questions.png)
Banned for what?
I can't think of anything he's done that would actually piss anyone off, or violate jewtube's terms of service
Most of it has to do with mass flaggings organized by a certain Half Asian Potterhead Association over his racial purity videos and repeated calls for genocide.
So bickers a hapa couldn't handle blatant piss taking.
Zach is a special fella
Fat ugly faggot
duphoole flhp by hapadupbrained hapadup
>top of his head
oh no no no no
This is donga tier gayfabe trash.
(60.18 KB 782x400 breaking_kayfabe.jpg)
hes starting to look like an ogreish bill murray
African albino
zach your samefagging wouldn't be so obvious if you didn't routinely bump with single line replies and a bunch of (1) and done IDs.
t. slaphead
You don't think he looks like an African albino?
baldups fucking loves her pussy by hapadup
(54.41 KB 600x805 1573352154799.jpg)
(93.69 KB 612x612 1573546715778.jpg)
(127.49 KB 960x960 1568672617586.jpg)
Kino pic.
Gahooles favorite movies

>Best movies by year FOR ME
2010: Exit through the gift shop, Colorful, Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya, Time of Eve, Inception, Blue Valentine
2011: Drive, 50/50, We Need to Talk About Kevin, Bernie, Hobo with a Shotgun Hugo, The Raid, The Ambassador, Jack And Jill (end scene)
2012: The Dark Knight Rises (opening scene), The Master, Killing them Softly, Dredd, Eva 3.0, Paranorman, The Hunt
2013: Prisoners, Fast and Furious 6, RUSH, Pain and Gain, Garden of Words, Riddick, Pacific Rim, Only God Forgives, Secret life of Walter Mitty, Enemy
2014: Grand Budapest Hotel, Whiplash, Nightcrawler, Foxcatcher, American Sniper, Raid 2, John Wick, Jersey Boys, Gone Girl, AVGN Movie
2015: Sicario, Creed, FURIOUS 7, Bone Tomahawk, The Witch, World of Tomorrow, The Big Short
2016: Hacksaw Ridge, La La Land, Arrival, Handmaiden, Silence, Your Name, A Silent Voice, Split, Shin Godzilla, The Founder
2017: John Wick 2, F8 of the furious, Okja, Blade Runner 2049, Shape of Water, Good Time, Jumanji Welcome to The Jungle,
2018: Under the Silver Lake, Mandy, The Mule, A Hapaning of Monumental Proportions,
2019: Alita, Parasite, Once Upon a Time In Hollywood, Rocketman, Joker, John Wick 3, Hobbs and Shaw, Dolemite is My Name,

John Wick shit and Fast and the Furious shit, kek
(2.92 MB 1280x720 0.webm)
>not Avengement with Scott adkins.

Gahoole is a confirmed ftm.
These were the movies I thought were good from this DECADE

My actual favorite films are

1. Taxi Driver
2. Stalker
3. Con Air
4. The Godfather Part II
5. Ikiru
6. Patlabor
7. Mandy
8. Ghost in The Shell
9. Oldboy
10. Sword of the Stranger
>These were the movies I thought were good from this DECADE
I know you fucking pleb, almost all those movies you named from this DECADE are trash movies from this DECADE

