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Mark Mann Thread Anonymous 10/18/2019 (Fri) 22:49:59 ID: ebaa36 No.13209
Let's take a moment to appreciate of favorite CakeJew, and just bask in his shell of a life.
Obviously mirroring the concurrent threads originals.
>he's a diaperfurfag too
Explains why 8/v/ was so shit at least.
>mfw he still ran /v/ when 8ch existed better than the mods do here
fuck off CakeJew, 8/v/ was so bad people started doing alternative /v/s even on 8ch.
<ywn a Guacman Bowl for ur dongles
>I want to post in a hugbox where Nintendo shills
If you consider allowing furfags to openly declare their lust for animal dick constantly and banning anyone that made fun of you him for being a nintendo baby running it well, then sure.
Not surprising since mark absolutely loved posting some messed up diaperbabyfur pedocomic about tails from sonic.
Open file (90.01 KB 1280x720 soy.jpg)
>8chan /v/
hahaha, no. it even managed to be worse than 4chin's /v/. now that's an achievement! Mark is incompetent and shit mod.
Open file (50.98 KB 413x243 soyjak.gif)
I don't understand why the fags on his board don't move to one of the other /v/s on the webring, they all seem to fucking despise him and his arbitrary deletion of things that trigger him at the moment.
Meanwhile julay/v/ finally has a BO that isn't a rage quitting asshat, and smug/vg/ is full of vidya conversation with no furry porn dumps LOL threads, yet apparently neither one is good enough bickers ???
/v/iggers truly are a good goy slave race
I remember a time before Mark's modding of /v/ on 8ch was disruptive, or maybe even before he was a mod at all. Was he always? I remember when it was pretty alright, had some comfy threads about old games like The Guild and stuff.
>/v/iggers truly are a good goy slave race
b/c they like watching the shadows on the cave wall anon. it appeals to their sensibilities. not every man is cut out for freedom you know.
He's also fucking ugly and jewish but those are synonymous.
Marks/v/ is comprised almost entirely of recent wave cuckchan refugees and cuckchan cross-posters. They are addicted to PPH and value literally nothing else. Stop fucking encouraging them to invade other boards and be glad they are contained on that kikes board.
That was before he had his own little yes man clique blowing smoke up his ass after every little ban tantrum and also before yogapig started paying him.
He also probably realized it would be a risk to pull any faggotry during the earlier days bickers everyone had just fled from cuckchan, were extremely wary of hotpocket cuckoldry, and would've immediately made their own successful alternate /v/ at that point.
Too bad that mentality all but fucking died.
I don't advertise anything to them, if only for the fact that the /tv/ trannies who share his site are potentially even worse than /v/iggers and I'd rather not attract them anywhere else.
Also it's not like they are unaware or can't just look at the fucking webring, they're just too whipped to give cakejew the finger.
Open file (372.24 KB 663x843 FBI is OK.png)
Open file (170.23 KB 656x857 I'm not a cult leader.png)
Open file (189.54 KB 619x931 I'm not grudgeful.png)
I have to admit, I've been around on imageboards for a long time and I've seen my share of goatse and whatnot, but something about Mark's ass along with that ghostly asshole staring back at me from my laptop's LED screen in the middle of the night creates a dreadful visage which still terrifies me like nothing else.
>Stop fucking encouraging them to invade other boards and be glad they are contained on that kikes board.
Or maybe people complain about Mark but in the end like his product more than the competition. The BO always gets shat on unless it's a niche, tightly-knit board. But it's not well seen to praise a BO out of the blue while complaining is. Mark is far from perfect and sometimes fucks up, but even with a perfect BO you'd get complaints on a board that big, if only bickers of envy and desire to run the board themselves.
Go defend him elsewhere ni/gg/er. In the last 3 months he's
>linked journalists directly to the webring
>been exposed for making $2k a month for being a global vol while all the others did it for free
>Admitted talking to the FBI
and probably many other things I've forgotten. Smug/vg/ and Julay/v/ are comfy and don't suffer from these problems. If you like your hugbox so much stay in it.
>an actual mark apologist
Big yikes and cringepill. Do the world a favor and hang yourself.
Open file (50.98 KB 413x243 soy.gif)
He bans people who call him a fat nintendo-loving soyboy, and you go to other boards singing his praise like a fag.
>e-every Jim and chinkmonkey employee gets shit on so take that h8ers!
You might consider reading your posts before clicking reply, just to verify how embarrassing they may be.
Open file (193.17 KB 510x530 markdontcare.png)
>gargling on circumcised dick this much
take your pick
>infinity.moe furfag
>bans shit he doesn't like
>doesn't even deny it
>talks about the webring on twitter
>which attracts the attention of cucks
>squeals to the FBI like a total retard bickers "they were real nice and not mean at all"
>instead of doing what kikes do best and getting a lawyer tribe member to speak for him
why do you even leave your cultbox yes man?
Open file (77.00 KB 978x955 EHT4pQfXYAEzpwG.jpg)
This stupid GAMERGATE was the one who managed my claims? No wonder it was impossible to get a board!
>. it even managed to be worse than 4chin's /v/. now that's an achievement! Mark is incompetent and shit mod.
no, have you been on 4gag
Doesn't look like Mark. Stop defaming our morbidly obese jew
>Wake up
>Vchan off the webring
>8coom meta thread gone
Vch is being ddosed, that's why it's off the webring
Open file (217.82 KB 505x637 Mark Jeb Lube.png)
How does that work?
Open file (162.57 KB 480x270 ARE_YOU_RETARDED.mp4)
Mark enabled the Cloudflare DDoS-Protection landing page. It's keeping the webring script from accessing vch, which means it assmues you're down and thus removed vch.

Nepfag showed and called him a retard so mark turned off the DDoS protection.
>Nepfag showed and called him a retard so mark turned off the DDoS protection
Evidence or you're retarded.
Open file (30.30 KB 252x226 1410121977075.jpg)
>Mark has shadow bumplock features on vchan.
The absolute state.

