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>>/cow/64752 >>64750 >Andy stuck jcaesar187 with a lease, unpaid phone bills and who knows what else Warski is a pos, and jcaesar187 is a dum
>>/cow/64751 >>64745 >I wasted 600, might as well waste over 3 times as much >t. hood-rich mindset
>>/cow/64750 >>64741 I need the white noise. >>64744 >and Zoom Is Corey Barnhill, self confessed pedophile, in the stream shitting on Andy?
>>/cow/64749 >>64748 No Geek and Warski, since the VODs of the stream were deleted
>>/cow/64748 >>64746 Failure and Geek? I think they are all united by being Andy's scorned friends.
>>/cow/64747 >>64745 For one thing, both cameras have hdmi out. For another, what's he planning on doing with HDMI? For obs he'll end up need
>>/ita/8009 >>7030 credo che valesse principalmente per il vecchio regno pontificio.
>>/cow/64746 >>64744 did they make up or what?
>>/ita/8008 >>8001 beh... non è così strano. prova a immaginare di avere lo stesso titolo di uno con la laurea triennale in scienze della
>>/ita/8007 >>7988 video rimosso... che era?