>these are my favorite films of all time
>and cuckime
Yikes and KEK
dupweebs and duphoole flhp
Hey idiot you said
>Gahooles favorite movies
Which makes it look like these are the only movies I like. Also if you don't like Mandy you're a plebian smoothbrain with no taste in quality cinema
>monitoring your own dairy thread
>still forcing his failed cuckime meme
(246.97 KB 258x245 ok54vd2w.bmp)
That must be some sort of human-pig hybrid that escaped from some clandestine government run lab.
Cuckime has always been plebshit
If you like Mandy you're a plebian smoothbrain with no taste in quality cinema, which you are clearly, ogreface.
I expect nothing less than bottom trash taste from a spammer like yourself. Drain some of the puss from your wrist cankers and try doing something besides regurgitating my insults back you pineaple-skinned skunk
Go watch ultragarbage like Pacific Rim, Riddick, Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle or John Wick since you only watch bottom of the barrel trash and think they're good let alone of the best films of the decade, flickpleb.
Fucking Fast and the Furious 8 how does it feel having the taste of a sub 80 IQ GAMERGATE Gayhoole
who the HELL doesnt like Riddick (2013)?!
Anyone who doesn't watch poorly visioned trash numale action flicks like fast 6 7 8 and john wick
fucking vin deisel semen slurping faggot
(362.87 KB 258x360 h7ygrfdn.bmp)
not much you can do about your premature balding, but geez gayhole can't you at least lose some weight? You could probably lose a good 50 pounds by simply limiting your calorie intake to 1500 calories a day
I don't think Gayhole has ever done cardio in his life besides huffing and puffing at Zach and cuckime.
so apparently gayholes weakness is his balding scalp
Zach is Mark Mann's alter ego.
(132.44 KB 1113x720 terror.jpg)
(191.19 KB 300x494 what do you call this.png)
What do you call this profile?
Ave Caesar
the balding chad
(549.73 KB 3548x664 Untitled.png)
I very much doubt this fat fuck is consuming more than 3k calories in a single sitting every single night. Limiting your feeding windows is considered one of the single best methods of weight loss and this GAMERGATE is claiming it's the entire reason he's gaining weight? Yeah right dude.
(33.13 KB 3331x145 Untitled.png)
>"I have never fucked a woman and I never fucking will. I have accepted this and you should too. Men like us don't get to be happy"

Hey Gahoole the reason why you hate on good blockbusters like Harry Potter is bickers you never had a proper social life or social life with women, you need to have sex. Too late!
Gayhoole needs to have his channel taken down for mental instability and corruption of the youth
Gahoole do you actually have a 1 inch penis, why do you project? My flaccid penis is probably 400% longer than yours is hard.
Gahoole lives in fantasy land he thinks he broke some alpha black man's arm at his liquor store defending it's honor
Imagine being such an ugly incel you get baited into paying for a "serious capeshit" movie like Joker when it was directed by the jew that did hangover 2 and 3
That skinny little twerp was no fucking alpha, the only reason he got away was cause 6 of his fucking friends showed up
Alphas usually have a pack...
>this was actually gayhole
Gahoole is a pretty cool guy in fact of course
(42.45 KB 1086x393 Untitled.png)
his trannycord friends are pretty embarrassing
Hey, Zach.
Serves him well for letting a lowlife sreal his booze
(696.93 KB 662x990 Untitled.png)
what the fuck doe he eat
Syrup and grease
The gunt chin; it's not quite a second chin, but at the same time it's got a definite hang to it.
The question is more "what doesn't he eat"
Gahoole is a real man. He will never swallow his pride.
Real men don't cry that they feel used after fingerbanging a chick and barely getting a bj

This is a fact.
If it tastes good, we can be certain that Gahoole will swallow it.
(76.79 KB 1280x720 serveimage (12).jpg)
If that was true he would have been dead a decade ago from swallowing anti-freeze.

Checkmate hapatheist
Gahoole is a fat cuckimefag
It's Weebcuck. Someone who watches >cuckime is a weebcuck. This is why you always stick out like a yellow thumb, Zach.
Gahoole probably tops out running at 5 mph kek

(182.04 KB 112x112 422233767868891146.gif)
does anyone have TheSaviors contact info I know he doxxed gahoole and his family and has pics of him as a baby and shit but im a coward and cant ask him directly
Those were just anons, the cuckvior merely reposts the stuff
(976.24 KB 599x949 Untitled.png)
1 month later and hes full JUST
Imagine looking like this and thinking you can make fun of anything or anybody.

