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>>/meta/4660 >>4645 Because loli is ok, as long as it's on boards delisted from the overboard that specifically allow it.
>>/k/11323 >>11321 No, but I'd start a fried chicken delivery service after all the people in the hood were welded in. '''Lower the cash in
>>/fascist/5149 >>5127 >>5126 In 7.4 krishna says buddhi, intelligence, is of his lower nature. Chapter 13 deals with topics of conciousness. We
>>/k/11322 >>11321 Fuck urbanites, I'd weld their doors closed for free
>>/cow/36111 >>35886 ==Why would any anons be on 8coom and posting when it glows more than a thousand suns?==
>>/k/11321 >>11315 >US gubmint starts giving out contracts to welders to go door to door in urban centers Would you?
>>/v/17814 >>16975 Yes. They're good games, of course. That said, there are about a million spinoffs that you can ignore unless you're alr
>>/v/17813 >>17785 I've only ever hosted Raven Shield, so whatever game you're talking about has nothing to do with me. Speaking of, I
>>/k/11320 >>11070 >>11311 Thanks, lads, appreciated
>>/v/17812 >>17792 Vanilla Doom is fine, the only difference is it plays like less of a twitch shooter and you can see the mild horror ele