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Open file (191.92 KB 610x374 bunker.png)
/Bunkerfeel/ #002 - Now we're here edition Anonymous 08/11/2019 (Sun) 08:32:56 No.6
Okay lads, it's time for our second bunker thread, hopefully this is the last one we need? I don't know how likely it is for 8chan to return.

How are we all doing in these trying times?

Did you get effected by the great powercut?

Is this horrible weather finally the start of Autumn? Are we getting more than 2 weeks of it this year?
Thanks for making the thread lad. Not sure I really like this site's default themes, might try and bodge some CSS together to get a more stock Yotsuba B / Tomorrow look.

>I don't know how likely it is for 8chan to return
Could go either way, many anons predict we'll be in our bunkers for a while, could be weeks or even months. Even if 8ch does come back, things will undoubtedly be hectic, and we'll have more eyes on us than ever.

>How are we all doing in these trying times?
I've been doing alright most of today and yesterday, but before then I was a nervous wreck, 24 hours of stress and dread for several days straight. I feel a lot better after having had a shower, correcting my sleep pattern somewhat, eating properly, and going outside for a bit, but I still feel the dread when I wake up. It's peaceful right now, but I'm not looking forward to tomorrow. Back in the GG days the media would always launch their coordinated attacks after the weekend, and I predict we might see something similar.

All that said, whenever the feelings of dread subside, I've been really enjoying the various comfy bunkers. Never known there to be so little shitposting, trolling, and infighting among a group of anons (from all different boards no less) for such an extended period of time. Normally you'd only get a couple of hours when the yanks are asleep, if you're lucky. Everyone's been really polite, keeping each other positive, giving out well wishes, making neat OC, entertaining each other with cytube/radio streams, and so on. I watched a film with /k/ and /a/ the other night which was top comfy (we watched "Into The Night", surprisingly good film), and I listened to some comfy r/a/dio this morning. I'm certain I'll miss this crazy time in imageboard history when it's gone, mad as it sounds.

>Did you get effected by the great powercut?
Wasn't even aware there'd been one, didn't happen here as far as I know. Think I'd have really freaked out if it had, on top of everything else going on.
Hey guys, your board was delisted so I didn't link you guys when I made this but we're hosting a movie night for all boards in about 20 minutes. See this thread for the details wanted to make sure you anons didn't feel left out.

That's good to hear lad, glad you're feeling better now. I'm not a fan of the theme myself, but I do like the sidebar thing.

I'm honestly not sure what to think of the power cut, the media keeps saying it happened across the country but I've not seen anyone confirm it happening outside of London.

There were mentions of it happening in London, the South East, Liverpool, Glasgow and Wales but I know a LOT of people who live in various parts of Wales, and none of them were effected.


Thanks anon, I appreciate the invite. I might come hang out for a bit.
Made an 8ch-esque Yotsuba B CSS theme lads. Click on "settings" on the top bar, then "CSS", and paste this into the box : https://pastebin.com/rhKq2Fi5

Let me know if you find any weirdness or bugs, there's bound to be something I've overlooked somewhere.
What makes a man, anon? Is it being prepared to do the right thing, whatever the cost? Isn't that what makes a man?
Looks pretty good. Maybe post that on meta and the site owner will add it as a theme?
Thanks lad, but I don't really want something as hacked together and potentially broken/incomplete as this to be "official". The only reason it works at all is because it's sitting on top of the base theme that fills in all the gaps, my CSS just makes adjustments to bits and pieces of it, it wouldn't work standalone. Also the Lynxchan imageboard software that this site runs on uses a Yotsuba B-like theme by default, but for whatever reason alogs has chosen to overwrite it with their "hacker" one, rather than add it as an alternative.
I'm pretty sure this is the one that comes by default in PenumbraLynx. Are you talking about lynxhub.com's theme?
Just so you lads are aware, this website has voted on two new main URLs, https://julay.world and https://spqrchan.xyz . I don't know if they'll be phasing out the old https://alogs.theguntretort.com URL or keeping it around, nor do I know why they chose two instead of one, so please make sure you bookmark and write down both of these new addresses, just in case. I've added them to the discord bunker channel as well.

I was, didn't know PenumbraLynx was a thing. Either way, it's far uglier that the more traditional Yotsuba look in my opinion, made me feel ill just looking at it.
I guess if there's two, if one of the names gets shared around by the media, they can always fall back on the other?

I imagine the media being stupid enough to not be able to explain the same site goes by two names.
Open file (65.48 KB 1220x304 EBwqt8FXUAA-Mx8-orig.jpg)
True, if they can't even differentiate between 8chan and endchan when they themselves had already reported on 8chan being down for the last week, they've got no hope with this.
I've read 120 pages today about a man that lived in the woods for 27 years. I'd like to read the remaining 70 pages of this book, but I need to go to bed.

Coincidentally, when I went into sainsburies all the summer stuff was on clearance, so I bought a sleeping bag, a folding camping chair and an inflatable pillow.
As far as I know the old url will still work but probably a good idea to use the new ones. There are two because a vote was held in /meta/ and those two were splitting the vote. The domains were cheap so both were bought as a compromise.
I see, thanks for clarifying.

>not going with milkchan to break the tie
What country was he from? Can't imagine anyone living in the woods for 20 years in the UK, you'd probably be lucky to get away with a weekend.
Open file (486.13 KB 300x100 banner2.gif)
Picked them up from the printer's yesterday.
Open file (436.61 KB 2048x2048 Milkchan30.jpg)
I was an advocate for Milkchan from the start but other anons didn't go along with it. I thought it was a pretty comfy name for our humble bunker. /cow/ word filters "Milk" to "Julay" so a lot of anons didn't think it was a good idea.

I just got word that the alog subdomain will be redirecting to julay.world starting today. So you'll probably want to update any bookmarks and let anons know that might be someplace where the DNS hasn't propagated yet. I think enough time has passed but there might be a few DNS servers in the middle of nowhere that haven't updated yet.
There's no need to update any bookmarks, that's the point of the redirect.
I can't say for sure how long that subdomain will redirect so I wanted to make anons aware that the julay.world domain should be considered the main way to access this bunker now. Theguntretort domain is mainly used for /cow/'s streaming server.
He was American, lived in Maine. Impressive that he spent so long out there given Maine Winters are cold and snowy. Surprisingly he wasn't too far out from civilization either, all his food came from stealing from peoples Holiday Cabins.
Updated the Yotsuba B CSS, fixed a few bugs and oversights. Should now override most of >>>/cow/ 's custom board CSS, can't guarantee any other boards with custom CSS will be readable though: https://pastebin.com/ad8Rqr4U
Some news from around the bunkers, a webring to connect the various bunkers together is in development, and Ron has apparently said to Mark (/v/ BO) that 8chan "WILL" be coming back in a month or so.
Open file (99.10 KB 500x375 1459526815741.jpg)
Did he die or just quit the internet?
Ripped off a tomorrow theme from the lynxchan github and changed the font to not be a fucking disaster.

He certainly dropped of the internet. Whether he also died I have no idea, I'm not sure how we'd find out.
I couldn't find an obituary or anything for him like we did with sickgirl (RIP), but then again maybe he wouldn't get one if he died alone with no surviving family members. All I can find are archives of old facebook posts, and seemingly abandoned dating site profiles, a couple of which has his mobile number. Any mad lads here willing to try calling/texting it?
I feel like a fucking mess lately lads. This week used the actual shower once, and even then I only washed my hair properly and just stood there for 20 minutes. 2 other times in the week I wet my hair under the tap then washed it with hand-soap. I just really can't be fucking bothered. I haven't brushed my teeth for a week either.
Sorry to hear that lad. I know that feel though, with me it's normally a self-sabotaging cycle, the less effort I put into daily routine, the less I feel like doing anything to fix it. Normally gets resolved when I eventually force myself to just get in the shower and get the ball rolling.
I'm going to try going back to blocking out time to do stuff with a calendar. I've been trying to plan out my week all day but it's tough, there's not that much I want to actually do.

At the very least, I had a proper shower this morning and shaved, and I left the house even if it was to go outside and buy snacks.

Back to wage-slaving tomorrow, hopefully it doesn't drain all my will and I can stick to the evening I have planned out.
Sounds like you've got a plan together, glad to hear it mate.
Lads, what were some of your strange autistic obsessions growing up?

One of mine was Platform Racing 2. I spent an insane amount of time on this shitty game.
Is music anon here?
If so, please tell me exactly why this album is bad, please completely destroy it for me and make me never want to listen to it again.

Ended up getting up at 6AM when I planned, showering, actually drying my hair properly and I'm leaving the house early to pick up some breakfast on the way to work.

Cleaned my teeth, taken my vitamins, drunk a pint of water. We're going to make it lads.
I was really into Unirally as a young kid, which seems similar and still sticks with me:


But not to some extreme sort of level. That was reserved for Zelda games. I spent hours playing the oracle games on GBC and doing all the interconnected stuff between the two. It's a shame we don't really see as many 2D Zelda games these days. Link between Worlds was sort of like it, but it was very easy.
I'm not going to waste my time listening to a "singer" that sounds like he's using a kid's karaoke machine for a microphone, "guitarists" that think more loud = more good, and the weakest, floppiest sounding drum kit I've ever barely been able to hear.
Open file (27.68 KB 480x336 disasterreport.png)
iktf lad
been very sad lately, yesterday I just stayed in bed awake which I rarely do since my desktop is just one step away
I need some humanity, been atomised for as long as I can remember
Just had a shower, now I'm off for a walk. Feel free to join me lads, I won't be going too far, probably just round the block.
Back, only walked for about half an hour, but my legs are feeling it, it's been ages since I've been for a walk. Very peaceful out there, hardly anyone around.
I'm off to bed, hope I don't get DOMS tomorrow from a measly 30 minute walk. Goodnight lads.
What are your thoughts on listing / delisting our board lads? Bear in mind that the webring is in action, so if we set the board as listed we would appear on any other bunkers that connect to julay, not just julay's own board list. We still appear on julay's overboard no matter what.
who /brit/ here?
There was at least one lad of ours who crossposted in both /britfeel/ and one of the /brit/-related boards, but I don't know if he made it to the bunker or not.
a lot of good lads have been lost. I only just got to endchan's brit before they deleted it. right shame
'ate change me
I think they're just changing endchan's imageboard engine to something else, weird that they'd basically kill the whole site just for that though, rather than work on a test instance and swap it in when it's ready. Place seemed a bit sketchy to me anyway, the owner of the site just waltzed into our thread on there (before we moved here) to say that something written in a screenshot of a post that mentioned endchan was lies and slander. Maybe it was, but it felt like they were breathing down our neck and being overly defensive about everything. I believe they're actually old members of ayyteam / triangle mafia anyway, they were obnoxious cunts back in the gamergate days and I don't want anything to do with them.
I'm actually for it being up there in case it helps find the anons we've lost. If needs be we can keep our culture preserved if anyone new turns up.
Yeah makes sense. I've enabled it, don't know how long it'll take to propagate though.
I didn't even know this board was here.
Open file (1.22 MB 1496x1218 Comic Sans Deano.png)
Are you a lad from 8chan /britfeel/ that lost contact, or just found us for the first time? Welcome aboard anyhow.
Open file (119.24 KB 600x419 y6.jpg)
Was just passing by but I hope you'll find your lads.
Open file (400.35 KB 738x509 britfeel guitar.png)
Ah no worries, cheers mate, think we were all caught a bit short by this one. Kills me to think that there might be some lad(s) left staring at a "timed out" screen for the last couple weeks not knowing where any of us are. It was a good 3 years since we made our original bunkers (and with endchan currently down they're now all dead), so any lads who joined us later may never have even known about them. Worst thing is, we had posts just days before 8chan went down talking about how we were going to start posting more regularly, after a long period of stagnation. Don't know if this is some monkey paw shit or what, but this ain't at all what I had in mind.
I have a bad feeling that those who didn't find these bunkers in time went back to cuckchan for lack of other options.
I fear you might be right, well we can only hope they make it out unscathed and don't get brainwashed into chopping their wangers off like a lot of 4/r9k/ has.
so this is what it feels like to be a refugee
Open file (5.13 KB 200x200 324.jpg)
any other /newbrit/ refugees here? I went on holiday and now all my friends have disappeared, like tears in rain...
Hey BO I'm sorry to post /meta/ things in your thread but I wanted to ask you something and this is the only way I have contact with you. Did you delist your board because you thought hiding it wasn't working? We're going to reindex today and it should remove this thread from the overboard. If you want your board hidden just tick that setting and things should work as expected after it's reindexed.
I was /Brit/ lad but I had the same experience. I just want my friends back.
We delisted it just to lay low while things were hectic and unpredictable, we didn't know if we'd get spammed to shit or have journos on our case or something. Things seem pretty calm right now though, the webring idea is interesting and we thought it could help lost lads or new lads find us, so yesterday we decided to relist the board. I did post on the /meta/ board about our posts appearing on the overboard despite us being delisted (which also happened on endchan), but that was more me just wondering if it was an oversight, or something that couldn't be changed.
Open file (69.42 KB 1080x608 based culinary lads.jpg)
I'll keep a look out for your boardmates and let you know if I see anything, but you're welcome to hang with us in the meantime. Good lads stick together.
Cheers lad. Its nice to just see lads calling each other lad again. Got myself stuck on 4/pol/ for a week or so, it was horrible.
Open file (1.01 MB 992x1224 1468444738441.png)
ty laddington
been on there today, it seems pretty r/4chan these days like the rest of the site tbh but there's some good lads there
I suppose a lot of our lads went there. maybe we should bring them here.
anon or did you have an ID/trip? we might know eachother - I was (wrongly) perma'd from /brit/ back in January by Kent
anon lad sorry
fair play
Not at all keen on the idea of inviting halfchan over personally, I feel bad for any 8chan lads still stuck there, but advertising there could be disastrous for us all. Don't mind anyone coming in from the bunkers though. Also it's worth mentioning, tripfags aren't welcome here unless they take their trip off.
Ah okay then. If you decide to hide it again just post on >>>/meta/ and we'll make sure it doesn't keep showing up on the overboard.
Open file (1.89 MB 1600x1188 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (2.01 MB 1280x1751 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (564.39 KB 600x931 ClipboardImage.png)
watching Dr Who again tbh classic Cybermen were spooky (well, the 1960s ones at least). I wish they hadn't changed them into Daleks with legs in the reboot series

>we can spoiler individual images on here
that would have been such a nice feature on 8ch smh
That middle one is fantastic. While I hated them through most of new-who, I did like them in the later series on the ship.
That's one of the 1st generation ones, from the part-missing serial "The Tenth Planet". The way they spoke was great. Like an old computer.
>tfw worried about 22st
I hope he's ok
more worried about Steiner tbh
This is autistic but does anyone else feel like 8chan going down for this long is a bit like 40K with the Primarchs being scattered to the galaxy by the chaos gods because they were too much of a threat, and the Emperor had to go on a huge crusade to find them again?
I don't know about that, but I'd like to take this moment to apologise for bullying all you warhammer and lord of the rings spastics back in year 6.
Open file (53.20 KB 645x773 edESAHA.png)
I've missed that lad since I got perma'd
Oh well, at least I don't have to deal with Spic or his trannies anymore
silver lining
where did you get perma'd from?
/brit/ I got perma'd for daring to post at the same time as braplad back in January and some cunt refused the appeal even though you could see that it wasn't justified from looking at the post
yeah fuck the bully mods. they hand out perma's like its nothing forgetting that not all lads are spic ip hopping.
tea cake for dinner lads
Doesn't sound like a very fulfilling dinner. I'll be doing myself a stir fry curry in a bit.
I'm off to bed, goodnight lads.
Open file (524.27 KB 1200x950 ClipboardImage.png)
>made my bosslady drive me home from work today
He made a post on end/brit/ the day before it went down.
Am I the only one considering the death of 8ch to be the time to move on from image boards? 8ch was already slowing to a crawl with no decent content. I can spend less time getting higher quality content and then be more productive. Then if there's some kind of happening drop back into an image board to follow it and leave right away after.

Maybe I'm getting old?
you can choose to leave image boards or reduce your time on them for personal reasons if you like but that's different from not wanting 8ch to come back.
I think its very important for 8ch or a place like it to exist. If they get their way the internet will just be google, amazon and facebook. no way out.
It will be a dark day if the internet had no image boards
8ch coming back would be a bad idea. The feds are going to be all over it if not owning some of the top boards. Even if it does come back "pure", people like me simply won't trust it now we know feds lurk there and post bait. One of the good things about it closing is so many other alternatives have popped up. I'd trust smuglo.li over 8ch any day at this point.
Do what's right for you, anon. You're right that things were slowing down and that but it all depends on what you want from a board. For me it had become just another place to interact with the friends I've made over the years and some strangers too. Hadn't really browsed any other boards in a long time. I guess I kind of like the idea of it as a social network where I can choose to be anonymous.
You can "move on" if you want, personally I love the format, the freedom it gives, and the bond we share as anons that have been through all this shit together. I'll be on them for as long as they exist and aren't completely unsalvageable. I've been to many other places online over the years, and they all fucking suck, and large numbers of the people on them are cunts too. Here I feel like I'm among kin, people that, at their core, share similar beliefs and principles to the ones that I hold.

The /a/ bunker is run by good people, but ultimately if the same people targetting 8chan turned their eyes towards it, it would be knocked offline in an instant, and the same goes for any of these bunkers. It's also not an equivelant to 8chan, you can't make you're own board, and they have a focus on japan-related hobbies. The closest thing right now is this place, because you can request a board to be made and run it however you like, but without the support of a company like NT Technologies, I'm concerned about it's longevity if 8chan never comes back online.

>The feds are going to be all over it if not owning some of the top boards
I've no reason to believe that would be the case, many of the top board owners are known individuals and word would get out if they were suddenly locked out.

>people like me simply won't trust it now we know feds lurk there and post bait
They've been there since the beginning, anyone that was there would have seen the nefarious forces trying to manipulate 8chan back in 2014 and 2015, when gamergate was still hot. Especially all the pedo shit that was being pushed by a self-proclaimed marxist and an infamous tranny who formerly worked with the feds to infiltrate and shutdown lulzsec back in the day. I'm pretty sure all the cringeworthy siegeshit was a psyop too.
>not enjoying slowposting
>thinking imageboards are for shitposting and kids yo
wew, you might want to go back to cuckchan
You prove my point in a way I don't think you realize when you typed that post. I'm not trying to shit on you with this but consider how much of this "community" is anything of the sort. If your house burns down how many of the anons here are going to help you out? If you drop dead how many will know or care? What if you needed to borrow 20 quid in an emergency? A community isn't the same as people you spend time with and I've found I've spent years on image boards and I have very little to show for it. I could have been investing that in people around me and developing stronger bonds with people that truly matter. 4chan and then 8ch stole a lot of friends from me because I invested in anonymous communities over real world people.

I enjoy the format and I think free speech websites are vital. I'm not sure it's worth paying the personal cost for them at this point. As I replied to the anon above, there's a cost to spending your time online anonymous only. Maybe if you were on Reddit you would of met a cool friend who helped you improve in a hobby or you got good movie recommendations from. Maybe you did neither and met real world people through facebook or real world people by attending local community events like library meet ups or chess clubs.

/tg/ is on smuglo.li and has nothing to do with Japan related stuff. But I will admit I've out grown the Asian fetish imageboarders have. I found anime to be the worst escapism possible as it isolates you even further from people around you.

What a quality reply. Now THIS is the reason you go to 8ch. So someone can tell you to go to another website because they didn't understand your post or it's the only thing they can spew at everyone they encounter.
Alright, that's enough fun with your blackpill rodeo, post your deanos or fuck off now.
>If your house burns down how many of the anons here are going to help you out? If you drop dead how many will know or care? What if you needed to borrow 20 quid in an emergency?

You're obviously an outsider. I'm personally still upset about the death of lupus, and I've sent on of the lads here a graphics card when theirs broke.

I'm very much in the same boat as >>101
If I wanted to black pill people I'd ask how many pakis you saw this week or how many niggers work in your local NHS. Sure would be a shame if you needed an operation and only doctor nignog is available to cut you open wouldn't it?

Or we could discuss how the current prime minister is a Jew. Is that less black pilled?
Open file (61.56 KB 204x326 yank spray.png)
Mate, you are fooling precisely no one. If you can't tell me the best way to eat hula hoops or what the most based job is, you can just go.
What's your point? This isn't brit/pol/.
What are you aiming to accomplish with these posts? You're thinking about leaving imageboards, so you're posting about it on an imageboard, but you seem completely against any sort of discussion in regards to it. The only reason I imagine you're posting about it is to try and get other people to think imageboards are bad and reddit is good, which given the sort of people who post on /britfeel/, is incredibly unlikely.
People posting exactly what you agree with isn't having a discussion and neither is shitting yourself and screaming reeee at them either. Do you consider that discussion?
>shitting yourself and screaming reeee at them
>Do you consider that discussion?
Where do you think we are? That's exactly the type of discussion this board was built to facilitate.

Wanted to go into the city today to get a haircut, maybe have some food but Pride is on which means it's going to be super fucking busy.
Open file (64.52 KB 500x663 faceapp.jpg)
Watched Annihilation (2018) today lads. I wouldn't recommend it. Seemed like a good premise, and what was going on was interesting but I don't think its possible for them to have had a more uninteresting cast of characters.
Made a proper Tomorrow theme lads, let me know if you spot any problems: https://pastebin.com/KjWKkHZP
I also made a slight update to the Yotsuba B one, just adjusted the spacing between posts: https://pastebin.com/7nRX5q0i

For any new lads that want to try it, just open up the "settings" menu on the top navigation bar, click "CSS", paste it in there, then hit "Save".
Thanks lad, it's pretty nice.
> If your house burns down how many of the anons here are going to help you out? If you drop dead how many will know or care? What if you needed to borrow 20 quid in an emergency?
but I never wanted that from the board, I already have enough "real" friends IRL and while I'd like to socialise with more people I don't want any commitments or responsibilities that come with doing that IRL like the sort of things you mentioned
I also live in a quite small town far away from people. All the friends who I share interests with live well over half an hour's drive away and as a result it takes effort and luck for us to meet up since we all have different schedules. With /brit/ and /newbrit/ I could open the webpage and socialise on-demand and then stop whenever I wanted to.

And also there were quite a few lads who had begun to meet up IRL regularly like Dorset and Wessex did, and they even were talking about renting a house together or something like that at one point.
I really hate that film, plenty of brainlets think it's a masterpiece too.
Open file (31.35 KB 744x824 1548665290020.png)
Open file (193.31 KB 922x781 ClipboardImage.png)
>making reference to specific people when illustrating a point that they are relevant to is namefaggotry
Open file (100.95 KB 634x901 smells awful.jpg)
Open file (157.00 KB 713x710 superfrog_(cd)_01.jpg)
Thought I'd let you lads know, there's a UK gaming thread over on julay's /v/ if you're interested: >>>/v/405

It started on a thread about 7th gen consoles >>>/v/127 , me and some other british lads accidentally derailed it to the point where it was worth making our own thread.
Open file (1.18 MB 1005x942 fbi.png)
Open file (392.44 KB 1544x1926 fbi2.png)
Feds rumbled themselves by making screenshots /pol/ threads with the (You)s left in. Full document here: courtlistener.com/recap/gov.uscourts.casd.626722/gov.uscourts.casd.626722.1.0.pdf
working on the night shift really messes with my sleep patterns
It's too hot lads.
Open file (32.92 KB 405x544 1467950453054.jpg)
is endchan brit back up yet or is this going to be our permanent temporary home?
or did everyone migrate over to mumsnet?
Regarding endchan:
>Migration is happening, no data should be lost 2019-08-25 10:50AM PDT
>We're in the processs of copying our data to a new mongo instances that won't crash. We had hope this would be finished by now but ran into some issues with images (they were working and now none of them do). Back to working on fixing images. Will keep you updated. Servers rebooted in the night and weren't configured to auto-start everythign in the way we need now. Back online.

I see /ausneets/ are camping on the temporary endchan migration site's /halp/ board, but other than that it's just filled with spam, no sign of /brit/ anywhere I've looked so far. You could try requesting a board on julay, just follow the instructions in >>>/meta/3 . Then it's just a matter of promoting it in places other lads might be lurking, or hoping they just randomly come across it. The webring should help, anyone on /v/'s or /a/'s bunkers will see the board if they check the webring list.

Can't see any sign of them there either I'm afraid. We all watched when you lot raided them a while ago, funny as fuck.
Yeah, raid.
The car's in trouble lads. The engine light has come on and it's taking ages to accelerate and keeps making chugging noises.

Waiting for Dad to come home to take a look for me.
>it's taking ages to accelerate and keeps making chugging noises.
That happened to me once but it turned out I was just out of petrol.
Open file (273.32 KB 664x2810 Thread 2 - 5.1.19.png)
/brit/ has somewhat of an obsession with mumsnet. they raided them at least 2 times where they would find a quiet, low traffic board on mumsnet and then set up a /brit/ general and just pretend it was brit. threads would stay up for ages which was pretty funny.
Open file (61.45 KB 819x242 mumsnet3.png)
keeeek forgot this one
Definitely has petrol. Blinked a few times when I was on the drive home from work today then stopped.

Slow to accelerate and struggling a lot to get over 50 or go up hills.

Dad said I need to replace the emissions sensors, but I don't think that'll solve the issue.
looks like /brit/'s back
BO from /reddit/ here. Saw you're 2 doors down and wanted to say Good morning. Hope it's nice weather today and the bin men don't forget to turn up.
Open file (556.96 KB 764x573 wojak letterbox 2.png)
>BO from /reddit/ here
We're not in.
So I can steal your milk? Is it silver top?
where lad?
Open file (670.66 KB 1200x827 ClipboardImage.png)
gonna go to the BFI and see Bait in a bit, sounds like kino

>Martin Ward is a cove fisherman, without a boat. His brother Steven has re-purposed their father's vessel as a tourist tripper, driving a wedge between the brothers. With their childhood home now a get-away for London money, Martin is displaced to the estate above the picturesque harbor. As his struggle to restore the family to their traditional place creates increasing friction with tourists and locals alike, a tragedy at the heart of the family changes his world.
Hey anon with the car trouble: post some more details and I'll help you.
t. burger with a Group B rally car
Open file (354.28 KB 2400x3000 Whole-Milk---4-Pints.jpg)
My mum gets our milk from Aldi, and she gets based blue top milk just for me. It's in our fridge, you can't have it.
the bunker on endchan. the thread proper has disappeared for some reason but apart from that everything's working again. dunno how many lads will come back though - not many found their way there in the first place.

might have a glass of milk now just because
luv milk, me
Might as well stay here.