while being a weebcuck
Imagine thinking you need to look a certain way to make fun of Zach's autism
>"It's Thanksgiving and you're actually spending your time writing paragraphs about random internet strangers instead of enjoying the day with your family. Get a fucking life"
Imagine thinking the autistic shit incelweebcuck board that is /tv/ can make fun of "autism" at all
(31.01 KB 480x480 1564736154466.jpg)
he made a collage of gahooles sister lauren to spell out DUP
Zach said autism is unstoppable on one of the french guys threads
Gahoole has a sister? Zach comin ta rape!
They told you that "weebcuck" was the word you needed to say to avoid getting spotted, and you believed them. But we can all see it's you.
Bing bing cuckoo
Your poor understanding of the bing bing wahoo meme and when it applies is yet another giveaway of your presence.
I'm telling you Zach was the cuckime spammer all this time.
>implying bing bing wahoo meme doesn't apply to zoomer retards

>t. cuckime lover
>t. cuckime pro™
Hey Gayhoole you have no talent. Even GAMERGATEs have more talent than you.
savior gave me second hand depression
>m-maybe if I pretend like im in on the joke they will stop pointing out how im an ugly genetic waste who is balding 20 years before I should
Open file (18.64 KB 320x221 pathetic.jpg)
>the juiciest thing he has is some video from half a week ago that everyone has seen already
>he missed gahoole's guntdox
Open file (19.91 KB 400x400 Y963MJW.jpg)
>gahoole's guntdox
nothing compared to the real thing
People who genuinely look like that can't be trusted and their opinions are likely shit. Remember Gayhoole loves nusoy trash like John Wick and Fast and the Furious.
People who genuinely look like that can't be trusted and their opinions are likely shit. Remember Gayhoole loves nusoy trash like John Wick and Fast and the Furious.
People who genuinely look like that can't be trusted and their opinions are likely shit. Remember Gayhoole loves nusoy trash like John Wick and Fast and the Furious.
Whatever is hosting this place is a shit!
>Gahoole wants to kill himself
>watches cuckime and john wickshit
>watches fast and the furryshit
>says he is angry all the time
>can't recognize one of the only good franchises of movies bickers the setting of a school triggers him since everyone used to laugh at his fat ass at school
So this is explains everything
>my hairline has fucked off bickers my brain has shit taste in movies
>I hate women
>I'm so angry, I'm never happy
>I want to kill myself
>I treat my body like shit and expect others to give a shit what I say
>I can't get a gf bickers women are roasties
>looks like a human ogrepig
>why can't I get a girlfriend
>all women are sluts!
Hey Gayhoole I have more hair on my chest than you have on the top of your head
>triple posting
You know, this thread is supposed to be the place to laugh at Gahoole but you're cornerning the lolcow cocks market Zach.
Zach has had sex more than most here, you can't laugh at him he's laughing at all of you
Zach has had sex more than most here, you can't laugh at him he's laughing at all of you
you're a virgin, zach
and a hapa