Link to real IP no one wants to use CF.
Open file (725.83 KB 480x360 (you).webm)
The bumplock feature on vch is broken it seems. Gahoole bumplocked a thread and it neither displayed the anchor nor bumplocked.
You need to understand the cakekike doens't know what the fuck he is doing and has his
>Technical guy
working on shit for him.
>You need to understand the cakekike doens't know what the fuck he is doing
Why have people tolerated him for so long? There's no excuse for this kind of incompetent jew faggotry. Is /v/ populated by GAMERGATEs with stockholm syndrome?
Battered Housewi/v/es?
Open file (266.32 KB 400x484 absolute smiles.jpg)
The ni/gg/ers threads died the true death long ago. The shambling corpse calling itself ni/gg/ers now is the same five fa/gg/ots posting pokemon porn and assorted furshit at one another and talking about their sissygasms until the weekend hits and the big dick chad shitposters show up. Then the five fa/gg/ots spend hours bickering and fighting in response to a handful of shitposts working themselves up into a lather. This fervor state only subsides once the weekdays hit and the five NEET fa/gg/ots are able to return to their cummies.
What if Tenicu is 🎂🇮🇱's /tech/guy?
It's all discoverable here: >>13388
Open file (242.85 KB 640x360 janny.webm)
If he was then he wouldn't have to show up in a public threads to called Mork a fucking retard and tell him how to unfuck his shit. Every previous time Mark has fucked his shit up he has simply said he will get in touch with his technical guy. Also if Nepfag was in charge of cakechan, cakechan wouldn't be riddled with technical problems that smug doesn't have. My best bet is the technical guy is one of Ron's B team that has to come clean up after the cakekike's fuck ups on his break time at work.

Board migration doesn't work. Unless you have a huge shit storm people stay where they are and just accept it getting worse over time. It's a frog boiling.

Why /v/ wasn't replaced is 2 fold. Mark had global mod status so he could fuck with any board he didn't like. He also has a cabal of asslickers who will intentionally ruin boards which started to compete.

tl;dr Gamers are fucking idiots and Mark was paid to run the board terribly
mark and gayhoole 2 bing bing plebs in a pod
Open file (7.93 MB 1920x1080 Is that...Wojak.mp4)







Open file (23.49 KB 435x479 warmface.png)
>tfw you get raped to death by literal furfags
julay /v/ is even worse than cake /v/ ever was, even 4/v/ is unironically better now

I can't believe the cake kike made me go back there. the only thing that it made me realize that video games always were, and always will be, for children, anyone who seeks any sort of "quality" discussion on that subject is underage or has a double digit IQ. I don't need to explain to anyone here why 4chan anything is bottom of the barrel quality post wise, or how awful their current posters or moderators are, but at the very least, the threads on 4/v/ move so fast all the usual garbage post that would usually either get deleted for dissing on da SARGON, or stay up bickers they were talking about SARGON, all get drowned out in the ocean of piss that is the fastest moving board on cuckchan equally, and everybody focuses on the few threads that are really active at the moment

say what you want, but my posts also don't get deleted bickers what I said personally insulted some kike, either, which makes 4chan moderation unironically better to vch's moderation at the moment, and I don't see that changing anytime soon. only posts that will get 100% removed are NSFW posts, or blatant /pol/posts, former anyone who actually has NSFW material can easily bypass, later is an improvement, fuck SARGONrs

if you think any 8kun or whatever place people will migrate to next will be any better than cuckchan, think again, your two options are to either stop browsing, or go to the place with the most amount of traffic and fill it with actual quality cocks yourself, anything is better than half dead boards that were never that good to begin with, and cult of personality jackasses turning them into plebbit tier circlejerks on top of that
>gamergąte filered to sąrgon
yeah, nice e-celeb worship nu/cow/ seems to have going, couldn't prove my point better
Open file (989.92 KB 821x1078 laugh.png)
This is almost as bad as moarpheus.
Open file (239.64 KB 480x480 (((benjamin))).png)
>stop making fun of my favorite e-celeb reeeee
/v/iggers are unironically so fucked in the head , they think every board should bent over and adopt cakejew's "moderation" model by deleting everything they don't like.
>muh dead boards
>I totally fill 4chan with quality cocks I swear!
>t. retard who posted nothing but shitty bait threads and acted like the bitchy backseat driver every time
who is that? I remember the name, I think it was some retard that spammed the shit out of cuckchan, can't be asked to remember every butthurt retard these days, especially since so few of them provide decent cocks these days

go back to your e-celeb worshipping thread, children
Open file (31.41 KB 517x524 Smugest_of_All.jpg)
>writing walls of text about how /v/eddit is so much better than julay's /v/
>is still here and complains about wordfilters
>still thinks robi or another mod will delete everything he doesn't like
>u-u're worshipping ecelebs
>mocking someone is worshiping them
This is your brain on a single digit IQ.

What a pathetic creature e1ae4f is, isn't he? I'm still betting on (((Bryan Dunn))), he's been throwing a fit exactly after BryBry outed himself on here and got bullied for it, what a funny coincidence.
>anime avatars, probably gąmergaters
>admitting they're from the underage containment thread
yeah, I made the right choice, 4chan is unironically better than this place now
Open file (50.10 KB 442x322 glow praise.png)
I wish you were funny. But since 4cucks doesn't have a /cow/, I'd enjoy your headcannons better.
Sleep snug, smug
>he's a gooncuck on top of it all
>Get banned for discussing Gamergate
>Get banned for discussing NeoGaf and ResetEra
>Get banned for shitting on Soyny and sometimes even Soytendo
>Threads are either template ones with 300 replies or mediocre ones that are either dead or die so fast you might not even bother posting since actual discussion is impossible
>/vg/ is even worse and every thread is a circlejerk, nowadays even with their own Discuck and they fellate bottom of the barrel shovelware like Soyny movie games and Fallout 76
Stay there
Oh yeah almost forgot
>Leaked images get deleted
>Get banned for saying GAMERGATE
>Get banned for posting a single porn image
>Get banned for "being too political"
>Get banned for shitting on the mods
>No public VPNs
>Google Captcha
>Ads between posts
>Dubsposting gets you banned
>Baneposting gets you banned
>3 MB webms with no sound
>One image per post
>Nothing but brand loyalty, shit taste and literal GAMERGATEs
>Nothing but Tumblr/Twitter/Jewtube denizens
>Ecelebs and spam are allowed
Fucking subreddits are unironically a better option for discussion at this point.
Oh yeah, the best one
Captcha per fucking post
Mark is a hairy jew and most of these pictures there is almost no body hair.
clearly not hairier than JEWS aka jonathan tyler elliott
a girl tries to look her best
Open file (71.49 KB 1179x267 MarkManngrifter1.jpg)
Open file (10.66 KB 1417x93 MarkManngrifter2.png)
Open file (11.43 KB 412x130 MarkManngrifter3.png)
Open file (31.54 KB 1069x251 MarkManngrifter4.png)
Open file (9.63 KB 375x124 MarkManngrifter5.png)
To add to this he proceeded to wipe the post histories of multiple anons discussing this in some bizarre attempt to memory hole the entire thing. When asked to show the post histories to prove he wasn't trying to memory hole he suddenly stopped posting. Now it's trying to be spun that anyone who was criticizing Mark for that blunder is a goon or a discord tranny.
Speaking of archives!
>nuke a TORnode bickers posts make you butthurt
The absolute state of (((Mark Mann)))
I just wanted to come into this thread and assert a few things.