Enjoy your glass of milk lad. Good for the bones.
I tried to make a test post on endchan /brit/ yesterday when I noticed it was back up, tried it in the main thread which was still there, but it just threw up an error, so maybe someone just deleted the whole thread. I was able to make a test post on the old /britfeel/ thread though. That site is clearly a bit of a shambles right now.
the main thread is completely gone, no idea why, but making new threads works fine. I tested it out earlier (and put zero effort into it) and it worked.
The engine management light is on, and it has trouble accelerating. Doubly so going uphill. makes a chugging noise instead of the engine running smoothly.
>The engine management light is on
This doesn't tell you much unless you get the codes it's throwing. Any good shop should pull the codes for you for cheap. You can also get the tools to do it yourself if you want to invest in it.
>it has trouble accelerating. Doubly so going uphill.
This could be a symptom of many things. Check the easy stuff first. Check the air filter and make sure it isn't totally clogged up. If it looks really dirty replace it but if you want you can run the car with it removed to see if it solves the problem. Check the spark plugs and make sure none of them are burned out. If the car is fuel injected you could also have an issue with them being gummed up.

Did you recently get gas (petrol) from a new station? You might just have some water in it if you're still on the same tank. Another thing to check is the oil. Pull the dip stick and make sure it's the right color. If it looks like mayonnaise you have major problems because the coolant is mixing with the oil.

It probably isn't anything major honestly. The engine might be acting this way because an O2 senor is bad or something elsewhere (lack of air, lack of spark, bad gas) is causing it to throw a code. When the ECU gets bad data from sensors it will change the way the engine runs and cause problems like this from time to time. I had a Honda once that had a bad senor and would refuse to start because it was reading the outside temperature as being 300F+ at all times.

If you tell me what the model/year of the car is I can help you further. Hard to go much further without it. Just check those simple things I mentioned and if it isn't anything obvious take it to the shop and have them pull the codes.
>spark plugs
Forgot to mention. If you're replacing plugs you should replace wires at the same time.
Forgot to have dinner earlier, so it's beans on toast for me.
Haven't checked here in a week or 2. Do we have /brit/ and brit/pol/ fags here now?
Is there anything more comfy than waking up, putting a pie and some chips in the oven, getting back into bed for a half-hour lie-in, then waking up again to a nice hot breakfast ready and waiting? I don't think so.

Yeah, there's a few of us here for the time being. Been trying not to rock the boat too much.
Tbh I don't mind it so much, its only when there's talk about specific people or "characters" from other boards that it gets annoying
>pie and chips for breakfast
Try it, lad. It puts a nice protective coating on the inside of your arteries, to keep everything running smoothly throughout the day.
Been to the garage this morning, it's misfiring on cylinder 1.

Its a citreon C1, popped up the codes P0300, P0301.

Going to take a look at them myself, replace whichever spark plugs look a bit dodgy (and definitely the spark plug on cylinder 1) then take a look at the coil cylinders while im doing so.

I guess I should probably replace the wires as you suggested too?
Welcome back lad, been up to anything the last two weeks?

>Do we have /brit/ and brit/pol/ fags here now?
Yeah, they lost contact with pretty much all their lads, so we said they could stay here in the meantime. I'd like to think they'd have done the same for any of us.
Those codes indicated general misfire/misfire on cylinder 1. I know budgets can be tight but if you're doing plugs/wires replace all of them in one go if possible. I just looked at your car and you only need 3 so doing them all shouldn't hurt your pocket too much. You'll need a 10mm and spark plug socket (spanners) for the job. If you don't have them already it's worth investing in them and keeping them in the trunk (boot). Keep an extra spark plug in the car would be a good idea too. Every man should have a tool box in the trunk.

You're going to have to take the air box off to access the plugs/wires. Since you're taking it off anyway it would be a good time to replace the air filter if it looks worn. As for coils that could very well be the problem too. If you have a misfire after doing plugs/wires that would be the next thing to replace. Again, you only need 3 so doing the set would be best but coils are usually more expensive so just replacing the one should be fine for now if that is indeed the problem.
Be happy you aren't like me daily driving a V8. All this shit adds up quickly and I have a car that likes to burn up coils all of the time
While you're under the hood check the follow:
>engine oil
>engine coolant
>transmission oil
>fuses in the fuse box under the hood
also give the engine a quick once over looking to see if any wires have become frayed/shorted.

Read the owner's manual in the glove box and follow the suggested time tables for doing oil/fluid changes. If you're unsure or confused about how to do something watch multiple videos on youtube. There are tons of guys these days doing how-to videos on this stuff. Here is the only I watched to see how to change the plugs/wires on your car: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kyh9tMBqD2A

On plugs/wires: These should always be changed together at least once a year or so. Check your manual for the suggested timeline for your car. Oil should be changed once a year or after so many miles/km again refer to the manual. If you stay on top of these things you can keep your car running forever.

How do you like your car? I've never driven a 3-cylinder before I'm curious how it sounds. I looks like a comfy little car.
I should have paid more attention to the video. This car looks like the one I currently own meaning the coils just sit right on top of the plugs. So you shouldn't need spark plug wires just the coil/plug set. I'm not a fan of this design but it's becoming really common.

When you go to buy the parts tell the guy at the auto parts store the make/model of your car and he'll get you sorted. He'll know better than me since your car isn't very common here. We mainly have Japanese and American cars where I live. From a quick glance you're going to need
>3 spark plugs
>3 coils (assuming you want to replace these too)
I would just check the plugs first and if they look worn replace them. If it fixes the problem the coils are good. If not replace the coil on cylinder 1. If you still have problems after that come back and we'll go from there.
>Every man should have a tool box in the trunk
Frankly, every man should have a tool box, end of. I've seen too many lads not even owning a basic set of screwdrivers.
Sorry to shit up the thread but I just woke up when I posted these replies so my brain wasn't working at 100%. I just wanted to be clear: You don't have spark plug wires on your car because it's has a coil-on-plug ignition. This type of ignition system eliminates the wires because each plug has its own coil. I was taught how to work on cars by boomers when distributor caps with wires/plugs was the most common type of ignition system.

I'm pretty sure if you replace the plugs you'll be good to go. I just priced coils for your car and they go for about $20USD. If I were you I'd pick up one at the shop just in case and keep an extra in the trunk a long with a spark plug. Coils for your car are really cheap compared to what I've been paying for them (a set for mine runs about $300USD).

For sure. I save so much money because I have a good set of tools. I was lucky to have a lot of tools passed down to me. Most of my tools are 50+ years old. Keep them organized and put away and they'll last forever. In the long run it's always cheaper to buy the tools and do things yourself than it is to pay for a shop to take care of stuff like this for you.

I appreciate all the help lad. I went to buy spark plugs this morning and found out my car doesnt have wires at that point. Bought three and replaced them all, sadly the issue persists.

My uncle has a code checker, Im going to get it from him tomorrow. Plan is to swap around the coils to double check the code changes when the one thats supposed to be failing is moved around, then if that's the case order one.

It seems a little better with the coils replaced, but not majorly. Hopefully the coils dont take too long to arrive.

I live with my parents and my dad has plenty of tools as he's big into DIY, so luckily we have everything I need. I have my own set of screwdrivers, but no other tools of my own. When I eventually move out, I'll have to start investing. (Or steal some of his)
>Plan is to swap around the coils to double check the code changes when the one thats supposed to be failing is moved around, then if that's the case order one.
Good plan, it's most likely a coil. It's worth keeping spares on hand. Usually when you buy them in a pack they cut you a little deal on the price of each one.
It feels good to be back after all this time. In a strange way, I've even missed the whibblescromps.
Open file (60.19 KB 409x409 comfy deano.jpg)
Welcome to the bunker lad, what did you get up to while you were gone?
Open file (364.81 KB 653x490 ClipboardImage.png)
>keep instinctively clicking the /newbrit/ bookmark when I open my browser
>been up to anything the last two weeks?
Been playing a lot of Europa Universalis 4. Doing a France World conquest run. Im shit at the game but I enjoy it
I know that feel browser still defaults to my home board and I'm still typing the url by mistake
I daresay it's floobity to have you back.
There's a new lynx-based imageboard like this one that's opened up board creation, anon (dot) cafe, describes itself as "a relaxing place for relaxed imageboards". Could be worth us requesting a backup bunker there just in case this place goes down. Seems like it was set up by some of the lasses from /cuckquean/, they were a pleasant and easy going lot.
>family thinks I'm a good cook
>just search for top rated recipes and follow them step by step
Just bought a Makita rotary hammer drill from gumtree for £20 today.
Looks like some lads gradfather died recently and he's listing all his old tools on gumtree.

Don't really have anything to use it on but I tried it out on some paving stones and it cut through them like butter.
That's really all it takes to impress most normalfags. My family think I'm a computer wizard, but really I'm just good with a search engine and I'm not afraid click on things. When the day of the internet shutdown comes, many of us will be revealed as know-nothing charlatans with no real expertise.
Open file (82.37 KB 652x497 1438549211654.jpg)

I made the emergency bunker, it's over at anon (dot) cafe (slash) britfeel. Please bookmark that page, write it down on a piece of paper, tattoo it on your bollocks, whatever you need to do. I'll put a link to it on our board's message bar at the top of the page, but don't rely on that being there if or when we actually need it.
This is how almost everyone working in IT functions. The ones that don't google stuff have been there long enough to remember it all.
Good work lad.

I'll paypal anyone £50 if they do tattoo in on their bollocks.
Update on the car lads.

Got the device for reading error codes, double checked it and still gave "Misfiring on Cylinder 1", swapped the leftmost and middle cylinders, reversed it about a foot to make an error code come up again and checked. "Misfiring on Cylinder 2"

Complete confirmation of the exact issue. Ordered a new ignition coil, cost me £30 with shipping.
My life has been consumed by classic wow.
Mine would have been if I had mates to play it with. I get bored on my own.
how was your day lads? kinda lonely rn tbh
It's been alright, got up about 3pm, my nieces came round and we played for a bit, and since then I've just been catching up on things in the bunkers. Reminder Jim Watkin's deposition is this Thursday at 2:30pm our time. We don't know yet if it'll be streamed, but it should be some glorious autism if it is.

What have you been up to lad?
Also, you might need to refresh the pages a couple of times until they work, wayback machine is a bit of a piece of shit.
Whats happening in the House of Lords lads?
You tell me lad, I haven't been following along.
They're voting on the amendments to whatever they're voting on.
The statement from Jim and his lawyer that will be read out at the deposition has been released: https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/62f5a3_f869c81d6bcb495ebdd137776542fe11.pdf

It gives an overview of how 8chan works, they're mission statement, how they responded to past shootings and how quickly, and how it intends to operate in the future.
>they're mission statement
*their mission statement, I need to sleep.
i'm an unlovable person
whoa no way me too
Day 1 of the Jim thing is over, apparently there's going to be a second day, heard it might be on the 10th but that's not confirmed.

>WASHINGTON (Reuters) - 8chan, the online message board linked to several recent mass shootings, plans to restrict parts of the website during a “state of emergency,” the site’s owner Jim Watkins told a U.S. House panel in a written statement. Watkins completed his closed-door deposition on Thursday, said Representative Bennie Thompson, chairman of the Homeland Security Committee and Ranking Republican Mike Rogers. The panel last month subpoenaed the American living in the Philippines to answer its questions about whether the website “amplifies extremist views, leading to the radicalization of its users.”

>Watkins “provided vast and helpful information to the Committee about the structure, operation, and policies of 8Chan and his other companies. We look forward to his continued cooperation with the Committee as he indicated his desire to do so during today’s deposition,” they said in a joint statement. “If 8chan comes back online, it will be done when 8chan develops additional tools to counter illegal content under United States law,” Watkins said in the statement released by his lawyer. “If 8chan returns, staff would implement a way to restrict certain parts of the website during a state of emergency, in which case any board in question would be put in a read-only mode until it would be deemed safe enough to enable posting again,” it said.

>Critics last month pressed tech companies to shun 8chan, which in its Twitter profile describes its location as “The Darkest Reaches of the Internet” and has become a hotbed for white extremist content. Thompson and Rogers said last month the shooting deaths of 22 people at an El Paso Walmart store was “at least the third act of supremacist violence linked to your website this year.” The El Paso gunman allegedly posted a four-page statement on 8chan before his attack, while the site was also apparently used this year by the shooters who attacked two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand and a synagogue in Poway, California, lawmakers told Watkins in a letter last month.

>Benjamin Barr, a lawyer for Watkins, said in a statement to the committee, that “8chan has never tolerated illegal speech and has a consistent track record of working with law enforcement agencies when appropriate.” Watkins said 8chan “has worked responsibly with law enforcement agencies when unprotected speech is discovered on its platform. No single platform can sensibly prevent all hateful, illegal, or threatening speech - it can only act in due time to remove it.” The company did remove some posts soon after mass shootings in Texas, California and New Zealand, he said. But Watkins added, “my company has no intention of deleting constitutionally protected hate speech. I feel the remedy for this type of speech is counter speech, and I’m certain that this is the view of the American justice system.” The message board has been voluntarily down since late August.
>UESP is still mostly identical to how it looked 12 years ago
Shan't be reading this
Open file (154.46 KB 315x480 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (49.42 KB 520x385 n3499_mugabe-shrugs.png)
It damn well took him long enough. Good riddance.
It's not that long lad, basically just says "Jim was helpful and cooperative, and will implement the thing halfchan does by freezing parts of the site when there's a "state of emergency", but states he has no intention of deleting constitutionally protected hate speech".
The fact most of our enemies die old and peacefully isn't something to be celebrated.
Open file (415.29 KB 535x603 ClipboardImage.png)
bigots btfo, I hope there are no bigots in here
none here
Open file (40.96 KB 599x301 trains man.png)
stay strong trains is hard job
Lads, there's a new nostalgia board here called >>>/retro/ , it's similar to /y2k/ but includes the 90s as well as the 00s, if you're interested.
>90s & 00s
whatever boomer, let me know when there's an early 10s nostalgia board
I really miss working part time, lads.
Are you NEET or full time employed?
Full time employed.
I'm sorry to hear that lad.
Open file (57.17 KB 899x592 happy dog.jpg)
>department fully rumbled
>all picks done
>gap scan done
>backups tidy

As a retail lad, is there a better feel?
>is there a better feel?
Going home?
Open file (14.34 KB 244x206 ClipboardImage.png)
>older friend finds one of his Pentax SLRs from the 80s that's been sitting in his attic since the millennium and gives it to me because he knows I like my old cameras and he has gone digital
>the foam-rubber light seals are worn out to shit and need replacing
>look online
>£50 to have someone else do it for me (plus whatever in postage)
>£15 for a DIY kit
>find some post on a forum saying that before the 80s Pentax used to use cotton yarn and felt and that those type of seals basically never degrade like the foam-rubber ones
>just did it that way myself in less than ten minutes
>the materials cost about £6 total and I got enough to do a hundred cameras
Nice one lad, show us some pictures when you get some developed.
>costs more
>breaks sooner
I miss when things were simple, lads.
Feeling down tbh lads, more so than usual.

I'm not sure how much more of this I have left in me. I need something to change.
>Feeling down tbh lads
Lay it on us, that's what we're here for.

>I need something to change
That could be rephrased as "I need to change something", or "I will change something", little changes in wording like that can affect how we perceive things and what we do about them.
Open file (20.30 KB 247x224 I should be dead.jpg)
I know that feeling, lad. Been trying hard for a very long time now, but things just don't get better. No matter how hard I try (or how little I try), the end result will be the same: a life sentence in the wagie-cagies doing meaningless toil. I don't mind working hard, but only if it has a purpose, and all the work to be found these days is meaningless. Today's work only exists so I can do more work tomorrow, and tomorrow's work only exists so I can do more work the day after that, and it's never finished. Maybe I could put up with it if I had something to come home to, but my family has basically forgotten that I exist, and I'll likely never have a wife and kids. I won't even get to enjoy some shallow boomer-style NEET hedonism towards the end of my life, because I'm not earning anywhere near enough to be able to hope to retire someday. I'll be working right into my grave, and I have zero reason to work beyond continuing to maintain homeostasis. It's not like I actually want to die, but the thought of going to sleep and never waking up sounds really fucking tempting. I'm just so tired of it all.
>I'm not sure how much more of this I have left in me.
I was thinking this to myself recently. Feels like I have an expiry date fast approaching. My body and mind are deteriorating ever more quickly.

There's nothing for us to work for. I really wish for an apocalyptic event. I'm totally blackpilled on revolution or some kind of societal change. It's not like there will be a change in society that will fix the fundamental problem of our minds. Consciousness was a mistake and humanity is disgusting. The only hope I have is the creation of an environment where language and culture are useless and forgotten, where action rules above the mind.
is endchan /brit/ down again? what the fuck is going on..
Endchan staff continuing to be incompetent retards, that's what's going on. Everyone bunkered there should have attempted to migrate the second it came back up.

I've had this week off, and it has just made it worse. It's so nice not having to go to work. I've been getting up early, doing stuff I find interesting and just chilling out. I know it's not something that would be satisfying in the long run, I'd need some larger goal to work towards but its nice.

I walked around the village in the middle of the day and it's crazy how quiet it is, everyone has left to go be a wagie elsewhere. They're paying for these houses that they do nothing but come home to and sleep in, before having to go back to working the next morning.
Open file (88.83 KB 386x661 1449062333434.jpg)
Wageslavery is no way to live.
Day 4 without speed or coffee. Feeling good and sleeping well.
Good lad. I've been laying off the caffeine recently, and now I'm getting to sleep in about a quarter of the time it used to take me.
How do I get a haircut? How do I know what type of haircut I should get? How do I ask for a type of haircut? Do I just walk in any time they're open? What do I do if I want my hair longer but it looks autistic at the moment? Every time I feel like I need a haircut I end up doing it myself because the stress of going outside and interacting with people is too much.
>Do I just walk in any time they're open?
Yes, unless they want you to make an appointment, in which case no.

I would also like an answer to the rest of these questions, though. I go there and tell them I want them to use their scissors to make my hair shorter than it is now, and to put it in a style that is normal-looking and low-maintenance, and then they just look all confused and stand around asking me questions for ten minutes before finally deciding to do the thing I told then to do when I walked in. What am I doing wrong?
Disclaimer, I've never been to the hairdressers myself because my mum's a hairdresser, but that said, my mum's a hairdresser. Could be a good idea to call because they're sometimes fully booked, but they often have days where they're almost completely empty as well. Sunday through tuesday are the most empty days at my mum's salon, wednesday through saturday are busier with thursday being the busiest. They should have pictures you can choose from, or you can just go in with a picture of what you want on your phone. My mum gives me a "number 3 on top, 2 on the sides", the higher the number the longer it is, 0 being skinhead.
Just ask what they think would look good, any barber should have a big magazine full of different hairstyles to show you for you to choose from
Updated the custom Yotsuba B and Tomorrow CSS to fix the new webring menu found on the navigation bar:
Yotsuba B - https://pastebin.com/hZ3e8eYA
Tomorrow - https://pastebin.com/S3h5QdjU
The first thing you need to do is not go to a salon. You only want to go to a barbers. Barbers do not take appointments, it's walk in only. If they only take appointments, leave. You are wasting your time.

Next, do not let a woman cut your hair. They do not know what they are doing, they will make you look like an autist. If you're not prepared to ask for a man guy then leave. Do not waste your time. A note here, you may also come up with the idea of leaving if the guy cutting your hair seems like a fag, do not. If he wants to have sex with men, he is even more attuned to what will look good. This isn't true for women because they aren't capable of caring about others so the same logic does not apply.

Next, you sit in the chair and he will ask what you want. Say something along the lines of:

"I'm growing it out, I like it long. My friend is bald and I like to make fun of him. The hair looks ridiculous at the moment though, like I work in a phone shop or something. Can you restyle it, something low maintenance that won't grow out weird."

He will at certain points ask weird questions like:

"Do you want it covering your ears"

I usually tell him that I don't have a preference. "Dealers choice" I will say and laugh. It is his job to make sure you leave without looking like a retard, so he will make a good decision.
I don't trust myself to pull off these New Vegas tier speech checks.
Just got in the barber shop and tell him you want a crewcut.
You may find this how-to video helpful for getting to know your barber: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=74I7Nl1mKig
If all else fails, you can get a number 2 all over.
Open file (138.30 KB 1621x818 ClipboardImage.png)
For some reason this post made me think of pic related
Just found out about the extreme storms/flooding in the south of Spain over the last day or two, I've read there's at least 5 people dead so far. My dad's over there right now, in Alicante which is right in the thick of it. He text me just now saying the roof of one building he was going to "went", but luckily he wasn't in it at the time, that's all I've heard.

Open file (21.95 KB 251x201 ClipboardImage.png)
>Jim Sterling is a professional wrestler now
what the fuck
I think he has been for a while, I saw a clip of him wrestling a year or so ago.
fell out of the vidya loop a couple of years ago, just this week started watching some of the old guys again so I would have missed that
Fat useless fuck is dying a slow death of relevance so he's likely joined some shitty indie wrestling thing for attention. I doubt he's properly trained and he'll end up injured. Hopefully dead.
Why the fuck would you watch that fat piece of shit? Might as well watch Anita at that point.
Got some of my work published in a magazines guest gallery. Good morale boost to know my stuffs good enough to feature in print. Now I need to work on taking it from guest gallery to real photos. Only way to get your name out there. Probably should set up my website with a gallery instead of the URL just going straight to my youtube channel. Would be nice to turn a hobby into an income, stop being a NEET and relying on gibs me dats.
As I understand it, he got a copyright strike from the WWE for showing 2 seconds of footage in one of his videos. In some bizzare form of "payback" he decided to become a wrestler in parody of the whole thing, but as he actually got some traction and paid work from it he decided to just stick with it. Can't say I blame him
Congrats anon, keep at it
Not him, and I do agree Jim is an obnoxious fat wanker with a grating voice, but at the very least he's staunchly anti-AAA, lootboxes, honorary gambling, etc.

Nice one lad, wish I could do something similar myself.
Gratz Britbong. Keep at it!
I don't believe he's anti any of that shit. I think he's just the Mtv of game journos. Pretends he's a rebel but he's in the same pocket talking the same shit. He's from the same group as Anthony Burch came from and Burch and his sister are all over Triple A now.

Don't let your dreams be dreams lad. Find publishers online and email them to ask what they're interested in and see if you can fulfill any of their needs. Most people don't do it so you have little competition if you have the balls to introduce yourself.

At the end of the day, he co-hosts a podcast with a tranny, as a result he's likely not to be trusted with anything.
Jahans could cure the tranny if he would just let him inject his shit and piss into him.
The cuck who lost his Wii U to his ex-wife's boyfriends is a bit different, because Burch used to be a writer for AAA games. Most of the rest of that crowd hate AAA because it's "sexist", or "transphobic", or whatever this year's problem is, whereas Jim at the very least hates AAA because of their money-grubbing practices, and I've seen enough of his rants on it over the years that I think his anger towards it is in earnest. I'm not defending anything else about him, you only have to look at his "wife" to know what he's about.

Enough about shittubers though, what's some good brit youtubers you lads watch? I've been watching Dan Wood lately ( https://www.youtube.com/user/techguruuk/ ), he does good videos on the Amiga and other stuff from that era.
Don't recommend trannys mate. That channel is part of the same UK circle jerk which suck off "Jim" Justice constantly. The entire UK old computer scene is pozzed thanks to faggots like that. he even car pools with Ashens and they record videos together in the car. Fucking disgusting.

Burch got famous for whoring his sister out and now she's pushing commie shit into voice acting. Completely fucking up everything that works because she's expected to do a job.
I'm not recommending trannies, his channel has nothing to do with trannies and as far as I've seen there's no pozz on it. He just talks about old hardware and software and the scene around it back in the day. Don't really give a shit who his friends are if they aren't in the videos and he's not bringing up identity politics every 5 minutes.

Literally a video with a tranny in it on the front page.
Alright, there's one shitty panel with a tranny on it, I think panels are the most cringeworthy shit in the world anyway, pozzed or not. Still, not gonna write off a whole channel that's otherwise 99% decent videos just because one or two of them feature some other nutters from that scene in them. The only youtubers of this sort that I have no interest in entertaining are the ones who are literally trannies, or otherwise cannot stop shoving unrelated socjus soygoy shit into all their videos.

There's another bloke I occasionally watch, Markus Fuller, who does really good synthesizer electronics/repair videos. He's literally a queer that lives with his "civil partner" in Brighton, and the whole UK synth scene is riddled with trannies and male feminists just like the oldschool computers/gaming one, but he doesn't talk like a poof or make his videos about any of that that (I only found out because of a couple of comment replies I happened to see when someone asked him), so I don't care. I can seperate the content from the creator, but if the content itself is cancer then I'm out.
Content and creator are the same thing. Any one you promote will influence the platform they're in. So every time you link someone who supports trannies you're encouraging trannies into the community.

Open file (113.66 KB 800x371 soyboy_wahoo.gif)
>Content and creator are the same thing
I disagree, I can respect the ones that actively keep that shit out of their content for the most part and just stick to the topic. I'm not interested in "the community" or whatever, I'm a shut-in NEET and wouldn't be involved with them anyway.

Oi, you can slag off my taste in youtubers till the cows come home, but don't you dare imply that I'm a fan of m*rio or modern n*ntendo games.
Going in the garden to water the flowers lads, my mum's gone abroad so I've been tasked with watering them every other day while she's away. I forgot about it for the first 5 days though, I did tell her to not be surprised if they're all dead when she gets back.
I don't care if you disagree or not. The fact remains that if you promote people who accept trannies you can expect those trannys and fags to become the dominant group. People like me will leave, while the trannies will network at the conventions and soyboys wanting to see tits because they're lonely.

Bing bing wahoooo mother fucker. Mario is better than Jet set willy and Monty moles a poofter. Bing bing wahoo isn't about Mario specifically, it's about the arrested development of the player clinging to childhood mascots instead of growing into more mature hobbies and interests.
>I don't care if you disagree or not
Well that's that sorted then, because neither do I. I'm not going to live my life like "I can't watch this lad's videos because his mate's mum met a tranny at Home Bargains the other week". I don't like trannies, I don't associate with them, and I wouldn't shed a tear if they all stopped existing tomorrow, but writing off otherwise decent people and their content just because they're involved with a scene that trannies have wormed their way into, is a bit far even for me.

>Bing bing wahoo isn't about Mario specifically, it's about the arrested development of the player clinging to childhood mascots instead of growing into more mature hobbies and interests
I don't even play games for the most part any more, unless I'm entertaining my 5 year old niece. The sort of games I liked most were classic Tomb Raider, Medal of Honor, GTA, Max Payne, Mafia, Splinter Cell, Far Cry, that sort of thing. I have a soft spot for classic Sonic because those games (plus a couple of Amiga games my dad had) were my earliest gaming memories, and I also have fond memories of a few PS1 era "childhood mascot" games like Crash, Spyro, Croc, etc., but that's it really, I don't obsess over them. I have "mature hobbies and interests" like making music, audio engineering, computers, electronics, DJing, etc., I'm not like the 35+ year old soyboys that base their entire lives around the latest nintendo shite or disney/capeshit films.
You listed a bunch of childish hobbies. Hobbies of manchildren who think not being able to hear each other while drinking deicer is a good time.
Alright, now you're just being disingenuous, or you've lost the plot entirely. What kind of children do you know that are into soldering, jazz music theory, and parametric equalisers?

