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>>/meta/7389 >>7384 let's keep it to his >>>/cow/13209 thread please.
>>/retro/500 >>484 nice site although initially confusing. I'm still not sure I understand hermeticism haha >>485 huh, I'm already follo
>>/cow/42852 >>42850
>>/fast/60 >>55 No bad
>>/cow/42851 >>42849 Think you are getting ripped off, I'm here every day and don't notice it.
>>/cow/42850 >>42847 poor kid has a loser for a father
>>/v/25592 >>25590 player.modav carryweight #
>>/liberty/2623 >>2622 >What causes the minority to not integrate, or form their own subculture? Language is obviously the biggest factor, but
>>/v/25591 >>14625 >you need to start from scratch Actually I'm pretty sure that's not true. I've acquired the full set of MHXX dlc ques
>>/delicious/8133 >>5672 Oh man I remember drawing that second pic hastily drew it in like 10 mins when concept art got posted on /co/ just to be