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>>/n/810 >>804 >we Collectivist! Hold it right there.
>>/cow/29657 >Andy claims he's working in his Spoony video as part of his life besides youtube Whats his job, did he go back to being a butc
>>/v/13028 >>13022 chill man, it's just a video game y u haff 2 b mat ? but for real, learn to use punctuation, it's a nightmare to go t
>>/nido/382 Depende. Si esas tres horas son solo para larpear entonces si.
>>/k/6158 >>6154 >banning Rustling him is the only good thing left about burgermar laws
>>/f/715 >>713 >IDK how you feel about the dead. I like them. But I mean, compared to fans of obnoxious niggers speed talking about pet
>>/monarchy/1914 I found these on /leftypol/. **It seems like everyone is looking at Grace now**
>>/cow/29656 >>29655 ==S‚ÄčARGON== 2 mascot confirmed
>>/k/6157 >>5967 >it isn't out of the possibility they had plans for a 170mm there The S-23 is basically just an old 180mm naval gun fro
>>/film/635 >>630 I only know a few of his films but he certainly stood out. The cheeks are 3x as big as they should be.