Go on then, let's hear some of your manly macho hobbies and interests. I swear if you say reading books or doing sports I'm gonna give you a slap.
>Jazz music theory
I bet it goes great with your feminist underwater basket weaving degree doesn't it?

Doing sports is manly. It's about a group of men coming together to work as a team. It involves intense physical ability, learning to lead or to be lead and to work as an unit should your area need a large group of men to do something.

You sound like a weedy little poofter who hates people who play sports because they're bigger than him, better looking and shagged the girl you had a crush on before she had 3 kids and a facebook account.
Not him but I'm moved on to things like:
>Guns/target shooting
>martial arts
and many other things. I try to do things outdoors when possible or at least things that keep me psychically active. I still like gaming but my interest in it shifted from playing games to restoring old arcade machines. I recently restored an old pinball machine that doesn't have a computer (it's all relays). I found it in a barn and thought it was worthless/common. After getting it running I've discovered it's only one of a few known to still exist in the world. There is one in a museum somewhere and another in a private collection. I'll probably sell it for a nice profit.

I feel like I wasted a lot of my youth on playing vidya and fucking around on the internet. I did learn a lot (like programming) but most of the time wasn't well spent. I wish I would have started a lot of my current hobbies sooner when I was in better health. You should do whatever you enjoy. Don't let anyone else tell you how to run your life. I think most people are like me. Their interests change as they get older simply because you grow bored of doing the same stuff day in and day out.
Bit faggy hobbies here and there but overall decent.

You better mean hunting as in riding a bloody horse. Other wise you're a bloody yank.

Vidya is just a complete waste of time unless you're in a creative industry where you can use parts of it as inspiration. If you're writing a novel exploring a fantasy world can be a good way to understand how people would travel, survive and feel in those worlds. It's not good if you're just grinding away in WoW all day jerking off to sonic cartoons.
Normalfags NOT welcome here lad, take your sports (that literally every kid in the country does and they all want to be footballers, while less than 0.001% have any interest in the things I do) and fuck off.

Yeah they're all decent hobbies, good on ya lad. I'm pretty much the same, not in terms of hobbies obviously, but I'm no longer interested in games and I consider them a bit of a waste of time. I've been focusing on learning new skills and building my knowledge for the last couple of years, it's much more fulfilling.

And nice one on that pinball machine, let us know how much you get for it.
>TFW still enjoy video games.
Cry more fatty. You're a little fat ball of brown lard talking shit to the Englishman in his home while you leech off the government to make nigger rap music and be TEH NEXT YOUTUBER LEGEND RAPPER GANGSTER
head come up
pfff he's gone
Playing anything decent lad?

I'm 12 stone you stupid git, and I've made my fair share of posts here over the years shitting all over no talent nigger rap, which you'd know if you'd been here more than a day. Go wind some other lot of wankers up.
Open file (15.61 KB 350x319 1428445237142.jpg)
Would you consider reading books and watching films equally as wasteful as playing games? Is doing anything that isn't in the pursuit of money a waste of time to you?
>Would you consider reading books and watching films equally as wasteful as playing games?
Not him, but I think it depends on the book or the film. I think hollywood rubbish is generally a bigger waste of time than most games, but there are some classics out there well worth a watch. Books can either be just something to pass the time, or they can genuinely make a profound impact on your life. It's the same as the internet really, if all you do is browse facebook or watch top 40 music videos you won't be getting much out of it, but it could also be used to learn and achieve great things.

>Is doing anything that isn't in the pursuit of money a waste of time to you?
Pursuing money for money's sake like a yuppie cunt is a soulless endeavour.
t. autismbux lad
So you're not even a high tier nigger just a smelly skinny one because his mums left him inside all doors while she smokes crack? Go be a nigger some where else shit skin.

Depends on the book or film and what you're doing it for.

I'm not against time wasting, there's some valid reasons to just do fuck all. If you're stressed and need to chill out play some vidya, if you're on a date with a lass go see a horror movie to get a feel of her tits. Vidya as a primary hobby is just being a loser though. Games are by their nature third hand experiences which make you think you're getting first hand experiences. It's like going for a shag in the dark and when the lights come on it's an ugly bloke in a fur suit noshing your bell end. Sure you technically experienced something but you're still an ugly virgin with no experience.
Pursuit of money is in it's self a waste of time. If all you do is grind to earn money you fail to develop a soul and a family. Getting money to have a family is good though. Shouldn't be a fat lazy lay about in Luton leeching off bennies like >>271
>12 stone
Who's the fat cunt now? And I'm white you absolute dick.

>Shouldn't be a fat lazy lay about in Luton leeching off bennies like >>271
Funny, didn't you say earlier "Would be nice to turn a hobby into an income, stop being a NEET and relying on gibs me dats."? One more dickhead remark out of you and you can fuck off for good.
12 stone is skinny for a nigger. All they eat is KFC and tango.

Go on mate I fucking dare you. Show us how tiny your cock is. Losing your temper because you're being called what you are. Lazy little jungle bunny who spends all day watching lets plays. No wonder you like Jim Sterling, you want to be his best friend. I bet he'd even let you shag his wife so you could lose your virginity.
He's gone Sam. That's what we do to bullies 'round here.
Open file (22.01 KB 218x215 1450811542737.jpg)
I'd also like to take this time to make sure our guests know that /britfeel/ is a pro-NEET zone.

I'd go back to it in a heartbeat if it was an option for me.
I didn't go any where you dumb nigger. It's like you don't know how the internet works.

And no matter how many times you act like you banned someone you will still be a dumb chimp ooking at the white girls.
Head come up.
Jesus I wasn't expecting a casual mention of Jim Sterling to derail the thread so much fucking hell
haven't been on britfeel in a while and now we're on a new website. so much changes so much stays the same. how's it going lads? My best mate killed himself a few weeks ago so I feel pretty shit
We're an autistic bunch here, we do our best.

Welcome back lad, surprised you managed to find us after all this time. Really sorry to hear about your friend, if you're ever feeling down or lonely you're welcome here any time to talk it out or just chat about whatever.
>how's it going lads?
Not too bad mate, parents are away so I've got the house all to myself until thurday evening.
Enjoy the free house. I still had one of the lads on steam so I messaged him the other week when i was drunk and he got back to me with a link to this place. It's kind of comforting to be back after so long, I think. My mate dying has fucked me up really bad honestly. Talked to him nearly every day for over 3 years and now he's gone. Kind of lost all my real motivation really, back to only living for the sake of not dying at this point. It happened on the 20th of August at 7:26pm and I've been drunk nearly every day since then. I get really shakey/on edge ever since it happened. Especially on Tuesdays because that's the day it happened. Feel really fucking grim.
That's rough man, goes without saying but don't be afraid to seek professional help if you need it. Things like that really make you appreciate how mortal and ephemeral we all are, and not to be taken for granted. Have you got any family or other friends (besides us of course) that you can be with or talk to?
I live with my mother and we genuinely care about eachother, but I'm not really good at speaking about this to her, I more or less bottle it up. I actually got drunk tonight and messaged his mother on facebook and we're talking now, I thought it would be weird but she actually told me she knew about me and has been looking for me ever since it happened, I've mainly been explaining to her the problems her son was dealing with and what motivated him to do what he did. She's being very nice to me and it makes me feel very happy and very sad at the same time.
Good idea reaching out to her, have to rely on each other to come to acceptance on these things, and I'm sure she greatly appreciates it. I think you should try opening up to your mum about it, could at the very least be cathartic. I know it's nowhere near the same level of severity, and fairly trivial in comparison, but when 8chan went down and all the news articles came out, I thought I'd lost all my lads and anons forever, and I was really panicking and stressed about it for a solid week and a half. I was waking up every day in a cold sweat with my heart pounding, and just constantly filled with dread and nausea. Eventually I sat down with my mum and we had a nice long chat about it as well as other things, got a few sniffles out of my system, and after that it stopped feeling so heavy on my chest.
Yeah I get where you're coming from. Back when my mate was still alive I'd sometimes end up really worried about him for one reason or another and I'd talk to my mum about it and it would help a lot, I'll mention all the stuff that's happened tonight tomorrow I guess. My friend was an e-friend obviously and he lived in Canada, his mother is saying she wants to meet me which is pretty nice actually, I'm going to try and make my immediate goal to save enough money to go visit his grave and say hi to his mum, I guess.
Welcome back lad.

Going to Canada sounds like a very good thing to do.
Hello lads, it's been a while. How are you doing? Have you been working on any projects, taken up a new hobby, or continued to develop existing ones lately? Or are you able to be content with doing not much at all?
I'm really glad this place still exists. My internet usage is practically nil compared to the good old NEET days of vidya and wanking; nowadays, this place, and guitar tutorials on youtube are practically the only things I go on. On the topic of wanking I'm coming up to a month of no porn and I'm quite pleased with that. I've been spending about 30 minutes a day learning Japanese because a lad from work asked if I'd like to go with him next year, and I think it would make the trip a lot more interesting.

I'm surprised to see that the lad who came onto the home board every now and then to give us shit is here--I'm assuming it's him, this bunker is very esoteric and even I, as a regular, took some time getting here. I would wager that were he the Deano he'd like to think he is, he wouldn't be here, and he wouldn't feel the need to let us know how much better he feels he is than the perception of us he's built up in his head. He probably has more in common with us than 99.9% of people he'll encounter irl.

Be kind to yourselves, lads.

Nice to hear from you lad, good job keeping yourself busy and learning new things, and well done on the no porn. すみません、but how are you going about learning Japanese if you don't mind me asking? I've had hiragana and katakana down for years for the most part, and I've picked up many common words and phrases through listening to dialogue and recognising a few of the most commonly used kanji, but never made it much further than that. Duolingo is pretty shit, so I might need to get a textbook or something, but that'll probably reveal my power level to my family, and then I'd have to commit sudoku. よろしくお願いします。

>Have you been working on any projects, taken up a new hobby, or continued to develop existing ones lately?
Nothing out of the usual, still playing keyboard and messing around with synths and stuff, but mostly been spending time on the bunkers talking to all kinds of different anons. My family's been away for the last week and a half so I've been looking after the house and garden, watering the flowers and stuff. Minus a couple of plants turning yellow and the big sunflower turning all burnt and shrivelled, I think I've done alright. I think.

>I'm assuming it's him, this bunker is very esoteric and even I, as a regular, took some time getting here
I didn't recognise him personally, I assumed he'd come in from one of the other boards/bunkers, seeing how clueless he was to our board culture. The things he got mad about were either never brought up before or had never previously been points of contention. I don't know if you know, but a "webring" has been set up, so anyone on a connected bunker can see our board in the list. There's also anons going around promoting all the boards to try and generate activity, including ours, like this for example: https://vch.moe/v/res/46538.html#48047

There are far fewer total boards than there were on 8chan, and there's no real "/brit/" board besides ours, so we're a bigger fish in a smaller pond. It's no surprise that we'd see more outsiders popping in, just wish they could all be good lads that respect our ways.
i dont know if you guys were always contained to your own board, but theres an r9k up in anon.cafe (check the webring tab)
>Gavin and Stacey edition
I've been posting just about everywhere, cheers for the heads up though.

My dad said he wrote a letter to the BBC praising them for that show, not even joking.
I have to book hair appointments 1 month in advance. I've been going to this salon for about 17 months.
The barber before this didn't have to book appointments at all, I could just walk in and get my hair cut for £5. Unfortunately it was quite a crappy haircut and nowhere near as good as my current hairdresser.

I went to that same hairdresser for nearly 20 years, I went monthly since I was a 4 year old boy. Sadly he was diagnosed with a brain tumor in early 2018 and died not long after.
I'm only using Duolingo at the moment. I downloaded an app called HelloTalk, which is basically a social network where you pick a language and are then able to search for people from said language who want to learn yours; you can see everyone's proficiency level so you can link up with others at a similar level. You can do voice calls, recordings, or just text chat, and it has an inbuilt translator tool. It looks really good. I'm going to wait til I'm a bit more advanced so I can have conversations lasting more than three or four sentences though. Another thing I'm going to do to get a feel for authentic spoken Japanese is to watch some films without subs.

On an unrelated note, there's a lad at work who lost his virginity by getting by bummed by his tranny girlfriend. He has a new girlfriend now, she's a 3/10 DBZ cosplayer and he licked her fanny on the second date and got nothing in return--something he seems extremely proud of.
Headcomeup, hehehehe
On the topic of snake, I've been playing Ground Zeroes and can't help but remember the seemingly endless hours of enjoyment he got from it, doing inane shit.
Open file (95.09 KB 799x537 78974852309.JPG)
>it's getting colder
Between my two flytraps and the abundance of spiders at this time of year, the fly community is probably losing all hope.

You lads DO have some greenery in your rooms, don't you? I've got the flytraps, a dragon tree, and two cacti. Take the wellbeing pill.
Open file (673.85 KB 908x1228 hiyoko.png)
If you want a good resource for spoken japanese material, there are "virtual youtubers". There's thousands of them, which mean that at any point in the day there's loads of them streaming and talking in real, natural japanese (most of them anyway, some keep up a character and have a unique manner of speech, but you can usually tell when that's the case). It's better than using films, anime, etc., as those are scripted and not exactly what they'd use in everyday conversations, same as if you used hollywood films and cartoons to learn english, you'd probably end up sounding a bit autistic (or chuunibyou (中二病) as the japanese might put it).

There's collabs all the time, so you get a good idea of how a back and forth is supposed to go, and most of them use very basic everyday japanese, not fancy high level stuff you often find in fiction. Even I can understand what's going on most of the time, just based on the common words and phrases I'm familiar with, and contextual clues to fill in the gaps. If you go to https://hiyoko.sonoj.net/ you can see everyone who's currently live, at the top of the listing are ones who've just started streaming, and below that is everyone else sorted by viewer count.
We've only got the one indoor plant on the dining room table, but we have shitloads of flowers and plants in the back and front garden. Wouldn't want many indoors really, especially not in my room, I suffer pretty bad with hay fever. Also, I may have been counteracting your efforts against the fly community, as I have been killing any and all spiders found in this house. Seen a lot of biguns this past month or so, had one camping on the side of a cabinet while I was cooking my dinner last night. Sprayed that bastard to death with fly killer, then when he froze up I twatted him with my slipper three times. Won't be having any trespassers in this house.
Based, dab on those spidies
Open file (105.30 KB 979x1024 1568903065486.jpg)
friendly reminder that all grammatically correct posts will result in a ban from now on
>friendly reminder that all grammatically correct posts will result in a ban from now on
das raycis
Open file (39.50 KB 808x975 a hoihoi automaid.png)
Just goes to show that /a/ had the right idea all along.
hoihoi did nothing wrong!
fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck I need a girlfriend so bad I need some kind of intimacy I wish I didn't need external validation fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck every time I go outside my mind gets worse and i'm bordering on genuinely being psyche-ward tier mentally ill fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck
You *want* those things, you don't need them, that's an important distinction. Do your meditation reps and remember that access to a warm moving body won't actually solve your unfulfillment problem, only working on yourself can.
You're making a compelling argument for them lad.
This is some dystopian level shit
Fucking hell the Netflix dub of Neon Genesis Evangelion is awful. The voices are mostly better (Shinji massively so) but the acting is pretty standard dub mediocre on average and Christ the translation is google-translate tier shite. Also everyone pronounces the same words differently like Evangelion and NERV.
>the part with Asuka speaking German despite her VA very obviously being a yank
Fuck that lad, have you never seen it subbed? The Japanese voice acting in NGE is some of the best there ever was, Shinji's screams are bloodcurdling.
>have you never seen it subbed
It was the first way I watched it. I'm only watching the new dub out of curiosity to compare the two, that and sadly the Netflix sub uses the same translation as their dub so there's no point watching that instead of muh torrented copy.
To be clear, I watched it subbed first, then at some point I watched it with the original dub because I had heard about the awfulness of it, then went back to watching only the original subs.
don't understand why they couldn't just get a Kraut in to play Asuka surely it's not hard to find one that speaks English
Fair enough, I couldn't sit through an anime dub even out of morbid curiosity, it's just painful.

Because anime dubs are made on a shoestring budget with the cheapest VAs they can get their hands on without just pulling people in off the street. That's why they're always so shit and cringeworthy, compared to Japan where it's a highly competitive market and taken a lot more seriously.
yeah when it's crappy second-grade companies that get contracted but surely Netflix has the dollar
I just looked up who did the voice acting. Does anyone remember me saying that I used to go to GTA fansite back in the Vice City / San Andreas days (I even linked an archive of it in >>185 ) that shutdown at some point, and I recently found out the old admin (who was an aspiring VA back then, went by the name Zidane) became a tranny? Because it's fucking him/it who voices Shinji, holy shit.

Looking forward to the full album/movie lads.
I heard they also changed some of the music. Seen pretty much everything Evangelion but have no interest in partaking in the Netflix rape train of anime. At least they haven't done a live action remake (yet).
Open file (101.57 KB 490x634 nge live action.jpg)
Coming soon to a Netflix near you.
Open file (14.22 MB 768x480 Seacow.webm)
Yeah they had to cut every version of Fly Me to the Moon for everyone outside of Japan because of licensing issues
what happened to your hand shinji?
Open file (1.49 MB 442x250 i'm so fucked up.gif)
It got fucked up.
I failed my driving test this morning.
Sorry to hear that lad, what was it they failed you on?
3 serious faults and 8 minors.
>examiner tells me to pull over on the right, I signal and move into the middle but go too early causing the car in the oncoming lane slow down slightly
>tells me to turn right, I don't realise it's a one way street, move into the left instead of the centre of the road
>don't completely stop at a 'STOP' junction (I was about as close to being still as you can be and was 100% certain nothing was coming)

My instructor said that examiner is a massive nobhead, and that the nicer ones might've let me off the last two, but the first one would have been a definite fail regardless. He said 8 minors is pretty good from him because he likes to dish them out. I'm booked in again for 12th October.

Post driving test stories, lads.
Open file (37.00 KB 800x555 1539995694897.jpg)
It really does depend on the examiner. I passed first time even though I ran a red light, he let it go due to the circumstances. It was at the beginning of the test so I went through 90% of the test thinking I had failed so I was incredibly surprised he passed me and he was clearly unsure if he had done the right thing. I've hardly driven since then though. It's partly because I'm a NEET that doesn't go outside anyway and my anxiety about my driving knowledge. I feel fine when it comes to operating a car but driving on the road with other road users where rules need to be followed is where I'm anxious. My sense of direction is horrific as well, I don't know if I were born like that or if it's a side effect of my many years of isolation in my room. Anyway, I'm sure you'll be fine. Were you particularly nervous on the test? I didn't have any pressure about the examination until I was in the car at which point I started sweating profusely and my driving was far worse than normal.
The second time I went to do it I ended up waiting at the test center for half an hour before they told me that the examiner wasn't coming because the girl before me crashed into a wall. I guess the lesson is that it could always be worse.
8 minors is good in general tbh
I've had a cold lately, and when I wake up and blow my nose it's like I'm giving birth out of my nostril. It's so satisfying.
Get well soon lad.
Open file (66.96 KB 595x423 good-lad.webm)
Open file (23.28 KB 187x87 ClipboardImage.png)
>one of the girls randomly didn't show up to work today
>had to do her job for her running food from the kitchen to tables
>one of the tables there was a woman who keep saying "good lad" to me where one would usually say thanks
>those $150 nuka-cola Fallout 76 helmets are being recalled because they're getting covered in poisonous mould as they get older
just when you forget about it the dumpster fire starts up again
top pal
don't worry lad, we're all going to make it
welcome to the gynotopian state, little boy
I'm a dirty Yank
How are driving tests done over there? I've heard they're more strict than America. Over here any idiot that can drive an automatic around the block is given a license. I've even seen them hand them out to people that couldn't even read the road signs (they didn't speak English).
There is a multiple choice test done at a centre that involves answering questions and a hazard awareness section. Once you have the paper (it's all done on computers now) exam out the way you have two years to complete the practical driving test before you have to get the written test completed again. The practical asks you to drive in a particular direction unaided and under observation for 20 minutes followed by three maneuvers that I think can be selected from a pool of 5 or 6. If you complete this all satisfactorily you'll get your license.
I don't know about tests, but driving in general is probably easier in yankland because your roads, lanes, and parking spaces are twice as wide as ours, most of your roads are in perfectly straight lines whereas ours are adapted from ancient or centuries old roads with illogical twists and turns (especially in towns and cities), nearly everyone is driving automatic whereas here most people drive manual, and you don't really have things like roundabouts which require more spatial awareness and good timing than traffic lights.
This is way more detailed than what they do here. Here you only take a simple 10 question written test then an at most 10 minute drive around the block. They don't even make you parallel park.

>I don't know about tests, but driving in general is probably easier in yankland because your roads, lanes, and parking spaces are twice as wide as ours, most of your roads are in perfectly straight lines whereas ours are adapted from ancient or centuries old roads with illogical twists and turns (especially in towns and cities), nearly everyone is driving automatic whereas here most people drive manual, and you don't really have things like roundabouts which require more spatial awareness and good timing than traffic lights.
This is a common misconception about driving in America. What you're saying only holds true on modern highways and interstates (what you guys call the motorway). Where I live there are plenty of narrow/twisty rounds. There are even places where you come up to one-lane bridges on two-land road behind blind corners. We have round-a-bouts and traffic circles although they aren't nearly as common as EU/UK. There are places where the road network is more suited to horses than cars because the cities/towns were built before the automobile was invented. The type of road network you're describing is only common in recent communities but such places are featured most often on television and in movies. They hardly ever show an old American town/city on television. At least not ones that didn't re-build their entire road network after cars became a thing.

Automatics are more common that manuals over here by a long shot. It has gotten so bad that it's hard to even buy a car that isn't automatic even new. When I purchased my last car I had to wait nearly a week for them to ship in one with a manual because automatics were the only thing on the lot. We have a lot of totally clueless people that shouldn't be driving and don't know how to drive stick. I wish they'd start requiring you pass the driving test on a manual because it would keep these idiots off the roads. I can't tell you how many times I've almost been in a major accident due to having to share the interstate with these people. I've passed lots of retards doing make-up or reading the paper while going 70+mph down the interstate.

Thanks for the responses I'm always eager to hear about driving culture from other countries. I've yet to find one that was as lax as America when it came to testing people.
>I've yet to find one that was as lax as America when it came to testing people
I've seen enough videos of people "driving" in Russia, Eastern Europe, and Asia, that I think it's safe to say they don't even do tests over there, or if they do, it works on the Burnout system, where you get points for how much chaos and destruction you cause.
You're right I forgot about those places.
Good taste. I miss crash party with the bros.
There are about 100 questions in total. There was actually a few scandals with Asian families using one person to complete multiple written tests for different people by simply lying about their names.
All the same it's the tests aren't enough to keep the dodgy drivers off the road at all.
I passed the theory test (and got the highest score my teacher had seen) with practically zero revision. The night prior I did some mock exams but none of the questions there were in the actual test and just answered based on what I thought was most likely. Overall I think the process of actually getting a license isn't very good at preparing you to drive at all. I'd much rather take lectures from truckers or someone else who's job it is to drive, learn things about driving that aren't in the highway code. When I drive I worry there are unwritten rules I'm breaking and that I'm being a cunt unknowingly.
Open file (173.01 KB 590x331 ClipboardImage.png)
OK hand sign added to list of hate symbols
>The finger-and-thumb gesture - which is also a popular emoji - is being used by some as a "sincere expression of white supremacy", according to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL).

oh the times in which we live
Just made £46 in 2 and a half hours of KFC deliveries on my bicycle.
And you didn't get stabbed?
I live in London so almost everyone is a cunt on the road anyway. You aren't missing anything by following the highway code, I find the issue is usually no one else is following it. I swear I'm going to run down someone one of these days because they stepped out into the road looking at their phone rather than checking both ways for traffic.
What do you lads do to feel good?
Have a shower, meditate, listen to good music, go for a walk, and play my keyboard.
Open file (21.95 KB 288x337 143897799318.jpg)
Drink, codeine, fuck about with my synths, sometimes all three
What synths you got lad? I've got a Behringer Neutron, an 808 clone, and a Yamaha TX81Z.
i wonder who the other /newbrit/ poster is.

hope it's dorset, tbh
I've been going for walks and sitting outside for a half hour. not doing anything, just lying in the sun.
I want to do this more, before it gets too cold.
I've been playing a lot of classical guitar lately and am looking for new pieces to learn.

What are your favourites?
Open file (1.10 MB 1200x788 DibnahPepe.png)
Stylophone Gen X-1, Korg Monotribe which I modded to have MIDI in/out and reduced pop/click, Volca Sample (I got Reverb's whole drum machine sample collection free so currently it's working as a Bentley Rhythm Ace) and the other day I got the Volca Modular which is a beast of a thing.

Also have access to a Nord Lead 1, an MS-20 and an MS-50 (I think he has an MS-10 as well but it could just be another MS-20 tbh)

They called me Mandy, in the Rabb.it
Classical Gas
Island of Texel, Netherlands.

>They called me Mandy, in the Rabb.it
I don't remember that name, must be an anon. Whose stream were you on the most at rabbit? I mainly went to bin's then 22st's.
No. I live in a rough area but haven't had any problems. There aren't many nogs here but underclass whites can be just as bad.
Where did /Brit/ go when 8ch died? Does/did Virginia still post there?
I don't know. Scattered to other chans like everyone else. Endchan being one of them, as it was an 8ch bunker a while ago.
To feel good?

Usually eat something terrible for me, play some Vidya. It's not healthy though as its chasing fun, not fulfillment.


This is what I should be doing.

I've been looking at how I spend my free time a lot tbh lads. I think one of my biggest issues is that I spend my "rest" time doing stuff that's a bit too active, and I don't give myself any time where I just sit about and actually relax, which means my brain doesn't ever get a real rest throughout the day. I'm planning on going for walks during my lunch breaks in work as a way to unwind.
Three Mandarins mate, was a flagfag
ahh, yeah. i know you.
Open file (107.63 KB 900x900 9867586764.jpg)
>turn on old sega megadrive
>all the audio is a vaporwave remix and everything feels slow
PAL strikes again
I set up a chatango a while ago for an offsite /newbrit/ chat, but didn't advertise it enough and nobody uses it.
Open file (1.80 MB 1456x1046 Untitled.png)
Do the 60 Hz mod lad, it's gotta go fast. What's your favourite mega drive games?
I think I'm just going to sell it. I've never played a megadrive before today, I got it for free from a charity shop that was going to throw it out because they can't sell video games or consoles for some reason. That's how I also got a Master System II and NES.
Open file (2.02 MB 1220x914 windowview2.png)

It's been poor weather for the last 3 days. Only rain and overcast, and now it's snowing.
Hope you're having a nice September wherever you are.
That's a shame lad, can always emulate I guess.

