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Open file (27.78 KB 474x449 christchan.png)
Jesus vs Hitler Anonymous 02/06/2020 (Thu) 11:37:34 No.1555 [Reply] [Last]
Jesus >Is the son of God >Descended from a kingly lineage and the holy spirit >Was seen as a threat by someone at birth to the point they literally order his execution when he was born only for God to intervene >Followers willing to go through extreme persecution for 200 years at the peak of the roman empire which eventually succumbed to Jesus. >Jews still butthurt about Jesus to this day to the point they literally say in the talmud that Jesus is in hell burning in hot excrement. >Decline of christianity suddenly causes degeneracy to run rampant. >Jews literally forced pilate to execute Jesus to the point where pilate literally washed his hands saying that Jesus' blood wasn't on his hands. >Despite not needing too worked as a carpenter to get that sweet arm workout >Jews deported countless times from Christian European countries >Needed to divide christianity countless times in order to weaken it enough which took an entire millennia >Despite the above point Jews went out of their way to create Islam just to combat it. >Europe was in a golden age during christian dominance. think about this why would modern history call it the dark ages when Jews are in control. Thus we can assume that since Jews are in power and they claim it's the dark ages we can rightfully show that it was actually a golden age since the Jews probably had no power hence the dark age Hitler <A random guy who got butthurt because he couldn't enter into an art school. <Descended from some guy <Seen as such a non threat that they didn't even care that he launched a failed coup decided the best course of action was throwing him in prison instead of executing him.

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>>1582 >Explained by the fact that Jesus sent the demons into the pigs which then they went and ran off the mountain >explained by magic and mythical creatures which have never been documented to exist because of some fallacy relating to not already believing Jewish bedtime stories
Open file (7.13 KB 257x196 n025.jpg)
Internet was use to unleash stress and their inside emotions by low class people . who can't do it in real life. and for low class people they don't have time for learning deep wisdom like the noble rich does Plus the precious lessons can not be teach so easy. they may read the great books but never understand the real meaning in it at all.
Open file (187.07 KB 468x462 Jitler.jpg)
>Is the son of God I think you mean son of a jewess? As for dad: yeah it's possible that some non-Jew (perhaps a deity) cucked Joseph by impregnating his loli wife, but WHICH god? Thor? Zeus? >Descended from a kingly lineage and the holy spirit The lineage to King David came via Joseph, so either you're acknowledging that Jesus was conceived from Joseph's seed (biological lineage) or it's merely an ADOPTED lineage because some prince raised him. Are you venerating King David because you are drawing distinctions between the Israelites of old and the tribe of Judea (ie Pharisees) in whose descendants in modern-day co-opted the name Israel after genociding the true Israelites? >Was seen as a threat by someone at birth to the point they literally order his execution when he was born only for God to intervene "Herod the Great" was a king of Judea so having a Jew out to kill you is credits for Jesus in my book. It speaks to the idea that he indeed may not have had a Jewish father. If that father was a deity it's doubtful he would be the Jews' god (Yahweh / Jehovah) so if you're willing to interpret Jesus as the son of a cool god (like Thor or Zeus) who fucked Joseph's loli, I could get on board.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Just gonna say that having read the thread: Christ: 1 Hitler: 0 Adolf didn't even rise from the dead. Wtf? /thread

why the fuck do the japs live brazil? Loli enthusiast 02/25/2020 (Tue) 17:41:44 No.1976 [Reply] [Last]
why does brazil have the most japs out of any country outside japan? you would think they would enjoy europe or hell even canada or north america, fucking north america is more civilized than that nigger shithole that is south america
a whole lotta them gone there a long time ago, and japs being japs, they romanticize the fuck outta it, so they go there even more

Open file (145.37 KB 340x404 Shrek.png)
what would a guy named Jessie look like to you? Loli enthusiast 02/25/2020 (Tue) 20:14:20 No.1977 [Reply] [Last]
describe a dude named Jessie
>>1977 A borderline faggot with lacking facial hair. Tries to be cool and succeeds with his gang, but will inevitably be retarded in retrospect and to others.