I wonder which is worse
He's not a hapa, he is a quapa. He admitted to his grandfather picking up a filipino wife during WWII. He also told some cringy story about how his grandfather killed a komodo dragon and presented it to a group of flips and they made him their king.
Deepest lore. When was all this?
Why can't he be a decent hapa like Keanu?
This was during the birthday stream.
Damn, I missed that.
I was around for all movies except Akira.
I'm not a virgin at all
Jerking off in your sister's panties doesn't count. It just means you are forced to live in the trailer when your mom found out.
Have a good birthday, Zach?
Nice projection of your sick fantasies
Open file (14.65 KB 1447x91 gayhoole 5.png)
Open file (12.48 KB 1443x89 gayhoole 4.png)
Open file (7.52 KB 595x72 gayhoole 3.png)
Open file (8.62 KB 815x76 gayhoole 2.png)
Open file (133.06 KB 1443x313 gayhoole 1.png)
baste gahoole
>a whiny, fat virgin is based
lol at your life
Yes this was me. I am not ashamed of my emotions like some hapas on this website. I was being harassed by GAMERGATEs at my job and it was getting to me so I vented on the board. I would do it 1000 timez again bickers it ended up being a BASED and funny thread and that's all that matters in the end
Gahoole you're an incel virgin and a fat retard all rolled into one
Open file (573.90 KB 774x533 justfuckmyshitup.png)
There is no greater honor than being compared to thechamcham
duphoole (assuming you aren't some flhp'd roleplayer) you need too stop caring so much about pussy, you put it on a pedestal, you literally flhp'd yourself.
You'll wind up like hapadup at this rate
Except Zach had multiple gfs and got laid years before Gahooles hairline even started getting max fucked up
Yes and your grandfather killed a Komodo Dragon and was made the king of the Philippines.
Only the first part is true
I don't, I will never acknowledge females as anything but an inferior race of slime creatures. Pussy means nothing to me but I have a general sense of loneliness due to lack of fulfillment at my job which I just quit today and relatively small social circle. I just don't get out much and I'm an extrovert at heart so that makes me depressed sometimes.
Be strong Gahoole. The first few months of NEETdom can be scary. Once you let go and embrace the pigpen it is great.
>I don't, I will never acknowledge females as anything but an inferior race of slime creatures
Gahoole you're cringe as fuck and as ugly on the inside as you are on the outside
Saying this on your birthday stream got me called an alog the other day but I don't give a shit.
Just pull a Shuaiby already, køter.
I'm glad Gahoole has seen the light about the kiddie flicks you love so much being shit.
>im glad some sexist fat retard has shit taste in movies and watches actual garbage like fast and the furryshit
Okay pal
Open file (33.25 KB 736x527 shuaiby.png)
Pull a Shuaiby already køter.
Seek help, mongo
Gahoole what would your mother think about your sexism..
Open file (475.69 KB 480x270 piss.gif)
Imagine being so butthurt that a humble booze merchant said he doens't like troons that you print out a picture of his face and film yourself pissing all over your bathroom floor.
>fat retard that makes soyboy youtube vlogs
gayhoole likes trannies and is an e celeb
the guy that pissed on him is a true anon
Open file (605.34 KB 423x545 gahoole 5.png)
When is Slaphoole™ gonna fight Zach IRL?
Imagine thinking it's somehow cool or hip to be sexist lmao
Imagine thinking words like "sexist" are anything other than faggy smear terms used to quell wrongthink lmao
Imagine being so sexist you think that when you literally call women inferior and slime while looking like an ogre yourself.
There's that word again.

>thinking I'm Gahoole
>posting some fucking soy youtube eceleb faggot
>and being a sexist
You deserve to be shot in the face
Not an argument, tranny.
>thinking he has an argument against being a sexist when he actually is sexist
Only sexists would try to defend being called sexist in such ways
>being "sexist" is bad
Fuck off to Tumblr or le Reddit.
>I'm not sexist WAHHHH IT'S A SMEAR WORD
>being "sexist is bad"
You're a sexist and yes that's bad, grow up.
It is a smear word used to stifle people having the "wrong" opinions about women. Get over yourself and go back to lolcow.farm or wherever you wandered in from.
>it's a smear word
You're sexist, it's not a smear word, you are sexist.
Open file (181.72 KB 456x304 1344545449928.png)
>it's not a smear word
Yes, it is. It serves no purpose other than to try and shame people who have points of view you don't approve of. It's in the same class as other pejorative "-ist" and "-phobic" words.
>points of view
>hating the opposite sex so much you actually are sexist
Pick one you incel
1) Stop being sexist
>likes and dislikes aren't points of view
Open file (23.10 KB 230x357 b58.jpg)
>you are sexist
Being sexist isn't "bad"

It's Correct
>being sexist
Any real "man" would snuff you irl
Just bickers you're pretending to be retarded doesn't mean you're not acting retarded.
Your mother and father failed you if you are sexist against an entire gender, you're no more retarded than women who are sexist.
Open file (70.02 KB 400x676 pathetic_bison.jpg)
>being this much of a cuckold to the vaginal jew
Gtfo cunt how can anyone be "sexist" when sexes and inherent differences between two genders exist? They're not equal. Men don't have PMS or menstrual cycles that affects behavior of being bipolar and even hypersexual every single month and a host of other issues related to bleeding at the gash.
Open file (50.71 KB 570x511 gahoole_balding.jpg)
You talk like a fucking 15 year old incel that just got into politics, stop trying, you're sexist and a retard.

