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>>/cow/23447 >>23443 in fact of course im convinced now that robi is the only one who isnt a fed
>>/tv/62177 >>62167 >and actually a natural , sweet , nice voice in the film COPE
>>/cow/23446 PPP finally made his Gator video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uJMWPH2kLAU ==KINO==
>>/cow/23445 >>23444 What a stupid wordfilter and a waste of trips.
>>/cow/23444 >>23443 >bickers we don't agree to be slaves. *bickers we don't agree to be slaves.
>>/meta/2188 >>2173 Better idea: stop wasting time on vichan and spend the time on making something better.
>>/cow/23443 >>23420 Yup, anonleaf is an open and admitted jewish spook. He deleted my posts (466e2f) like the jewish coward he is. Perh
>>/v/8040 >>8037 >It's what I used to test Atelier Ryza for example. Runs well through lutris on max settings. Can you demonstrate to us w
>>/fascist/2583 >>2559 >See, I think they are 100% in opposition to each other. Jacques Ellul lays out pretty why the world of technique and th
>>/v/8039 >>8038 Rodent there deleted his own post, and it's not showing up in the logs. I just tested the ghost activity myself with UNIV