The arts are dying bickers of retarded mong bing bing chucklefucks like you guys who spam /tv/ with garbage jewtube videos and shit tier opinions on flicks and films. It really is amazing how little taste both (a) animefags and (b) modern soybings have.

Kinopounder is a fat faggot who make money off of retards who need to be told what to think and whom have just as much of a one track mind and are just as cucked as any jewish liberal is.

WorldClassBullshitters are mutts who think their opinions matter as well when they are nothing but loud mouthed retards.

The internet is dying bickers of the zoomer menace, music, film and even bing bings have probably been affected by this ultra faggotry. Hell all you need to know about /tv/ is this, it's a board where """""people"""""" actually claim to be "anti-current year culture" while simultaneously consuming nothing but youtube videos, soy, anime and garbage capeshit movies like Joker. Le serious capeshit!! It's not capeshit though!!!! It's le based le JOKER MAYMAY.

No. it's literally the most soy infused fake cinematic garbage you could consume, that's been hyped up by every single normalfag online and reposted about without end on reddit, twitter, youtube, yahoo, facebook, imdb, letterboxd etc etc.

There are rarely any hot takes expressed on /tv/ anymore, you want to know what the hot take of Joker is? It isn't the same fucking take that every mutt under 25 has online of it being one of the greatest films ever or best film of the year. The hot take is that it's just a merely competent flick that only those who consistently watch trash could ever praise as art. And only those who really need to have sex and are so down in the dumps that they use emotion over reason in the same exact manner as those they had (libtards). But he's just like me!!!!
His goons are in full damage control right now, this has been an amazing night.
Open file (46.44 KB 780x313 Mark Drunk.png)
He was also drunk, and deleted the post admitting it later.
Who's ready for some brownpill tees?
Hey, don't be mean to him, he just needs 2k/month to eat cakes! He's not the mastermind to the "TORPedo" apocalypse!
Wait, he drinks?
So he moderates inebriated all the time?
Still reading, what threads is he talking about?
>he deleted the thread and now he sees proxy hoppers everywhere
Absolutely pathetic. The grifting was always the endgame.
Open file (84.80 KB 1462x202 145465478543.jpg)
Open file (20.25 KB 1484x183 gondolapainting20.png)
Open file (4.20 KB 451x85 gondolapainting32.png)
wew fucking lad
Apparently, “Aaron Lawson” was created to Boogeyman himself out of tough criticism:
Notice the in thread IP changes.
Wew, no wonder Mombot & Bropill are pissed.
Open file (33.02 KB 1091x208 tor.png)
Mark just banned tor posting.
Open file (145.27 KB 802x351 MarkManndoesitforfree.png)
>he does it for free
I thought we closed the door on mark being a fag like 3 years ago at least? Why is anyone still posting on this kike's board
well not for free that's for sure :^)
I'm retarded :(
Inb4 he starts recalling TOR for pedophiles again.
He makes 3.3̅× the amount Fredrick ever did as a sales consultant. “For free” shouldn't even be in his vocabulary.
It's ok, your kind is always appreciated here
>this is 8kuns head gvol
Reminder that 8chan died with the domain.
Community Manager*
oh sorry I didn't know you were a newfag
Say that again florinalaufeyson.
Open file (123.84 KB 360x400 not for sale.png)
>Mark just banned tor posting.
Amazing. Is tonight the night Mark officially crosses over into the Imkikey/Dysnomia tier of BO faggotry?
Ah yes, all those amazing 8chan alt-/v/s that ended up doing the exact same bullshit moderation-wise as Mark.