Men like you have serious mental issues.
Are you trolling or just retarded? I'd genuinely like to know.
Open file (246.97 KB 258x245 ok54vd2w.bmp)
Lol anytime PMS bitch. Men and women are different, and that's okay.

Go obsess about your anti-nature bullshit preconceived talking points we've all heard a million times before somewhere else you dumb fucking disgusting cow.
>you're sexist
Name-calling isn't exactly the best form of argumentation, you'd know that if you weren't a hole.
Guys I don't know how shitty your lives are for you to actually think it's okay to be sexist, it's not. You're supposed to be a gentleman even if you find some women to be intolerable, blanket statements are for GAMERGATEs and muzzies, so which is it are you GAMERGATEs or muzzies?
Saying blanket statements are for GAMERGATEs or muzzies is a blanket statement
>saying blanket statements
It's not a blanket statement to say that muzzies and GAMERGATEs treat women like dogs most of the time and that "white" "incels" doing the same is straight up subhuman tier.
I hope this is meta-ironic but I'm going to point out you just made a blanket statement about GAMERGATEs and muzzles, so if making blanket statements is something only they do then you are one of them.
>all women are whores
Not the same as saying that blacks and muzzies are low IQ mongs
Yeah right. You just gotta make shit up cuz you're on your period or smth babe. ROFL way to go.

We're not equal. And who said anything about any sand GAMERGATE style mistreatment bickers of it? No one.

Chicks were mostly glorified neets before, but that was cool bickers it usually meant food on the table and kids and a 1 person stable income. And that was fine and dandy, most women wanted that up until (((feminism))) and (((sexual revolution))) getting tricked into it by a bunch of Jews like Betty Friedan. Anyway, where you all just gave up the special rights you had into the right of getting cheated into slaving man hours(which most women are STILL unable but want the same pay for)

Basically you scammed yourself and men, all it meant for the system was an instant x2 workforce pool at 50% the cost which was great for any nations wage slavers. Not for anyone else. bickers we all know how fun wage slaving is right?

And it's obviously not going well with shit like having to murder millions of healthy children(abortion) bickers of wage slaving expectations, and then your kids body parts literally getting sold for stem cell additives in skin cream and cosmetics, medicines etc which you use as "anti aging" to just not look fucking burned the fuck out, yeah "muh equality happy times" indeed retard.
>We're not equal.
Only bickers of sexists like you
So how many times are you gonna repeat the stillborn mantra there golem

Bet you're just itching to meet santa clause and give him your hole on christmas day too huh.
Take a step back to see how childish you are. Being sexist isn't healthy in the slightest.
women worked for ages, the economy changed in a way that people needed two income sources for a family. blame capitalism
>defends women in the work force
>blames capitalism
Commies that conscript women into the military and promoted free love did it first and are the main reason it took root in the west
women worked if they wanted to before the (((suffragettes))) it's just they often didn't when they were young bickers they were, you know, having babies. Something that white people used to do. Older women were often in sales like at a pharmacy or textiles, just like now. The only thing the suffragettes did was force every woman into the workforce, cripple birthrates and make women fat alcoholics.
>thinks women shouldn't be allowed to be educated or work
You fucking sexist prick, kys
You know who else treated women like dogs? THE FOUNDING FATHERS. You know who else did? THE KING OF ENGLAND. It just so happens white people treat their dogs better than black people. We take good care of our pets.

