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>>/cow/7380 >>7377 I started skimming the transcript and found this. I only listened to this when it was live back then. It's a slow burn,
>>/kind/142 Every death where I live is announced by a passing car with loudspeakers. Usually it's some unknown but a couple weeks ago it wa
>>/fascist/103 >>102 Don't give up. I believe in /fascist/ making a return.
>>/cow/7379 >>7347 He's flat broke now right?
>>/cow/7378 >>7347 He's flat broke now right?
>>/pdfs/23 Is there a PDF file for The Artist's Complete Guide to Drawing the Head by William Maughan?
>>/cow/7377 >>7376 Youre in luck, with great effort I was able to enter a youtube vid while on mobile. something with andy jf styx and alt
>>/tech/181 >>130 How come everything is shit?
>>/pdfs/22 All books related to software, programming, and technology go here.
>>/meta/751 >>749 Trouble is, it looks like he wants it so that you aren't forced to use "white-space:pre" to get newlines. I think he'll
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