It's been mostly the same here, no snow though, nowhere near cold enough for that.
Open file (137.15 KB 390x365 ClipboardImage.png)
Can you /brit/fags stop posting these shitty deformed pepes and wojaks straight out of halfchan on our board, thank you.
why the fuck is endchan down again reee
Getting hammered by that /qanonresearch/ traffic
Start the race war. stop posting memes
Open file (909.59 KB 1250x1000 CIA_Chan.png)
Open file (168.73 KB 650x487 844.jpg)
>winter's coming
Mindfulness is the answer to almost all mental health problems.
It is, but anons caught up in high neuroticism rarely want to hear it. They'll sit there for two minutes with their eyes shut, decide that it doesn't work, then spend the next several years calling it snake oil bullshit whenever you suggest it. Meanwhile, they're religiously taking Dr Goldstein's pills to correct their definitely real "genetic chemical imbalance of the brain" that he didn't just pull out of his arse, and definitely isn't the result of having years of absolutely shit practices in their daily life, then kill themselves a few years later when they've completely lost all emotion and attachment to the world around them.
Open file (6.22 MB 538x538 Grimes - Oblivion.mp4)
grimes, tbh
I've invented a really great fried chicken recipe. I marinade sliced breast strips in garlic, turmeric, cayenne, cumin, and hot sauce, then fry it in bacon grease for 5 minutes each side on a high heat until it's cooked inside and brown and crispy out.

This plays in my head (starting at 2:32) when I'm clocking off early from work.

Open file (8.39 KB 226x259 1518015997605.jpg)
I was told /brit/ was regrouping here
That tune always makes me think of GTA IV, it was used in the first trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M80K51DosFo
>29 Mar 2007
Fucking christ.

A couple of your lads are camping out here because the /brit/ on endchan hadn't gained much traction, and it's down half the time. You should go to >>>/meta/3 , follow the instructions in the OP, and request a /brit/ board. That'll get yourselves on the webring like us, and then you can spread the word.

~Hey, hey, you want to play~
~Well baby, I can go and go~
~And every other day you're running off with so and so~
~Well baby, I would throw you if I didn't know you~
~But I'm paying for it~
Excuse me. Yes you. Stop that.
Do you lads like muay Thai? I've been going to a local gym for two months now and I'm having a blast.

are you, like, trying to kill my vibe rn, my dood?
That's where I know it from. I remember being amazed by the graphics when it came out--even now, it's aged well. The ragdoll physics were hilarious. I never played any of the DLC's, were they good? I don't like the idea of having more than one protagonist.

Oh, and lads--post one thing you like about modern Britain.
I also like this one. I think I posted it before on the home board and music lad started foaming at the mouth. It makes me feel like I'm on acid floating through space.


>I never played any of the DLC's, were they good?
I thought they were better than the main game to be honest, together they make up a fairly significant amount of content that could be classed as a whole game of it's own, new storylines, indoor locations, music, vehicles, minigames, general features, etc. They're completely seperate from the main game (and each other), and for each one you only play as the one character. They both sort of change the "mood" of the game, with post-processing and sky/weather effects; Lost and Damned has a grittier, edgier vibe, and Ballad of Gay Tony has a more "luv'd up" disco/clubbing vibe.
>post one thing you like about modern Britain
I prefer the new LED street lights they've been replacing the old ones with, they give off much less light pollution and don't shine into my bedroom window as much.
>I think I posted it before on the home board and music lad started foaming at the mouth
I don't recall that, I'd only say it's very middle-of-the-road and doesn't do anything for me.
Open file (97.38 KB 650x650 d7eEK4yrP8.jpg)
Check the chatroom for 22st's contact, mandy.
Has anyone read the Kybalion? In fact, what *are* you all reading at the moment?
i was reading erasmus' handbook of a christian knight, but i got bored with it. not sure if i'm going to move on or try to finish it.
What did you learn from it? Sounds comfy.
I did it a lot when I was younger but I had to stop because it was destroying my joints.
Been 2 months lads
I'm going into it with 3 years of weightlifting experience, which is really good for your bones and joints, so hopefully I won't have that problem. I have already tweaked my shoulder training for muscle ups with the coach though. He says that if people don't want to get injured they should stop coming, which I suppose isn't that unreasonable for a martial art.

Is it ever coming back? I'm out of the loop with this stuff. I'm not online much anymore. I can't believe I used to spend entire days browsing /pol/ and wanking.
a floopity WHOOPITY whibblescromps
I've been lurking the status thread and pretty much bonegoblin's been milking his 15 minutes of fame, and Jim/Ron have been constantly saying tomorrow (tm)
I never had problems with my shoulders, it was always my knees and ankles.
You've gone too far this time.
Every day can't be the best day.
Open file (51.04 KB 800x336 beacons1.jpg)

Open file (3.28 MB 230x177 k.gif)
the fuck do you think this place is, just use a vpn
I have decided to dump my girlfriend.
Most video games are a form of socially acceptable outlet for our innate violent tendencies. Why do we like fucking each other up so much?
fuck off kike
We don't like fucking each other up (most of us anyway), we like survival. It is embedded in our bodies and our instincts, right down to the cells we're made up of. Due to our survival-obsessed nature, we have an internal reward system that makes us feel good when we succeed, and feel bad when we don't. Games usually provide virtual enemies/obstacles that challenge your virtual existence; if you defeat them, you survive and therefore you win, and if they defeat you, you didn't survive and therefore you lose. Our desire to survive, to receive that internal reward for protecting our existence, makes games an engaging form of entertainment, whether it's a hardcore FPS, a strategy game, Tetris, or naughts and crosses.
Explain people who corpse camp low levels then. Check and mate.
I explained it when I said "most of us anyway". Some people develop a sadistic nature, where they receive dopamine hits by being cruel to others.
>going to use that boomer honeypot
I duly refer you to >>420 .
Post a piece of video game music that evokes in you a strong feeling of nostalgia.

Come post on /v/ instead, anons.
That should really be in katakana lad, baffled me for a second.
breaking the rules and posting an anime soundtrack, the ED from the 1997 Berserk adaptation. Been listening to it a lot while sitting in my room drinking alone.
I'm a fucking retard and forgot the link

How's your love life going lads?
Open file (1.21 MB 1280x720 1133.png)
Have a guess.
Have you given up?
>implying there was anything to give up
I never really tried, and at this point I feel no urge to. More than that, I want to at least become a wizard.
I bought some handwraps for my Thai boxing classes, my wrists should be a lot safer now. I chose orange ones because I think they look the best.
I was getting some upwards momentum and actually feeling happy for about a week and then I started getting wisdom tooth pain, and I've kinda fallen back into self pity.

Going to finish this course of antibiotics then hopefully I'll be able to kick myself into gear.
Who's had an orange twirl then?
I think we all have good streaks and bad streaks. Without the bad, the good wouldn't feel very special. What were you doing that was making you happy?

My wisdom teeth never came through. What does it mean?
I'd gone to the gym with a desire to go back, I'd started reading again and I was actually playing and enjoying vidya.

I'd not say that I'm on a bad streak now, before all that happened I certainly was, but right now it feels like everything is paused while I get over these tooth problems.

Wisdom teeth break through the gums at the back of you mouth, this itself can be a painful process however you can also get gaps between the teeth and the gums as theyre coming out. What's happened to me is bacteria has got into that gap and stayed there for a bit and its become infected, which has lead to swelling which is super painful as that pushes on nerves in the gums.

Day 3 of the antibiotics today, another 2 days to go. It's certainly feeling better, but still not 100%. I'm looking forward to this being over very much.
Open file (472.38 KB 810x810 0b0.png)
Lads if somethin greally fucked up happens to you is it normal to get "flashbacks" for a little while? I've been dealing with something really hard and every now and then something will flip a switch in me and it'll feel like it's happening all over again. Not a good feel at all. My friend from uni called me for the first time since the event in question happened and it made me feel a little bit better, so that's nice.
Yeah, it's called post-traumatic stress disorder.
>it's called PTSD
No, what I meant is I know that this can be a symptom of PTSD, but is it also possible for something like this to only last a few weeks and not turn out to be PTSD? I feel like I've got enough shit to deal with as it is, not to mention it's become a complete meme online because of tumblr retards back in the day.
The tumblr thing is when you claim to have gotten it via somebody telling you you're a faggot over twitter, but when you've actually been through some psychological trauma, and are now experiencing flashbacks and shit, I'm pretty sure that's actual PTSD. Doesn't mean it's permanent, it could lessen over time, and there are ways of treating it like CBT.
I always lol at this because there's a running joke in my head where I think of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy as actually being "Cock and Ball Torture". I seriously didn't see myself as the kind of person to get PTSD, but when I was talking to my psychiatrist and was describing some of the shit I'd been experiencing and he started using a lot of terms like "reliving" etc. and it spooked me the fuck out, pretty sure he's considering that's what I might have and things have only gotten worse since then. I've also had problems with insomnia/nightmares and I've been getting angry and drinking a fucktonne too. Honestly the last week has been kind of a blur because I've been so hammered until it abruptly ended on friday with me drinking till I passed out and being ill in bed all through Saturday. How's your week been lad?
Replace alcohol with meditation, drink is only going to hinder your efforts.
>How's your week been lad?
Mostly uneventful, my dad came over and took me out for a meal yesterday, other than that I've just been sitting at my computer doing the same old. Currently trying to make some Eurobeat for a laugh, my music making skills are rusty though.
I think I'm going to try and work out more again and hopefully that will help with things, I've been really into meditation at the past but I'm not sure I want to do it at the moment in case it leads to certain thoughts slipping into my mind during that trigger the sort of unpleasant episode associated with this sort of thing. What food did you get, and was it alright? I always feel awkward eating with my dad, I struggle to find things to talk about it with him, don't mind so much with my mum but she's a bit of a loner type and prefers to eat in our own house anyways.
>trying to make some eurobeat
Are you the music lad? I haven't really posted here much in ages. Only ended up coming back because 8ch getting shutdown made me think about the place. I'm glad britfeel managed to survive and establish itself somewhere else. It's been so long now, jesus, how long? Four, five years? I think maybe even six - if you count the days of 4ch britfeel back on /r9k/, I seem to have memories of posting there before I turned 18, IIRC.
>I'm not sure I want to do it at the moment in case it leads to certain thoughts slipping into my mind during that trigger the sort of unpleasant episode associated with this sort of thing
I think it'll help more than it'll hurt, practicing your ability to allow negative thoughts to pass without negatively affecting you can only be a boon.
>What food did you get, and was it alright?
I had a beef and bacon burger, it was alright but not the best I've ever had. Felt nausous last night though, and still feel it a bit now.
>Are you the music lad?
Aye, that's me.
>It's been so long now, jesus, how long?
The 8chan board started in early 2015, I think the halfchan threads started several months prior in 2014. We're very lucky to have made it over here, many other 8chan boards that were much larger and more active than ours are now worse off than we are.
Our community seems very small, and given we don't really like to actively recruit, it's been kind of a miracle it's stayed alive this long. Between leaving 4chan, 8chan being shut down, discord becoming popular etc. I suppose the userbase is just especially dedicated. I never feel silly or put off discussing my personal problems here, and one thing I like about britfeel culture is how predisposed people are to blogging about their days. It's comforting. Every monday in my village a fish and chip van comes round, going to get some food from there tomorrow I reckon, it's honestly really good and comforting, not to mention true BRITISH food so that's a plus.
A few months ago I had a dream that I broke my dick again. It was so vivid, even down to the sensation of the swelling and the blood spurting out. It felt like it was really happening and I woke up terrified.

Don't run away from your thoughts, you can never escape them anyway, and doing so just makes them seem more scary and powerful than they actually are. Meditation allows you to experience thoughts without getting attached or sucked into them; it's like the difference between standing at the side of the road watching traffic go by, and standing in the middle getting hit by everything that goes past.
>9 years ago
This track really gets me. It's hard to say if things were better back then. While I was going through a lot of pain, I could at least derive some happiness. Perhaps the hope that things would one day be different meant complete despair didn't set in. I still wouldn't go back.
I'd definitely agree on the lads with the PTSD stuff, your actions here >>454 Even sound like how people deal with it, a lot of ex-soldiers end up with drinking problems as a result.

As if its permanent, from what I've read it seems possible to mostly get over. At least you're talking with a therapist about it, they will hopefully be a help. For what its worth, I think it might be worth asking them if they think that's what it might be, it's not worth avoiding saying it in front of them, while it makes it more real it also gives you an avenue to get better.
Found out that when the contract I'm on ends at the end of the month, they're sending me to a team that's already in exit and will that contract will end in January.

Going to spend the next three months doing the bare minimum I need to as far as tech support goes if I do end up there. Still not heard back from the interview I had on the third, would be nice to get though since it means more money and not being on the phones anymore.
are internships worth it lads?
Excuse me. How do I set up my Scarlett 2i4 with my laptop. And what is a good program to record acoustic guitar with. Thank you.
I've downloaded the drivers and got FL studio. Whenever I turn phantom power on my laptop spazzes out and the lights on my 2i4 flash.
Are you just powering the interface via USB? Plug in a power supply if so, your laptop USB ports might not be able to provide enough current. Also make sure your laptop is plugged in, and not set to any power saving modes. Other than that, try plugging your mic in and turning phantom power on before you've plugged the audio interface into the laptop.
>webring menu has been changed
>looks broken in my CSS theme
Anyone here from 8chan's /brit/?
There was a couple here for a while, think they moved to endchan's /brit/.
Pretty much everyone
lol no fuck off, nobody is going to your cancerhole
Mate, it's some of YOUR lads who are over there, not any of us. /britfeel/ was there originally, but we had the sense to move here less than a week after 8chan went down, so don't give me that shit.
Britannics should be united as a nation and not squabble too much imo
My 125g tub of phenibut has just arrived. Fantastic. And to top it off I'll be having some sips with my morning guitar session. Later I'm going to try out a new gym, it's a bit further away and more expensive than my current one, but they've got punching bags, and with how much I'm enjoying Muay Thai I'm quite excited about that.

Anyone else getting up to anything today?
How do you like this stuff? I've been thinking about trying it as a sleep aide.
Might have a shower and a haircut later.
I love it. Boosts moodand gives you a fantastic night's sleep. It goes really well with caffeine in the morning. Don't take it more than twice a week and you're golden.
The gym was really good. They had lots of machines (including a hack squat, I've wanted to try one for ages), two squat racks, plenty of barbells including a hex bar, a deadlifting platform, loads of weight plates, a big studio room for yoga or skipping or whatever, and a sauna. It was very clean and had a nice lino floor and cozy aesthetic. They even had lockers that don't require a padlock--you just create a code, input it twice which locks it, then on the third entry it opens again. My only gripe is that they only had one punching bag. I still had a really good session on it but I thought they'd have more. I must have done over 100 roundhouses, my shin is sore now. I had a cheeky maccies afterwards.

Overall a really nice place, but it took me 30 minutes to bike there so if I ever do sign up it'll be when I'm driving. I was on a free day pass today so I can't complain.
Proper fancying a cheeky pizza lads
Everytime I have a pizza I regret it afterwards, makes my stomach feel like shit and my skin all greasy. Haven't had one for ages because of it.
What do you get? For me it's the spicy meditterannean and cheesy chips.
>tfw penis totally back to normal
I'm not really fussed as long as it doesn't have anything I dislike on it. Not a fan of pineapple, and I'm not a fan of jalapenos, but that's about it. I quite like chicken pizzas.
Where did 8/pol/ go?
Some are on halfchan because they were already posting there anyway (if you check 4/pol/'s statistics their numbers didn't change at all when 8chan went down, yet I've seen quite a large number of anons clearly from 8chan posting there during my reconnaissance). A few of the more "quality" posters are scattered across various different bunker boards. All the mindless retards and fedposters that plagued 8/pol/ since the US election just seemed to magically disappear overnight.
I'm thinking of going to uni to study Japanese.
Open file (2.59 MB 3840x2160 traps.jpg)
>tfw put banana peel in the sun next to my flytraps to bait them some dinner

who /sick and twisted/ here
What A levels did you get?
Absolutely fantastic video, especially at 11:30.
They're all in music
Do you think you'd have to do some more A levels to go?
I have just signed up to Plenty of Fish.
There are a lot of single mums on here.
Would the lad who is reasonably gifted in things pertaining to music give his honest opinion on this absolute work of art?

It looks like I'm going to a milf from pof's house soon. If I do I'll greentext it.
I'll give my honest opinion by telling you to stop listening to shitty normalfag rubbish.
Open file (14.40 KB 300x300 serveimage.jpg)
This is the most middle of the road trash, nothing about it is interesting.
Don't be a normalfag. Get some of this down ya instead
Spread the word lad, once you go old school there's no going back.
Alright, I'll hand it to you lads, this old stuff is pretty good. It sounds like something I'd listen to on speed.
Glad you're finally beginning to see the error of your ways. Crate-digging has never been easier with the power of the internet, there's no excuse for listening to soulless normalfag shite.
That was a mistake.
How was your trip to cougar town lad?
Shit. She was slightly fatter and considerably uglier than in the pictures. She was a 6-7 in them and a 4 at best irl. Having sex with a stranger is also very awkward. In the end I couldn't cum so I just left. Don't be a moron like me lads. Casual sex a shit.
That's about what I expected kek, don't know what you were thinking.
Open file (129.88 KB 2000x1000 buddha.jpg)
>that enlightened feel when knowing I am not the body
>that enlightened feel when knowing I am not even the mind
Anyone have an opinion on Bob Lazar and his claims?
Anyone been a while without a shower lately? I'm on a week at the moment
No, I like sex.
I'm on 8 days.
Fuck off normalfag.
I've just arranged dates with two more women from pof. One is very attractive, one a plain Jane--both single mummies. I will become the milf slayer or I will die trying.
Who enjoys cooking then? Do you cook for yourself, your family, someone else? Or does someone cook for you?

Personally I love making spaghetti bolognese, and I'm also not bad at curry. Other than that I don't do anything particularly exciting, mostly just simple gym meals like rice/pasta with tuna/mackerel and veg. I wish I could cook for my family, but they're vegetarians, and I'm morally opposed to meat substitutes.
I got tipped £10 on the checkouts at Asda today.
I "cook" for myself, but they're mostly pre-prepared meals that I can just chuck in a frying pan or under the grill, and I'll do my own broccoli, carrots, and microwave rice to go with it.
Finally found you /brit/lads and it looks like my old neetfrens from /feel/ are here too? It's good to be baaa-ck
You are mistaken lad, this is a bunker for 8chan's /britfeel/ board, that originally split off from 4/r9k/'s /britfeel/ threads in early 2015. We are our own community, and have no connection to /brit/, /feel/, or any other similarly named board. A couple of your lads have been lurking here for a while, and a couple more are on endchan/brit/, but for the most part your lot must have either vanished into thin air, or gone back to halfchan.
Pardon my error I thought I recognised some posting styles from /brit/, how are you guys doin, anything new? Did the anon finish his drum machine? Did any of you manage to leave the house?
>Did the anon finish his drum machine?
I did, hardware-wise it all works perfectly and sounds great. The firmware is a bit buggy though, but it's closed-source so I can't do anything about it. Took about two months to build from the day I ordered the parts to the day I had it fully up and running, and the total cost was about a grand (including all the tools and shit I had to buy). About a month after I finished it, Behringer announced they were making their own analogue 808 clone (which is now out and priced at £299), so that was a bit of a kick in the bollocks, but oh well. I tell myself it was all about the learning experience.
>Did any of you manage to leave the house?
Haven't done so much recently. In fact, prior to 8 o'clock this morning, I'd just spent 26 hours straight in bed. To be fair, I was awake most of that time playing Trails In The Sky on my old PSP.
>all about the learning experience
The journey is the destination my man but I will admit I'm a little proud knowing you finished the project, it seemed a massive undertaking but then again I know you know your music stuff very well.
I'll leave my /feel/bros to your board, I do remember your disdain for my normieness and I hate to infringe so; all the best for the future and I may swing by some time later for advice on recording from vinyls via traktor to flac properly.
>it seemed a massive undertaking but then again I know you know your music stuff very well
It actually involved pretty much zero music-related knowledge. It was more about careful planning, soldering, basic electronics knowledge, awareness of the potential hazards, and the autism to see it through.
>I'll leave my /feel/bros to your board, I do remember your disdain for my normieness and I hate to infringe so
See you around lad, don't be a stranger.
Just made a shake with a banana, a tin of tuna, a piece of ginger, some cocoa powder, coconut oil, and whole milk. Fantastic.
I've just discovered that pressing down on my guitar strings as I pluck them creates a smoother, less staccato-ey sound. Now my playing sounds less jumpy and segmented, and more fluent. I really want to record for you lads but I'm struggling with my mic. I'm not sure if I can do it with this laptop.
What exactly are you struggling with?
I plugged the interface in with phantom power on and it crashed my laptop.
Does the interface have the option for an external power supply?
It's a Scarlett 2i4. Where would I find that?
>Scarlett 2i4
It doesn't have one, next best thing would be a mains powered USB hub.
How do you know so much?
I've dealt with a lot of computer/audio-related problems over the last 15 years.
A man walks into a cake shop. A sign on the counter says "All cakes 50p today".

"Why is that one £1?" he asks the owner, pointing to a cake behind the glass display.

"That's madeira cake."
is this a britbong joke? cause it went right over my head tbh. :^)
lemme help you

A man walks into a cake shop. A sign on the counter says "All cakes 50p today".

"Why is that one £1?" he asks the owner, pointing to a cake behind the glass display.

"That's madeira cake."

heh, didn't help.
sup hi boys
What a brave and powerful lady. A truly selfless act to save Britain from the dark fascistic path Brexit is leading us down.
Open file (391.70 KB 1536x2048 vicky.jpg)
Zero doubt that this is part of some sexual gratification for her. Too well-bred to get her kit off in Nuts magazine so we all have to pretend it's about Brexit (or feminism, or abortion or whatever the heck you can pull out of a hat because she's done this multiple times now). Still would, her hip to waist ratio is insane
What are some good ways to flirt with girls?
Nothing? Have any of you ever tried with women? Or do you just tell yourselves you can't?
I'm a friendless NEET and I don't go outside, go away.
>thinking you need friends or a job
>thinking you need a roastie
>no touch martial arts
>this is actually a thing
>some of the people "practicing" this actually believe they can create forcefields and send energy blasts with their hands

r9k-tier COPE
The real redpill is knowing that we have everything we need inside of ourselves, and we always have done. Why shouldn't you fulfill your worldly desires? Do you fear failure?
>r9k-tier COPE
Lad, you're currently posting on an /r9k/ spinoff, and fuck off back to halfchan with that "cope" shit.
>The real redpill is knowing that we have everything we need inside of ourselves, and we always have done
Everything except some good ways to flirt with girls apparently.
The most important thing is to keep it light and playful. Tease her and never let her phase you, even if she hits a nerve. Don't appear too invested but don't be cold with her either. And if she doesn't respond well don't worry, you probably didn't have chemistry in the first place, just move on.
poo for dinner
Anyone been reading anything good lately? I'm looking for a new book to order.

This is really good.
>inb4 TEDx
How's your propensity for distraction?
Open file (206.81 KB 980x742 22stbtfo.png)
was told 22st was in here
Open file (775.06 KB 1080x1080 fuck off.png)
For the last time, this isn't fucking /brit/ or one of the countless derivatives. You're welcome to lurk and post as we do, but if you want your shitty namefags and "thread personalities", your godawful deformed pepe and wojak edits from neo-halfchan and /qboomers/, and your retarded obsession with willies and poo, then get the fuck out and make your own board. It's been nearly 3 bloody months since 8chan went down, all you need to do is go over to >>>/meta/ , follow the board creation instructions, then spread the word. We'd be more than happy to redirect any future dregs that show up straight over to your place.
Alright lad?
yes mate just deciding if l want to drink tonight. How bout you?
Not really doing anything, woke up late. Might have something to eat, haven't eaten since early this morning (before I slept).
Want to attempt nofap but keep fucking up in the mornings after waking up lads.
What are you usually doing when the cravings start?
Open file (742.34 KB 1107x787 1511466495221.png)
who the fuck do you think you are you cheeky cunt
What's a good gift for the lass this christmas?
This is a colleague and customer announcement.

Floopity whibblescromps.

Thank you.
Would anyone like to engage in banter with me?
what's with the canary in the bottom right

are we compromised?
It's to let you know that the site has not been compromised: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Warrant_canary
What do you like in a girl? For me it's a big bum.
Most of the ones I see around here are either non-white or obese trollops with tattoos and half-caste kids, so anything that's not that would be great.
Open file (232.96 KB 379x490 hols.png)
Open file (819.89 KB 2336x3504 hols2.jpg)
Open file (122.38 KB 736x981 hols5.jpeg)
>What do you like in a girl? For me it's a big bum.
This tbh
Hip to waist ratio is too big tbh.
Makes her look like a fat old primary school teacher.
Open file (22.20 KB 580x332 5987489431248.JPG)
>thicc primary school teachers
Open file (251.01 KB 1227x1227 JS41648164.jpg)
8kun is online and posting is enabled, although it's currently very slow, and not all boards have been migrated yet (including /britfeel/).
>Quick Rundown
>Clearnet address:
>Lokinet addresses:
Duke : http://pijdty5otm38tdex6kkh51dkbkegf31dqgryryz3s3tys8wdegxo.loki
Dune: http://s5swbfcf4joom9tzf8w7ss5fptywwpnnfop3pxcf5ebjnz8ioksy.loki
Rosie: http://pchpjz7ubqsfwa7qeyotqszrx5ayt3p1y4mbfnuffoupwq53nury.loki
>Tor address:
Also there's now a disclaimer under every post, but you can disable it in the site options.
I haven't been able to connect.
It's struggling at the minute, but it does load if you're persistent. Probably best to just wait until yank hours are over to see it, like tomorrow morning. I don't think it's worth migrating back there yet (if that's what we even decide to do) until it's at least proven itself stable, and there's no major drama.
Once again you didn't want to sit with me in the canteen at work, did you Sarah? Well just remember: What goes around comes around.
What does the word nonce mean lads?
Mostly it means paedophile, but it can also mean idiot.
Everyone should come here and stay here. 8kun is a massively surveilled honeypot now for sure.
Now that they've shown that they're migrating everything over, and assuming it ever becomes stable and usable, I've no reason to believe that it'll be any different to how it was before, but regardless, we'll just have to wait and see how it pans out. I'd like to have the old board and all our old threads back personally, and not be nigger rigging my own CSS to make the site visually stomachable like I have to here.
DEANO is using his ROCK HARD MUSCLES to put FRUIT AND VEG out on the SHELF attracting PRIME RETAIL FANNY while WILLIAM is hiding in the BACKUP printing REDUCTION LABELS like a CUCK
This is fucking killing me lads.
Seems we're back online. Remember lads we have a bunker on anon.cafe, so if you notice or hear about Julay being down, just pop over there.
More like this? Does liking it make me gay?