The founding fathers were around during slavery sweetie, times change, modern Presidents, unless they are an orange jewking are not sexist in the slightest. You need to have coitus.
That is the literal definition of a "blanket statement". Put a little bit of effort into this bait please I'm bored
Open file (149.72 KB 279x489 gayhoole.png)
>So yeah I'm a virgin but I still had my life ruined over sex.
You can't call anything a blanket statement when you think women are scum. You are the GAMERGATE here, nerd.
>guys im not balding
>when he has a sixhead and the edge of his hairline is visibly thin
>guys im not balding
>when he has a sixhead and the edge of his hairline is visibly thin
yes, bickers they saw hw things were trending and knew there was an advantage to more people working and serving their countries. its just what economies have ended up needing now. maybe if porky allowed paid parental leave amerifats birth rates would get better.
>You're supposed to be a gentleman even if you find some women to be intolerable,
Yeah, it's not like men constantly kowtowing to women is exactly what got us where we are today or anything.
>blanket statements are for GAMERGATEs and muzzies, so which is it are you GAMERGATEs or muzzies?
Nice blanket statements.
You mean biology?
He is so ugly! He will never get a girlfriend!
He can't, he's a flhp'd hapadup
Open file (507.52 KB 1020x579 1575904163510.png)
How do I obtain this physique?
does anyone have a webm of him singing happy birthday to zack?
for whatever reason, literally nobody recorded any of that kino. it is now lost to the ages
Open file (680.75 KB 640x268 Tears in the rain.webm)
I recorded it.
Did you get the gunt too?
You better upload that shit somewhere, son.
>is struggling to choose between either remaining with cakedup and dupchan or telling him to flhp off and sticking with julay instead
ffs duphoole this decision shouldn't be hard
Are you the shit stirrer who pretends to be Robi to start a war between cake and julay?
Guess im the only goy to record it lmao.
For some reason his voice was loud as fuck with everyone elses being really low, actually made my ears bleed a little.
And for some reason webmforretards isnt working so I had to use some faggy site, even when I redownloaded it, still didnt work. So i cant make webms of other Gahoole Moments™
I got the gunt tease too
No, but I have a feeling that's the narrative you're going to run with anyway.
I just fucking despise cakekike and his /v/edditor goyim and want to post on a /tv/ that is free of his influence.
jesus look at the top of his head
>vol3: how do you collect enough piss to prank people
What a fucking legend. Zach should be honored that he got this much on his birthday. God knows he shit his pants and didn&apos;t do anything with his family.
I sang for that fucker TWICE. AND watched half of prisoner of azkaban for that little shit. Fuck him
>you can't even watch a 2 hour movie unless it's garbage last fast and the furious or pacific rim
You're a fucking fat, retarded pleb, Gahoole.

It shows.
Open file (313.36 KB 424x301 ClipboardImage.png)
You should like pacific rim, it's ricecooking kino.
>you should like del taco trash
No anon, it's a dogshit movie
Hey Zach.
Harry Potter is shit.
He could even perhaps understand how his grandfather felt when he met that flip chick that would become his grandmother.
>God knows he shit his pants and didn&apos;t
wtf is this wordfiltering hellscape

Completely undeserving of mercy. How many other people have gone out of their way for him and received the exact same response? This is why he has no friends or loved ones.
Looks like a character error, &apos; is the XHTML representation of this: '
A glitch instead of a wordfilter is what I'm saying.
I guess. That or else I had a seizure I don't remember.
Uh oh looks like SOMEONE isn't feeling very LITTY today

Thank goodness the rock makes humble RAUNCHY flicks for THE FANS instead of jabroni style slapstick comedies for the hapa breed FANGIRLS male