Is the drawfag who made this here? Anonymous 10/16/2019 (Wed) 14:11:07 No.579 [Reply] [Last]
I haven't seen the artist who draws these since months ago, but it kills me seeing this piece uncovered. I love his style and wish he would finish coloring in.
Rumor has it that the drawfag migrated here.
10 posts and 4 images omitted.
I found a few linearts that might use color, but honestly only the Integralist pic needed coloring. I'm just throwing these out there.
Pick and choose, draw anon, if you want to color these. I'm sure a few of these might have potential to look better w/ color.
Here are a few references to characters in them.
More references.
Open file (80.80 KB 639x800 Kuruminha BRchan.jpg)
>>584 >based off of Kuruminha I didn't even know who that was until today... https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=&sl=pt&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fdesciclopedia.org%2Fwiki%2FKuruminha https://rule34.paheal.net/post/list/Kuruminha/1 Not bad. Someone should make an English wiki article about her somewhere. I guess I'm not understanding the purpose of Int-chan though. If Kuruminha is based off of curumim (indigenous children of Brazil idolized on BRCHAN) then what is the etymology of Int-chan? "Integralist" sounds far too vague (any race can be integral) and "int" reminds me too much of /international/ which makes it sound more like she's a brown melting pot of all races instead of a pure native line.

Are we still a bunker? Anonymous 11/02/2019 (Sat) 19:28:13 No.740 [Reply] [Last]
It has been a long exodus since 8ch went down, but today I want to know whether JulayWorld will take its place or not. I waited long to find our promised land.
I am sick of being a wandering jew and just want to know if this is our home or a temporary bunker. Make up your mind, you faggots.
7 posts and 2 images omitted.
There is no "bunker", there's the webring which is the future.
Stay here. 8chan (or anything -chan at this point) just attracts the worst cancer and media attention
>>785 In the future ring world, we will all be each other's bunkers, no more single points of failure.
>>785 In the future ring world, we will all be each other's bunkers, no more single points of failure.

daily reminder this is race mixing propaganda Loli enthusiast 02/24/2020 (Mon) 13:43:44 No.1945 [Reply] [Last]
did people forget he's a spic mutt
>>1945 He probably stole his last name.
Open file (1.28 MB 288x512 ana.mp4)
>>1945 There's a reason for that...
>>1956 roiland already confirmed in the bluray commentary he is of Hispanic origin which makes beth and her kids officially mutts
>>1958 another reason why incest isn't a good idea
>>1964 We should keep in mind here that this is a guy capable of rewriting DNA, so he might've actually excised his Hispanic genes when creating Beth. I'd be interested in seeing Rick's parents TBH

Open file (39.66 KB 290x435 naked-christ.jpg)
Open file (22.46 KB 413x550 u-g-Q1BY9BU0.jpg)
loli == pedophilia? Anonymous 01/30/2020 (Thu) 02:16:35 No.1419 [Reply] [Last]
Continuing an engaging discussion from >>>/n/804 https://archive.vn/75Grl >>>/n/845 I can see that, like adult head and some features. But what about someone hot like dwarf Midna?
48 posts and 23 images omitted.
>>1475 yeah, just like I did a month ago. all it took was 2 people to break old gunty, I hope he goes back to managing the facebook Q fangroup, imageboards are clearly not good for him To the anon who helped me break him, good job, we did good work back there
>>1476 Good job to you as well, anon. It was pretty fun. I'm glad that my two hours of literal non-stop spam paid off in conjunction with your earlier efforts. Hopefully /n/ will be a better board now.
>>1477 the new BO seems alright, hope he doesn't inject his personal politics and just lets anons make 8pol styled quality threads
>>1477 the only one to thanks it the new BO, or you would have sipped on caffeine juice all week.
Open file (469.42 KB 1240x605 0 to 15.png)
>>1419 your example art of Midna is not what I would call "pre-pubescent". She has budding tits and a wide pelvis. Pettanko Dwarfettes aside, this more resembles a "mid-pubescent" girl. Keep in mind that pedophilia as a psychiatry term means BEFORE puberty. That said: pics 2 and 3 showing babies are disingenuous. There's a reason we have terms like infantophilia/nepiophilia to refer to that babyfuck diaper fetish bullshit. Obviously there is a post-nepio pre-pubertal kind of loli who more closely resembles a pubertal teen than a baby despite not having initiated puberty. For example, in pic attached, you can understand that 2 resembles 3 more closely than 2 resembles 0, yes? Yet it's not until 10>11 where you actually can see Tanner I threshold with breast growth and pubic hair. One a human turns biped (stops crawling) the reliance on hind limbs creats taut attractive gluteal muscles. Once they gain control of their defecation/urination they become cleaner creatures. Once they gain control of verbiage, they can share ideas with us. What more do you need? Addiction to Facebook? A carousel count? >>1438 Not exactly the same because you're speaking as if "loli" necessarily means "prepubescent". It doesn't. It clearly includes mid-pubescent (non-pedophilia) girls too. Dolores Haze was mid-pubescent when she met Humbert, and 'loli' is regularly used to refer to girls who have initiated puberty. You couldn't have pregnant loli fetish at all if it was limited to prepubescent girls, prepubescent girls can't get pregnant.