I miss you, lads.
I miss you, lads.
Yes, and not because of the anime imagery.

I'm still around lad, what's up? I've just had dinner, had a bit of strawberry cheesecake afterwards because it's my mum's birthday weekend. We were supposed to have a proper cake, but my sister forgot to buy it, so we just pulled the cheesecake out of the freezer.
Open file (76.89 KB 569x427 planter.jpg)
I was just wondering if everyone had buggered off or something, what with the low activity as of late. Not a bad result, you can't go wrong with cheesecake. Did she have a good time? It was my mum's birthday recently, and I got her this for her garden, she really liked it.
>I was just wondering if everyone had buggered off or something, what with the low activity as of late
Yeah it's been a bit of a ghost town lately, it's a shame but it's pretty much back to how it was in the months before 8chan went down. I'd love if we could get more lads in here and have a bit of a revival, but the mongs from /brit/ make me hesitant to go around advertising. I thought about making a general British board for a bit of a fresh start, but I half-suspect it'd either be dead on arrival, or just get swamped by the aformentioned retards thinking it's their new board.

>Did she have a good time?
I guess, we haven't really done anything out of the ordinary but we got my sister's family here and my uncle (her brother) is visiting. They're all watching Toy Story 4 downstairs while I'm up here. Regarding presents, I got her a dashcam (what she asked for) plus a couple of SD cards.
I've been neglecting the board myself lad, not because I've been doing anything, but I've just not been doing too great the last week or two.

I've changed teams at work, so theres a bunch of new crap to learn and despite seemingly being better than the team I was on before, it's making me feel very melancholic.

I don't like change, I don't want to get to know new people, and I was happy with how everything was before, unfortunately this is completely out of my control.
Don't swim against the tide lad. Make the most of it.
Looking back, Skyrim was a really good game. The atmosphere and ambience were incredible.
The externals weren't the cause of the downward spiral, but they are very much not helping.

I try and not let them get to me, but it's hard in a weakened mental state.
It had it's flaws, but it was fun and had a lot of heart. I just can't believe it's been 8 years, it doesn't feel it at all, it feels like it only came out a couple of years ago. The wait between Oblivion and Skyrim on the other hand felt like an eternity.
They dumbed it down a lot compared to its predecessors, yet I feel more nostalgia for it because of how epic and boundless the world felt. The soundtrack was great as well, in that regard it's up there with all time GOATs like OSRS.
I couldn't possibly feel nostalgic for Skyrim, not yet anyway, it still feels too new to me. Oblivion doesn't even feel that long ago.
>They dumbed it down a lot compared to it's predecessors
I guess, I preferred it for it though, I never liked RPG mechanics and found them to suck the fun out of any game they were in. I remember trying to play Daggerfall and Morrowind between the release of Oblivion and Skyrim, and I found them unplayable.
What's the matter lad? Cold?
Open file (1.21 KB 125x70 1548672486332s.jpg)
Get well soon lad.
Thank you friend.
Raw garlic for supper.
With nothing else?
Yes, I have a few cloves before bed for the health benefits.
I've been thinking a lot about free will. How can it exist in a causal universe?

Let's say you throw a ball. The ball lands at point A. Now as a thought experiment, let's say the universe is then reset to before you threw it: everything is the same as before, including the prior events which led to you you holding the ball, your position, your energy levels, your musculature, your mood--everything, down to the last atom. You throw the ball again. Does it not land again exactly at point A?
A bacon sarnie, a persimmon, and a slice of Lidl's banoffee cheesecake for breakfast.
You can choose not to throw the ball again.
Why would you given that all conditions leading up to the throw were still in place? Your neurons are going to fire in the same exact way. And you were always going to say that.
I'm making a lot of progress at Japanese with Duolingo. I've learned so many words and phrases, and the sentence structures bare finally starting to make sense.
Any of you manage to get your hands on an orange Twirl yet?
If God is practicing his Any% speedrun using save states, it would be impossible for us to notice or realise, so it's not worth thinking about. Free will is more about our ability to make choices in the present while travelling through time, where there's no going back, and there's an unimaginable level of RNG at play at any given moment.
What's the latest word or phrase you've learned?
I had a good delivery run tonight - £40 in 3 1/2 hours. It was chucking it down when I started but thankfully stopped after my first order. I can keep warm, but I can't keep dry. I should probably buy some waterproofs.

You should try lurking /librejp/ for a 草 lad.
What do you deliver lad?
I'm a bicycle courier for Just Eat. Mostly KFC, sometimes Burger King, and a few local resturants that have recently signed up to the service.
I just got back from a track day I bought for a family friend's birthday. He drove a Lambourghini Gallardo, Ferrari 458, Porsche 911, and Aston DB9. I had a passenger ride in a BMW M3. Fantastic.
I don't think free as in free™ is worth thinking about within a system, one where time and space move us in ways beyond our control. I believe in the metaphysical soul, that is what matters because it is free from the confines of our immediate system.
Open file (298.43 KB 1072x1440 pagan.jpg)
The group from our local pagan society's woman's weekend.
They're yanks, to be fair.
Deano is patrolling the Produce department when he's approached by a concerned old lady. She's wondering why there are some strawberries with today's date on in the reduction bay that haven't been marked down. Deano thoughtfully explains how sometimes the date team miss things, and that there's no one with the label equipment right now. He is, however, willing to use the respect he commands from the checkout colleagues to arrange for them to let her have the strawberries at half price. He's done this a thousand times before. A master. A pro. He confidently strolls over to Pam at checkout 6 and discloses the situation. She nods. The old lady looks Deano in the eye, her expression conveying the deepest gratitude. "Thank you young man."

Deano smiles and returns to his department. On the floor, he notices a solitary, wayward cucumber. He calmly and skillfully picks it up and places it back where it belongs, in perfect date rotation. A smile emerges on his face, along with a sense of satisfaction bordering on the spiritual.

"This is what customer service is all about."
Open file (199.76 KB 947x1440 crockett n tubbs.jpg)
Absolutely love this one. Reminds me of watching it on Dave (or was it Bravo?) when I was a wee lad with my big brother. I think I played RuneScape back then. Mummy would bring me fish fingers rice and peas while I was watching it. Those were simpler times.
Is it beneficial to quit imageboards (other than this one of course)? Why/why not?
Radiohead are really good. I also like that they're accessible to me as a guitarist with a poor singing voice, as he's also a shit singer.
Can you really hold the same notes he does?
Where are my Contract 6 lads at? How are you finding the changes?

[Spoiler]Does anyone here actually still work at Asda?[/spoiler]
I can see the equivalent of 18 women.
Found you lads.
About time lad, where've you been?
Been alone in my room watching hot wheels and Ron's Twitter feeds.
Open file (325.63 KB 2162x1358 1565249721197.png)
Open file (1.41 MB 6250x3508 1565227581731.png)
Open file (3.02 MB 698x1136 1565496023009-0.jpg)
Open file (11.86 MB 1500x1500 1565321073580.mp4)
Open file (603.69 KB 880x1038 1565535091162.png)
Christ, I'm sorry to hear that lad, I wouldn't wish being stuck with Qtards and the bonegoblin for 3 and a half months on my worst enemy. Most of us were able to regroup just days after 8chan went down, first to endchan (we set up a bunker there in 2016), then to here. Do you know about the webring and all the other bunkers? It's been pretty comfy these last couple of months, after the initial fear and panic anyway.
I can't wait for the cuckchan secret santa stuff starts on boards like /co/. Anons buy people gifts from amazon wishlists. It's pretty much just free stuff
I've just been to see my grandad. He's really god at family history.


My great-grandad (from the other side) died on this ship.
>he thinks he has a coherent "self"
Relevant. End your suffering lads.

Thinking you have a coherent self is for normies. Nothing about me is coherent.
Never give up lads. We can make it if we just keep trying.
>What boards do you want for migration?
Now's your chance lads.

Aye, that's the truth.
We're on the unofficial pastebin list at least.
Yeah thanks to me, wasn't on there before despite me emailing Mark a month and a half ago.
I've started doing Wim Hof's breathing method again. My goal is to wake up at 7am and do it straight away every morning. I can't believe how something so simple can make you feel so good, it's like being on drugs.
Open file (36.63 KB 340x351 1428300712885.jpg)
Why is the mind so lazy? Why does it seem to want to avoid productivity in favour of instant gratification?
The mind is a fucking meme isn't it lads. I have no idea what thought it's going to give me next, it does what it wants. I can only predict: when I'm in a good mood it tells me how cool I am, how great I'm doing, how I could have sex with loads of lasses, basically that I'm the dog's bollocks; but when I'm down it tells me I'm shit, everyone hates me, I'm going to fail, I will never have sex. Learning to distance myself from it, observe it, and not get sucked in by the lies is hands down the most positive change I've ever made. Now when I feel down, instead of ending up in a vicious depressive thought loop I remind myself the thoughts are only reflective of my current mental state, and not any reality, and I ask myself "what can I do?", which usually leads me to play guitar, do a Japanese session on my app, exercise or meditate. I sometimes still wank when I feel low which I'm trying to phase out, but I don't beat myself up over it anymore which used to cause me maybe more stress than the physiological effects of excessive wanking itself.

The mind is an incredible thing, by far the most impressive thing in the universe, but it's not meant to be idle. Almost everyone, normies included, struggle to sit alone with their thoughts. This is where depression comes from. I think it'ss a testament to the strength of will, rather than any failing, of the lads on here who've proven able to be alone with it for so long.

What's some of the utter bollocks your mind feeds you when you're down?
>What's some of the utter bollocks your mind feeds you when you're down?
I stopped taking any notice of the Automatic Negative Thought jews years ago, these days I mostly just struggle with the leftover behavioural patterns from when I did used to listen to them.
>I think it's a testament to the strength of will, rather than any failing, of the lads on here who've proven able to be alone with it for so long
I sometimes think about that. I wonder to myself how other people might've handled living through the situations I've lived through, like the years and years of being NEET, the depression, social isolation, life-crippling anxiety, etc. A lot of people have fallen into alcohol/drug abuse, or even killed themselves over less, while I managed to avoid such fates. Conversely, I wonder to myself if I'd have been able to handle "normal" life, or a life of war, or extreme poverty; if it would be easier, harder, or about the same.

Top fucking kek. Some of the blacks are alright.
Open file (1.84 KB 95x95 msn_wink.png)
>there was another cheeky /wmafsex/ lad here
I'm considering getting a takeaway later. What do you lads like?
Open file (1.44 MB 1920x1440 scummvm-191126-124948.png)
My thoughts are that I prefer the original with an MT-32: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pdd2CNlcqn0
Not really big on takeaways any more, prefer a nice well-balanced homecooked meal.
Breath of the Wild is so good.
I have just bought a 4 pack of white Monsters.
enjoy, fellow sipper
Ok, you win this round, that does sound better. What's the game like?
>tfw becoming less racist

Anyone know this feel?
Open file (713.37 KB 728x547 kTpsrAN.png)
It's a classic, a good old fashioned point & click adventure with some pretty good humour throughout. It's been years since I played it, and I remember some of the solutions being so random that I have no idea how you'd solve them without a walkthrough, but even with a walkthrough it's still well worth playing.
friendship ended with default mode network

now task-positive network is my best friend
Not really, I still want pakis out and mass immigration to end, but I was never an NAfag or a siegetard or anything. I've never had a problem with anyone who's properly assimilated, it's the people who come here in large numbers, the people who can't speak intelligible English, the people who kidnap, rape, and murder, and the people who try to turn this country into the same country they just left, that I have a problem with. I also have a problem with the people and authorities who let this all happen, and the ones who are currently hellbent on making it worse. Not that I can do anything about it mind, all I can do is rant about it anonymously online, and make a borderline-useless vote up the polling station.
I'm completely detached from politics at this point. It feels good. I can't believe I got so wrapped up in it, it was basically my whole identity at one stage. I think that's one of the reasons so many, especially on the left (but the NA lads are a good example too), basically devolve into rabid dogs when their beliefs are questioned, because to them it's not a discussion about ideas, but an attack on their very being. I'm really glad I'm not like that anymore.

What's the plan for today? For me it's a trip to the doctor's for my blocked ear, followed by a push session at the gym, then later I've got a Just Eat shift on my bike.
I've been thinking about new year's resolutions.
Roasted + salted cashew nuts taste incredible. Where my nut lads at? What's your pick?
When your being demographically replaced it's not about ideas, it's about survival. Or do you think muslims like in London today are just normal every day things?

The "nice ones" act as a protective shield to the bad ones. They work as 1 united community against everyone else. You can't divide them into your own ideology of individualism. They're not using the same ideology and they can and will beat you as a group.
He was so unbelievably redpilled on the woman question.

No, if anything I'm getting more racist.

I'm the same, it does feel good to be removed from politics. I was never huge into 'being' an -ism or anything but I was very up to date on the news which was a major soul drain. One of the good things Trump did was destroy /pol/ so I didn't bother going there anymore.
Open file (173.88 KB 997x443 1488995018046.png)
Who /Wu wei/ here?
Bhagavad Gita is better
Another year wasted. Somehow they manage to get worse too.
Who's your favourite yoga thot? For me, it's Adee.

Open file (9.40 KB 976x94 sex machine.png)

This is amazing. Music lad, what can you tell me about Chinese music?
Pretty much nothing, never really explored it.
You just can't beat a nice bit of shemale porn can you.
I'm delivering again at the moment. Just had a customer with two 2L bottles as part of their order, I always have to work a bit harder with those on my back. I keep dressing in what I think is an appropriate way for the cold, by putting my thick coat and a hat on, but always end up getting too hot cycling and taking the hat off. The traffic is getting really bad lately. Good thing I'm a Chad cyclist and not a motorcuck.
What led you to this point lad?
It's a bad feel when you predict the temperature wrong. When it's hotter than you expect you end up either sweating or carrying around any extra layers of clothing you took off, and when it's colder than you expect you're just fucking freezing. I think I have more difficulty with it than most because I very rarely leave the house, so I never know what to expect.
Open file (1.01 MB 1366x768 ocen beach.jpg)
Post good feels from the golden era of GTA (Vice City - San Andreas). I might be willing to accept entries from IV but they have to be particularly good.

>cruising up and down Ocean Beach in an Infernus while this plays

With me it's usually overdoing it rather than under. It surprises me how much my body can warm up sometimes, I just delivered to a lass who complained she was freezing answering her front door while I was sweating buckets. At least I have my massive Just Eat bag while I'm out delivering for any superfluous garments.
Open file (970.24 KB 640x480 Logo.webm)
Open file (7.65 MB 640x480 GTAtitles.webm)
Open file (96.42 KB 1024x768 angry mob.JPG)
What's wrong with GTA3 lad? Honorable mention to GTA2 as well, I loved that game prior to playing the 3D ones.

VC and SA were excellent though, I was completely absorbed by them for years. Once I got the PC versions I was modding the shit out of them, even made a couple of shitty texture mods in mspaint and uploaded them to mod sites. Doubt you can still find them though. I've still got this screenshot I made back in the day too, date modified 14/08/2004.
What are you lot's thoughts on the new Julay look anyway? I helped troubleshoot and tweak it over on the >>>/meta/ thread. If anyone's still using the CSS I made back in >>229 , you'll need to wipe that because it completely buggers up the new themes.
I like it. Thank you for your service.
No problem lad, just doing my bit to help reduce the presence of eye cancer in this world. I was impressed with how receptive to suggestions Julay's staff lads were. On 8chan you just get completely blanked and ignored for years, but on here they were going through and fixing all my autistic nitpickings within the hour.
Can we all agree that cats are incredibly based?


Good work lad. I feel like the people left running things will be the ones that care about chans more than just a power trip considering it might put a target on you now. I assume that would lead to more care about autistic little details.

I didnt realise there was actually an option for themes, I knew the CSS had fucked up a bit because of the horrible bar that was showing at the bottom of pages, completely missed the dropdown.
Yes, they put up with far less bullshit than dogs and are less needy, I respect that.
Open file (1.82 MB 1200x1400 8chan_Cup4_Logo.png)
Hey /britfeel/'s lads,
We are currently streaming the group phase of the current year's 8chanCup (or as it's more properly known as the Infinity Cup) but due to the exodus and 8ch hiccups we've lost a few teams whose boards never really recovered.
Because of that, we thought it could be great if you guys could join us with a team of your own and participate in the next iteration of the cup, if you feel like it.
All you need to do is create a wiki entry of your own team over at http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Main_Page (use the layout of other teams as a preset), coming up with members/players that represent your board's culture and in-jokes, create a proper emblem and jersey combo and optionally choose strategies, skills and exportable 3d models using the rules set up at http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Rules and we'll make sure to consider your application for the future pot.

I should mention that we would also really appreciate if you came over to our cup's stream at https://cytu.be/r/8cup to spectate what the cup's really all about and to propose your own ideas to make it even better.
I should mention, if you guys have any connection to the 8kun boards for British interests, I'd really like it if you could somehow get them to cooperate.
See you on the field!
>we thought it could be great if you guys could join us with a team of your own and participate in the next iteration of the cup
Thanks for the offer lad, certainly appreciate it. All I can say is I wish you'd asked us 3 or 4 years ago, when we still had a decent number of lads about. We've got more than enough board culture and in-jokes to go around, but there's only a handful of us lads still here at this point. And while we can do image editing and all that without much trouble, nobody here's ever mentioned being able to do 3D modelling as far I can remember (happy to be proven wrong though). I've tried to pick it up a couple of times over the years, but I could never get the hang of it. Shame, because I know Deano and the lads would bring it home given the chance.

>we would also really appreciate if you came over to our cup's stream at https://cytu.be/r/8cup to spectate what the cup's really all about
I'll check it out, never managed to catch it before. What time/date(s) is it on?

>if you guys have any connection to the 8kun boards for British interests
We're our own thing really, no connection to /brit/ or any other British board. Before 8chan went down, I'm pretty sure they always had a much larger population than us, but since then they seem to have just vanished, other than a couple of their lads popping in here for a bit. Given the type of people that generally went to those boards, I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of them went back to halfchan.
>Thanks for the offer lad, certainly appreciate it. All I can say is I wish you'd asked us 3 or 4 years ago, when we still had a decent number of lads about. We've got more than enough board culture and in-jokes to go around, but there's only a handful of us lads still here at this point.
Do not worry, this is exactly what we want. We're aiming at re-uniting the users of old 8chan's boards together, hopefully the more exposure your board gets within the cup the more likely people will come back for the good ol' times.
3D modeling is not necessary, aside from the fact that humans can be edited within the PES editor (which is quite open to customization, you can even just plaster a picture of someone's face onto one), all it matters is that the players represent your board's culture.
>What time/date(s) is it on?
/christian/ vs. /ausneets/ - 12 CST, 1 EST 18:00 UTC
/b/ vs. /animu/ - 12:30 CST, 1:30 EST 18:30 UTC
/kind/ vs. /pone/ - 1 CST, 2 EST 19:00 UTC
/monster/ vs. /bmn/ - 1:30 CST, 2:30 EST 19:30 UTC
/a/ vs. /2hu/ - 2 CST, 3 EST 20:00 UTC
/co/ vs. /test/ - 2:30 CST, 3:30 EST 20:30 UTC
/u/ vs. /tg/ - 3 CST, 4 EST 21:00 UTC
/unna/ vs. /wooo/ - 3:30 CST, 4:30 EST 21:30 UTC
>We're our own thing really, no connection to /brit/ or any other British board. Before 8chan went down, I'm pretty sure they always had a much larger population than us, but since then they seem to have just vanished, other than a couple of their lads popping in here for a bit. Given the type of people that generally went to those boards, I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of them went back to halfchan.
A shame, but even if it's just for a handful of lads, I think that participating in the cup will be worth it. We've had TONS of laughs and banter and it's just about 20-to-50 people watching at any time for the group stage. The knockouts will be even better.
Even if we don't participate it would be nice to compile a list of our in-jokes. We already have a colour scheme.
Post all of your Deanos please lads. I've lost mine.
Open file (737.97 KB 1500x1301 stretching deano.jpg)
>3D modeling is not necessary, aside from the fact that humans can be edited within the PES editor (which is quite open to customization, you can even just plaster a picture of someone's face onto one), all it matters is that the players represent your board's culture.
Ah right, I think it'd fun to give it a shot then. Post your player suggestions lads, I think we all know who's gonna be captain.


We could make a dedicated /britfeel/ OC and board culture thread, my /britfeel/ folder alone has about 1000 files in it. Mostly stuff that can't be posted to be fair, but I've saved quite a few Deanos, OP images, banners, edits, and other misc stuff. No point in me just hoarding it all forever.
I like that idea but it sort of feels like commemorating something that has died. I wish we had more posters like we used to. Where did everyone go. Was it just 8chan going down, or did they all get gfs and jobs?
Open file (95.74 KB 770x808 8chan boards PPH 2.png)
>>704 (Me)
Some of my own suggestions:
Dolequest lad
Retail lad
Moral man
Smartly dressed man with his socks pulled up and ready to give a firm handshake to the manager
Grimes (with a mask or a bag over her head)
Stormzy (token black player)
Dildo dad
t. SAG
Gremlin Squad
Candlefag (striker)
Harbourfag (bench)

>but it sort of feels like commemorating something that has died
True, but I think it's fair to say it has died in a way, or at least come to a standstill. The board stats on Julay say we've got 3 unique IPs right now, which I think takes into account the last 24 hours. That's you, me, and the 8chan cup lad. I think there's a couple more of us that post less regularly, but there's still only about 4 or 5 of us at best. We've posted fuck all for the last two years outside of "do you like this song", "no", and "I just bought X". Not that I dislike that (I'm still here obviously, and for as long as you and the couple of other lads are still here I'll be sticking around), but it was hardly going to keep most of the older lads around, or entice new lads to come in.

>Where did everyone go. Was it just 8chan going down, or did they all get gfs and jobs?
It wasn't 8chan going down, because post activity has been rock bottom throughout most of 2018 and 2019. I think it's like you say, most lads just got older, lost interest in imageboards, and became busy with normalfag shit. With post activity as low as it was, sometimes not seeing a single post for days, it didn't have much to offer for anyone returning or finding us for the first time.

I'd really like to get some more lads in, or even start fresh with a new board, new name etc., but it would pretty much kill what's left of the old /britfeel/ culture immediately.
Party Bag
Mushy Hula Hoops
SPLASH, he's gone (or something else snake related)

Our anthem should be Hard Times.

>my /britfeel/ folder alone has about 1000 files in it
Share it please lad.

I like them, except brit/pol/ tier ones like Moral man and Nige, or Stormzy tbqh wogs out.
>I like them, except brit/pol/ tier ones like Moral man and Nige, or Stormzy tbqh wogs out.
Fair enough, only threw them in there because they were all posted on /britfeel/ a lot at one point or another.

>Our anthem should be Hard Times
I'd rather have something more "quintessentially British" if it's gonna be our anthem. I think we can have a tune for scoring goals as well, as well as for specific players if they score.

>Share it please lad.
I can't just zip it and upload it because there's a lot of random shit, and some of it contains personally identifiable information, but I can go through and dump the good stuff in it's own thread. I saved pretty much every photo that anyone ever posted too, like the BBQ party, the battlestations, receipt anon, gardening anon, etc., but I don't know if I should post them or not. They did upload them to a public forum to be fair, and most of them have buggered off and left us anyway, the wankers.
Speaking of threads, we're very close to hitting the 700 post mark, only took us 4 months. Don't think there's a hard limit here like there was on 8chan, but for tradition's sake we might as well stick to what we've always done. Anyone got a Christmas-themed OP prepared or planned for a new thread? I can try and throw something together later if not, but if you do have something in mind then feel free.
Throw it in a zip lad, we're all friends here :^)
We wouldn't be if you saw half of what was in there lad, there's all kinds of things that weren't necessarily posted on the board, but that I was able to find with a bit of digging and google-fu.
Fell off the wagon today. Back on it tomorrow.
I think Pyramid Song might be my favourite of Radiohead. Melancholy and anxious, yet strangely enchanting. Fantastic.
I don't get people who like Radiohead, they're like the musical equivalent of cardboard. They're the epitome of dreary, middle-of-the-road, "nothing" music.
That's a strong opinion you've got there. I would like to beat you up.
Open file (43.39 KB 680x598 066.jpg)
>tfw understand Radiohead on 5 different levels
Bring it on lad, if all that bland, monotonous, radio-airtime-filler crap hasn't made you too mopey and lethargic to fight.
I would also like to beat you up.
You'll have to wait your turn, the other shit taste lad is yet to throw a single punch.
Can't decide whether to go to the shop for a can of Monster.
I have just been to the shop for a can of Monster. The woman at the till told me about a young lass who goes in and buys two a day. Who is this mystery sipper? I must find out more.
Open file (28.54 KB 480x360 exyfUfT7u8HluIYw.jpg)
Time for a stake-out.
One for her and one for Chad.
Seems like robotcore to me. Better than the negermusik you like anyway.
>tfw missed all the 8chan cup stuff.

I'm not great at keeping up with the board these days lads, I don't know why. I just kind of forget. It's not as if I'm even doing something else interesting. All I've been doing lately is watching riverdale.

I'm unsure if anyone remembers me posting about it, but back in uni I watched through all of Gossip Girl, and since I hated the guy who lived in the room next to me I turned my speakers up all the way and pushed them against his wall. He did deserve it, he was a cunt and brought his chav friends around who trashed the flat. He had a lot of trouble sleeping after I started it but he was too much of a pussy to confront me.

Anyway, Riverdale is reminding me a lot of that. It's quite comfy.

As for my suggestion for our anthem:
Ah fuck, didnt post the music:

Got two dates lined up from plenty of fish.
Open file (72.86 KB 512x512 the pawn.jpg)
It's "normiecore" if anything, most Radiohead albums got to number 1 in the album charts and their songs were played everyday on Radio 1 for years. And I've been the only actual "robot" here for a long time, unlike everyone else with their jobs and their girlfriends. Two more years and I'll be a fully-fledged wizard, then you'll be sorry.
>>tfw missed all the 8chan cup stuff.
Wouldn't say you've missed it, it's still in the "ideas" stage.
>I'm not great at keeping up with the board these days lads, I don't know why. I just kind of forget.
I understand, I've been like that the last couple of years, it's only since 8chan popped it's clogs that I've been getting back into it all and posting more often.
I can settle for this. Now in mp4 format.
One of them has now cancelled because I said we should meet for a coffee in Morrison's cafe. I don't understand. Why does she think she deserves any better?
From my experience Plenty of Fish is full of bottom of the barrel tier women, they deserve what they're given.

Not that I can be bothered with any of that anyway. While I'm not a robot anymore due to my job, I'm too apathetic to be part of normie society.