>actually shilling for cuckchan
>Imkikey/Dysnomia tier of BO faggotry
Refresh my memory, I think this is the case forever since who took off Imkampfy was Ron.
Also, maybe related:
http://jx5occy7c3f7euxcs4orjdlomqmtrmirk3faer2av6jy7xuizv6dyfid.onion/ - TOR v3 (recommended)
http://i7m2kl7tmelclcye.onion/ - TOR
https://rodentchad.danwin1210.me/ - clearnet
This was posted in my IB.
>since who took off Imkampfy was Ron.
>Ah yes, all those amazing 8chan alt-/v/s that ended up doing the exact same bullshit moderation-wise as Mark.
Excuse yourself, you really think every single IB that has had a /v/idya board has had spergouts like Mark?
Thanks. I knew that day 8chan was dead:
1) They lost their safe harbor at that moment
2) Ron lost his tripcode
3) Ron took away /pol/ for whomever he could control. Q came with this package, thus Q's hitlist are his.
I wonder if this is his revenge.
Not that I care, but Mark is 100% a lolcow forever.
Btw, here he is pretending to be anti incel, like if he leaves a legacy behind. His sex was probably his dildo, or whatever hooker he has hired before.
Probably femdom with pegging at 1k/hour.
Open file (255.25 KB 1440x535 markspam.png)
Just wanted to mention something from a /tv/ perspective. The post logs (that he freely offered) also show that he is the guy who has been spamming anime on /tv/ for the past few days. He has been antagonizing /tv/ anons and getting mad when anons point out that /tv/ is not the board for discussing anime. He has also been trying to make out that /tv/ regulars are the ones causing trouble or that only one guy is laughing at him. Mark previously claimed that he would not interfere with /tv/ and that it would be left up to Gahoole, so he hasn't kept his word. When I reposted these post logs (that he himself posted on /v/) he deleted all my posts, most of which had nothing to do with his latest fuck-up. I can tolerate his obnoxious over-moderation and attention whoring but trying to force a false consensus bickers anons don't like what you like is utterly pathetic, especially when you abuse administrative powers to do so. Fuck Mark I guess.
>and getting mad when anons point out that /tv/ is not the board for discussing anime
Wrong. /tv/ has always been a board for discussing anime. That is, until you started spamming >cuckime in every single thread relating to anime in a pathetic and desperate attempt to drive off any possibility for discussion. 99.999999% of /tv/ anons love anime, except for you. And of course bickers you're friends with gahoole, your spam NEVER EVER gets deleted. Just kill yourself already you ultimate omega soyboy cuck
Open file (2.69 MB 480x270 1565459805284.gif)
>thinking the "cuckime" posts are only coming from one person
Open file (205.23 KB 540x641 7d1.png)
Cuck3D, problem solved.
Open file (111.27 KB 320x240 faceit.mp4)
>you ultimate omega soyboy cuck
is this satire?
Open file (1.22 MB 1280x720 SISSY_SOYBOYS.webm)
Open file (45.90 KB 900x500 joker brah.jpg)
>shitting on the joker
post discarded
Open file (2.83 MB 1500x8000 v is not for sale.png)
Open file (18.65 KB 629x448 moechan broke.png)
What kind of kike sorcery is this?
Ask him on discord, or crop
**You also forgot some crucial parts >>18578 &
>>18599 **
Nigger please
>You also forgot some crucial parts
Yeah I slapped that together half asleep at 2am, I'll fix it up tonight.
lol nice try kike. your just another sandGAMERGATE like your mudslime cousins and you will never be White
the joker was a race mixer, or at least he tried to be and he couldnt even do that, as I far as I know, just going off the trailers. total faggot
It is true mark likes to bump /cow/ threads just to keep his own off the top of the catalog?
Can't tell if bot, Zach, or Best Hapa having a laugh at everyone
What do /cow/ wordfilters have to do with julay/v/ "being shit"?
Show me his discord.
I'd believe it. Basically anyone who gets a thread is the sort of bizarre creature who would do that.
Bing bing cuckoo
Open file (406.70 KB 494x489 cheese grater.png)
>Fallen to page 2 already
Oh mark...
I still can't fathom why this fat kike gets 24k a year to shit up a board when the site itself probably never even make a fraction of that. It's hard to imagine a worse use of resources. Do boomers just have some kind of compulsion to give Jews money or something? I guess they're right, the goyim really are cattle.
There's clearly some unspoken part of that financial arrangement that hasn't come to light yet.
It's weird. They could grab a random anon to replace him as BO and they'd do a better job. It's like he has a small circle of efriends who spam and VPN to astroturf support for mark. Mark was also banning and deleting anyone mentioning mombot doxing and swatting people with Ian Miles Cheong. It's suss as fuck.
>It's like he has a small circle of efriends who spam and VPN to astroturf support for mark.
He has that Discord server.
And he has two FBI agents as globals.
I never heard that before, proofs?
He got visited by the FBI, spoke to them like a retard, and never mentioned it again. It's safe to assume he complied with whatever they asked him to comply with.
I heard that before, yes, but I don't know if that's concrete evidence that he has fbi as globals. I mean, you're not wrong, it was clear as day that the moderation either composed of his discord suckups or glowGAMERGATEs, but that by itself wouldn't be the proof

whatever the case, 8kun glows like a nightlamp, so I am not going to doubt by the second that something shady is going on there
That's exactly the proof that modding /v/ isn't what he gets paid for. Anyone would do a better job and a lot of people are more than willing to do it for free. He gets paid for the other stuff. The board claims, the DMCA claims paperwork, the global moderation when the other globals aren't online, the testing. Honestly I'm surprised the dud managed to gaslight everyone with that bullshit.
Jim isn't going to fork 2k per month to get /v/ moderation when he could simply give the board to someone else and call it a day.
Yeah it isn't proof. I just wanted to point out that anyone that would
>not tell the FBI to fuck off
>speak with them without a lawyer present
Is totally retarded. Unless they're arresting you there is no reason to open the door, invite them in, and show them your website. Even if they threaten arrest/arrest you there is no point in speaking with them and you should just let the lawyer handle it. Nothing good ever comes from speaking to the police/Feds. Any lawyer will tell you to keep your mouth shut.
Nothing good comes from escalating things like a GAMERGATE.
>Nothing good comes from escalating things
Is that what mark told himself when he blabbed to the feds like the fat little snitch rat kike he is?
>telling them to leave and closing the door is escalation
No anon, those are called rights.
Bing bing
Open file (129.25 KB 322x481 Mark Kike.png)
Fuck cakekike
>literally no one posting on /v/
>still hotpockets hard
>any mention of him being a kike trying to sell memes gets you banned for spam
>maximum damage control on his dead as fuck board
>gets his cronies to suck his benis in everythread he posts in
>attacks other sites as soon as 8coon came back up
julay/v/ is a containment board full of edgy manchildren calling anything recent garbage. Cake didn't destroy it, it destroyed itself.
everything recent is garbage though
Everything recent is garbage
>get banned for unspecified reason
I don't know which shitpost caused this sort of reaction.
Then there is no reason to have a /v/ board and /vr/ is enough, right?
we can use /v/ for general vidya related shit and 2000s games