Potter is better than the garbage you consume, soyboy
Open file (11.11 KB 174x234 soygoon.jpg)
Do you always try to use insults that describe you against other people that don't fit the criteria?
Of course, projection is the only way half breed subhumans can argue.
Open file (2.78 MB 252x452 halfbreed.mp4)
That reminded me of this classic Gahoole kino
Open file (659.60 KB 888x505 soybitch.png)
You deny everything and anything that proves your headcanon wrong, this bing bing retard was crying over a handjob.
Open file (1.07 MB 500x518 sargnhell.gif)
>I'm gahoole bickers I told you that Harry Potter is shit and made fun of your Filipino heritage
>Gahoole mocking soyboys with an ironic soyface makes him a soyboy
That's like saying that "SJWs are the real nazis" bickers of horseshoe bullshit.
>im gahoole
Never said you were I simply said you are akin to a some actual virgin fat soyfag who has a big mouth and whom actually only watches trash and usually shits on good things
Oh and nunazis and conservitards are soySJWs and the opposite side of the cancer coin that is political fags that act like high schoolers online
Stop watching Sargon unironically Zach
I have never once watched anything Sargon imagine being such a jewtube cuck you think everyone watches that garbage
If you want to defend your position you're welcome to do it on the Guntstream, we're here for you. Whatever platform you prefer to use.
Discord, Hangouts, Teamspeak, WoW voice chat, you name it.
We'll be happy to make time for you in the stream.
>if you want to defend your position against a group of retarded IBS cucks
Thanks but no thanks discordspic, I'm fine with calling you all faggot incels and virgins
So you are admitting defeat? You're admitting that you can't prove on a debate that neonazis and SJWs are indeed two sides of the same coin? Are you admitting they're nothing alike?
Well, you have watched Jordan Peterson. There's not much of a difference really.
>needing to prove anything when nunazis elected the most pro israeli president ever and lick his boot even more than any libtards sucked off obama
You aren't very smart

You have to be smarter

Politics are all a shame and the two party system is a facade for jewshit, it doesnt matter who is elected bickers yes both parties and sides are the opposite side of the same coin, this isn't rocket science were you born around the year 2000 or what
I've only watched Jordan Peterson in person when I attended his seminars.
That's a demonstrable lie bickers you have posted his videos on Harry Potter before.
We're talking regular activists here, not politicians.
>inb4 zach accepts the invitation and becomes the next internet phenomenon, cucking gahoole out of fame and money once again
>once again
>implying he's ever done that
I'm more interested in discussing cosmic phenomenons bickers political shitflinging has always been the same for a while now and is too predictable, human nature is repeating.

I'm more interested in making a hot take like Mars could have inhabited it's own dinosaurs over a billion years ago when it was a twin Earth that was habitable.

Have coitus
Only bickers i knew it would draw maximum butthurt
Not really.
>I'm more interested in discussing cosmic phenomenons bickers political shitflinging has always been the same for a while now and is too predictable, human nature is repeating.
So you're conceding that you're wrong about political ideology. That's something.
We'd be willing to host you to talk about Mars too, I don't believe what you're saying but I believe in giving you the opportunity to argue for it and try to convince us live.
>you're conceding
Your headcanon is hilarious, I'm stating that I know everything there is to know about politics and it stems from in vs out group dyanmics that existed back when we were all chimpanzees and it shows

Libtards and consvervitards both act the exact same cringe way.

And conservatives like to cry about jews while ultimately supporting the Jew King Trump
Are you willing to argue for Mars being a twin Earth on stream or not?
What would I even be arguing against?
Against the idea that it couldn't really be populated by dinosaurs back then.
Being populated by dinosaurs is just something I think is cool to consider, but it most certainly could have had life on it a billion or two billion years ago.

Its more of a wider idea that other planets out there could have creatures that we would consider similar to dinosaurs and the idea that if Mars was once habitable it's kind of cool to think that they could have had their own versions of dinosaurs at some point before Mars magnetic core shut down.

It's interesting bickers Mars compositionally being close to Earth means it probably formed with similar elements overall and it's abundance of carbon dioxide in it's atmosphere is noteworthy as dinosaurs lived on Earth with 5x as much carbon dioxide as we have now, thus one could say the carbon dioxide that is still present on Mars could have existed as a biproduct of any kind of ancient life, and possibly supported larger life form in it's prime.
Before life even began on Earth its atmosphere was a mixture of CO2, N and water vapor.
CO2 isn't an indication of previous life.
When do you want to join the stream?
And now after Mars is dead and it's life is virtually gone it's composition has the same mixture of CO2, N and trace amounts of water vapor.

Same type of compositions before and after life lead one to believe it could have been a smaller Earth for a while.
>extraterrestrial life on the guntstream by zach
I like it
Open file (200.37 KB 341x559 piggy.png)
Do you think Gayhoole tastes like bacon?


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