Any of you lads fancy an election night streamfeel for old times sake?
This is my point, she's a 6 at best and has a kid ffs. I'm objectively higher value than her. I think these sites give them an ego boost because of the legions of guys they've got fawning over them. I bet their inboxes look like worship centres. The other one is much better looking and has no kids so at least there's still that.
>Any of you lads fancy an election night streamfeel for old times sake?
I'm down, can't guarantee I'll be awake though, got an inverted sleep pattern at the moment. Been up since 9pm last night.
I've just been to my Thai boxing class after two weeks off. Had a lot of fun doing various kicks on the pads, they're getting quite powerful now. My personal trainer is back from training in Thailand too so I've got a session in the morning. I'm really excited to get back into it.
Anyone tried papaya? I just had it for the first time and thought it was really nice.
>tfw simply don't care about the election
Trying to work up the motivation to go and vote, but I'm having fun working on my computer + building someone elses computer, and I live in a hardline Labour/Paki area.
We'll probably get labour again for the 23rd year in a row regardless, might vote Brexit party if I care enough to leave the warmth of my house.
What are you doing with the computers lad. In any case it's better that Brexit Party's overall turnout has one more good lad among it than not.
Replacing the ram in my computer, organising the wiring a little better too. I noticed I had some spare sticks that had a better clock speed when going through my collection of parts so I swapped them out.
As for the build for someone else I'm building them a new computer, moving the hard drive and PSU over from the old one to save some cash, putting it all in a new fancy looking case for them. Got paid £600 for it so I'm feeling pretty accomplished for a NEET.
They've gone from a 10 year out of date CPU and GPU, I don't really have the details of what they used to have, to a Ryzen 5 2600 and a RX580, gave them a nice SSD too.

Now I just need a spare PSU and hard drive and I can potentially reuse these old parts, maybe run a server or alternatively hook it up to my living room TV for when people come over so I can put some amazon prime or netflix show on or something so they can be entertained with that, as it's pretty much a games centre right now as my TV isn't hooked up to pick up the BBC and I refuse to pay my TV licence.
>tfw no computer fixer lad to help with my dysfunctional old rig
Wrong, we are the last two and one day we shall do battle.
I've voted anyway. I'm thinking of signing up to work at the poll booth next time.

Slightly bricking it lads. Doing a guitar performance in front of maybe 50 people in the next couple of hours. I get nervous in front of just my mum.

GL lad
I'm going to miss the political union of England and Scotland lads.
Good luck anon, hope it went well.
SNP are just rattling their sabres they're never gonna leave.
if you genuinely believe that then you're coping over the imminent death of the union
It went alright until just near the end, my mind went totally blank, so I just said I'd forgotten the rest and cut it short. Considering how nervous I was I'm pleased overall, but mostly pleased that I did it in the first place. With more practice I'll smash it next time.
Any lads who here who haven't totally resigned themselves to inceldom and still want to get a gf or at least have sex one day need to internalise this mindset. He is absolutely right about everything when it comes to women.

Open file (131.17 KB 645x702 1445138784332.png)
>tfw to sexually apathetic to identify with terms like incel or volcel
I know that feel, also I don't identify with them because those terms were almost never used on imageboards until newfags and redditors brought them into halfchan, and even then they didn't really take off until a couple of years after we'd already left for 8chan.
Just want an attractive girl to show me her bottom and feet, lads.
>doctor's appointment cancelled three times in a row now
>NEETcentre wants to see me on the 18th
>won't have an updated sicknote in time
>job I applied for is a week late in telling me whether or not I got it, manager said he still has more interviews to do
Life is shit lads, it's shit and cringe and I do not like it very much.
yeah this too, I always thought the term incel is cringe because it was reddit shit. Remember when we used to call ourselves robots? Changing times, I guess.
Thing is you can have sex and still be one, so it's not an appropriate term. I'm on my seventh gf and still feel like a robot.
Open file (43.87 KB 549x591 1476863693786.png)
I remember a time when this satirical shitpost would have sent me into a blind, frothing rage. Things have changed.
Open file (27.89 KB 675x507 1523289093043.jpg)
"Cringe" is in the same boat, I'm fucking sick of seeing and hearing that word and all the other words that halfchan has been abusing to death the last couple of years. Cringe isn't even an adjective, it's a verb, the word everyone's looking for is "cringeworthy".
I started off saying cringe ironically but it's been so many years that it just ended up as part of my every day vocabulary.
Absolutely low T.
Isaac Newton was celibate, I am simply to intelligent for sex.
I've lived in Scotland my whole life and I love Scotland very much, but I've known/been friends with a lot of very decent English people. My main worry is having a hard border right in the middle of Great Britain. Just doesn't feel right.
Ah yes, the thinking man's sexuality.
Open file (78.42 KB 1024x332 heavydefenses.jpg)
You simply do not understand, it takes a very large brain to act like this. Most of the influential thinkers throughout European history have actually been massive insufferable autist weirdos, we are the master race.
This is Sir Lord Commander John Flompington of the ancient and highly respected Flompington family.

*clears throat*

Big cheesy fanny lips.
How has your day been lads? I took a bath, then watched taxi driver and joker for the first time. Heard back from the job I had applied for and didn't get it, but not as upset about that as I thought I'd be.
I've just got up, but yesterday was alright. I watched some old shows in the morning, and during the day I played with my nieces who'd stayed the night.
How was it lad?
Neetzsche's self imposed 'isolation' was a result of unrequited love. Also, please stop appropriating my virgin culture, sexhaver.
Just found a couple of packages for me behind the wheelie bin in our front garden, apparently they've been sitting there since Saturday. Saturday night we had some of the worst rain I've seen in years, so they were absolutely drenched. They could have at least left me a note or something saying they were there.
Send in a complaint with pictures and get them replaced.
The contents seem alright, it was mainly the packaging and the invoices that got wrecked. I can't be arsed to make a complaint.
Open file (586.16 KB 605x601 rich.jpg)
I have just done dumbbell bench with 38kg in each hand and weighted dips with 30kg attached to my belt.
What's the plan for today then? Me, I'll be learning some of Handel's Sarabande on guitar, and then going out for Christmas dinner with my family.
Sounds good, I've got nothing planned besides doing the same shit I always do.