why are so much people getting permabanned for an unspecified reason?
>8coom is dead again
Mark, maybe you should work on keeping your own shit up before you try to shut anyone else down.
Looks like /pnd/ spooked the usual suspects hard. Oops :^)
I wonder what he'll do now that 8kun is dead and he can't afford to keep the bunker running. Will we live to see the kike stream his suicide?
Open file (143.49 KB 1405x1069 MARK BTFO.png)
Open file (40.75 KB 716x151 mark kike.jpg)
Fuck Mork, he posted this then went on full damage control then left the thread, dont think jim would be too happy about this!
>loyal to jim
>loyal to jim
god watching this is fucking priceless
Open file (80.85 KB 968x270 mark kike 2.jpg)
He keeps fucking up and getting his goons to defend him
2k a month isn't enough to keep a dead site running?
How much does anyone want to bet James Arthur Watkins has the pig on a leash of sorts that makes him this loyal. Than child porn, what else is dead crushing he doesn't want out?
Some exposed sissy video when he was high?
Honestly I don't know, he gave everything away to the feds, I'm not sure what's worse.
>#1370 in queue
How about the 2k bux a month that he needs to survive? Isn't that enough?
Didn't Mark win like $300,000 in the lottery recently? Why would he need donations?
That's nothing, you can go work at mickeydonalds at 15$/hr since he lives in JewYork, and make more than 🎂🇮🇱 professed he gest payed by Jim₿🐷. No one is loyal to their boss unless they have a leverage.
Jim₿🐷 makes sissies for a living, it has to be this, or worse.
That was an ATM error according to him. Note he never posted the winning lotto numbers.
That isn't nothing. That is a full-time job he doesn't have to do, and the kike doesn't have to live in New York. Since he 'works' remotely he could go literally anywhere. He doesn't have the constraints that a normal, working person does, and it makes it even more pathetic that he's begging for money.
It's $2000 on top of the $6000~ he gets a month in disability money.
I still don't get the loyalty. None are loyal to employers. What, he has a FBI buddy willing to hammer down Fraudulent Disability claims and strip that 6k$/month? You can work in construction, no experience, and still make +8k$/month.
I'm willing to bet hard money, it's something worse, worse than him doing a whole sissy exposed video with his groomed niece.
What's he most afraid of?
>You can work in construction, no experience, and still make +8k$/month
Where the fuck do you live where inexperienced construction workers get paid $96k a year?
That's like right below doctor pay.
Open file (131.57 KB 669x966 got to move up.png)
Are you dumb, or really dumb?
So it's safe to say Zach has had more intimate relationships in a days worth of time than Gahoole and Mark put together?
he's a kike, ofcourse 2k isnt enough
He's a poor jew living in an autism home. He was on the brink of homelessness if not for those 2k.
All 3 are lolnolife virgins who get no pussy. Zach is most likely bald and fat as well as being old, so his potential for ever finding a mate are much less than someone like Gayhole or Mark.
>and the kike doesn't have to live in New York
He has stated he can't leave NY for "medical reasons" in the past.
$6k a month is his medical reason. Although to be honest if he moved to another state and ended up getting $3k a month disability he could live like a king.
Zach is a botched genetic experiment that spends his days connected to a life support machine in his home. The researchers thought the experiment had been successful at first, but the side effects started showing during his early 20s. His parents are too old and weak to take care of the lawn and that's why that trailer has been rotting there for over a decade and the bushes are unkempt. They let Zach go on the internet bickers it's the only human interaction he has besides his own parents. His limbs are weak and he suffers from erectile disfunction despite having a microdick so even peeing is a challenge for him. His brain is literally melting away and they keep him on a high dose of fingolimod and teriflunomide to slow the process.
t. knower
He's stated not only that he can't move, but that he can't travel far from NY either.
bickers he is lazy. Anything that takes him away from his bing bing wahoos is annudha shoah.
Big if true.
Open file (6.09 MB 1864x8160 julay censors pol03.png)
For those unaware, this is how your average thread on julay/v/ looks like

Very little video games, posters even more cancerous than unironic GAMERGATEs, and actual leftypol commies whining about /pol/(one of those posters admitted to making a thread here as well).

I think julay /v/ is a good example of how when you base your identity around hating one bad thing(mark), you become as bad, or worse, than him, cancer by any other name, just a different kind

the absolute state of videogames and videogame imageboards
Open file (6.09 MB 1864x8160 julay censors pol03.png)
For those unaware, this is how your average thread on julay/v/ looks like

Very little video games, posters even more cancerous than unironic GAMERGATEs, and actual leftypol commies whining about /pol/(one of those posters admitted to making a thread here as well).

I think julay /v/ is a good example of how when you base your identity around hating one bad thing(mark), you become as bad, or worse, than him, cancer by any other name, just a different kind

the absolute state of videogames and videogame imageboards
Open file (59.45 KB 1280x720 autistic screeching.png)
Seems like trannys or autists moderate /v/ on julay currently in fact of course, a lot of snowflakes there getting extremely buttblasted by slang(that prob identifies them well i.e why they're angry).

Keeps deleting posts for no good reason and leaves up other shitposts. Lol what is it with /v/ideogames that attracts these pathetic fags?
well, as you can see by my (mistakenly posted) double post, the posters there are unironic leftypol commies, some of which are not very familiar with imageboard culture. my guess is that they're trying to gatekeep who gets to post there or not, in case julay/v/ gets popular, leftists like doing that

btw, the guy who keeps posting vch/8kun /v/ screenshots here is the person who keeps posting geese on julay/v/
back to cuckchan
julay/v/ IS cuckchan, even 8/v/ was better than this
Open file (35.72 KB 500x433 8fe.jpeg.jpg)
>heh, Mark is bad but you know what's just as bad? Hating on Mark!
Nice slide cakejew, don't you have other things to do, like suck Jim's dick? You're not gonna be welcomed anywhere. Fuck off and kys.
oink oink
Where was I defending mark?
His /v/ is unironically less spergy, since the less active julay/v/ seems to have very autistic, very easy to trigger posters, and hence, it's much more visible there. The catalyst for their spergout was some retard posting very stale bait("stop posting cuckime, you dorks!" ect.), and they completely shit themselves. I don't regularly browse either one anymore, but julay/v/ in it's current state is a downright safejulay, and it's going to get worse.

And yes, posting dozens of irrelevant screenshots from vch or 8kun, all whining about mark in some way, is just as cringy as half the shit the kike does, reminds me of DSP and SoK. Eventually, SoK, the "trolls", were outed as unstable retards, and now, DSP is somewhat shockingly somewhat respected now, or at least has been mostly left alone, Mark is going to be taking that spot next if the loudest people whining about him are avatar fagging faggots who impotently scream "go back to x" all day
Open file (188.60 KB 1698x878 stateofvlmfao.jpg)
Lol the censorship tranny is going mental iphopping while accusing others of doing it ROFL

>the absolute state of v
Is the geesecuck raging about me, an anonymous poster who doesn't even have /v/ open right now? yikes

Anymore proof that julay/v/ is just a safejulay for unironic leftypol commies and sons of kojima level obsessed "trolls"?

btw, don't diss anime in those threads, like I said, they hate that more than anything, even very bad bait will send them mental(pretty sure they even filtered "cuckime" for a while, that's how mad they got at that poster)
Back in September, I asked Mark to cut his rule count from 11 to 1. As I was trolling /fascist/, I saw that they have 10 rules, and if the fascist board has fewer rules than /v/, then you have a problem. Rate my proposed solution.

