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>>/fascist/1515 >>1478 >"There are three gates to this self-destructive hell: lust, anger, and greed. Renounce these three. Pleasure from the s
>>/hgg/3019 >>3018 I always play the Good Guy. Paternalism, Gender Traditionalism, Body Purism, Physical Idealism, **and White Supremacy**
>>/fascist/1514 >>1507 >The actual roots of our current weakness stretch though as far back as late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries t
>>/fascist/1513 >>1452 >Whites are fucked beyond any other race in history at this point. Oh, you're the man who sells blackpills. I understan
>>/fascist/1512 >>1452 >Do you know who gets targeted for this sort of crimes? Soft people with lots of stuff. Take a look at south africa for
>>/fascist/1511 >>1451 >You're living in a dream world if you think whites are going to be as well armed as Muslims funded by the middle east
>>/cow/18963 I have to take this from Kraut's server bickers he deleted this tweet.
>>/hgg/3018 >>2874 > not the Good Guy ...of course, because I want to play an apocalyptic game about slavery and body modification to become
>>/cow/18962 >>18955 huh, so the nobility surnames has almost gone instinct in Germany?
>>/fascist/1510 >>1509 >But now that you did, I've got a confession: I really don't like the entire BlueTheJew idea. I didn’t think it was cu
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