I wrote this post this morning but forgot to hit reply, sorry lad.
>>767 >How was it lad? Honestly not that bad for a movie. I normally stick to books and there was a few scenes early on that really shattered my suspension of disbelief but I had to remind myself that I was watching a movie, not only a movie, but a superhero movie. I think it's good for what it is, it used Taxi Driver as inspiration, and frankly I consider it to be a better piece of cinema than Taxi Driver. Ultimately Dostoyevsky still did it all better, though. >>768 >Also, please stop appropriating my virgin culture, sexhaver. What makes you think I've had sex? I'm as pure as untread snow. >>773 I know this post was written on Wednesday but I'm just going to ignore that and act like it was posted on Thursday. Woke up really late and spent the whole day killing time on the computer. Been feeling really "out of it" for the past few days.
The girl who declined to sit with me in the canteen at work a few months back has now turned me down for a date. Well I'm done playing nice. I've been parked outside her house for 4 hours waiting for her to get back. I will have answers.
>>777 >>777 yikes
>>777 The answer is you're the type of person to park outside someone's house for 4 hours after getting rejected.
>>758 I've seen cringe threads on 4chan since around 2012
>>751 Nothing in the world, no matter how threatening could ever make me watch a 4+ hour podcast. What fucking sadact could ever sit through this?
>>715 Radiohead is pretty bad tbh. I lump it in the same category as all the other terrible, british rock bands that 0 personality russel brand loving npc normies love. I just get bored listening to it, it's probably because my brain is better and requires more stimulation, I literally cannot think of another reason why people like radiohead besides having a crappy brain. Arctic Mokeys, Kasabian, The Charlitans, Blur, Oasis, The Verve, New Order. All crappy music for crappy, boring people. I bet they all watch pointless during dinner time and wear chuck taylors. There isn't a single good quality in any of this shit music yet lesbians and weak men seem to love it.
Anyone still playing WoW? I forgot aboit it.
>>781 I've been listening over the course of a few weeks when I get time inbetween family and work commitments. I'm sorry for bothering you though lad, I didn't realise how cool you were.
>>784 It's fine, I probably should have told you how cool I was before I posted.
>>780 That's a bit different, cringe threads just had anons posting things that were cringeworthy in them, but now almost every single thread on halfchan has numerous posts that just say: >based >cringe >dilate >cope >seething >rent free >obsessed >have sex incel and nothing else. If you're lucky they'll attach a shitty wojak or pepe edit with it.
>>782 Finally, someone with working ears around here. >>783 Haven't played it since /guildfeel/.
Personally, I'm not a fan of the Jewish people.
>>788 You know what lad, me neither.
>>778 oof
Got my girlfriend a rice steamer and a picture of me for Christmas.
>>791 fuck you
Today I laid in bed and watched anime.
>>794 What did you watch lad? I've been lurking in halfchan /a/'s yearly Toradora stream every morning for the past 15 days, from 5am through to 11am. Was a nice trip down memory lane, they were mostly playing shows I'd already seen many years ago, but there were a few I hadn't seen as well, plus some sequels I'd never got around to watching. Will try to be there for the whole 25 days next year, I think there's a yearly Sora no Woto stream in January as well which I'll keep an eye out for.
>>793 Merry Christmas lad, hope you had a good one.
>>795 I rewatched Welcome to the NHK. It's a strange experience. I was a hikki when I first watched it many years ago and I still am, except now I'm the same age as Sato. I like that it isn't masturbatory. It's critical of people like me and parts pertaining to the characters psyches have a sad realism to them. It's a nice contrast to the surreal elements. While it's very funny I always come away sad. I think it will always be my subjective favourite anime.
>>797 I know that feel except I first saw it at age 17 and now I'm 5 years older than Satou. It's been a long time since I last watched it, so I only remember a few scenes and none of the details. Pic related always stuck with me, I've seen this face in the mirror many times over the last decade.
>>798 I had also forgotten a lot of the details. It was worth going back to, especially in the winter. The OST is brilliant too.
It's been a long time. I've been off doing other things, but I still can't quite forget this place.
>>800 We've missed you lad, what have you been up to since you've been gone?
Open file (109.52 KB 552x364 1518915501437.jpg)
Hello lads. I've not been posting here much at all lately, I was a much more active member of the community around 2014 or 2015 or so though, and I still pop in occasionally. I'm quite surprised I was able even to find this place after what happened to fullchan and all that, because I hadn't browsed in months before the place got taken down - at first I didn't care, but then I remembered this place and felt kind of sad. I wanted to post here because I've pretty much stopped browsing chan boards completely in the last two years, and I've been missing somewhere truly anonymous where I could vent my feelings. Anyways, I have become progressively more numb and cold over the course of the latter half of 2019. I made a very good friend some years back and as we got closer his mental stability also suffered and he ended up offing himself. He was the only person who I had encountered in my life who both understood me and had much in common with me - and without him around and my concomittant problems with depression and all the usual, I just don't see the point in being alive anymore. I am not like other human beings. I never have been, and I never will be - and furthermore I am not at home even among the misfits and the downtrodden and the outcasts of society. I have completely and comprehensively failed, despite all my efforts, to truly connect to my supposed humanity and I had to watch the only person I was able to connect to die. His parents are going to fly down from their home country to the UK to visit me next year, and after I've fulfilled that obligation I honestly don't know what I'll do. Suicide seems to be the only possible ending in mind for me, I simply cannot fathom ever finding happiness in this life - my circumstance has been unfortunate, and my efforts have yielded no fruit. Probably quite soon, some time in the new year I'm going to do away with all my various online presences, and cut my human contact down to the bare essentials, and keep all of my interactions with people shallow, and never allow myself to be seen. I'd like to achieve something truly meaningful before I die, but I'm not so sure I have anything in me. My ambitions and relations have all turned sour, and there is nothing much left in this world that appeals to me anymore. Probably what I would like to now is to find enough money to just hole myself up in some flat in some anonymous city, avoid the internet, and just exist on the periphery of things until I feel fully satisfied that my time has indeed come, and then I will leave the world. If anything of you actually bothered reading this - thanks for listening lads. I was a very old member of this community back in the day, posted on halfchan /britfeel/ and was the first (other than boardowner) to make the hop over to fullchan when the general went to shit, but yeah, here I am, back again so many years older and none the wiser - faced with the same problems, and howling into the same old gale. Have a nice night lads.
Open file (85.65 KB 801x169 welcome to britfeel.png)
>>802 Sorry to hear about your friend and your situation lad, you're always welcome back here to get things off your chest though, and I'm just glad to know more of our lads are still out there. Even if we can't do much to help, most of us are in similar situations or states of mind, if not now then at some point in the past. I'm shit at the whole pep talk thing, so all I'll say is remember to take it easy lad. Don't worry about trying to predict the future too much, and remember you can always come here wherever "here" may be, we'll try to stay findable wherever we might end up when you want to talk things through, or if you just want to say NIGGER and not get shit for it.
>>802 That sounds incredibly painful and tough to go through lad. I was lucky to be brought into a group of outcasts in school. I don't really connect with any of them, I never did but I still see them every other week or so, maybe once a month. Depends on the time of year. I don't have anything in common with most of them other than we get drunk together, and some of them I actively dislike, but it keeps me out of the house, and doing something social. What's your living situation like lad? I put a lot of my misery down to living with my parents, I'm hoping to move out in the summer and then I'll have to find something else to blame my misery on.
>>804 What I meant by that middle paragraph is that even if you did get accepted by a group, it's not any guarantee it'll bring you a huge amount of joy, some people just don't mesh well with others. I'd recommend reading The Stranger in the Woods: A meditation on solitude, wildness and survival, it's about a guy that went and lived on his own for 27 years in the woods. The author himself is a bit of a cunt but I think its something you can get past.
Open file (1003.32 KB 404x347 god damn it.gif)
>>802 I'm glad you come back every so often lad. It's nice to hear from you even if it's bad news, but it's usually bad news for people like us. This year has not been good to me either; I am more sure than ever I will end my own life at some point and that thought bothers me less and less. I wonder what we would have done all those years ago if we knew nothing would get better. Probably nothing different. I only wish I could have experienced love before it was too late.
I DO hope you lads have some hobby or passion that gives you a bit of meaning in your life. For me, it's playing the guitar.
love cracking open a cold one after a meal
Open file (63.89 KB 600x525 1446002997712.jpg)
>>803 That's a nice picture anon. Post some more old britfeel caps if you have any. I want to go on a trip down memory lane. I don't have much, apart from a few Deano's and a bunch of the anime reaction images I'd tirelessly use over and over again - thread after thread, day after day (pic related). >>804 I live with my mother, I want to live alone but I don't function very well honestly, I can't really keep a stable living situation arranged for more than a few months at a time before I stop paying the rent, dive into a massive drugs/alcohol binge and wake up in hospital. It's incredibly embarassing and I hate it. Mine has been a life of much shame. >>806 >I'm glad you come back every so often lad. It's nice to hear from you even if it's bad news Likewise mate, there is some genuine, if fleeting, comfort to be derived from settling back down here after so long and just bitching like the old days. For me suicide is now more a matter of "when" rather than "if", I've just been btfo'd far, far too hard for one lifetime. Things really would have gotten better if I hadn't lost that one friend - it's kind of hard to put into words how much he meant to me. I miss him a lot. >. I wonder what we would have done all those years ago if we knew nothing would get better. I had a reputation for being an extraordinarily edgy lad back then, maybe I would have just gone berserk and started killing people. Who knows. >>807 I want to get into writing but I'm a bit depressed to bother atm, I just spend most of my time sleeping, browsing the internet, listening to music and doing drugs. Sometimes I read books. >>808 >tfw no food in the house tonight
I didn't have enough money to pay for my Monster by card at the corner shop, as there's a minimum spend required. The based paki who owns it said I could just take it and bring the money next time. Who /reconsidering their views on immigration/ here?
>>809 Afraid I shaln't be allowing you to kill yourself lad, because that would mean the post count dropping even further which is quite frankly not going to happen.
Open file (305.83 KB 986x803 hula hoop madman.png)
Open file (175.51 KB 794x1370 33333.png)
Open file (930.87 KB 2560x1600 1440624125368.jpg)
Open file (479.51 KB 126x110 1439334453580.gif)
Open file (1.16 MB 2048x1536 20150425_122011.jpg)
>>809 >Post some more old britfeel caps if you have any I've only got a couple unfortunately, I've got lots of random other bits though.
>>813 >私 草ァ↑
>>810 Not me lad, just went shopping with my mum and there were way too many foreigners about for my liking, never used to be as bad as that around here. Apparently they're thinking about building a block of flats at the top of our road as well, bet they want to fill it with pakis and niggers and make it so we can never get a doctor's appointment again. They can fuck off if you ask me.
>>812 Fuck me lad I remember all of these. Lupus too, that was mental. I remember she sent me £25 once because I was really broke and wouldn't stop crying about it on the thread. Good times.
>>811 what if we set up a /britfeel/ squat and move all the posters into it and force them to live in the squat 24/7, to maintain proper post count? we can station one or two lads around the doors with guns and gat anyone who tries to escape - i know a guy.
>>817 Wouldn't the suicidal lads just try to escape and get themselves shot on purpose? You'll need to watch the windows too, a lad with a mattress will survive a fall from any height.
>>818 I once posted a video on here proving I could run from the top of my house to the bottom with a mattress in hand in under 30 seconds as a response to a discussion about the grenfell tower fire - the lad who challenged me to do so was supposed to send me something like 20 quid in bitcoin if I could actually do it, but he never did. Posted my wallet code and everything. bit miffed. >Wouldn't the suicidal lads just try to escape and get themselves shot on purpose? just kneecap them and get them back to posting. the key is to make disobedience more painful than regular living.
>>819 >I once posted a video on here proving I could run from the top of my house to the bottom with a mattress in hand in under 30 seconds I once saved it.
>>820 It feels incredibly surreal to watch this video. Almost like I'm a voyeur peering through time at my old self or something. Hearing my own voice like that feels incredibly strange. Also, to the NONCE who promised me my money - I'm still waiting. Pay UP or I WILL find you. (also how has your day been lad, my mum ordered chinese so I'm kind of looking forward to that, spent the morning crying and thinking about shooting myself though. i wish guns were more readily available in the UK) Also, it's nice to see there are still people here who remember me, or at the very least a very autistic video I made about a very autistic bet.
>>821 >how has your day been lad It's been alright, went to the shops with my mum earlier to replace some clothes she got me for Christmas that didn't fit, and she got me a new coat as well as an early birthday present. Got home, tinkered with a cable tester my dad got me for Christmas, pretty nifty tool. Had fish pie for dinner just now, and afterwards my mum brought out the Christmas pud that hadn't been opened yet, so we had that with some brandy sauce.
Open file (64.31 KB 618x412 are henry.jpg)
Who's been watching it then?
>>823 Not me, how is it?
It's New Year's Eve, what's your plan tonight lads? I've got my nieces staying over tonight I think.
>>825 getting really drunk on discord with some internet friends
Open file (99.56 KB 720x405 p06qn16c.jpg)
Happy New Year lads, and a happy new decade too. Enjoyed the last 5 years with you lads, wouldn't trade my time spent here for the world.
Less of the baaa-humbug please also Happy New Year, chins up lads a new decade for a new ewe. Also best of luck to ye all /feelers/ t. Sheepman
>>821 I should have said this earlier, but I hope you stick around, or at least pop in more often. /britfeel/ isn't quite the same without it's core lads, and you're one of them, your absence is always felt pretty hard. I've missed you mate, no homo.
Open file (2.63 MB 3120x3120 IMG_20150905_143614.jpg)
>>828 Thanks sheeplad, and a happy New Year to you too. Hope you'll also visit more often, I liked your sheep-related antics.
I hope youre all doing okay. I've had the past 13 days off work and I'm going back tomorrow. Quite comfy knowing I've only got 2 days of work before the weekend again If I was returning to work on a monday my mood would be a lot worse. I've also ran out of things to do with my time. I always get an urge to play a WoW private server around this time of year. Is anyone else playing one or interested in one? I'm mostly interested in trying out a WOTLK one because it's probably the best expansion that doesn't have a mind numbing grind to max level. I might be totally wrong, but if I remember correctly, the level grind for WOTLK was far shorter than the previous 2 versions of the game.
I feel bad for not posting here more, as I was one of the posters who tried to keep things going back in the day, but once 8ch went I lost all motivation.
>>831 Glad you're comfy lad. Can't say I'm particularly interested in playing WoW again, at least not yet. Are any of the /v/ boards on 8kun or the webring playing it? You might be able to find a group of people there interested in playing, if they aren't already. Failing that, there's always halfchan. >>832 I take a fair bit of the blame myself, I hardly posted at all for about 2 years before 8ch went down, and only realised how much I'd miss this place once it was gone. I've always been here almost every day though, and will continue to be if anyone wants to chat about something random or blogpost about their day. Nothing ever goes unread.
Riddle me this, anon. Sally and John are in a room. Sally has a ball, and also in the room are a box, a crate, and a bag. On the wall are 2 levers. Sally puts her ball in the bag and leaves the room. John then moves her ball into the box. Sally returns. If Sally pulls the 1st lever, any items in the box will be disintegrated. If she does not pull either lever, the item in the bag will be teleported into the crate, but the box will be untouched. If she pulls the 2nd lever, nothing happens and the containers stay the same. While Sally owns the the ball, John is a child prodegy for football but is too poor to afford his own ball, so having the ball would improve his lot in life considerably. You can grant the ball to one of them but cannot tell them any further details, and cannot influence Sally's decision on lever pulling. The chosen child can only open one container. Who do you choose and from which container do they open?
>>830 >>829 awww guys, you have me welling up here, at work too. What have I missed guys? I hope nothing bad. >>833 >and only realised how much I'd miss this place once it was gone ne'er a truer word was said, and for many things too not just this place (damn you guys got me all sentimental). >>834 >John then moves her ball into the box. So we have to give the norfbairn the ball or disintergrate it? Sounds like some kind of theft to me, I'd put both the kids in the box and pull the first lever. right time for a tea break lads I've been working too hard.
>>836 >that first whibblescromp of the decade And so the tone is set for it to be a good one--no, not just good--simply fantastic.
>>834 I grant the ball to Sally without telling either of them, because it's not John's ball no matter how much it might benefit him (and if he hasn't even got a ball then I highly doubt he's a child prodigy to begin with). I then pull John aside and tell him not to not pull any levers or else they'll both be killed, and that Sally should pull the 2nd lever if he wants the two of them to live (doesn't count as "further details" because it's false, and you only said I couldn't influence Sally's decision on lever pulling). He tells Sally what I told him without me telling him to, because he doesn't want to die over a stupid ball. He also takes the ball out of the box, and gives it back to Sally with an apology, because it's weighing heavily on his conscience now. She puts the ball back in the bag, pulls the 2nd lever, nothing happens, and then I tell her to open the bag. Sally gets the ball, John stops being a thieving little shit, and they both live happily ever after.
I've been watching Black Mirror. They had Miley Cyrus for an episode, she played some parody of a generic mainstream popstar, and this one of her songs, and I must say, it's an absolute banger. As far as trashy pop music goes it's top-tier. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BTsW30Ur0sg
>>839 What do you think of the Netflix ones please? I kind of liked the C4 ones but the second series went predictably downhill.
Open file (802.40 KB 1920x1080 pixel art waterfall.gif)
Anyone here still meditating? I just did so for the first time in ages, and feel a lot more relaxed and less anxious now.
Forgot to mention, I'm getting back into using a weekly planner to log my activities and accomplishments/failures as well. I started using one at the beginning of 2015 and it helped a lot, but I fell out of the habit around mid-2018. I want to make this decade count for something, as I pissed away most of the last one (minus the 1.5 years of self-improvement I had in the middle of it). Don't know where it's gonna take me, but I think going outside more, getting fitter, learning to drive, and getting a job I don't completely hate are all somewhere on the menu before 2030.
>>842 I know what you mean at pissing a decade away brother; your new goals all probably seem far away but are perfectly achievable and linked to the others in a round about way and I say that without wanting to sound condescending. Apart from the job part they are all things I take for granted yet I would be insane without my dog walks, really miffed not to be able to drive to places normies don't walk and even crazier if not more impotent if I couldn't walk and even with the job I'm so much more happier being self employed over employed I just hate the people who give me money. How far along with driving are you ? that's the best start
Open file (269.12 KB 606x693 1440885165706.png)
I'm feeling incredibly JUSTed today lads. I slept through all of the 1st and now I'm just kind of listening to music and thinking about life. I don't really know what to do with myself or whatever these days. My friend who died was pretty close to me, it sounds a bit gay but I kind of feel like life has lost all meaning now that he's gone. I'm having a bit of a hard time adjusting to life without him around again, lots of existential questions floating through my head. I also feel like I've in some ways mentally regressed to the way I was right when i first met him, so that's interesting. Maybe that's what brought me back to the board. Happy new year everyone. >>829 cheers lad. it's nice to be posting again occasionally, I saw that even the fucking sheep poster showed up. happy new year - no homo. >>841 I meditate occasionally, it's great for just tuning out, or if you feel like seeing some really weird shit.
Open file (805.07 KB 1100x618 5716178_orig.png)
>>843 >How far along with driving are you ? Back in 2016 I got my provisional and had about 7 lessons in manual. My instructor was a dickhead, but I was doing alright, got as far as starting on 3-point turns. I ended up getting a job out of nowhere which completely messed my living situation up, so the lessons stopped. Once I quit that job I just had no motivation or willpower to get back on track for a long time, and now 3 and half years have passed since then. >I'm so much more happier being self employed Nice one lad, self-employment is the ultimate dream for me. I imagine it's stressful and time-consuming at times, but I really hated working under someone else, being on minimum wage and working my fingers to the bone for some clueless twat who just walked around doing fuck all. I'd be interested to hear more about your self-employment if you don't mind, how you got started, what it involves, etc.
>>844 Happy new year mate. I think entering a new decade has made a lot of people question and contemplate their situations, I've seen a lot of anons saying similar things the last couple of days. I've been feeling the blues pretty hard myself too, I've had a few extended family members pass away not too long ago, and more close ones have had (or are currently having) a lot of serious health problems, so morbid thoughts about "what will I do if everyone I know and love dies" are often in the back of my mind. I can relate to the feelings of mental regression too, I let myself go a lot over the last couple of years, but especially since 8chan went down. I've been all over the place mentally and emotionally, and I've not been looking after myself physically either. Looking to change that starting now though, maybe we can help encourage each other. Completely unrelated, but I've been wondering: do you still watch anime lad? I've been getting back into it recently, not as the hardcore "watch 15 currently airing shows each season" addict I used to be, but just picking shows from previous years that I've missed and sound like my sort of thing, watching a few episodes here and there.
>>846 >morbid thoughts about "what will I do if everyone I know and love dies" are often in the back of my mind This is kind of the sort of circumstance I've found myself in. I know a lot of people who care about me and enjoy my company, but I'm not so sure to what extent I "love" most of my friends and family, the friend I had who passed was sort of the exception to the rule. I don't normally feel very strongly about people. >do you still watch anime lad Yes I do! I haven't actually watched anything since my friend passed away (August the 20th), but in July of 2019 he had me watch Haibane Renmei with him. It was really incredible, and very underrated in my opinion. I believe the art director behind it was the same fellow of Serial Experiments Lain fame - although if I'm honest I far, far more prefer Haibane to Lain. If you're interested in watching it, I couldn't reccommend it enough - beware though, it comes across initially as essentially a slice of life show, and the plot unfolds more in the latter half of the show.
>>847 >Haibane Renmei I actually do know of it, back in about 2009 I had a mate who watched it and loved it, but I never watched beyond the first episode because I was into more comedy/romance stuff at the time, and I think I remember hearing it was depressing(?). Don't remember anything else about it at this point beyond it being about angels, so I'll put it on the backlog and report back once I've gotten around to it. >Serial Experiments Lain Another one I've known about for years but never watched. It always seemed to have mixed opinions over whether it was a classic or highly overrated, as well as being "2deep4u", so I ended up staying away from it. You ever seen Kino's Journey? I watched it over a decade ago at this point, but I think it might have a similar kind of vibe to Haibane Renmai. It's quite philosophical, and covers the nature of people and societies, making you ask yourself what "good" and "bad" really mean. It has a couple of heartwrenching moments that I've never been able to forget as well, but I won't spoil it for you.
>>848 I tried watching Kino's journey but I fucked up and could only find torrents with the english dub on nyaa when I looked - no idea why, so I haven't gotten round to it yet. I had Kino rec'd to me after mentioning Mushishi - have you seen that? Perhaps if you liked Kino's journey you'd like Mushishi. Haibane isn't really depressing, perhaps it is if you interpret it in the wrong way - but ultimately it's a show about accepting your past, your future and your mortality. I think it's no coincidence that my mate watched it with me only a single month before he took his own life.
Who /content with their average willy/ here?
>>850 I don't even know if mine is average or not, because I reckon the stats you see online are dragged down by non-whites
>>849 >could only find torrents with the english dub on nyaa when I looked The Japanese title is "Kino no Tabi", which might help. I don't actually remember if I watched it subbed or dubbed, I was still a stream pleb at the time. It's on nyaa.si now though, and just to clarify I'm talking about the 2003 version, not the 2017 version, which I haven't seen and apparently isn't as good. >Mushishi Another one I've known about for a long time and heard great things about but never actually seen, on the backlog it goes. It's weird how around 5 years ago I felt like I'd seen everything worth watching, but in truth there's so many well-regarded classics and underrated gems that I either avoided for some reason or just never got around to.
>>852 thanks, whenever I feel up for it I'll try to dig up a suitable torrent on nyaa. when i last downloaded it my internet was INCREDIBLY slow and I think I just couldn't be bothered spending 5 or 10 more hours downloading a different version in case it turned out to be fucked too. Talking about great anime in general - have you seen shinsekai yori? It's a personal favourite of mine. It also takes pretty heavy inspiration from Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World" and is all around really spectacular.
>>853 >when i last downloaded it my internet was INCREDIBLY slow and I think I just couldn't be bothered spending 5 or 10 more hours downloading a different version in case it turned out to be fucked too I remember that feel, my internet sucked back then too. That's one good thing about the present, at least for me; high-speed fibre-optic broadband measured in tens or hundreds of Mbps, and not shitty "1 or 2 Mbps on a good day" broadband, or fucking dial-up for those of us old enough to remember that. >have you seen shinsekai yori? Funnily enough, I encountered a post that spoke about that show positively just last night. Apparently I dropped it after episode 4 when it aired, but I don't remember a thing about it or why I dropped it though, other than maybe I found it boring and had too many other shows I was watching that season to continue with it. Guess I'll give a second chance, backlog'd. >great anime in general Here's one most people haven't seen: Kuuchuu Buranko, AKA Trapeze. It's a very surreal and unique show about psychological problems and things of that nature, but it's also very funny. Has some great music as well, I forgot how good it was until just now.
>>850 Not me lad, I've got a big penis. I've read that most women would actually find a penis of my size uncomfortable or even painful, so the world should thank me for keeping it away from them.
>>854 > It's a very surreal and unique show about psychological problems and things of that nature you've sold me, downloading it now. Have you seen paranoia agent? I'm a fan of psychological elements and surrealism in anime - although I occasionally get triggered when they don't do it properly. I remember a twist in an anime I watched where a major plot twist was that the antagonist was actually a close acquaintance of the protagonist, and said close acquaintance had dissociative identity disorder. It was rather cringe.
>>856 >paranoia agent Haven't seen that one either, looks interesting though. I haven't really explored much of that side of the medium to be honest, the more dark and psychological shows. I mainly stuck to the more light-hearted and wish-fulfillment orientated stuff as a means of escapism.
lads, i have an ungodly number of p*ssbottles in my room. LOL it's funny but at the same time extremely disconcerting tbh
Open file (1.78 MB 265x257 1449178491399.gif)
>>858 Sort yourself out Joona
>>854 You should watch FLCL if you haven't already.
Open file (77.67 KB 1000x750 1325366347035.jpg)
>>858 Arrange them to make a word or a picture and post it lad.
>>860 I haven't, been meaning to for a long time though. I've heard both high and low opinions on it over the years, so it'll be interesting to see what it's all about for myself.
>>858 back in my OG britfeel days I was honestly so disgusting I had gallons of piss stored in my room at any given time, I don't think I used a single pissbottle in the entirety of 2019 though. I have no idea how I was somehow comfortable doing that to myself just four or five years ago.
Found a good 90s website lads: https://web.archive.org/web/20000621185219/http://www.netcomuk.co.uk:80/~tcant/Ugh/index.html >The Official Website Of Not Having A Girlfriend >Not having a girlfriend is horrible, because all you can think about is the fact that not one single woman in the entire world finds you attractive or interesting. Your friends will mock and jibe you, and you must spend every evening sitting in your room crying. >Of course, having a girlfriend is worse, because she will be the Earthly incarnation of Satan. Your friends will mock and jibe you, and you will spend every waking moment anticipating the moment when she dumps you. Which she will, unless you dump her. >In conclusion, not having a girlfriend is a sorry situation to be in, but it is certainly better than the living Hell we humans call "a relationship". "But what can we do to avoid getting into this horrible situation?" you ask, pathetically. "Read on", I reply with a knowing smile.
Open file (135.69 KB 698x658 1481138879513.jpg)
>>864 I feel like having good quality friends is fathoms more important to your health and wellbeing than a gf and that people should focus on cultivating quality platonic relationships more than anything else. Remember back when we were a general on /r9k/? I used to browse that board so frequently that I would even dream about posting there - but I could never understand the gf obsession.
>>865 Yeah I agree for the most part, couldn't really say for certain though because I've never had a girlfriend myself. I think platonic relationships are the ultimate relationships though, and long-lasting marriages would fall under that umbrella too. Having a "girlfriend" is just a massive waste of time and money; if you're not going to start a family together there's really no point. >Remember back when we were a general on /r9k/? Never really went to /r9k/, and I'd already left for 8chan before /britfeel/ started, but I remember /r9k/ developing a reputation as being "the normalfag board" because of all the whining about ">tfw no gf" and relationship problems, rather than discussing hobbies and interests or looking for lulz.
You lads see the news about Iran? Do you think we'll really go to war? Anyone else hype to die for Israel? >>866 /r9k/ was definitely full of "failed normalfags", and the preoccupation with gfs/women in general back in the hayday was probably the only geniune issue I had with the community while I was younger.
>>845 I'm not ignoring you anon, last night was pretty far out and just now my massive blogpost on how the business just fell into my lap due to circumstance and that I don't have any epic tale of carving my niche out in the world and them flocking (pardon the pun) to my door with trade but then my fat fingers whacked f11 then f9 instead of backspace on the keyboard wiping my whole reply and I've lost the will to retype it all. Basically I worked as a small tech retail/repair kind of business since 2003, xmas 2016 the wife fell pregnant, the boss got bowel cancer and here I am. It's techincally a partnership and he works Tuesdays for me, does holiday cover and the odd day off here and there. Not to put a downer on it I will answer any question I can so feel free to fire away questions as I've been looking (seriously) into setting up a nano brewpub but I'm no Alan Sugar Business Oracle just a right guy in the right place at the right time.
>>867 >You lads see the news about Iran? Only just now, can't say I really give a shit about the Middle East when there's so many problems at home. I'm more afraid of the people over here thought-policing, arresting, and prosecuting innocent people, than anything to do with over there. Wish we had true freedom of speech/expression lads.
>>838 This is a good answer anon, I'm gonna give you the win
>>868 I see, no worries lad. Appreciate the response either way, it's interesting to hear how you got where you are. I've always thought of self-employment as something where you have to start from scratch, but I guess sticking it out for years and inheriting the business is another means. I suppose you've learnt most of what you know about running the business from your boss, but I've always wondered what it's like. I assume it's very life-consuming and involves a lot of paperwork / phonecalls / emails, which sounds like a nightmare to me, but I wonder if that's how it actually is or not. I still find "working" hard to imagine, I've spent so long just sitting at home doing whatever I want that any job at all would be a serious shock to the system. Doubt I'd be able to get a decent job in my situation though, especially as an almost-28-year-old long-term NEET, and self-employment is just a pipe-dream. I can't even envision what I'd be employing myself to do, nobody's interested in paying for music shit and there's not much else I enjoy doing. I'm half thinking of trying to go back to working at the place where my dad works. It was monotonous and exhausting, and left me with very little free time, but it's still better than a lot of other jobs out there. It didn't require an interview, and the work environment was quite casual and non-PC. I bet they'd treat me a little worse for leaving them after 3 months and coming crawling back years later though; I told them I was leaving to go back to college, but that was a lie and I've just been NEET the whole time. I think there's a good chance they'd have me back on, because when I left they really wanted me to stay and even said I was welcome back, but if I left again I doubt there'd be a third chance, so I have to be really sure that this is what I want to do. I couldn't back out of it without having a real plan again, lest I be eternally NEET with no "easy" employment option. Only other avenue I can think of would be working with my sister's partner, but he's a builder and that would probably kill me.
>>870 Cheers mate, what's the prize?
>>871 > nobody's interested in paying for music shit Ahhh music anon, nice to talk again. Hard ? Yes but right at the moment it's Friday I have no immediate customers wanting things today so I'm taking the last hour easy reading some book with a beer. It's hard because it is responsibility and remembering things that people will be mad about if they don't get it when promised but accountant/software does most of the really hard stuff the rest is just boring like logging of receipts for EVERYTHING, making sure bills have been paid or making sure people are paying you. I am about to start on a website to sell our stock online but it's a mammoth task so I am putting it off, and off and off. Like i say take the rough with the smooth as long as the books balance. I set my brewing equiptment up in the basement and on quiet saturdays I brew up some beer or we set up the target range and shoot the crossbow or air pistols. I may even have a crack at making cheese down there one day too as I fancy a go at mozzerella. This is why I want a bar, I love making things:- mainly beer but also food and beer infused food also like it when people dance but I can hide in the booth as the puppet master. And yeah like you I wanna make money doing something I enjoy it's just finding the confidence to beleive people will pay a living wage for doing what you love. You not thought of DJ'ing? You blow me away with your knowledge lad are you sure there is nothing out there no matter how niche what you could apply yourself to job wise? Recording Studios? DJ'ing? repairing instruments/amps/speakers? >It was monotonous and exhausting, and left me with very little free time, That's the catch musicanon, I've always found that if there is a chance of me enhancing (say with more money to spend on toys) my hobbies or at least giving me free time with them I'm ok at working longer/harder, it's those times when I don't get to wind down from the things we must do in life that I get mardy, unenthusiastic and depressed so it's a balancing that I need to manage and I'm better at doing it now I know it's needed but that can be as easy as a long dog walk in an evening or a good target sports session (at work or on the range) but somethings like music not so easy, my little lamb has to be in bed for 8pm and if I'm not getting home till 6pm, I spend some time with her and out of nowhere the time to spin some tunes is gone, saturdays is my only chance as I finish at 4pm even then I rarely get on the decks for long as she wants to come in and start slapping buttons ruining my recording. But I'mb also so made up she loves music as I do. Life: Swings and roundabouts
>>873 >You not thought of DJ'ing? You blow me away with your knowledge lad are you sure there is nothing out there no matter how niche what you could apply yourself to job wise? Recording Studios? DJ'ing? repairing instruments/amps/speakers? Yeah I've thought about it a lot over the years, but rarely in a serious "let's do this" way, more just as a daydream. I do like DJing, but I'm not sure I'd want it as a career; my passion for it has subdued over the years, and I just like doing it now and again. I'm not really up to date with all the latest hardware/software that DJs and clubs use either, I'm still on timecode vinyl and CDJs, which are both relics of the past at this point. My dance music collection is all a decade or more old as well, but I hate most modern music so that's just how it is I guess. I've thought about working in a studio, I've got a BTEC in music tech and years of experience (little to show for it but still), but I just don't know how I'd get my foot in the door, or if I'd even really want to do that for a living. I'd have to deal with other people and their shitty music all the time, which would do my head in, but maybe it's not so bad compared to other jobs out there. Repair work I could probably learn, I'm handy with a soldering iron and know some basic electronics, but not enough to fix more than the most basic problems. It's not something I'm passionate about, and again it'd probably drive me mad to do it every day. I know there's a well-known guitar amp manufacturer located in my town, I'm not that into guitars but maybe it'd be worth checking out. I think I'd rather fuck about with guitar amps all day than any of the other options, if that's even what they do there anyway. Could just be where they do boring sales shit, I've no idea. Glad to hear you've got a reasonably balanced routine going though, sounds quite comfy. Do you ever feel like dropping it all and running away, or are you quite content with the life you have? That worry has always been in the back of my mind, the thought of racking up all kinds of responsibilities and commitments that I can't escape from, and then wanting out.
>>874 Yeah I hear what your saying about having to do it for a living and how it would take the fun out of it, the constant requests for avicii or worse trap music would be enough to kill you inside. If you aren't needing to work lad why try? I would not if I didn't have to, while I enjoy the repairing/fixing side of things it doesn't bring the cash in and as i said the apathy and ignrance from my customers is soul crushing, at one point the boss was putting stickers on products telling customers they should read the instructions before use as if this wasn't obvious. >Do you ever feel like dropping it all and running away Yes or I did before the lamb was born; constantly. Now my whole outlook has changed, we're a ship , a unit and I am not going anywhere without them. Fullfilling my responsibilities makes me proud the dispair of failure drives me now.
>>875 >Now my whole outlook has changed, we're a ship , a unit and I am not going anywhere without them. Fullfilling my responsibilities makes me proud the dispair of failure drives me now. That's good to hear mate. I suppose having a "lamb" drastically changes your perspective and priorities, my parents have always said as much. >If you aren't needing to work lad why try? That's the crux of it really, I've been cruising along nicely for years just living with my mum and getting autismbux, but she won't be able to work or live forever, same goes for my dad (my parents are split). I don't know how things will turn out when they're no longer able to work, if I'd still get money, more/less of it, how I'd handle living alone, I just don't know. There's also the more existential side of it, wondering if what I'm doing is right or if I'm going down the wrong path, if I'm making my mum's life worse than it could be, etc. Unrelated, but I also made the mistake of reading about "obscenity laws" and the like in this country as well; I knew we were cucked, but I didn't realise the extent of how insanely puritanical and anti-freedom of expression this country had become over the last 10 years or so, and I don't see anyone successfuly fighting it any time soon with the current climate. I'd half like to pack my bags and move somewhere more "freedom friendly" (if such a place even still exists), but that's likely impossible as things stand, being NEET and all. Even if it was possible, I'd still miss my family members and the few remaining things I do like about this country. It's all just been running through my head the last few days, and I know I'll get over it soon like always, but I've woken up with my heart racing and palms sweating for the last several days, and I'm having difficulty eating as well. It's been rough.
>>875 >If you aren't needing to work lad why try? Not him but there's so much more to life than just staying comfortable at home. You might avoid the fears and anxieties but you'll also miss out on a lot of the joys. I'm finding that a lot of the good things in life are hiding behind a layer of risk (or perceived risk--we often just build them up in our heads.) I really respect the lad for dedicating so much of his NEET life to music though, it's so easy to just stagnate and let your brain rot away in that situation. To you, my good lad who was working with his dad, I would advise you maintain that to the highest degree you can, and not sell all of your time to Shekelstein. I'm happy with my balance of 30-40 work hours because I'm able to fit plenty of time for my hobbies in around it.
>>833 What if I hyped you up? I'm pretty good at hyping people up to play WoW servers