Bowsette Thread Loli enthusiast 02/13/2020 (Thu) 06:17:57 No.1731 [Reply] [Last]
All hail the Queen.
16 posts and 24 images omitted.
Open file (487.10 KB 635x900 70846936_p0.png)
>>1917 What kind of fag doesn't like Koopeach.
Open file (205.22 KB 996x777 consider the libbie.png)
Open file (213.36 KB 500x255 shantae consider.gif)
weeaboos > wehraboos >> ouiaboos > westaboos >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> slavaboos Discuss how correct this ranking is.
Open file (41.81 KB 530x302 33m13f.jpg)
>>1916 what do we call the loli version of Bowsette? Or is that Bowser-Jr wearing the crown?
>>1967 >what do we call the loli version of Bowsette? Loli Bowsette >Or is that Bowser-Jr wearing the crown? Bowsette Jr. looks like this (4th image): >>1859

furry thread Loli enthusiast 02/18/2020 (Tue) 19:15:54 No.1889 [Reply] [Last]
growing up i never had friends. there was like two neighbors my parents forced me to hang out with but i never really cared about them, i felt better being alone. i was always alone as a kid. good thing i had stray animals accompany me. i remember i used to play with stray animals as a kid. one of them was a cat i would regularly feed lasagna because i thought all cats were like garfield, unironically i gave it the name of tom the cat not garfield, i'm a huge tom and jerry fan which explained my autism. anyways my relationship with tom never lasted that long, months later tom would disappear into the wild and i never saw it again. there was another animal,this time a stray dog that i used to bring food and play around all the time. i don't exactly remember the name i gave to that dog but i remember playing with that dog for acouple of years, i actually contracted some form of head fungus because the dog was dirty but as a kid i never minded. it was a good time, fast forward to my teenage years and i couldn't get the dog and tom out my head. i would have daydreams of hanging around tom and the dog playing gba and watching spongebob together. it was all fun until i started to actually develop sexual feelings. now i would never fuck an animal, not really into bestiality so when i did have sexual dreams about the dog i would think of it as an anthropomorphic cartoon character with human like limbs, actual animal sexual organs make me sick.i got curious as a kid and decided to google cartoon dog porn. upon doing research i discovered the wonderful world of rule34. i instantly got hooked on furry porn, especially the ones that looked somewhat closed to my dog friend. i don't remember exactly the gender of the dog but i like straight porn and i like to think it was a she, it would make my masturbation sessions less weird, i'm not gay so i never search up cat porn that looked like tom, tom was like a brother to me. anyways i recently found a pic of an anthro canine that sort of resembles what my childhood buddy used to look like. anyone else here like this or am i the only one? please tell me i'm not the only one. recently i've been getting more and more into human porn like mario/zelda rule34 . anyways what do you guys call this fur type and colour? it would be nice if you posted more canine women that look like this pls i really miss my doggy and this is the only way i can cope with the withdrawal
Open file (29.97 KB 500x296 mlp14.jpg)
>>1890 Loli isn't any better, dumbass human.
gosh i fucking miss my doggy friend, i will forever immortalize our friendship by jacking off it inmy wet dreams
>>1890 >CONTAINMENT BOARD are you referring to >>>/fur/ or >>>/furry/ ?

Loli enthusiast 02/25/2020 (Tue) 12:34:47 No.1961 [Reply] [Last]
When I post on /cow/ it's 500 Flood Detected everytime
I'm using Tor btw
Open file (1.64 MB 1066x600 v.webm)

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