<p><b>/v/</b> is a board for video games and gaming culture, owned and operated by <a href="mailto:markthejanny@tutanota.com">Mark Mann</a>. The /v/ catalog currently has 15 pages and the bump limit is 350 posts.</p>

<h3>Global rule</h3>
<ul><li>Do not post anything against the law of the United States. You must be 18 years or older to post.</li></ul>

<h3>Board rule</h3>
<ul><li>Keep it vidya-related.</li></ul>

<li>No spamming, flooding, raiding, or botting. Do not call for, advocate, post, or link to dox; /v/ is not your personal army. If you are derailing a thread, or using an avatar, you may be banned and your posts may be deleted. Template threads, Foolz posting, and console war bullshit may be deleted, bumplocked or banned. Ban evasion will get you banned again.</li>

<li><b>Not-safe-for-work pictures</b> are only allowed behind spoiler warnings. <b>Porn dumps</b> may be permitted in one specific thread.</li>

<li><b>Meta threads</b> about 8chan, halfchan, and /v/ may be bumplocked; exceptions will be made as needed. If you object to a moderator's ruling or you want to suggest an alternative, you're welcome to contact Mark directly.</li>

<li>If you make a <b>duplicate thread</b>, it may get deleted, locked or bumplocked and you will be redirected to the already existing thread, provided the preexisting thread has not hit the bump limit. <b>Generals</b> about broad topics that are constantly remade, such as "GamerGate x Edition" or "Video Game General #32," will be deleted if they are made before the previous thread hits 700 posts or reaches Page 13.</li>

<li>We may allow dubs in certain <b>shitposting threads</b>. Dubsbombing a thread bickers you do not like the game or the discussion will be considered derailment.</li>

<li>Visual novel threads are allowed.</li>

<li>Video game-related news that involves e-celebrities and their business may be allowed only when it significantly affects or reflects video games and gaming culture. No politisperging.</li></ul><br />

Last updated on August 15th, 2019, due to politisperging. Previous version: https://archive.li/lA4Q0

You can compare this to the Code of Gamerabbi here: https://vch.moe/v/rules.html

PROTIP: Mark, you're free to use this--you can even title it the Code of Gamerabbi. Set the rules page's markup language to HTML, and it should look about as good as /cow/'s old rules page: http://archive.ph/tQGCs
Edited last time by JEWS on 12/10/2019 (Tue) 20:17:20.
A short glimpse at the /fascist/ rules shows that it's more authoritarian despite having less rules.
Stuff like
>No avatarfagging without reason
is simply draconian.
Meanwhile Cake's rules have obviously been enacted in a reactive fashion to preserve the board. Also your /cow/ rules are less bickers you put a lot in "guidelines". Many of Cakekike's loosely enforced rules are in fact guidelines in practice.
vch doesn't have >>>/fascist/ or >>>/pol/
So I don't understand what you're doing in this kino thread.
Handful of posters got ultra pwned on /meta/ so they decided to retreat to /cow/ and shitfling among themselves.
>Meanwhile Cake's rules have obviously been enacted in a reactive fashion to preserve the board
Right, they're derived from the rulings he and his mods have made over the years.

>Also your /cow/ rules are less bickers you put a lot in "guidelines". Many of Cakekike's loosely enforced rules are in fact guidelines in practice.
So I noticed. The difference between a "rule" and a "guideline," as I wrote them, is that the guidelines can all be derived from the rule; for example, the reason why e-celeb threads are banned on /v/ is that the threads are about people and not games, thus they're off-topic. No need to add another rule.
/fascist/ is /pol/'s little brother that has been dropped on the floor a couple of times, I don't know why you're surprised that no fun retards aren't fun. fun fact: a lot of /fascist/ is also tranny, just like trannypol

why do you have to bring up your thinly veiled hatred of /pol/ passively aggressively, wherever you go?
Not sleepy enough yet?
Lmao >>>/meta/2070
So they want Tenicu's safety?
Is that CakeJew's boyfriend?
>b00ttranny the 12%er mutt
He started out as a /leftypol/ commie tranny and trend hopped into every meme ideology he could cling to when the attention whoring well dried up.
>first pic
>it's literally all anime avatars
cuckime poster was right all along lmao

also, what's with the thing in pic 3 and 5? I remember, towards the end, some drawfag was making these, as well as being an all around faggot and a cuckchanner in the lol threads, is he still going? post some cringe from those threads, not random screencaps of mark tweeting about gondola, if you're going to post anyways
>pic of "tranny facist"
>doing commie salute

Funny how it's a strasserist, no wonder. They are pretty much thinly veiled communists that nobody liked, just like trannies.

Commies embrace all sorts of cringeworthy human trash like this and the far right doesn't. Right has their own issues though with co-opt retards like Spencer, they keep getting owned tho so all good.
>cuckime poster was right all along lmao
That's CakeJew sweetie. He's spamming his own imageboard, and comes often here to COPE
>pic 3 and 5?
From my understanding of the original poster, Mark Mann or someone naming himself souija is responsible for lol threads, and here is Mark approving said threads. If they are both him or not doesn't matter bickers he ultimately sponsors said threads. The poster was complaining rightfully so that >>>/v/ shouldn't have lol threads bickers we already have >>>/b/.
Or at the least that's how I interpreted everything:
>random screencaps of mark tweeting about gondola, if you're going to post anyways
Take a moment to acquaint yourself with this thread, so see why it's important, bickers according to him: "I don't go to those [godola] threads."
Hey dear, could you opinionate that in some other thread? Trannies are like .002% of the world population, I don't think they even visit this site.
Open file (296.67 KB 764x1058 1445949255943.png)
>julay /v/ is a good example of how when you base your identity around hating one bad thing(mark), you become as bad, or worse, than him
This is the exact thing mark/v/edditors say everytime abot non-mark boards. 0/10
>cakejew on cakechan running damage controlfor Jim and himself
>at the same time julay/v/, its meta thread, and this thread get influx of shit posts
>same tactics as always: shit the place up, cry for mods, then yell about excessive moderation
Open file (36.89 KB 500x500 markkikey.jpg)
Pure coincidence.
Open file (13.96 KB 333x293 b74.png)
1. Create the problem: spam one liners in some boards
2. React: BOs appropriately or accidentally deleted said posts and/or apologize
3. Provide solution: bring hoihoi bot to >>>/v/ for some words some people don't like
4. Laugh at their awful attempt.
>your average thread on julay/v/
That thread is the only one like that. All the others are about games. Has some good gamenights set up and good discussion about RTS and stealth games. The kike/v/ refugees keep whinging about coom memes but apart from that julay/v/ is pretty cozy. It's a little worrisome that refugees from kike/v/ will try to shit up julay/v/ like they did their own board, but I haven't seen anything too bad yet.