>>850 My cock in 7" long with a 5.5" circumfrance. I read online that the average cock is 5", that's honestly kind of small and I don't believe this statistic at all.
>>858 It's such a disgusting habit, I remember doing this in around 2015. The smell of pouring a 3+ month old piss bottle down the sink was just grim and it's a smell I will never forget
>>871 IIRC a lot of the stress you had was being locked in your Dad's house Mon-Fri and then travelling hours back home. Would having a long term goal of renting/owning a house in the area close to your workplace not be better? >Only other avenue I can think of would be working with my sister's partner, but he's a builder and that would probably kill me I've never seen a 50 year old construction worker who hasn't had at least 1 kind of surgery. Construction is great money, but most construction workers are caveman tier who squander their money on BMWs and holidays.
Open file (40.37 KB 596x840 key_596x.jpg)
PSA 4/a/'s annual Sora no Woto stream is tonight if anyone's interested, starts at 8pm GMT. I've never gotten around to watching it until now, but I've heard it's feels heavy. Link to stream: https://wotos.c-14.de/stream.html >On the outskirts of the country of Helvetia rests the tranquil town of Seize. Upon its cobbled streets, citizens go about their daily lives, undisturbed by the increasingly tense military relations between Helvetia and the neighboring Roman Empire. >It is under these circumstances that the 1121st platoon of the Helvetian army, stationed at the Clocktower Fortress in Seize, receives a new recruit in the young and spirited Kanata Sorami. Having joined the military to fulfill her dream of learning to play the bugle, she excitedly accepts the tutelage of the Sergeant Major, Rio Kazumiya, who happens to be a skilled trumpeter. Working alongside them are the aloof mechanic, Noël Kannagi, the feisty gunner, Kureha Suminoya, and the compassionate Captain Felicia Heideman; together, they experience the beauty of life in Seize and the lasting joy of a community that has persevered in spite of the crumbling world around them.
>>882 I honestly might join in, sounds comfy. Do you know if they usually do breaks have way through the airing or something? I've never watched anything with /a/ before, which I kind of regret if I'm honest. I really didn't make enough use of that board back in 4chan's heyday.
Open file (2.61 MB 3000x1845 1577076251738.png)
Open file (572.54 KB 1280x720 madoka stream 2019.png)
>>883 >Do you know if they usually do breaks have way through the airing or something? No idea, /a/ used to be my one and only board back in the day, but I never joined in with the streams until last month with the 25 days of Toradora + loads of other shows (definitely recommend that for next year, it was a lot of fun). That was a month-long event though, and run by different people on a different site, whereas this I believe will just be a single night marathon. There's usaully a Madoka marathon around this time too, I'll post the details if I find them, but here's last year's poster just in case it's in the same place. The SnW stream is apparently always on the first Saturday of Jan, 7th Jan 2019 was a Monday, so it could well be on Monday 6th Jan this year, but that's just a guess.
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>>884 cheers lad, I've decided to hop into the stream for the sake of some company. Gonna grab some drinks soon and just get drunk and relax.
>>871 I'd think twice about going back there, at the very least right now. Your situation hasn't changed at all, so very likely things will repeat. I'd say if you were going that route, maybe learn to drive first so you felt more free on weekends, come home after work. Or, go the part time supermarket route. The hours don't have to be so ridiculous, short shifts are less intense and there's reasons to go hide out the back away from people. Most of the time customers ignore you anyway, and when they don't the interaction is very structured. "Do you have this", "Where is that", they're easy to answer. I know for myself, and I think for the other supermarket lads here, working in that kind of place helped me a lot as far as social interactions go, and when I started working in the freezer, I even started to get in shape due to the weight of the frozen stuff.
>>863 >I don't think I used a single pissbottle in the entirety of 2019 though. congrats on being toilet trained. i don't think a full year has gone by since i was a child that i didn't use pissbottles. where do you generally piss now? when it's not in bottles, i exclusively piss in the sink, it's superior in every way to pissing in a toilet imo.
>>887 >congrats on being toilet trained thank you! >where do you generally piss now? The toilet, of course. Anywhere else would be weird right? H-Haha.
>>877 >I really respect the lad for dedicating so much of his NEET life to music though, it's so easy to just stagnate and let your brain rot away in that situation Thanks lad, but I must admit I've had my fair share of stagnation and brain rot too. Let's not pretend I'm being productive or learning new things more than maybe 5-10% of the time; I spend the vast majority of my days browsing imageboards and watching videos, with very little in between. Once every couple of days I'll turn on the keyboard and DAW and fuck around for several hours, or lose myself in reading up on something that I want to learn, but it's quite sporadic. >I would advise you maintain that to the highest degree you can, and not sell all of your time to Shekelstein That's a fair point of advice, I don't really want to work all day for shekelstein, and I do love my current "freedom". The great thing about being a frugal hikki NEET with autismbux is that I have loadsamoney saved up, so I never have to worry about getting a job to pay for shit like driving lessons, building a new PC, or whatever. There's an irony to the fact that all my wageslaving family members come to me when they need "financial aid", and it not being the other way around. >>881 >IIRC a lot of the stress you had was being locked in your Dad's house Mon-Fri and then travelling hours back home. Would having a long term goal of renting/owning a house in the area close to your workplace not be better? I'm impressed you remembered those details, and yeah that was a big part of why I wasn't handling it well. Moving over there is always an option I guess, I'm just not sure about how much it would cost or what it'd involve and all that. I'll have to ask my dad. >Construction is great money, but most construction workers are caveman tier who squander their money on BMWs and holidays. It's like you've met him, that's exactly what he's like, right down to unironically driving a BMW. He's always skint too, despite probably earning more than anyone else I know. Him, my sister, and their two kids live in such a tiny claustrophobic flat as well; it wouldn't take much for him to start saving and move to a proper house, but I reckon he's spending all his money on something we don't know about. Probably something pleb-tier like gambling. >>886 >Your situation hasn't changed at all, so very likely things will repeat. I'd say if you were going that route, maybe learn to drive first so you felt more free on weekends, come home after work. That's a fair point too, I think learning to drive is going to have to come before any form of employment, unless the job was right on my doorstep. >Or, go the part time supermarket route I've contemplated becoming a based retail lad before, but never seriously considered it. The work itself seems like it'd be about as mind-numbing as standing in place and building the same couple of things over and over, but part-time hours could make it more tolerable. I imagine it's more difficult to move up the chain though, and it's probably a less casual / more PC environment due to female staff and having the general public all around you. That's the one great thing about where I worked, they weren't bollocked about being PC or being sensitive at all; banter was highly encouraged, and it was all men and lads around. Downside is that 90% of conversations were about football, which I don't follow, and there were a lot of those "caveman" types who have about one full head of braincells between them. Thanks for talking through my problems with me though lads, I actually feel a lot better after getting things off my chest and receiving some feedback.
>>889 Probably depends on the supermarket. Checkouts are full of gossipy women, as are certain sections. Home shopping as well as health and beauty. I worked regular groceries, which had one woman and they always put her on the tea/coffee isle and toilet paper, the rest were men and most of them weren't very PC, obviously you have to watch yourself on the shop floor though. When I worked on the freezer it was very different. It was me and two older dudes, like 50ish. One was an alcoholic and the other one always said he didn't need to be there, I think he was actually rich or something. They'd say whatever they wanted, both in the freezer and on the shop floor. As for going up the ranks, its virtually impossible but you shouldnt really aim for that. Section Leader is easily acquirable, which makes like 30 pence more than regular staff and has to do all the work for the actual managers (Who seem to do nothing), I've seen a few section leaders move on to somewhere that pays better as a few years doing the position though, in an actual management role.
really enjoying the stream, thanks to the lad who reccommended it to me
>>890 I want to just add to this conversation to talk about women in the workplace real quick - in my last job i was the ONLY male present (my fucking mother worked there too which was weird). But anyways it wasn't so bad. A lot of them were really catty and would talk shit about everyone behind their back, but I just didn't care about it so it never bothered me. Any low IQ profession with women is going to involve a lot of backroom bitching though, and any low IQ career with a lot of men is going to involve a frontroom "lad banter". My advice? Avoid low IQ like the plague.
>>891 No problem lad, I'm enjoying it as well.
>>893 I've never actually seen this anime, getting pretty drunk and having a good time shitposting in the stream IRC. It's a solid anime honestly, and I can't help but find it funny how so many of the main cast look like they're from k-on, love live and idolm@aster, I can't get chihaya out of my head when I look at rio. Top notch japanimation lad.
>>894 >I can't help but find it funny how so many of the main cast look like they're from k-on, love live and idolm@aster, I can't get chihaya out of my head when I look at rio Kek yeah, I think that's one of the reasons why I overlooked it back when it aired, from the promo art it looked like a generic K-On ripoff but with a military setting. The Chihiya-looking one gets me because she's voiced by Kobayashi Yuu, so I'm just expecting her to have an outburst of autistic screeching any moment.
/a/ strream was really good, pretty drunk now, love my station trains night lads don't drink too much rum remember!!!!!
>>896 Yeah it was good time, great show as well. I was sceptical at first because the first episode had a fair bit of QUALITY, but the world, the lore, the scenery, the art direction, the sound design, etc. were all top notch, it was beautiful. Can't wait for season 2 ;_;. Might as well mention that there's supposedly gonna be some shows playing on https://cytu.be/r/25_days_of_autism starting on 6th Jan. Dunno what exactly, one anon said "saki, sabagebu, and sora yori", but I can't confirm that. I don't know the time, but it might start at 5am GMT if they're running it the same as they did the toradora streams, so qualified NEETs only. Bit further away, but there's a Houkago no Pleiades stream (at least I assume that's what they're playing) on 4th April as well, https://cytu.be/r/Pleiades at 8pm BST. Have a good night lad, and thank you for loving your station.
>>886 >I know for myself, and I think for the other supermarket lads here, working in that kind of place helped me a lot as far as social interactions go, and when I started working in the freezer, I even started to get in shape due to the weight of the frozen stuff. I know we joke about based retail but getting a job at Asda was unironically one of the best things I ever did. I went in a shy low self-esteem sperg and am now pretty confident and outgoing. The biggest part of that has been developing a "no fucks given" approach to it all, and trying to eliminate the worries surrounding social interaction--which for me were the biggest cause of my stress. I had to actively work at it but you might be able to do it too if you're determined enough. You're definitely starting more far behind than I was based on your accounts of your job centre experiences, but I still think you would surprise yourself. Our brains have a remarkable ability to change.
I feel strange. Not bad, just, strange.
>>897 I joked about season 2, but there is actually a PSP visual novel that carries on where the anime left off for a fun little after story, it's been fan-translated into English as well: https://cdromance.com/psp/sound-of-the-sky-quintet-of-maidens/ Seems to work on PPSSPP emulator just fine, I might chuck it on my actual PSP though.
Open file (130.57 KB 285x287 rengetchtch.gif)
>>897 > so qualified NEETs only I happen to be a world class loafer and general mooch-abouter you know! I'm not just NEET qualified, I'm a professional. I might check out the other streams - I do still have some rum left, probably more than enough to have a good time, but I was wanting to maybe try and save it till later in the month when I have less cash. >>899 I feel weird all the time. I like to call it void time.
it's kind of heart warming to see how busy we've been since the new year, really glad I came back home lads
just spent three minutes trying to do the splits and the stretch on my inner thigh muscle is probably the most satisfying experience I've had all week. reminder to do some stretching now and again, lads.
>>889 >'m just not sure about how much it would cost or what it'd involve and all that. I'll have to ask my dad You could do some quick maths based on the rent prices in that area and how much you'll be earning. You seem like a pretty frugal lad so I doubt you'll be throwing your money away >I reckon he's spending all his money on something we don't know about. Probably something pleb-tier like gambling Car payments, rent, holidays, various loan payments? I'm guessing he's the kind of guy who pays off the finance for one car and then immediately finances a new one.
Just done my meditation for the day and now I'm heading to bed, got to be up early in the morning. Night lads.
>>901 >I'm not just NEET qualified, I'm a professional. Ah, well in that case, I heard a rumour the autism one might actually start at 8pm or 9pm EST today, which is 1am or 2am GMT tonight. Still don't really know the details for sure, for better or worse /a/ always made you become a hardened internet detective before you were able to find anything out. Failing that, webring /a/'s got their Sund/a/y Lounge radio thing at 12am GMT which is always comfy, also their /jp/ cinema club (non-anime japanese films I think) at the same time, and /yuri/ has a stream at 2am GMT if you're into that. Bear in mind that most of these will probably be pretty dead, and these communities are much more close-knit and hostile to outsiders who haven't lurked more. They do have the good sense to have a calendar though teamup dot com slash ksoo1xzknw88s565f9 , which makes it much easier to track what's going on, as opposed to halfchan's chinese whispers method. >>902 Yeah it's great, it's always nice to have more of the lads back together. I saw the other night /britfeel/ was actually near the top of the webring board list if you sorted by PPH, don't think I've seen that happen in years. >>905 Goodnight mate, sleep well.
>>904 >You seem like a pretty frugal lad so I doubt you'll be throwing your money away Yeah I've always been very careful, even when I was a kid I was notorious for never spending gift money. >Car payments, rent, holidays, various loan payments? Yeah, not so much holidays though, there was that time in 2017-18 that they owed me £330 for 16 months for a holiday we went on, despite saying they'd have the money in 3 weeks. Wasn't until you lads convinced me to put the pressure on my mum by saying I'd take the money out of her rent that suddenly they were able to pay up.
>>906 The first stream I mentioned is apparently gonna be held here instead, 2am GMT: https://cytu.be/r/SoraYori2Years
Someone got a fire cape at level 4 combat in OSRS.
Open file (45.91 KB 300x250 1526307820941.png)
Woke up thinking about my dead friend again lads, think I'm going to spend the rest of the evening getting drunk again. I don't really know how to live properly with things the way they are anymore, I was getting a lot better before this happened, too. Now if I'm honest a big part of me just wants to lay down and die. There's not a day goes by that I don't think about what happened, and sometimes the implications of it become so overwhelming that I just curl up in a ball for hours and let the agony wash over me. Reminder to treasure the people you care about.
>>907 Wew, that was my suggestion. I'm glad to see you actually went through with it. I bet he was going absolutely wild.
>>911 Ah, cheers for that then lad, it worked a treat. There were no real arguments or anything between us, at least not face to face, it was more my mum that got arsey about it. She was the one who convinced me to lend them the money in the first place, and I gave the money to her which she then gave to them, so she played the middleman in all this. But when it came to them giving the money back, she was sticking up for them and not putting the pressure on my sister at all; that is, until it was her money on the line instead of mine. "Suddenly" they were able to give it back, likely because my mum actually gave them a boot up the arse instead of telling them not to worry about it.
>>910 Don't really know what to say lad, but I'll offer a friendly reminder to not drink too much or you'll just feel even worse when you're sober. Could always have a lie down and throw on some guided meditation or something, I usually find that helps when thoughts and emotions are overwhelming me.
Just watched birdbox. Actually a pretty good film. Enjoyed it very much.
Open file (197.42 KB 400x289 1564505816310.gif)
lads, have any of you ever had an existential crisis? i had my first when i was a teenager and it ruined me. i got so depressed that i lost friends and my grades plummeted. i later cured myself by trying my hardest not to think about it and going through life by my gut feeling. that lasted for a few years.
>>915 I'd be surprised if anyone here hadn't. I've had several big ones, at age 16, 23, 24, and 27. First one did a similar thing to me as it did to you, after I left school I pretty much locked myself away and lost contact with any friends I used to have. Thought about killing myself a lot at first due to the overbearing loneliness and hopelessness, but I eventually settled on just being a shut-in loner. Second one was after GG died down a bit and I'd become "redpilled", which spurred me into doing self-improvement. The third one occurred during my attempt at working, where I became disillusioned with it all and just wanted to return to being NEET. Now I'm currently going through (and hopefully nearing the end of) the fourth one, which began around the time 8chan went down. It's largely over me questioning how long my current lifestyle and my family members' lifespans will last until it all comes crashing down.
Open file (82.50 KB 619x709 1482451034277.jpg)
>>913 Cheers lad, I think one of the biggest challenges for me since this has all happened is nobody really knows what to say to me anymore. Back when I first started posting on /r9k/ and then /britfeel/ and then discord it seems there was no shortage of people who understood my problems and could emptahise with me - and it made me feel a whole lot less alone. The issue these days is that even in these online social spaces, where suffering and alienation is the modus operandi - it seems nobody I can find knows what it's like to watch the one you loved the most die infront of your eyes, while you were powerless to do anything (I was able to dox him and get the police out to his house, but he was already dead). I don't really need anyone to "know what to say" or to be able to directly relate to my suffering at this point, I've accepted that this is a pain that very view of the living - especially among our age and culture - know, and that this is a burden I must shoulder by and large, by my own. What helps me the most though, is someone simply caring enough to respond to me, and to try their very best to make me feel a bit better - be it through practical advice like your post or an attempt at sympathy, Thank you very much for responding lad, I really can't overstate how much a simple response like your own makes my pain more withstandable. Hang in there. >>914 I genuinely enjoyed it too, not gonna lie. I hadn't watched a horror film in a very long time and it spooked the hell out of me.
>>917 >it seems nobody I can find knows what it's like to watch the one you loved the most die infront of your eyes, while you were powerless to do anything Sometimes you just have to assume that with all the people that exist and have ever existed, there's bound to have been countless people that have found themselves in similar situations, even if you haven't run into them personally. I know it's not the same, but most of us in this thread remember someone that we all loved having around, but who was sadly taken from us before their time, and there was nothing we could do to prevent it. >Thank you very much for responding lad, I really can't overstate how much a simple response like your own makes my pain more withstandable. Hang in there Good lads help each other out.
Open file (50.58 KB 387x372 wha.jpg)
>>918 > I know it's not the same, but most of us in this thread remember someone that we all loved having around, but who was sadly taken from us before their time, and there was nothing we could do to prevent it. Yeah, you're spot on about that one lad. It's definitely a thought that does help a little - just to know that other people - scattered across time and space, have found themselves in the same shitty fucking situation that I have and that many of them, in terms of sheer probability, have managed to soldier on through it and carve out a life for themselves. Thanks for reminding me of that. >Good lads help each other out. /britfeel/ is nothing but good lads really. I remember even back when we were just a general on /49k/ pouring my little heart out about all my problems and there always being at least one other lad in any given thread at any given time who was willing to reply to me and let me know, if nothing else, that they were there and listening. I've derived a lot of stength from it over the years and I think that's ultimately what drove me to come back here and start posting more reguraly. /britfeel/ is just a place where everyone looks out for eachother - I think the world needs more places like /britfeel/. Also semi related to the conversation - I've actually been in touch for a few months with the parents of said online friend who passed away, his mother mainly - we've become pretty good friends and even though the subject matter is often rather grim I really enjoy talking to her. She sent me a message on Christmas Day asking how I was doing and saying that she's been talking about me a lot to her husband and that the two of them would like to fly out to Scotland to come visit me! She was wondering if I'd be okay with that. Of course I said yes and that I'd be thrilled to meet with them (which is the honest to god truth) but it also feels pretty fucking weird. Can you imagine that in the first half of 2020 I'll be meeting with the parents of my internet friend, and that they'll be flying all the way from the new world to see me? It's just kind of crazy to think about, it's a very modern era situation and the whole notion of this situation is really blowing my mind. That having been said, I'm absolutely thrilled that my friend's parents understand that online relationships are real and important, but are actually flying half the world away to meet me. It's kind of incredible and probably the only good thing to have come out of this whole awful situation. If I'm honest I'm incredibly happy about it, and I'm really looking forward to seeing them (albeit rather nervous).
>>919 That is pretty mad, though it sounds like it'll be a cathartic experience for both of you.
*walks into the thread* *clears throat* How would you all feel about getting your whibblescromps out in public? Is it something private to you or would you not be bothered?
Open file (368.35 KB 636x694 1445815126928.png)
= LADS LADS LADS = BRITFEEL EMERGENCY: CAPABILITY FOR WORK ASSESMENT I just got back from the NEETcentre. The lady there told me she's going to be getting me one of these assesments for the mentally lel people who are signed off sick by doctors for a while. She said she thinks I have a really good chance of getting into the "incapable of work and work related activity" group, which would mean I'd be getting over £300 more a month, I'm pretty broke so this would be a massive deal for me. The NEETcentre lady seemed to think I was pretty brain damaged and that I stood a solid chance of getting the money, in her own words: "I just think you'd feel better if you didn't have to worry about work for a long while" Finally my schizotypal personality disorder is paying off! Anyways, what I wanted to ask you lads is - do any of you have some tips for how to get put into the based retard group that gets paid more money? The "incapable of work AND work related activity" group? I know there are a fair few NEETs on here and I was wondering if any of you had any advice for me. >>921 My whibblescromps are private and I'm not really comfortable showing them to other people, not even sure why this is a question you'd ask lad.
>>922 Ausfag so not necessarily applicable, but I am a spergNEET. I was just myself and they put me on it. Just stick to your retarded roots and sperg out when they do a capability interview.
>>923 >ausfag on /britfeel/ Weird, has our new year's spike in activity brought us new posters or something? Welcome foreign friend. When you say sperg, do you mean like autism sperg or what? I'm not really a sperg in the same sort of way - I'm just kind of strange and eccentric. Schizotypal is kind of like schizophrenia but a bit more superficially "weird but harmless" seeming, and I also don't suffer from sever psychosis or hallucinations. It does come with genuine setbacks though and I've found I can only really live in a stable manner at home with my mother supporting me. Whenever I strike out on my own my life tends to fall apart because I can't really look after myself properly.
>>924 > Whenever I strike out on my own my life tends to fall apart because I can't really look after myself properly iktf fren. >Weird, has our new year's spike in activity brought us new posters or something? I check in on /britfeel/ and whatever the 8ch equiv was occasionally. Just saw your post on home. >Schizotypal Interesting that sounds just like me. I was diagnosed as agoraphobic/claustrophobic, panic disorder and social/general anxiety disorder tho. >When you say sperg, do you mean like autism sperg or what? Typically that's what it means but you know, just be yourself. Don't worry if you start dropping your spaghetti/sperging (i.e. make an ass out of yourself). They're looking for those tells and it goes into their report. When I did a capability assessment I started to panic, stutter and make odd movements and the nurse stopped and I was put on disability. Even if our systems are not similar, what they're looking for is. So if your condition is a barrier to employment, then just answer whatever is asked truthfully.
>>925 >Interesting that sounds just like me. I was diagnosed as agoraphobic/claustrophobic, panic disorder and social/general anxiety disorder tho. Well if I'm honest I kinda lucked out on this front, I don't really get the social anxiety aspect of STPD and if I'm honest I actually think I might be even less anxious socially than the typical normalfag, the only exception to this is if I become really paranoid but that only occurs when I'm incredibly distrssed and is becoming waaaaaaaay less common. Agoraphobia sucks - in 2018 I developed a really nasty case of anaemia and was bed bound for nearly a month, and afterwards I couldn't really leave the house for months because I was just too tired. Once I started to recover I became really scared of being away from the house because I'd always be worried about the anaemia coming on, so while I wasn't really agoraphobic, I did get mad anxiety about leaving the house. Fortunately after about six months of general health and gently coaxing myself to leave the house I got over it though. > So if your condition is a barrier to employment, then just answer whatever is asked truthfully Thanks for the advice! I think in bongland our system has a reputation for being a bit stingey, but I can probably get by exagerrating a bit without going into outright lying territory, just conveniently scultpting the truth :4) I would honestly be incredibly happy if I was able to qualify for this and get the money, I want to work and have a genuine career in the long term (hoping to become a research scientist) but at the moment I'm really just focussing on improving my mental health and my day to day functioning. Getting the money would mean I could stop looking for work for this year and just put all my energy into getting well enough to return to uni - as is stands I really need a job because my current bux just doesn't pay enough and me and my mother are under a lot of financial pressure. Also, another thing that NEETcentre lady told me was that if I struggle with the idea of travelling out to the city for my assesment, I can get a doctor's note and they'll have someone come visit me instead. I think I might do that because it will make me look pretty incapable, plus it would mean I wouldn't have to go through the hassle of getting my travel expenses to the city refunded. Win win baby.
>>923 There is that AusNEET board, so we do have a bit of overlap topic wise. >>922 Never had to do one myself, but from what I've heard just don't tell them you can do anything. For example, if they ask about being able to talk to strangers, don't say yes because you would, but you'd struggle a lot. Say no.
>>927 Thanks. Any idea if I should explain why I can't, or just keep things as brief as possible?
>>922 >"incapable of work and work related activity" group That's the group I'm in lad, been in it since 2017. I didn't try or do anything special to get it, I just went to the assessment place after I quit work and "just be'd myself", which is to say I went in as a 25 year old man with my mum and was a floor-gazing autist that didn't say anything more than "yes" and "no". They might make you have regular visits to somewhere, but my mum called them and managed to get it so they do it all automatically, so they never call us or ask us to go anywhere any more. All I get is a yearly letter stating that they've upped the amount by £1.30 or whatever.
>>929 so you just looked at the floor and said barely anything? I could definitely do that, it might be a little bit embarassing, but it would be worth it for the money. How much is it you get a month alltogether?
>>930 >so you just looked at the floor and said barely anything? That is what I did, but only because that's how I always am in those interview/assessment situations, I wasn't putting it on. Plus my mum was there to fill in the gaps. >How much is it you get a month alltogether? A little over £500 every 4 weeks, which works out to about 1/3 of full-time minimum wage. I give a little over £200 a month to my mum as rent, which gives me about £300 a month left over for me to do what I want with. I live in south-east England though, I don't know if the amounts might differ depending on the cost of living in your area.
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>>931 I was kind of hoping it was around that amount, £500 a month would easily solve most of the immediate money problems me and my mother are having. >That is what I did, but only because that's how I always am in those interview/assessment situations, I wasn't putting it on. I think I'll just bee myself then without trying to emulate the mumbling autist. I have genuine problems where I often engage in incredibly circumlutory speech and tangential thinking to the point where I can take like half an hour to answer a single question, because I get distracted and my mind just wanders and I get progressively more and more lost in my own head and forget I'm even talking to a person. I'm pretty sure I could work myself up into the mindset where this would occur naturally too, and the fact that I'll be feeling paranoid about the assesment will probably help it along too. You know, I've kind of been such a headcase for the past five or six years that I've only started realising in the past few months just how weird I am. it's a weird feel. I was diagnosed way back in 2016 but I guess I never really took it that seriously, despite all the crazy and weird stuff I would do. Most of it would happen on my own or online so it was kind of easy to dismiss, since it never felt like it had actually happened - I sort of just feel like things that happen when I'm on my own never actually happen, and I'm not around people that often, so it's sort of been like nothing has happened for most of my life - infact now that I think about it that's probably why I can't remember anything about my life in the first place - because most of it happened on my own, and I'm like a human tree falling in the woods. I don't make a sound if there's no soul around to bear witness - am I even real? Sometimes I wonder honestly lad, but I've mainly got over that. I honesty do acknowledge I'm real now, but often on an irrational level I still don't. But I also unironically believe I was possesed by a daemon as a child, and that's pretty abnormal to believe. So it's no wonder i think the way I do, I guess. The longer I type this reply the more I'm starting to wonder if anything I'm even saying right now makes sense. Do I make sense?
>>932 I get what you mean, I don't really have a presence in the world except from barebones interactions with my family and on here anonymously, so once they disappear then it's like I never existed. But I at least know that for the time being I do exist, as far as existence can be proven anyway. I've got objects in my room that I remember from years ago or even my childhood, old photos with me in them, family members who have old memories of me that I also remember, files on my PC from years ago, etc. We all remember stuff about each other here as well, for better or for worse, like when the lad remembered some details of when I worked with my dad that I hadn't written about in ages, or when I posted that mattress video.
>>933 > or when I posted that mattress video. are you trying to fuck with me dude, it was me who posted the mattress video, seriously, I was the guy who did the whole mattress thing - are you joking right now or what? I seriously can't tell
>>934 When I reposted it in this thread the other day, you absolute baka.
Open file (799.36 KB 2643x1080 1478185744447.jpg)
>>935 o-oh I knew that, was just kidding h-haha right lads? just good old me and my funny jokes, you know me haha lol (laugh out loud) am i right??
Open file (798.18 KB 360x264 hahahaha NO.gif)
>>937 I'm having a bad brain week, I'll be less retarded sounding come monday, promise lad.
>>938 It's alright lad, we're all retards here in one way or another.
Open file (57.54 KB 1280x720 conan.jpg)
What is best in life?
>>940 Sleeping while the wageslaves are out working. Goodnight lads.
>>941 nanite lad >>940 To crush your enemies. See them driven before you. And to hear the lamentations of their women. Weather warnings for wind up here lads, even the car was blowing about last night in the wind. take care out there /feel/ers
Where do I start properly with anime? I've only seen DBZ, Pokemon, and Malcolm in the Middle.
>>943 1997 berserk adaptation is kino.
>>943 Depends on your tastes really, there are lots of different genres, target demographics, and eras, so you just have to dive in and try some shows out that look or sound interesting to you. Check out half/a/reddit's recommendation list/charts, and sites like MyAnimeList which have a huge database and recommendation system (don't take the scores too seriously though, a lot of MALfags have chronic shit taste, some of my personal favourites are like 6 or 7 out of 10 on there, while some shows I didn't like at all are 8 or 9): https://animu-mango.fandom.com/wiki/Anime_Recommendations https://myanimelist.net/ If you want a specific suggestion on where to start, I'll offer you the first "proper" anime series I saw, that's also well known for being "babby's first anime": Elfen Lied. It's got action, violence, gore, romance, comedy, nudity, cute girls, comfy scenery, casual incest, you name it. Fantastic music as well.
>>943 Oh and if you're wondering where to get anime, there are public torrent trackers like nyaa.si, but older/obscure stuff is often not seeded, so your mileage may vary. There are numerous streaming sites (including "officially licensed" ones, but please don't give those kikes your money), but the quality is hit or miss and you don't get a choice when it comes to subs. However, the barrier of entry is much lower, and I was a streampleb myself for about a year and a half in the beginning, so I guess it's fine if you're just dipping your toes into it Just keep in mind that you won't be getting the best experience. If you're downloading anime, you need a decent media player as well that properly supports all the formats and softsubs; MPC-HC + MadVR is the classic setup that I and many others still use, but a lot of people use mpv now. I believe mpv is a bit more "just werks", but all the settings are done through CLI or text files rather than a GUI, which I hate.
>>943 The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
>>947 this was my second ever non tv anime. watched it in 240p on youtube. my first was lucky stars. Good times.
>>948 It was technically mine too. I did download outlaw star first, but that was because I saw a few episodes on toonami as a kid. My second one was Ouran Host club, which I watch again recently and still enjoyed. I kinda would like to watch Haruhi Suzumiya again soon too.
>>949 ouran high school host club was my third, right after suzumiya. weird. I wasn't under the impression many people watched it - maybe it was one of the few animes around on youtube in a certain discrete time period though.
>>950 Not him, but I remember around the late 00s it was just one of those shows that was everywhere and always recommended, like the other shows mentioned. I couldn't get into it personally, although that was over a decade ago so maybe I'd have a different opinion now.
Is anyone here the sort of person involved in the private tracker community - or simply skilled at huntring through the internet for instances of obscure, forgotten files? I'm trying to find a certain movie and from what I've been told, it's karagarga or nothing, but everybody knows you can't get into that sort of place without knowing someone. Even the wikipedia article for the film I want to watch is a fucking stub. I'm becoming incredibly frustrated with the world of media - film or otherwise the more autistic and obscure my interests become. >>951 IIRC wasn't ouran higschool hostclub mainly regarded as fujoshi bait?
>>952 I'm not on any private trackers, but I'm pretty good at finding obscure shit as long as it exists publicly, what's the title? >IIRC wasn't ouran higschool hostclub mainly regarded as fujoshi bait? Yeah I believe so, in my head it's grouped with shows like Hetalia and Fruits Basket.
>>953 Here's the film in question: >Yeah I believe so, in my head it's grouped with shows like Hetalia and Fruits Basket. Yeah, it's linked really strongly to Hetalia in my head. I also watched Ouran when i was a literal child, and I definitely didn't know what a "fujo" was when I was watching it, but I honestly remember enjoying it. It's one of those fond memories I'd rather just leave completely undisturbed, I'm not watching that shit again.
>>954 >>953 jesus christ I'm retarded, HERE is the film: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Dybbuk_(film)
>>955 I found https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tjy7O9sA1TQ on youtube, but apparently it's only partially subbed. One comment says: >>Is there any version with full subtitles?? >yes there is: the one restored by the National Centre for Jewish Film. You can purchase it on their website (as DVD), but it's not available for online viewing. Oy fucking vey. I might have found a torrent of the DVD with optional english subs, but I'm gonna check it first before sharing, should take about 12 more minutes. If it's good I'll try and help seed it for a bit as well, right now it's just one russian dude.
>>956 God bless. I'm definitely not buying it from the fucking National Centre for Jewish film. Cheers lad.
>>957 Alright it seems good, it's the full DVD rip with the menu and everything, so you can burn it to a DVD if you really feel like it. MPC-HC can open it fine if you do File->Open DVD/BD, then just go to the root folder with VIDEO_TS in it and "select folder". You click on "English" at the start for the English menu, and then when you play it you have to manually switch to English subs by doing Play->Subtitle Track->English, as by default it's russian. Torrent file: https://files.catbox.moe/gs8dcx.torrent
>>958 appreciate it lad, downloading now.
>gymnastic rings arrive >injure myself at boxing so can't try them out roo
Open file (945.03 KB 435x250 no russian.gif)
Is it happening yet? I'm so bored of all these not happenings.
Open file (246.04 KB 611x404 it's not happening.png)
>>961 I doubt it will happen for decades, if ever.
Hello lads, happy new year all. Glad to see the community survived. Scotland is still shit and my roof has a fucking leak. How we all doing?
I cant believe we have been posting here for half a decade.
>>963 Cheesier than cheddar, but Kenny G gets a lot of undue flak from jazz-heads. He's not a bad musician like some make out, he just makes very safe and cliched music.
Open file (49.10 KB 1125x810 1427503905516.png)
>>964 Happy new year lad, and a warm welcome back. I'm doing alright, same NEET life as ever, just been watching anime and thinking about building a new PC. How about you lad? Last I remember I think you'd gone NEET as well.
Open file (899.04 KB 797x1971 latest.png)
>>965 It's pretty mad, it doesn't feel like 5 years at all, feels more like 3. I was going through some old files the other day, and I actually found the first image I posted on /britfeel/, in that early 8chan thread that got deleted.
Open file (104.84 KB 320x256 native2.png)
>>967 I swear one day I'll finish dolequest lad I swear. I haven't seen that image for over a year. Still got the original PSDs so here's to a new year all. I'm doing good. I've been working for a year now at a job I am not qualified for but can pretend to do. My internet shenanigans allowed me to buy a house so I'm afraid I'm quite the opposite of a NEET now. Turns out there is some truth in the 'make money from home' stuff.
Open file (1.05 KB 50x50 spr_char_0.png)
>>969 I always love when you make these pictures, they're truly excellent, even if the game never comes to fruition. Glad to hear you're doing well mate, making money from home and having your own house is the dream. Hope I'm not prying (or just being forgetful), but what sort of thing do you do? Do you get a lot of free time, or is your work one of those things that's always going on?
>>970 Didn't mean to spoiler that.
>>970 Having a home is alright but I bought a shitty place thats got some leaks and needs repairs. Literally just banged a massive hole in my wall today I've been doing all sorts of side projects though I didn't really mention them on here. This time last year I sold a website for £10k, so that went on my house deposit. it was surreal to be honest. Right now I'm selling stickers and other stuff on redbubble, I'm not getting much but a solid £200/month for the past two months so, I mean once you put a design up, it's free money (real estate etc etc) Happy to help if you're after info for either websites or redbubble.
>>972 >This time last year I sold a website for £10k, so that went on my house deposit Fucking hell, nice one lad. >Right now I'm selling stickers and other stuff on redbubble, I'm not getting much but a solid £200/month for the past two months so That's not bad for what it is I guess, but it doesn't seem like enough to live off unless you missed a 0 somewhere. >Happy to help if you're after info for either websites or redbubble. I'm wondering how you promoted the website, was it just SEO tricks or did you advertise it in some way? Was it making money before you sold it?
>>973 I have a full time job to live off, the redbubble stuff is just some cheeky side income, straight into paypal. Taxman won't be hearing about this. I didn't promote the website much, just some boosted adverts on Facebook, but I'd been working on it since 2015. It was earning about £100 a month when I sold it. Initially they offered 6k, but I said no, then when they said 10k I figured I wouldn't get a better offer and i wanted to buy a house. The website was just Wordpress, around 100k words, I had adsense on it and that's where I got all hte money from. It could have been improved, but I wasn't very interested in the niche so it turned into a lot of work. A wordpress + adsense combo is still really viable if you have a fiver or so a month to spare for hosting etc and the passion and energy to write for a year-ish until it gains traction. It sounds really spammy, but I understand why people love talking about this so much, this whole passive income thing has really become a passion. It's like being a NEET with all the benefits of having money. I'm really willing to help anybody out if you want to get started. It's time to stop wallowing in self pity and loathing when you have all the skills and information around you to succeed. Having a group of people with similar goals is the most motivating thing.
>>972 I do remember someone, I assume you, had a website about making money online. What kind of stickers do you make, is it pop culture stuff or do you do your own artwork?