The cakejew whiteknights posting that julay/v/ is all about Mark have either never been or are Mark himself lying to keep kike/v/ relevant.
>screencaps a meta thread that was already full of shitposting and screeching before the anime commie showed up
>completely ignores how literally every other thread is about vidya
Meanwhile on every iteration of cake/v/ you have
>furry porn LOL threads
>4am threads
>off topic political circlejerk GG threads
>webm threads full to the brim with non-vidya posts
Now he's trying to gain favor on smug/vg/
>>24238 >the seething kike alls you a shill as he gets paid 2k a month to shill 8coom and kill his "alternative" what a sad cuckold Mark Mann is
>>24238 God damn that was a hilarious read. He's actually panicking.
>>24238 If I was in his position, I would have taken the offers and be honest since I had nothing to hide. But I'm more honest with myself than to actually want to moderated a board of video addicted losers that cannot control themselves. Thank current BO for not giving fucks. I found his excuses boring and trite. Robi knows how and where to contact Ron, he has his 1) email 2) GPG, 3) and bitcoin address (Thanks Susucoin seeds). There's literally nothing stopping anyone from contacting the son of a Filipino mafia lord, if he's willing to talk. In fact, with little detective work, anyone can find both his Nippon apartment, and his current location for the holidays. The asking a literal liar to in-between is retarded. At the least he has >>>/nintendo/
Open file (50.08 KB 480x360 Pleased Porpose.JPG)
>>24238 Is this the beginning of the downfall arc?
>>24279 downfall from what?
Open file (181.70 KB 1551x842 39.png)
What did he mean by this?
>>24289 He meant that he is a kike >constantly damage controls >constantly repeats "im loyal to jim" >the second jim fires him he goes apeshit and instantly drops the whole trust kike ruse to stab him in the back Im glad cakekike is getting his shit fucked up, no more kikery from him, but i fear an even bigger kike will take his place with another much cooler website that slowly turns to shit again
Open file (79.30 KB 1483x243 Capture.PNG)
>>24343 Literal autism. I win >>>/b/1097
>>24871 Damn I miss watching this cunts jewtube videos.
Open file (324.36 KB 1806x933 dumbass.png)
I convinced this dumbass as well as a sperg that I had the 2001 copy of Duke Nukem Forever. His last reply before deleting his posts was "Oh fuck I'm retarded" http://archive.md/SN052
Open file (4.92 KB 299x65 brave_dEiTs1IQjb.png)
>>24891 >Most of the VPNs are blocked on 4chan and the ones that aren't you need a 4chan pass to still post.don't quote me on that, just reading what people said in this thread >>16781152 I was curious so I tested it out. I pay for expressVPN and wasn't permitted to post.
Apparently posting in threads Mark has arbitrarily decided are too old is now a bannable offense. Don't ask him why he doesn't lower the number of pages for his board to have threads 404 sooner.
>>27173 What's the thread about?
Guize, he dindu nuffin. HE WUZ A GOOD BOY.
>>27173 >necrobumping /v/ is just a chatroom for S​ARGON trannies at this point
>>27210 Was Mark's /v/ ever anything else?
>>27175 I saw some anon say it was an old gamenight thread. >>27196 Truly impressive levels of retardation if he genuinely can't see why he pissed anons off again. What a dumb G​AMERGATE.
>>27196 Nice cyberpunk.css preselection, almost as if you regularly visit his cult: http://archive.vn/mCYNO You forgot to post your archived thread Geese IP hopper: https://archive.vn/T5M69 >>27212 Going by the archived logs: https://archive.vn/smpQS Is it this one? https://archive.vn/BfC8W
>>27214 Yeah pretty sure that is the one.
What if Cakejew is a pedoera mod?
I think Mork snapped >>>/v/2473
i'm retarded >>>/meta/2473
>>27495 >>27494 And Canadian. This answers soooo much. Expliquer ce qui s'est passé exactement MDR
>>27534 ta gueule pédé.
Necrobump :^)
>>27601 Vous avez mal orthographié: Necrohausse
In the last week Mark has silently bump locked and deleted at least 10 meta threads on vch. Any thread promoting the webring, asking questions about 8kun, or shitting on him personally get the axe. Typically, he bump locks first then deletes when he thinks no one is looking. Latest thread archived here: http://archive.md/IBe9f
Speculation but usually I'm right: >Mark keeps vch open only to prevent more anons from moving elsewhere in the webring >Mark's "tech guy" is most likely Ron and Jim is paying the server bills >Any discussion by anons on vch to go elsewhere is instantly shut down >Mark personally posts in these threads shit talking Julay bickers he doesn't control the /v/ here >Tons of D&C about Julay; JEWS is an admin, /v/ BO wants it to be /b/, doesn't like the mascot, claims the site is dead etc. >Mark is the only person in the webring that doesn't communicate with other admins despite being invited multiple times according to logs from IRC >Mark demanded julay/v/ in logs from IRC and when he was turned down he sperged >There are a group of retards pretending to be one person running around DDOSing and fucking with every site in the webring but he refuses to mess with vch at all >These retards have taken an interest in Julay specifically after doing a test run with anon.cafe I think it's pretty obvious what's going on. The Dolphinfags are trying to take down sites in the webring and failing that want to spread so much paranoia that anons are afraid to use the sites in it and the people running the sites are afraid to trust the anons (create new boards, bring in new vols). The funny thing about all of this is all they've done is provide free pen testing for the sites they've attacked. Robi has been quick about fixing an exploits they've found, anon.cafe turned on some type of ddos protection, smug's admin has ran a secure place from the start and has probably been dealing with it himself but doesn't mention it to deprive the faggots of attention. Doesn't anyone else find it odd that they've hit every board but Mark's? Mark would be the biggest target for most anons given his past, the amount of anons he's pissed off over the years, and the fact that he works for Jim. Also, you would assume 8kun would be a more valuable target for an outside actor seeking fame. The only people that benefit from these actions are Jim/Ron bickers some anons would go back to 8kun if the webring fell apart. There is a slim chance it might be coming from the alt-chan retards but given how incompetent they've been since they were exposed and the fact that they typically seek attention under their own names I doubt it is them. They also tend to stick to their own sites and would probably be more prone to go after 8kun. They also tend to stick to shilling instead of ddosing and things of that nature.
>>28548 I think the dolphin pedophile is probably just 1 autist. He posted his IP scraping game servers on 8kun, but I think he's mostly targeting boards besides vch bickers of the attention he can get from a smaller community that communicates more openly through the meta boards/threads. Whereas Mark, vch, and 8kun are all black boxes. As for why Mark is keeping up vch, I'd agree that it's probably nefarious and only being done to prevent people from settling into a permanent board on the webring. But I don't think there's some grand conspiracy with the dolphin pedophile. He's just an attentionwhore and constructing this idea that it's any more than that is only feeding into his ego. Best to just ignore him and focus on the real bad actor, cakekike.
>>28548 >Mark's "tech guy Doxed as a bronie >>17108 >he refuses to mess with vch at all Hate to break it to you, but vch has cloudflare bickers it was being DOS'd. And there have been several attempts at destroying his bunker >>>/meta/2589 [not sure why UNIVAC deleted the evidence]. Tis the reason vcultist's were paranoid enough to boogieman an avatarfag that used geese howard instead of critically thinking: If Robi invited and made >>>/nintendo/ for the cakejew, geeseposter was already welcoming him for the eventual paypiggy reward: it's not in geeseposters' interest to miss on some good julay, DOS'ing and thread sliding are against the peace this site strives to achieve. >>28549 For some reason, I find dolphinpedo extremely similar to Rodent[chan].
Open file (84.75 KB 1083x385 cm shitpost.png)
Open file (124.54 KB 1591x273 caked for mod sass1.png)
Open file (92.20 KB 1389x259 caked for mod sass2.png)
Open file (133.76 KB 716x341 caked for mod sass3.png)
Open file (27.08 KB 713x517 caked for mod sass..png)
>>28548 Funny how I talk shit to his onichan Ron but it's the the five day old shitpost that gets me the week long ban. Really activates the almonds.
>>28572 But I looked through all those links. None of them say anything about cakechan. You can't just post a bunch of random pages asscociated with someone that have nothing to do with the subject at hand and declare them proof. Show me proof.
>>13209 >imagine hating mark in current year ++++++ take the clear pill goy
Open file (100.96 KB 679x1200 mark and a cool hat.jpg)
>>28548 >how dare people prevent me from having a autistic hug box. G​AMERGATE just go back to 4channel and help undo the Poz'd reddit culture of current year.
>>28584 Are you talking about the broniefag? Read the bottom of every page in vch. I'm not sure how they were acquainted, than perhaps being yiff.party or some furry forum users, but it's him alright.
>>28587 Hi Mark. Why aren't you telling your users about your new job?
Open file (132.91 KB 1728x1255 risible android.jpg)
>A bunch of low effort bumps pop up in other threads Trying to bury your thread again, Mark?
>>28992 Come on now. Do you really think a jew would do something underhanded like that? It's not like they have a history of lying about things.
>>28992 It's the dolphin spammer
>>28549 > He posted his IP scraping game servers on 8kun you mean that fag that went through everyones IP on iknowwhatyoudownload and exposed a guys BLACKED torrents?
The enteral kike couldn't leave the webring without making sure he left a link to his employer's website. One day after he took /a/ away from its BO for linking to the webring he links to 8kun from the webring himself. What a faggot.
>>30477 It's funny that you mention it, i just checked it and they completely deleted the boards.
>>30477 >>30479 Why did pick to do this right after the Superbowl after midnight without prior warning? Good riddance anyways.
>>30479 Vch is still online, might have been displaced on another address though. Suspicious.
Open file (44.92 KB 1487x280 markfromv.png)
>>30492 It's back up, looks like a DOS
>>30497 He means the real IP changed today. You can't access it through that any longer. vch.moe and vch.moe/v/ are also redirecting to 8kun now but nothing else on the site is hence why you can access the catalog directly. All links to vch/v/ in the webring link directly to 8kun/v/ now as well.
>>>/tv/64511 Why are people obsessed with Mark to the point that they claim he bans people on julay, much like they claimed he banned people on 8chan's /tv/? I swear these people think Mark is the only guy who bans people on the internet and that his power extends to the entirety of it.
>>13209 <cope
Mark fell for dolphin's schizo posting and stickied it https://archive.ph/RhY5F
Open file (330.97 KB 925x1054 mark.png)
Open file (357.86 KB 1022x1208 mark2.png)
Open file (49.46 KB 966x628 niGGer thread.png)
https://archive.ph/0UMMd Dolphin is now spamming 8/v/.
>>35844 he's not wrong in fact of course euphoria is a massive rulecuck
Open file (372.37 KB 1024x1477 dolphintard mad.png)
Open file (166.87 KB 1014x1350 dolphintard mad2.png)
>>35874 >8glow is a banned term jej
>>35875 8glow is a shit term, 8coon is superior bickers it conveys that everyone using it is a G​AMERGATE, and the glowing in the dark and employment at the CIA is implicit.
>>35884 bec­ause ni­ggers
>>35871 >>35872 >>35874 All this autism over not being made BO of /r9k/ lmao
>>35884 Now that you say it, coons do like to lurk in the dark. Still banning the term is top assmad.
>>35893 Dolphinpedo didn't sperg bickers he was denied /r9k/, that was already after he made himself a pariah. The whole thing began bickers he posted a link to CP and his subsequent damage control afterwards. It also didn't help him when he avatarfagged on many other boards afterwards.
>>35895 Naturally, everyone on 8coon is perpetually assmad.
Open file (362.73 KB 1014x1165 mark_niGGer_thread.png)
Open file (332.95 KB 1004x1277 mark_niGGer_thread2.png)
Open file (188.12 KB 999x703 niGGer thread.png)
https://8kun.top/v/res/16854205.html https://archive.ph/GqSWh dolpintard has lost it and is now spamming the ni/GG/er thread on 8kunt
Open file (160.27 KB 720x404 game on.webm)
>>35906 There's REALLY still a fucking gaymergayte thread half a decade later? Mindblowing, for what possible fucking reason?
>>13636 Imagine actually being an e-celeb's orbiter. Does he send you nudes of his big puffy belly too? >>13305 nothing is as bad as redditchan's /v/. Or any other cuckchan board. They are all the same; full of teenagers spamming buzzwords and being antagonistic so they can get (You)'s.
>>35847 >It's more about their imageboard being a cabal You mean, an olive branch you excuse of a cult leader. >>35906 <Gets paid 2k/mon to basically babysit children on a flaky website >More important things You'd think he was solving world hunger. <Also Marche posts Does that confirms CakeJew's multiple personality avatarfagging?
>>36002 >Mark the babysitter >Not Mark the child being babysat Weird concept of /v/ in fact of course
>>35921 Circlejerking. It's just an IRC chatroom, but in the format of an imageboard thread.
>>35988 That was literally 8chan's /v/.
>>36081 8chan's /v/ was different bickers a fat kike deleted every other post, but other than that - yeah basically.

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